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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 30, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>well pam police have left this scene but they were here for almost 4 hours this afternoon. one of those babies died the other in stable condition tonight after being % found near these dumpsters behind me. cleanup crews washing down the sidewalk on the back side of a building in fairfield we're 2 newborn babies were abandoned by their mother, someone working in the building was the one who initially noticed the woman and could see that something was not right, but a pharmacist came in this morning, he has the last unit on there. >>when she was asleep outside his door and then some point should woken up and she rather back like she's in pain and then. about 3 o'clock should move to the middle of the complex and we saw again that she was like seem like in a lot of distress. that's when he called the. a fire department may came out that she was gone. i guess she her babies and took off. >>when authorities arrived they found 2 infants who appeared as though they had just been born. one of whom
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was in bad shape. an officer then a firefighter both worked to try and save that baby. sadly the child was pronounced dead a short time later the other infant was transported to the hospital where it is now in stable condition. joe from dell runs the nearby pizza shop and says he believes the mother was homeless employees had seen or near the building over the last couple of weeks. >>one day she on the bench and just talking to herself i guess and it that's when one might please know she was pregnant. i didn't know that i'd even notice it last night when she was walking down the building at last check the woman is in the hospital and has been detained by police. >>and back out here live tonight again this woman has not been arrested rather detained and she is receiving medical treatment this evening. reporting live in fairfield j r stone kron 4 news.
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>>especially for such a little a little boy apostle really >>as anyone would expect emotional moment says victims families are grieving tonight, 3 loved ones taken away from their families and the senseless gilroy garlic festival shooting a number of others are still in the hospital tonight. all as investigators continue to piece together what they know about the gunman in sunday's mass shooting. and the community of gilroy is coming together several vigils were held across the south bay tonight kron four's noel biello joins us live from melrose play park in gilroy were. >>one vigils just wrapped up noel. >>ken and pam as you just heard though it's been 2 days since this mass shooting hearts are still very much an aching for those 3 young victims organizers of tonight's vigil here at all rowe blame park say they just really felt compelled to show
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the community. no matter if they were directly affected or indirectly affected that they have support right here at home. >>and so. >>beautifully some national anthem set the tone for tuesday night's vigil at el roca lee park in gilroy dozens of families gathered together holding hands and each other. >>my kids can even come tonight because even though i'm their mom and i would be here to protect the minutes seems like an extremely safe place now you just don't feel safe really anywhere kathleen phillies has lived in gilroy all her life she says her kids were at the festival sunday and 2 of their friends suffered gunshot wounds. >>to their legs. and have. we could have been anyone. >>i mean come in and violate us like this. it's it wasn't just a piece of ground it like the whole town suffered a
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cases in the earlier tuesday gilroy police revealed they have no evidence. >>to suggest the gunman in sunday's mass shooting had an accomplice, however, they still don't know what his motive was. the fbi says it's going to take some time to confirm what ideology he aligned with us. >>we've got it we've got to get into the computers, the towers and thumb drives the phone to get a holistic picture of him who who he was in touch with what sentiments and thoughts he shared with others for his catalog for his own consumption. >>organizers of tuesday night's vigil say they just felt compelled to make sure the community continues to grow stronger. >>a lot of us live so close. but sometimes we're not out with each other all the time we work and we have busy lives. so this is a good way for us to come together to show sudport for each other or try >>this is the hand them we're not going to give up. >>it's gilroy strong.
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>>gilroy strong so many of them wearing those t shirts with the names of the victims on the mac donations were being accepted here tonight for the victims families now i did want to mention we likely won't receive any more details about the investigation from police or the fbi until thursday that's when the next press conference is scheduled for live in gilroy while mellow kron 4 news while thank you we have team coverage for you tonight kron 4 grant lotus is learning more from family members about the 6 year-old who dies first we want to go to kron four's taylor bus aqi a candlelight vigil was held earlier tonight at empower academy in san jose to remember 13 year-old kayla salazar. >>tale of a second was there to joins us right now live where another vigil just wrapped up for a second victim >>well 2 vigils here tonight in san jose for 2 children who had their whole lives ahead of them. earlier we saw kayla
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salazar's but there was also another one for 6 year-old stephen romero. we saw a lot of tears, we saw a lot of anger but most importantly we saw an outpouring of community support to make sure that the memories stephen inc halo to live on. >>once a place for 13 year-old cause salazar's friends and family made as for killed right. i had nightmare in memrs salazar's family wants to killer was one of the 3 victims killed by a gunman at the gilroy garlic festival on sunday that was a beautiful children. >>they really cared for other
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people. and she care about animals and she was our motivation and we're in game though we lost her. >>with cameras and kathy become intel says kimmel was like any other 13 year-old girl happy-go-lucky full of life and so much promise we wanted to be here because we think it's important that. >>the community knows who can that is how important she is friends kayla's mother too upset to speak at the vigil says. >>family is thankful for the community's support during this difficult time. staff at a sun power academy where kayla recently graduated from put a vigil tuesday night in her honor. they say she was a very involved curious student and wanted to be an animation artist and she grew up. >>all of us here days are devastated by the tragic loss of kayla. she was a smart. vibrant young woman. >>now crowds of community members showed up for both of those private vigils here tonight now steven kayla's
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family both received an outpour of community support on go fund me pages as well those that go fund me page both of them percent above the same local car dealership owner and i checked yesterday killers was at $16,000 now before tonight right before this live shot his reach more than $60,000. so as you can imagine. >>the community is really behind both of these families reporting live in san jose taylor sackey kron 4 news taylor. thank central new york native and take a college graduate is among the 3 people killed in sunday's shooting. >>25 year-old trevor irby's family is also devastated. now like the others left to try and process why a senseless act of violence and take the life of someone they love so dearly reporter nicole, some of the us folk was trevor. >>kirby's grandmother who is understandably shaken in didn't want her face to be shown on tv. so a soul mate and juanita wall borns pride and joy whenever he calls. and love you very much when it said look these 25 year-old
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trevor irby's life cut short. he was one of the 3 people killed in the shooting at the garlic festival in gilroy california. he was a boy. the cuba college alum recently moved to california to be with his fiance sarah warner. the 2 were inseparable. their love is 1, 1, e to describes as unconditional and true. all she's loved him. we're just to the ground that kid walked and she do anything for him. >>and he would do anything for her a story say you know guys get married, we've got all kinds of time. just hear >>sarah and trevor were at the garlic festival together when gunfire rang out. sarah was not physically hurt. but now she along with juanita trevor's mom and this entire family are hearroken trying to find a way to say goodbye.
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wondering why a senseless act of violence had to take him everybody. >>this friend, i don't care if you met 2 days ago. they becomes rents i mean to tell them you know as little boy of us. >>that was nicole some of the reporting and now we are joined by kron 4 grant lotus and has more on the youngest of the 3 victims in this shooting grant. it's everyone so young who died here the 3 people but when you're talking about a 6 year-old boy you look at his face it. >>it just seems to hurt a little bit more his mother stephen romero is and his grandmother were also there with him at the festival and were also shot. but those 2 are expected to survive stevens other grandmother described came to us as a loving boy who was always kind always happy and playful and today. stevens cousin spoke to us about their family's loss. >>and then when my mom told me that my steve it. well as with
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my cousins my mom is in the hospital. so as mothers. home of the that he has >>to the show. true day. so i convinced show so hard that stephen we still live kicking. profound grief right there by the way if you like to help any of these victims and their families we have links to their go fund me pages on our website kron 4 dot com. >>ken pam back to you thank you grant tonight people in gilroy showing the nation they are resilient. they are strong and most importantly. >>they are standing by one another during this tragedy. a receipt shows us one family doing their part to help. you know there's really something here for everybody. if you if you want some calling your
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life spreading brightness enjoy. that's in the peace on earth. it's brian clusters mission we're doing in the way we're sharing. you know is with everybody he and his wife heather sell their detail designs and events all across northern california like the gilroy garlic festival has always been one of the best events of the year for something tragically this time. they were getting ready to pack up their both as chaos are up to it. i heard a pop and it sounded like a fire a firework but moments later when more pops continued. she knew it was gunfire. they ran into the booth to hide. >>pull over clothes on top us and just buried a son. we're coming we're by we grabbed them pulled an down we just kind of a down. >>they kept the children high as the scheme russian it. >>rex was shooter when they took him out. think the police.
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>>after what felt like several minutes waiting in an eerie silence they heard yells for them to evacuate as they got up so they saw a man on the ground and was killed right kind of right in front of us, brian is a former medic can work to help law enforcement cpr unfortunaly i don't think. days later, he can't get the image out of his mind and likely never will. >>it's unbelievable and it shouldn't be happening. >>well they cope with the trauma. they're trying to remain focused on the outpouring of support from their customers and friends fortunately they've all been able to call me and just check and a reminder that this tragic event can't color their view of the world or keep them from spreading brightness that's. >>with these kind of events want to create as they want to create this fear in people and. >>you can't you can't live that way. >>i was k receive reporting that he shares have been sold
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throughout town part of the purchase price will go to the victims families the oakland a's are also. >>terms of the festival shooting the team tweeted out today that proceeds of garlicky foods at the game tonight will benefit the victims of the shooting part of the sales from the garlic fries deal town drill and the scheib park tavern and the gilroy garlic burger at smoke will help shooting victims the donations will go to the gilroy garlic festival victims relief fund. >>we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting throughout this newscast and during the commercial breaks as well on our 24 hour streaming service kron on you can download our kron 4 app to get push alerts straight to your phone with updates on this story as we learn more time now to step outside. >>show you a live picture of the embarcadero in san francisco on a tuesday evening at lawrence karnow standing by says it's a little chilly out there tonight a kind of cool it down it's nice to have that sea breeze back keep those temperatures from getting too
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i think we'll start to see those warm up a little bit later in the week, but for now we're catching a little bit of a break outside we've got that fog that has begun to move in you see the haze out over the bay and some patchy fog developing out there as well we're going to see more of that throughout the night tonight and actually in the next couple of days high temperatures, not bad at all in fact the 80's and warm and live more but you can see that 7 degrees below the average 4 degrees below the average of the cough got a talker but comfortable 84 degrees 81 in santa rosa 64 degrees for the high in san francisco today, 71 slightly above the average in oakland, a 78 said very nice in san jose. temperatures all around the bay looking really comfortable 70's out there for today all those hot places that have seen temperatures are running in the triple digits, very nice into the 80's for today, 82 degrees and santa rosa 65 degrees in half moon bay with the sea breeze but even there had some sunshine into the afternoon now the sea breeze that's been the big stories we're seeing that stronger breeze high pressure this kind of backed off a little bit that's allowing for that cool marine air to work its way all the way to the interior valleys and of course that
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helped to bring down those temperatures that will be the case again tomorrow. we keep those numbers down a little bit so comfortable outside you've got a 59 degrees in hayward but that breeze blowing a little patchy fog making it feel cool. in the san francisco's to 71 though warm in 59 degrees in the napa valley. well we're going to certainly see the fog low clouds reform overnight tonight and then tomorrow morning you got some clouds early on giving way to mostly sunny skies, temperatures running 1bout average over the next few days. i think high-pressure begin to build in. that means we've got some warmer temperatures expected for the weekend. couple storm systems up in the gulf here you can see one right here another one right here that's going bring some rain up in the pacific northwest if you're headed to seattle the next couple days be prepared you're likely to see some of that rain but for us they can help keep the trough in place here and that means we'll keep those temperatures down just a bit. now as we get to the weekend. this ridge starts to build back into the bay area and that will start to squeeze the atmosphere but that means temperatures will be warming up a public some 90's returning some of the valleys as we get into saturday and sunday overnight tonight we'll
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see some patchy fog filling into the bay it will be there in place tomorrow morning when you get up then in the afternoon that begins to break up a little bit only to return again as we get into tomorrow evening. so yes certainly going to see some of those clouds on the way the good news is you get that nice see breeze that helped to clear out that there many pollutants and well we're looking good the way from the coast to many of the valley's see and we're going to see some temperatures for overnight lows generally in the 50's by day, nice numbers going to be up into the 80's, the warmer spots inland. we'll see a lot of 70's around the bay of plenty of sunshine and cooler 60's out toward the coast. thank you lawrence. >>2 bay area teenagers running through the streets of rome, you see them here in this video the events that followed these images triggering outrage in italy and deep pain among friends and family here in the bay area one of the 2 teams has a violent record in san francisco. we'll have more on finnegan lee elder in just a moment, but first grant lotus has the latest on how he and gabriel christian attali
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yours. >>were arrested on murder charges for the death of an italian police officer. mario charge yellow radio was buried in his hometown near naples the casket carried from the same church where he was married just 6 weeks ago. italy's prime minister called the 35 year-old officers death, a deep wound for the state. would say at a news conference officials said churchill was an arm that he had left his gun in his locker by accident. they also expressed regret that a leaked photo of the other defendant. gabriel christian that holly your earth was shown blindfolded and shackled to a chair. police say was to prevent him from seeing evidence in the case rome's republican newspaper called it an affront to the moral values that hold up our democracy. police say the incident began when the boy stole a backpack from a man after he allegedly sold them fake drugs. the man reported the theft to police who sent an undercover
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officer. the boys reportedly told a judge that church yellow did not say he was an officer and that he attacked them. these pictures show them at the time of their arrest at a lux ry hotel less than 100 yards away. police say they discovered a knife stashed in a ceiling panel and that it was the one elder used to stab the officer 11 times. i'm grant lotus kron 4 news. the uncle of one of the teens jailed in italy says his nephew took part in organize fights back in high school john elder says finnegan lee elder participated in stage to fight nights between boys and they took place its turn. >>which is a popular park in san francisco. kron four's michelle kingston has more on elders past. >>to san francisco teenagers arrested in italy on murder charges, the uncle of one of those teenagers 19 year-old finnegan elder says his nephew doesn't have a criminal record or discipline records from school but that he participated and well known
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fights at stern grove park back in high school. he said the fights apparently resulted in many injuries we reached out to san francisco police for more information. they told us criminal offender record information in juvenile criminal rmation is confidential under state law but that they have had requests for information on a particular incident at stern grove about 3 years ago, they said they responded to the hospital during the early morning hours of 10/30/2016 regarding an aggravated assault that had taken place earlier and stern grove they said a 16 year-old victim was reported to be in surgery and that police also much the park to locate a crime scene we asked elders uncle for more information on the fights but did not hear back from him. he did tell us that family members would be traveling to rome soon that is where elder and his friend 18 year-old gabriel christian to tell you order in custody after the slaying of an italian police officer a judge said elder told authorities he stopped him and he later discovered was an officer because he
10:21 pm
feared he was being strangled both elder in a tell your graduated from now table quite high school in 2018 one of the others neighbors said he was a good kid she's having a hard time believing elder is involved in the death of the italian police officer. >>personally i think there's more to this story. none of us knows none of us knows the elder family also said in a statement that their son has new lawyers and that they're grateful. >>that he's being treated well in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. still ahead peo le running from the sounds of bullets leaving everything behind the reason police say it might be difficult to get everyone's belongings back to them any time soon. >>and there was an apparent credit card breach you could have been affected will tell you about the massive breach
10:22 pm
that compromised the information of millions of americans and if you are streaming those on kron on the news continues during the commercial break go to kron on
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>>the big story tonight capital one says a hacker gained access to more than a 100 million customer accounts and credit card applications earlier this year. company said no credit card account numbers or log-in credentials were compromised. capital one
10:25 pm
said it fixed the vulnerability exploited in the brain should also says that it's unlikely the data was used for fraud or disseminated. but it is still investigating capital one will notify people affected by the breach and provide free credit monitoring and identity protection. justice department says 33 year-old page thompson, a former tech company software engineer was arrested for that breach. governor gavin newsome escalates his feud with president trump. the new bill he signed today, taking aim at presidential candidate has continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting at 1030 we will hear from emotional family members of the victims. >>we're still in the hospital and temperatures been running cooler today but boy that may not last long we will talk about that. >>and your tenant and coming u
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>>that one of our top stories tonight investigators still working the scene in gilroy where 3 people were killed in a mass shooting on sunday. a number of other people were injured people of course running for their lives from those shots rang out many left behind car keys. phones. >>purses all in the chaos of that day but monday when they came back to pick up their things. they were turned away kalen conradt reports. >>thousands found themselves and the sheer panic when gunshots rang out. crowds of people who are running fo
10:29 pm
their lives. >>a nice time 47 active shooter at the garlic festival because that way. >>in all the chaos purses phones and keys were left behind we are just got up and ran nobody went you know i didn't go back to grab my purse or anything i just got up and ran christmas hill park and the surrounding area was on lockdown monday is agencies investigated the active crime scene something city officials say has to happen as police try to work out what happened. >>what we do is we just don't know is the extent of the involvement if there is any of the second that's what we don't know and that's why it has to remain active. hundreds of people are without their cars that were parked at the festival. >>and police don't know when they'll get them back. >>she's from down south her truck is still parked over there we can. you know, and i mean all of our stuff. we're just taking it day by day. >>dt mcdonald and her fellow
10:30 pm
the nurse, the stuff is nothing they're just happy to be alive. >>what i thought was a firecracker 2 feet away from me. >>kelly barge is expeting a baby in just 5 weeks. she says their lives are safe thanks to an off-duty officer who got her out as the gunman opened fire. >>suiting him and honey 10. just started running >>that was kaitlan conrad reporting people a police are asking people to have patients as they continue to comb the crime scene they say any contamination of evidence could damage a future case. they add it is so important that they get this right. >>residents in walker lake nevada southeast of reno is believed to been used by the gilroy garlic festival shooter shortly before the incident. police said monday that they
10:31 pm
believe accused shooter santino william leg and was living in walker lake with family. he was not in gilroy while of where the shooting. courage is again this was before this happened deputies assisted agents from the fbi with a search warrant of a unit at walker lake authorities said they obtained a search warrant of the residence, but could not comment any further. walker lake is about 60 miles south of falun in mineral county, nevada. the unincorporated community is on the southwest side of the lake itself only a few 100 people live there. one resident they recalled seeing leg and around. >>nice to see him walk up another road to the mailbox or walked out of the lake stuff like god never said i say hi to we've got to know yeah i death. >>to monday that the firearm used by the gunman was purchased in nevada. the owner of the gun store in fallon where the weapon was sold said in a social media post of the gunman ordered a rifle from his establishment online.
10:32 pm
police called it an a k 47 variant weapon. >>as we mentioned a number of other people were injured in the shooting on sunday there are 5, 3 people who are still in the hospital tonight among them one is in critical condition. another is serious and one in fair condition family members of 2 other victims wanted to keep their conditions private. >>yesterday governor gavin newsome went to visit the victims and today we hear from one of those family members feel gomez has that story yasmin is the older sister of 12 year-old leslie, andrus who was with her family when the gunman opened fire. >>she was shot in the leg, the bullet passed straight through apparently she won't need surgery, but will remain overnight at valley medical center as a precaution. but it's not the bullet wound that concerned her older sister, it's the psychological ones. >>she's not talking much, she's really not talking much. that's kind of concerning maybe she doesn't want to like touch the subject. yes, so. we
10:33 pm
try asking herself that she's really saying much. >>governor newsome visited leslie today, he told the media about his visit with her and to the grandmother of 6 year-old stephen romero who was killed in the shooting, leslie impressed the governor worth or perseverance and even offered some comfort to the concern state leader. there is a 12 year-old shot. >>the smile when i walked into the room, i said how you smiling just for shot. she starts describing the courage as she was running away after she was shot and kept running. and here. she is you know covering the governor. >>along with the family and friends were feeling the stress of this horrific attack on their loved ones are the medical staff were caring for them. they are trained to handle this type of trauma, but that doesn't mean they don't feel the hurt to our staff, you know they're professional they've responded they went beyond well, you know, but above and beyond.
10:34 pm
>>but they are feeling, you know there's a lot of people are sad today. >>that was phil gomez reporting and we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting during the commercial breaks on our 24 hour streaming service kron on. >>you can download our kron 4 app to get push alerts straight to your phone with updates on this story as we learn more. >>all right turning now to the weather want to check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow guys can you believe august is almost here of course now we're starting to get to that point we start talking about the hottest time of the year right now we're kind of cooling things off around the bay area little haze out there some fog out there developing as well catching a break from all the talk temperatures we had over the weekend now. it's it's truekwe've got a couple of storm systems in the gulf of alaska and see one right here and boy if you're headed up a in the pacific northwest where we get into thursday, we're looking ok but then on friday, the storm system comes ashore and that looks like a tightly wound system for this time of year possibly bringing some rain. a thursday night into friday in the pacific northwest all the way down
10:35 pm
into portland. now for the bay area. but what it will do is a help to kind of carve out that trough along the west coast keep high pressure from building in just yet but that we'll change that system will kind of rotate on through as we get into saturday then high pressure starts to build back in in response and our temperatures start to warm up in fact probably the start to see some 90's popping up and maybe a little monsoon developing as we're going to see some of that moisture get wrapped around that ridge making its way back in the sierra nevada as we get into this weekend. and next week so yeah we've got some changes coming our way it looks like as we head into august but we're going to keep those temperatures down just a little bit for the fit few thursday, the first day of august, those temperatures running a little bit below the average and then as we get the weekend that ridge of high pressure starts to build in start to see some 90's begin to show up at some of the warmest east bay valleys. i think maybe some mid 90's into sunday possibly on monday that that will notice some changes again that ridge will start to weaken slide further to the east again our temperatures will begin to drop off a little bit into wednesday and thursday so for at least now i don't see a major heat wave on the rise of course we've got
10:36 pm
all of august and september the hottest time of the year the bay area. thank lawrence we have new details and new video of that rampage which led to an officer involved shooting of the day the bay. >>it happened on the 4th of july the sonoma county sheriff's department release body camera video of that incident. police say the suspect identified as betty coffee was high on acid lsd when he attacked several friends at a house or raining and the degas bay. he wasn't seen on camera stabbing a security guard in the chest with a garden stake and then he stole the guards truck and he ran over 2 women who are walking along a roadway nearby that's when sheriff's deputies and the highway patrol arrived. authorities say coffeetried to ram their vehicle. and one deputy opened fire hitting him 3 times all of the victims survived coffey was airlifted to hospital
10:37 pm
where he is recovering. he now faces a number of charges including assault with a deadly weapon. >>closing arguments in the ghost a ship fire trial continued in oakland today, these 2 men are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. each for those who died attending a music event at the warehouse in december of 2016 today, the defense attorney for max harris and let off closing arguments kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >>the theme is no matter what convict lex harris. that is ow defense attorney or disagree, it's framed the closing argument for his client here at the ghost ship fire trial in oakland. the brits tell the jury that his client was a young college student when he moved into the go ship that his name is not on the lease that he did not designed to go ship nor did he designed the stairs how the brits tell the court that the da wants the jury to convict matter is anyway. >>the fundamental nature of unfairness. talking about. the
10:38 pm
ironies and contradictions in this case and importing imagine say that they want to convict not during his closing argument bridge reminded the jury of testimony from opened fire in alameda county officials in oakland police who all visited the warehouse and raised no red flags about there being any danger and as the jury why would max think any different before ending his closing argument bridge brought up the theory that our son is a possible cause of the fire in light of the official classification for the or just being. >>and determined in terms of reasonable doubt he told the jury that if the arson theory is reasonable you have to vote that his client is innocent, but it is a reality that the reasonable. >>down reasonable person staidard are at play here. this is a very unique prosecution is one of a kind it's never been done before at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>police ask that you take a close look at this video, san
10:39 pm
francisco officers are looking for these 3 men in connection to a robbery in chinatown police say the suspects assaulted a 56 year-old man and a 16 9 year-old man in the area of stockton and pacific streets on july the 15th during the attack, the suspects stole a watch from the wrist of the 56 year-old if you recognize them you're asked to call san francisco police. >>if presidential candidates want to get on california's primary ballot don't have to release her tax returns first. governor gavin newsome just signed the measure into law president donald trump has refused to release his own tax returns. governor newsome his signature means anyone running for president must release or 5 most recent tax returns in order to get on california ballot. white house representative said today california's new law is unconstitutional. legal challenges may not keep president trump off the 2020 general election ballot. at the democratic debate tonight, the 2 top progressive stood in the center and immediately
10:40 pm
became the target of the other candidate teva has some of the highlights from night one of the tonight democratic debates. >>at the big showdown on the debate stage wasn't between bernie sanders and elizabeth warren bernie sanders in a little bit more then being their progressive positions on issues like border security and health care against more moderate candidates on the stage. >>one of the state to access experience in the healthcare business with all due respect i don't think my colleagues understand the business we have the public race. >>with to talk to your progressive taking center stage moderate candidates further back in the polls tried to make a case for democrats taking a different direction. >>that is incorrect i just have a better way to do this this notion that you're going to take private insurance away from a 180 million americans demise law senate's election and olive shop. this is an example of wish list economics you should be just republicans wanted to repeal and replace now many democrats do as well. >>let's be clear about this we're the democrats we're not about trying to take away health care from any want.
10:41 pm
>>with a much deeper bar for the next round of debate entries summit taking one more chance to get voters attention on the national wrote bill. >>everything that we're talking about here tonight is what's wrong with american politics candidates also touching on gun control high school is hard enough. >>without having to worry about whether you're going to get shot. >>and the best ways for democrats to defeat president trump. next year, there's a new battleground state texas in detroit. i'm karen caifa. >>we'll have more on the debates on inside area politics hosted by kron four's catherine heenan you can catch to show on our new streaming app kron on and there's just after 11:00am on saturdays and sundays with an increase in mass shootings across the nation today local first responders came together to practice for the worst case scenario. >>which at the moment feels a little too close to home as for sunshine. today's reaction tonight. but that did not compare to the action in reds. >>pirates game mark will explain what happened look at that.
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♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. >>in the wake of the gilroy shooting first responders from san ramon and other east agencies took part in a drill to prepare them in case a similar incident happens in their community around fort maureen kelly was there during some of the very realistic training scenarios. >>this is one of the worst
10:45 pm
case scenarios being acted out an active shooter on the campus of san ramones california high school. what sounds like gunfire and panic screams of victims seems very real. but they're all being orchestrated to help san ramon police san ramon valley fire. a multi agency swat team and other east bay first responders prepare for an event. no one is hoping for their simulating a scenario as real as we possibly can to make sure we are ready if it does happen. >>the victims are volunteers. they're also dummies left on the ground to replicate the dead. the guns be used are modeled on what the officers carry but shoot simulated ammunition if you think about it it's pay paul's but a little more to the extreme sarah man pd says this active threat drill has been in the works for several months completely unrelated to the tragic events that unfolded in gilroy over the weekend. but they do say that mass shooting brings to the forefront. the
10:46 pm
need for training like this. >>fortunately these events are becoming more common nationwide. we want to make sure that if a tragic situation like what happened in can does happen here in the center on community we're as prepared as possible to make sure we have the appropriate response and take the necessary precautions to make sure that the city and the area safe. >>the high school campus was chosen for its practicality as it's almost empty in the summertime and also sadly because of the very real fact that school shootings are on the rise. maureen kelly kron 4 news. a big national story we are following tonight this man in mississippi is charged with 2 counts of murder. >>in the death of 2 walmart employees investigators say 39 year-old might as april was recently suspended from walmart after he showed a knife to a fellow employee in today's incident, a police officer shot him twice outside the store that was this morning, he's being treated at
10:47 pm
a hospital. >>if you obtain those old travel-size toiletries in hotel rooms you might be out of luck if you're staying in one of the country's biggest hotel chains. the decision affects intercontinental group which owns holiday inn crowne plaza and kimpton hotels. the company says it will get rid of those minister size plastic bottles of shampoo conditioner and bass gel. instead it will be replaced with most size toiletries in the rose by 2021. the goal is to cut down on the company's plastic waste footprint intercontinental says it uses about 200 million travel-size toiletries a year in its 5600 hotels well the next time you're hungry and you want to order out you may want to drive to a restaurant instead of ordering from an ap delivery service. a new study says. >>28% of the drivers hired by those apps at mit to taking food from their deliveries and about 54% say they have been tempted to do so because the food smell so good. researchers also say it
10:48 pm
happens more than most people think just 21% of customers report suspecting drivers of sneaking a bite of their food companies such as uber eats grab hub postmates and doordash we'll bring you food from nearly any russia for a fee. according to this study, the average consumer has to food delivery apps and him 3 times a month. >>to finnerty making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>can some baseball tonight, a lot of the action could be off the diamond ring a lot happening in baseball, especially over the next 24 hours keep those notifications going in tonight in oakland, what an ending now the trade deadline is tomorrow at one pacific as of now madison bumgarner is still on the giants more on them in a bit but first the a's with some interleague play at the coliseum a's brewers and i get
10:49 pm
this all proceeds from sales of garlic fries and garlic burgers were donated to benefit the. >>victims of sunday's shooting at the gilroy garlic festival and we go to the top the second fair exchange that went down the right-field line chad tinder chase is a tale makes a great diving catch slides into foul territory. first bassett likes it stellar events from pender tied at one chris davis hadn't homered since june 18th gets all of this one down the left-field line for a solo home run. 2 one a's. top of the 9th brewers not dog sainz off of liam hendriks to right center field gun. game tied at 2 year ago, but in the bottom of the 10th. matt olson dust facing josh hader great brewers reliever and on the first pitch he sees. around the heater 400 plus to straightaway center. his 22th homer of the season a's win in the thriller 3, 2 in 10. >>clint as these can be lead over tampa for the second
10:50 pm
wild-card spot. the giants. >>visiting a phillies team that's just ahead of them in the wild card race now this family of giants fans make sure to visit all 30 stadiums in the majors. check this one off the box bottom 5th already twos at phillies rhys hoskins takes time for bt deep to straightaway center. 2 run homerun beatty's 5 innings giving up 4 runs on 10 hits vote. top the 8 after brandon belt a pinch hit a home run. stephen vogt also pinch-hitting. another solo shot bruce bocce making all the right moves giants making a 2 run game a would not be enough for 2 was the final druce miley threw 7 shutout innings for the phils the giants are 2 and a half back for the second wild-card spot and elsewhere in the majors getting feisty in cincinnati reds pirates. the pirates dugout chirping at amir garrett. this since the reliever having it walks right over to the dugout swings away at several players both benches clear the aussie open week. he also jumps in the mix
10:51 pm
get this. it is pleads last game as a red as he was traded to the cleveland inans tonight what a send-off what an eventful day for baseball also want to mention indians ace trevor bauer was reportedly traded to the reds. to the nfl the raiders the season of hard knocks officially debuts a week from tonight and you can be sure this player will be a star of the show wide receiver antonio brown rocking the pans and napa this morning. it was a full participant because he's nursing a minor undisclosed injury but jon gruden not overly concerned during his limited time in the field the offer was sensational looked like the guy that led the league in touchdown receptions last year. the young raiders defensive backs using their reps against a b as the ultimate learning opportunity. >>receiver it has a lot of we don't work are get the best out we always do best he was armed. sure you guys follow me is the rooms though he's always working man. i made it so you my man you got you must
10:52 pm
be said you have videos posting them like all types is no are you a bit clegg and they were. and use his word and is crazy. >>the raiders and 49 ers have the day off tomorrow finally venus williams playing in the first run of the silicon valley classic in san jose, but you couldn't overcome. bethanie mattek-sands are defeated venus in 3 sets 6, 7, 6, 3, 6 one at san's took control in the 3rd set reeling off 10 straight points early against the 2 time silicon valley, classic champion to send his first singles win in 14 months in the first in 5 matches. says williams that is a look at sports all right, thank you marcie the second lawrence all right guys. >>august not far away temperatures usually started heating up then and they may do so we'll talk about t shopping for backpacks...
10:53 pm
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and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. news continues on our 24 7 streaming service called kron on it is commercial free gas and he is standing by the newsroom was what we're working on catherine. >>thank you ken and pam you're coming up at 11 as you know the latest democratic to debate that was in detroit tonight, the division between the moderate candidates and the 2 star progressives never more obvious. i talked to a couple of our political analysts we'll have that conversation at 11 see >>catherine thank you for that and make sure to download the kron on ap to get 24 7
10:56 pm
commercial free local news coverage. >>all right, let's check in on sea for the first time in 3 >>black moon will occur in north america that will tomorrow night wednesday. >>black moon is the second new moon of the month that works similarly to a leap here. a lunar cycle typically takes about 29 days to complete but our months are slightly longer so sometimes about every 32 months we happen to get 2 full moons or 2 new moons the second full moon in a month is called a blue moon and the second new moon is called a black mood make sense so what you will see on wednesday night probably nothing because a black moon is really just as mike grohl's the proper for me only real significant it's the second loss. >>i think it's foggy remind us that a way it's not unlike the picture look like at all like the picture that we showed you we've got the out there. yeah,
10:57 pm
sure it's going to be dark but yeah we've got some patchy out there right now making its way into the bay you can see kind of filling in right now we're going to see more that overnight tonight in fact tomorrow morning waking up some patchy fog early on some clearing skies becoming mostly sunny. >>as we head toward the afternoon. the temperatures we'll be comfortable 80's. inland you'll see 70's around the bay and 60's up toward the coastline, your tenant as we take in august we are going to see temperatures staying fairly steady for the next 2 days, the warming up over the weekend. some 90's on sunday and monday at least to the bellies. >>be able to see that will be able to save them. all right, thank you for being with us . [beeping]
10:58 pm
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