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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 31, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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have it much of fog out there, but overall conditions not as foggy as yesterday. so that's a good way to start things off and look at less fog later in the morning to it's going to retreat a little bit sooner so a dose of sunshine. a little sooner ahead of us than what we did see for your tuesday behind us and then once we do move into the afternoon, some comfortable conditions again. so today yesterday monday they all were good. we're just continuing a nice trend of weather for your day ahead. 50's and 60's as we're sitting as far as temperatures go currently a san jose sitting right below the 60 degree mark mountain view just right out to livermore fremont at 56 is wall san matteo at that same numbered san francisco too. concord and oakland each in the low 60's right now so a pleasant start to the day a light jacket will come in handy as you're stepping outside compared to yesterday. if you remember that one stepping out there temperatures are pretty much fill in around the same from the 50's and 60's will make
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your way upwards on into the 80's this afternoon you'll notice temperatures this afternoon just a few deees warmer than yesterday. it's not going to be a super noticeable change. but a mild bump in temperatures before we actually cool right back down on over the next couple of days after this this is before a big weekend warm up them which i'm talking about still ahead in the forecast robin, thank you john now, let's check in on your early morning commute get on out there now. >>there's a little bit of a backup developing out the bay bridge toll plaza, but it's minor and it's only in the cash lanes so it's a great time to use 80 to get into san francisco while we're hot spot free no problems through the maze, no problems on the upper deck over to 92 usually our second busiest bridge of the morning and we can see the brake lights continuing to fill in on the right side that's traffic leaving hayward so it's already a little crowded. but it's not bad at all 11 minutes, a great average to make it over to the bay shore freeway. here's what i want to cross the golden gate, your connection between the north bay and san francisco at all say it's looking good 19 minutes here nevado to the tolls we haven't
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had any reports of any major issues for you checking in on traffic tracker of course we're looking at more freeways were drive times and they all look good. if you take the e sure 15 minutes from crockett to oakland, 24 is wide open from wannacry to the caldecott tunnel, no problems for the macarthur or the nimitz making your way from to 38 2, 9 80 in downtown oakland, so we're off to a fantastic start. well back to our top story that we're following for you this morning people in gilroy they're coming together after that mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival over the weekend. receipt shows us one family that's doing their part to help the community heal. you know there's really something here for everybody. if you if you want some color in your life spreading brightness enjoy that said that peace on earth. it's brian blasters mission we're doing in the way we're sharing. >>you know is with everybody he and his wife heather sell their detail designs and events all across northern california like the gilroy
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garlic festival has always been one of the best events of the year for something tragically this time. they were getting ready to pack up their both as chaos are up to it. i heard a pop and it sounded like a fire a firework but moments later when more pops continued. she knew it was gunfire. they ran into the booth to hide move. >>pull over clothes on top us and just buried a son. we're coming we're by we grabbed them pull them in duct i'm down with this kind of a down. >>they kept the children high as the scheme russian it. >>directly to shooter when they took him out can't think the police. >>after what felt like several minutes waiting in an eerie silence they heard yells for them to evacuate as they got up so they saw a man on the ground and was was killed right kind of right in front of us, brian is a former medic
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can work to help law enforcement cpr unfortunately i don't think it helped. days later, he can't get the image out of his mind and likely never will. >>it's unbelievable and it shouldn't be happening. >>well they cope with the trauma. they're trying to remain focused on the outpouring of support from their customers and friends fortunately they've all been able to call me and just check and a reminder that this tragic event can't color their view of the world or keep them from spreading brightness that's. >>with these kind of events want to create as they want to create this fear in people and it's. >>you can't you can't live that way. >>well in the wake of the gilroy shooting first responders from san ramon and other agencies they took part in a drill to prepare them just in case. a similar incident happens in their community kron four's from and kelly was there. >>this is one of the worst
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case scenarios being acted out an active shooter on the campus of san ramones california high school. what sounds like gunfire and panic screams of victims seems very real. but they're all being orchestrated to help san ramon police san ramon valley fire. a multi agency swat team and other east bay first responders prepare for an event. no one is hoping for their simulating a scenario as real as we possibly can to make sure we are ready if it does happen. >>the victims are volunteers. they're also dummies left on the ground to replicate the dead. the guns be used are modeled on what the officers carry but shoot simulated ammunition, if you think about it it's pay paul's but a little more to the extreme sarah man pd says this active threat drill has been in the works for several months completely unrelated to the tragic events that unfolded in gilroy over the weekend. but they do say that mass shooting brings to the forefront. the
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need for training like this. >>unfortunately these events are becoming common nationwide. so we want to make sure that if a tragic situation like what happened in weekend does happen here in the central community we're as prepared as possible to make sure we have the appropriate response and take the necessary precautions to make sure that the city and the area safe. >>the high school campus was chosen for its practicality as it's almost empty in the summertime and also sadly because of the very real fact that school shootings are on the rise. maureen kelly kron 4 news. well body cam video shows the rampage that led to an officer involved shooting in the database on july 4th. >>the suspect identified as betty kofi he was high on lsd when he attacked several friends. now he's then seen on camera stabbing a security guard in the chest with the garden state. then he stole a truck he ran down 2 women who were just walking along the
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roadway. when authorities finally arrive kofi ram. their vehicle and then that's when officers opened fire hitting him 3 times and all of the victim survived kofi was airlifted to the hospital where he is recovering. but he's facing multiple charges. well police are looking for these 3 men following a robbery and chinatown take a good look here. the suspects. they assaulted a 56 year-old man and a 16 9 year-old man in the area of stockton and pacific streets has happened on july 15. the suspect stole a watch from one of the victims. well the ghost ship warehouse fire trial could see turned over to the jury any day now. the defense has now begun its closing arguments kron four's has it been you has the latest. >>this is a case full of emotion. tragic. more bid, horrible we all join hands and wishing we could go back in time to change what occurred here solid words to the jury for defense attorney tony serra. >>it's a italy what i said to the jury. certainly applies to
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myself. i think will be affected by emotionally for the rest of her life. >>it was a packed courtroom bit oakland watching the jury study every word of tony sarah's closing argument on behalf of his client derril gov and the so-called master tenet of the go ship. the prosecution's closing arguments stated that al bayda violated night oakland fire codes sarah counted violation of the fire code is irrelevant if there is no criminal negligence then sarah recounted testimony from multiple witnesses say they felt safe inside the go ship and that child protective services oakland police and the fire department all that inside the warehouse, sarah told the court. this is why his client didn't think he was doing anything criminal then he told the jury that how they the it called defended next harris are scapegoats connected to a conspiracy to protect the city of oakland from a lawsuit worth millions of dollars because he says police and fire have the responsibility to report the building and red tag before
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ending his closing argument, sarah told the jury that in order to find his client guilty. they would have to say he was reckless and the different. he showed the court a photo of al bayda with his wife and children who also lived in the warehouse city said his client would never ever sacrifice his family and the way i view it now. >>we're neck to neck. it's going to be close case. >>the prosecution's final rebuttal argument is scheduled for wednesday. the case wil likely be turned over to the jury's hands shortly thereafter. at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>well coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, a 100 year-old world war 2 veteran is on a mission. he wants to meet every governor in the us and governor newsom he's next on his list. before we go a little outside checking in on our market arrow camera little bit of fog there in the background lingering over the bay bridge. >>temperatures in the 50's and 60's 52 in santa rosa, 60 in
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. kron 4 morning news, thanks for waking up with us john and i talking about food and begin once again early in the morning as we normally talk about court. >>3040 going folks have to get that breakfast and coffee
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ready and out the door so hauser day shaping yet you know what a cool morning for a warm cup of coffee, maybe a little extra breakfast to get you going on this hump day. >>vote this afternoon is going to be a really nice one from cool and fog yesterday, although in july the last day of july the right to go for us during the morning hours. but this afternoon is going to be plentifully sunny kind of a lot like we saw yesterday what as you remember stepping back outside into the afternoon skies have cleared out temperatures did warm up and uh yeah we were in for a nice 100 tuesday afternoon. we're continuing that today later on this morning, less fog than what we had for yesterday you're going to see it sticking around, i'm a little bit less as well it's going to clear out sooner this morning so views like this in berkeley are just going to continue to get better later on now as we work our way through the day last day of the month or continue a dry pattern we've enjoyed all month long. so no chance of rain out there today. no big surprise there again very seasonable to remain dry. this time of year.
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high pressure in the same place it was yesterday, it's having a minimal effect on those of us across the northern part of the state. so again today we're not going to be seeing dome of heat like we did over the weekend as remember that hot weather that we saw friday saturday and sunday quickly exit the region come monday and we're continuing that trend now with monday tuesday and now wednesday. all seeing nice comfortable temperatures into the afternoon. 60's from san francisco down the peninsula throughout granada and half moon bay 70's back in millbrae and burlingame and a couple more 80's to know today than yesterday temperatures bumping up just a couple of degrees from where they were yesterday woodside up to 84 mountain view out of the 70's where you were yesterday. now up to 80 degrees milpitas a santa clara cupertino and sunnyvale we're all in the 70's yesterday also back into the 80's today, it's not a big difference and you have to pay close attention to even notice it, but it will be
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warmer livermore pleasanton in the mid 80's while double and out of the 70's into the low 80's today. conquer one of our warmer spots, 88 degrees for your high today while walnut creek and danville will peak in the mid to upper 80's as well berkeley and richmond hold on to the 60's and fog a little bit longer than areas further south like san leandro and oakland, which will rise into the 70's. a few more 80's up in the north bay than what you yesterday vacaville and pittsburgh notably close to 90 degrees. likely not quite getting there though fully holding on to the 70's santa rosa and petaluma 84 for today's daytime highs. a breakdown of the next 7 days shows today tomorrow and friday not a whole lot of change here in fact only just a little bit cooler come thursday and friday compared to today. so we're going to continue and to enjoy the smile. the week ahead, as we round out your work week after that though saturday and sunday temperatures kicking back up on the hotter side of things back into the low 90's for inland areas and that's a range of numbers will stay and
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come monday and tuesday of next week, not as warm as this past weekend was but still warm up to expect in the days to come. so enjoy this mild weather while we've still got it, rob we'll do thank you john. >>now let's check in on traffic maybe i should say enjoy the commute while the top spot free. you got a notice of its picking up out there, especially on 80 leading up to the bay bridge toll plaza but across the span and continuing through downtown san francisco. it is still a great commute, you're stacking up in the cash lanes only only a couple open, but it's a great trip into san francisco at 9 minutes that's fairly quick. checking in on 92 every time we check of the traffic gets slower and slower little more congested westbound you see the brake here west of the toll plaza but still no big problems it will pick up before you get to the high rise. it's a nice trip through foster city and no problems on one oh one our 2.80 wants to get to the peninsula from the east bay to the north bay what about the richmond sandra fell if this is a part of your commute. i'd say it's looking pretty good
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right 7 minutes wide open with no problems across the span connecting to one on one and the traffic tracker showing you once again some good looking numbers and averages 5.80 livermore to dublin that's going west. it's only 10 minutes to make it from vasco to the government interchange his spine rolling south dublin to fremont and then i like what i see at 19 minutes from to 38 to 37 and the no problems on to 37. it's a quick 6 minutes. no pitas to sonny bill. will san francisco supervisor is rushing are pushing a plan that he says will cut the number of homicides and violent crimes in the city. 2, 0, supervisor walton, he introduced of vision 0 on homicide and violence resolution. so the plan seeks to place violent prevention coordinators in districts affected by violence. it also calls for better coordination and response from various city departments and community organizations. well the debate on the border crisis continues
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in washington dc senators want to know what congress and immigration officials need to do to improve conditions for migrants at the border kron four's washington correspondent and i want to keep has the latest. >>to boost and raise your right hand before acting customs and border protection commissioner, more morgan was even sworn demonstrators with signs that read close the camps stood up to protest the demonizing of the law enforcement professionals must stop morgan immediately fought back telling senators the way border. patrol officers are being treated is unfair to men and women of cbp are not running concentration camps, making those in our custody drink from toilets. nor denying them access to toothbrushes that is simply not true. but democrats on the committee say it's the migrants who need to be treated better. >>it is impossible to ignore the reports and the images, new hampshire, democrat maggie hassan says recent allegations against border, patrol officers are especially concerning these allegations
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include the sexual-assault of an under-age migrant the attempt to humiliate a migrant by forcing him to wear a sign that says quote i like men there may be some instances or maybe a few bad apples wisconsin republican senator ron johnson acknowledges there are problems but urged his fellow senators to maintain perspective. i asked my colleagues asked anybody criticizing the conditions down there. how would you handle. 4,652 people a day. wake up the next day in hand another 4,652 people johnson says congress needs to stop attacking border patrol and start helping them by sending more resources money and manpower to deal with the influx of migrants crossing into the us. in washington, i'm in a warning key. >>year-old san diego veteran of world war 2 is trying to meet the governors of all 50 states and next on his list. it's governor gavin newsome doug johnson has that story.
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this is 100 year-old sidney walton, one of the few former soldiers left from the greatest generation as they're dead. >>you remember why you joined the army. >>to fly >>he's part of a population that some of the estimated are dying by the hundreds every day. >>thank you for your service, sir. >>walton served in the us army in india during the war. but as well done son, paul walton helps explain when he was 21 years old before he deployed he had an opportunity to meet civil war veterans in new york city one he never took >>pastel want. snow the law. >>and you regret that to this day all yeah. >>that's one of the reasons he wants to meet as many people as he can now then and now. >>can give everyone a chance to meet a world war 2 veteran before it's too late right, yeah, for that i will all 50
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states all for >>thanks my dad was in world war 2 in my last month walk met president trump at a 75th d-day anniversary ceremony in normandy, france. >>now he's going to every state meeting all 50 governors. >>we've met a 22 so far gavin newsom will be or 23th, so then we'll have 27 more to go after the governor's. >>you'll meet mares fire chiefs business leaders a day one wants to say hi thanks for your service sydney. thank to the state or part about traveling around and see you all. >>definitely on a great journey that was doug johnson reporting. and unfortunately cindy walton's meeting with governor newsome had to be postponed because of the mass shooting in gilroy newsome has already reschedule his meeting with sydney for next friday. before we go a little peek outside we're checking in on
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the air for the always busy san francisco international airport. a little cloud the outside but temperatures are off to a mild start in the 50's and 60's. let you know how warm it's going getting your city after the break. welcome
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back for 54 a look outside this morning shows a few clouds hanging out over san francisco was well as other parts of the bay area this morning. >>you're looking at its impact a little lesson from yesterday
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morning shouldn't be running into too many spots out there. we have low visibility. temperatures are currently in the 50's and 60's very low 60's mountain view oakland and concord each just right at 60 degrees. knapp at 58 while berkeley billy how in fairfield all of 57 degrees for your current temperatures, it's a slightly cooler start to the morning for most of us before a slightly warmer afternoon, not a big difference, but just a touch warmer taking a few of us back into the low 80's. robin morning commute is warming up to we have traffic picking up at the bay bridge toll plaza more and more cash. >>payers spilling into the pay gates here 3 open on each side and that's creating a little bit of backup folks are a little slow taking out the cash. well it's a decent trip into san francisco stocking up from 8.80 but smooth across the span. we're checking in on 92, we have more brake lights leaving hayward but these folks are behaving looking good over to the peninsula 12 minutes and then one more bridge, how about the golden gate at the limit hot spot free. that's what we like to see 19 minutes novato to san
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francisco. well coming up in the next. on the kron 4 news at 5 investigators still searching for motive in the gilroy garlic festival shooting. >>we're live at the scene with the latest from investigators and to newborn babies found near a dumpster and the mother is now in police custody. we'll have details coming up in a live report. and 2 teams with bay area ties face murder charges in italy. the troubling details that we're learning about one of those teams. me to come with you? i'm very sure. 'cause i can...
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>>thanks for waking up with us i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got what is it wednesday where the middle of the week. last day of july is mind it made this morning. so we're kind of wrap and raising it to >>if we can only leave the hot spots behind toward a new are great start though no major issues are bridges are describing are really ready. so we're text and drive time okay, you know what are we in for today whether was another nice day today. >>just a touch warmer than yesterday. the big difference though so if you remember
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yesterday you've got a pretty i good idea. what we're about to get today that includes a little fog this morning, although your father you are seeing is not near bad as it was yesterday guess you could say i take it out just about the surface of for a lot of us actually just some low clouds so visibility is it really a problem for most areas, a fox going to clear out a little bit sooner than it did yesterday to see to see more sunshine. a little bit earlier on than what we had for your tuesday from the 50's and 60's where temperatures are currently sitting to the 60's and 70's by noon and by the afternoon ahead of us temperatures right along the coast holding on to the 60's. while alongside the bay 70's and a few more 80's than what we had for the day yesterday that's a slight warm-up today, i've got the details in your 4 zone forecast and what it's looking like this afternoon exactly where you're at still to come robin. >>thank you john over to the bay bridge toll plaza we want to take a look at 80 and the commute heading n and there's a backup waiting for


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