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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  September 3, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>the majority of the people on thhip appear thave been from the. >>the santa cruz, san jose bay area a region. >>the tragedy at sea off the coast of southern california island is being deeply felt here in the bay area has information on the identities of the 34 victims. now presumed dead is emerging tonight good evening, everybody thanks for being with us i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis today, the coast guard says that they have suspended the search for the survivors. >>from that fire that engulfed a dive boat monday morning.
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and are now working to recover the remains of the victims. our first morning kelly joins us now live from the newsroom with the latest on the investigation maureen. >>that's right vicki at this point we know that only 5 people are believed to have survived that fire that engulfed the conception off the channel islands all of them crew members 20 bodies have been recovered so far 11 females and 9 males. the rest are missing and now presumed dead. so far we know at least a dozen are from northern california. >>angela rose anna nicole storm key to seoul are 2 of 3 sisters from stockton, along with their father and stepmother who are among the missing after a fire ripped through the dive boat around 03:00am monday morning. the pacific dive shop in sunnyvale also posted on social media that one of their longtime patrons name scott and his daughter. we're also on board and 41 year-old christie instead the co owner of worldwide diving adventures
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was leading the scuba tour on the chartered boat. her brother writing on facebook that it is likely she has transitions and as with the lord. the coast guard says they suspended the search for survivors a little before 10:00am and are now searching for bodies, 4 to 6 were spotted still inside the wreckage. >>we have suspended the search efforts due to additional individuals having been witnessed entering the water. our last aircraft over flight this morning has revealed that no additional signs of distress or debris has been witnessed. >>it's believed the 33 passengers and one crew member sleeping below deck were trapped by fire. the cause of which is still unknown, but there was a stairwell. >>to down the main entry way up and down and there was an escape hatch and it would appear as though both of those were barked at by fire. >>the 5 surviving crew members who are near the top deck were able to jump off and swim way
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to safety. the coast guard says the conception was in good standing, this vessel is required to be inspected annually by the us coast guard and it is been complying with all federal regulations. >>it is required to have not only fix for refining system that also portable fire fighting systems. >>the ntsb has now arrived on scene in santa barbara county and is leading the investigation obviously we're going to want it look at training that includes firefighter training we're going to look at. survival factors were of and i want to know how what fire extinguishers were on board. >>we're going to want to know where their life jackets on board with their life boats those and that's the type of information we're going to want to find out. >>now in the last hour we've just learned that the patron of that sunnyvale dive shot is chris chan, a physics teacher at american high school in fremont will have more on him. coming up at kron 4 news at 6.
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maureen kelly kron 4 news okay morin and as you can imagine the past couple days have been unthinkably difficult for the victims family members. >>one mother traveling here from ohio after learning that her daughter was killed in that fire. >>we came up from ohio because my dollar my daughter alexandra kurtz was on the conception. she was a go getter. she loved year and she loved the boat, he loves diving. they do anything she wanted. three-day excursion. >>the ntsb plans to stay at the scene for up to 10 days
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now, we'll be looking into boat. whether it had fire extinguishers lifeboats, etcetera the ntsb will also be interviewing survivors. first responders stivers and other relevant people. and we have team coverage tonight as the dive boat tragedy has deep ties to the bay area. >>our first year stone has more on christie for instead, the leader of the dive trip, but first let's go to our first rob fladeboe he has more on the victims linked to a school in santa cruz rob. >>yes right nikki and grant and here at specific collegiate charter school of western drive in santa cruz, the school is in mourning tonight, the administration. confirming for us today that both students and parents were on board that boat. there's more. >>the >>voice message heard by those calling pacific collegiate charter school early tuesday left no doubt the school has
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been deeply affected by the tragic sinking of the diving vessel conception on monday. grief counselors were brought in today amid an understandable plea for privacy. the school did not disclose any details or names but in a later statement confirmed that there were indeed students on board the boat just kind of school maria route the civic leaders school is saddened by the tragic sinking of the diving vessel conception over the weekend. >>well this was not a school-sponsored trip. our hearts and thoughts are with the families and victims and those yet missing. the statement referenced quote students and parents the school would not confirm reports that along with 2 students there were 2 pacific collegiate parents on board the boat. >>no said the diving expedition was not organized or sponsored by the school in any way. right now as i'm sure you understand our priority as a school community is to our students. >>asked and families in the wake of this tragedy. we've
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been working closely with the santa cruz county office of education in santa cruz of mental health services to activate the school emergency response protocol in order to provide much needed resources and a network of additional support to our school community. >>late this afternoon i spoke with an individual who is close to the school community telling me that the school sent out an internal communication to the entire school confirming that the victims include 2 girls 2 students, both girls and then both parents of one of those girls, but no formal identification as here live in santa cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>thank you rob. we mention 41 year-old christie for instead of santa cruz who is leading the scuba tour. she was the co owner of worldwide diving adventures but before that she works for the city of santa cruz scott for share stone is live in santa cruz tonight. he spoke with that city's mayor
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jr such a difficult time for so many people. >>well it certainly is grand i i've been going from one location to another location this afternoon talking with so many people who knew christie o rembered the amazing kind of person that she was i talked with the mayor earlier this afternoon because christie did work for the city in the water department for 10 years before she took up the diving on a full time bases but so many people said this is a a small community a tight knit community where everybody knows everybody so to hear news of this has been tough tonight. we are joined by mark stevens, he is christie's former yoga instructor. how did you learn about the news in the papers in the santa cruz sentinel but also on the television these last night before last and when you when you learned about that that it that christie was involveand kristi was unable to make it out. >>what was what was your thoughts shocking and
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heartbreaking some believable and he's a life spirits so so wake so giving to other people involved in our she says filled with light and love and levity and. >>justice is shocked and i think everyone who knew her. >>tell me a little bit about your time with christie. >>she can my classes i did not know her on a personal level she came my classes, i maybe 15 or 20 times. and i knew was a students in my classes and she was very focused in her practice, he seemed to be to have a lot of joy in it, i know that she had been a lot of intense workout in the world i would hear as much from her but she always seemed to have this beautiful this lightness of spirit about her and then retired see her she has smile our face and. he knew isis is a shock i think for hurry get a full human being is suddenly just gone like this you are even saying we were talking that she's to tell stories. yes and he was doing so much out in the world and not only with her work as a diver but as it which is to travel and all she was always coming back with an stories about what she's experiencing in the world. it's going to be
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tougher. i mean it's tough when anything like this happens. but when you have a saw a small community like santa cruz, where so many people know so many people. >>that's got to be tough as well because it hits you hard. >>and i'm not in the diet community. i'm not a diver diving but uh i knowhat i'd i extraordinarily tight knit hearing on the monterey bay and santa cruz. so i can only imagine the shock to just to those who knew really really well. >>certainly remember and i'm guessing that even some of the people that you instruct today. they know her as well, i mean even the same classes with her breathing, the same the same air and share in the same experience with her and. >>something a lot of people shocked to learn it was this your person that we knew our classes in our community certainly be missed by absolutely. thank you so much mark and again we our condolences go out to you and everybody here. in santa cruz, a mention that we had also talk with the mayor you here. >>what the mayor had to say tonight at 6 o'clock now back to you too in the studio.
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>>all right j r stone live for us tonight in santa cruz with an insightful interview there were also getting a look here inside the boat before it caught fire. this is video of the interior of the vessel, you see the bunks here. you can tell these are close quarters and you can imagine how it may have been difficult to escape the fire. the person who took this video described the boat is well maintained with top of the line equipment and we have continuing coverage of the deadly boat fire on our website kron 4 dot com you can find what we know about the victims and who's been identified so far there's also a timeline of events along with the latest news conferences. it's all on kron 4 dot com. >>a bittersweet milestone today in gilroy is that community tries to move on after the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival also what we're learning about a local person hit and killed this morning, the police know about the driver who took off after hitting that victims.
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and dorian takes aim now at the united states aft
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>>welcome back our other big story tonight the second strongest atlantic storm in nearly 70 years is now slowly climbing the east coast of florida durian has already destroyed or severely damaged some 13,000 homes in the bahamas in this is new video of some of that destruction
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you see some homes leveled the entire landscape altered that ochea chen reports now from florida. >>well hurricane dorian continues to lash the bahamas. the outer bands are now reaching florida. >>this is going to be riding florida's coast for the next day day and a half. >>the storm's expected track now looks better for floridians. the needed 72 hours ago, but florida governor ron desantis is still urging people to remain vigilant. they'll be storm surge. >>and they'll be some flooding. you may see wind damage depending on how this gets to the state of florida. >>already durian has shown it potential for massive destruction, pounding the bahamas for more than 24 hours leaving buildings in ruin and residents without homes. >>or trapped in their homes, the water levels are. >>right the and to almost the 2.22 american from home after florida jury will then set its sights on georgia and the carolinas over the next several days. >>residents, there are
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preparing hopefully that the water will come over that. and never has but if it does. it will stop it a little bit oh stop it completely belittles company. >>for now those in the storm's path, we'll just watch wait and hope for the best i'm natasha chen on hutchinson island, florida. >>here chief meteorologist lawrence karnow so many different elements to where we thought it was headed last week. at least 5 people dead in the bahamas. you fear that number will increase dramatically sure and now takes a right hand turn and it's just heading north up the coast, but then you start worrying about the other states along the eastern seaboard to try to extremely fortunate that it did not continue its path right into florida that would have been devastating there we've already seen the damage. they're saying maybe is half half the homes, there in the bahamas there. yeah on grand bahama probably wiped out from this hurricane you can see it had that very nice i define and then all the sudden. >>it's slow down it became stationary started that europe's very cold water underneath that storm system and starting to weaken in the
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eye disappears but guess what that eye is now moving out over some warm water again and we could see some re intensification of the storm system that will get a strong as it had before, but it certainly reorganizing somewhat right now, and it's got a long way to go before we are saying goodbye to this storm system in fact the better part of this week. it's tracking up along the coastline. right now you can see on the doppler radar solace, rain bands beginning to move in along the coastline right now you see some of those showers begin to pop up in these areas there should be some heavier bands that are moving on shore right now potentially with some flooding rains as it comes on shore at this time and some gusty winds. the core this low well starting to move to the north but boy got a feel for the bahamas. all that energy and all the winds continuing to pump in a lot of water there and so they're not seen the waters recede from that storm surges ship in much of grand bahama the freeport area and so they're inundated still with all all of that rain but we are seeing the winds they continue to kick around with had some gust as high as 51 miles per hour vero beach. but
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now some 20 nearly 30 mile an hour winds. so far the track is keeping this off the one thing to be concerned with those of moves along the coast. you're going to see that on shore. wind continuing that is going to bring with it the threat of a storm surge maybe 4 maybe 7 feet all the way from daytona beach all the way up into wilmington and for the south maybe 3 to 5 feet latest course takes in right along the coastline over the next 2 days through wednesday through thursday, possibly making landfall near myrtle beach as it makes its way across near north carolina as well and then eventually moving out toward the middle of the atlantic that is a dangerous storm still. >>all right lawrence, a stunning move today by wal-mart the superstore announced that it will stop selling handgun ammunition. after it gets rid of its remaining inventory. the move comes nearly a month after the shooting at a walmart store in el paso, where 22 people were killed. >>walmart is doing what the how and what its customers might there's 19%. people in
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this country who want to see ground on the salem and and may know what happened and that's it's not happening in congress announce my center taking action in richmond stink think this is what the public wants. the public wants to be free from gun violence, they want feel safe when they were walmart the movie theater the show regularly test of all. >>walmart is also requesting that customers refrain from openly carrying firearms at its stores unless they are law enforcement officers. christmas hill park in gilroy is now open for the first time since the deadly gilroy garlic festival shooting crawford's will trend reports. >>they shut it down july 28 and then they finally reopen it to the public at 8 o'clock this morning and crews are still coming and going as they are still picking up some of the remnants of their investigation. but finally it is reopened to people like or when you stop by you watched
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it as they were picking up the cones the barricades, the road closed signs. >>you're saying it feels great it feels great i come over usually come over here walk the park that hour every morning early. >>able to get to the park so i just had to walk the outside trails so it's great to have it open again and then every time you walk by you saw what was happening and then you're wearing a gilroy had and t shirt. >>there must've been always a reminder of what happens absolutely it was a note it just brought back the thoughts that day. and you felt important enough for you to come down here to watch them pick.up the cones and american absolutely i want to get back to normal. that's got to get back to the we've got to be strong here. we can't let things like this it disturb us you said you knew one of the victims. yeah my son actually work for the honey ladies and if if he had been sick, he would've been over here. my wife and both worked the park that day. i left a little better at home with my son. my
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wife or condemned headquarters she didn't get home that night until levon 30 or so. and then the city they shut it down along with the fbi and the gilroy police department because they had to do the investigation we do know that on july 28th, an 18 year-old man bypass the security gates. >>the checkpoint went through a side fence and then opened fire on the people injuring 17 people and killing 3 people the oldest being 25 years old and the youngest being 6 years old. >>the e-mail looks legitimate, but it's far from it the message tonight from a prominent bay area community. after an email scam started making the rounds. >>and a safety alert for people and their dogs after
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cteria found at a popular berkeley lagoon, prompting a health advisory firm that city and i'm good has come for sleeping all reports now people and pets are being warned against having any contact with the water at aquatic park until further notice. >>double the level of what's considered safe of the bacteria e cole i was found in the lagoon at berkeley's aquatic park last week this after visitors reporting higher water levels a noticeable smell and change in color. midway last will not be bringing her near the water,
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the city of berkeley responded by increasing routine water testing in the manmade body of water from once a month to once a week friday, the city learned of the results from the first weekly test and an unsafe level of e coli was detected a health advisory was issued immediately some of the dogs won a move toward the water and i'm just trying to keep them away from that because it would not be helped. >>for now the city says minimize your water contact with the lagoon. do not drink or swallow the water, it's not everyone it's a bacteria that's in the water most strains of e coli are harmless but in serious cases, people pets and wildlife can eventually become sick from food poisoning. a city spokesperson, the fight shot though says it's unclear how the bacteria got into the water we contacted our own public works which maintains. >>and sewer lines and they didn't know of any reported leaks and they would in no money important construction or involving sewers at might also had the the 2 agencies
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that are dealing with sewers there is no reports of any leaks and no concern to the water in the lagoon was never intended for drinking, however, chako says the city has reached out to kayaking and boating businesses in the area. >>suggesting they stay out of thwater until further notice testing will continue on a weekly basis so far no illnesses have been reported in berkeley felipe should all kron 4 news. >>next at 5.30 a very realistic drill in the bay area how a hospital in walnut creek is making sure that they're prepared in the event of an active shooter and imagine if you only a pringles french fries and bread. >>light great, especially the kids but they cause a severe reaction in one teenager, why doctors say the bad guys caused him to go blind. plus after the break we continue our coverage of the deadly uh-oh, looks like someone's still nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is.
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>>back to our top story tonight at 5.30 the coast guard is suspending its search for survivors and is focusing now on recovery 20 bodies have been recovered and 14 people are still missing in that horrific both fire. >>off the coast of southern california and tonight we're learning that many of the victims are from the bay area. the conception is what the vessel was called it was on a three-day diving crews when it caught fire early yesterday. this footage was taken by a tow boat. captain who arrived at the scene around 3 30 in
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the morning. 5 crew members were wage at the time of the fire they jumped off the 75 foot boat and were rescued. today officials talked about their decision to suspend the search. >>thus far the victims have only man identified as 11 female and 9 male remains. there were several other victims that were seen by the divers, somewhere between 4, 6, that are still within the wreckage. but due to the positioning of the boat they were unable to be recovered before nightfall. >>33 passengers where below deck likely all were sleeping at the time. the bodies that have been recovered are being identified by dna. there's no word yet on what caused the fire. but the ntsb is on scene and we'll be investigating for the next several days weeks and months. >>again many victims in the boat fire are from right here in the bay area. here's wh


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