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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 31, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i good idea. what we're about to get today that includes a little fog this morning, although your father you are seeing is not near bad as it was yesterday guess you could say i take it out just about the surface of for a lot of us actually just some low clouds so visibility is it really a problem for most areas, a fox going to clear out a little bit sooner than it did yesterday to see to see more sunshine. a little bit earlier on than what we had for your tuesday from the 50's and 60's where temperatures are currently sitting to the 60's and 70's by noon and by the afternoon ahead of us temperatures right along the coast holding on to the 60's. while alongside the bay 70's and a few more 80's than what we had for the day yesterday that's a slight warm-up today, i've got the details in your 4 zone forecast and what it's looking like this afternoon exactly where you're at still to come robin. >>thank you john over to the bay bridge toll plaza we want to take a look at 80 and the commute heading n and there's a backup waiting for you
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mostly in the cash lanes but now the fast track lanes right down the middle they are starting to stack up to overall it is not bad. it's just slow from beyond the end of a lot going back to the 80 over crossing but you're averaging 10 minutes and that's pretty quick 92 that's going to be busy on the flat section of the san mateo bridge but your overall drive time is only 12 minutes to one on one and here's west 5 80 to the richmond center fell bridge toll plaza delay free hot spot free 7 minutes to make it into the north bank james darya, thanks a lot robin. >>there's a disturbing story and the north bay newborn twins found dead near a dumpster in fairfield have one of those babies died the other still in the hospital in critical condition were waiting for an update crawford's christine it a choice joining us live with the very latest on where the investigation is this morning. christina. >>now the last update that we had is that that second new word baby very luckily is still in stable condition and receiving medical treatment right now we're going to continue to check in on that
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all morning. obviously a lot of people really wanting to know how that second newborn is doing now this all happened yesterday around 4 30 in the evening here in fairfield and actually happened off of a shopping in a shopping complex off of highway 80 and pittman road close to the skandia fun center right here in fairfield now what happened was an employee working in a nearby area actually saw pregnant woman multiple times outside of their business to look like she was in pain so he called the police when officers arrived they found 2 newborn abandoned children behind a dumpster one didn't make it the other hanging on for its life that baby is now like ed mentioned at a nearby hospital and in stable condition now during this time, the mother nowhere to be found. officers later found the woman on central place in fairfield now another nearby business owner had mentioned that they had actually also scene the woman and this was something very bizarre and very very devastating. >>one day she on the bench and just talking to herself i guess and that's when one
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might please know she was pregnant. which i don't know that i'd even notice it last night when she was walking down the building. >>now that woman has not been arrested by police but she was found and what they're saying is called detained and she's currently in the hospital, receiving medical attention right now this case is still under investigation. they're waiting to go ahead and see how that woman is doing, reporting live here in fairfield christina teatro kron 4 news. >>thank you christina, 5 oh 3 right now and another big story we're following the site of the deadly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival is going to be an active crime scene turns out for the next several days we've got a lot of evidence to sift through the fbi leading that part of the investigation. the agency says it's going to take some time to collect all the evidence they discovered on the ground kron four's will tran has been out there since the shooting happened then that now the very will so what will they be gaining by staying there for so many days.
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>>well they hope to get more evidence because they have been preserving this location for the past several days and this will be the 3rd full day that they will be here and my sources tell me they'll be here at least through thursday. they have had success closing this down turning this into a crime scene because they have been able to locate a gym bag, some sort of bag near the creek area, full of ammunition that they believe belong to this man here 18 year-old cent he know logan who they say on sunday cut through some fencing so he bypassed the metal detectors cut through some fencing burst on to the crowd with his assault rifle and started firing at people. 3 people killed at least 12 others injured at this point they don't have a possible motive. they are looking to see whether or not he was influenced by white supremacy ideology because they looked at his instagram account and he posted a few days before the mass shooting a manifesto
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that is very popular among neo-nazis. so because he was shot and killed by officers, they don't have a chance to interrogate him and that's why it is important to look for his set foot print on social media. >>we've got to get into the computers, the towers and thumb drives the phone to get a holistic picture of of him who he who he was in touch with what sentiments and thoughts he shared with others or his catalog for his own consumption. >>ok so investigators and you can see the memorial continues to grow in the candles continue to burn. investigators they have been able to locate a shotgun which they say he legally purchased in nevada, they've also went into his apartment in nevada and seized other items as far as a possible second suspect according to investigators, they went to nearby stories they grab surveillance footage from the stories and in each
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case. it does show the stories that he visited darya and james the service that he visited it does show that he walked in, but he was alone each time so they are strongly believing that he acted alone, but at this particular time. they're not ruling out that second suspect back to you so they are thinking it's possible that people just in the heat of the moment. >>and you know in the confusion. saw different things you know, and they described the shooter and in n they came up with that's how different descriptions to heather the county for it absolutely there are witnesses who saw people running saw people running here there that maybe according to the investigators. >>that they ran in a particular direction that it made it seem like. they were with. when maybe they weren't money couldn't rule it out at this point they still haven't ruled it out, but they looked at surveillance footage from the nearby stories in each case. it does show him walking in in each case, he's by himself. yeah, ok, thanks a lot. well could mean why does
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it. >>people filled l robel parking go right on of the victims. families gather together held hands with each other offering emotional support in the wake of the shooting. kathleen foley says that her children were at that festival on sunday and 2 of their friends suffered gunshot wounds to their legs. this and have. we could have been anyone. >>i mean come in and violate us like this. it's it wasn't just a piece of ground it will be like the whole town suffered a wound aces in the >>organizers say these vigils are all about making sure that everyone who was affected knows that they have support right here in their community. and a candlelight vigil was also held at empower academy in san jose to remember 13 year-old kayla salazar she was one of the 3 victims killed by the gunman. at the festival her aunt kathy describes kayla as a positive beam of light in
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her family. dozens of people came out to honor her at the school where she recently graduated. the staff says that she was a very involved very curious student and wanted to be in animation artist when she grew up. >>we wanted to be here because we think it's important that the community knows who kayla is and how important she is friends. >>kayla's family says that they're very thankful for the community support her go fund me page has reached over $60,000. the family of 6 year-old stephen romero is speaking out he is the youngest person who was killed in the shooting in gilroy. >>and his mother and grandmother were wounded. stevens other grandmother describes him as a loving boy always kind happy and playful his cousin is also speaking about the family's loss. >>and then when my mom told me that my steve it's. well as with my cousins, my mom is in
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the hospital. so his mother and. >>toma the case that he has to wait. so i can to explain so so hard that stephen we still life kicking. if you would like to help any of the families of the victims. >>there are links on kron 4 dot com you can go there they are the go fund me pages and don't forget ways to get healthy just saw how difficult it is even those who were not hit by bullets to recover from this kind of thing and they do have show health counseling for anybody who needs it. we are hearing more stories of survival as well from the shooting, brian and heather glass or they were packing up their tie dye teacher booth, when the gunman opened fire
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and they ran into the booth to hide. they grabbed their children who are running by and they kept the children quiet. when the police rushed in. >>pull over clothes on top us and just buried a son. we're coming we're by we grabbed them pull them in and ducked them down we just kind of a down. >>and they just try to remain focused on it are surviving in and helping others and they're trying to again just give support to their customers and their fellow community members. >>we're also getting a look inside that family assistance center in gilroy it was created as daryn mentioned help families and victims who may need some emotional support in the wake of the shooting santa clara county is providing the services rucker elementary school has been selected as the place to go they've turned it into a temporary family wellness center where counselors into therapy dogs are on hand to help he's the burden and the pain of those affected. >>they're coming in there. a
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range of emotions. any of the emotions that they are parenting right now is normal. we're here trying to help real life, what services are available to them and we have both nama stay in ot are other facility dog and they are bringing great comfort to everyone and around them whether be the children or don't. >>the victim witness program through the da's office can now also provide financial assistance to families and victims. and we will have continuing coverage of the gilroy garlic festival shooting 2 outs, not only our broadcast here but throughout the day as well. we have our 24 hour streaming news app called kron on you can download that and stay connected will send out alerts to have anything new develops in the investigation. >>as we continue this morning a family stepping up to help people heal after the shooting will show you what they're doing. the second round of the
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democratic party primaries. we have highlights from night one coming up. 2 teenagers in the bay area remember really tell you how they are facing murder charges in italy for the deaths of a police officer there we're learning some troubling details about one of those teens and looking outside this morning temperatures in the 50's and 60's not a big change from yesterday. >>i've got the rest your forecast just around the corner. and i'm tracking your commute it's already crowded heading into san francisco are looking at a backup here and 80 for the cash for years. >>and the fast track or so leave a
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>>the tucker fire bning in modoc county right now has grown to nearly 13,000 acres want to give you quick update. we have some video to the fires more than quadrupled in size. since it first broke out on sunday fire fighters are working right now to protect the clear lake national wildlife refuge and critical wildlife habitat in the area. this gators believe that fire was unintentionally caused by humans. often seems to be the case come fire season, human caused fires and no homes thank clear threat and no evacuations have been ordered but obviously they want to get a handle on this thing fast before it spreads are grows any bigger. >>and they didn't. dry conditions and no wind that's always making things worse so are we looking at what it was definitely still hot over there modoc county that high pressure in the eastern sierra still keeping things pretty
5:16 am
warm out in the desert, especially out. so as crews definitely have a task ahead 10. >>we've cooled down though here in the bay area yeah, yeah, yeah, it's been a lot kinder nice win last night. >>was great help us lead pretty good of those windows open hopefully did to looking outside of san francisco skies. >>just a touch of fog being offered up not as low as yesterday's was visibility shouldn't be as much of a concern for you this morning, san jose can see too much of the screen partially because it's not loading but partially because it's all so dark, but you are fog free this morning and then looking outside at the east bay, some low clouds moving on in over berkeley and not really resulting in anything that's blocking out that view sir compared to yesterday a little less foggy and the fog that we are seeing is going to stay around for not as long of a time there's a high pressure a reference just a moment ago it still has its grip on eastern california as well as the deserts of the southeastern part of the state while northern and was a coastal areas of the state have enjoyed a nice little
5:17 am
cool down for monday tuesday now into today. temperatures are hanging out right around or seasonal averages if not just below in some cases, 50's and 60's for coastal areas mostly the 60's though as you're saying on the peninsula brisbane and south san francisco in the 60's millbrae and burlingame 70's for you back to the 80's for mountain view today after taking a break yesterday in the 70's. same for you in milpitas santa clara on over to cupertino in sunnyvale yesterday it was upper 70's for you now it's back to low 80's. san jose 83 degrees for your high today 70's and hayward union city in fremont while 80's return in dublin, just a few degrees warmer than yesterday not going to be that noticeable of a difference though oakland 72, well conquered one of our warmer spots, 88 just behind pittsburgh in vacaville just shy of the 90 degree mark today, santa rosa in petaluma in the meantime at 84 for your daytime highs today into tomorrow, you'll notice
5:18 am
temperatures start to cool down again so just a slight bump in temperatures today that it's back down to where we were yesterday and monday come thursday and friday as well after that temperatures will rise and stay on the warmer side saturday sunday on into the start of next week. do expect the time highs on average back in the 90's inland with 70's 60's not going anywhere along the bay in khost robin. >>all right, thank you john we want to check in on 92 your trip out of hayward across the san mateo bridge and over to the peninsula can see a lot of brake west of the toll plaza on the flat section so it is definitely busy a little crowded here heading to foster city and san mateo but no major problems that you need to worry about where hot spot free and you're averaging a very quick 13 minutes off to one o one. we're checking the bay bridge traffic 80 west into san francisco stocking up in the cash lanes and the fast track lanes it goes all the way back be on 8.80 out to west grand you know shortly. it's going to be back to the maze so get on out there before it gets heavier, it's
5:19 am
nice and quiet in 12 minutes off to fremont street, your drive times here looking really good if you come in from the east shore 15 minutes from crockett oakland, no problems on west 24 leaving wannacry to the caldecott the macarthur and the nimitz both doing fine from to 38 making your way to 9.80 into downtown oakland, so some pretty decent numbers here we'll check more coming up back to you. 5.19 right now if presidential candidates want to get on california's primary ballot. they have to release their tax returns first. >>governor newsome just sign this as our law president trump as you know has refused to release his own tax returns does that mean he won't be on the california ballot. that means anybody run for president was running has really their release their 5 most most recent tax returns to get on the ballot here. so why house representative at this point says california's new law is unconstitutional.
5:20 am
haven't said if they're going to fight it or what they're going to do but this law does not apply to the general elections so. when you go to the ballot box. i guess we'll see first. happening tonight, it is the second night of the democratic primary debates in the first night last night 2 of the top candidates had to defend their progressive agenda against more moderate candidates, karen caifa has some highlights. big showdown on the debate stage wasn't between bernie sanders and elizabeth warren bernie sanders and elizabeth warren defending their progressive positions on issues like border security and health care against more moderate candidates on the stage. >>one of the state to access experience in the healthcare business with all due respect i don't think my colleagues understaed the business we have the shot just race. >>with to talk to your progressive taking center stage moderate candidates further back in the polls tried to make a case for democrats taking a different direction. >>that is incorrect i just have a better way to do this this notion that you're going
5:21 am
to take private insurance away from a 180 million americans demise law senate's election of donald trump. >>this is an example of wish list economics. you should be just republicans wanted to repeal and replace now many democrats do as well. >>let's be clear about this. we are the democrats we are not about trying to take away health care from anyone. >>with a much deeper bar for the next round of debate entries summit taking one more chance to get voters attention on the national i wrote bill. >>everything that we're talking about here tonight is what's wrong with american politics candidates also touching on gun control high school is hard enough. >>without having to worry about whether you're going to get shot. >>and the best ways for democrats to defeat president trump. next year, there's a new battleground state texas in detroit. i'm karen caifa. >>we'll have much more on the debate on inside area politics hosted by our own catherine heenan you can catch that show on our news app as well kron
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on it airs after at 11:00am on saturdays and sundays 11 oh 5 to be exact. >>all right coming up on the kron 00:04am morning. closing arguments underway right now in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial we're going to hear from defense attorneys who say there's enough evidence to find their finds are not guilty. and going to take you to the active shooter training that's giving first responders practice in case another mass shooting happens here in the bay area. here's a live look outside the bay bridge approach we've got robin winston keeping an eye on the commute letting us know where the hot spots are introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat
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>>welcome back, it's 5.24 taking a look to our south and to our west as 2 tropical systems make their way through the pacific. the first being 4 storm as it makes its way ry closer to hawaii is expected to pass just south of the islands but will result in an increase in rain and surf especially for south facing beaches on the island chain. it is moving again to the west mostly just south of the island chain. now flossie behind it immediately on its heels is expected to potentially make a greater impact to the islands tracking just a little bit further to the north and could be arriving early next week of course keeping our eyes on both of thse systems as they do approach our neighbors out to the west. robin. >>thank you john check in on 80 the drive into san francisco pretty packed now at the bay bridge toll plaza a
5:26 am
long line to get into the party. it's already spilling back to the bottom of the maze. so that was pretty quick. but it was not caused by any crashes or stalls just typical commute traffic at 12 minutes off to fremont street. really quick peak at some more numbers highway for picking up 17 minutes antioch to concord that's great. no troubles for 6.80 the nimitz or one oh one and easy 29 minutes from san jose to menlo park james starts. >>all right. thank you very much rob and so check this out a dust devil was caught on camera here near a coal mine in west virginia this week. that's pretty defined to the video shows that dark whirlwind churning there in elkhorn ready walters shared this video on his facebook page. he says the twister was swirling over a coal stockpile that have been cleaned up and loaded away. dust, devils usually form in the hot desert regions. so it's kind of interesting to see it here in west virginia, but to syria have it. pretty cool looking. christina.
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5:30 am
impact of it is actually a little less and compared to yesterday. so that's a but a good news for those of you getting on to the roadways and maybe going to be waiting in some traffic at least you're not worrying so much about visibility fog us for the most part sitting just above the bay this morning, how it's one of the reasons are not saying visibility so bad and we're going to see its retrieve little bit sooner than yesterday so a dose of sunshine. quicker for this wednesday compared to yesterday 50's and 60's is where we're at right now as far as temperatures go will stay that way through 08:00am clearing skies continue on through the noon hour and by the afternoon ahead of us temperatures just a touch warmer than yesterday as we're going to see a few more 80's in your 4 zone forecast which so you still to come robin. >>all right back to the bay bridge where i can see a lot of headlights squeezing through the toll plaza him the cash lanes of the fast track lanes to so a full house at the pay gates, spilling back into the maze of holding up the bottom of the maze and then a little slow and crowded up the incline to so 12 minutes and growing after
5:31 am
fremont street there's another crowded bridge and that its 92 all the brake lights coming out right now the folks are heading to the peninsula. and it's not about on the peninsula just crowded on the hayward side, 13 minutes and growing from the nimitz to the bay shore. here's a good bridge. the golden gate, no delays here traffic light in both directions and pretty light at the richmond sandra fell just now slowing up a little bit and some of the cash lanes with only 7 minutes to the north bay area. thanks a lot rob and 5.31 and in the north bay, a horrible story newborn twins found near a dumpster in fairfield one of those babies unfortunately passed away the other still fighting for its life in the hospital crawford's christine that hatred joining us. >>live right now with the latest on the investigation, christina. >>and luckily we hear that second newborn that was a van dam is in stable condition in the hospital will continue to update you on that little one status throughout the morning. but this was quite a bizarre story. it all happened around
5:32 am
yesterday at around 4 in the afternoon here in faith fairfield anish inside basically in a shopping center off of 80 as well as pittman road close this can be a fun center in fairfield there was an employee working in a office who saw a pregnant woman outside looks like she was in pain, it was then when he called police when officers arrived they found 2 newborns abandoned behind that dumpster one didn't make it the other hanging on for its life as i mentioned that baby is now in a nearby hospital and is in stable condition. now during this time the mother nowhere to be found it was later officers found the woman on that central place in fairfield now another nearby business employee had mentioned they had seen this woman quite frequently and that this was just such a bizarre case. now the woman hasn't been arrested, but has been detained by police and is getting medical attention and i mentioned to you that second
5:33 am
newborn very luckily is in stable condition we're going to continue to update you on their conditions. throughout the morning when we hear back from police for now reporting live in fairfield christina tetreault. >>thank you christina time now is 5 to 2 and new this morning in the south say ah this man is under arrest is accused of trying to meet a 12 year-old boy for sec's police arrested roman deanne after the victim's mother called the police and said that a man i was talking to her son online and she was concerned about it. undercover cops are arranged to meet with that man and when and showed up for that meeting he was arrested during the investigation police also found child-pornography in his possession. more about one of the teenagers involved in the death of a police officer in italy, new video shows. >>finnegan elder and gabriel christian natalie. >>running down the street you can see this is in rome after
5:34 am
they had stolen a backpack from a drug dealer and there the other actually carrying the backpack. the teens. what happened next is ended up stabbing to death. the police officer you just saw his picture there it's elder who's accused of being the one who actually stabbed the officer mario reagan 11 times and then took off. and police later found the knife. in the room at the motel room where the teenagers were staying. elders a his uncle says he used to take part the boy took part in oregon ice fights. when he was in high school and one of his neighbors though says that he was a good kid. >>personally i think there's more to this story. >>none of us knows none of us knows. >>both elder and natalie, your thumb graduated from mount temple pious high school in
5:35 am
mill valley in 2018. >>well body camera video shows the rampage that led an officer involved shooting in but they can pay back on july 4th, the suspect identified as betty kofi was high on lsd apparently when he attacked several friends. he's in seen on camera stabbing a security guard in the chest with a garden stake, then he stole a truck and ran down 2 women who are walking along the roadway. it when authorities arrived that kofi rammed their vehicle and that is when officers opened fire hitting him 3 times. all the victims survive thankfully. kofi was airlifted to the hospital where he's recovering he's now facing multiple charges. police are looking for these 3 men following a robbery in chinatown take a good look a loop. the video the suspects assaulted a 56 year-old man and a 16 9 year-old man in the area of stockton and pacific streets. this was back on july 15th. there's a better look the suspects stole a watch from one of the victims. happening today, prosecutors
5:36 am
will present their rebuttal closing argument in the go ship fire trial in oakland. derek elmen up and max harris are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for those who died that were attending a music event at that warehouse back in december of 2016. yesterday, the defense attorney for max harris led off closing arguments. curtis briggs told the jury that his client was a young college student when he moved into the ghost ship warehouse and that his name is not on the lease and that he is not. he didn't design the go ship nor did he designed the stairs. briggs says arson is the possible cause of the fire since its origin has been undetermined he told the jury that if the arson siri is reasonable when his client must be found innocent. >>it's a italy what i said to the jury. certainly applies to myself. i think will be affected by an emotionally for the rest of her life were neck to neck. it's going to be close case. >>harris's attorney again kers raise also reminded the jury of testimony from the oakland
5:37 am
fire elmen a county around. alameda county officials and oakland police who went into that warehouse in raised red flags about any danger. >>time now is 5.36 first responders from san ramon and other east bay agencies took part in a drill for a preparing for an active shooter situation. and it just so happens that it was planned to be held so close to win the gilroy festival, you know we just seen that shooting and so here. they are on the campus of san ramon california high school performing this drill. and using the scenarios where they have dummies on the ground and police running around kids running around screaming, the guns in this are after what the officers really carry. it's although just simulated even the ammunition is all fake. >>so we want to make sure that if a tragic situation like what happened in gilroy over
5:38 am
the weekend does happen here in the center on community we're as prepared as possible to make sure we have the appropriate response and take the necessary precautions to make sure that the city and the area safe. >>it's just an implant for months and this just a horrible sign of the times said got to be prepared for this sort of thing. >>5.38 still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news woman caught on camera kicking. a police officer during a traffic stop. what led up to this. and coming up in the 6 o'clock hour a 10 year-old boy is charged with assault because of what happened in a dodge ball game is mother is speaking out. and looking outside this morning, we've got touch of fog and temperatures in the 50's 60's pretty typical way to start this last day of july. >>i've got the rest of your forecast to cuff. >>and i pulled up a caltrans camera so you can see the heavy traffic leaving conquer this is traffic on to 42 rolling south merging with the 6.80 slowdown we had occurred ash on the pleasant hill side
5:39 am
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kron 00:04am morning news, let's head over to the east bay we want to take a look at the traffic leaving conquered, this is to 42. >>the caltrans camera southbound there clayton road and it shows you the backup. from an earlier accident you can see all the headlights there along to 42 leaving conquered and those folks are trying to make it to 6.80 there's a crash at the truck scales on the one at creekside
5:42 am
so that's been cleared. but as i just showed you would still backed up heavily on to 2.42 that puts your drive time roughly 13 minutes still not bad from highway 4 out to danville really quick peak at highway for little pay the slowing through pittsburgh bay point 18 minutes to make it to concord and the bay bridge back up it's waiting for you if you're about to use it slow from the bottom of the maze with every meal, there's a dish. but what happens to all that grease? it flows into your dishwasher, gumming up its performance. add finish dishwasher cleaner with your detergent to help dissolve this grease so you're ready for your next meal.
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back time now 5.45 and for the first time in 3 years a black moon will occur. >>in north america tonight, so a black moon is the second new moon of the month, it's work similarly pier. a lunar cycle typically takes 29 days to complete, but of course calendar month is lonr tha that. so every now and then you might have 2 full moons or 2 new moons fall in the same month slick. >>so does this affect younger this year do i lose somewhat it makes your skin a and some folk believe iran, then it gets or do i get older and that is just the rigth every 32 months this happened said ok it's going to happen. enjoy you won't see it though because the moon will basically be as black as the night skies >>all right. >>but just know that that's what's happening case, you know what that means was asleep a little extra better today that's and something else that's going help us sleep better tonight, nice cold temperatures i think we've all been joy that we always talk about it when it's
5:46 am
too hot out there and you just can't fall asleep, at least we have had some nice chill out during evening hours and well that's what we're going to see again this evening but let's focus on what we've got today a san francisco is on the fog year side of things this morning, although it's more some low cloud cover for most of the day hovering just above the day itself. >>that's just a screen that will load but san jose you are looking at some clear skies this morning and for the south bay area spans should say this is your view about berkeley right here also low lying cloud cover filtering in not resulting in any bad visibility really for most areas now pushing on into the afternoon you're going to see more and more sunshine earlier on not even for the afternoon late morning today you've already got a solid dose of sunshine ahead of you, high pressure built up in the southwest almost in the same spot it was yesterday and us we're in for a pretty similar forecast yesterday to not influence so much by that warm air from the great basin and the deserts but more so from a
5:47 am
cool pacifica influence that'll keep temperatures in the 60's right along the peninsula and then a few 70's along the bay, shore millbrae and burlingame in the mid 70's while back into the low 80's for mountain view today after your stents in the 70's yesterday, same in sunnyvale cupertino santa clara milpitas which are each in the upper 70's yesterday now just a touch warmer back up into the low 80's. same for you in dublin up to 83 today, you are at 79 yesterday union city hayward and fremont holding on to those 70's much like san leandro in castro valley, oakland 72 for your high with conquered a warm up from yesterday up to 88 pittsburgh in vacaville, our warmest spots still dodging the 90's though all of us speaking in their 70's 80's or 60's in some cases along the coast. now tomorrow and friday will actually be a touch cooler than today for most areas back down into the low 80's inland and low 70's by the bay a little cooler than average for this time of year then come
5:48 am
saturday and sunday and temperatures are on the rise taking us into the low 90's where we'll stay inland through the weekends and on into the start of next week. robin, the drive times are on the rise as traffic comes to a crawl in some of our bridges were checking out. >>the richmond sandra fell and yes it's getting busy here leading up to the toll plaza, but it's still very quiet and trouble free so we're just now seeing a backup here and it's only at the pay gates which is pretty good 8 minutes to make it to the north bay of course much heavier on 80 the bay bridge, the busiest bridge during the morning drive your traffic crawling from the bottom of the maze all connectors ramps included car pulling its great paying cash and fast tracking. you have to arriving just came out that like that a 15 minutes here from the bottom of the maze over to the fremont street exit like robbing us or corny ok over to the nimitz freeway little busy from 2.38 a 92 to about tennyson road. the usual slow down there. but union city fremont milpitas looks pretty good 25 minutes here total to 38 to 37. we're checking in on
5:49 am
the south bay. we have a look and a bit of a line making its way into morgan hill that's north one oh one leading up to cochran but north of cochran looks great continuing into san jose or south san jose. there's another little pocket right here north one oh one at the 6.80 split to the 80 split but that hit looks great 6 8017 to 37 87 all looking smooth and that the limit so no major issues for south bay commute, we'll check some more slow downs coming up in a bit daria. >>thanks a lot of 5.49 our top story people in gilroy coming together after the mass shooting at the garlic festival kaye recede shows us what one family is doing to try to help heal. and purchased a lot of people. >>you know the hurt and some lost lives and >>public community roy families and business owners my town is my family to now come together and show their strength amid sunday's tragedy
5:50 am
to simple but powerful ago when very clear way is that these t shirts, you have to be here for each other this is such a tragic event and we have to all. >>holden love each other and be there for everybody pearson family who owns gilroy's cal silk says organizers with the gilroy downtown association asked then to create and sell this merchandise story strong going to be strong together support each other. >>and you please if you see somebody that you care for friends and you know that's not acting right. >>talk to the person say the profits will go to the gilroy garlic festival shooting victims. i have a lot of friends dealing with a lot of emotional stuff because they saw a lot of things said no one should ever see a to say that this could have been a lot worse, you know your home you smell tragedy has now become a part of the city's history that many say what's bigger than the worry, the fear, the sadness is this community's resilience just love one another stay be that good support system check on your friends.
5:51 am
>>now is kay recede reporting the t shirts are being sold throughout gilroy and part of the price that you pay goes to help the victims families. >>the 65 year-old oklahoma woman is accused of kicking an officer in the groin the incident was a what started as a ticket for a broken tail light but it soon escalated with the officer tasting the woman all caught on video. we've got christine stand would now with the story. >>why did this year defective equipment $80 i have to for 6 chase. well, i'm not going to be a warning for some even dropped. >>deborah hamill not willing to pay up. the officer asks her to get out of her car. she refuses. >>with the step iran
5:52 am
>>then it turns aggressive she refuses to get the officer gets in his car and follows her on a short chase. she finally pulls over the officer pulls out his gun. and then pulls hamill out of her truck that's when you see hamill kick him in the groin. the officer deploying his taser after she refused to put her hands behind her back finally placing her under arrest. >>you realize you just get yourself an all out more trouble. >>well as christine stanwood reporting a woman has been charged now with felony assault on an officer and resisting arrest. and that's a lot more than $80 ticket. here's a live look outside the shop here the golden gate bridge, little fog of actually not that bad this morning we've got john trouble with
5:53 am
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5:56 am
60's on the map such as in oakland at 61 degrees. concord in the meantime at 58 berkeley right there with you with san frco and san matteo each at 56 degrees currently compared to some of us are a little bit cooler like san jose and livermore while others a little bit warmer napa in oakland among those i% spots into the afternoon. it will be just 8 touch of a warmer one with temperatures back into the 80's for sums. james, our john. the next hour, the kron 4 morning news investigators are still searching for a motive behind the gilroy garlic festival shooting will be live at the scene with the very latest. >>on the investigation and to newborn babies found near a dumpster. the mother is now in police custody, we're going to details in a live report on that as well. [farmers bell] (burke) at farmers insurance, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy and the power of 1 2 3. ♪trelegy 1-2-3 save at >>on this wednesday morning, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we are in our final day of july as we're. now exiting summer probably within the next month or so hopefully it'll be a warm but not too hot one. we'll find out from john howard what's not. >>too bad. i do have a new trouble spot on the peninsula possible overturn accident on one oh one details still
6:00 am
coming in check in on that okay and yes things have been quite pleasant for us to the east coast by the way. still broiling yeah. it's been like weeks of 1995 and above. and joy has been kind us for the most part, yeah. a little pick up we had weekend but after been good. >>the the got away and now we're like sitting really nice across the bay area a few for your last day of july today, mount diablo out the distance above those clouds. >>otherwise that sunshine that you're seeing above the fog you air that we do have in the bay area is something that will enjoy for the rest of the day once this fog and low cloud cover does eventually clear out which is going to be sooner that it did for the day sterday and after that happens temperatures are going to rise just a little bit more from the 50's and 60's where we are right now eventually into the 60's 70's and mid-eighties wa


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