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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  July 30, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>san francisco stern grove is a popular site for concerts, but it also has a darker reputation as a place where teenagers gather after dark for so-called fight nights, according to his uncle finnegan elder took part in those fights. elder is now in an italian jail after allegedly stabbing an undercover police officer. mario charge yellow radio was buried in his hometown near naples the casket carried from the same church where he was married just 6 weeks ago. italy's prime minister called the 35 year-old officers death, a deep wound for the state on would say at a news conference officials said churchill was unarmed that he had left his gun in his locker by accident. they also expressed regret that a leaked photo of the other defendant. gabriel christian that holly your earth was shown blindfolded and shackled to a chair. police say was to prevent him from seeing evidence in the case rome's
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republican newspaper called it an affront to the moral values that hold up our democracy. police say the incident began when the boy stole a backpack from a man after he allegedly sold them fake drugs. the man reported the theft to police who sent an undercover officer. the boys reportedly told a judge that church yellow did not say he was an officer and that he attacked them. these pictures show them at the time of their arrest at a luxury hotel less than 100 yards away. police say they discovered a knife stashed in a ceiling panel and that it was the one elder used to stab the officer 11 times. i'm grant lotus kron 4 news. >>san francisco policere asking for the public's help in tracking down a trio of suspects who attacked 2 people you can see the 3 here in this video police say the attack happened in chinatown on the afternoon of july 15th. that's when the suspects went up to a 56 year-old man lifted him off his feet and threw him to the
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ground. a second victim 69 year old man tried to intervene and he was knocked unconscious. both victims were taken to the hospital police say the suspects still a watch from the first victims. >>closing arguments resumed today and the ghost ship fire trial 2 men are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. for those who died attending a music event back in december of 2016. kron four's man has made you and has the story. this is a case. >>full of emotion. tragic. laura bid, horrible we all join hands and wishing we could go back in time to change what occurred here solid words to the jury for defense attorney tony serra. >>it's a when can it really what i said to the jury. certainly applies to myself. i think will be affected by an emotionally for the rest of her life. >>it was a packed courtroom bit oakland watching the jury study every word of tony sarah's closing argument on
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behalf of his client derril gov and the so-called master to of the go ship. the prosecution's closing argument stated that al bayda violated night oakland fire codes sarah counted violation of the fire code is irrelevant if there is no criminal negligence then sarah recounted testimony from multiple witnesses saying they felt safe inside the go ship and that child protective services oakland police and the fire department all that inside the warehouse, sarah told the court. this is why his client didn't think he was doing anything criminal then he told the jury that how they the it called offended next harris are scapegoats connected to a conspiracy to protect the city of oakland from a lawsuit worth millions of dollars because he says police and fire have the responsibility to report the building and red tag before and it is closing argument, sarah told the jury that in order to find his client guilty. they would have to say he was reckless and the different. he showed the court a photo of al bayda with his wife and children who also lived in the warehouse city
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said his client would never ever sacrifice his family and the way i view it now. >>we're neck to neck. it's going to be close case. the prosecution's final rebuttal argument is scheduled for wednesday. the case will likely be turned over. >>to the jury's hands shortly county superior courthouse in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>time now to get a check of weather around the bay area and beyond right. we have the 4 zone forecast and also larger taking a look at those hurricanes in the pacific yet not one but 2 hurricanes out there right now so getting active in the pacific first we've got eric that is well off the coastline here and this will just developing today, becoming a hurricane that is flossie right behind it so let's put the track into motion here we'll show you first eric's the main concern as we've got the system approaching the hawaiian islands and boy this is some kind of storm now sustained winds. yeah, making it a category 4 look at that a 130 mile an hour winds moving to the west at 15 miles per hour. it has slowed somewhat now the
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track with this storm system expected to keep it a little bit further south of the hawaiian islands they're going to feel the brunt of some of the heavy rain and there can see thaa lot especially along some of the slopes of east-facing slopes in parts of the south facing slopes as well as some big-time swells as the system comes through it looks like it is going to start to lose some of the strength we're going to see a little bit of a southwesterly wind kind of interject itself into the system and that's going to make up for some what we call wind shear that will likely begin to pull that hurricane apart weakening is substantially but right behind that we're going look at flossie of flossie is going to take a more northerly track and i think that maybe into early next week we could be talking about a hurricane affecting the hawaiian islands a little bit more so in the monday outside right now we've got some hazy conditions, the sea breezes kicked back in and yet we are keeping those temperatures a bit cooler air quality still looking good out there into tomorrow as we're going to see that fresh ocean air making its way off the pacific keeping things, nice and fresh outside temperatures
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expected to be into the 60's in the san francisco 72 degrees in beautiful and bright in oakland is about 82 degrees in san jose by tomorrow afternoon fog. we'll see some of the overnight tonight along the coastles of that moving inside the bay and then that given way to a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. and even more so i think as we get into thursday and friday but overall all the pattern looks very nice right now really get a little bit of a break from all that he going to keep the temperatures down through thursday and friday on saturday high pressure begins to build back in maybe some mid 90's by sunday and monday for the valleys. flores thank you we want to follow up on some breaking news now. >>kayla salazar's family is about to speak live in san jose outside of a vigil for the 13 year-old one of the 3 people killed at theilroy garlic festival safe go to well we're waiting for them to approach the microphone says the event is taking place. >>at a school kayla just 13 years old you can see family members starting to approach the microphones. we're going
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to listen in as they talk about the vigil that's taking place inside those gates in the family said that at some point this evening. they would come. outside a after the vigil to or before the vigil, it's not clear when they're going to talk but the vigil is taking place tonight and they are speaking about. there are 13 year-old who died earlier today as we reported on kron 4 news at 5.60. >>law enforcement officials gave an update on their investigation into the shooting and that we've been hearing from members of the families of the victims out throughout the day many of them understandably emotional and tearful and let's listen in us cables family also begins to deliver their statement on the tragedy that happened over the weekend. we're not sure exactly who this isn't just about to hopefully they will identify themselves what we do know her family loved ones. friends of the family supporters are all there too. we just share the grief. >>thank you for being cameras many many of he guesses put us that he. he'll cook can
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imagine there's many going through our minds and hearts. and just on us here in is an class one is he an assessment this. but we wanted to be here because we think it's important that the community knows who kayla is and how important she is for us. >>but says that a key for the kiss it fun. sent to is get input on this. but i'm even a thought a company that. me reading as statement by my sister. solana and wound the sting on using the this and feel like distimo news
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profile. on quarter and then my little kill us. >>going to read a statement from cuba and then we're going to close it teacher are like representative from the school. so get on and that the court asylum and i know this is good at sunny skies from the us he had good that could mean forcible you you know something that lonnie emmy for media summer months to the suit just on bus and low. gala many uh know he and my son east him, but it is that i love we then the foot of the best person that's the mine is here to with us you know, i'm a 69 yet and they must show is going to see is that he criticized. this manner. the
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statement. from the bottom of hour for our heart we want to and we're grateful. for all of the friendships families and the whole community for their support. and this up or that they're bringing me and our family and this difficult time. that we're experiencing. can i was a beautiful children. they're really care though for other people. and she care about animals as she was our motivation. >>and we're in game. so we lost her. thank you so much from the of her heart. >>we've been listening to what we believe is a kayla salazar's and speaking there as she just read a conference in the at the shooting at the guard, garlic
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festival as the night goes on
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>>a disgruntled walmart worker is responsible for the killings of 2 coworkers and for wounding a police officer according to officials violence as shook the town of
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south haven, mississippi just south of memphis this morning. martez a broom was recently fired from the wal-mart after he apparently showed a knife to a fellow employee. >>on tuesday today. police say a room shot and killed 2 employees. 2 police officers confronted the suspect outside and then there was a shootout the town's mayor says a bulletproof vest saved one officers life. now a room is facing 2 counts of murder, we'll be right back.
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>>a pennsylvania family says they were shocked to find cameras inside their air bnb rental in maine, they found the cameras hidden in bathrooms and bedrooms specifically the cameras were facing toilets showers and the bedrooms where the 2 teenagers were staying. police say the cameras were disguised as phone chargers experts say, although it is difficult to identify these devices there are a few things to watch out for the experts say blinking lights and tiny pin holes for cameras are a dead giveaway. and one of the world's largest hotel chains is bidding goodbye to those travel-size toiletries in the hotel rooms. this decision affects the intercontinental group which owns holiday inn crown plaza and the kimpton hotels. the company says it will get rid of miniatures size plastic bottles of shampoo conditioner and bastille and said those items will be replaced with most eyes toiletries in rooms by the year 2021. the goal is
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to cut down on the company's plastic waste footprint intercontinental says it did uses about 200 million travel-size toiletries every year in his 5600 hotels there is a growing movement to move halloween to saturday permanently a petition started last year by the nonprofit. >>halloween and costume association aims to have hollowing observed on the last saturday in october. the group argues it will make for a celebration that is safer longer and stress free. as of last check the petition had more than a 115,000 signatures. democrats say it's time to get big money out of politics and now some of the senate are pushing to overturn a controversial supreme court ruling to make that happen. today they introduced a constitutional amendment to undo the citizens united supreme court decision but as trevor shirley tells us it's a move that is largely symbolic. and we're here today to take our democracy back. democratic senator tom udall says the
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country needs a constitutional amendment. >>to get big corporate money out of politics. the big money interests are buying our democracy of the standing in front of the supreme court you'd all and other democratic senators called for the passage of the democracy for all amendment. >>few decisions in the 200 and some odd years of this republic have threatened our democracy like citizens united. >>citizens, united was a 2010 supreme court decision that corporations have the same right to free speech is individuals, it paved the way for large corporate donations to flow nearly unchecked into political campaigns, democrats say much of that is dark money from unknown donors and sometimes from overseas. >>this idea that the wealthy and powerful can control our government and have far more say than the average citizen is eroding face in this great and grand democracy. >>but a constitutional amendment requires support from at least 2 thirds of the house and senate then must be
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ratified by 3 fourths of the state's constitutional amendment is a long shot you confident get that is more of a symbolic. >>i'm confident the people of this country overwhelmingly our side and while an amendment like this probably goes nowhere. supporters here say they'll continue to push for its passage. >>reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. another big story we are following that made a massive data breach we told you about earlier during the newscast. it's affecting more than a 100 million capital one customers. the company says hackers got a hold of customer accounts and credit card applications, but that no account numbers or log-in credentials were compromised. still about a 140,000 social security numbers were the justice department says there was an arrest in the case 33 year-old page thompson, a former tech company software engineer was arrested for that breach
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joined now by consumer advocate erice. samberg it's happened again it seem that these acts are now becoming inevitable. >>the onus is always on the consumers it seems what is the first thing everybody needs to do might be effective freeze your credit. this frees those credit reports of you haven't done it already with the with the last to issue the happened it really is time to do it now just block anything that could potentially happen which is having somebody open up some critics are some loans in your name how do you freeze your credit, super easy just go here to do with all 3 of the credit agencies experian transunion and equifax send them a letter and say i want to freeze my credit, they have all the process on the website get it done takes 10 minutes. seems that the onus is always on the consumer is our government just not doing enough to to protect us what should be done by government to protect and it's not even so much government as it is the company of these companies are there big wonderful companies that really try very hard but they're not maybe not trying quite hard enough because the bad guys always seem to be one step ahead and you know, hey listen play
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them. right, because they know what they're doing and that they really are very very good at what they do and so yeah, i mean that's an issue. >>but now that we know that to most of this data has been compromised in any way i mean is are released anything to worry about. >>well it's a little scary to have your social security number date of birth and other personal information that's out there. nobody has purchased to get this person has tried she failed. but that doesn't mean that it's not somehow out there so you really want to just locked out is locked down your own personal system it really isn't that hard. you know there's very little that we can do on the front end of all this, but what we can do is try and make sure that we read all of our cows statements really carefully and just be really proactive about that or just don't use credit cards or debt or debit cards right you just come back would be interesting that would be better are all of our budget the second line of defense beside the freeze um yeah but you're going to want to do is be really on top of this read
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all of your statements very carefully from here on in some cars will issue red flag. graham exactly yet absolutely you can put out an alert to any of your credit cards so that every single time a transaction was made you get an alert that says hey by the way some use use your card and so you did, but so that when you're done you're always on top of it. okay but again if you're freezing your credit and but you still need to make a purchase i have something in the works to have to. >>how do you how you navigate you're going to have to unfreeze it and i hate to say, but that the problem is it's going to be when people are trying to purchase a house purchase a car get their own credit card, a legitimate one right you're going to go through this entire process rephrase it they're as complicated it is yes. it is this free though i thank you erica, we issue being here hope it h
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>>let's check in on the sports world tonight are covered or grant lotus strays from the set a bay area sports night. that's right. >>much more training camp talk calmly got up and then antonio brown rocking the parents at raiders care what kind of dimension does he add to the raiders attack when you see him initially. he's going bring possess as and he's going to bring points and those 2 are sorely needed. he was out there today looks great he still has some a bizarre undisclosed injury
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that they will talk about but if you just looked at him he passes the eye test he looks raiders fans of a lot to look forward to be talking raiders 49 ers also the giants just play the phillies the giants have been red lately saw some baseball top bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on their back to you didn't have. >>all right. thank you guys all right, let's check in with lawrence for quick and on our weather. yeah, keeping temperatures down over the next few days guys but we're going to keep back up. >>this next week it's ok thank you and thanks all of you for being with us at 6 we'll keep you posted on the developments at the gilroy garlic festival shooting including what the family's been talking about tonight all that and more tonight. >>at 8 o'clock.
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the garlic festival massacre. he was on stage when shots rang out. >> it was pap, pap, pap, pap. >> how he got out alive. >> if he sees us, we're sitting ducks. then, copycat katy. katy perry. >> deborah: found guilty of stealing her hit song. and trump 9/11 uproar. >> i spent a lot of time down there. >> but did he really visit ground zero? >> did you ever see president trump down here at ground zero? >> plus, amanda knocks weighs in on the two american teens, accused of a police officer in italy.


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