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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 29, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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there's a heavy police presence just blocks from the scene of last night's shooting at the gilroy garlic festival thanks for joining us at night, everybody. >>i'm grant lotus and on vicki liviakis authorities located a car belonging to the alleged gunman identified as 19 year-old son t know. >>again police have that street blocked off right now as they comb through the vehicle for evidence prefers year stone live for in gilroy tonight, jerry, you have all new video this evening. >>why do in this video and we'll show it momentarily but this video shows the robot and shows the car that they are looking at, but i want to step out of the way to show you what is going on right now because this neighborhood. is basically roped off to anybody who. wants to come back into this area only people who live in this area are being allowed in this area at the end of this block. you can see not much going on that's because
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that big truck right there that's the mobile command unit here in the county that is blocking our view but they have been out here for so many hours this afternoon looking at this car. in this all-new video you are looking at a robot being used to go into what appears to be sent he nola gans car. >>the shooter who opened fire sunday at the gilroy garlic festival. the gunman who was later shot dead by police. the car was recovered in a neighborhood just north of christmas ill par. the location where the festival is held every year. >>we have located the suspect vehicle. that was used to drive out here the festival. >>monday afternoon officers spent hour after hour searching lugansk awe as they did that atf agents went door to door looking for surveillance video mcilroy police chief saying that they are still trying to determine if a second suspect was involved. >>let me nice to know they're still here a second suspect
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willie because during its you know, joe must be inside should we be indoors should mean what should we be time. >>the festivals a mile and a half from this location where the car was found. it's unclear if he'll again walk that distance or received iran. authorities have said he made his way around the creek and cut the fence to get into the festival where he began shooting neighbors described the robot authorities used to approach lugansk are on monday and it was right the current look like it was trying to figure out if there's some kind of switch. before the actually >>and this community is just it's such a wonderful community insist that so there's no really words to describe what we're doing it because it. we need to come together and we'll get through it. >>and back out here live this evening. you are looking at an active scene we are being held a good distance from that
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scene right now, but you saw in that video just seconds ago what it looks like on the other side of that truck that you are looking at it's unclear. how long authorities will be out here this evening, it's also unclear. what they found inside of that car. they are having another press conference tomorrow afternoon but again have to wait until that time that i have been talking with neighbors who live in this area who tell me when i asked them, hey did you see anybody get into that car get out of that car have you seen that car there before those neighbors told me there are often a number of cars that line up in that area because it borders a creek that is near that park and they say at night time you have a lot of people going back there and there are also a number of homeless people in that area too so they don't necessarily keep track of all of the cars at the end of this block now as we do get new details in this case we will bring them to you here on kron
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4 news reporting live in gilroy j r stone kron 4 news. >>thank you j r one of the 3 people who died last night is 13 year-old kayla salazar who's from san jose and now family wellness center is open for families dealing with unthinkable grief. >>conference taylor sackey joins us now live there from rucker elementary school with more details taylor. >>well the santa clara da's office red cross and the county's behavior health services will be here all week 2 by grief counseling and emotional support for those affected for kayla salazar's family. the community has really come together in support of her family through a go fund me page has exploded says this afternoon. >>a day supposed to be filled with family fun and many positive and tragedy for many, including the family of 13 year-old kayla salazar she was one of the 3 people killed a garlic festival on sunday, she's from san jose.
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>>she came into your town and celebrated life in you know all the good things you do when you go to a garlic festival never expected to be one of the ones that don't get to go all bob mann is the man behind his go fund me page for salazar's family and they said she was a beautiful child she just a person you know happiness and had no that nothing so it even makes the story you're stronger his dealership south and i has had a booth of the garlic festival for years, you know what happened is is not normal or expected. but to see a kid it's it's emotional. it's a i don't know it's just hard to. it hits >>man also created a go fund me page for another victim 6 year-old stephen romero, we created 1, 4, and thank god, the people are seeing it >>responding the same way that they responded to little steven so their families also
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reached out to me and thank me in ankle there's no thank you it's. it's something i think we're obligated to do. >>i also spoke to kill his family today and obviously they're still reading that they hope to organize a vigil for her very soon once they're ready. live in gilroy tailored to sack the kron 4 news taylor. thank you. >>and the go or community. it's coming together tonight to pray for the victims of sunday's shooting at the garlic festival. a vigil at saint mary's catholic church is allowing people to honor the victims kron four's dan thorn is live at the church in gilroy tonight and joins us live to talk about the people who felt compelled to attend. >>dan has to be incredibly hard tonight. >>that's right grant people coming out here tonight to offer this vigil, seeking peace and also community support during this difficult time. churchgoers were obviously emotional, but they say vigils like this are a powerful way for people to unite after such a horrible
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event. gilroy community members come together for a vigil to help heal the pain of sunday's mass shooting. >>saint mary's catholic church opened their doors for this special service. >>as a community, i just brain. we can. show each other love in this war we live interview. >>admission 8 and fisher says he was compelled to come to monday night's vigil because his heart hurts for his friends and neighbors who are at the festival. my thoughts and my prayers, these are with us families. just want you to know that you guys are love. for others like theresa per as she says gilroy is about as close as a town could get very. >>plus community or just a big family here and whatever is 13 >>through this vigil perez hopes it will help the families of victims find peace.
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up around 8 o'clock tonight in the church requested that we do not bring our cameras inside out of respect for people we're just trying to take this time to heal. reporting live in gilroy dan thorn kron 4 news and thank you santa clara valley medical center that they gave an update earlier on the patients that they've seen so far. >>and they're continuing to treat from this mass shooting, it's been a busy 28 hours or so kron four's noel bellow was there and has the latest. both doctors say this is exactly what they train for day in and day out they wish they would never have to use that training but unfortunately, this weekend they did there are still. >>5 patients here at santa clara valley medical center 3 are in serious or fair condition and the other 2 do not wish to share their conditions with the public. >>what could have been a 100 times worse doctor peter
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coelho with saint louise regional hospital says as soon as shots ring out sunday at the gilroy garlic festival first responders and bystanders sprang into action at first with hospital staff on site too. >>jstor patients in the field. a lot of our injured in gunshot patients were. recessed hated by community members. several were placed in cars immediately within seconds and driven to a hospital saint louise admitted patients with less acute injuries sunday night. >>those who were critically injured were sent to santa clara valley medical center where. >>happy to say patients who came here to access. state of the art trauma care. and our improved from when they arrived doctor adela garland says because of the high energy weapon, the suspect used. >>patients suffered extensive tissue destruction that tissue damage may not be visible externally and so.
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>>patients are monitored for a period of time because what you see initially may not the the totality of what their injuries are the tissue damage is. >>the pair says coordinated care programs like stop the bleed and the medical center's partnerships did increase their patients chances for survival. >>when you build a trauma center. it's all about relationships and the relationships you have to build the 4. there's an incident like this because relationships 8 minutes and minute save lives. >>doctor garland says though all of their patients are improving physically. it's the emotional wounds that are going to take some extra time to heal. in san jose noel bellow kron 4 news. >>and the police department is asking witnesses to come forward and tell them what they saw during the shooting. they have set up a hotline. you can call that at 4 oh 8, 8, 4, 6, oh 5, 8, 3, and a family assistance center is now open at rucker elementary
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school it will provide services like grief counseling emotional support and other assistance for the victims and the families were affected by the shooting. again that is at rock her elementary school. 3 to 5, 3, to 5 santa clara avenue in gilroy. >>and we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival tragedy all night here on kron 4 we also have coverage on kron 4 dot com and our kron 4 mobile app later this hour we'll hear how lawmakers are responding calling for stricter gun control laws will also talk to a forensic psychologist about what might lead someone to commit such a. >>i've looked would not talk about our 4 zone forecast right now taking a live look up from our sutro cam san francisco skyline beautiful. >>indeed chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with us after a hot weekend you could feel the difference today this is back to normal yet getting back to more average temperatures around the bay
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area actually so moving a little bit below average but boy just a scorching hot weekend in some of the valley triple digits. >>showing up outside that ridge of high pressure that brought the heat finally making its way back over the 4 corner states now are seen the tropic of in in along the west coast. i mean some cooler air some nice see breeze is coming our way in fact temperatures today, hey they took a major hit cool down almost 20 degrees in some spots inland 80 degrees cooler today in concord and livermore's that cool marine air work its way well on shore so, yeah, those temperatures really dropped off outside much more comfortable 84 degrees in concord 84 also for a high and live more still 87 on the warm side in the santa rosa 77 in the napa valley 83 in fremont 70 degrees in oakland 64 degrees in san francisco. out there tonight little haze little patchy fog begin to form along the coastline we're going to see more of that fog overnight tonight and thate will be the trend over the next few days will be to see more low clouds and fog in fact tonight likely going to see a little drizzle. patchy fog gather on the coastline you can see right there sneaking up into parts of
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north bay coastline. and we want to see more that stretching on shore into the bay tonight, the sea breeze spoil it was nice to see come back in fact a very strong breeze right now to 35 miles per hour at sfo, 29 in the byron so all the way well on shore we're seeing that sea breeze and that will carry that cool marine air well inland that means those temperatures will continue to drop numbers around the bay right now you've got a lot of 60's inside the bay 50's in the san francisco's to 75. nice and warm and antioch and 67 degrees in santa rosa tonight, low clouds and fog going to form you're going to some patchy areas of drizzle lot the coastline tomorrow morning. you see some fog early on giving way to some sunshine. well, a cooling trend going to take us least through the middle week maybe into thursday and friday too that ridge of high pressure moving east now you can see a little swirl off the coastline that's a weak area of low pressure that's going to kind of deep and that trough just a little bit of that means what kind of expand the marine layer and allowed to move further on shore each night.
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so we'll see more of this stuff on the way that's right more that a summer fog moving inland. and that would be a good side to be had this we're going to see some cooler temperatures the fire danger will also decrease somewhat as we'll see more that cool marine air that moist air moving on shore temperatures. very comfortable. i think we'll see a lot of the 80's where we saw temperatures well triple digits, just a couple of days ago a lot of 50's and 60's with that patchy fog continuing out toward the coast. our lawrence snow to make sure we're tracking tonight. the jury is now hearing closing arguments in that go ship warehouse child in oakland. >>this comes after 4 months of testimony in the case involving 2 defendants and that deadly fire that killed 36 people kron 4 says it but you'd was in court today. >>after nearly 2 weeks recess, closing arguments have begun here at the goal ship trial in oakland deputy district tree james built his argument 3 themes notice. and ability the prosecutor told the jury that the 36 people who died in the warehouse fire back on december second 2016 had no
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notice that there was a fire no time to escape that fire nor did they have the ability to exit and survive the 2 defendants derick almena and max harris, each phase 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. >>the judge gave the jury instructions that a guilty verdict in this case would have to mean finding that a crime was committed criminal negligence was involved and that the defendant's actions cause death. the judge also told the jury that if they find that the defendant slide. they can consider their entire testimony to be untruthful in whole or in parts armed with that the prosecutor went to work playing videos of both al mean and harris telling police multiple occasions that no one lived in the go ship further jury instructions from the judge that a guilty verdict would also mean it is reasonable to expect and ordinary person to act differently the same circumstances again the da takes a this time at a for not applying for any permits which the da says would have triggered building inspections where the defendant could have
9:16 pm
learned everything he needed to know to make the building safe. the prosecutor played a video about me that telling a reporter regarding permits get permission, we are doing it. a family members seated in the courtroom says he approves of the da's closing argument. i think i trees done a really good job. >>personally i i feel good about how he. together tuesday. we will hear closing arguments on the have a match there at the courthouse in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>developing news tonight, the funeral service was held today for an italian police officer killed by 2 teenagers from the bay area. this is video from the service today for 35 year old mario reagan. it was held in the same church where he got married less than 2 months ago. he had just returned to work after his honeymoon when the stabbing happened during a botched drug deal. 19 year-old finnegan elder an 18 year-old gabriel natale your both graduated from temple pious high school here in the bay area in 2018 right now. they
9:17 pm
are being held in a room jail, accused of aggravated murder and attempted extortion. the murders apparently the result of a drug deal gone wrong elder and natale your earth are accused of stealing a backpack after they were sold crushed aspirin instead of cocaine. police met with the pair to retrieve the backpack and they say they were assaulted after they identified themselves. investigators say that elder stabbed got 8 times and confessed during his interrogation. felder says he stabbed the officer because he feared he was being strangled, but the judge noted, there were no marks on his neck. both families have said that they are try,ng to get more information as to exactly what happened as they have not been able to make contact with their son's grant. >>a walnut creek man wanted on child-pornography charges in contra costa county has been arrested in kansas. investigators say a complaint was filed last month against 44 year-old william cashel it
9:18 pm
says cashel had child-pornography in an e-mail between january and may of this year. cuts custer county investigators are now working to extradite cashel to california. meanwhile the clothes medication center in san francisco's bayview district would provide up to 200 beds for homeless people. mayor london breed announcing plans to bill the safe navigation center on a parking lot. that's one 29, evan street. the facility here would be the city's 3rd navigation center constructed on land leased to the city by caltrans the announcement comes just weeks after a group of neighbors in the cities. south beach neighborhood near the base of the bay bridge filed. a lawsuit to stop the construction of a navigation center there. >>and the north bay lucas valley road is somewhat opened a after a tanker overturned and slid down an embankment. right now one lane is back open. this all happened early sunday morning, the 50 foot gasoline tanker overturned and
9:19 pm
slid after making a tight turn near west gate drive between big rock and a bridge gate just southwest of novato the taker was holding about 7600 gallons of gasoline before the accident losing 900 gallons after crews were able to tow away the tanker about 5 o'clock this morning. the driver suffered a cut to the head. >>in the east bay police arrested one man after a person was injured in a shooting near the oakland coliseum bart station it happened saturday night on san leandro street. a 24 year-old man was taken to the hospital after being shot in his left arm he is listed in stable condition tonight. a 44 year-old man was arrested in connection to the shooting. but his identity has not been released nor have police released a motive. national news now at an event in detroit last night former michigan governor jennifer granholm questioned whether the current state of the democratic presidential hopefuls. we're really connecting with voters in her
9:20 pm
state michigan is a crucial swing state that went to president trump in 2016 jeff celanese spoke with state democrats. >>to get their feel for the party's chances in 2020. >>the great state of michigan. >>there's a reason president trump speaks so fondly of michigan he's the first republican presidential candidate to carry the state since 1988 and he's gunning for a repeat. we have very tough to take out. as democratic hopefuls gather in detroit for their second debate this week. there's little appetite 3 litigating hillary clinton's loss in 2016. but the laps of the blue wall michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania is a driving undercurrent of the 2020 race here in michigan one number still seared into the minds of many democrats is 10,704. that's how many votes, trump defeated clinton by we were all. >>and of in disbelief and as we first through life. the
9:21 pm
numbers were was very clear that we will in turn out of all at that 10,000 possible is that was the difference here in michigan. i was a hit very low turnout. gretchen whitmer's the state's new democratic governor. >>winning office last fall is the party were back in the mid term elections. she is closely watching the party's crowded primary, saying the outcome will play a critical role in determining whether michigan is still trump country between 2016 2018. >>we had a massive change in who showed up at the ball and the results speak for themselves when the candidate shows up and listens to people and stays focused on the dinner table issues that's how you persuade people that you're worthy of their problem giving any trump voters from 2016 can be persuaded. >>to vote democratic in 2024. our thing so entrenched and it's more about turning out the democratic base. i think people can definitely be persuaded. >>but that is one of the essential questions framing
9:22 pm
the democratic fight should the party choose a nominee acceptable to more moderate trump voters by winning over those who supported barack obama but rejected clinton and donald trump or should they find a candidate who electrifies the liberal base that dynamic comes alive in macomb county. just outside detroit. one of the most carefully watched obama to trump battlegrounds really is the county's democratic chairman who believes the answer is motivating voters who stayed away from the polls in 2016, i think there's too much of fixation. this. hybrid voter. and i think you need to really look at those who went out to vote. in chose not to vote for either candidate in macomb county alone. clinton received about 31,000 fewer votes than obama in neighboring wayne county which includes detroit. she received about 76,000 fewer votes than obama was a matter garlin gilchrist the state's new lieutenant governor agrees that inspiring democratic voters is kean's.
9:23 pm
>>but he also warns against complacency and thanking trump can't win again. let's take seriously. prospect of his reelection absolutely that's right president now because his his prospect of being elected the first time. >>was not taken seriously enough just selling the cnn, detroit. >>and here in khan for we will host a post-it democratic roundtable debate at 8.30 tomorrow. and on wednesday inside area politics host. catherine heating will be moderating to shout. we continue our coverage of the deadly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival in-depth look at the man responsible for the massacre coming up at 9.30. >>plus after the shooting lawmakers sir saying they will renew calls for stricter gun laws will look into that. >>100 million customer accounts compromised after a capital one data breach. we'll have t
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>>for your money tonight over is laying off roughly a 3rd of its global marketing team. the ride sharing company announcing. those layoffs today, it said about 400 employees will be let go as a result of the layoffs as uber restructures that department. >>about 1200 people make up a current marketing staff, these layoffs come after 2 been reported it lost more than billion in the first 3 months of this year. it was the company's first earnings report as a public company uber will release its 2nd quarter earnings results next
9:27 pm
week. capital one said to have hacker gained access to more than 100 million customer accounts in credit card applications earlier this year. the company said no credit card account numbers or log-in credentials were compromised. capital one said it fixed the issue and that it's unlikely. the data was used for fraud. the company said to be still investigating and will provide free credit monitoring and identity protection. the justice department says 33 year-old page thompson, a former tech company software engineer was arrested for that breach. >>9.30 we will continue our coverage of the deadly shooting in gilroy an
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>>and back to our top story tonight, the deadly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival 3 people were shot and killed by the gun who was then shot and killed by police 16 other people were injured and less than 2 miles from the festival grounds police searched a home. >>in the area of churchill place in church street they believe the gunman had been living there kron four's maureen kelly has reaction from stunned neighbors. >>it's really sad. it's something that we never expected. >>the league and family living in this house on this quiet cul de sac which was besieged with atf agents in gilroy police who came in and out of this home carrying bags of evidence overnight and into this morning, they also
9:31 pm
searched this great nissan parked outside that took pictures, here's sent to look and high school graduation picture from kilroy high's class of 2017 one of his neighbors taught at the school. although she says the gunman was never in her classroom but i never heard anything bad about him. >>pretty normal kid. why respectful you go by he sells his outside using her buying very polite hello goodbye. it just 30 strange a very strange and sad. >>another student at gilroy high had this to say i've seen him walk by and you just seem like a completely normal guy see how we all knew of he graduated last year i believe in. >>nothing really out of the ordinary. you think the. >>investigators may learn more from the 19 year-old online presence just minutes before this deadly rampage. he posted a picture of the garlic festival on his now deleted
9:32 pm
instagram page friday i garlic festival time come get wasted on overpriced expletive in another post he said to read might is write a book from the 1800's whose philosophy says whoever is strongest is morally right. >>back out here in the neighborhood, those residents on this street who know the look and family say they're good people. those neighbors like everyone else wondering what could have possibly triggered the gunman to do this terrible thing reporting from gilroy and maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>the people of gilroy join together at a vigil tonight to remember the victims. they're also thinking of the people who are still recovering this evening. and here's a shocking study was there. >>credibly emotional a vigil tonight we heard from city and state officials and from people who were at the garlic festival. when those shots were fired saying the. >>you.
9:33 pm
>>6 year-old boy. washington sprinklers 13 year-old girl. should be experiencing her first crush a young man in his 20's. >>hundreds of people gather together to remember the victims to stand together as a community in shock over what happened add the garlic festival. >>obviously my thoughts and prayers go out to the families who are affected by this great tragedy and i'm extremely i'm blessed to left the scene so have left that scene in time it's been a shock over the last 24 hours. >>want to see all of you here tonight. i am just so proud to be your mayor. this is a devastating time for our
9:34 pm
community. like many other communities before us. th% residents of go or will come together. grow stronger through this. >>and just like the sign says there they are gilroy strong in gilroy michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>very lawmakers are calling for stricter gun laws across the nation very assemblyman phil ting took to twitter saying no more thoughts and prayers time to take more action so we can go to work school and festivals without fear of getting shot. california congressman mike thompson on twitter calling on the senate to take up gun violence prevention legislation. the house passed earlier this year. the second amendment supporters don't think more regulation is the answer. the california rifle and pistol association released a statement today saying while some politicians will use this tragedy as a reason to further restrict are right. we know politicians cannot protect us from those
9:35 pm
who commit willful acts of violence or terror. although california has more than 100 gun laws. data shows more than half of the guns recovered, a california crime scenes came from nearby states with more flexible firearm laws grants. >>happening tomorrow, california high school in san ramon is going to be holding this active shooter training drill school is still out for the summer but police officers and other first responders will be on campus tomorrow for the training. it's from 8 in the morning till 00:05am at night, so if you're in that area tomorrow just know that it's not a real emergency just a drill. the active shooter drill comes as the school saw an increase and threats on campus last year in just a matter of weeks. carol heiss all 4 instances of threatening graffiti appear on campus. 4 students were disciplined. none of the threats turned out to be credible school administrators say they'll also be installing more security cameras. well we've
9:36 pm
got big changes coming our way in the pacific we've actually got to her. >>key brought out there where is very candid. we'll talk about that coming up next plus this is not what you want when you're at the beach 3 shark attacks in the last 3 days where this is happening after the break. >>and in sports than i ers and raiders have their first practice is in full pads as mark has reaction from bot
9:37 pm
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>>starting tonight with 49 ers training camp are amping up quickly with the first practice in pads, let's get a look at this highlight from santa clara jimmy to rob lowe with the strike to richie james junior. now it's been well documented the franchise quarterback is recovering from a torn acl suffered in week 3 of last season. the brutal injury after he took a hit last scrambling now days though both drop below and head coach kyle shanahan are placing a greater emphasis on when and when not to run. never just look to scramble his wife. >>got to throw in quarterback and looks on the field has got lot of people but you never tell a guy not to scramble because other options us that they're getting it. so no one's open in on sack and you know i loved what i saw today because no one was open the seas parted and turning into a draw and as with those and exciting play. >>now to the raiders who also rocked to the full set of equipment this morning in napa we heard from several of the new faces on the defensive side of the ball. the raiders
9:40 pm
added many of them this offseason including brandon marshall who played 6 seasons in denver and won a super bowl. now the veteran is trying to turn around the unit that only generated an nfl low 13 sacks last season. >>announced his will to the expectations only to be super bowl. to speak about so you know we need to set those standards those expectations. we not just win the division not just make the playoffs it's over also into for the and i guess on the way to live. >>and that is rolling on coming up on kron 4 sports at 10 trade deadline talk what will happen with madison bumgarner and what he thinks about
9:41 pm
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9:43 pm
>>shark attacks are sparking fear along the florida coast. >>at 3 shark attacks in the last 3 days that will spark fear reid binion has the latest. >>they can but teen surfer escaping a shark attack at florida's new smyrna beach with a bite to his hand. >>i could tell that injury to the top of his hand with us. >>a fairly severe. it's the 6th person to be bitten in the waters off lucia county this year. and the 3rd shark attack along the florida coast in just 3 days, a 49 year-old man was attacked at new smyrna, but not his right thigh while boogie boarding i came out of the water after he went over the back of a wave and it landed on him on his board and kind of knocked him off his
9:44 pm
board. >>and get them out a professional surfer frankel work was attacked near the jacksonville beach pier saturday. >>and do not getting a hit and you can see the shark's tail slashing overworked are treated by a lifeguard but didn't immediately go see a doctor. >>instead he soothed his fresh someplace else. he immediately went 2 of our because he like any other vice arakan people are like. >>although you during say un hung out at the pier. >>berger says work isn't the first of his friends to get it's having a cup of my friends. and de zavala only a little i mean that if you haven't it is not much you can do to really stop that i'm reid binion reporting. >>now if you're out there and they're out there anything can happen as we come back to the bay and take a live look outside right now the embarcadero here san francisco, a load up on a monday night. >>joining us chief meteorologist lawrence karnow not to talk about sharks. so on your vacation.
9:45 pm
>>yeah to my one worry about out there in the water a little bit larger to know they keep dives the shark do you vicki place and hurricanes who i'm sure that it not think taking us this sunday right now. >>we've got eric has become a full-fledged hurricane out there right now just putting itself together and just over the past couple of hours now has become a hurricane category one sustained winds of 75 miles per hour right now you can see the hawaiian islands, not that far away here so certainly concern for any the folks traveling out to hawaii for a little vacation so there you go erica 75 miles per hour moving in the west in 18 so moving at a pretty good toward the west. and it is going to carry with it pretty impressive swell along the coastline is approachable watch what happens here. the next couple of hours, it's going likely intensify possibly to a category 2 maybe a category 3 at least a 110 mile an hour winds expected maybe a little bit higher than that and then you see the track it looks pretty ominous here. but then all of a sudden
9:46 pm
after this after wednesday, we start to see a jog a little bit further to the south begins to weaken somewhat becoming a tropical storm so may be passing just south of the islands on friday with 50 mile an hour sustained winds but they can feel the effects on the big island possibly him out especially the east facing a a part of the island that's where we see some the heavy rains and the big-time swells from that storm system is a pass on by so if you're headed toward a why do plan on some raindrops and some pretty big waves as the hurricane is going likely pass just to the south of you. right now it is a little bit hazy there we've got some patchy fog developing along the coastline. are some good news of course we have the spare the year. both days over the weekend. well tomorrow, we're looking great to air quality going to be fantastic all around the bay area we're see more of a sea breeze and that tends to a mix out a lot of the pollutants in the atmosphere, so yeah, go ahead take a deep breath and enjoy looking good for tomorrow afternoon. and we've got some cool temperatures come along with it you'll see 60's and the san francisco about 60 degrees in oakland, 75, sunny and warm but much
9:47 pm
cooler than it has been into the santa clara valley so fog low clouds certainly going to see more of that overnight tonight maybe some drizzle especi lly along the coastline of the peninsula. then by the afternoon because i'm except i think the fog to be pretty persistent along the coastline and even more of that as we get into wednesday and the first part of thursday to so temperatures breaking down like this and not much change in the numbers along the coastline even look at the 50's and 60's the better part of the week while most people away from the coast and has been pretty hot. 50's will continue along the coastline in many spots, 61 in millbrae should become mostly sunny. there 66. in san carlos redwood city 67 in palo alto the south a look at a lot of 70's. it's warm weather, maybe even low 80's in morgan hill and then in the east bay where you have the triple digit much more comfortable running right about the average to 82 degrees in livermore 80 in dublin 67 in union city about 64 in san leandro a one in danville about 80 degrees. it walnut creek and through the delta you feel that breeze tomorrow very comfortable 73, mostly sunny and lael 75 in the napa valley. and fall
9:48 pm
continue along the plenty of sunshine. in december fell you'll see 71 degrees. next couple days we're going to keep those temperatures down probably keep in a cool through thursday and friday. then we start heat back up again some mid 90's by sunday. thank you lawrence for your help tonight, scientists are listing the most dangerous activities and products that can cause. >>a traumatic brain injuries in children and teens a lot of concern with concussions mary moloney shows us some of the surprising ways head injuries. >>a study from the brain injury journal finds that roughly 72% of traumatic brain injury related emergency room visits and kids are tied to common activities and consumer products like floors shares and bicycles about 29% of activities that contribute to non fatal brain trauma, involve recreational activities with football basketball and soccer all in the top 10. injuries tied to these activities are most
9:49 pm
common in those ages 5 to 19. but brain trauma isn't just linked to athletic gear and activities, infants and toddlers are most at risk for head injuries. home furnishings like beds and tables are linked to roughly 17% of childhood brain trauma and home structures like stairs and walls contributing to another 17% one researcher said a shocking find was that car seats are one of the top items associated with head injuries in infants despite keeping your little one safe in the car seats can become dangerous if used as a baby carrier, where they could fall from a table countertop for today's health minute i'm mary moloney. >>researchers recommend removing tripping hazards from your home and utilizing home safety devices like baby gates are moving sharp corners from handrails and tables and if your child does get a head injury. it's important to see a doctor to diagnose the issue and get some proper treatment. >>for pharmaceutical companies
9:50 pm
will pay california. nearly $70 million to settle allegations they delayed drugs in order to keep prices high. the state attorney general says that most of the money comes from teva pharmaceutical industries officials say the company paid to delay a generic narcolepsy drug from entering the market for almost 6 years more than $25 million of that money we'll go to a consumer fun for people who bought pro vigil nuvigil or mode ethanol between 2006 and 2012. >>the measles outbreak here in the us is not slowing down the number of cases as of friday has now reached 1164 that's according to the centers for disease control and prevention this is an increase of 16 cases from the previous week cases have been confirmed in 30 states. the cdc says measles could be prevented with and our vaccine and is safe and effective. 2 doses are about 97% effective at
9:51 pm
preventing measles one dose is about 93% effective. these are to believe. >>it will be august the end of the week summer is coming to an end and it is almost time to start looking at the back to school shopping list you might be surprised by what consumers are buying this year. mary maloney has more in tonight's consumer watch. >>as kids head back to school families are planning to spend more than ever on supplies. that's according to a survey of nearly 8,000 families by the national retail federation. on average parents of k through 12 students expected dropped nearly $700 this fall. the nra data projects american households will spend the most this year on clothing and accessories electronic such as computers calculators and phones came in second on the list it seems that more and more schools are are. >>why are you have these things so you know no surprise there and then there's back to college. >>electronics are big with this crowd too and that's where shoppers will put most of their money. they expect to
9:52 pm
spend almost $1000 on all of their supplies before even starting classes. some of that will go toward showing their school spirit and furnishing their new path that they're that they're shopping in their university sores and they're buying a lot of stuff for the door for consumer watch i'm mary moloney. >>coming up new film seem to be no competition to make a
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>>entertainment news, disney is owning the box office despite other new releases daniel explains in hollywood minute. you can make your >>this is not a recording disney has said another box office records, thanks to a latin avengers endgame and captain marvel all of which have topped a billion dollars in worldwide ticket sales. the studio has broken its own 2016 record for global gross is 7.6 billion. and of course here's 5 months left in the year. it which disney is set to release frozen 2. melissa sent mistress of evil and star wars, the rise of skywalker. another disney hit the lion king looks like it's filled with real animals and african landscapes but it's all computer generated images except one shot director jon favreau revealed on twitter
9:56 pm
the film's very first shot is a real image of africa. says he wanted to see if anyone would notice. meanwhile once upon a time in hollywood was quentin tarantino's biggest debut ever and it was especially popular with members of the motion picture academy's deadline reports every seat was filled and at least 75 people were turned away at the academy's official membership screening saturday in hollywood sony's hosting another screening this week to handle the overflow turns out people who work in hollywood like seeing movies about hollywood in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>and that wraps up kron 4 news at night prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour. ken wayne is here with kron 4 news at 10. he can thank you very much next at 10 o'clock a community in gilroy blocked off right now as police search for a car. >>belonging to the gunman in yesterday's garlic festival shooting. this is brand-new video of a robot from the bomb squad examining the vehicle one of many searches happening
9:57 pm
today in connection with the shooting or live in gilroy with the very latest on the investigation and we're learning more about the victims of this tragedy, a 6 year-old boy a 13 year-old girl in a 25 year-old man we'll hear from a good samaritan who has launched a go fund me account to help those grieving families and gilroy strong that was the message tonight as hundreds gathered for 2 vigils honoring the victims. >>we'll go away our 3 o
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>>when prime time. sprinklers 13 year-old girl. should be experiencing her first crush a young man in his 20's. >>was prayers, flowers and candles the bay area comes together tonight, remember the 3 people killed in the garlic festival shooting in gilroy. thanks for joining us at 10. i'm can wait. >>and i'm grant lotus in tonight for pam moore, there are several vigils happening tonight for the victims investigators say they'll be providing another update on the investigation tomorrow, here's what we know so far 3 people were killed 16 others were hurt in the shooting. the gunman was also killed by police he's been identified as 19 year-old cent


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