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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 30, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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simone biles' brother charged with triple homicide. the olympic hero speaks out. then -- there are so many people who bombarded the stage. >> john travolta on his mtv vma's mixup. then -- "dancing with the stars" new look. jessica biel's last screen test. and -- arnold is back! >> i can see you're very upset. >> is this what "e.t." and terminator have in common -- they're lentless this is "entertainment tonight" welcome to new york. the greatest gymnast in the world simone biles is known for her mental toughness and she's drawing on that today because her brother has been charged with multiple counts of murder. >> i felt like a tornado of emotions. >> "eating my feelings don't talk to me," that's what the
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22-year-old olympic phenom twiested yesterday after the arrest of her brother tevin biles-thomas on felony charges including murder in the shooting deaths of three men at a new year's eve party in cleveland, ohio, earlier this year. simone and her only brother's last post together was in 2017, the same year she competed on "dancing with the stars" and got emotional revealing their tough upbringing. >> it's been very hard because i block a lot of things out, s >> removed from their mother's home, simone, her brother and two siblings were placed in foster care before being raised by different relatives. simone was adopted by her grandpa, who she calls "dad." >> i said you not going to steal my heart. she did, she did. >> i've never heard my dad say stuff like that. >> oh-oh ho-ho. >> biles just made history, becoming the first woman to land this crazy move at the u.s. women's gymnastic championships
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earlier this month. >> i was waiting for you to smile at some of the compliments. she actually credits tevin an army soldier for bringing out her goofy side. >> most of the times i try to bottle up my emotions. i hate crying. i hate it. so i bottle all of thatened i finally have a mental bleakdown and i can't stop crying. >> tevin remains in custody and waiting for extradition to ohio for arraignment on september 13th. let's go back to monday night's mtv vmas and john travolta's crazy mixup that went completely viral. everyone's buzzing about the moment he seemed to mistake a drag queen for taylor swift. but john says, it's not how it looks. >> taylor swift! >> there were so many people that bombarded the stage that i was looking for her. so the video has me looking, trying to find her, and you know, i thought it was so funny
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the way it was interpreted, and it was cool, i didn't care. >> travolta is laughing off the whole "taylor/drag queen" mixup. he says he was in on the joke, and his only regret? not taking it further. >> sometimes i fantasize what if i had given it to her? that would have been awesome, i should have just gone all the way with it. >> she said he's used to the scrutiny. >> if i shave my head it's headlines. if i mispronounce something, that's headlines. my whole life -- it's the liz taylor club. you wear a different dress, you wear a different hairstyle. you're headlines news. >> so what did taylor think? taylor pal, todrick hall, said it was cool. >> john looks at the bright side. >> look, we're in pretty good
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shape on any given day that kind of thing makes headlines that means at least for today there's no bad news. >> there were no confusion when the jo bros won their vma award. could nick be leaving his brothers to start a band with mariah carey? mariah posted on instagram that there's a new band in town. priyanka, nick and mariah. >> i'm down. if mariah wants to start the band, i'm for it. priyanka went to her show in london. she had the best time and we were randomly at the same restaurant as mariah and unfortunately, she couldn't come to the show tonight because she had her own show. but in vegas we're going to go see mariah. it's going to be fun. >> the guys played madison square garden last night. sophie and priyanka delivered some serious style in coordinated blazer looks. we love seeing, shie doing the fangirl reach for
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hubby joe during the show, but we were there for the launch of his new tequila brand. >> is priyanka a tequila drinker? do you have a shot off with her? >> she's tried it all. she was there actually the first time we went to our tequila farm big part of the process.was a the fact that she's here tonight and that was drinking with us is a special thing. ♪ >> our favorite moment of the night has to be this viral moment of jay z without beyonce rocking out in the vip section. what do you think of that? >> he wrote me and said, i'm coming tonight, i can't wait. the fact that he was there supporting during year 3000 is kind of a scenario i never thought would happen. >> i think i just fell more love in jay z when he was bopping out with his little head and priyanka standing by. how much would i love to see priyanka or sophie on "dancing with the stars"?
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meanwhile, the new batch of stars posed for their first group photo and the first thing you kind of notice -- this is like nothing "dancing" has ever done before. >> a paneled wall. velvet sofa. and the celebs looking all business. yeah, this cast pic is giving us more boardroom than ballroom vibes. we're thinking "the apprentice," "suits," "shark tank" or even this "lion king" cast photo. in which beyonce was infamously photoshopped into. so why such a different vibe this season? a source tells us production wanted to do a photo shoot that was "beautiful and sexy." plus, the set got a makeover and you can expect to see lots >> i met my partner today. >> earlier this week, the celebs started rehearsals. in a any twist fans will have to wait until the premiere to find out what pros the celebs are paired with. >> it's so much fun.
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>> yeah, we can't wait to see 65-year-old uptown girl get down in the ballroom and all of the celebs are already feeling the burn. >> that's showbiz. >> am i sore? yes. >> my feet literally hurt so badly. but we're working, working working. ♪ work work work work >> i can move to a rhythm. a little over 11,000 people showed up at madison square garden earlier this month for the star-studded red carpet and season 6 premiere of the starz hit "power." now the show officially returned sunday for its sixth and final season and it did not disappoint. the internet is still buzzing about the surprise death and new theme, the constant twist and turns are just one of the reasons "power" is on the "e.t." bingeworthy watch list. >> when we met, who did you think i was going to be? >> the biggest [ bleep ] drug dealer in new york city. >> a lot of drama and a lot of craziness.
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>> this is war. >> we push the limits, man. it's real life it happens every day. >> drugs, sex, revenge, and omari hardwick. fans live for him as ghost, one of new york's biggest drug dealers. >> i've been at airport just listening to headphones, just chilling and fans have come and literally sat on my lap. no introductions, just sat on my lap. >> yeah, this steamy show is so not safe for work. this is pretty much all we can show you, but you get the gist. >> i am pretty naked. pun intended, i am pretty naked as an actor. >> a scoop about how tasha prepared for her sex scenes -- you know i love to oil myself down and make sure i'm lacquered. >> "power" is the most watched scripted series on premium cable this summer. 50 cent is an executive producer and plays a drug lord and spoiler, nobody is safe. >> we wanted to create a show that is as dangerous as the lifestyle.
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actually get knocked off on the there is no one that can't actually get knocked off on the show. >> all the backstabbing and switching sides will keep you on the edge of your seat. there's already a spinoff in the works with mary j. blige, and if you want to get caught up and binge the first five seasons, set aside two entire days. >> to our fans out there, the "power" fanatics, you guys are really passionate but we love you. >> take your xanax this season, you're going to need it. >> sometimes the power that you trust the most can turn on you with no warning. >> by the way, the season 6 premiere ranks as the second most watched cable drama opener of the year. at number one? oh, yeah. the little show called "game of thrones." "power" airs sunday nights on starz. coming up -- a very brady driving set. we're with barry williams looking for ride or die redemption. then -- it's a steamy j.a.g. reunion. behind the scenes of ncis: l.a. plus, jessica biel's cringe worthy lost screen ♪
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♪ let me take you all the way back to 2003, that's the year that the folks from "ncis" popped up on "j.a.g." so it was pretty cool when the
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j.a.g. stars, david james elliott and catherine bell joined "ncis:l.a." team last season, and guess what, they are back for the new season and we have your first look. >> mac, what's the plan? >> we're way past letting fate decide. >> it had been what 14 years and so it was like a comfortable old shoe, eventually i mean, you -- i was back. >> the big thing fans are looking out for? some hot hookups between david and catherine. >> you haven't changed. >> this is a difficult situation? >> their characters have been separated for quite some time. a lot of the fans that are familiar know that they had a little fling going. >> i tell you what i want most, is not to lose you. >> i promise no matter what happens you won't lose me. >> "e.t." was on the set of "j.a.g." back in 2001. david and catherine played military lawyers but it's their sexual tension that kept viewers hooked for nine seasons. >> really comfortable with each other. it doesn't feel weird or awkward
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at all. it's totally professional and it's just -- we're very close. it's nice. >> now, they'll get start to help ll cool j and chris o'donnell track down spies. >> we have information regarding missile attacks. >> those guys couldn't have been more welcoming and they were fun to play with and every day was just a joy. >> so, ne quowthtion is -- does this "j.a.g." reunion mean there could be a spinoff of a spinoff and "j.a.g." could come back? >> we're talking about it right now. season 111 of ncisl.a. kicks off on september 11th. essica biel's horror movie screen test. we were there after she won the role. plus, terminator, then and now. wait until you see who showed up at the judgment day premiere. >> i'm in state of shock. >> then, melissa joan hart in africa. her family's life-changing journey. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ if we leave this body here, then we're just going to get in a load of trouble. >> oh, no. not a load of trouble. jessica biel posted her screen test for 2003's "the texas chainsaw massacre," her audition was enough to ok the part. j.t.'s comment on the throwback? "god i love you." >> he's killing him, he's killing him. >> who's killing who?
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>> he's over there. he's over there. you got to help me. >> come along with me and i'll give you a tour of the hewitt house. >> "e.t." was on the set with then-20-year-old jessica as she shot the horror film in austin, texas. >> this is kind of a dream come true actually. i know that sounds so cheesy, but i've really always wanted to be an action star. >> did you know that the terminator franchise has generated over $1.8 billion worldwide and that quickly close $2 billion after the next installment dark fate. >> i can see you're very upset. >> what did it take to make you come back? >> 27 years. >> linda and arnold are together onscreen for the first time since 1991's "terminator 2: judgment day." it's also james cameron's first return to the franchise since directing the 1991 blockbuster, he's producing this one, and the
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terminator is finally going back to its r-rated roots. >> the definition of pg-13 is, as i understood it is, we only get to say the "f" word once. by the end of the week one, i had said it ten times and said this is never going to work. >> and you can't do sarah connor without the guns, literally and figuratively. >> it was disconcerting to go, okay, the first thing people are going to do is go, awe, she got old. awe, she doesn't look the same. but like i've moved so far past that. >> the 62-year-old actress trained for a year to get into shape. she honored the kick-butt character of terminator 2. >> free weights and a lot of aerobics, a good six mornings a week, two hours, three hours every day, and then in the afternoons i went and worked wi my ex, israeli commando. >> action! >> of course, "e.t." was on set
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with arnold as he shot one of the movie's big action scene. >> this is what "e.t." and "terminator" have in common, they're relentless. the movie industry will get to know a whole new dimensional of what it means to be successful at the box office. >> arnold was right -- it made more money than any other in 1991. grossing $520 million worldwide and it's a good thing it did at the time it was the most expensive film in history with a reported $102 million budget. >> you see the money's that spent and it's not wasted. it's good. it's worth it. >> "terminator 2"'s breakout star, 13-year-old edward furlong, showed up to the carpet arm in and arm with soleil moon frye. and arnold's date was then-wife maria shriver. >> right now, we're looking forward to our second baby, right? >> yeah. >> the premiere was a who's who of earlys hollywood, and everyone seemed to love the flick. >> i thought it was excellent,
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it was fantastic. >> everything about it is incredible. >> i'm blown away, i'm in a state of shock. >> arnold's my hero. >> the effects are incredible, good enough to make actors nervous. >> hasta la vista, baby. ♪ >> i remember that show like it was yesterday. we first met melissa joan hart as a teenager on nickelodeon's hit '90s sitcom "clarissa explains it all." the 43-year-old has kept her hollywood career going all while raising her three boys. well, melissa is a making her next big move a family one and "e.t." got the invite to join them in africa for a goodworks mission. >> hey, "e.t." it's melissa joan hart here with my husband mark and my son mason and we are in zambia and we are guests of worldvision, so thanks for joining us. >> well, i've wanted to go to africa since i was really little. >> then, i said this is a
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mission trip not a safari and what did you say? >> i want to go. >> he's like, i'm there, i'm doing it. >> this is your workout. whoa, you okay? >> the trio got right to work in this remote african village. melissa and her family have sponsored these three sisters, age 6 to 13. they also brought much-needed supplies for their entire village. >> we brought them toys and necessities, socks and food. the goats are the really big thing that makes a big change. so that they can then learn to farm and then teach others and share the goats. mason brought like five footballs and they taught the kids how to throw properly. >> i told mason, i wish you would look at me the way some of these kids look at me when i show you how to do something instead of just going, i got it, dad. >> one of the most powerful, yet heartbreaking moments was meeting this 3yearold girl maria. >> she had gone maybe the first year of her life with really bad nutrition and now she's 3 years old and is still the size of a 1yearold.
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she's starting to put on weight, like finally. but she's just not absorbing the nutrition and they're really worried about her and concerned about her. >> by making the trip to africa, melissa hopes others will be inspired to help those in need. >> you can sponsor a child or you can just send the family a goat. you can send a family a bicycle, so those girls can get to school or the mom can bring the crops into market. in our world it's not that much to make a huge difference in their lives. >> life changing. for more information on how you can help, go to all right, coming up -- greg brady back behind the wheel, will he finally get redemption for losing to marcia? kron-4 news at eight: a
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coast guardsman.. based out of the bay area ... killed while on patrol in a fellow shipmate is charged with his murderhow the coast guard is sponding.. .next in a live report. also - hurricane dorian is now
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a category four storm as it heads towards the florida coast.our chief meteorologist is tracking dorian's path...and will tell us when it's expected to make landfall and a heads-up for bart riders...a major construction project could affect your weekend travel plans. i'm catherine heenan i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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i got to beat marcia. do you remember when greg and marcia faced off on an obstacle course to see who was the best driver? it's one of the show's most iconic episodes, and let's just say the codidn't turn out so well for greg. so it's kind of shocking that barry williams was willing to give the course another try. in fact, he even gets a little cocky. check it out. have a great long weekend. here it is. >> it's not about your style in this competition. it's all about how close you get to the cone without knocking the egg off. >> this time, barry is facing off richard rawlings one of the stars of fast and loud for their very brady edition. >> it takes about 2 1/2 turns just to get it to tip around one direction or the other. >> back in the day, marcia won the egg-cellent challenge.
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>> we're both safe drivers. >> can barry pull it off this time? find out when the episode airs september 2nd. >> he is confident. >> he got it. oc :11 "members were from"
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(pam) an alameda based coast guardsman is charged with murder -- following a seven- month long investigation. good evening i'm pam moore. (catherine) and i'm catherine heenan. officials say the 19 year old was rested onase wednesday. he's accused of killing another seaman in january when the two were assigned to a cutter in alaska.


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