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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 29, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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♪ tonight -- johnny depp on a hospital gurney looking near death. we have the dramatic and ebs collusive details. then, "e.t.'s" first on the 90210 set, how the cast is coping with the loss of their friend, luke perry. >> still so fresh. >> plus, lori loughlin's daughter's message to her mom in the midst of the college admissions scandal. royal controversy over meghan markle's new project. and this is "entertainment tonight." you remember we made out to this song under the bleachers? >> i do. >> that's one of my all-time set
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visits. sit in the peach pit, come on, "e.t." was the first on the set of the 90210 revival. we were with the entire cast in vancouver, of course, noticeably absent luke perry. how the loss is affecting co-stars. but, let's begin with the alarming twist in johnny depp, he said, she said defamation lawsuit against his ex, amber heard. the shocking emergency room photo was taken on march 8th, 2015, johnny was partially sedated for pain. on depp's right cheek is what he claims is a burn mark caused by amber who he said tried to put out a cigarette on his face. and, do you remember the headlines that said johnny chopped off his own finger because he was high on mdma? well, this photo offers new insight into what happened might have happened. "e.t." has obtained the new court documents that have depp's
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side of the story. the claim -- amber flew into a rage, allegedly upset because johnny wanted a postnuptial agreement. amber threw a bottle at johnny, it smashed against his hand, fracturing bones and basically chopping off the tip of his finger. amber's legal team has fired back, telling "e.t.," this allegation is absurd. this photograph proves nothing, and is being used to deflect attention from his physical and ongoing psychological abuse of amber. where are the very bitter exes today? amber was spotted saturday all smiles vacations with friends off the amalfi coast. johnny is in l.a. his lawyers getting ready for a fierce legal battle. telling "e.t." they have 31 eyewitnesses, 87 surveillance videos. all of which they prove johnny's innocence. they're set to go to trial in virginia next february. >> i believe lawyers are going to earn a loft money meanwhile, nearly five months since luke perry passed
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away. his co-stars are still dealing with his loss. only "e.t." spoke with his close friends and former tv love, shannen doherty. a friend of mine passed away. he was one of the most important parts of "90210," luke perry, and i think for me i just kind of felt like it was honoring him and his memory. >> there are moments when it's easier than others. you know, i still haven't -- i still haven't -- >> i think people are curious that, how you will interweave his memory? >> we can't do this show without mentioning him and dealing with it in some way. it's really still so fresh, it's hard to reconcile. we're all, you know, still struggling with that loss. >> to everybody that's ever met him or knew him, he was an amazing person and he was a blessing for people to have in
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their lives. >> luke's untimely passing will be addressed in the first of this revival's six episodes. we're told it will be tasteful tribute to a beloved friend. fitting, since it's that kind of bond that reunited this cast after almost 20 years. >> i love when we're all together. >> jennie and i wanted to work together. we've been best friends ever since the show, so we've been best friends for 30 years. we raised our kids together. >> outta control, girl. >> and we're like "90210," hmm, i don't know, no one will ever do that. and then, we're like, wait, what if we do it a different way, what if it wasn't a straight reboot? ♪ >> we were first on the set of this "not so straight reboot" that has the cast playing "heightened versions of themselves." the scripted drama blends details of their real lives with their characters. >> to me, it's exciting to watch the show and for yourself to figure out what's real, what's not. >> we should do this for real, what do you say? >> you'll be seeing kelly and
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donna and david and brandon and everyone as you think you wanted to see them but only older so it might freak people out. it freaked me out. >> yo, mr. and mrs. silver, grab a booth. >> thanks, man. >> full disclosure, this set is a lot bigger and a lot nicer than the original peach pit was. >> so iconic, right? this is the soul. >> and yeah, the peach pit gets a full-on update, too. expect to see lots of references to the original series, because some things just shouldn't change. >> this is my brandon walsh hair. >> didn't your daughter put on a "90210" t-shirt and she looked like kelly taylor? >> they had a '90s-themed dance at her school. she went as kelly taylor. oh, my god, it was the cutest thing i've ever seen. they were projecting images -- '90s images on the wall and
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there were images from "90210" and pictures of me and i was like, i got to go. i got to go. >> had so much fun on that set. by the way, we have a beverly housewife joining the show, denise richards. at dinner with the entire cast. denise called it the coolest moment. one of her first tv gig one a cameo on the original back in 1992. let's move on now to lori loughlin. the college admissions scandal has obviously caused a strain on her family. but a welcome distraction today in the form of a birthday shout-out from her estranged daughter, olivia jade. after four months of radio silence and moving out of her parents' home, olivia jade posted this mom-daughter moment this morning with the caption one day late. happy birthday. i love you so much. we're told the two "have started talking but are far from being close again." loughlin turned 55 on sunday. she was spotted heading to church with husband mossimo. their oldest daughter isabella also broke her social media silence, posting this black and white photo posing with her mom.
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lori and mossimo are next due in court august 27th. if convicted of paying the $500,000 in bribes, they could face up to 40 years in prison. also celebrating a birthday this weekend, j.lo's guy, alex rodriguez, who turned 44 on saturday. >> oh, wow. >> yes, that's right. it's birthday time! >> jennifer along with alex's daughters ella and natasha surprised a-rod during his "sunday night baseball" broadcast. >> thank you, baby. the whole summer has been one large cake. >> i have to do three shows in a row in miami and the last one is on his birthday, so we'll probably have a party that night. >> they sure did. then the espn crew cued up video of alex dancing at j.lo's bash, check out his reaction. >> uh-oh. oh, my gosh. look away, kids. this dude is living his best life. so happy.
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let's talk about some royal news. isn't much of a surprise for fans of meghan markle. yes, the duchess did guest-edit the september issue of "british vogue" and here's the photo proof. on set, looking at a trench coat and wardrobe choices. meghan was five months pregnant with archie when her guest-editing gig started. if duchess has two requests -- freckles must be seen and she didn't want to be on the cover. meghan we're told was very hands-on personally picked 15 women who are making changes in the world -- jane fonda, yara shahidi, "orange is the new black" star laverne cox and salma hayek. >> i feel extremely privilege to work with the duchess of sussex.
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>> meghan only did one interview and that was with former first lady michelle obama. who was left out? the queen. the duchess is also getting called out for wanting things both ways. she constantly demands privacy but at the same time she wants the public to pay attention to causes close to her heart. now from the duchess to an onscreen princess. >> i'm a princess? shut up! >> we caught up with a beaming anne hathaway just days after revealing she's pregnant with baby number two. >> i'm really happy. this is something i've been wanting for a while. >> fertility struggles plagued the star, and she wants others going through it to know they're not alone. >> i think that pain is increased when we think we're the only ones going through it. somewhere, my announcement was going to make someone feel worse about themselves. it feels like it's happening to everyone else but you.
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and i just didn't -- i just wanted that person to know they're included in my story, too, my story didn't just have happy moments in it. >> anne carrying a message of hope into her latest tv project "modern love." based on "the new york times" column, each episode features a famous face and a real-life love story. we're with another star mom coming up. eva longoria celebrates a baby milestone with "e.t." >> i know. it's crazy. then, exes reunited? the emotional reason that brought jen aniston and justin theroux back together. plus -- behind the scenes of the jonas brothers' new music video and how billy ray
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minutes away on "e.t." -- newlyweds joe jonas and sophie turner face the loss of a family
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♪ dora's like running in the jungle, holding a snake, running into crumbling, falling rocks. i'm like, i would never let my child do that. so the director was like, right, but it's dora. >> our girl eva longoria baston
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keeping cool in a yellow strapless dress at the premiere of "dora: lost city of gold" in l.a. yesterday. the family film opens august 9th. it's so cute. speaking of family, eva just celebrated another huge milestone. her baby santi's first birthday. >> it's crazy. it's gone by so fast. especially since i did dora when he was just born and now, dora's coming out so it kind of makes sense. >> and boy, those first 12 months sure were busy for little santi, globetrotting the planet with mama. >> i have an amazing husband. its really does take a village, so i'm lucky that i can travel with my son and travel wherever i need to go for work. >> while much of eva's work is done on screen, what many don't see is her passion for charity work, including helping those with special needs. >> my oldest sister has a mental disability, my mother's a special education teacher, my sister's a special education teacher, so i've always been around those who are in need and
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>> we were exclusive with the star as she was honored at holly robinson peete's charity, the hollyrod foundation's 21st annual designcare gala. >> i've been trying to get eva to accept this award for years. >> i'm going to make this quick because i know a lot of us are wearing spanx. >> the surprising thing about motherhood to me so far has been how it's intensified my activism and philanthropy. because now i'm like, i have to leave the world a better place for my son. still ahead -- we're in hawaii hitting the bar with dwayne johnson, how his tough new role got seriously emotional on set. >> it was a very scary time. plus, our exclusive bachelorette finale sneak peek and who will be the next bachelor? the celeb's favorite. >> i just think he's just really cute. >> so hot. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ this hurts my heart. sad news for jennifer aniston and her ex-husband justin theroux. the pair laid their beloved german shepherd, dolly, to rest last night. justin also shared a photo of two hands, presumably him and jen, at the sunset ceremony. >> well, it was also a difficult weekend for newlyweds joe jonas and sophie turner who also faced the tragic loss of their beloved pet. that's up first in tonight's "know and tell." joe and sophie reportedly saw a
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therapist after the hit and run death of their 15-month-old puppy waldo picasso last month. the couple was spotted walking waldo's big brother, porky. we know the newlyweds love their pups like family. porky was a groomsman at their wedding. waldo had their own instagram page with over 46,000 followers up next, billy ray cyrus make s music history with lil nas. the duo collab "old town road." is now the longest number one on the hot 100. >> that was the most amazing thing i have ever experienced in my life. thank you. >> it beat out previous title
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holders of mariah carey with boyz ii men. and finally, shawn mendes and camila cabello getting their pda on in tampa, florida. an eyewitness tells "e.t." the two were being flirty, "they were kissing, she had her hand on his leg. meanwhile, her rep have no comment. all right, speaking of love connections, i see that you're trying to start a little bromance with the rock. >> we're already there. that's old love. i made a quick trip to hawaii, where he was promoting his film "hobbs & shaw," so i had to start the interview with showing dwayne that i had no problems embracing the aloha spirit. >> oh, boy. >> and my manliness. >> oh, boy. >> we're in paradise, so can we have a paradise drink?
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>> yes. >> here we go. let's have -- >> bring in the drinks. tequila, i assume. >> i have tequila, too. >> aloha. >> aloha. >> mine's good, too. you've got 12 fruits in that drink. >> sure, we all know the rock is all about fun, but he's also got about family. in fact, he gives his cousin roman a role in "hobbs & shaw." it's roman's first gig since his leukemia went into remission earlier this year. >> it was a very scary time for him and his family and wife and kids and all of us, for to come back strong. >> i'm back to 100% in the ring. >> like the rock, roman played college football, too. >> who was the better football player? >> me. >> i love you, bro, but me. >> roman said he was the better football player -- >> between the two of us? well, that's what they always say at georgia tech. we beat georgia tech.
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>> who'd win in arm wrestling? >> i'll give him that one. >> he has a big arm. >> we're going for a ride. >> an upclose look at hobbs tow truck and i had to bring up clip from the trailer. >> while you were representing hobbs, i was in london with shaw, jason statham and black superman, idris elba. i'll have that for you tomorrow. i mean, idris gave me a tour of his car collection. sticking with handsome men, who will be the next "bachelor"? "bachelor" nation already has their picks, but first, we've got "the bachelorette" finale to get through tonight and tomorrow. and only we've got your exclusive sneak peek. >> i have three amazing men
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standing in front of me, and that makes this hard for me. i'm not just breaking somebody's heart, i'm breaking my heart. >> hannah, in tears, heartbroken. tonight, she'll send one man home. after that, the decision only gets harder. >> [ bleep ]. >> this is why you don't date two people at the same time. my heart gets broken a lot for a lot of different reasons on this >> and while we wait to see if hannah actually finds happiness, fans are already campaigning hard for the next "bachelor." the frontrunners so far include two of hannah's final three, pilot peter and contractor tyler. >> i think tyler is the cutest thing ever, so if he doesn't get chosen i could see him being the bachelor. so hot. >> yeah, kaley cuoco's a fan. but tyler has some big competition, from big mike. we did our own poll on twitter and the two are pretty close. still, the men of hannah's season have one clear pick -- >> who's your pick for "bachelor"? >> mike. >> if chosen, the air force vet
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would be the first african-american bachelor in 24 seasons of the show. but we'll likely have to wait for announcement until after "bachelor in paradise." mike will be there, and fun fact -- two of the last three bachelors came straight from the sand of mexico, to the bachelor mansion. >> i tried to be myself the entire time. and there's so many fun stuff that you guys didn't get to see. i'm stupidly goofy. it's about time. >> i'm just disappointed that they missed their time with me. we'll be right back. ♪ cutter again through some good sliders back and forth inside outside and it was really good so you know we've been looking for kind of a springboard for him and then hopefully that's it today. chapman throwing out their own or rent at home. >>was that garden for a big later more platinum glove kind of thing. >>platinum glove because he's playing so deep. you know it's it's in the arm strength is why you play so deep and he gets rid of it so quickly that you don't see too many guys making a play. definitely. now because i've seen them do you know when you're at ross
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travel consideration provided by -- hey, we've run out of time for tonight's "e.t." >> i can't believe so much fun on a monday. don't worry, we have another fun show for you tomorrow. tomorrow on "e.t." will the scandal derail hannah. plus, we're in london with sexiest man alive, idris elba. >> at the end of it, i just want my bed and our shark week exclusive. >> what's up, "e.t.." >> behind the scene of josh duhamel's movie.
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that had his son on edge. >> he was concerned for me
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>>learning about sunday's mass shooting at the garlic festival. shooting at a garlic festival killing 3 people injuring 15 others now the questions. >>of why begin good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. we have team coverage tonight our grant lotus and while bellow they're focusing on the victims of the tragedy. dan thorn is at a vigil as a commuty


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