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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 30, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news, i'm robin winston it is tuesday july 30th 2019 of course we always like to start with a check of your forecast before you head out the door so we have meteorologist john trouble standing by a notice it was a little foggy heading into the city this morning. there's definitely a it moved in overnight and that's going to stay with us for a few hours. >>this morning. not for the rest of the day though even those skies will be pretty cloudy to start kind of like we saw yesterday, you can see from berkeley right here your view is not much of a view at all we are in for some sunshine this afternoon in
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another repeat of some nice temperatures overall fog isn't just hanging out right up and down the coast, it's also streamed well into the east bay. so if you are driving into work out there on routes taking you to the east bay do be watching out for some spots where you will be in countering that low visibility. there's your sunshine into the afternoon. the exception being our coastal areas which much like yesterday are going remain pretty fogged in some clearing skies later on just briefly though a little closer to the water skies are going to remain nice and dry today, there's something that hasn't changed at all other like other that our temperatures which have been a rapidly moving up and down we saw that big warm up over the weekend that took us well into the 90's in the triple digits. after our morning which is currently in the 50's 60's we are in for another comfortable day ahead of us we're already starting today fairly similar to yesterday cooler inland conquered in livermore down 4 degrees each and into the afternoon today do expect temperatures to be right around the same as they were yesterday another really nice one with a few daytime highs
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holding below average for this time of year so a nice breather from the core of the heat which we experienced over the weekend. 60's at the coast 70's right along the bay with some low 80's inland. i'm talking a nice week ahead and then they warm up after that still to come in your forecast back to you all right. thank you john looking for to that now let's check in. >>on your morning commute we're starting off with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is moving well so far this morning into san francisco, no major problems for the maze. the span the skyway or leaving san francisco on one oh one or 2.80 you're pretty good shape. so far hot spot free on 92 are checking out the san mateo bridge. and it's a great commute right now a great time to use it go ahead and get on out there while it's 15 minutes to head from the nimitz across the span and over to the bay short, here's richmond sandra fell bridge west bound 5.80 leading up to the toll plaza off to a fantastic start no problems here across the span heading into the north bay. he'll make that drive in 8 minutes which
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is quicken right on time over to one on one a little foggy across the bay bridge and the golden gate this morning so be careful 20 minutes right on time with no problems at all for the southbound trip leaving nevado from highway 37 to the toll plaza on the san francisco side we'll check more coming up in a bit. our top story that we're following for you this morning, the bay area's coming together to remember the 3 people killed in the garlic festival shooting at gilroy the motive for that shooting, it's still unclear. investigators say that they will provide another update on the investigation later on today. meanwhile, kron four's j r stone has the latest. >>in this all-new video you are looking at a robot being used to go into what appears to be sent he nola gans car. the shooter who opened fire sunday at the gilroy garlic festival. the gunman who was later shot dead by police. the car was recovered in a neighborhood just north of christmas hill park. the location where the festival is held every year. >>we have located the suspect vehicle. that was used to
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drive out near the festival. >>monday afternoon officers spent hour after hour searching lugansk awe as they did that atf agents went door to door looking for surveillance video. the gilroy police chief saying that they are still trying to determine if a second suspect was involved. >>it would be nice to know they're still here a second suspect willie because during its no choice to be inside should we be endorsing me what should we be time. >>the festivals a mile and a half from this location where the car was found. it's unclear if leg and walk that distance or received iran. authorities have said he made his way around the creek and cut the fence to get into the festival where he began shooting neighbors described the robot authorities used to approach lugansk all. >>on monday. it was right the current look like it was trying to figure out if there's some kind of switch. before the actually push the
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vehicle. >>this is the this community is just it's such a wonderful community insist that so what's so sad. there's no really words to describe what we're doing it because it. we need to come together and we'll get through it. >>we're learning more about the 3 people killed there's 25 year-old trevor irby he was visiting the garlic festival from rochester new york are we graduated from college in new york back in 2017 he was a biology major this is a picture of her be and sarah warner who was with him at the garlic festival. the youngest victim 6 years old stephen romero his grandmother and his mother they were shot to his grandmother in the leg. his mother in the hand and also in the stomach both are expected to survive. stevens other grandmother tells us the 6 year-old was always kind and happy and playful and then we have the 3rd victim the 3rd victim was identified as 30 year-old carla salazar the santa clara county coroner's office says that she's from
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san jose. there's now a go fund me page that's been set up for the 2 children killed in the shootings kron four's taylor psaki has the details. >>a day supposed to be filled with family fun and many positive memo, and tragedy for many, including the family of 13 year-old keyla salazar she was one of the 3 people killed a garlic festival on sunday, she's from san jose. >>she came into your town and celebrated life in. you know all the good things you do when you go to a garlic festival would ever expected to be one of the ones that don't get to go home, but man is the man behind his go fund me page for salazar's family and they said she was a beautiful child she just a person you know happiness and had no that so it even makes the story you're stronger his dealership south county 100 i has had a booth of the garlic festival for years, you know what happened is is not normal or expected. but to see a kid it's it's emotional. i don't
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know it's just hard to. it hits home. >>man also created a go fund me page for another victim 6 year-old stephen romero, we created 1, 4, and thank god, the people are seeing it >>responding the same way that they responded to little steven so their families also reached out to me and thank me in ankle there's no thank you it's it's something i think we're obligated to do the santa clara da's office red cross and the county's behavioral health services. >>we'll be here at rucker elementary school throughout the week to provide any grief counseling and emotional support to those families affected in gilroy sackey kron 4 news. >>well this morning we're hearing from the doctors and the south bay who will treat the victims after the shooting. saint louise regional hospital admitted patients with less serious injuries and then the patients with more serious injuries they were taken to santa clara medical center clara valley medical center. doctors say as soon as the shots were fired
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at the garlic festival on sunday first responders and bystanders 8 spring right into action. >>at first with hospital staff on site too. jstor patients in the field. a lot of our injured in gunshot patients were. recessed hated by community members. several were placed in cars immediately within seconds and driven to a hospital where. >>happy to say patients who came here to access. state of the art trauma care. >>well there are still 5 patients at the santa clara valley medical center 3 of them are in serious or fair condition. the condition of the other 2. still unknown as of this morning. well the gilroy community is coming together to pray for the victims of sunday's shooting at the garlic festival, a vigil at saint mary's catholic church allow people to honor those victims. dan thorn has more from that vigil.
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>>gilroy community members work through pain at a vigil for victims of sunday's mass shooting i feel everyone's pain and i'm so so so sorry, so sorry that this happened to you saint mary's catholic church opened their doors for this special service nancy burns felt compelled to come and pray for friends and neighbors who are at the festival the emotion i feel inside deep and intense. >>for this community. it's a heaviness we'll take an elephant is sitting on much else we can't reach. i feel like with all hope there's nothing else. >>nancy was joined by her family who said it's important for everyone in their small knit community to be there for each other during this difficult time. >>i think healing in love is the only thing that's going to our country in the state that just the world is in right now we just need to be kind and love one another and just really appreciate life and the loved ones around us. >>chelsea for era says the silver lining to this tragedy
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was seeing so many old friends come together to help bring peace to their neighbors. >>so lot of familiar faces people haven't seen in years and it's terrible the circumstances but tell really come together in this pray and put it in god's hands. i think important and just to continue to have a sense of community and hope is just crucial in this time. >>reporting in gilroy dan thorn kron 4 news. >>well, of course we are we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting throughout this newscast and also during the commercial breaks on our 24 hour streaming service kron on so that's always great to have you can download the kron on app to get push alerts straight to your phone with any updates on the story of course as we learn more. well coming up next. news a shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. it's sparking a new debate over gun control laws. now state lawmakers are calling on congress to do more. >>plus one bay area city is facing a lawsuit claiming and violated the state's sanctuary law by handing a man over to ice. also after the break
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closing arguments began in that deadly ghost ship warehouse fire trial. before we go a little peek outside here's 92. all is well the hot spots, no major issues to hayward to the peninsula. of course a complete weather and traffic check for you coming up after the break.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news talking about the
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forecast. the weather has been absolutely beautiful the week it was nice but it was way too high. now i just feel like it's perfect. >>yesterday was a really nice to outside whether you're inland out by the coast. yeah, it was very enjoyable today we're getting another was means it's always good to talk about or whether there's are some changes around the corner though. see other enjoyed this nice weather has that's not going stick around forever. this is your look outside at a san francisco this morning that says you can see too much of it definitely some cloudy skies in this kind of blurry dark out looking live shot this morning as for san jose, it certainly is dark, but you also do have some clear skies down in the south bay. unlike the spay worse the show just a minute ago berkeley is definitely looking a little fog year the knot to get this one started off with so today, we'd are expecting some nice dry conditions at the coast is going to be mostly cloudy for most of the day for inland areas and areas right along
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side the bay to we're starting off with mostly cloudy skies and conditions will gradually clear out now high pressure again sitting tory so much like yesterday the set up has remained pretty unchanged here. we do have some coastal fog but the core that he has now accident the region giving opportunity for temperatures to be so much more comfortable such as we did enjoy them yesterday and will again see them today 50's and 60's for san francisco, as well as up and down the pacific shore on terror at 55 pacifica at 62 degrees today. 60's stretching from brisbane down through san bruno millbrae and burlingame each in the 70's, 70's and still low 80 hanging out in woodside looking at the south bay temperatures in the upper 70's for milpitas santa clara cupertino in sunnyvale well elsewhere some low 80's, another comfortable day if not even just a touch cooler than yesterday like you'll be in dublin from the low 80's yesterday to the upper 70's today, walnut creek and danville us 82 concord 83
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while oakland falls from the low 70's to the upper 60's see at today even cooler than yesterday for many spots across the bay, but nation antioch in the upper 70's with santa rosa and petaluma barely holding on to the 80's in the meantime nevado and center fell in the upper 70's, what a change from this weekend when many of the same areas we're well into the 90's and triple digits. now today tomorrow thursday and even into friday staying seasonable if not just below average for daytime highs. do enjoy the week ahead because after that the summer he kicks back into gear. saturday sunday and monday your first weekend of august and into the first week of august just around the corner looks to be on the warmer side back up into the upper 80's and low 90's on average inland with daytime highs alongside the bay also on the rise. taking us back into the low 80's in some cases for areas even closer to the water. that's a look at your forecast robin nice today outside for weather but is it on the roads. >>it is it is indeed we're hot
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spot free. there's a minor delay here at the bay bridge toll plaza as you can see it's in the cash lanes far left side for right side. there's just a little bit of a back up with only 2 lanes open for each side, the down the middle of the fast track are you doing fine. no problems for the carpool lanes and it's going to be a great smooth trip across the upper deck, continuing into downtown san francisco. all right, here's 92 and we do have a little bit of a crowd westbound on the flat section. if you look ahead on the right side you can see it's coming to a crawl so is this a sign that more folks are out there. if you want to get on out there enjoying those folks do it now before it gets too bad too heavy 15 minutes and growing to make it over to want to one. how about the richmond sandra fell maybe this is a part of your morning routine your morning drive one car rolling through the toll plaza, it's a great trip here across the span to the north bay at 7 minutes and then when you make it over to one on one. it's a good drive north and south into and out of sandra fell or picking at traffic tracker we're looking at some more numbers and they look great right highway 4 through contra costa county.
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14 minutes from antioch to concord side 6.80 looks fantastic. rolling south but a cult a danville no issues for the southbound limits for e san leandro and hayward union city milpitas it's only 19 minutes to connect from to 38 to to 37 and then connecting from the south bay to the peninsula, 1 one north that's wide open to for you. 26 minutes from 85 to menlo park we'll take a look at some more for coming up. another big story that we're following for you this morning. the jury now hearing closing arguments in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland. this comes after 4 months of testimony in the case kron four's haaziq the new has the latest. >>after nearly recess, closing arguments have begun here at the goal ship trial in oakland deputy district tree james built his argument on 3 notice time and ability the prosecutor told the jury that the 36 people who died in the warehouse fire back on december second 2016 had no notice that there was a fire
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no time to escape that fire nor did they have the ability to exit and survive the 2 defendants derick almena and max harris, each phase, 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. the judge gave the jury instructions that a guilty verdict in this case would have to mean finding that a crime was committed criminal negligence was involved and that the defendant's actions cause death. the judge also told the jury that if they find that the defendant slide. they can consider their entire testimony to be untruthful in whole or in parts armed with that the prosecutor with the work playing videos of both taliban and harris telling police multiple occasions that no one lived in the go ship further jury instructions from the judge that a guilty verdict would also mean it is reasonable to expect and ordinary person to act differently the same circumstances again the da takes a this time at a for not applying for any permits which the da says would have triggered building inspections where the defendant could have learned everything he needed to know to make the building
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safe. the prosecutor played a video about me that telling a reporter regarding permits get permission, we are doing it. a family members seated in the courtroom says he approves of the da's closing argument. >>yeah i think i trees done a really good job personally i i feel good about how he target with that. >>together tuesday. we will hear closing arguments on the have a match there at the courthouse in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>staying in the east bay to the city of antioch now we're foster father and a former correctional officer are charged with multiple counts of sexually abusing children. investigators say that 64 year-old simon shot as he ran a foster home for at least 18 years. so he pleaded not guilty to 63 felony counts his son also pleaded not guilty to similar charges. a legal and civil rights organization is suing daly city leaders accusing them of violating the same say to re law and handing a man over to ice. so the group it's called asian americans advancing justice.
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they filed a complaint against the city. the group says that daly city police conducted an immigration investigation on jose escobar lopez and facilitated his transfer to ice as lopez is currently in ice custody in bakersville and now facing deportation to el salvador. well the proposed navigation center in san francisco's bayview district. what provide up to 200 beds for homeless people mayor london breed announced the plans to build a safe navigation center on a parking lot at one 29 evan street that facility will be the city's 3rd navigation center constructed on land leased to the city by caltrans so the announcement comes just weeks after a group of neighbors in the city's south beach neighborhood. they filed a lawsuit to stop the construction of another navigation center. when news hundreds gathered to mourn the victims of the garlic festival shooting as we continue to learn more about the shooter and the victims. before we go
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a little peek outside we always like to check in on conditions are looking at the golden gate bridge, you're dealing with a little bit of fog around the bay area this morning. >>and going to be a nice day another nice day on tap right now temperatures are in the 50's and 60's 54 novato 59 in hayward and 62 degrees right now in of course, we'll have your full forecast in the oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>come back to the kron 4 morning news and thanks for staying with us is time to check in on your entertainment headlines. this morning. we're talking about the high a song
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of the summer it reached a new milestone. david daniel has that story in the hollywood minute. >>old town road is a record setter a little massac song featuring billy ray cyrus is number one on the billboard hot 100 for the 17th straight week. no team has ever state atop the chart that long since it was created will mass acts as the song has changed his life. >>the 21 bridges in and out of manhattan we fled the island with little. >>21 bridges is now on its 3rd release date. the crime thriller starring chadwick boseman was originally due out this summer then bumped to september and now it's moved again to november 22nd where it will go up against tom hanks as mister rogers in a beautiful day in the neighborhood and the animated sequel frozen 2. it chapter to
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not only continues the story of the 2017 horror hit it takes longer to do so according to imdb the sequel runs 2 hours and 45 minutes, a full half hour longer than the first film, maybe it's no surprise that the film's total 5 hours of screen time after all the stephen king novel on which they're based is more than 1100 pages long. >>in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>a little scary let's go outside and check in the bay bridge traffic, there's a little bit of a lot and as you can see it's mostly for the cash paying folks and that line already spilling back to you on the end of the law to be on to do over crossing so it's a sign that traffic is picking up that means get on out there right now. >>before it gets too bad into crowded, it's going to be a little fog, especially for those of you using the bay bridge and the golden gate heading into san francisco. you will notice of fog across the skyline, but it's going to be a very nice day. we have plenty of sunshine in store.
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how warmly be in your city john trade away and so that after the break.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news checking in on the forecast. there's so many reasons john why just love the bay area, but the weather is one of many. yeah it's been perfect. >>it has been yesterday was a great day today we're going to repeat it and we've got a couple more days like this to until and tell it's not so
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perfect anymore. they will be pretty good just not quite as nice as we're currently enjoying org and this for a second. i was talking to be as hot as it was so that is definitely something that is because as you remember the weekend maybe a little too war and was yeah for a lot of us especially inland temperatures were a very toasty for the weekend now we've enjoyed a nice day yesterday we're going to have another one of those days today, a touch of fog this morning though as you're getting outside in areas like san francisco. >>you're going to see that fog streaming well on to the east bay too so a few spots as you're driving into work this morning that you should watch out for just take a little bit slower. it's the coast though that is really going to want to hold on to that fog even well into the afternoon ahead of us skies are to remain nice and dry, even though it's going to stay mostly cloudy at times out at the coast. our skies for the most part across the bay are going to grab actually clearing into the afternoon so do expect more and more sunshine as w


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