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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 31, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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♪ tonight -- lady gaga's new guy. who she was spotted smooches. then, bap lorette hannah, blows our mind with a new windmill revelation. >> it was actually four times. >> and the plan for revenge. >> i have a lot of questions nd to be answered. and is katy perry a copy katy. a jury says yes. j.lo has a porsche problem. we're behind the scenes of a carrie underwood surprise and how leo dicaprio could help this 10-year-old win an oscar. >> this is "enrtainment tonight." you hear me. little monsters ar
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all worked up -- lady gaga's got a new man, and sorry, it isn't bradley cooper. >> no poker face here, gaga is apparently feeling this guy and she doesn't care who sees it. ♪ you and i >> these are the photographs in the upcoming "people" that has sparked new romance rumors for gaga. the oh-so-public make-out session took place front and center on the patio of a popular studio city brunch spot granville. ♪ applause applause applause >> "e.t." has learned the mystery guy is named dan horton. he is a 37-year-old audio engineer that has worked with gaga since 2017. according to his linkedin page, he has also worked with justin timberlake, camila cabello and on "the tonight show with jimmy fallon." so why such an intentional display of pda? here's one theory -- it's gaga's way of taking back the narrative from both fans and tabloids who
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desperately want this to be real life. ♪ in the shallow shallow yes, the star is born co-stars recently became single. bradley and his ex, irina shayk, split in june, while gaga called off her engagement to christian carino nearly six months ago. but no, gaga hasn't "moved in," there's no "baby shocker," and reports of "romance, lies, and jealousy" are nothing more than fan fiction. >> gaga, any words for the trolls saying you broke up bradley and irina? >> while she's not commented a source close to gaga said, quote, the talk of bradley was all in fun but she's ready to dispel those rumors once and for all. while dan has been breath of fresh air, our source adds, quote, she plans to take it slow because she was just engaged. someone else we hope found love? bachelorette hannah b.
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we'll find out tonight, but can we go back to last night for a second? because hannah came face-to-face with peter for the first time, since she dumped him. hannah b. dropped another windmill bombshell. >> because of you two, nobody will ever look at a windmill the same. >> i [ bleeped ] in a windmill. >> it was actually, four times. >> and with that, "bachelor" nation collectively lost its mind. oh, and yeah, that's peter's proud parents sitting just feet away. but we're also calling this latest windmill shocker clue number one in our "e.t. investigation" -- did "the bachelorette" end up alone? let's be real, if hannah was actually happily engaged to either tyler or jed, would she be joking about hooking up with an ex on national tv? >> are you engaged? >> i will say i'm really -- i'm really happy for the opportunity that i had. >> adding fuel to the speculation hannah's single, this raw moment on stage last night. >> the past couple of months
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have been really tough and emotional. >> so what could have gone wrong for alabama hannah? well, host chris harrison has hinted that tonight jed will be in the hot seat. this, after "e.t." exclusively interviewed a woman who says they were still dating when he went on the show. >> this is a person i'm very much in love with, telling me, i love you. i'm not going to fall for her. >> clearly, there's been a lot of accusations, been a lot of things said about jed. i want to hear him answer some questions, and i'm going to push him. >> the singer/songwriter confessed to hannah that he went on "the bachelorette" hoping to boost his career. and last night it was apparent that hannah's parents weren't impressed with jed. >> he has qualities -- >> my most major accomplishment is that i signed a deal with a dog food company. ♪ rain or shine >> yeah, we found that dog food jingle. but back to our deep dive into hannah's relationship status, we'd also like to point out that we didn't see jed or tyler ask hannah's parents for her hand in marriage. and then there's this teaser for
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tonight -- >> how would you ever be ready to be engaged? >> former "bachelorette" ali fedotowsky has seen part of tonight's finale, and pretty much confirmed our suspicions. >> it does not end the way it normally does. >> would you say there's a happy end of sorts? >> i cannot answer that question. >> what's going happen, kevin, it might be the most dramatic bachelorette finale ever. and we will also be with miss hannah b. -- and her new man? or alone? we will see. meanwhile, some real-life drama of a different kind for katy perry. up first in tonight's "know & tell" -- katy the copycat? ♪ the one that got away >> katy's not getting away with copyright infringement. a jury just unanimously ruled perry's hit "dark horse" stole beats from christian rapper flame's song "joyful noise." ♪ y'all know what it is
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you know what it is ♪ >> the singer was not present for yesterday's verdict after spending two days in court last week. the case now goes to the damages phase as the jury decides how much katy and her composers have to shell out. ♪ there's no going back next, mariah dethroned. ♪ can't nobody tell me nothin' >> mimi tweeted her congrats to lil nas x after "old town road" beat her out to become the longest-running number one single ever. >> man, that was the most amazing thing i've ever experienced if life. >> attempting to be humble, the diva posted this engineered image of herself handing him a torch and reminding everyone, quote, we've been blessed to hold this record with a song that has touched so many. ♪ i know you're shining down ♪ on me from heaven >> just in case you forgot which song, mariah also tweeted it. her boyz ii men ballad "one sweet day" was number one for 16 weeks, although she never
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mentioned bieber, his "despacito" collab did tie her record. ♪ despacito >> lil nas x was all in, reposting mariah's love. caption -- legend. finally, did a-rod bomb with his surprise birthday gift for j.lo? >> what is that? >> the now-50-year-old got a $146,000 personalized red porsche from her fiance, but did he catch her wild comment? >> i've never had a car like i've never driven a car, period. i don't like to drive. i never did. >> back in '99, the bronx diva gave us this confession. >> everybody got their license when we were 16, not me. so, when i came out to l.a. it's like i drive and i think of a thousand other things which is not a good thing. >> don't worry, a-rod drove j.lo to her star-studded 50th. >> no matter what it's good to be j.lo right now. it was also announced that she'll headline the 2019 iheart radio fiesta latina november 2nd in miami.
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now to melissa mccarthy, you know, she was feeling good waving at photogs before her "jimmy kimmel live" appearance last night. and that's where melissa had some fun with the idea that her next role will be headed under the sea. >> i've read that you're going to be part of the live-action remake of "the little mermaid." >> i hadn't heard that, it seems like it would be an awfully fun thing to do. i'd love if disney gave me a little ringy-dingy. we'll see. >> check out that wink! melissa hinting she'll likely play the evil ursula. beside halle bailey as ariel, disney hasn't confirmed any other casting gossip, including talk of harry styles as prince eric, jacob tremblay as flounder and javier bardem as king triton. but that didn't stop melissa from revealing why she'd be the perfect sea witch. >> i can't stand it! it's too easy. >> i was a nanny when that first came out and we watched it every
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single night for a year and a half. i'm not kidding at all. >> you know it. >> i know it. i know it to my core. >> do your daughters get excited? >> i think that might have been the one that -- if it happens -- that would be the first time where they are like, really? and i think just a little whisper of "oh, god, don't embarrass me." coming up -- prince harry and meghan want how many kids? what harry just let slip. and carrie underwood surprises her littlest fan and what rock legend nearly shocked carrie on stage. >> she agreed. and what has the sexiest man alive exhausted while shooting hobbs and shaw. >> i'm black susuperman. >> by the end of it i just want my bed.
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what's up, "e.t."? josh duhamel here. >> only we're on the
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♪ prince harry's the best. doing a little dance and learning a chimpanzee greeting with dr. jane goodall as part of the global leadership gathering. harry also interviewed jane for the september issue of "british vogue" -- you know, the one his wife meghan
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guest-edited, and during their convo, harry revealed to jane how many kids he and the duchess want, quote, two, maximum. well, carrie underwood is a mom of two, and she just gave her littlest fans the surprise of their lives. >> boys and girls, this is miss carrie underwood. >> hi, guys. >> i feel like since becoming a mom, you know, you kind of have different emotional strings that things can pull on. anything having to do with kids i will get choked up about. >> no crying ugly here after seeing a facebook post featuring these third graders and fourth graders performing her song "champion," carrie was so moved she decided to crash their rehearsal. >> can we perform for you? >> i would love that. >> show her what you got. ♪ >> i can't wait for you guys to crush it on sunday. you guys are going to be so amazing.
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that crowd is not going to know what hit them. >> the kids are performing at cma fest. proceeds from the event go directly to supporting music education for kids, with artists donating their performances. carrie was there, sharing the stage with a legend. >> give it up for joan jett! >> it was like, what if joan jett came to cma fest? well, let's ask her and she agreed. and i'm just so excited for the fans and for her to experience cma fest. ♪ i hate myself for loving you >> since 2006, the cma foundation has invested nearly $12 million to support nashville public school students. so amazing. still ahead here -- >> they're not trying to eat because they don't like us, they're trying to eat us because we're available. >> our exclusive with josh duhamel on the set of his shark week movie then, jason statham revealing embarrassing set
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secrets of the rock and the breakout star and she's the cat's meow.
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♪ >> what's up, "e.t."? josh duhamel here in the dominican republic, shooting the first-ever scripted film for shark week. >> five crew members, adrift on a dingy for five days without food or water, and even worse,
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blood in the water and sharks everywhere. >> come on! >> as josh posted, "based on a terrifyingly true story, need i say more?" >> if i were a real actor, i would probably have starved myself for five days while shooting this thing, but i'd be completely incoherent. >> for "capsized: blood in the water," this 2.7 million gallon water tank doubled for the atlantic ocean. >> giant wave machines. infinity pool that looks over the ocean that makes it look like we're shooting over the wide-open ocean. >> it's a shark fin going across the water, but it's on a pulley system on this rail that goes across and it truly looks like a shark going across the water. they'll ram that boat to pop us off so they can have lunch. it's not personal. they're not trying to eat us because they don't like us.
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they're trying to eat us because we're available. >> josh was quite the athlete growing up, which actually helped during this shoot. >> i'm a good swimmer. i was lifeguard in minot, north dakota, by the way. at oak park pool. the pool was that deep. i'd go like pick the kid up and put him by the side of the pool. >> as for josh's kid with ex-wife fergie, 5-year-old axl, he was a regular on the set. >> axl's very curious about this movie and was here for this stuff. i'm swimming away from the sharks, he's fascinated by all this but really a sweet little guy, he was really concerned for me in a lot of ways, too. but that's why i think it's good for him to come and see that it's all make-believe. >> he gets cuter every day. >> and we're so glad josh survived his shark tv movie, so we could see him like this. that is josh rocking long white hair and a beard for his new netflix series, "jupiter's legacy." and if the red cape and boots didn't give it away, josh plays a superhero called the utopian. i like that name for him.
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>> there's some supervillains, superheroes in the upcoming "fast & furious" spinoff "hobbs & shaw." nischelle turner caught up with two of them, idris elba and jason statham, in london, where jason wasn't afraid to put his other onscreen rival, the rock, on blast. >> what's an embarrassing thing about dwayne that we may not know? >> he's afraid of heights. he gets motion sickness. the reason he drives those big trucks is they're quite slow so, when he was in the mclaren he had to take motion sickness pills before he could get in. that's a true fact. >> jason isn't the only one giving up secrets. >> black superman. >> here comes the kryptonite. >> we found out the famous "black superman" line was actually changed. the title used to be "black bond" but idris said it was too close to those rumors he would be the next 007. >> the sexiest man alive, black superman, which one do you like better? >> sexiest man. >> oh, okay. >> as long as i'm alive, i'm the sexiest, that's what dwayne told me to say anyway. >> oh, really?
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>> idris serves up some amazing stunts. yeah, most of those action scenes are actually him. and he gave me a little personal tour of the sweet rides used in the film. >> i'm a little tall. you got to get in like that. oh, there's a door here. >> there is a door. >> will is a door somewhere. >> how beat up do you really get on a movie like this? >> it's like five, six moves at once. >> punch, kick, headbutt, duck, roll, run, come back, kick again and cut, and so by the end of it i just want my bed. >> representing for the ladies is the crown star, vanessa kirby. >> you are aching head to toe for months. >> oh, and if action and funny isn't enough, there's yet another reason to check out the film. >>wo of the best cameos i've seen in movies for a long time. >> the easter eggs are everything.
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>> you'd have to be really miserable not to enjoy this film. >> "hobbs & shaw" hits theaters friday. >> it will have some tough competition with "the lion king," of course, and "once upon a time in hollywood." its $41 million opening is the biggest of quentin tarantino's career. yes, of course, you've got leo and brad, but you also have little scene-stealer, miss julia butters. she is a revelation and sure, she's hung out with some of the biggest cats in hollywood, but yesterday, we hung out with some real ones. >> and cut! >> that was the best acting i've ever seen in my whole life. >> we think you're the breakout star of this film. what does it mean to you for it have done so well? >> it's crazy. i can't believe it. it's like nothing -- nothing i've ever done so far. it's truly a magical experience. it's once upon a time in hollywood, really. >> not many 10-year-olds can steal a scene from leo, but julia is getting tons of buzz for doing just that. had you ever heard of leonardo dicaprio before? >> i heard his name. i hadn't seen any of his movies. i just knew his name as an
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actor. >> thank you. >> we took this budding star to "crumbs and whiskers," a cat cafe and adoption center. she's a feline fanatic. what is better, hanging with the cats or working with leo dicaprio? >> oh -- i'll probably say the cats. >> it's official, old buddy, i'm a has-been. >> what do you think about the oscar buzz for best supporting actress? that you're like in the running, people are talking about it. >> can you believe it? i can't. i can't believe it. can you believe it? can you? >> julia hasn't seen the entire movie, because it's rated r. so how'd she get cast? director quentin tarantino was writing the script and he saw her on her tv show, "american housewife." >> i feel so lucky that my show was on at that right moment, exact time, can't believe it. >> and then he just turned and was like, this is the girl -- >> he was just like, i need to audition her. i need to audition her. >> leo said that he thinks that you have young meryl streep potential. >> ooh, well, thank you.
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>> and turns out, julia's not the only one who knows how to steal the spotlight. >> we're trying to have an interview, babe. >> excuse me, this is "entertainment tonight." this is "entertainment tonight." you hear me. >> focus! >> the cats are so cute. remember julia's name come oscar season. >> we'll be right back.
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all right, we're out of time for tonight's "e.t." >> but more fun for you tomorrow. >> bye, everybody. tomorrow on "e.t." -- >> like not playing anymore. >> what's next for the bachelorette hannah b. we're with her after last night's shocking finale. >> have i been going through all this for nothing if. and our exclusive, is he causing drama on the set of "this is us." >> we're on set of milo's new movie. and don't mess with the queen, why helen mirren is coming for the rock.
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