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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  September 2, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>>back to our breaking news tonight at 5.30 a huge rescue operation is underway near santa cruz island in southern people are dead dozens more missing tonight after a commercial diving boat caught fire earl this morning. while most of the passengers were asleep. 39 people were on board the 75 foot conception when a fire broke out that the boat was anchored near santa cruz island just off the coast of ventura county. officials say a good samaritan crew saved 5 people from the boat while the other passengers were below deck likely trapped. once the blaze ignited and joining us now on the phone with an update on the recovery is mike eliason he's with the santa barbara county. fire department thanks for joining us. mike, what is the status of the effort. ok
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so mike we're having trouble with the audio. so we will live and i might be able to try this again later but audio difficulties that but thank you mike okay, we'll get back to you meantime kron 4 kept you updated on this developing situation all day long through our mobile app we sent a push alerts to your phone. as updates came into the newsroom. download the kron 4 mobile app to always get the latest breaking news in your neighborhoods. >>in the east bay on this labor day thousands of kaiser permanente employees are they rallied to demand a better wages, a job stability kron four's charles clifford has that story. >>lawyer in oakland on this labor day several 1000 kaiser employees were joined by local elected officials and union leaders who rallied here maass would park and then they marched a few blocks away to the kaiser hospital. plan coalition of kaiser permanente as the health care provider, a scale to negotiate in good faith on contract. it's a
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these workers want better wages job stability better staffing, compassionate use of technology. several longtime employee said today that the culture has changed at kaiser and not for the better. >>because guy there's lost their weight and we want to make sure come back to the table with kaiser to make sure they restore middle-class job, a stout morse outsourcing our jobs as well. >>the kaiser also released a statement on monday in response to the rally saying in part that kaiser permanente has contracts with 60 unions and we remain committed to working together. we offer highly competitive salaries and wages while also making health care more accessible and affordable we may have occasional disagreement, but we always work through these challenges and finally monday's rally could be a taste of things to come union organizers have said that as many as 80,000 kaiser employees nationwide could go on strike in october if a deal isn't reached soon. in oakland charles clifford kron 4 news. >>71 people were arrested and 26 cars impounded over the weekend after 2 big sideshows in antioch these are pictures
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from the police department, one side show happened near this summer's failed town center mall. another one on wilbur avenue. police say that on saturday night nearly a 100 cars and around 200 people gathered in the mall parking lot that is when a team of 20 officers from several police department has deployed to break up the crowds. shortly after the sideshow at the mall broken up and police then went to wilbur avenue none broke up the second side show and police in oakland are cracking down on illegal sideshows this long holiday weekend. the police department has 2 choppers flying across the bay area looking for sideshow activity and on the ground officers keep an eye on major intersections like the area 42th avenue and 8 80 in oakland. it's an area officers say is notorious for sideshows. >>this is the area that you often will see in videos where side show takes place in the city of oakland i love my job >>i'm able that's in stark county it's in their never
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ending. >>dangerous and wanted suspect. >>and this video you're looking at right now is of a sideshow was captured by a pilot over the weekend a white mustang was later towed away and the driver was cited. >>alright time for a check now of dorian again it is spinning and stall really over the bahamas. look at that not moving at all that is bad news for the bahamas. they have been pummeled some 18,000 plus homes already destroyed there is what i'm hearing now. and they've got a long way to go this is still a category 4 hurricane. devastating a hurricane as those winds sustained around the core of this system at a 140 miles per hour and get this. the maximum gust they've seen so far. 225 miles per hour of course that is going just about anything that's in its way now looks like this is going to slowly work its way to the northeast now along the coastline possibly here of florida hopefully staying off the
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coast. but they're certainly going to see the bands of rain they're seeing some of that already moving on shore now they're going to see more of that tonight. it looks like this is gog to be a story that is going to be going on all week long as the storm system looks like it will make its way up all along the coastline near the carolinas to all right outside right now we do have some patchy fog you can see some of that in the distance or right here is that fog trying to make its way back on shore we'll see some of that sneak inside the bay overnight tonight and it's tomorrow air qualitoking pretty good a little hazy into the south bay for tomorrow afternoon but otherwise we're looking good elsewhere. tonight we are going to see some patchy fog redeveloping outside some that making its way into the bay, but i think the valleys going to stay clear tomorrow again we may see some thunderstorms popping up over the southern sierra once again as weeks disturbance kind of rotates on through but otherwise looking good temperatures tomorrow, 60's and 70's in san francisco, you that 60 degrees on the coastline. in pacifica 68 in millbrae 70 and burning 78 degree or 76 degrees in san carlos 80's in redwood city you'll see a lot of 70's 80's the south th
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creek about 93 in concord into the delta you feel the breeze in the afternoon but a warm one 80's as we head toward those highs in the afternoon about 79 in sandra fell at about 84 degrees in petaluma next few days though the temperatures start to drop that cooling down a few more clouds come our way through thursday and friday pretty mild headed in the next weekend. >>kind of a mediterranean climate thanks lawrence after ready for a change of scene via still is kind of a holiday weekend. if you didn't have a chance to make it say to the greek islands for your summer vacation. there's still time to head to the belmont food festival where the party is still going strong. >>are you having a good time. that it is the 49th annual belmont greek food festival, a taste of a well certainly the food the music wine and a lot of culture there's a lamb
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spent there. and this kid's favorite, but a lot ice cream to call everybody down really good. tonight at does wrap up the festivities there still is time to drop in its at online the box church rounds and even drop in the >>a heads-up for anybody planning on writing san francisco's iconic cable cars they will not be running for a chunk of this month. well explain why plus comedian kevin hart is in the hospital after a car crash in la we'll show you the new video of the aftermath and the damage.
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>>tmz video and pictures show the aftermath of the car crash involving actor comedian kevin hart and believe a bull hearts friend was driving his vantage plymouth barracuda when he lost control the car rolled into a ditch. not much left of
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that car police report says the hard got out of the car on his own, but the driver and another person were trapped for a while our was reportedly able to walk to his nearby home to get some help both heart and the driver were then taken to the hospital with major back injuries. our did have to undergo surgery but tmz spoke to his wife who says quote he's going to be just fine. officers say the driver was not under the influence of alcohol. >>had a fast-spreading fire breaks out at a lumber yard and delay helped by its now and delay helped by its now being investigated at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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>>they fire breaks out at a lumberyard in vallejo this morning and tonight investigators say that fire look suspicious car for sarah stinn explains why. >>the fire that sparked in between 2 businesses here on sonoma boulevard is being investigated as suspicious since homeless people often squat there i spoke with one of the business owners who tells me she's extremely
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frustrated as this is not the first time this has happened within the last 4 months this is the second time that this has happened it's just so frustrating we're trying to continue our legacy of a business here and it's very difficult when we constantly have. >>this fear that our business be here tomorrow. >>the fire broke out between foster number yard and 3 brothers furniture around 6 30 in the morning you can see in the video how told the flames were firefighters arrived in quickly were able to contain it with the growth of the fire we did extend this to a 3rd alarm. >>and a call for additional truck companies at the lumber yard only a 4th of the property was burned fire crews say a fire broke out here in 2008 which completely destroyed the entire yard. >>investigators are still trying to figure out how this happened but again it is being investigated as suspicious site has been known to have. >>a homeless in the back area we have had fires along the railroad tracks in that area. so it is suspicious at this time about a week ago we asked
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>>police department to come out to take care of that rain since they were behind our building already and then now this again the business owners involved now have to deal wit the damage that smoke water and then some sparks went on to the rough stone our of has to be redone it's been busy for real ale firefighters as a while they're responding to this they then had to respond to a vegetation fire. >>a homeless camp about a mile away from here. most of their crews are concentrating on this though because it took them a while to get into the fire. they're still investigating the cause in the late show sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>bus shuttles are going to replace san francisco's cable cars for 10 days this month. this is part of a project to refurbish the gearboxes they power the cable car system. the bus shuttles will replace the power hide. powell, mason and california cable cars but anybody really intent on riding one of them can still take the market and war of
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streetcar lines. the work begins friday, september 13th of van griffey did by renowned artist banksy they're saying this could sell for near$2 million auctioneers. i called of and the biggest ever were created by banksy he spent about only about 2 weeks working on this thing starting a during a new year's eve party in 1999. the truck then traveled through europe and south america with an international circus. auctioneers say the van could fetch up to one million maybe more goes on sale september 14th. >>all right let's talk about 4 zone forecast. and say this to you to falling off to good start for the week. yeah looks like a very nice week ahead, i think almost little fall feel to it. i mean we're not that far away now winding down if you can put it on some are already but. >>here we go today labor day not a bad day if you have the day yeah a lot of sunshine most places right away from the coastline, couple patches
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of fog there you can see behind san francisco trying to push back on shore and more that come overnight tonight still temperatures. hey you know what it was hot spots again inland, you're back in the 90's and the concord at 94 degrees 92 in livermore 88 in santa rosa, san francisco below the average just 64 degrees with a couple of patches of fog a little sunshine, pretty nice and mild and oakland and 72 in 81 in san jose. so not a bad day all around the bay area see these temperatures a little cooler up toward the beaches with that patchy fog number generally in the 60's but inside of a lot of 70's 80's in redwood city 78 in fremont 76 in mount view beautiful, a tcu sunny and bright in the napa valley and then you have the hot temperatures mainly in the east bay in the interior valleys, there's those temperatures cranked up once again thunderstorms forming over this year that are likely going to see that happen once again as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. and then you see that patchy fog moving in along the coastline and there it is hugging the coast. you see a lot less of this in the coming days is some of that fog going to begin to disappear as we get ready to
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move into a full-time but temperatures outside right now so very comfortable on this labor day it is 80 degrees a nap and also to santa rosa. so warm 87 degrees in congress, some 90's in antioch right now but things are beginning to change that big dome of high well it's going to start to us moved back east a little bit that means this low is going start to move little bit closer as it does a little in some cooler ocean air and drop the temperatures have running a little bit below the average maybe start a few more clouds coming in our direction tonight going to see some patchy fog inside the bay overnight tonight, some of the visibilities probably dropping early on tomorrow down pretty low along the coastline and just inside the bay but then clearing things out quite a bit by the afternoon. they temperatures tomorrow going to be very very comfortable beautiful afternoon around the bay area inside the bay of see 77 degrees mill valley about 76 in oakland 77 degrees in hayward 76 degrees in fremont then lots 90's in the interior valleys get to concord to get to dublin. pleasant in love warrior, see those temperatures up pushing near
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90 degrees in the afternoon but here over the next few days those numbers going to start to drop off of that low begins to move in slightly cooler by tomorrow afternoon. and then as we get into thursday, you'll see that cooler air begin to work its way on shore temperatures staying down through the weekend. thank you lawrence next at 5 after nearly 90 days at sea a long distance swimmer and his journey. >>in san fra
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>>at sea with nothing but a wet suit and some flippers a long-distance swimmers journey through the great pacific garbage patch ended up in san francisco kron first. phillips recall spoke to the swimmer raising awareness about ocean pollution. >>that started in hawaii. french long distance swimmer ben caught in issuing his expedition in san francisco. i was screaming to expect team on the
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>>he's referring to the great pacific garbage patch. a massive collection of ocean trash, the 52 year-old environmentalist based in texas swimming 8 hours every day surviving on a 1000 calories per day passing 300 nautical miles tracking microplastics and polluting the you sign this tonight. >>this was on michael go soft look on to making history during this vortex when sponsored by ice breaker. he and his crew collecting the first transpacific data set the floating debris micro plastics and micro fibers all dangerous and unhealthy for humans, especially wildlife. >>big they can start today. can cumulate a very high on to new chance at
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>>as luck on his journey by passing under the golden gate bridge and being welcomed by supporters at crissy field flanked by his kids when he finally hits land. the message is for the world to move away from plastics and turned to sustainable natural and nontoxic materials. in san francisco police just all kron 4 news. >>and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5, but the news continues at the top of the hour and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at 6 a queue vicki coming up tonight on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock. >>4 additional bodies have now been located following that deadly both fire off the southern california coast that brings the death toll to 8 the 25 people are still missing tonight up next the frantic 911 call that. happened when that vote was ablaze and the latest on the investigation in a live report. also traffic
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nightmare for much of the day in the east bay this after a crane crashed onto a power line forcing crews to. >>shut down lanes on highway 24 o well, the good news that f road has reopened tonight also chief meteorologist lawrence karnow who spent tracking the forecast for the first week of september the news at 6 is next.
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>>a massive rescue operation
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is underway near santa cruz island in southern california. 8 bodies have now been confirmed located dozens of people are confirmed missing at this hour that's after a commercial diving boat caught fire early this morning. good evening, everybody, i'm palmore and i'm catherine heenan this happened when most of the passengers were sleeping. the staffers who survived apparently they work already awake at 3 30 in the morning. they were on deck, they were able to jump into the water and the others who died obviously work trapped below there is a this was a dive ship excursion it was supposed to be 3 days with people on board going to the channel islands conner powell has been covering this all day. he is live in ventura county with the late 86 people are still unaccounted for as the search for the missing scuba divers continue here much just in the last few minutes or so. >>authorities painting a pretty grim picture saying that they have recovered 4 di


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