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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 2, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>dozens of people are still missing tonight after a boat carrying diving enthusiasts expect in a weekend of fun burst into flames off the channel islands good evening, everybody i'm paying more and i'm vicki in for ken wayne conner powell has the latest now on this tragedy. >>26 people are still unaccounted for is the search for the missing scuba divers continue this is increasingly becoming a recovery operation. authorities here say they have recovered 4 bodies 2 men and 2 women and it also located 2 others at the bottom of the
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ocean floor. >>a diving vessel captain making a desperate call for help just after 03:00am local time. 39 people were aboard when a fire broke out the boat was anchored near santa cruz island off the coast of southern california, 5 crew members were able to escape the crew. >>was actually already awaken on the bridge and they jumped off the other passengers were below decks. >>likely trapped once the blaze ignited rescue crews face foggy conditions and intense flames, the crews were actively fighting the fire and when the vessel. >>began to sink at approximately 07:20am this morning for victims have been recovered thus far. as deceased. >>dive teams are working to recover 4 other bodies discovered on the ocean floor near the boat. well rescue
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efforts will continue overnight. >>i think we all should be prepared. to the worst outcome. >>while the cause of the fire is still unknown investitors here don't think there's any foul play or criminal activity. authorities here also say they will continue the search and recovery operation through the night and into tomorrow live in oxnard california kind of how back to you. >>we have team coverage of this are real and downright devastating dive excursion fire. those in the diving community right here in the bay area are reacting tonight after the tragedy on for as noel bello has more from local divers who have been on board that very same ship that caught fire during previous excursions you know vicki you know unfortunately the diving community still has so many questions right now as dive teams still haven't been able to enter the sunken boat itself to figure out exactly.
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>>where that fire broke out several of the divers and instructors i've spoken with today say they have been on that boat before and have gone on that exact same excursion they said they would have never hesitated to go on that boat again and still can't fully understand how the 34 people in the bunk area we're unable to get out in time. >>i feel bad for all the divers and their families san francisco diver jacqueline lair says she's been on board the conception several times do. morning time in afternoon dive into the later afternoon nice. the ship was owned by truth aquatics fleet and was being chartered out. my santa cruz base dive group worldwide diving adventures after getting word about monday's fire and subsequent sinking. blair couldn't help but think about the times she's been on board. the other time every millions of times this vote is
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going out. it's been great in front of that and so is my dad and my boyfriend and all my friends. >>we've all experienced this, you know same. >>same charter according to the truth aquatics website. there is one set of stairs leading up into the galley from the box on the galley ere says there's a kitchen and dining area that leads out onto the deck. >>in this situation that's probab where all the issues. i rainto your in regards to the people that i haven't been found yet. >>blair says knowing the experience the divers had on their labor day excursion and then seeing images of the ship up in flames breaks her heart that it's it's such a small. >>it's frightening community that. you know it just brings the whole community down with something like this happens. >>several local instructors that i spoke with today said that they didn't want to get on camera because they were even more devastated by all of this because since it was a santa cruz company chartering that ship they feared that they knew some of the folks on board and the key. noel thank you for that report other news
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now a mother of 5 5 killed by a stray bullet in oakland 44 year-old martha kasiano was leaving a home on east 22th street early this morning when she was shot kron four's michelle kingston live for us tonight outside oakland headquarters where investigators are looking for the person who pulled the trigger. michelle what have you learned. >>well police say that motr of 5 was shot just before 1 o'clock this morning by a bullet that was not meant for her. >>oakland police searching for the person who shot and killed a mother of 5 leaving in east oakland home early monday morning. it's very. >>very unfortunate this incident. any time we lose anyone to gun violence is always very difficult for our community police say 44 year-old martha kasiano was leaving a home on the 2100 block of 22th street in oakland. >>while an altercation was taking place nearby someone
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fired a gun the stray bullet hitting cassie our investigators do not believe the us. >>and the person t e discharge of firearm up the street has any connection with the victim. who unfortunately sustained a fatal gunshot wound. >>cassie was rushed to a local hospital where she later died this is oakland's 48 homicide of the year this time last year there had been 40 homicides so again. >>our focus is violent crime gun violence so we're going to continue to investigate this case to find out who is responsible for taking our victim's life early this morning police have made no arrests they are canvassing the area looking for surveillance video anything that will help them find the person responsible. >>oakland police are offering a $10,000 reward for any
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information that will lead to an arrest of the person responsible live in oakland tonight michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>michelle. thank you to the south may now a family is desperate for answers as san jose police search for a second car involved in a suspected street racer for the weekend and police say that 3 suspects fled the scene after a black jeep lost control and crashed killing 2 cousins. well for sale of the sacking has details. >>well this is the area where the crash happened you can see it's now been transformed into a memorial, the 2 victims are cousins who had a very large in close family you can see some of them here now remembering their loved ones they had the biggest hearts. >>that were filled with laughter and love. it never mattered where who you are it would welcome eli family brothers betting unison fun, carlos silva renda say their cousins. >>33 year-old miguel rodriguez and 26 year-old ernest hfa left a legacy of love and kindness. >>lived in breed for his
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daughter mikaela. he always made sure she was happy and healthy. the full of energy. everyone's best friend. >>it is a role model san jose police say they died on saturday after crashing into a tree near snow and rosenbaum avenues heard a loud screeching and a really really loud crash and they were outside my front door. >>and saw and that there was a car that had been in an accident around a tree. i didn't really process what it was but it was on fire. police are looking for a second car whed a role in their decks. they say rodriguezs in crash while street racing with a grey bmw carrying these 3 suspects inside. >>police say the suspects got out of that bmw to look at the wreckage and then took off victim's family doesn't believe they would have been racing. >>being half a block away from home. they would not risk their lives. random she raised
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going down. makes sense. they had a lot to live for. >>they say they want answers from that second car involved. perpetrators or the suspects just so they can get the full story. we just want to know what happened right now the family is planning a memorial for both of those victims if you have any information about the suspects or that car that they were riding in. >>please contact police in san jose taylor sackey kron 4 news. >>71 people were arrested in 26 cars impounded over the weekend after 2 big sideshows in antioch these are pictures from the police department one side show happened near the summer's ville town center mall. another one on wilbur avenue. police say on saturday night nearly 100 cars in about 200 people gathered in the mall parking lot that is when a team of 20 officers from several police departments deployed to break up the
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crowds. shortly after the sideshow at the mall was broken up police then went to wilbur avenue they broke up the second side show. >>investigators in vallejo are calling this fire suspicious the fire broke out at 6 30 this morning between the foster lumber yard and the 3 brothers furniture store also number boulevard. investigators are calling the fire suspicious because a number of homeless people live near the businesses and a co owner of the furniture store says this is not their first fire. >>within the last 4 months this is the second time that this has happened it's just so frustrating for trying to continue our legacy of a business here and it's very difficult when we constantly have this feat that our business may not be here tomorrow. >>the fire damaged about a 4th of the lumberyard fire crews say the entire property was destroyed back in 2008 because of a fire. >>and this just in the world renowned titans of mavericks surf competition, it's been suspended. indefinitely. yeah
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the world, the surf league citing various logistical challenges and the inability to run the event the last 2 seasons as the reason for the cancellation the competition is taking place off the coast of half moon bay. between november and march ever since 1998 surfers instead will have to compete in hawaii in portugal later on this year. her can dorian. slowly across the baja amas yet hacking an unprecedented punch. how florida is bracing and when they can expect field dorian's rats. >>and or and certainly a menace right now where is dorian head and we will talk about that coming up next. >>and we are learning more about the victims in the odessa texas shooting that took place over the weekend with arco known as rudy was killed in the attack. his family described him as a loving father grandfather and friend, he was driving home from work when the gunman opened fire, a go fund me page
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has been set up in his name arco was one of 7 people killed in that massacre. we're learning more about the other victims and the shooter throughout this newscast. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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>>that is the minister of agriculture who lives on grand bahama he shows frightening footage of his home during the past passage of hurricane dorian you can see the water. coming up and then crashing against his front window. hurricane dorian has killed at least 5 people in the bahamas giving us a preview of the deadly force making its way towards the united states natasha chen is on the ground in fort pierce florida with the latest. >>the lucia county to our northward daytona beach is the
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officials there are telling the public to expect a delay in those tropical storm force winds more like tuesday evening. and they say while the eye of the hurricane may be forecasted to fall about 30 to 40 miles offshore from where they are any slight shift to the west could be devastating. >>mid >>hurricane dorian a deadly slow-moving monster unleashed relentless fury on the bahamas. bringing widespread devastation to popular and picturesque tourist destinations. >>in the southeast united states a snapshot of the raf dorianas packing the devastation. it is president is. >>extensive at least 5 states from florida to virginia are in states of emergency, the red cross is estimating as many as 60,000 people in those states will need their help in
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florida. it's a race against time several hospitals are under full evacuation orders and more than a dozen counties are fleeing storm's path. >>we are taking action to mitigate harm and ensure the safety of our citizens mandatory evacuations are underway in at least 6 counties near the georgia coast. governor campus warning if people there don't leave they're taking their lives into their own hands, they will be on their own. >>if first responders are unable to reach them this now for >>in martin county to our south officials there say because of deteriorating weather conditions that they are putting their shelters on lockdown not taking more people there are close to 1400 people already in shelters, there in fort pierce florida natasha chen, back to you. >>i know it's going take a look at the time lapse so footage now is hurricane dorian sweeps through the bahamas. you can see the rain covering the camera lands in the wind just whipping the trees around as the clouds are darkening there. yeah our
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chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has been following we've been talking about how. >>the hurricane is just stopped over the bahamas. we saw that man's home where water was up to the windows. what's ahead for florida. yeah that's that's the scary thing is that the you're seeing in the bahamas. what we could see in florida if this thing moves in the wrong direction just a little bit of the nafta was too much. >>and it could certainly much of florida like that too so we're keeping our eyes to cross our fingers crossed and watching the storm system as it approaches the coastline, look at how symmetrical the eye of that storm was rarely do you see these get and such perfect form here but boy was humming along at a 185 miles per hour right around that eye but then it stalled out high pressure to the north of the system and also up to the west and that is causing the system to stall now we're going to see a system. a low pressure front that's going to slide through just to the north and that should begin these things along and pulled a storm system up a little bit further to the north right now though, here's the very latest on the doppler radar. you really got a feel for the bahamas. it has
8:19 pm
just been sitting over there. the past 24 hours now. it has weakened a bit. but woy really doesn't matter this storm is just battering the islands with the storm surge 20 to 23 foot storm surge wind gusts as high as 225 miles per hour. and it just isn't stopping there. some of the latest winds here right now you see high rock a sustained winds 71 miles per hour freeport sustained at 63 miles per hour. and then you can imagine all those gusts on top of them that being said we're going to see this moving closer along the coastline right now so storm surge going to be an issue in florida. at least 4 to 7 feet that comes on top of king tides of about 3 feet above normal certainly some flooding along the coastal expected there 2 to 4 feet a low for the south of west palm beach. and the storm system here's latest track. the sustained winds of a 130 miles per hour moving up along the coastline. just off the coast of florida possibly getting closer landfall. maybe in the carolinas before choose back
8:20 pm
out in the letter guys back to you. >>thank you are as well labor day weekend came with a warning for visitors to certain local las d reservoirs, the concern is that the water can make people sick and even prove fatal for dogs as car for his raw plateau reports for us now the culprit is the harmful blue-green algae blooms which are common this time of year. >>warning signs like these are posted here at home and in lake park and across town at lake cunningham richard pena went for a walk this morning but he left his dog at home. after the state water resources control board issued a warning about harmful blue-gen algae which can make people sick and kill animals, you got a lot of families who come here. and some of the kids like to splash their feet in the water. but now that that algae is here you can do that the water board released a map of the lakes and reservoirs with a dangerous level of toxic algae. >>which includes all that in lake and lake cunningham in
8:21 pm
san jose corey lakes in fremont as well as big bear lake lake elsinore in san luis reservoir among others as he picnic with his family marked avella said his kids would be going nowhere near the water. >>no water, no fishing know soon. the blue green algae produce toxins called cyanobacteria. >>they occur naturally in fresh water, but can proliferate during warm weather. well, gee blooms of plague lake coming in for years. richard pena said he knows of at least 2 dogs got sick after their owners ignored those warning signs you dome on the water in doug's jump through. >>and you know he now is going to be open easy be battling. and such like but water splashes inside race, the algae can also be harmful to fish. >>despite that i saw several people fishing nonetheless, the said they were catch and release fisherman san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news body
8:22 pm
found in the water near the oakland airport who police
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>>that young man a county body recovered from the bays the man who crashed through a gate and drove one of the tarmac at the oakland airport. the body was found this afternoon near the estuary yesterday authorities say that a man driving a truck crashed through a gate and onto the tarmac police say he then got out and attempted to flee. by jumping into the water within the last past 30 minutes. authorities confirm that they have recovered his body. his identity has not been released yet. on this labor day holiday will explain what caused this mass on highway 24 today and power outages in the east bay. >>this is probably the worst case scenario you could possibly have. also we continue our coverage of the deadly boat fire in southern
8:26 pm
california. >>after the break we'll hear more of the distressing mayday call in here from the sheriff from the latest recovery efforts. we're learning more about the victims from saturday's mass shooting near odessa texas, us army veteran cameron brown was killed. >>in the attack. he served in afghanistan and most recently worked at standard safety in supply. it's an oil field in odessa, his employer has set up a go fund me page in which they offer their deepest sympathies and support to the families affected by the tragedy. they called the shooting senseless and horrifying and ask for privacy during the tough time on behalf of brown's family. brown was one of 7 people killed in the rampage. coming up on kron 4 news today we're learning about
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rescue and recovery efforts on the scene have located an additional 4. >>the victims on the ocean
8:30 pm
floor in close proximity to the vessel. and we have dive teams that are in the water that are working to attempt to recovery of their remains. >>back to our top story tonight on kron 4 news at 8 the us coast guard says 4 bodies have been recovered after a chartered scuba diving boat burst into flames just off southern california. that brings the death toll now to at least 8 confirmed dead. and as you just heard officials say that 4 additional victims were found on the ocean floor right near the vessel and the boat segues 34 passengers on board were asleep. >>dozens of people are still unaccounted for this our nick watt reports. >>a mayday call just before 3.30. >>am i a. >>stresses because i think a lot in his lunch hour 1, 6,
8:31 pm
footage, your positions and number number >>30 miles from the mainland just north of los angeles. first responders beaten back by the inferno. >>it being extinguished and re flashing possibly due to the amount of fuel on board unsure why 5 crew members escaped the crew. >>was actually already awaken on the bridge and they jumped off 5 people were evacuated aboard a good samaritan pleasure craft known as the great escape one brought ashore in a stretcher rushed to the hospital one limping an injured ankle to shoeless in charlotte. others who are below decks. still unaccounted for were told. there are numerous the time listened to the dispatcher on that may day call asking questions about it.
8:32 pm
>>we cannot hear the answers and the coast guard has said the boat was in compliance. >>we are coming you have. 2 vessels from coast guard station to all-star berth here coast guard helicopter. aircrews so we are everything that we have nearby area to search for these missing people. >>the boat sank in 64 feet of water just 20 yards from the shore of santa cruz island to conception, 75 foot dive boat seen here in video on a previous trip had left santa barbara saturday morning. the cause of that fire that destroyed or still on the the ntsb is on route and the coast guard is working with the vessel's owner, but the priority right now, the fight with hope fading to find any more survivors. >>and note or 4 zone forecast you're looking live at the golden gate bridge. our chief lawrence karnow is here to
8:33 pm
give us a sense of what's ahead this week for boy turned out to be a nice all day weekend. the unofficial end to summer lot of sunshine around the bay area today still spots tonight that fog is beginning to move back on shore and slide inside the bay and we're going to see some cooler weather looks like the round outer week but outside right now that fog has begun to move over the city of san francisco. we're seeing some of that patchy fog moving on shore right now and that will start to make its way in the bay overnight tonight, today's highs still show up in the 90's in livermore concord 88 degrees in santa rosa 64 little cooler into san francisco in the average 72, very nice day in oakland and 81 degrees in san jose all around the bay area nice weather on labor day some 70's and the hayward 70 degrees. if freeman 76 in now the 81 in redwood city 84 degrees in the bottle and 82 degrees in the napa valley so really some nice weather out there but things are beginning to change couple high clouds off the coastline. that's a sign of the change is an area of low pressure out there but a storm some thunderstorms popping up over the sierra nevada likely going to see that again by
8:34 pm
tomorrow afternoon, increasing low clouds and fog least along the coastline inside the bay. i think most of alleys going to stay clear tonight and then tomorrow offer an with lots of sunshine after patchy fog and slightly cooler temperatures. all right here is that low off the coastline you can see just a couple high clouds not to bring any rain but will start to move a little bit close in that ridge is going to start weekend and our temperatures are going to be dropping off the expression we get into thursday and friday these numbers already below the average for this time of year. and the farc were certainly you see that overnight tonight just a patchy stuff not a ton of that but as we get in towards the afternoon tomorrow, lot of sunshine coming your way temperatures by tomorrow afternoon 90's in the hot spots in them 70's navies around the bay. >>thank you are so highway 24 was shut down several times today in lafayette because of an ad accident there. a crane knocked down power lines over the freeway and actually you can see the traffic mess that was left behind kron four's maureen kelly reports that the first shutdown in the westbound lanes happened right at the time of the accident traffic had to be halted again
8:35 pm
twice more in order to reinstall the >>you can see the crane involved in the accident before happened in this video provided by bart it was involved in a major rail upgrade that was keeping a lafayette station closed during the three-day weekend. the original in happened at 5 22 this morning. the crane came into contact with some pg e power lines at that time a couple of lines were impacted by the contractors crane. >>that line came down into the westbound lanes of highway 24 so chp pg contra costa fire all responded to that the shutdown all of the westbound lanes this morning and they were able to safely clear the powe line out of the way and they were able to reopen highway at approximately 6 25 this morning. >>no one was injured, but the downed lines caused a nearby strip mall to lose power, whole foods had to move their perishables into refrigerated trucks and a frozen yogurt shop brought in generators to keep their big freezers going rogue is obviously a perishable items old. they're
8:36 pm
going to have to be a in all that wasted, but. coffee lost power but had java brought in from other locations so they can give out 3 hot and cold brews to those affected this season humankind is happening. this makes a day worth it that restoring power turned out to be tricky business because the lines are directly overhead of highway 24 so the entire freeway have been closed. >>2 more times in the afternoon. so pg e crews could safely restrain the lines. the closures were approximately 30 minutes apiece to try to keep the backup to a minimum but you can see how small the traffic got in this video marks says they do not expect this crane accident to prevent that. >>reopening of the lafayette train station in time for the tuesday morning commute maureen kelly kron 4 news. and the reason thousands of highs are employees who are protesting today. >>and the reason they say this
8:37 pm
is only the beginning. 17 month-old girl is among the 22 people hurt in saturday's shooting this started in midland ended in odessa. >>well anderson davis who was wounded in west texas say in the shooting rampage, there. she is expected to make a full recovery. her family announced the news about her expected recovery on sunday and praise doctors and first responders anderson had surgery today to remove some shrapnel from her body. the davis family also says they're looking forward to reuniting anderson with her to reuniting anderson with her twin brot at aetna, we find that inspiring.ot game. but to stay on top of your game takes a plan. that's why aetna takes a total approach to health and wellness. with medicare solutions designed to help you age actively.
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>>in oakland thousands of kaiser permanente employees rallied on this labor day demanding better wages and job stability. the coalition of kaiser permanente union says the health provider has failed to negotiate in good faith. these workers say they want better wages job stability, better staffing and compassionate use of
8:41 pm
technology and several longtime employees said today, the culture has changed at kaiser and not for the better. >>because lost their weight and we want to make sure come back to the table with kaiser to make sure they restore middle-class job, a stout morse outsourcing our jobs as well. >>now kaiser has release a statement in response to today's rally saying in part kaiser permanente has contracts with 60 unions and we remain committed to working together. we offer highly competitive salaries and wages while also making health care more accessible and affordable. we may have occasional disagreement, but we always work through these challenges. union organizers have said 80,000 cars employees across the nation could go on strike next month if a deal is not reached soon. >>coming up next in sports. the giants travel to st. louis to take on the cardinals mark has the highlights. he's ahead. >>and we are learning heartbreaking details about a
8:42 pm
postal worker killed in saturday's west texas shooting rampage, 29 year-old mary granados was shot and hijacked while she was on the phone with her twin sister, the 2 sisters moved to a death the texas from juarez mexico and they were just 14 years old. we will hear from her sister about the final moments on the phone in ju uh-oh, looks like someone's
8:43 pm
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>>i don't know why happens there, but it is good. kind then you there to go through this. >>hundreds of people from the neighboring communities of odessa and midland join together sunday night to begin their road to recovery. following saturday's mass shooting across the area. odessa mayor david turner spent several minutes praising local first responders. >>the reason that person was fall. because of that one. the
8:46 pm
police officer odessa police officers, they ran this far. >>area religious leaders offered prayer for the victims. and the people who are grieving as well as the first responders and today federal official shared more about the shooter behind saturday's rampage in texas authorities confirm. >>the gunman lost his job the very morning of the shooting but is lavendera reports for us tonight, they say they don't believe the shooting happened because of that. >>you >>15 minutes before 36 year-old seth 8 or engaged in a deadly shooting spree he called an fbi national tip line with the rambling incoherent series of complaints. the gunman had been fired from a truck driving job earlier in the day and also called 911 but left the office before police arrived even before being fired law enforcement said he
8:47 pm
was starting to spiral. he showed up work. >>in a very distressed mental state. it's not because he got fired. because he was fired which other active shooters have occurred when he showed up to work he was already. enraged. >>there are also troubling questions about where the gunman obtained the assault style rifle used to randomly murder 7 people and wounded at least 23 others in odessa texas. investigators say the gunman failed a background check but still somehow managed to obtain the firearm investigators have not revealed why the shooter failed a background check. >>atf with in partnership with the fbi yes and all the other federal local. local agencies are aggressively following up on that flights. >>a local law enforcement source tells cnn a tour was fired from his job as a truck driver just before he went on the west texas rampage. authorities say the gunman shot and killed us postal carrier mary granados before
8:48 pm
taking her mail truck and continuing the shooting spree through the city. mary was on the phone with her twin sister when the shooting erupted. >>she was screaming so i i mean i was a hole in that he could have just a dog fight, you know were sent to us something worse. >>the call then went silent. >>there i just want read there you know. mr. >>there wouldn't let me get rosie says she ran to the scene and saw her sisters lifeless body. on the street. she is a cnn sat down for a one on one interview with fbi special agent in charge christopher combs who says he's seen too many mass shootings up close and that these atrocities are happening every 2 weeks. he gets emotional trying to talk about how this should be a wake-up call to the country. the phone rings yesterday you get the call about this.
8:49 pm
>>i was going through my makes you tear up which is not something that we normally see from an fbi agent. >>the realities of another mass shooting that has left a veteran law enforcement agents, struggling to find the right words. >>that was ed lavendera reporting investigators are now looking at 15 crime scenes and a number of cars all connected to saturday's violence. authorities say they have not established a motive for the shooting rampage, but they believe the suspect did act alone. >>and starting with the labor day baseball for the giants, the postseason conversation is pretty much done for bruce bocce screw, san francisco visiting a team that's making a run at a division title giants and st. louis for 3 in the red birds, bottom 3rd to nothing cardinals the pole
8:50 pm
round one back up the middle off tyler pd into center. >>the trouble earlier in this game drives went deep into the left-center field gap watch this. extension to make a great diving catch saves a couple of runs another stellar play in the outfield by r in the top of the 8th, a nice highlight. the young second baseman reseal just called up last week goes way back to left right down the line. his first major league home run 3 one cardinals unfortunately, the judge get any closer 3, 1, is your final free san francisco is now 8 games. >>the a's have the night off but her back home to host the angels tomorrow night to the nfl welcome to the regular season. it's finally week one the 40 niners open the year in tampa bay on sunday. there's a strong chance rookie defensive end. nick bosa will be making his debut. the second overall
8:51 pm
draft pick returned to practice this morning after missing more than a month with an ankle injury wasn't quite a full participant, but his liking his chances of playing this weekend. well, he missed some time bosa stay on top of his homework soaked up the playbook for a seamless return. >>and you look at the end. so you you watch schemes pretty pretty simple for defense and so it's it's not like. quarterback missing time that. just keeping your head in the game even though you have. >>for sure raiders hqheir season begins a week from tonight at the coliseum against the broncos, the front office busy with the quarterback transactions this weekend. third-string qb nathan peterman is on injured reserve with an elbow injury. so the scientists on kaiser former backup in green bay. he's now running the scout team taking reps behind derek carr and michael in after only having to queue these last year john explain the importance having some deaths. you know some.
8:52 pm
>>franchise is going to they had a guy that stay healthy for 10 years. and i hope doesn't this is no reflection on there. a have guys develop in a got to have guys ready to go out and play.
8:53 pm
so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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>>there's a new statue in italy honoring the comic book hero iron man. this picture posted on twitter shows the what he meant at an art exhibit in italy, the artist says that he made the statue of the mir like surface to show anyone can be a hero. the plaque attached to the statute. translates to something like the first monument dedicated to iron man of the year 2 of his death and the cinematic world. we celebrate tony stark as a man who dedicated his life fortunes to fight for the ideals he believes in reminding us that we are all the protagonists of our time, the future of humanity depends on our decisions and that all of us must be heroes. yes and
8:56 pm
played by robert downey junior started the im see you back in 2008 and ended his tenure, rain is a super hero when he died sacrificing himself in avengers endgame well putting give that away. >>high well that wraps up kron 4 news at 8, but our prime time coverage is just getting started this labor day can next at 9 o'clock we continue to track the latest with that deadly both fire off the southern california coast at least 8 people known dead 26 still missing after flames ravaged the vessel. kerry scuba divers plus new tonight at 9 a community on the peninsula taking action to help find an elderly man missing for a week now where he was last seen next in a live report. the news tonight starts right after the break.
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tonight the death toll. >>has risen in southern california after a dive boat caught fire early this morning, 5 crew members escaped but 8 people are dead and more than 2 dozen people are still missing. good evening, everybody vicki liviakis i'm pam moore in for grant lotus tonight kron four's j r stone is following the story he joins us live here in the studio. >>he's really been tracking the situation this is all happening near santa cruz island which is just south of santa barbara j r what's the latest. >>well, truly the news tonight is heartbreaking pam and vicki. 4 bodies were recovered this morning for more bodies were spotted at the bottom of the ocean in close proximity to that boat that sunk bringing the death toll to 8. right now more than 2 dozen people are feared dead after this dive boat caught fire in southern california. this picture was taken by the santa barbaou


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