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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  September 4, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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family and friends remember those who were lost in the tragedy. thanks for joining us. i'm ken white and i'm pam moore, 34 people died in the predawn labor day fire and at least 17 of them are from northern california among them lisa fiedler the 52 year-old lived in the north bay and today, friends and colleagues are remembering her kron four's theresa stasi owes in mill valley with more on lisa's life and her love of diving. >>here a mill valley lee so was well loved the owner of day cause hair salon tells me that she worked at his salon for more than 10 years. today. her colleagues in a state of shock and say that leases adventurous soul and passion for the water letter to embrace diving. all social media lisa shared her joy for diving, she spoke about her amazing experiences, including a recent challenging trip to mexico. i remember meeting her years ago she had a great sense of style her warm smile lit up the room and she also had an infectious laugh over
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at punjabi britos a popular mill valley hang out next to the salon the owner talk to me about lisa and shared her sadness. i don't know hard to stand i e. it's very shocking to me. >>and she was the best person that i know. oh my god i don't know. i turn on. i i'm going i'm going just. from what i my and her personality. she was like a person like. think coming right to me in my eyes right now like. >>other friends tell me that they are just in too much pain to talk about her death. they add and that they hope there are answers to what happened to her and the other victims. on the conception in mill valley tree says stasio kron 4 news. >>3 members of the same family
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are among the victims of monday's dive boat tragedy as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now from santa cruz, they include a longtime engineer at apple his wife and daughter who loved animals as much as scuba diving. >>when she wasn't exploring the deep to make the woman in blue and her daughter tia pictured here at a summer camp outing we're a long time volunteers here at the santa cruz animal shelter, their love for scuba diving was well known here rivaled perhaps only by their passion for animals says director melanie so bored. >>very passionate about children and animals and also wildlife volunteer with native animal rescue and was part of our tours that we do every year to highlight some outdoor enclosures that can't say for why less safe. i'm just. >>diana's husband, steve seleka shown here on a recent dive near big sur who had taught scuba diving adventure sports. i'm limited in santa
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cruz was folly remembered by fellow diver kyle gorham. >>but i knew he was an active scuba diver he loved teaching scuba. on news morning, the sweetest instructors i've ever met. >>stephen diana's neighbors near you see santa cruz echoed those sentiments. they were wonderful neighbors wrote one recent addition to the neighborhood diana was always looking out for the block. they were a generous and warmhearted family she wrote and in a statement apple computer said steve soli get was a 30 year veteran whose energy and enthusiasm touched so many people throughout his career tia seleka and a classmate who was also among the victims attended pacific collegiate school in santa cruz. most recently diana adam it was a contract humane educator at the animal shelter. she ran the summer program and after school you've program. she will be sorely missed. >>the very hard it's very bull staff and volunteers. tulisa church, your response, your it
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organization. >>the flag is at half staff here at the animal shelter and also across town at the county government center. the same time the shelters working to set up a humane education fund calling for donations in diana and tea is a name in santa cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>also among the victims, a friend of diana at a mix daughter bernice the santa cruz county animal shelter. remember bernie says being gentle with the animals and children that she worked was at the shelter. they said her calm and easygoing manner was a true grit gift and that she will be deeply mourns but also celebrated. students at american high school are mourning the loss of a teacher who died in the boat fire sarah stinson spoke with students today. but a teacher who they say made a difference. >>students here at american high school were shocked to find out that one of their teachers died in the southern california boat fire. >>was actually in the classroom with the students when the principal went in to read the statement let them know and it was just utter
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shock. >>now are now site. how somethi g like that could happen. >>scotch and taught a pieces except american high school for 3 years he left his previous job as a hardware engineer and transition into teaching within the last decade, but it's a. >>really great that he would like leave his they're great career to kind of give back. and i think that's part of what made him a great teacher. >>chan was on board of the conception with his daughter, kendra when it caught fire kendra went to mountain view high school and then you see davis she had a passion for coastal waters as her and her father loved to go diving together they often went to monterey bay and went to the channel islands as they love to scuba dive students described to us why chan was such a great teacher. >>is really hard for a lot of people. but i think he tried to make it interesting for everyone they want to into the light and asked a lot of questions and
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>>the fremont unified school district says this will be a tremendous loss for the district just is really a huge impact on us and. we have to respond as a community to see know that. >>they're the people who are going to be impacted most are the students and so that's what we need to focus on most. >>the district superintendent says for the next couple weeks as long as it takes really there will be counselors on campus to help students during the grieving process in fremont sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>a man who helped rescue victims from the boat fire was on a fishing trip when he woke up about 3 o'clock in the morning to the sound of someone beating on the side of his boat listen to what he describes happened next. >>when they open the galley door, they said it was a totally of a engulfed in flames at the ceiling tiles
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were falling off the ceiling. and they couldn't get to him at all. i asked him there was a second exit. do that too and they said there was but it was evident, they blocked also with players. so it sounded like they were just totally trapped in there. when when i first saw the boat it was totally engulfed in flames from the ball to start and maybe 30 feet i it was a i i which just totally helpless to us nothing i could do. >>hansen and his wife were able to rescue the 5 crew members who made the way to their boat. >>meanwhile investigators continue to search for answers ntsb officials gave an update this afternoon on where they stand in the investigation downpours grant lotus joins us now with what those investigators reveal today. grant pam ken the ntsb spent a lot of time interviewing. >>the captain of the boat, the person who owns the boat and others. >>hours of detailed questioning, but what came out of that is not yet being
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revealed, however we do know the crew members were given alcohol and drug tests, the alcohol tests were negative. the drug. test results are still pending. the captain and 4 crew members are the only survivors aboard the conception everybody else was sleeping below deck when was trapped by the fast-moving fire. officials today spoke about how crews are now investigating the wreckage. >>are documenting the wreckage which is currently submerged under 60 to 65 feet of water. and it's inverted. and that documentation is occurring with side scan sonar. so that they are actually mapping the wreckage before it is moved. we want as much video and did it and digital images as we can you get before that vessel is moved and we're hopeful that will be able to be raised
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soon. we understand that there are plans under way to salvage it. >>the boats fire protection systems will be checked. the ntsb says it will have a preliminary report out in 10 days that includes some factual information. but investigators say it will not include a probable cause that is expected in 12 to 18 months, the coast guard says the boat was not required to have sprinklers ken pam back to you. >>thank you grant and we have continuing coverage of the deadly boat fire on our website and find out what we know about the victims have been identified so far there's also a timeline from the night of the fire. and you can tour the inside of the boat flight before the fire it all at kron 4 dot com. >>coming up at 6 students at an open elementary school are without laptops for learning today after a string of burglaries and just go city leaders say the national rifle
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association is a domestic terrorist organization. details about the measures passed and what set to come up next as dorian his sections of the southeast the national guard walks us through an exclusive look at the coordination center right outside washington dc will have that story and more cooper! did you eat all of your treats? ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone
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110 miles an hour spinning parallel to the georgia coast. well, some communities were able to lift their evacuation orders other owners are going into effect as the hurricane pushes up the east coast. hurricane warning now extends from north of the savannah river all the way up the coast of the carolinas to virginia. meantime images from the bahamas show just how devastating this storm was some islands in the chain were almost completely destroyed after being battered by the category 5 hurricane for 2 straight days. >>this could have been a cab ride that they had a category for this is had been like a. >>president trump says he will send more assets as the request of the bahamian prime minister mandatory evacuations are under way from florida to the carolinas as dorian continues its excruciating least slow march along the southeast coast of us about 8,000 air and army national guard members are on duty in florida, georgia and the carolinas. getting ready for
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the storm and bree jackson takes us into the national guard command center is just outside the nation's capital where the guard is tracking the storm and coordinating the disaster relief. >>as dorian hits parts of the southeast united states. the national guard bureau gave us an exclusive look at their core donation center right outside of washington d c officials say this is where army and air national guard members closely monitor storms and other emergencies. >>some of the information shared here is classified so we were only allowed in while teams worked on an classified material wiesel service members from various specialties, including personnel. it just takes and operations all in one room at the center essentially fuses together information that we received. >>24 7 365 from the states and territories brigadier general jeffrey bearcats says. >>the national guard is on alert and ready to help communities affected by dorian already nearly 8,000 soldiers in amman have been activated
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and our managing resources on the ground and in the air. >>we're supporting by facilitating the movement of some helicopters from one state to another this photo from the defense department's archive gives us a closer glimpse at ways the coronation center works with state local and federal agencies on response effort for pat's as keeping people safe is a team effort that also includes those in the path of the storm following the evacuation warnings because. >>at the end it's going to save lives. resources and time in the recovery effort, the national guard says it has a force of over 450,000 ready to go whenever and wherever they're needed. >>in washington bree jackson. >>take a outside right now as we talk about what's going on with sea storm and this is the the track of hurricane dorian as it makes his way up the east our chief meteorologist says here lawrence karnow gi us
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yeah well maintaining strength right now a pretty scary. i mean it just has to wall bill just a little close to the coastline and we're talking about hurricane force winds right there on the coast will show you how close but look at this. >>very intense infrared satellite image you can see the dark red, those are the strongest thunderstorms that are rotating around the core there and you see the eye of adoring getting more organized again as a smooth over some warm water of the gulf stream and pushing all that moisture getting closer to the coast. it looks like. well it's going to be close to landfall. according to some of the computer models want to bring it on shore. so here's the very latest you can see it right now you see the core that storm spinning around those rain bands already affecting parts of georgia, south carolina, some of those bands all the way up in north carolina right now. the core of the system still a little bit off the coastline, but not all that far away in fact that we're watching this very closely as it rotates around it is going to continue to bring those heavy bands of rain on shore. right now the eye of the storm really not that far away just about a 100 miles away a 102 the brunswick, right there,
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hurricane force winds extend outward from this hurricane. a good 70 mile so you're looking at the difference right here million for all this on here you can see right from the core the center here are right there. that's how close it is little over 20 miles away from the coastline, so should the storm system was a bull and given 20 miles closer guess what we've got hurricane force winds. right on the coastline. flooding also is going to be a major concern wood door because the storm surge we're going to see some higher tides of being pumped up by that a very strong wind and that low pressure bringing those a storm surge conditions along the coastline. hurricane warnings up across all the way from jacksonville through parts of georgia all the way through south and north carolina right now as that storm system gets closer. you see those winds tropical storm force gusts have been picked up getting a little bit closer right now to 2930 plus miles per hour in charleston. some 21 not miles per hour in savannah. but those on shore winds. that's going to be the
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problem that is going to cause a lot of that water to begin to pile up along the coastline, so many of the coastal rivers going to start to run into some problems here. here's the latest forecast for the storm surge as much as 5 to 8 foot storm surge there near myrtle beach we're going to see a possible landfall in that direction to watch the very latest track here as you see getting very close near myrtle beach with sustained winds of a 105 miles per hour near wilmington and morehead city possibly making landfall before head off in the middle of the atlantic and maybe nova scotia over the weekend. thank you lawrence. >>today, the jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial. requested a read back of testimony from an oakland first responder a person who made contact with go defended eric m in a at the warehouse 2 years before the massive fire that took the lives of 36 people kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >>days of deliberating. jury to play though when the ghost ship fire trout since their first note to the port it is a
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request of they read that of direct and cross examination. the prosecution witness oakland fire captain george treatment the jury is seeking specific sections of this testimony surrounding the september 2014 couch fire arson episode outside the goshen. >>we believe that to back favre defend should not prosecution. the show in a sense too early to do over the communication. on the other hand. >>since they are still gathering significant from their perspective. >>for their consideration. it probably means they haven't even taken a vote yet. >>the jury's request covered at least 2 dozen pages of testimony. judge thompson gave both the defense and the prosecution, 45 minutes to review and make any requests freeney arguments asked to review transcripts in may really important decisions and suggestions that court. >>it's really off putting to be rushed in process because
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the court is trying to accommodate their schedule. i'm trying to save and fight for his life. >>now the jury's note is happening with the backdrop of there being only one alternate juror left after 3 alternate are called up. following the alleged misconduct, 3 jurors who have to be replaced. >>there's one alternate juror left. that juror were to replace an existing sure and we were to lose one course it would be an 11 member panel which is a mistrial. >>that the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland has it made you wrote for >>a criminal investigation is underway after a fire at a pet store in camptell it happened around 7 this morning at the pets and more store on hamilton avenue crews arrived to contain the blaze within about 15 minutes. the good news is no animals died in the fire fire officials are currently investigating the cause of this fire.
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>>is 6.45 they may be tiny but they are fighting one of the most complex medical conditions or out how a bay area organization is trying to ease the pain and stress for the families. >>also ahead and a group of sexual-assault victims announced today that they are filing a lawsuit against the lift. they say the company failed to protect.
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>>i'm overwhelmed with grief i negligence to keep its riders safe. >>in san francisco ride-sharing company lyft is facing a new lawsuit claims that the company has not done enough to protect riders from sexual-assault from first charles clifford has the details. >>well here in san francisco attorneys representing a 14 women have filed this criminal complaint in superior court claiming that their clients suffered rapes in sexual-assault at the hands of lyft drivers. now in the lawsuit, the attorneys claim that lift concealed the true extent of sexual-assault that occur in their vehicles and they won't lift to make some safety improvements, including adding cameras and audio recorders inside the vehicles, they also want to panic button put in the app so that riders can call for help if need be they also want lift to automatically report any crimes to police and they want lift to do better screening of potential drivers they want potential drivers to be fingerprinted and also go through an in person
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interview. now at today's press conference to victims came forward to speak publicly a lot about what happened to them. one was a woman named kim from salt lake city who says that a lyft driver attempted to sexually assault her she was able to get away but she called police and now she is part of this lawsuit because she doesn't want this to happen to anyone else my safety was violated in the consequences affect me every day. >>the mentally emotionally and physically. i'm overwhelmed with grief i negligence to keep its riders safe. and demanding change further trauma to our community. when security is not a privilege to put an inherent human right. it is our responsibility to ensure these rights are preserved and protected. >>now on wednesday. we did reach out to lift for comment but for now in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news responded to our request for a statement saying in part quote what the victims described as terrifying and has no place in the lift community. one in 6 women will face some form of sexually violent in their
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lives behavior. that's unacceptable for our society and on our platform as a platform committed to providing safe transportation. we hold ourselves to a higher standard by designing products and policies to keep out bad actors, make riders and drivers feel safe and react quickly if and when an incident has occurred. >>the woman who has been known as emily doe, the victim in the stanford rape case is now revealing her identity. this is chanel miller she made her identity public in a new york times article just released this morning. miller has written a memoir entitled know my name. she says it it was her decision to come forward to share her story and put a face to sexual-assault you might remember back in 2015 miller's case made headlines. she was sexually assaulted by stanford student brock turner during sentencing miller read an impact statement which went viral. and her face 14 years in prison, but he was sentenced to 6 months in jail
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and only served 3 months for quote good behavior that sentence led to an uproar that sparked the recall campaign against the judge in the case. miller says that she has been writing them in law for the past 2 years and that it will be released on september the 24th. >>police are searching for a suspect who stole a laptop computers from a bay area elementary schools. >>oprah winfrey will be making a stop in the bay area details on her new mission and when you can get tickets ahead 10 next to 6.30 we talk one on one with the coast guard investigator about the southern california dive boat fire. >>details on what he says happens next in these types of investigations if you thought you saw a flash in the sky maybe rumble of thunder may have been right, we have some right here in the bay area will we see more. you have the answe
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>>more about the santa cruz dive instructor who was leading the southern california expedition 41 year-old christie fence that took over the company called worldwide diving adventure from her father she had been diving since childhood kron four's maureen kelly talked to another school instructor who taught alongside her. >>instructor, nice person is really nice person always got jackson the master instructor at the area scuba in burlingame says he and chris teeth, instead. >>the dive instructor presumed dead. after the tragic labor day fire.


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