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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  September 2, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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the breaking news story, the james has been following this morning where there was a boat fire off the coast of southern california. we know that about 30 people were on that boat when it caught fire they looked like it exploded into flames and now we know that there are multiple fatalities on board that boat. this is according to bill nash, the ventura county p i o all he says is a big vote. and we have numerous fatalities. but he does not know exactly how many people have died in this boat. near santa cruz island off the coast of sata barbara. we have some pictures also from the ventura county fire department and you can see that boat just to rub it into flames here they're putting it out the coast guard is assisting. we do know that there have been other reports said some crew members. we're taken off alive and that they were helping with some other evacuations and some people are being rescued so that's why we're not sure as far as how many people were killed in
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this. again from the p i o he's saying that they need transport the bodies of the victims and figure out just how bad that is before they give us any more updates on this. but we do know it was a diving vessel. that was out with 30 people on board about 3 30 this morning. we're still gathering the information in getting more. throughout the morning. so we'll keep you posted when we find out more. as other breaking news that we're following this morning in the north bay, firefighters are fighting a big fire in a lumber yard and calm for sarah stinson is live in atlanta with more on the sarah. >>that's right. i'm live right outside of false or lumber yard and there's fire crews are still working on putting out the fire but they have definitely successfully knock down the flames, a one point the flames, we're huge that's what people are telling me an area take a look at this video you can see just helping those flames where you can see them from a distance people all around here wondering what had happened. but the fire was
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contained by firefighters to just about a 4th of the property. the fire broke out at this yard on sonoma boulevard fire crews say a fire broke out here in 2008 which completely destroyed the entire yard, so they're really. for the really glad they were able to contain it to a 4th of the yard. the cause is still being investigated of course, but they're still trying to put out some of those hot spots make sure it's fully contained because it is of course at a lumber yard so they can burn very fast and that's why they were very grateful. they're able to contain it quickly because sometimes can burn for hours and hours and just get worse and worse, but they were being able to really just knock it down and they're still doing that. it's extremely smoky here in the les i'm sure people are wondering all over the area whet's going on because it's very hazy very smoky. but we hope to learn a little bit more about this so stay tuned, we're going to had a little bit closer to the fire see how they're doing with knocking the rest of it down. for now
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live in the late show sarah stinson kron 4 news, thanks. a lot sarah. we'll check in with you later right now it's 7 o 2 lot of people have the day off. >>often check in with john and see what the weather is going to be like today, you know what a really good day to have the day off if you have sunscreen and some ac. >>oh >>it will make haitian yes trails like has been this at all. >>yeah it's been definitely hot this weekend. we had a little bit of an up and down last week but labor day kicked back into gear for sure and now today you are off to a clear start a comfortable start but definitely going to be very hot towards the afternoon for inland areas yet again it's going to be one of the hotter days of the week ahead. so after this there's something to look forward to timber on just one of many parts of the bay that is very clear this morning and is off to a nice golden start as the sun starts to rise over the horizon, you're seeing just a touch of fog out there along highway one if that's where you're headed this morning, half moon bay is going to have plenty of sunshine this afternoon with highs in the 70's out there after your
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morning in the 50's and half moon bay, 60's across most of the bay area, although pittsburgh are warm spot at 71 degrees to kick off this morning. so really nice way to get out there maybe get that jog in before all the family and friends come over for the barbecue this afternoon, i'm sure that's why many of you are up so early if you have to be on this labor day morning, 60's by the coast 70's by the bay, upper 80's to those 90's inland, so yeah, a lot like yesterday we're getting back into gear with that inland heat. more in your forecast is still to come rebecca. >>alright roadways have been a really quiet and calm. this morning of course because of the holiday too. we're definitely seeing it very lightly traveled getting into san francisco. it's going to be a breeze this morning if you're going to be a heading in that direction west man 80's problem free across the upper deck. there's no weight in the cash paying lanes by the pay gates. 8 minutes as a matter of fact out of the east bay trying to get to the fremont street exit in downtown. the san mateo bridge very lightly traveled here as well normally the right hand
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side of your screen is prett packed at this hour,ot the case today. only 11 minutes across the flat section and then over the high rise, it's going to be a nice trip over to foster city and connecting with the one on one so far i'll take the richmond sandra fell bridge and the golden gate coming up daria. >>thanks a at 7 oh 05:00am and the big story this morning. the search continues for a man who rammed a gate at oakland international airport and then ran from the scene kron four's will tran is live at the airport now with the latest good morning.el >>daria this all started with a traffic stop but he refused to pull over instead taking police officers on a chase through a security area let me step out of the way and walk you through exactly the area that we are talking about you see that gate right there right behind right now right in front of me there it is and they put the orange barricades up and they looks like they fix the gate, but it's not ually it slides open, but instead it is and this pickup
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truck driver will have to go through this location because the driver ram through the left side here kept going there's the runway off in the distance there. and then he just doesn't stop there. he takes off and then according to. the alameda county sheriff's department, the officers lost sight of him. let me show you video this all happened yesterday afternoon near the goes through the airport area on an access road you can see here's the terminal right next to a there's a waterway also next to it. they tried to stop him before he was able to leave the scene but instead he left the area and how do we know that because they actually had to bring in search docks. we know at some point he abandoned the vehicle and jumped out and fled on foot. >>we brought out a our dog. our dog was able to track that sent to the water line we step
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up security in and around the gates in the days that's all part of our our security that will be talking about. >>ok so daria you heard ray kelly talk about the water line there it is right there and off easley off in the distance there is the runway or one of the runways they believe they searched for hours and they said that they would search in the overnight hours but this is as far as i was able to go because it is a restricted area. i don't see any sheriff's department or any is searchers out here at this time so they might have called it off. but they believe that he possibly drowned in the water, so they never recovered his body you're able to find him on land, but they believe that he is from santa cruz county when they went through his pickup truck. they were able to find that air soft replica a firearm and it's going to take some time according to some of the workers here is going to take some time for them to fix this kate and get it back open which is why only the right side at this time is open
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coming or going, but you can see how highly restricted it is toria with that man had to jump out show his security badge and then and only then is that person allowed to go through. back to daryn ok. thanks a lot. well. >>7 oh 8 right now and let's give you the latest on hurricane dorian the first deaths has now been reported as a result of the hurricane which is a category 5 right now continuing to pummel the caribbean. millions of people along the southeastern us are preparing for dorian to hit later today and while they still don't know exactly what path. the storm is going to fall. they aren't taking any chances. people are being told to evacuate if they have not already left areas that are not under mandatory evacuation orders are under either a hurricane watch or a warning. >>don't know what the intestine to be but it's not going to give it get close to land a strength of this storm cannot be underestimated this is a serious storm, y'all and let's get ready for. >>this is a very serious hurricane.
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>>so they want people heed the warnings at last check drains wind speeds a 185 miles an hour that makes it the most powerful storm to ever hit the bahamas. another big story this morning we're continuing to learn more about the 7 people who were killed by a gunman in odessa texas on saturday and more than 20 other people were injured, including a 17 month-old baby west rappaport is in odessa with the latest. >>here in odessa. we're at the location where law enforcement took down the suspected gunman, some of the larger pieces of evidence still being processed at this point you know this community here in odessa is trying to find a way to heal amid all of the grief, they held a vigil we spoke to 3 young men who said they're fearful for their safety. they're worried about going outside. and they tell me they're terrified, it's something they never thought they'd say. as the permian
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basin greens, our community. there are times like news, some of the people in the accident. >>investigation continues into the night local state and federal authorities comb through evidence, including this mail truck which the gunman stole during a pursuit on the same thing. >>that the mail carrier was. near the most at the it has barely he ditched his car there then took them the us most of the people in individual gravitas the fbi says some of the same team members who were involved in the aftermath of the church shooting in sutherland springs, almost 2 years ago. >>are here in odessa connection to the fbi and s. >>the death of a lease. fortunately experience of work. >>ector county sheriff mike griffis says state leaders need to do more to deter people from committing crimes,
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somebody's got to be in fear of the consequences if they commit a that's fact and i hope i hope austin called me it's so darned sure get my opinion we have a sense of urgency to arrive at solutions as the people of the permian basin continue to mourn we expect an update from law enforcement some time mid morning. >>we will of course be tracking those details and share with you the latest as we learn more about this deadly attack reporting in odessa, i'm was rapoport back to you. on the kron 4 morning news on this labor day of group of protesters marched through downtown berkeley will tell you what. >>they are upset about and one person is dead killed in a hazmat situation that happened in the south bay. and you look outside this morning shows temperatures that have been pretty comfortable so far we've got upper 60's an antioch unconquered mid 60's right now in oakland. >>i've got the rest of your labor day forecast a cop. >>and it's a great labor day commutes on the roads, it's very likely travel this morning 8 minutes into san
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rancisco across the upper deck all have a complete
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>>14 right now it seems too busy to be a hot got it. news. and hot which is good because a lot of people don't have to work today and they're going to get out communities of the this is kind of the holiday that you want to get out to the beach savor those last few moments of summer now. >>and though october can still be pretty summer like this is true here given the kids have to go to school and october today, they don't actually yeah nice day off of school day off of work good day to do some grilling good day to just make sure you're hydrated too because with temperatures as hot as they will be i'm not saying you shouldn't enjoy the day it just got to enjoy it right and be prepared for that he that we are going to be a feeling yet again for inland areas remember yesterday, how toasty it was for many areas. >>it's going to be a repeat of that as you are stepping outside this labor day. now overall skies are nice and clear all the way from san
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francisco as you can see no fog out there whatsoever down through the south bay which is looking at clear skies overhead and eventually out to the east bay as well with a clear view all the way out to the golden gate bridge. if you look really close there. in this shot from the berkeley hills. so skies going to stay nice and clear throughout the course of your labor day ahead of us and a good day to be out and about doing some of that grilling heading out to the pool, maybe even up to the coastline or temperatures will be in a range of 60's and 70's from san francisco down peninsula areas like al granada and half moon bay today right along the bay temperatures in the 70's to 80's burlingame 82 today saying carlos 86 while mountain view sharing that same number with you south bay, mostly in the upper 80's. campbell, los gatos san jose milpitas it's a very close to 90 degrees while morgan hill on up through pleasanton livermore all right above or at the 90 degree mark oakland berkeley and richmond in the mid to upper 70's while danville walnut creek in concord in the low 90's today,
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80's and 90's for the north bay vacaville are hot spot today up to 95. although not far behind and most of the rest of the bay sandra fell nevado petaluma and santa rosa, all 88 today now from today into tomorrow as you head back to work temperatures not going to change much whether you're at the coast or inland. we're going to stay pretty steady. then comes wednesday and thursday a little cooler here friday, not a whole lot to change just yet but then we really descend into the weekend with temperatures actually falling below normal by the end of next weekend. that's a look at your forecast rebecca is supposedly supposed to be a slow on the roads but we have had some issues have a way yeah we did definitely in the 6 o'clock hour. but thankfully those have since cleared and traffic. >>really not heavy it also wasn't affecting your drive that much but at least those problems are long gone and the yeah it's just going to be an easy ride pretty much. no matter where you are headed to this morning to work for a lot of folks know kid, no school for the kids and this is what this means here a lot of holiday light traffic. 8
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minutes as a matter of fact to get out of the east bay and then through the macarthur maze and then across the upper deck in the san francisco that's a great commute right now as well as here are the things look good up for the san mateo bridge were westbound 92 right under 15 minutes. coming out of the east bay and the and hayward area getting over to foster city in connecting with one oh one looks great and no problems to report for the richmond sandra fell bridge on not tracking any hot spots. no stalls and it's going to be a quick trip to the north bay just 7 minutes on your west bound 5.80 right across the richmond sandra fell bridge, the golden gate. a nice shot johnson talking about all the sunshine that we are going to see today and you could see a postcard picture coming out of the north and then across the golden gate into the city just under 20 minutes, if you are coming out of the nevado area. i'll check some east bay drive times, especially here livermore valley commute coming up in just a bit daria alright, thanks a lot of this. >>really turning into a labor day disaster in southern california this dive boat, 75 foot dive boat with 39 people
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on board as you can see caught fire burst into flames, it's off of a santa cruz island on the north side. the channel islands national park is were they these people were headed at 3 30 in the morning. and when this fire happened and they don't know why but it just keeps burning and flashing in the fire department came to get on there to find out and confirm exactly how many people are dead, but it looks like it could be 34 passengers who were below decks that they are not able to missing and get to that are feared dead 5 crew members were able to get off the boat because they were in that mean have been when this boat exploded into flames. so you've got the 5 crew members that were rescued, seems like they were probably in the water because the coast guard says they're pretty easy to bob ring to safety. but 34 passengers are missing and may have been killed because they were below the deck sees all these people setting off at 3
7:20 am
30 in the morning. you know the channel islands obviously on a dive boat off for labor data. go on a trip and and something happened to start this fire. it is so bad that they as i said they can't get on the boat and they don't know why it keeps flaring but they can't get on to have a main boat even to even get a handle on the situation in and remove the victims. apparently this conception is the name of the boat left saturday for a three-day cruise and it was mostly a three-day cruise and this is what has happened is we're following numerous fatalities in southern california. on the peninsula. the search continues this morning for a group of robbers who stole thousands of dollars worth of electronics from an apple store. they went into the store in burlingame and you just see him here for surveillance shows them with the hoods everything this was last thursday night. grabbing everything they could iphones tablets anything else that they could grab from the counters there at this video
7:21 am
has gone viral. a lot of people have seen it, but it's hard to tell with the robbers are. >>i was shocked because they were just doing it so casually in like grabbing things in. >>the group made off with $50,000 worth of electronics. >>base coast guardsman is charged with murder after a 7 month long investigation 19 year-old ethan tucker was arrested wednesday for the january beating death of a shipmate in alaska. tucker and 19 year-old ethan couch were both assigned to kodiak alaska when killed each dives tucker's accused of hitting couch in the head and leaving him in the water. he's also charged with providing a false statement to investigators. >>the death of the seamen you think alex was very sudden and tragic and it has a huge impact on us in the us coast guard, especially for the cutter that both of these members were from. sympathy
7:22 am
goes out to the families we know that this is a very trying and difficult time for for both the accused and for the victim and our hearts go out to that. >>tucker the accused faces 7 charges if he's found guilty, he could face life in prison. one still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a dedication to a fall in sacramento police officer from the bay area originally and her family is hoping it will inspire future generations of police cadets. and a live look here at nobody on the bay bridge approach has its holiday. labor day even though we have lots of news, we also know that you're off to enjoy the day. so we'll give you all the weather traffic you need just a couple months. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang.
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volumizes like the covergirl exhibitionist mascara #1 prestige mascara with lashes full and defined in one coat exhibitionist mascara from covergirl >>25 a gym in sacramento has been dedicated to a fallen officer, tara o'sullivan her parents unveiled a banner over the weekend. it's the same police academy training gym world sullsvan broke records just last year she holds that
7:26 am
is the departed record of a 15 minute plank but also the training academy record of a 26 minute 7 2nd. plank as well. o'sullivan was gunned down 6 months after graduating and becoming an officer. her parents say she sets a great example for future officers. >>my hope is that tara's legacy will inspire each class that comes through these doors to stay committed to their goals focused on their training and help motivate each other always. >>tara o'sullivan also said the department record for a one and a half mile run she clocked in at 10 minutes and 57 seconds and if you've been following the story you know that she grew up right here in the bay area. coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news. we're learning a lot more about the people who died in this sudden fire on a diving boat. >>off the coast of southern california law all the cooper! did you eat all of your treats?
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did you eat all of your treats? ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone
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>>29 and the details of this labor day disaster in southern california are just heartbreaking. >>34 people we're down below the deck, maybe asleep at 00:30am in the morning on this diving now long weekend diving trip that they were on when the boat caught fire and at this point. the ventura county fire department county officials are saying that they're looking for the bodies, but they can to get on that vote because it just keeps flaring up the fire does. it looks like the only survivors. we're the crew because they were above in the cabin. so it makes sense if it happened 03:30am in the morning that they we're above and were able to get often here you see a closer look at where this happened off that channel islands, this is a platts harbor area of santa cruz island where this happened at 3 30 in the morning. and i show the fire department responded, but they can't even get close still and
7:31 am
get on that boat because they're still trying to make and maintain their own safety. all they would tell us is that 5 crew members have been rescued and they were all above. but it happened at 03:30am in the morning and 34 people were on this weekend diving trip this was going to be the last day of the driving to a diving trip. it's a boat out called conception 75 footer and it left on saturday for a three-day cruise it was supposed to leave today and you can imagine the amount of fuel. plus all of canisters maybe making for the volatile situation that the firefighters are dealing with right now that this just a. >>horrible horrible story. >>for a holiday weekend. what a great loss if indeed all 34 passengers and up dying in this disaster just terrible thing and will cover it is just great tool to the south of on a long weekend you think these people yeah just going out there to enjoy the extra day off and 03:30am in the morning as you mention so many people probably asleep.
7:32 am
>>what's going to is when we start learning about who these people were and it's such magnitude with 34 people. that are missing at this hour. so we'll give you the update on that that's our big story this morning. and on this labor day a lot of people have a day off. so also big story is the weather always if you're off already i'm probably kids or not they get to sleep in today a lot of people an outdoor plan. yes, a lot of people going to be heading out there. what is a very calm day across not just the bay area but really across the state v% general you can see skies are crystal clear well out to the coast this morning. it's not just our inland areas that are again enjoy a good dose of sunshine today. >>it's areas all the way up to the golden gate bridge. if you don't have any other plants might be a good chance just to walk across the bridge and not worried so much about any sort of fog which has been a scene just offshore working its way inland. it's just a couple of spots this morning. but overall areas like half moon bay has plenty of sunshine to expect later on today. it's going to be a good day to be out at the coast with mild
7:33 am
conditions at our coastal areas with inland areas really heating up 60's and 70's for your current temperatures for most parts of the bay the north bay. definitely a little on the cooler side in the 50's right now will make our way from the 50's and 60's to daytime highs. well up into the 90's for some inland areas on average in the upper 80's bayside areas, perfect upper 70's, great cool weather, i've got more details on what exactly you can expect into this labor day afternoon. still ahead rebecca. >>when the weather's going to be nice for the holiday and the traffic so far has been really nice this morning if you're going to be a heading out the door soon really nothing in your way so far i haven't tracked any major hot spots. no accidents or stalls to get in your way it's going to be a quick trip into san francisco if you're going to be traveling across the bay bridge. any time soon only 8 minutes to get over to the fremont street exit across the upper deck. no wait in the cash paying lanes meaning lights never turned on this morning. so you can definitely tell it is a holiday around the bay area by even the drive
7:34 am
times look at the east bay commute from dublin to fremont it's only 15 minutes on south 6.80 and then the nimitz freeway normally slowing go at this hour definitely not there now. 19 minutes from san leandro to 38 down to the 2.37 split and milpitas on the southbound side. i will check the san mateo bridge coming up daria thanks for that to 7 34 in the east bay university of berkeley police shut down several downtown streets yesterday because of a rally. >>and the counter demonstration. police were armed with riot gear. thankfully, all ended peacefully kron four's tailored his acne has more. >>what you do downtown berkeley in gathering at peoples park a working class people including those who are part of the anti fascist movement. people who are community members in people's park as well as students at the university of california in the coming out to rally against cummings who is trying to disrupt the organization of
7:35 am
revolution bookstores revolution provide resources for the community that are lefty-swinging organizer 18 hill says in march to the university for me and sprout plaza to protest. it's a transgender trump supporter he's been behind in time marxism organizers heard she claimed to have another rally on sunday should be out there near where they are. >>making a counter demonstration and just letting now this is not a message that our community during the demonstrations, we shut down several roads and followed marchers after several hours which is yours and we found >>but you know it only talk in his remarks isn't it. transsexual they're really walking well you can it to me welcoming says she is against marxism. she says protesters are misrepresenting her views and slandering remain at.
7:36 am
>>fascist racist and white supremacist demonstrations eventually ended peacefully with the walking debate between cummings and those against corporation do a lot of bad don't give your on >>corporate tyranny in america, the worst country toward live in berkeley taylor bus kron 4 news is another way want to see your area protesters encounter breast tissue and walking and debating something that was very civil. >>and at u c berkeley, they're expecting more than 9,000 new freshmen and transfer students this fall, one of the major concerns is where they are going to live. they don't housing for all the students. they are making progress though at cal it in their second year now of a 10 year effort. >>to double the number of students said they can house and a key component a component of this is not only housing the students but also the homeless. they've got a 2.8 acre a people's park as you know near campus and that's where they are building in the south bay, a hotel in san jose had to be evacuated
7:37 am
after they found a dead woman in one of the rooms, several people at the fairmont on market street also had to go to the hospital the hazmat situation forced authorities to shut down a stretch of market street. for about 7 hours. yes on the 19th floor called down to the desk and complain there was something that smelled really bad when the hotel staff went to check it out. that's when they foud a dead woman in one of the rooms crews collected chemicals from the room and they turn them over the san jose police. they're not confirming exactly what chemicals they were. it's 07:37am. >>that lots more ahead here on the kron 00:04am morning news actor and comedian kevin hart injured in a big car crash. this is the car before it crashed. >>and it is a comfortable morning ahead of a hot, but still comfortable day ahead of us especially for coastal areas if you want to head out that direction. you've got plenty of sunshine to look for to this labor day. more on your forecast to
7:38 am
>>and it's an easy morning on the roadways, no problems to report nothing in your way of traffic and because it's so light out there because of labor day in fact under 10 minutes into san francisco right now but i'm tracking the of the ♪ well well well, what have we here? a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! with bats...and ghouls...and cars in disguise. i've cast quite a spell now... you won't believe your eyes! the spell is cast. halloween time is back with spook-tacular experiences in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!...
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let's get down to business. the business of atlanta on monday... ... cincinnati on tuesday. ...philly on wednesday. ...and thursday back to cincinnati .
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modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed because when your business our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at >>and we showed you the car when it was a you know in great shapehat barracuda that crash with kevin hart on board. and now we have the video of the actual crash. look at what's left of this vintage 1970 barracuda that he was driving. kevin hart. he was by the wheel. it was his friend who it was his it was kind hearts car but the friend was driving and they all went over a cliff by and down in southern california right through that fence as you can see there. for the hills above malibu on whole and it's amazing that they all lived they have back injuries and other assorted injuries, but 40 year-old hard is ok he was a passenger 28 year-old jared
7:42 am
black was the driver there was also another passenger 31 year rebecca brock's are men and they all had some pain. but when you look at you know just what happened the car crashing down that canyon road on the highway. it's amazing that they're okay. the report says the driver by the way was not under the influence of alcohol and we all that video you can see from tmz of that horrible wreck kevin hart survives 7.42 and still ahead. between the us and china continues to escalate and the latest developments could end up costing you the next tim you head to the store.
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>>and we have a new picture of the disaster in southern california. that's the 75 foot diving boat that caught fire at 3 30 this morning. we do have some new numbers on survivors. we were reporting 5 crew members now it seems to be only 4 crew members from the conception diving vessel
7:46 am
who were rescued and are being brought to shore right now. and uh we don't know the extent of their injuries but they are the only survivors that we know about after this a boat caught fire at 3 30 in the morning. and there were 34 passengers down below presumably sleeping at 00:30am in the morning because this is a three-day labor day trip the company says as it advertised that these divers have an opportunity to explore the panic ul's of san miguel island. that's what they say on the truth aquatics website and so they took off on saturday. they were supposed to be docking in santa barbara at about 5 o'clock tonight. and they say that you know this is a diving exploration trip you can see san miguel as well as all kinds of a sea life included stops may include santa rosa, a santa cruz. and a copper and santa barbara islands that's all according to the website of this company and this bill was
7:47 am
passed packed with 34 divers who are on this long weekend trip down below when it caught fire and you can see it was an explosive fire in fact, the fire department says they have that than having trouble just getting on board to be able to remove the bodies and give us a count of the number of victims, but it obviously does not look good this horrible disaster taking place just to the south here in southern california and will continuea to give the updates as we know more but at this point there are only for survivors and they're all crew members because they were above. and presumably they would have been you know operating the boat so that's why they were above and everybody else was down below. 7.47 is a time right now and that we want to move on to weather because a lot of people have the day off today, it's very quiet on the roads. robin has the day off as well and so we'll have more on that from rebecca. >>and john or details about the weather it looks like it's going to be a hot one which will work out for a lot of people on labor day. yeah, i
7:48 am
think a hot labor day is something that a lot of people. what sometimes if you want to get to the pool, maybe be on a boat out of bethel island things out there for this looking really good. it's going to be sunny and it is going to be hot for inland areas. >>and see people we don't actually see a lot of people on bethel island docks at this hour. but yeah, everyone's getting ready to enjoy their labor day ahead of us you are going to be seeing plenty of sunshine from our inland areas out to our coastal areas today, a good chance to get outside enjoy the last official travel weekend of summer as a everyone says labor day weekend really as although we know here in the bay area a lot of time some are really just starts to kick into gear right around now and it remains hot for a few more months now high pressure is built up for inland areas today. this is keeping areas inland very much so on the warm side while just a touch of fog offshore it's for the most part actually hanging out just south of the bay area but we can expect just a sligh dose of fog come tomorrow morning, even though today is free of it, 60's and 70's for
7:49 am
your temperatures later on today along the coastlinef it is going to be a great day to be out at the pacific with 70's and 80's for most of the rest of the bay area but we are tapping back into those 90's today, a lot like we did yeerday for a few spots like morgan hill at 92 san jose in milpitas not far behind that 88 degrees each it's a mix of 80's 90's for this part of your 4 zone forecast and the east bay with a few 70's mixed in there in oakland berkeley and richmond in the east bay danville walnut creek concord up to much of the north bay back into the 90's today, vacaville being one of our hottest of spots up to 95 degrees while 6070's and 80's in marin and sonoma counties from today into tomorrow as you return to work return to school temperatures not changing too much. this forecast does come with gradual cooling conditions though, and by next weekend. we're back to average that not even below average temperatures to look for too. rebecca.
7:50 am
>>all right, i'm looking forward to of those below average temperatures that's for sure and get out of the 90's for now though look at this the roadways wide open to you can tell it's a holiday today because i'm not tracking. any major delays into san francisco intact. it's only 8 minutes across the upper deck to the fremont street exit on your west than 80 ride the san mateo bridge. this is problem free as well i'm not tracking any problems on the flat section. the high rise looks good and it's going to be a 12 minute drive time for you across the san mateo bridge coming out of the east bay over to foster city connecting want to one just about 12 minutes. so far and it wide open here it's going to be all yours basically here the richmond center fell bridge. a quick trip and in the north family 7 minutes. as a matter of fact from the pay gates out a one to one and south one on one coming from a the north bay looking great. it's been problem free, your drive time is going to be a quick one just under 20 minutes from highway 37 in novato all the way through moran and then eventually across the golden gate and into san francisco. i have
7:51 am
some east bay drive times coming up in just a bit daria thank you rebecca, 7 50 in national news, the trade war between the united states and china is escalating was a new chapter in the tariff battle between the 2. >>john lawrence has the latest. >>president trump, not backing down to beijing. >>we can allow china to off any more we can allow china. takes $500 billion a year. >>this weekend. the us started implementing a 15% tariff on some consumer goods from china, including shoes tv sets in close. the president has another phase of tariffs against china set to go into effect in mid-december this message. >>on on sticking it to china is really powerful both with his base within the republican party, but also some of that crossover appeal to cuts are independent or even some democratic voters. union voters china has countered with its own tariffs against
7:52 am
the us on billions of dollars of us goods. the question is are consumers going to start to notice. >>prices going up. >>for the that you that you buy a target this trade war has had a ripple effect causing concern for executives and investors worldwide. but despite the tit-for-tat tariffs the us and china are still expected to meet for another round of trade talks. >>later this month you just don't know. >>whether you know today's optimism of that that that we're on a path toward resolution is going to be you know what we feel tomorrow a week later i'm john lawrence reporting. >>the to and. >>and we're following weather for you on this labor day there's a live look at san francisco international airport. >>i had the pleasure of just flying in there and that was a pretty good you could see some clouds here though so that might hold job or if you have to pick somebody up. >>if anybody does that anymore don't you just say you know rather over and i'll see you
7:53 am
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7:56 am
>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. the christian drama over comer fell to 5th place collecting million fast and furious presents hobbs and shaw state in 4th place million gave the spin off a domestic total of 157 million. the lion king rose to 3rd place earning million it's at 521 million domestic. good boys took second place for the second straight weekend taking in million. angel has fallen did not fall from the top spot, the action 3 people kept the crown with million in hollywood. i'm david daniel. >>on this labor day edition of
7:57 am
the kron 4 morning news. we've got breaking news happening to our south where 34 people on a diving trip. we're below in this boat in the hole when it caught fire. >>they haven't even been able to see how many fatalities i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow?
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>>local news station. >>thank you for joining us on this labor day, i'm darya folsom in the breaking news is this disaster that has happened in southern california. a weekend diving trip has ended in this fire. it took off from santa barbara 75 foot boat with 34 divers on board they were going to enjoy spots around a santa cruz island when at 3 30 this morning. the boat caught fire and just burst into flames you can see the fire crews here


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