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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 30, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>fairfield police make a horrific discovery 2 babies abandoned in a dumpster. relatives mourn those killed in the gilroy mass shooting we are live at the vigil in the south bay. what we are learning about a violent past and so one of the bay area teenagers accused of stabbing and killing an italian police officer. >>local news station. that breaking news tonight is out of fairfield where police say they found 2 newborns near a garbage dumpster. thanks for joining us at a time can way and i'm pam moore we are told that dumpsters near a motel on pittman road. >>well for say are stone joins
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us live from the scene with the are what have you learned. >>well pam i can tell you right off the bat that within the last 5 minutes police have cleared the scene you can see that green car direct5y behind me. that is one of the cleanup crews. they are about to leave as well as i talk about this i'm going to step out of the way we're going to keep it on this shock so i can show you the area and show you that crew, yeah you could see that car right there that is one of the cleanup crews that is leaving the area they were here for at least an hour cleaning up the back side of this building that you see right here what we can tell you as we go into this area where this baby was found one of those babies tragically died the other is in stable condition in the hospital and that is certainly good news. the fact that at least one or one right here has survive now you see those dumpsters right there. the baby was not found inside those dumpsters rather near the dumpsters on the back side of this building there is
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a sidewalk on the backside of that building and that is where those babies were found. now as i continue to talk about this i do want to go to some of the video from earlier this afternoon that baby was discovered just after 4 o'clock both of those babies discover just after 4 o'clock by a pharmacist, who works in this building. he knew something was out there actually called authorities and it was authorities who came in and actually saw that it was 2 twin infant babies that appeared to have just been born then a short time after that they found the woman who had given birth she was nearby in this area. i did talk with the owner of a pizza shop down the street and he tells me that that woman is believed to be homeless and had been living in recent weeks around the building in the different areas, but they didn't realize that she was pregnant until the last day or 2 and they certainly did not realize that she was this far along now she has been detained at this point and she
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is in the hospital getting treatment not arrested though at this point just detained while they get to the bottom of this they don't know if she had mental issues or anything of that nature. but again they are working to get to the bottom of this. now back out here live you can see those dumpsters again the babies were found to just be on this building that you're looking at right there and within the last 5 minutes. police have cleared the scene and again just to update you if you are just joining us. the fact that one of those babies was found dead. the other survived and is in stable condition will have much more tonight at 9 o'clock you'll hear from that pizza owner also see some of the video of the exact spot where those 2 babies were found. now back to 2 in the studio jr quick to question actually couple quick questions said 2 newborn, so the presumption is their twins are no fad has been determined or. >>police have talked about
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that and second where are you exactly because we heard it was near a motel, but what you're describing seems to be some kind of a professional office building of some type. >>it's right next door to a hotel great questions right there. they were twins are there are under the assumption that they were twins it appeared that they were twins because it appears that there was just not one mother and she gave birth to them. a short time. after these 2 babies were found or before these 2 babies were found. now as to the location if you're familiar with driving on i 80 there is that skandia amusement park right off of the highway. it is at the same acts that there's actually a new danny's that was built 2 doors down. there's a hotel right next store and then there's this building right here and it was on the back side of this building but that a well known stop because there are gas stations and there are a slew of fast food restaurants in this area as well. >>jr thank you for that we'll be checking in with you
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throughout the night on this story and we continue to follow the tragedy in gilroy where a gunman shot and killed 3 people and injured at least 16 others at the annual garlic festival today gilroy police the chief revealed he now believes the 19 year-old suspect. >>17 a leg on most likely acted alone and that he went to several gun stores to try to buy firearms or did buy firearms. we have team coverage tonight on the shooting. we begin with noel gallo who has the very latest from gilroy. >>that's right pam and ken this vigil here is going to get started in just a few moments, it's being put on by 2 different community based organizations gillray gold and idle hands studios essentially day. take photos and videos to showcase the beauty of their community is gil worry and tonight as so many folks gather that's exactly what they're showing a minute step out of the ways you guys can see here. they've started to
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light candles out here both of the organizers say they woke up the morning after the shooting and just really felt compelled to show their neighbors and friends. that were either directly or indirectly affected by this as much support as possible now you did mention we do have new information on the investigation i want to take you through what investigators told us this afternoon. the fbi says they have 40 evidence technicians combing through the scene still and they expect to be there for another 3 to 5 days. gilroy police has now searched the suspect's car, they did locate a shotgun inside of the car and say he purchased that firearm in nevada just like he had done the other one that he actually used to carry out heinous act investigators also swept the creek that the gunman used to gain access to the festival grounds there they found a bag filled with additional ammunition. gilroy police says they now know more about what the suspect was doing in the hours leading up to the shooting as well take a listen
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to what they said this afternoon. >>our investigation is leading us to war want to believe that there was not a second person involved. i i don't think i can say that with absolute certainty at this point because we're still following up leads because people who say i saw this i saw that we want to follow every single one of those leads all the way through. i thought we have been able to track his movements around town leading up to the incident. i including multiple different stores in locations they visited prior engaging in this shooting incident every single one of i cases we've been able to retrieve a deal. i can't he was by himself. >>my himself and carrying out such a terrible terrible act of violence as you can see there lighting candles here at this vigil at el road late park a lot of people wearing
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their guilt or a strong get t shirts with the names of the victims on the back there are being their donations are being collected here tonight for the 3 victims any and all donations are of course welcome but again they just want to show case that they are a strong community that will continue to work through this terrible tragedy live in gilroy noel bellow kron 4 news. thank you know well and we are also hearing tonight from the families of the victims in the gilroy tragedy as you know 3 people died and want to again show you their pictures 25 year-old trevor irby on the right to. >>these recently moved to california from new york, 13 year-old keyla salazar in the middle was from san jose and 6 year-old stephen romero, the youngest was also from san jose kron four's grant lotus joins us now with reaction from their family members and honestly it's heartbreaking and there trying to process this trying to make sense of something that will never make sense and not only the family members all of their.
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>>friends they're greater circle, the community as a whole he see their faces and it's so hard just an unthinkable tragedy for 3 different groups of people all of the folks who died on sunday were there at the festival supposed to be a fun filled event and then su%denly their lives just dance. the youngest victim as we mentioned 6 year-old stephen romero. his mother hen grandmother were also shot in that attack stevens other grandmother describing him as a loving boy who was always kind happy and playful you see that smile and today stevens cousin cried as he remembered his little cousin. >>and then when my mom told me that my steve it. well as with my cousins my mom was in the hospital. so as mothers and. home of the plane is a he has
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>>another victim, 25 year-old trevor irby's family also devastated obviously by his death or bees grandmother juanita spoke to us about her grandson off camera she's understandably shaken by his son timely passing. >>whenever he calls. and love you very much when it said look these as his friend, i don't care if he met 2 days ago. they become servants. i mean to tell you know as little boy of us. >>your heart breaks for their loved ones juanita says trevor recently moved to california to be with his fiance sarah. you see here. both trevor and sarah were at that garlic festival together though sarah was not hurt. and 13 year-old keyla salazar is from san jose she was with h ffestival. far we have not been able to get in contact, but certainly we will keep working to do so to learn more about what that 13
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year-old was all about people who did know her friends describing her as someone who was almost like an angel wanted to help other people ahead of herself can now back to you we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting throughout the evening and on our 24 hour streaming service kron on. >>you can download our kron 4 app to get push alerts straight to your phone with updates on this story as we learn more new details a new video of that rampage which led to an officer-involved shooting and the degas bay. it happened on july 4th the sonoma county sheriff's department just released body camera video of the incident. c was high on lsd when he attacks several of his friends. he was then seen on camera stabbing a security guard in the chest with a repor ran over to women, we're
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walking along the roadway. that's when sheriff's deputies and the highway patrol arrived. authorities say coffee rammed their vehicle and that's when officers deputies opened fire, striking him. several times at least 3 times all of the victims coffee ran over or attacked did survive. coffee himself was airlifted to the hospital where he is now recovering after being shot 3 times. he faces a number of charges including assault with a deadly weapon. >>next at a 2 teenagers with area ties face murder charges in ita we planned.
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>>2 bay area teenagers seen running through the streets of rome in this video the events that follow these images triggering outrage in italy and the pain among friends and family here one of the 2 teens has a violent record in san francisco. we'll have more of to get lee elder in a moment, but first grant lotus has the latest on how he and gabriel christian natale your earth. >>were arrested for the killing of an italian police officer. >>mario charge yellow radio was buried in his hometown near naples the casket carried from the same church wied just italy's prime minister called the 35 year-old officers death, a deep wound for the state to show them that would say at a news conference officials said churchill was
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unarmed that he had left his gun in his locker by accident. they also expressed regret that a leaked photo of the other defendant. gabriel christian that holly your earth was shown blindfolded and shackled to a chair. police say was to prevent him from seeing evidence in the newspaper called it an affront to the moral values that hold up our democracy. police say the incident began when the boy stole a backpack from a man after he allegedly sold them fake drugs. the man reported the theft to police who sent an undercover officer. the boys reportedly told a judge that church yellow did not say he was an officer and that he attacked them. these pictures show them at the time of their arrest at a luxury hotel less than 100 yards away. police say they discovered a knife stashed in a ceiling panel and that it was the one elder used to stab the officer 11 times. i'm grant lotus kron 4 news and new tonight, the uncle of finnegan lee elder says his
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nephew took part in organized fights back in high school john elder says that his nephew participated in stage to fight nights between boys at stern grove. >>a popular park in san francisco. kron four's michelle kingston is live tonight with more on elders past michelle. >>that's right elders angele tells us that his nephew does not have a criminal record but that he did participate in those fights and that they did apparently result in many injuries. new information tonight about the to san francisco teenagers jailed in italy for the fatal stabbing of a police officer 19 year-old finnegan elder's uncle sean elder says his nephew doesn't have a criminal record or discipline records from school but that he participated of well known fight said stern grove park. >>i can high school that apparently resulted in many injuries we reached out to san francisco police for more information. they told us criminal offender record information in juvenile
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criminal information is confidential under state law but that they have had requests for information on a particular incident at stern grove about 3 years ago, they said they responded to the hospital during the early morning hours of 10/30/2016 regarding aneaggravated assault that had taken place earlier and stern grove they said a 16 year-old victim was reported to be in surgery and that police also much of the park to locate a crime scene we there's a local for more information but did not hear back from him e did tell us that family members would be traveling to rome soon that is where elder and his friend 18 year-old gabriel christian that whole your daryn custody after the slaying of an italian police officer a judge said elder told authorities he stabbed him and he later discovered was an officer because he feared he was being strangled one of the elders neighbors said he was a good kid m. she's having a hard time believing elder is
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involved in the death of the italian police officer. >>personally i think there's more to this story. >>none of us knows. >>the elder family did tell us in a statement that their son has new attorneys and they're grateful that he's being treated well live in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>time now for a check of our 4 zone forecast as we step outside and show the embarcadero on this said tuesday night our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here little bit cooler today. yeah bringing now those temperatures very comfortable around the bay area but the fog started march back on shore right now we're going to see more of that that's a looking toward a the golden gate bridge. >>just some patchy fog right now right over them are in the headlines, the sea breeze has been blown and that helped to cool down the temperatures outside today. yeah, these numbers very comfortable where was certainly extremely hot over the weekend now back down to the 80's in livermore and also the concord 81 for the high in santa rosa say 64 little bit below the average in the san francisco, 71 in
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oakland, 70 degrees in san jose around the bay area you get the idea some very nice weather very comfortable lot of 70's inside the bay, 79 in redwood city 74 in fremont 70 degrees in hayward along the coastline of course you that patchy fog to keep those temperatures cooler we're seeing some that patchy fog trying to form right now as but itself all the way together again, but it will do so overnight tonight and again the surge back on shore but the winds that nice cool sea breeze coming off those cool waters hovering in the 50's for temperatures here and bring that cool air well on shore look at the byron 2024 miles per hour. so certainly a nice see breeze to keep those temperatures down. outside right now it is comfortable in fremont 67 degrees 66 in live. we're 73 degrees in concord of cool 58. in san francisco, increasing clouds overnight tonight, clouds early on them becoming mostly sunny about average to round out the work week i think we'll start to warm things back the weekend. couple storm systems are right up here in the gulf of alaska not gonna bring us rain but that up to curry amplify this a trough to set
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itself up on the west coast. so that keep the temperatures down over the next few days but over the weekend. but how they're going to start creep back into california and that means temperatures start heating up we'll have more on that coming up with a few minutes. thank you lawrence, the tories way to take a close look at this video are about so you san francisco police are looking for those 3 young men in connection to a robbery. >>in chinatown police say the suspects assaulted a 56 year-old man and a 69 year-old man in the area of stockton and pacific streets says happened on july 15th. during the attack, the suspects allegedly stole a watch from the wrist of the 56 year-old if you are if you recognize any of these men you are asked to contact san francisco police a fam francisco supervisor is pushing a plan that he says will cut the number of homicides and violent cry. >>times in the city to 0 at today's board of supervisors meeting to my wall to introduce a vision 0 on homicide and violence resolution. the plan seeks to place violent prevention coordinators in districts affected by violence. it also
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calls for better coordination and response from various city departments and community organizations. >>police arrest a man in the death of 2 wal-mart employees in mississippi why investigators say this isn't the suspects first act of violence at the store. >>closing arguments under way in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial hear from the defense the defense attorneys who say
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>>we'll size of the ghost ship fire trial continue to make their final case to the jury closing arguments resumes today in the trial of derick almena and max harris the 2 men are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for those who died. >>attending a music event back in december of 2016 at the warehouse. force has a menu on has the latest from the courthouse in oakland. >>this is a case full of emotion. tragic. laura bid, horrible we all joined headed, wishing we could go back in time to change what occurred here solid words to the jury for defense attorney tony serra. >>it's a to natalie what i said to the jury certainly applies to myself. i think will be affected by an emotionally for the rest of her life. >>it was a packed court ruled it oakland watching the jury study every word of tony sarah's closing argument on behalf of his client derril gov and the so-called master tenet of the go ship. the
8:26 pm
prosecution's closing argument stated that al be to buy a late night oakland fire codes sarah counted violation of the fire code is irrelevant if there is no criminal negligence then sarah recounted testimony from multiple witnesses saying they felt safe inside the go ship and that child protective services oakland police and the fire department all that inside the warehouse, sarah told the court. this is why his client didn't think he was doing anything criminal then he told the jury that how they the it called offended next harris are scapegoats connected to a conspiracy to protect the city of oakland from a lawsuit worth millions of dollars because he says police and fire have the responsibility to report the building and red tag it before and it is closing argument, sarah told the jury that in order to find his client guilty they would have to say he was reckless and the different. he showed the court a photo of al bayda with his wife and children who also lived in the warehouse city said his client would never ever sacrifice his family and the way i view it now. >>we're neck to neck. it's
8:27 pm
going to be close case. the prosecution's final rebuttal argument is scheduled for wednesday. the case will likely be turned over. >>to the jury's hands shortly thereafter at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>coming up a look at the presidential debate among the first of the 20 candidates, 10 on the stage tonight. details ahead.
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>>finally include dental cap hearing aids eyeglasses but you don't second road today have built. >>we are not about trying to take away health care from any want. that's what the republicans. health care tonight, 10. >>and other democratic presidential candidates in detroit michigan for there second debate of the 20 20 campaign the 10 candidates tonight, including senators eliz moderate colleagues. >>joining us now is scattered heenan host of inside bay area politics and she has a panel of experts why watched this debate tonight, catherine. >>yeah we do we thought it was a lively long but lively and thank pam and ken i'm joined by michael yaki political analyst a vice president of
8:31 pm
clean fund. matt shupe matt is the chairman of the contra costa republican party. he is a republican a consultant or just a consultant period. all right this boil down to the 2 star progressive side. obviously trying to swat away the moderates, how did they do what did you take from that what was interesting because they were so much under attack by the moderate wing. >>led by dilanian the little bicep will set of steve bullock. they actually actually combine together so the the opportunity for them to differentiate themselves or each other. never occurred which was what some people are actually hoping to see it highlighted some interesting differences though including immigration and health care. >>where do you think i think bullock and lady kind of breakout performances. >>we're as good a j kind of struggled to make headway are kind of caught in the middle between the very progressive wing and the more reasonable pragmatic moderate wing so i think the board can and lane you're going to see a positive result from this and and we
8:32 pm
also be kind of struggling to to build something out of what happened tonight. i want you touched on this, but some people were arguing that bernie sanders really needs to. >>challenge elizabeth warren, his dear friend, the calder elizabeth tonight. well clearly that did not happen, but they're saying you know they've a lot in common. she is siphoning off a lot of his support right does he need to do that at some point i think at some point he will but he does know how to do it and this is that i think one of the fatal flaws of all political campaigns which is you tend to fight the last war in the last war was hillary went after burning the bernie people went home. yeah, the last war was. we didn't go after the white moderate voters and they all left is for trump. the only person trying to speak beyond that was beta, but again i don't know if the traction was there but he did make one important point he's the one who's actually beating trump in texas and that's that's a that's a game changer that i think people are going to miss in this whole thing in terms of the liberal moderate divide that came out that was really the anchor theme of this debate and that divide was a i
8:33 pm
think they're firing obviously they're fighting for the soul of the party right now is you have the. >>everything for free wing of the party versus the you know wishful where they they they call them that the wishful we wish on you know versus them the more moderate wing and i think that the party's going to wrestle with ultimately which one is the more electable in a general you either either way. the fact that this was a central bus to be nightly like this form of better there's a lot more control. >>by the moderators a limit to the number of topics. all the over a somewhat longor time period. but whichever wing prevails is benefited by this kind of debate because it sharpens what the tax will be one way or the other. i think it for the democratic party for my point of view it's good in that you're getting that out there and again the debate is being sharpened. >>there is the feeling that of joe biden does crash and burn a strong moderate needs to hang in there. any thoughts based on tonight on who that might be. >>i think that when you have bernie and warren attacking
8:34 pm
the moderate, it's hurting the moderates in the primary though so whether or not able to survive the primary process to have that better edge in the general has yet to be seen and will be a tough road for them and i i was surprised and pleased by governor i actually thought he had a breakout. >>in a very good breakout moment. he kind of stole a little bit with the nuclear proliferation issue at the end except for the fact that he drew a strong contrast between himself and senator senator warren in terms of use the eu's first policy but i think that he actually did a very good job, distinguish himself. he was acting very presidential cancel comey's acute coin was like bush was economics. gorst one that was a debut, hey it wasn't just me i never heard biting. >>i think referenced wants. >>am i rightin terms of buying. good good night for job it and that he escaped bad night though, because i think the targets going to be on him tomorrow night. >>so if there are people we
8:35 pm
are not likely to see again after tonight on the thoughts on who that might be who needed traction and didn't get it. >>someone who is never going to get traction and doesn't deserve to be in there anymore to let the adults play. i think hickenlooper is in trouble. i think that the delay knee even though he was a good attack dog. i don't know the kind of trip that will translate actually don't see much and the needle moving and this debate for the people who needed it. yeah i i think there's going to a lot of attrition coming up between now and the next round of debates. >>i think a lot of drop up because can see the fun reason that they need the poll numbers that mean i do think that maybe you know, bernie and warren might stay stagnant like i said i think that bullock and billy might see a bomb but whether or not it's about big enough to get them in the next round is yet to be seen all right all out to be continue tomorrow night. >>and ken and pam back to you. catherine thanks to you and
8:36 pm
and your guest and you can catch catherine heat in on inside bay area politics, the show is on our new streaming app called kron on and it airs just after 00:11am in the morning on saturdays and on sundays. >>we have to her cain's now just generating off the coastline there in the pacific. we've got won this is flossie out there right now, but one this one eric was this a serious storm right now in fact getting a lot of strength overnight and now a category 4 hurricane you see is tightly wound out there look at this. there are the hawaiian islands. so certainly a getting their attention right now the latest forecast want to keep this a little bit further to the south but still a scary storm sustaid 24 hours. very latest track moving south of the hawaiian islands and you can see the cone of uncertainty right here and the line islands fall aboat the outside that track but still likely to see some thunderstorms some big time as well as moving in along the
8:37 pm
east facing in the south beaches there on the big island possibly in the valley, the other islands as well, but looks like this one is going to stay south of the islands now flossie that is going to move a little bit further to the north so certainly that could be concerned for hawaii as we get into next week outside right now a little bit hazy out there we're going to see some sunshine of some patchy fog tomorrow morning, 50's 60's in the san francisco. it will be cool out along the beaches, 50's 60's batch of fog there warmer inside the bay 60 burning game 7 want to foster city, you'll see a lot of 70's and 80's of the south bay by tomorrow afternoon. as the mid-eighties the warmer spots well inland about 75 in hayward 84 walnut creek about 80 degrees and 75 degrees in the napa valley and about 76 degrees in the bottle next couple days keep those temperatures down they're going to heat things back up over the weekend. >>lawrence thank you still ahead. veterans mission 5 this 100 year-old from san diego aims to
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>>a big story we are following nationally tonight in mississippi, this man is charged with 2 counts of murder in the death of 2 walmart employees investigators say 39 year-old martez a room was recently suspended from the walmart store after he showed a knife to a fellow employee. a police officer shot him twice dozens of homeless people are looking for shelter tonight after a brush fire destroyed
8:41 pm
their camp. >>the fire started this afternoon near van nuys in a park called lake balboa about a 100 firefighters and 2 helicopters responded they're forced to retreat for a while while several propane tanks exploded, officials say no one will be allowed to return to that area until firefighters have all the hot spots out the cause of that fire is not determined. >>next today gilroy strong, how one family is showing strain for the community following sunday's tragedy. >>as far as the giants said to
8:42 pm
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
>>the known as one of the world's great summer food festivals is now a crime scene on sunday. the gunman opened fire on a crowd killing 3 people and injuring 16 tonight people in gilroy are showing us that they are resilient strong. >>most importantly that they are here for each other as kaye receipt shows us one family is doing their part to help. >>you know there's really something here for everybody. if you if you want some color in your life spreading brightness enjoy. that's in the peace on earth. it's brian clusters mission we're doing in the way we're sharing. you know is with everybody he and his wife heather sell their detail designs and events all across northern california like the gilroy garlic festival has always been one of the best events of the year for something tragically this time. they were getting ready to pack up their both as chaos are up to it. i heard a pop
8:45 pm
and it sounded like a fire a firework but moments later when more pops continued. she knew it was gunfire. they ran into the booth to hide move. >>pull over clothes on top us and just buried a son. we're coming we're by we grabbed them pull them in duct and down we just kind of a down. >>they kept the children high as the scheme russian it. >>directly to shooter when they took him out. think the police. >>after what felt like several minutes waiting in an eerie silence they heard yells for them to evacuate as they got up so they saw a man on the ground and was killed right kind of right in front of us, brian is a former medic can work to help law enforcement cpr unfortunately i don't think that helped. days later, he can't get the image out of his mind and likely never
8:46 pm
will. >>it's unbelievable and it shouldn't be happening. >>well they cope with the trauma. they're trying to remain focused on the outpouring of support from their customers and friends fortunately they've all been able to call me and just check and a reminder that this tragic event can't color their view of the world or keep them from spreading brightness that's. >>with these kind of events want to create as they want to create this fear in people and. >>you can't you can't live that way. those reporting the t shirts being sold throughout town and part of the purchase will go toward victims families. >>for your money tonight holiday inn is getting rid of travel-size toiletries in the hotel room, his owner the intercontinental group announced today that it will replace those miniature size plastic bottles with bulk size toiletries in the hotel rooms by the year 2021. the goal is to cut down on the company's plastic waste footprint the changes would apply to holiday inn crowds and the kimpton
8:47 pm
hotel house. >>so it's working on a c you can wear the re on the pocket will be the size of a smartphone fit inside a built in pocket on a specially designed t-shirt the device is being crowdfunded through sony's first flight acceleration program in japan. it will start shipping next march in japan. a world war 2 veteran from san diego is on a mission. the 100 year-old man wants to meet the governors of all 50 states he is traveling with his son in order to fulfill that mission that johnson met them halfway. >>this is 100 year-old sidney walton heard one of the few former soldiers left from the greatest generation as they're dead. you remember why you joined. >>the army. >>he's >>part of a population that some of the estimated are dying by the hundreds every day. >>thank you for your service, sir. >>walton surge in the us army in india during the war. but as well done son, paul walton helps explain when he was 21
8:48 pm
years old before he deployed he had an opportunity to meet civil war veterans in new york city one he never took advantage >>pastel want. soon the law. >>and you regret that to this day all yeah. >>that's one of the reasons he wants to meet as many people as he can now then and now. >>can give everyone a chance to meet a world war 2 veteran before it's too late right for you after that. all 50 states all for >>the my dad was in world war 2 >>in my last month walk met president trump at a 75th d-day anniversary ceremony in normandy, france. now he's going to every state meeting all 50 governors. >>we've 22 so far gavin newsom obr 23th, so then we'll have 27 more to go after the governor's. >>you'll meet mares fire chiefs business leaders a day
8:49 pm
one wants to say hi thanks for your service sydney. stated part about traveling around and see you all. now as a doug johnson reporting walton's meeting with governor newsome had to be postponed because of that shooting in gilroy. >>i was that meeting has been rescheduled to next friday. >>and starting with the giants we remain on madison bumgarner watch as the trade deadline approaches but in the meantime the club on the east coast basin, a phillies team that's right there with them in the wild card chase this family of giants fans making sure to visit all 30 stadiums in the majors you can check this one off the box, a bottom 5th already to zip phillies rhys hoskins takes tyler beating deep to straightaway center. 2 run homerun bt went 5 innings giving up 4 runs on 10. at top
8:50 pm
of the 8th after brennan built in a pinch hit home runs stephen vogt also been cheating. it's another solo shot bruce bocce making although right moves giants making a 2 run game, however. it wouldn't be enough. top of the night buster posey at the dish flies out to and it drew smiley threw 7 shutout frames for philadelphia for to phillies are final the giants will be 3 and a half after the second wild-card spot. >>by the end of tonight as the cubs and cardinals our plane each other and that game is still now for the lexus sue to perfection ultimate highlight. >>our lexus ultimate highlight the a's are always in tune with the community tonight is no different as they are donating all the proceeds from sales of garlic fries and garlic burgers from tonight's game to benefit the victims of sunday's shooting at the gilroy garlic festival donotion gilroy garlic festival victims relief fund. those not attending the game can donate online and gilroy's foundation to help those impacted. the ace helping out the community. it's our lexus, ultimate
8:51 pm
highlights. now to the nfl the raiders season of hard knocks officially debuts a week from tonight and we can already guess one player that will be heavily featured throughout the series super star wide receiver antonio brown rocking the pads at napa this morning. he wasn't a full participant, but he's nursing a at undisclosed minor injury, but john burton is not overly concerned during his limited time on the field the was sensational looked like the guy that led the league in touchdown receptions last year. the young raiders defensive backs using their raps against a be is the ultimate learning opportunity >>all around so like receiver, it has a lot of we don't work are you'll get the best out we always do the best so you guys follow me instagram still he's always working man. made it so i'm a you got you must be said you have videos improves posting them like all types is no way you look 2 o clock in a word. they use his work is great.
8:52 pm
>>ken pam, the raiders and 49 ers both have tomorrow off but i can imagine antonio brown will still be working out that the entertainment level just went up with him over 8 ers oh thank you mark, thanks mark. well, this says please be a good neighbor and clean up after your dog, but apparently some dog owners are not paying there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun.
8:53 pm
you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>>well a lot of us get fed up by this in a man in phoenix a ticket to a whole different level. he is mad dog owners who don't clean up after their pets dropping so e star leaving messages for the owners on sidewalks as brittany thomas and shows us the droppings are not the subject of his message. >>they are the message. no excuse pick up that deuce. >>and if your dog pooped. >>you better have a scoop. karl wrote this chalk message you'll find near 32th street and sweet water, i'm not even mad at your dog just wants what we all want. >>to make up healthy and out of food. i'm mad at you. the owner for not cleaning it up. the dog that owner. >>the better he started sade in may after always finding near his home and started circling the proof. >>on the sidewalks it just turned into a singing where my neighbors really and enjoyed year olds that i was coming up with city of phoenix as a can't do anything about coop left on sidewalks.
8:56 pm
>>it only has an ordinance addressing trash and debris on private property citations only apply to homeowners with excessive litters i don't think that there is any kind of fine or learn illegality that we get into because we're not in a homeowners association which is why curl made it his duty to address the duty. >>find a won't show a good job whereas in the house aany times are reporting karl the artist. artist says he has no idea who the irresponsible dog owners could be he is hoping that they will make use of the scoop after they see his message. so that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 8 ending on that note our primetime coverage just getting started g lotus typically my liviakis are here with kron 4 news at night can appendix very much next on the news at night a really disturbing story tonight in one local community investigators find to newborns near a dumpster. they were just born one of them now is dead the others in the hospital. we're learning about
8:57 pm
the mom that's next in a live report plus we continue our team coverage on the garlic festival shooting the new information. >>we are learning from police about the 19 year-old suspect and how the bay area continues to honor the victims and the second democratic presidential debate just wrapped up tonight to how to get to pay for health care dominated will have those highlights coming up i'm grant lotus and i think it would kiss the news at 9 is
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
>>now a 9 gilroy police and
9:00 pm
the fbi revealing new information tonight as they investigate what led up to that mass shooting sunday at gilroy's famed garlic festival. thanks for joining us tonight, everybody i'm grant lotus. >>and i'm vicki liviakis as they continue to investigate the community is also coming together to honor the lives lost and comfort one another in this time of tragedy and rizzo a biello joins us now live from a candlelight vigil that is happening. tonight in gilroy noel. >>we ran and vicki this was a pretty emotional one myself and several others were moved to tears at the beginning of this vigil here tonight because even though it happened 2 days ago, everyone's hearts are still


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