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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  July 30, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>>local news station. fairfield we're learning that 2 newborns for found near a garbage dumpster, this is happening at a motel in the 300 block of pittman road in fairfield we're working to get more information from authorities. but we are getting reports said one of the babies may have died again we're trying to confirm this information. we want to show you some aerial video that we have from the scene again too. 2 newborns found in a dumpster in fairfield we have a news crew on the way to the scene stay with us as we learn more information and get that reporter on the scene and we'll have updates throughout the night. >>our investigation is leading us to war want to believe that there was not a second person involved.
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>>retracing the steps of a shooter gilroy police released new details about 19 year-old gunman included including what he did before storming the gilroy garlic festival and whether or not a second person is involved. thank you for joining us, i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, the gilroy police chief revealed the new information this afternoon about sand tino leg and kron four's noel bella was at that news conference and joins us live with. >>what we're learning and the latest on the investigation. well. >>ken and pam still a very active investigation of course this was the last press conference until 4 o'clock on thursday, but they did give us a great deal of information today. however, the big question of the motive of the gunman is still unknown at this time the fbi could not confirm whether or not the instagram profile that's been floating around is that of the gunmen's nor could they confm whether or not the family of the gunman is being
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cooperative and all of this however they did confirm for us that it's going to take them another 3 to 5 days to comb through the scene there at the gilroy garlic festival agent craig fair with the fbi said they have 40 evidence technicians using 3 d mapping technology there at the scene gilroy police say the suspect's car was located north east of the festival grounds they were able to search his car over the last day and they did locate the shotgun that they suspected him of having they also confirmed that he did purchase that shotgun in nevada where he purchased the other weapon that he actually used in the shooting when they swept the creek that the gunman used to gain access to the festival grounds. officials have confirmed they did find a bag filled with additional ammunition by the creek now go right pd says as you said earlier there's no indication that there was another shooter, but because of all of the witness statements about a second subject they are still
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actively following up on some leads however they have tracked his movements prior to the shooting which show him visiting several area stores, big box stores, they said and he was alone in every one of those stores, according to video surveillance so again they don't believe there was a second subject to all of this but because of those witness statements they are actively still investigating that here is what the fbi had to say though about what they're doing to try and figure out the mindset of the gunman. >>principally our review digital media historically has and a very revealing in terms of some of a mindset. ease tensions. we've got get it to confuse the towers and thumb drives the phone to get a holistic picture of him who who he was in touch with what sentence and fought and shared with others who are he's had a long for his own consumption. >>they said that they wouldn't be able to determine how long it's going to take them to determine a motive just yet
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because there is so much that they have to go through officials are still asking witnesses to send in any video or photos or any statements they may have that web site where you can go to upload those is fbi dot gov slash gilroy folks today were able to start picking up their vehicles a lot of vendors you know left their vehicles there on site but they are now being escorted back in to the grounds to go ahead and collect their vehicles they have to go through gillray pd though to do that if you left behind any personal belongings, a purse or cell phones that sort of thing they are they have also set up a website for that. we can put that on our website for folks because you'll have to go to fbi dot gov slash san francisco and then fill out a victim, what is it called a victim assistance form and in that way you will be able to go ahead and pick up your personal belongings again though very active investigation and they're
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going to continue to be on scene there at the festival grounds for another 3 to 5 days for now live in gilroy novello kron 4 news thank you also happening now a vigil is being held for one of the garlic festival shooting victims kayla salazar. >>it was just 13 is being remembered by family and friends we're going to show you a live picture. >>of the area just outside that vehicle you can see offenses. aaron on that piece of paper that you see on the gate. the news media was invited to attend this vigil for kayla salazar but that piece of paper now says cameras will not be allowed inside, but you can see a bank of microphones there that's because salazar's family is expected to speak soon and once they come out. we will bring that to you live 13 year-old kayla sounds ares from san jose. she was with her family at the garlic festival when she was shot and killed. she would have turned 14 years old this sunday. >>and we are also hearing from the families of the other bill victims from the gilroy tragedy today, the cousin of 6
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year-old stephen romero cried as he remembered his little cousin. >>and then when my mom told me that my steve it. well as with my cousins my mom was in the hospital. o as mothers and. home of things that he has to wait. >>to true day. so i convinced show so hard that stephen we still live kicking schumer and you my cousins. to gun violence. i want everyone to stand strong in. cent against gun violence. susan wright. especially for such a little a little boy apostle really this is really the does this really
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have to have been for the whole world to know. they couldn't very bad. so up to war. >>also 25 year-old trevor irby's family devastated by his death are these grandmother juanita talks about her grandson off camera understandably, understandably shaken by his untimely passing. >>us and so mate and juanita wall borns pride and joy whenever he calls. and love you very much when the next a look east river. >>25 year-old trevor irby's life cut short, he was one of the 3 people killed in the shooting at the garlic festival in gilroy california. >>he was a boy. the cuba college alum recently moved to california to be with his fiance sarah warner. >>the 2 were inseparable. their love is 1, 1, e to describes as unconditional and true. >>all she's loved him. we're
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just to the ground that kid walked and she do anything for him and he would do anything for her a story say you know guys get married, we've got all kinds of time. just hear >>sarah and trevor were at the garlic festival together when gunfire rang out. sarah was not physically hurt. but now she along with juanita trevor's mom and this entire family are heartbroken trying to find a way to say goodbye. wondering why a senseless act of violence had to take him everybody. >>this friend, i don't care if you met 2 days ago. they becomes rents i mean to tell them you know as little boy of us. >>to help police and victims deal with this kind of profound heartbreak that we're
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hearing center counties providing services to help ease the burden of those who are affected rucker elementary school in gilroy has been turned into a temporary family wellness center. kron four's theresa explains what's being offered there. >>the people in gilroy in this community. strong and resilient. >>santa clara district attorney jeff rosen talking at the temporary grieving center senate for those impacted by that tragedy at the gilroy garlic festival leaving 3 people dead and countless physically injured and mentally scarred. >>with the help of the santa clara county behavioral services. the red cross and tht fbi we set up this family assistance center. it's not just for the people that were physically wounded that day. it's for anybody who was at the festival. we need some help more information. even even for their loved ones as well. >>throughout the day families ventured in most too embarrassed to talk out loud about their feelings are
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seeing people come in they have a lot of questions about return about their vehicles and so i know that the fbi is working diligently to get that process started to do all that they can. so i think that free they're asking the public to have some patients with them. this is on us, you know for them to figure things out for services so that's a really big the that discovered i promoting services at ac will allow people to actually know abouthe services that are available for them so i think when it that one of the issues is that people don't know that there are resources and support services so to therapy dogs were on hand to help out you know they're coming in there a rate range of emotions. any of the emotions that they are seeing right now is normal. we're here trying to help them. real life, what services are available to them and we have both nama stay in ot are other facility dog and they are bringing great comfort to everyone and around them whether be the children or don't.
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>>and it's not just counselors here to give assistance. but the victim witness program through the da's office can also provide some financial assistance hearing go right recess. stasio kron 4 news. and we will bring you the salazar family statement once they come out to speak publicly also we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting during the commercial breaks on our 24 hour. >>streaming service called kron on you can also download our kron 4 app to get push alerts straight to your phone with updates on this story and more as we get new developments. coming up at 6 want iran on the primary ballot in california then release your tax returns governor newsom signed a new law. >>taking aim at the president he is in jail accused of murder and in italy now we're learning more about the bay area teens family about from the family about the dangers of ants used to attend. >>in san francisco and next preparing for the worst east bay police take part in an
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active shooter drill designed to feel like the real thin
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tragic events in gilroy only underscore the importance of being prepared for the worst. >>this is one of the worst case scenarios being acted out an active shooter on the campus of san ramones california high school. what sounds like gunfire and panic screams of victims seems very real. but they're all being orchestrated to help san ramon police san ramon valley fire. a multi agency swat team and other east bay first responders prepare for an event. no one is hoping for the whole goal today is just to make sure we're prepared if that worst case scenario does happen. >>the victims are volunteers. they're also dummies left on the ground to replicate the dead. the guns be used are modeled on what the officers carry. but shoot simulated ammunition if you think about it it's. >>pay paul's but a little more to the extreme sarah man pd says this active threat drill has been in the works for
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several months completely unrelated to the tragic events that unfolded in gilroy over the weekend. but they do say that mass shooting brings to the forefront. the need for training like this. so we want to make sure that if a tragic situation like what happened in gilroy over the weekend does happen here in the central community we're as prepared as possible. >>to make sure we have the appropriate response and take the necessary precautions to make sure that the city and the area safe. >>the high school campus was chosen for its practicality as it's almost empty in the summertime and also sadly because of the very real fact that school shootings are on the rise. maureen kelly kron 4 news. if presidential candidates want to get on california's primary ballot, they'll have to release their tax returns first governor newsome just sign the measure into law. >>the move takes aim at president trump capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>governor gavin newsom signature means anyone running
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for president must release their 5 most recent tax returns in order to get on california ballots, california allegation of that. >>government's not going to act california needs to act we always gun that we've lead on transparency on financial disclosure and accountability. >>this law only applies to the primary election which is up coming in march, not the general election which the state legislature does not control president donald trump has refused to release his own tax returns white house representative said tuesday, california's new law is unconstitutional the california republican party's chairwoman echoing the president saying in part democrat leadership in the state continues to put partisan politics first, a fact made obvious by governor newsom's insistence here to waste time in taxpayer money to fight a losing legal battle, the law likely to face legal challenges may not keep president trump off the 2020 general election ballot. experts say without a credible republican opponent he could still get on the ballot without california primary votes in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news.
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>>happening tonight and is the first of 2 democratic presidential debates that are taking place in detroit 10 candidates are on the stage tonight 10 will take the stage tomorrow, one of the night's first big moments came when senator bernie sanders face off against congressman john delaney about the lays claim that medicare for all all is political suicide for the democrats. we have a dysfunctional health care systems. >>87 million uninsured or under insured $500,000 like a 2000 americans every year going bankrupt. because of medical bills 30,000 people dying. while the health care industry makes 10's of billions of dollars of profit. minutes away from the of john is a country. called canada. they guarantee health care to every man woman and child as a human right. what we spent.
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why wait when you end up in a hospital in canada. you come out with no bill at all health care is a human right. >>and that is just the beginning stay with us for a full coverage of the debates and watch tonight at 8.30 as inside bay area politics host catherine heenan we'll be joined roundtable a political analysts who will break down tonight's debate. that's tonight at 8.30 right here on kron 4. ok let's take a live look outside and see how things are shaping up on this tuesday around the bay little hazy but the sun still out there pretty right. >>sun is out it is all little bit cooler out there is no we have feel cooler around the bay area right around average for this time of year maybe a little bit below average in some spots are still a very is we have the hot temperatures over the weekend now catch a little bit of break from that so today, the temperatures shooting up around the bay area was nice. it was
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comfortable, but a little below the average in the san francisco, 64 degrees 71, slightly above the average and oakland 78 in san jose 81 in livermore that's where we've really felt the coulee after those 100 over the weekend 84 degrees in concord 81 in santa rosa today, but all around the bay area that sea breeze strong enough to bring down the temperatures that cool marine air coming right off the water to drop those temperatures down. once again looks like we may watches come up just a little bit tomorrow before cooling slightly on thursday and friday to really kind of a beautiful shot out there this evening in just couple of patches of fog trying to form here not much yet but that will thicken throughout the night tonight and then surging back on shore throughout the night. but you can see right there just a little finger fog right along the immediate coastline that will reform overnight time that sea breeze strong enough that is going to bring a well as yesterday still some 20 mile an hour winds at sfo, 18. as you look toward byron conquered, you're seeing some pretty substantial sea breezes so that will bring that back on shore for tonight temperatures around the bay area now still very comfortable 77 degrees in livermore it is 76 in santa
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rosa 73 in nevada cooler into san francisco at 60 and 77 degrees in redwood city but tonight, increasing low clouds and fog then tomorrow clouds early on and then mostly sunny skies and then about average as we round the work week and then warming things back up for the weekend. high pressure that brought the very hot temperatures that has moved eastward we've got a couple of systems off the coastline that help to kind of reinforce the trop now that's 6 on the west coast and that means we keep the temperatures down maybe a right about average maybe slightly below average as we head into thursday and friday fog will surge back on shore overnight tonight and taking up in spots, maybe a little drizzle out toward the coastline. little great early on tomorrow morning but they by the afternoon. we're talking mostly sunny skies really some comfortable weather again as looking very nice plan on some mid 80's, the warmer spots well inland, too lot of 70's inside the bay and some 60's out at the coast. taking on some asked. >>the data breach this time targeting millions of capital one customers coming up
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tonight at 6.45. but a financial expert says you should do if you are hit. >>and next a year ago a judge put limits on separating children from families at the border now we are learning. hundreds of children are still being held from their parents and and the reasons why. who's dog is this?
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seesaws will put in between the border fence. so children on both sides can play together. adults even jump dead. these are located in sunland park new mexico which is separated. from a sealed that juarez mexico professors from u c berkeley and san jose state university came up with this idea. well in virginia san fratello drew up the design of the teeter totter wall back in 2009 and a decade later it has become reality in an instagram post i'll says the event was quote filled with joy and excitement and togetherness at the border wall. but the reality at the border is much more harsh according to the aclu. more than 900 children have been separated from their families since a 2018 court order that includes almost a 700 children whose parents faced allegations of criminal conduct. >>other reasons include alleged gang affiliation and fitness or child safety concerns. the aclu revealed the numbers in a court filing
6:26 pm
today. it says about one out of every 5 children separated is under the age of 5. back in june of 2018 a judge order the practice of splitting families be halted except in limited circumstances such as a parent's criminal history or concerns about a child's safety. a brutal attack on 2 victims a san francisco and now police are asking for the public's help. >>catching a trio of suspects plus a former wal-mart employee opens fire on co-workers killing 2 people. why he was recently fired nexus 6.32 teenagers with bay area ties being held in the murder of an italian police officer in tonight, we're learning new and troubling details from the family of one of those teens and we are tracking not one but 2 hurricanes now in the pacific where they might be headed talk about that coming up next.
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>>2 bay area teenagers running through the streets of rome early in the morning and these events that followed these images triggered outrage in italy and the pain among friends and family here in the bay area finnegan lee elder and gabriel christian the tally, your thumb graduated from town high in mill valley last year both went on to santa barbara city college last friday they were arrested for killing an italian police officers kron four's grant lotus shows us. >>one of those teens as a violent record in san francisco.
6:30 pm
>>san francisco stern grove is a popular site for concerts, but it also has a darker reputation as a place where teenagers gather after dark for so-called fight nights, according to his uncle finnegan elder took part in those fights. elder is now in an italian jail after allegedly stabbing an undercover police officer. mario charge yellow radio was buried in his hometown near naples the casket carried from the same church where he was married just 6 weeks ago. italy's prime minister called the 35 year-old officers death, a deep wound for the state on would say at a news conference officials said churchill was unarmed that he had left his gun in his locker by accident. they also expressed regret that a leaked photo of the other defendant. gabriel christian that holly your earth was shown blindfolded and shackled to a chair. police say was to prevent him from seeing evidence in


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