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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  July 31, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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coming in check in on that okay and yes things have been quite pleasant for us to the east coast by the way. still broiling yeah. it's been like weeks of 1995 and above. and joy has been kind us for the most part, yeah. a little pick up we had weekend but after been good. >>the the got away and now we're like sitting really nice across the bay area a few for your last day of july today, mount diablo out the distance above those clouds. >>otherwise that sunshine that you're seeing above the fog you air that we do have in the bay area is something that will enjoy for the rest of the day once this fog and low cloud cover does eventually clear out which is going to be sooner that it did for the day sterday and after that happens temperatures are going to rise just a little bit more from the 50's and 60's where we are right now eventually into the 60's 70's and mid-eighties a warm us for
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most areas again just a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. i've got your little the rest of your last day of july and your start of august forecast still the cops rob. >>all right. i'm sure we're going to take that traffic right into the month of august, you know this backup is always going to be here right during the morning drive the morning weekday drive leading up to the bay bridge toll plaza it's about that time where you're just crawling from west grand through the tolls up the incline you know that real 16 minutes here to make it off to fremont street. i want to take you over to one oh one as you exit san bruno working your way into south san francisco just getting word of an overturn accident near grand a car on its side it looks like emergency crews are responding. no line information just yet this just happened so it's just now backing up. but as you continue past the scene after that it's a great trip continuing to san francisco and the north to 80 is wide open into san francisco as well so keep my eyes on that we'll check more bridges more drive times coming up in a bed daria thanks a lot let's get
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to it. >>our top story which is a disturbing one out of the north a newborn twins found near a dumpster in fairfield one of those babies unfortunately has died the other still in the hospital prop for us christine that hatred joining us live with the very latest on the story this morning, christina. >>now though that second baby is still in the hospital we do tly the little one is in kerr is in stable condition we're going to be continuing to check in on that so far again all good news there. but this all happened yesterday around between 4, 4, 30 in the afternoon here in fairfield any shopping complex off of 80 as well as pittman road. now they're what's happened is there was an employee working nearby and that shopping center and he noticed a pregnant woman outside who looked like she was in pain he saw her walk past a business multiple times. so he called police. now that's when officers arrived on scene they actually found 2 newborns abandoned behind a dumpster as we know one didn't make it the other hanging on for its life as i
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mentioned that baby is now at a nearby hospital and is in stable condition. now during this time the mother nowhere to be found. officers later found the woman on central place in fairfield another employee who works nearby had mentioned they had seen this woman before and this was just a very bizarre situation. >>one day she on the bench and just talking to yourself i guess and it that's when one might please know she was pregnant. which i don't know that i'd even notice it last night when she was walking down the building. >>now police have so far detained the woman and she is in the hospital receiving care right now and right now it's also unclear of what led up to having these babies the left in the dumpster, this is still under investigation. reporting live here in fairfield christina tetreault kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you christina now let's get back to the latest in the wake of the gilroy shooting at the garlic
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festival it turns out that that's going to be an active crime scene for days from force will tread actually out there right now where the fbi will you say is going to be there for at least a few more days collecting >>at least through thursday and they have proof why they need to shut it down because over the past couple of days, james, and area because they preserve this scene there were able to remove a bag near the creek area, full of ammunition that they say belong to send tino leg and so they don't know if there's more evidence but they obviously can't rule it out and they've already said this area is even bigger than they thought which is why they continue to get help from many law enforcement agencies and this area still shut down. let me show you a picture of the gunman 19 years old 17 oleg on. they say on sunday he cut through some fencing bypass the metal detectors came in there with an assault rifle that he bought legally
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from nevada burst on to the scene and opened fire on the unsuspecting people at the garlic festival killing 3 injuring at least 12 others over the past couple of days, they have been able along wath that bag that they recovered. they also went through his car about a mile and a half from this location and inside that car. they were able to locate a shock and that he also legally purchased in nevada. they're still looking into a possible motive. they i don't know how heavily influenced he was with white supremacy ideology because the days before the mass shooting he posted on instagram very popular manifesto that said might is right and that's very popular with neo-nazis. so because he's not around anymore because the deputies diffuse the situation only armed with handguns versus his assault rifle. they were able to take him down and kill him. they cannot interrogate him which is why what he did on his phone and social media are so important.
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>>we've got we've got to get into the computers, the towers and thumb drives the phone to get a holistic picture of of him who he who he was in touch b with what sentiments and thoughts he shared with others or his catalog for his own consumption. >>ok so let's talk about a possible second suspect they have not ruled it out yet. but late yesterday afternoon they held a news conference and they did say before he arrived at the festival. he visited many shops in the area and they were able to get their hands on those videos and they say each time that they did spot him in the video. he was alone so they strongly leaning towards possibly not a second suspect, but so far they have not ruled that out yet guys in the meantime they're still trying to work with the public a lot of people are still asking when can i get my car. many of those cars are still there and according to the gilroy police department they're slowly but surely working with those car owners
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to retrieve their cars. back to you. thank you very much wealth. >>6 o 6 a candlelight vigil was held at to empower academy in san jose to remember one of the shooting victims, 13 year-old kayla salazar she was one of the 3 young people whose lives were taken by that shooter at the festival her on kathy describes kayla as a positive beam of light in her family and you can see they're all the people who came out to honor her at the school that she had recently graduated from 13 years old she would have turned 14 on this sunday. the staff says she was so involves a curious student who wanted to be some day in animation artists when she grew up. >>we wanted to be here because we think it's important that the community knows who can that is and how important she is friends. >>and the family is grieving as you can see that they are
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so thankful for the support of the community there's a go fund me page so far it's raised $60,000 and we have links on our web site. if you'd like to help and then there's the family of 6 year-old stephen romero. he was the youngest victim who was killed at gilroy festival and his mother and grandfather. grandmother that is were wounded. his other grandmother described him as a loving boy who was always kind happy and playful his cousin could barely even talk about the loss. >>and then when my mom told me that my steve it. well as with my cousins, my mom was in the hospital. so his mother and. >>toma the plane is a he has
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so i convinced show so hard that stephen we still live kicking. >>so many lives affected by this shooting and there are places to turn to. you can go to our website we've got all the information about for example, the emotional support that's available for anybody who is having a hard time like these families and so many others getting over this tragedy go to our website. we've got some great links and information there for you. >>6 o 9 is the time and if presidential candidates want to get on california's primary ballot that will have to release their tax returns first governor gavin newsome just signed the measure into law on basically means that anyone running for president must release their 5 most recent tax returns in order to get on california ballots. president trump is you know has refused to release his own tax returns the white house has already come out to say this new law is
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unconstitutional fight it. the new law does not apply though to the general election again it's just to california's primary election. happening tonight by the way it is going to be a second night of the democratic primary debates. it's a chance for voters to see a rematch between former vice president joe biden and california senator kamala harris. in round one last night 2 of the top candidates had to defend their progressive agenda against more moderate candidates, kristen holmes has some of the highlights. >>as the debate stage 3 set for round 2 the ideological divide within the democratic party is on full i wrote bill. >>leading liberal senators, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren attack for the progressive positions, this is an example of wish list economics this notion that you're going to take. >>private insurance away from a 180 million americans live law fedex election to donald trump we are the democrats we are not about trying to take away health care from any
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want. >>one of the state to access experience in the healthcare business with all due respect i don't think my colleagues understand the business cop shot just great. >>we are more worried about winning an argument than winning an election. >>i was wonder why are democrats you seem to think there's something wrong. >>the generational divide also highlighted but do think it matters that we have a new generation of leaders stepping up around the world as candidates tout ways to defeat president trump. there's a new battleground state texas tonight and more candidates sharing the stage. the big draw former vice president joe biden are facing off against senator kamala harris. their clash over race became the most closely watched moment of last month's debate and tonight their rematch is set on center stage in detroit, i'm kristen holmes reporting. >>and we will have much more on the debates tonight in inside barry politics hosted by our own catherine hand and you can catch that show it's
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streaming on our new app kron on which airs at 11 oh 5 saturdays and sundays. >>6.11 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, closing arguments still underway. in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland the jury could get the case soon and a new warning from police hidden cameras found in air bnb again you might start worrying will tell you what to look out for and one 4th of food delivery drivers admit to tasting your food. >>before handing it over to you at your door. >>it's not good. but at least your forecast as we are your forecast as we are looking at some c buttermoh manscuits now we're talking
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>>the teachers been nice lately. yeah we had a good past couple of days after a warm weekend. and now we're in for another nice day just more of the same exactly going to talk about some good weather for the last day of the month. we do have some warmer conditions around the corner to see kind of enjoy it just as you should enjoy the sunrise what a nice start the day. >>yeah you can see mount diablo out there in the distance behind the sun rising over the horizon. sunshine is something we're going to get more and more of later today. yeah, not so much just yet for san francisco and a few other spots right on the bay though the low lying cloud cover hanging out just overhead, san jose is looking also a nice
6:16 am
and clear compared to areas further to the north such as the east bay, which is you can see is still shrouded in some low lying cloud cover cloud cover is it going to stick around as long today you're going to get a dose of sunshine a little bit sooner than what we did see for your tuesday. high pressure in the same spot as it was yesterday and the weather pattern that we're witnessing pretty similar to yesterday's temperatures today just a touch warmer part of the reason for that little less cloud cover to hold those temperatures down 50's and 60's in san francisco as well as in coastal areas where a little bit more sunshine is going to be seen today then for yesterday redwood city and saying carlos just shy of 80 today with mountain view as well as a few spots in the south bay. now working their way back into the low 80's as compared to yesterday's upper 70's in cupertino sonny bill santa clara milpitas dublin also is in the upper 70's yesterday today you'll be at 83 degrees while hayward union city on a throw clinton the 70's concord will be one of
6:17 am
our warmer spots up to 88 still not get into the 90's nor will vacaville in pittsburgh. although getting very close to both of these areas. the amid 70 for you also in the 70's mill valley at 74 degrees today. so been talking about how today's weather pretty similar to yesterday but a slightly warmer one tomorrow and friday we ease off the heat a little bit a couple more comfortable days. back into the low 80's inland with 70's 60's by the day that's something that won't change into the weekend what we will see changing this weekend is our inland highs on the rise again back into the low 90's for saturday sunday and on into next week. so enjoy the 80's. well we've got a a slightly warmer forecast is just around the corner. robert. >>thank you john we're checking in on the richmond sandra fell bridge you're back up here on 5 of westbound leading up to the toll plaza. it's going back to richmond parkway so that's where it's going to start coming to a crawl that continues right through the tolls and then after that you get a break and
6:18 am
it's a great drive across the span. we're checking the bay bridge traffic it has not been doubt it will not anytime soon. it's backed up in heavily be on west grand sometimes spilling back to the bottom of the maze, but this is the norm at 60 minutes off to fremont street, here's a trouble spot. i talked about this earlier, but we have more lanes blocked its a south san francisco, north want to want to grant a box truck off the road flipped over on its side. now that emergency crews have arrived here 2 right lanes are blocked, so expect a backup just be on 3.80 in san bruno leading up to the scene but after that a great trip continuing north to san francisco. so just that one little hiccup your northbound one oh one commute highway 4.22 minutes antioch to concord and normal drive times for 6.80 the nimitz and one oh one james. >>all right. thank you rob and happening today, prosecutors will present their rebuttal closing argument in the go ship fire trial in oakland. derick and max harris are both facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each of the people
6:19 am
who died that attended that music festival to warehouse back in december 2016. yesterday, the defense attorney for max harris led off closing arguments. curtis briggs told the jury that his client was a young college student when he moved into the ghost ship warehouse and that is names know are on the lease and that he didn't design the go ship nor did he designed the stairs the caught fire. briggs says that arson is the possible cause that the jury should consider since the origin really isn't determined. he told the jury that if our son is a possibility it will then they must find his client innocent. >>a pennsylvania man says said that it was shocking to find cameras. >>in his air bnb rental in maine. take a look at the cameras that they found hidden in bathrooms and bedrooms and what part of that is a camera look that looks like a charger that looks like a charge secures we're facing toilets showers in the bedrooms his 2 teenagers were saying the end
6:20 am
these are all the different disguises a phone charger i would think to look for that we've seen james instances where it's like a smoke detector looking and you could see like a little red light flashing but these i'm bill. >>what do they look at. that's one there a 26 year-old man has been arrested for this. so they say if you're ever staying in air bnb. we keep telling you to double check things. and you know a look at anything thpt has a blinking light or like it pinhole in something that's a dead giveaway crazy is that that we're living with his world of my father and all actually went online and got a. >>it's like it's a detector we can go around to see if anything's transmitting you can. screens the hotel room because we're living in an age now we don't know what's runs may day so you can divine one about maybe that do because i couldn't tell what that phone charger thought it was crazy
6:21 am
but like that seems so paranoid that hearing about this more and more. >>any with anything call will be in a fancy resort place where honeymooners and they want to get all maine. be yeah. also in the news, we have people who like history with that, i well may want to reconsider. and just go into the restaurant instead because it turns out about a quarter of the drivers who drive for these dirt delivery apps to taste your food one in 4 drivers taste your food before he that he or she handed over to munich and one in 4 has the story. wolf. >>if you ever felt like a couple of fries or nuggets were missing from your order you may be right that sit you serious has a recent study conducted by the us foods distributing company found one in 4 delivery service couriers admit to munching on an order and those are just the ones who admitted my got really. >>ok that's scary that's
6:22 am
really gross. >>i >>had no idea almost 500 drivers from popular delivery apps including uber eats from pub doordash and postmates were surveyed not only do so many drivers admit to sneaking it haste but 21% of customers suspected it. >>half of the drivers surveyed say they've intensified the smell of the food, they're delivering but i'm not only 28% actually dug in. >>i may have to tell them get that hungary, let me buy you a male and yuli mine alone. >>while the study shocked many app users, one app earlier was not surprised that son just graduated it was like a win that prize. >>1ot a couple of cries of take i don't know how to control that. >>but gonzalez says he would never i've always considered imagine this was me getting my food. >>what i want somebody is dirty fingers. wagenen there been we don't touch the food
6:23 am
and i'm supposed to be eating the same study found that 85% of customers would like to see tamper evident seals on the food. >>to prevent drivers from digging in we reached out to the tp's named in the study with no response. >>again that was nina couple report customers are not the only ones complaining about this. a study revealed 60% of delivery drivers say they receive little or no tip so maybe they're taking an extra fry as their tip which come on. i like that idea of this the temple prove stickers. seal the bag and yeah. it hasn't been fooled within the and that's tamper proof there's always something i guess, but yet one layer. >>is better than layers of say look at that broke the seal okay, 6 23 is the time. it's charged with assault because of a dodge ball game would have and we'll hear from his covergirl trublend matte made foundation
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>>national headlines now 10 year-old boy has been charged with assaulting another boy during a game of dodge ball. the kids are playing dodge ball at their elementary school in michigan and it ended with one of the boys getting seriously hurt. the injured. boy's mother says her son has a rare medical condition making head injuries, especially dangerous. and she's pressing charges saying the other students threw the ball at her son's face on purpose. the mother of the boy being charged as her son knew nothing about the other boy's condition. >>this is a kid that was playing on the playground with this france, i'm unaware of any of those situations, sorry that her child to her. abby
6:27 am
sorry for any child that got hurt he sustained a facial tissue damage to his face and a black eye and a bruise know we tried not want to get to this point. >>the case will now go before a judge in juvenile court today. >>on the heels of the gilroy garlic festival shooting many people are concerned about safety and security and big bay area
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we're look at weather and traffic it's still pretty early but pretty pass. >>ye you're absolutely right. it's packed at the bay bridge impact on one oh one because we have an overturn accident all check one north from the peninsula to san francisco. okay that john shared a really beautiful sunrise shot not too long ago still some clouds out there still a few clouds so if you want to see the sun rise to get >>such as from the center tor right here would look at that it's nice bright once you head above those clouds that are hanging out across much of the bay area this morning. something about those clouds were not blocking your visibility because they're actually not making contact with much of the day so you'll be fine and or drive into wo, they're not going to last for as long as yesterday's as well you're going to see sunshine a little bit earlier for some of our spots that are still on the greater side and under those sunny skies temperatures are going to be a little bit warmer than they were yesterday a little bit as your keyword here though not a big difference. 60's out along the coast 70's by the bay and some mid to even just a few upper
6:31 am
80's for inland spots today. i'm talk in a warmer weekend just around the corner still to count. robert. >>thank you john off to the golden gate we are tracking your drive on highway one oh one and it's a smooth one from the north bay to san francisco. we have some folks coming in it's getting a little busy but it's not bad and the overall smooth and quiet on city streets too 20 minutes nevado to the tolls now the bay bridge traffic 80 west does not look like the golden gate in his path act here crawling from west grand and stretches after fremont street, it's 17 minutes and then the only trouble spot that i have is north on one oh one and grand this is where a truck ran off the road flipped over the 2 right lanes blocked by emergency crews and. >>that's causing a little bit of a backup from sfo, so that's something to keep in mind. >>if you plan on traveling to or from or by sfo right after the crash. it does get better and it looks great continuing to san francisco. so 7 minutes from brisbane to 80 2.80 only 10 minutes daly city to downtown are you thanks a lot
6:32 am
big story that we're following this morning the site of the giller gilroy garlic festival shooting. >>that whole area is going to remain off limits because it's a crime scene for several days. yeah, that was something kron four's will tran discovered is news in his talks with the fbi. >>earlier this week, so we'll be out there for a while well. >>at least through thursday possibly through the end of the week because they still need to gather evidence and it is working because they preserve this scene they were able to go along the creek side and over the past couple of days. they were able to remove a bag which they say was full of ammunition that belong to the shooter. here's his picture sent o'neill let god on sunday, according to investigators he cut through offense. so he bypassed the metal detectors he went into the festival armed with an assault rifle and started firing at people killing 3 people injuring at least 12 others over the past couple of
6:33 am
days, the investigation has been here as well as a mile and a half from this location because on that on monday evening. they went into his car parked about a mile and a half from the festival remove the car went inside and they were able to find a shotgun which they say the gun legally bought in nevada, so they believe now they have both of his weapons. they also are looking into a possible motive yes, they do know that he released research on some white white supremacy influence, including posted some things on instagram that said might is right which is in 1890 manifesto very popular with neo-nazis but at this point they don't believe that he shot at anybody in particular that he was a random he wasn't going after a particular race. so they don't believe it was a white supremacy or domestic terrorism at this point but they still need to look at his cell phone what he did on social media look at all those footprints to try to get a
6:34 am
better picture to try to get into his head because unfortunately the deputies shot and killed him and unfortunately they could not interrogate him and that's why all this background work is so important as far as the scene here. yes, it is being controlled by local law enforcement, including the fbi and atf. but a lot of people over the past several days they've been wondering if they can remove the car and according to the gilroy police department they're working with him slowly but surely to try to get those people back inside to remove their cars and you could see this is pretty much frozen in time on the left side of screen. all of those cars. they need this area to to try to pinpoint whether or not there was a second suspect. they did look at video from nearby stories in each time they looked at the video. they said that legan walked in there by himself, so they strongly believing that he acted alone, but so far they have now ruled out a possible second suspect james darya.
6:35 am
>>all right, thank you very much. we'll of course will have continuing coverage of this investigation into the gilroy garlic festival shooting throughout our broadcast this morning and throughout the day as well and if there are any alerts any updates that we need to send your way make sure that you can receive those by downloading the kron 4 app kron on dot tv or visiting a website kron 4 dot com since the shooting there's been a lot of renewed concerns about security at. >>high profile events in the bay area of the santa clara county fair by the way kicks off tomorrow we have outside lands in san francisco next week. and so security is top of mind for a lot of people to kron 4 sarah stinson standing by golden gate park with more on the story, this is nothing new so the question or will they do anything new for security. >>you know, we're still waiting to hear back from a san francisco police about whether or not they're going to do anything new but i will say that i'm here golden gate park they're already starting to close. bits and pieces of it so that they can seup and they have a multiple security guards already here they're already patrolling the area
6:36 am
which is good to see because one of the main concerns for a lot of people who do go to these larger festivals including outside lands which sees upwards of 200,000 people is just perimeter security as we know from the hill of the gilroy garlic festival someone broke in. you know they have those metal detectors with someone broke into the side. so up to big concern for people but they're already have people going around the perimeter making sure then keep an eye on the area but one of the first events that we have coming up in the bay area is the santa clara county fair. the same county gill gilroy's in santa clara county. so it has a lot of people in that area just concerned i mean it's just on the heels of the garlic festival shooting so many people are just apprehensive and nervous to attend another largely attended festival. thousands of people to go to the santa clara county fair and we do know that they will have more security at the at
6:37 am
at the fair and they plan on making sure that they. have the santa clara county sheriff's office handling that making sure everyone feel safe going to the fair obviously people are in need of a good time and they don't want to have to worry. >>about their safety or security and then again going back to outside lands kissed and clair county fairs this weekend starts tomorrow and then the following weekend we have outside lands in of golden gate park that starts august 9th. many people are wondering how san francisco police are going to ensure the safety. hundreds of thousands of people going to the festival. we know that this is the festival has a lot of metal detectors there's a lot of rules and what you can and cannot bring in what kind of bag you can bring him in there's tons of rules. but again it goes back to the fact that you know at the garlic festival. there was that type of security but someone broke into the perimeter of the festival and we'll meet park is sold big, i mean, i'm standing in front of just one
6:38 am
of the spots where they have to they're going to close it today and that's because they need to take the time to start setting up, i mean huge festival so we're hoping to hear back from sfpd this morning see if they have anything new they plan on doing anything they can tell us to reassure people as they look forward to such a fun festival for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you sarah. >>and this morning 6.38 there's a disturbing story we're following in the north a newborn twins found near a dumpster in fairfield one of those babies sadly has passed the others still in the hospital fighting for its life and crawford's christie that hatred joining us live from the area with the very latest on the investigation, christina. >>now though one of those small newborns did. some very good news about the second we are hearing that that second newborn is in stable condition in the hospital now very bizarre story here at all happened are up between 4 and 4 30 yesterday afternoon here in fairfield at a shopping
6:39 am
center just off of 80 as well as pittman road and was actually just right next to the skandia fun center again here in fairfield now what happened was an employee at a nearby business in that shopping center notice, a pregnant woman walking by multiple times who seemed like she was in a lot of pain that employee then called the police when officers arrived they found 2 newborns abandoned behind the dumpster. one didn't make it the other hanging on for its life that baby is now at a nearby hospital and in stable condition as we have mentioned now during this time the mother was nowhere to be found. officers later on found the woman on central palace in fairfield another woman has not been arrested, but she is she has been detained by police and is currently receiving medical help at a hospital and right now there's it's also unclear what happened leading up to these 2 newborns being abandoned in the dumpster, this is still very much under investigation. reporting live here in
6:40 am
fairfield christina teatro kron 4 news all right, thank you very much. christine a time is 6.39 and new this morning in the south bay, a man is arrested accused of trying to meet with a 12 year-old boy 4 secs. >>police arrested roman adn that after the victim's mother called the police and said that her son was talking with a man online and she was concerned about it so undercover officers, arrange a meeting and this is who showed up and then during their vestigation they found child-porn in his possession. time now 6.40. more about one of the teenagers involved in the stabbing death of an officer, a police officer in rome, italy. there is this video and you can see finnegan elder and gabriel christian naturally, yours, running down a street in rome with a backpack that they just stolen from a drug dealer. and you can see them there that drug deal went wrong long somehow an it turns out the person his backpack that was called the cops. and then undercover cops
6:41 am
showed up the teens say they didn't know was showing up and that is when one of them ended up stabbing who they thought was an attacker was actually a police officer and it was elder, who was stabbing him 11 times he stabbed officer, mario reda and then the boys took off and the knife was hidden in their hotel room in the ceiling. his elders uncle says that the boy participated in organized fight. back when he was in high school. although one of his neighbors says that he thought it was a good kid. >>personally i think there's more to this story. >>none of us knows none of us knows. >>and naturally, yours graduated from mount town pious high school in 2018. >>time now 6.41 will take and lawmakers are renewing talks
6:42 am
about improving conditions for migrants are being held at border facilities and 2 sides of the border playing together in a moment of unity. have the seesaws have a bay area connection to scene has been will explain that plus the baseball trade deadline is just hours away. mad bomb is he still with the giants will find out we'll have team highlights from the game against the phillies last night and a look outside shows temperatures in the 50's and 60's right now not a bad start to the morning. i've got your afternoon forecast still to come. >>and i'm tracking a flow roll into san francisco are checking out 80 the backup here the toll plaza, spilling back we on west grand just about through the maze 17 minutes off to shopping for backpacks...
6:43 am
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>>at 6.45 and we've got nice weather continuing here in the bay >>and that's the talk about it just keep it around a little bit longer because we warm up eventually. we do yeah that into the weekend next week won't be quite as warm as this weekend though, so that's also nice to know right yeah, i think we can handle some 90's after the triple digits least for the meantime it's 80's this afternoon for a few spots and 60's out along the coast as you can see san francisco is already starting to see cloud cover breaking one of the reasons that temperatures today will be just couple of degrees warmer than yesterday is because we're going to have less cloud cover even as we speak right now you're starting to see depart parting
6:46 am
ways in san francisco. a san jose sitting under some pretty favorable skies. it was overcast in san jose yesterday at this time while mount diablo in the rest of the east bay, pleasant hill walnut creek and concord are already under all that sunshine something that's going to stay around well into the afternoon, high pressure still sitting in the same place it was yesterday and we're still for the most part stuck here in the cal fire, the northern part of california with a nice coastal influence at least now a little bit closer to the coast which is those of us in the bay area, experiencing temperatures ranging from the 60's to 80's that comfortable range of numbers which is seasonable and certainly which is not a bad place to be for the 3rd day in a row, mid 70's in as well as burlingame saying carlos in redwood city each in the upper 70's while returning to the low 80's for areas in the south bay like santa clara sunnyvale and cupertino as well as the east bay in dublin where you are at 79 yesterday today, 83 degrees not much of a difference but
6:47 am
just a touch warmer, oakland 72 wall conquered on up to pittsburgh and eventually up to vacaville, some of our warmest areas right up next to the 90 degree mark not quite getting there today sandra fell and nevado and the low 80's for your highs today today into tomorrow and friday not a whole lot of change here tomorrow and friday will be subtly cooler than today though, and then comes that warm up saturday sunday monday and tuesday of next week as well all back in the low 90's for inland areas, not as warm as this past weekend. but warmer than the past few days have been robin thank you john the 70 oh bridge westbound 92 very very slow here west of the toll plaza to the high rise for putting it at 18 minutes still not a bad drive time overall. >>but as you can see you are going to be stuck in traffic if you are about to use it we're checking the bay bridge 80 wesson things have not changed year still quite slow hear from to 15 minutes to make it in it does get better on the suspension. the heavy stuff on the oakland side here behind the toll plaza you
6:48 am
don't have to worry about that if you're carpooling you get to zoom right on through and these folks the cash fares in the fast track or say look at you, they're just a little jealous that you're getting through faster. one on one we're still tracking this overturned here northbound want to want grand avenue. this is where a truck ran off the road and flipped over so. crews are still dealing with that your 2 right lanes are blocked no singular issue for this but look at your back up. it's all the way back to sfo so from sfo up to grand you're sitting in traffic at after grand it's wide open continuing through south san francisco brisbane and on to downtown san francisco. shore 20 minutes from crockett to oakland and the nimitz 12 minutes, not bad from to 38 to downtown oakland back to you. >>thanks a lot robin 06:40am national headlines. the debate on the border crisis continues in washington d c senators want to know what congress and immigration officials need to do to improve the conditions for the migrants at the border kron four's washington correspondent anna werner key has the latest.
6:49 am
>>to boost and raise your right hand before acting customs and border protection commissioner more morgan was even sworn demonstrators with signs that read close the camps stood up to protest the demonizing of the law enforcement professionals must stop morgan immediately fought back telling senators the way border. patrol officers are being treated is unfair to men and women of cbp are not running concentration camps, making those in our custody drink from toilets. nor denying them access to toothbrushes that is simply not true. but democrats on the committee say it's the migrants who need to be treated better. >>it is impossible to ignore the reports and the images, new hampshire, democrat maggie hassan says recent allegations against border, patrol officers are especially concerning these allegations include the sexual-assault of an under-age migrant the attempt to humiliate a migrant by forcing him to wear a sign that says quote i like men there may be some instances or
6:50 am
maybe a few bad apples wisconsin republican senator ron johnson acknowledges there are problems but urged his fellow senators to maintain persctive. i asked my colleagues asked anybody criticizing the conditions down there. how would you handle. 4,652 people a day. wake up the next day in hand another 4,652 people johnson says congress needs to stop attacking border patrol and start helping them by sending more resources money and man power to deal with the influx of migrants crossing into the us. in washington, i'm in a warning came >>we listen to them argue about both sides of the aisle how about watching them seesaw on both sides of the wall. >>here at the fence at the border in some part new mexico. actually have see sauce. >>2 professors from u c berkeley and san jose state university actually came up with this idea looking from overhead is that we're funny sad whatever you want to view us. they thought about this in
6:51 am
2009. they thought about this into that. >>and now a decade later there it actually is seesaws at the border. an instagram post says that the event was filled with joy excitement and to gather this at the border wall. >>all right now bay area baseball will start with the a's. they were hosting the walkie brewers at the coliseum why go to the bottom of the 8th pick up the action there were chris davis is at the plate and their hits one down the left field line that was a solo home run and that gave the a's the lead sounded great but the brewers would come back. >>and it was high the game sending it into the 10th inning matt olson at the plate mean it's up almost center field and that's a walk-off homerun a's with the win 3 to 2 the final score 2 teams will play again tonight at 7 o'clock. right now the giants the trade deadline is today that 1 o'clock and as of this morning. >>madison bumgarner still on the giants roster. last night
6:52 am
the team was on the road taking on the phillies we'll also pick it up at the top of the 8th, stephen voight hitting a solo home run here the giants try to catch up to the phillies but they just because. >>walking away with this one for the 2 the final the giants are 2 and a half games back for the second wild-card spot. they take on the phillies again today at 4 o'clock is this. >>here's a quick check of the big board this morning as we're about little more than 20 minutes into the trading day, the markets, positive not by much but the positive the dow trading up about 67 points right now we'll keep an eye on the numbers for you. we'll take a quick break it's 6.52 right now, but coming up at 7 o'clock we're going to take you to the active shooter training, it's giving first responders practice. >>in cases where another mass shooting might happen here in the bay area will test will tell you what they did. now take you along for the ride. co
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
7 o'clock now a look outside shows clear skies again over son all this morning, something you also saw yesterday but what we're not seeing as much. >>is the cloud cover down below already breaking apart across most of the bay and this means a little bit more sunshine a little bit earlier on current temperatures are in the 50's and 60's oand you've held at 60 all morning long wall most other parts that they have fallen into a range of mid to upper 50's cool enough for a light jacket this morning as most of us are just a touch cooler than yesterday at this time. this
6:56 am
afternoon though we're actually going to be just the opposite a touch warmer than yesterday for your daytime highs. rob. >>a busy commute into san francisco right now with a lot of heavy traffic for the cash for years and the fast trackers are all sitting in traffic here from the oakland maze, so it's going to be busy heading into san francisco right now if you need to use a t just know that it's backed up on to all connectors and then i still have this overturn. a truck on its side north one wanted grand the 2 right lanes are blocked. so do expect some heavy traffic from sfo leading up to the scene but after tha's widopen to san francisco only 7 minutes from brisbane to the 80 split james. >>all right. thank you robin coming up in the next hour to newborn babies found near a dumpster. the mother is now in police custody will have an update on the condition of those children and investigators are still searching for a motive in the gilroy garlic festival shooting will be live at te scene with the latest. in just a minute and after the break it was the second round of the democratic primary debates will have highlights from night one coming up. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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7:00 am
still tracking an overturn on the peninsula. so check one on one and we'll check to pay for it ok and we're looking at some clouds now in what later, yeah, clouds and then sunshine later something we got used to this month and it's the last day of the month. so why not finish it. >>all of the way we started it. a few clouds a filtering in across the bay this morning, although they are breaking apart even sooner than what we saw yesterday which means more sunshine earlier on you'll see that retreat mid morning and then plenty of sunshine by noontime today, even out at the coast a dose of it something that didn't happen so much yesterday as our coastal areas remained pretty foggy this morning temperatures are in the 50's and 60's for the most part 50's to start later on today just a touch warmer of an afternoon they're going to have a few more areas back up into the 80's than what we saw for your tuesday. this is the head of warming temperatures into the weekend that will bring us back into the 90's for se get to that. still ahead robert thank you john a little bit of an opening fo


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