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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  September 5, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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know that day. likely will never be able to. find peace with what happened in that. i apologize anything that we did inflame them. >>tonight at 6 in the long awaited ghost ship warehouse fire trial. a jury found max have i'm not guilty. but the joy on the case against derek minute. >>both men faced 36 counts of manslaughter for the 36 people who lost their lives is of course all stemming from that devastating december 20 16 fire one, 36 people died of smoke inhalation that was the deadliest fire in oakland history. the official cause of the fire has not been determined. 6 months after the fire derick almena and max harris were charged. >>we have live team coverage tonight kron four's gayle ong is live at the santa rita jail in dublin tonight where max harris is expected to be released a sometime is
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evening. maureen kelly is at the alameda county courthouse with the reaction from daraa come in as attorney and we begin with kron four's michelle kingston she has been following this trial from the very beginning michelle. >>the emotional day for everyone involved here in oakland max harris, he's a free man tonight derick almena the master tenant of that go ship warehouse where he remains in his santa rita jail cell tonight now we spoke to his attorneys they say that he is on a happy tonight, he is thinking about that fire. the party and all the victims involved. >>i just had a conversation with derick before they took him back the holding cell and he said that while he was. >>really not to have been convicted. he has not and will not. lose sight of the terrible tragedy. that occurred. the fact that he was
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somehow involved in it the fact that 36 families were shattered. the fact that there was the most. unspeakable. while he's happy. in a sense to be on convicted. he's very unhappy. when he thinks about what happened. >>and derrick l man and his attorneys will return here to this courthouse on october 4th for a possible new trial date. we're told that may happen sometime in march that new trial if there is one and they say that they'll win and that all is not a criminal back to you. michelle thank you. >>as we mentioned erica will stay in custody moments after the verdict was read next
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harris's attorney curtis briggs address the media kron four's maureen kelly is live outside the courthouse with his reaction >>defense attorneys for max harris call him an innocent brilliant artist who should ever have been charged in the first place this lead attorney curtis briggs was smiling and hugging his colleagues when he came off the elevator out after the verdict came down. d spoke in and take a much more somber approach when he approached the microphone and addressed the reporters gathering waiting to hear from him. he apologized to the victims families said he said that he apology would hope that that may did nothing in the courtroom that would inflame them. he also said this is not a time before max harris to celebrate because he is still very sad about what happened and wished he had done more to try and save some
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of those people who lost their lives and obviously 36 people that's a it's a heavy weight to carry. i would be also said that all talking about a possible retrial for derrick alameda, he said there would be no justice in last the landlord of the building. we're in the defendant's chair as well. he also the 4 feet step up. >>step up and be accountable for what happened the leaders of this city need to demand accountability and to tell us how they're going to fix this problem. the jail at 36 people die in your community have fire marshals inspectors and firefighters and policend everybody involved in and try to blame it on to poor people. they couldn't afford attorneys, you know you can't do that. the magnitude of this tragedy is indicative of a complete bureaucratic and systemic breakdown that was never acknowledged by a government official. and i
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doubt that the community is any safer. i mean look at how many buildings have gone up and fired is why we were in trial. you know there's so much work to be done here and i'm just looking for the leader that's going to step up and do it. >>now we know that max harris is due to be released today is expected to be released around 8 o'clock tonight, his attorney says one of the first things he's expects his client to do it's a havea nice the gun meal. reporting from oakland. i morning kelly kron 4 news morning. thank you tonight the family of the victims are reacting to the verdict on 4 says mind you it was in the courtroom when the verdict was announced he has reaction now on how the families of the victims are dealing with this outcome. >>as >>and it was a very emotional scene inside the courtroom winds the jury read the verdict that not guilty for max harrison, a hung jury for a gallon me that derick almena
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the wind the the counts were read the family member is released audible signs of of emotion in and you can hear that see the tears and you can hear them flying across the room in the judge said max that derick almena there was a hung jury in his case, the emotion of bring out even louder be caught up with one of the family members outside the courthouse. >>sorry for the other families who are suffering. our lawyers did a great job. they did their best. if you feel about next year is being this my daughters, i don't really i am. in all honesty. the worst day of my life. was on december 2nd. they can't get worse too. it's just a lot of suffering after that and we continue to suffer.
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>>lex harris is a free she will be soon once he is released from senator reid treated get santa rita jail which will be later tonight early tomorrow morning. derick almena remains inside jail cell waiting for his next court date which will be october 4th for a pretrial hearing. if the da will decide at that time whether or not they want to go forward with another trial. that's the latest live here in oakland alameda county superior courthouse hasn't met you kron 4 news has a thank you want to turn now to a criminadefense attorney paula canny for some. >>analysis so paula for says what's your take overall on this verdict who well was just sometimes tragedies. >>and that they can't be fixed or saw 5 a criminal prosecution, i mean i'm sure the harris team is super relieved that he was found not guilty. i'm sure that our men is team is relieved he he
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wasn't convicted. though they stressor of what's going to come next. but cars with that and guilty to not guilty. a jury split. it's pretty persie abul that the prosecution is going to retry. but then he will be along on trial. it's super stressful and recall all boast derick almena and harris were in custody. this entire time pre trial. i mean the firm first time the court set bail. they're each ad bales of an million dollars the alameda county bail schedules. $30,000 account 36 counts times 30 then somebody reduced it to 750,000 nobody can make that kind of bail these guys are. you know al man will stay in custody and and harris, you know will get out tonight and bows our is scarred in many ways is the victim's family because they also law friends
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and this and they feel terrible. >>the legal process is not over with this verdict so max harris walks away from the criminal side of this trial but we're looking at a civil trial ahead and the possibility of all men are going through another criminal trial, correct. >>really interesting point because in man is criminal trial. terrorists could be called as a witness for. and not be stressed out about being still a defendant's right to a cause. he is free he is not guilty is at an advantage for one side or the other. >>then it's for the defense. and it's interesting the prosecution could call harrison try and make him be their witness to blame el manana and he has no defense he can't take the 5th amendment and say i don't want
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to testify and because he is acquitted. he's finished it's over and then ironically in the civil case which is set to go to trial. where the many of the victims families are the plaintiffs and they are suing. property owner who the da's office decided not to prosecute. various city of oakland officials alameda county officials and pg any regarding all this stuff, but they're a us will be called to testify at that trial. well as well. >>we've got in the jury and we have 3 new members who came on they did not take very long to against catch up on what have been that the a shun of the other members of the after the new members are brought on what likely you surprised that they were able to come to this agreement and a matter of days with the new jurors also does the defense for elmen and now get a chance to talk to members of the jury is that allowed. yes. >>so the judge said it's up to
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the jury it is to who they want to speak to the judge also gave the jurors a nap, mission that they can't receive any money for 90 days should they choose to talk to somebody like get a book deal or any of that. but it's up to each individual juror if they want to talk to the defense and so absolutely the allman, a defense team is going to go out interview the jurors and see what they found persuasive what they didn't find persuasive. so are the prosecutors, everybody wants to know what these 12 people thinking and your point about the replacing of the 3 jurors. deliberated for 10 days. those 3 words they reached a verdict on the 14th day with it you know almost it 2 week high it has so that's pretty unusual but this new group of 12 reached it reached a verdict and about 3 days so i mean
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that is super interesting and doesn't bode well in some ways for the prosecution. >>all right paula can i again thank you so she initiator analysis. still ahead tonight more on our ship coverage. we'll take you live to the santa rita jail in dublin as santa rita jail in dublin as well max harris i the ross fall fashion event has all the looks for way less... check this out! that's yes for less. get the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at the ross fall fashion event. on now. at the ross fall family is all togetherect... and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich!
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and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. we understand that max harris has been released from custody. he is not the party
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get from the santa rita jail want to go to kron four's gayle ong she's live at santa rita jail dale i guess we're waiting for him to step outside is that what's happening. >>absolutely ken and pam. according to alameda county sheriff's office. he has been free of course as we know that decision coming after 02:00pm and he has been behind bars here for about 2 years but we're told he may not walk out the front door just behind me this ramp that is where most defendants walk out when they are released from jail. so we're told he may be accommodated just with the situation. we have not seen that much activity since we've been out here where i am this is where those defendants eyes. i mention come out we haven't seen any of their cars or other exits but again we're told by alameda county sheriff's office that this could happen any time at first we were told it would happen at 8 o'clock. so this of course is really up to mister harris so our hope is that he will talk to us as his reaction is something that
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people would want to hear and of course we're not sure if he will talk to us about of course, and you know his situation. he was arrested first in 2017 of june with his connection to the fire. his role, the dorm and the guy collecting money for rent and of course the jury found. he was acquitted. killings of the fire. so right now we're just here on standby just trying to keep an eye out. again that the fate for the co-defendant derrick, i mean it not the same story as he is still here at a jail cell at the santa rita jail that's the very latest from here in dublin else in the back to you. >>all right, thank you, gayle and we'll stay in touch with developments there at the jail site. we do want to go and get the information that's risa has been collecting today. yeah, she's been at the courthouse covering events there and here's her report. i'm here with sergeant ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff's department, the spokesperson for the department. >>max harris acquitted now
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what happens. >>so we a special transport for him back to a santa rita jail in dublin. and during the next a 3 to 4 hours will be processing out of that facility and then once he's done there to be a free person walk out of our jail. >>as you have personal effects is he does he's been in our custody for a couple years now and so i would imagine he's writings and personal effects that he's probably going to want will be allowed access to go back and get those then be given a all his clothes and property that he came into our jail facility with us and then we'll make sure that he safely get out of our facility. you spoke with his girlfriend. obviously she came out very emotional. is there any special circumstances are special. you know access that you allow them to leave the center in a jam. well, i mean this is a unique case i mean typically a person would just walk out of our jail but this is such a high-profile event that we need to make sure mister harris gets where he needs to go. without a without any people in his way. i think
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if you walked out the front of our jail he would likely be bombarded by dozens and dozens of news cameras so we'll have a conversation with him today see what's in his best interest what he feels safe us with and we'll get him where he needs to go so you'll have a choice. we'll give him a choice to give that opportunity ok anything else you think is important mister mehta stays in custody. he does as for now, yeah, i mean mister mister harris was really ordered released forthwith by the judge. mister harris remains in custody on his current bail status. there will the next court date is october 4th, there may be they'll hearing prior to that and at that point things could change. but as of now he will remain in custody, the way he has for the last couple years anything else that is important is that you think the public should know about this is been a long ordeal. there's been a long ordeal for for this county. for all the first responders that respond to that event on that night. and that we've been dealing with this for 3 and a half i
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met with a lot of the family members today, it'g a very emotional time for them and for a lot of us that have a public service uh and the media as well that have covered this case for the last 2 and a half years, it's been a long road. and so maybe today is the start of some. the beginning of some healing for some folks and so we hope so what was the general tenor sensing from some of the family members. i think they just a they were st thankful. they were thankful to the first responders they were thankful to all the people that have supported and lifted them up and they're wonderful people of families and so. here in oakland traces stasio kron 4 news. >>the weekend fast approaching and it is expected to be a nice one for much
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>>time now for 4 zone forecast the first want to show you the conditions outside as hurricane dorian continues to churn along the east coast a ina. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with the. >>update on what's happening with hurricane dorian as well as our local weather cast been up all all kinds of trouble what a mess hundreds of thousands of people without power now. >>as dorian moves right along the carolinas. there what a wicked storm. this is it is now a category 2 so somewhat weaker, but still a very dangerous and potentially deadly storm system spinning
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up all kinds of trouble not only the rain we've had a tremendous amounts of rain some places over 12 inches so far but the winds gusting almost a 100 of miles per hour right along the coastline. look at the eye it is right near cape fear. southport right now you can see just off the coastline right now they're getting the full brunt of all is very strong hurricane force winds right now to go along with that had numerous tornadoes popping up as well we'll have more on that a second, but look at the storm system kind of his role in right up the i maintain a really straight because sitting over water this came on shore. it is start to weaken right away, but it is just off the coastline running over the coal or warm water here and that is able to maintain the strength to ride along myrtle beach wilmington. you can see the storm system to get a little bit closer re of about 3 inches an hour have been coming down they've got numerous flash flooding around parts of south carolina and now making its way to north carolina to in fact expecting these winds to continue to whip look at that over 50 miles per hour at myrtle beach just beginning to pick up more
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so in wilmington and you see all those morehead city over 40 miles per hour. damage reported all along the coastline, especially spots inland, not as bad. but we've got tornado watches continuing in effect now you can see all the way from north of wilmington through morehead all the way to norfolk is we're expecting a chance of more tornadoes and they have been popping up all around numerous tornadoes, dropping down doing damage water spouts coming right up the coastline. that's what happens you get these thunderstorms usually these storms the type of tornadoes with the hurricanes. not a stronger something you see in the middle united states but strong enough to do a lot of damage if they have to land in your neighborhood and they certainly can see more of those overnight tonight and it's tomorrow. another problem is a storm surge looking at 4 to 7 feet storm surges that rain and the water's going to try to make its way back into the ocean is not going to be able to do that the water is going to be rising and that is going to cause coastal flooding along that entire area. here's the very latest forecast track you can see moving up along the
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coastline here and then possibly making landfall morehead city cape hatteras and then finally moving out to sea late on friday and into saturday looks like we'll be done with that storm system as it begins to move out of town. around the bay area totally different story we've got numbers in the 80's inland forecast for friday 70's around the bay and some 60's along the coastline. temperatures so the next 2 days really going to take a nosedive much cooler weather expected on saturday and staying down early next week. thank you lawrence we're still following the latest in the go ship trial. we have reporters at the courthouse. >>and at the county jail where >>and at the county jail where max at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
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flames. and we're getting comments. the long road to justice begins. knowingly created a. a defiant jailhouse interview and it wasn't me. in an emotional trial bringing new pain for victims families i can sleep a night now so. every chance i can. >>tonight a long-awaited verdict has been reached in the trial of the ghost ship warehouse fire. max harris was
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found not guilty. but a mistrial was declared in the case against eric amana. >>we want to take you back to december second 9 to 2016 that's one concert goers gathered for a night of music and fun. but that night turned into tragedy for gun walking through the chaotic moments from that night and what happened in the days that followed. 2016 a friday night. >>people showed up for a dance party at an off the grid haven for oakland's creative community. suddenly and others. >>i just heard somebody the all out fire. fire extinguisher. >>i was different. >>with his clothes small during this resident trying to
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save a fellow tenants with a broken ankle it had to leave him behind. >>it was a window of mi 5 minutes between the fire happening. >>and you just didn't get out the nearest fire station was just a block away when the first engines arrived at 1130. there were no signs of life by that time the entire second floor had collapsed. >>these young people were texting their families telling them that they love them or that they were going to die firefighters say they tried to enter the building but the dense smoke and debris on the floor made it unsafe. >>it took. >>the fire that survivable daylight revealed the devatation as investigators began the difficult job of searching for human remains. >>it was heartbreaking. >>36 bodies were identified in the ashes, the highest number of


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