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broken ankle it had to leave him behind. >>it was a window of mi 5 minutes between the fire happening. >>and you just didn't get out the nearest fire station was just a block away when the first engines arrived at 1130. there were no signs of life by that time the entire second floor had collapsed. >>these young people were texting their families telling them that they love them or that they were going to die firefighters say they tried to enter the building but the dense smoke and debris on the floor made it unsafe. >>it took. >>the fire that survivable daylight revealed the devatation as investigators began the difficult job of searching for human remains. >>it was heartbreaking. >>36 bodies were identified in the ashes, the highest number of fire fatalities in the
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country in the last 13 years there are mourned by oakland's mayor a terrible tragedy as well as local artists there's nothing like this. it's just and judy. and tragedy. >>our reporters michelle kingston and has it made you have been covering this story all along they are live tonight in the courthouse they've been out there all day we're going to walk us through the latest in the case and what they witnessed up to this point michelle. >>that is very long trial for everybody involved here the defendants the attorneys, the prosecutors the reporters but also those family members they have been in that courtroom day in and day out there here seeking justice for their loved ones those 6.36 people who died in that fire. i'm going bring in his sequin junior was actually inside the
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courtroom. our reporter was in that courtroom today when that verdict came down he has been in the courtroom this entire time we've been here what for 4 and a half months now, yes. it we've you know talk to those family members i got to know some of those family members. be feeling. today. >>overwhelmed with emotion when the first verdict was read of not guilty on all counts for max harris, an audible gasps the motion tears flowing on the side of the courtroom that was holding the family members where they receive it. and when the judge talk to the jury foreperson about the hung jury for the derick almena family were also overwhelmed even more so when the judge said at this point if you are deadlocked and i will declare a mistrial and the families of course works just exacerbated their emotions were allowed in the courtroom. >>in and they did come outside here outside the court. how
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side they've spoken to us throughout this entire trial and a number of them. took a little bit more time to come out today, some of them spoke up many of them just on able to just to upset a lot of them shot to hear what the white house. >>but today because this was clearly not the outcome they wanted they seeking justice in the form of both of these defendants being found guilty for the murder of their loved ones not the case. there there may be another opportunity if the da decides to move forward with retrying the case against derek a minute, but that remains to be seen. >>it will be back here in next month october 4th for a possible new trial date. his attorney says that new trial maybe and marches. if there is a trial. and then as far as next harris he's a free man tonight. >>he's a free man he's a he is now out of the santa rita jail and he as a he's a he's a free man again i'm not the outcome that the families wanted but the outcome that his attorneys fought hard for in this case.
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>>and both and harris is attorneys say that their thoughts and their prayers are with those victims and their families tonight and they they had been the the entire trial. that's right. >>both of the defense teams have always a you know took the opportunity to say that what a tragedy this is for everyone including the families while trying to still maintain that well for their clients or innocent from their perspectives. >>send it back to you guys for now. the show has a thank you very much for so following the latest in the goshen trial. we
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the defendant max harris acted as the creative director of the go ship but during the trial. harris downplayed his role at the oakland warehouse out for michelle kingston has men closely following the case as we've said she shows us how harris his demeanor. >>change before and during the trial. >>terror smile gently up the jurors everyday they walked into the courtroom during his trial. he it says charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the deaths of 36 people some who were his friends who died during an electronic music party at an oakland warehouse in december 2016 a warehouse known as the goh ship where he lived here is had his own spot in the live workspace alongside about 20 other artists. he felt safe at the go ship but 10,000
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square foot warehouse in the feuitvale neighborhood. he said if you didn't feel safe. he wouldn't have lived there. prosecutors described him as the creative director of the space he told investigators after the fire that he helped facilitate the vision of the warehouse. it was the mediator of personal conflicts, but he testified he had no authority still he is one of 2 people prosecutors say are criminally responsible for the fire. they say he in derick almena illegally converted the warehouse into a resident sin did not have proper safety equipment installed inside harris stinnett pay rent but collected it from the other tenants in deposited the money into the landlord to count each month harris testified he'd been homeless in the past he has no car no retirement savings account, he's a college graduate who will be 30 in december harris wears oversized eyeglasses in sports neck and facial tattoos a blue moon sits on his left cheek,
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his hair is long and pulled back showing the gauges in his ears, he's a who according to his attorneys has had a tough time in the santa rita jail where he's lived in solitary confinement since his arrest in 2017 it was an honor a privilege to finally get out in front. >>the jury of his peers. tell the truth. it to the narrative that the prosecutors will tell you that public all this time, it's false you know he's not defensive. he's calm, he's very gentle soft-spoken. >>he has a great demeanor. he has. has nothing to hide. so she's not scared. >>the night of the fatal fire harris sayse was amping hands at the front door, his friends were performing upstairs seat spotted a glow in the back of the warehouse when he left the front door to use the bathroom. that's when panic mode said it. harris
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says he used his flashlight at the front door to try to help navigate people out he said it was a surreal out of body experience watching the fire progress learning that people died made him sick to his stomach. he said it was unbelievable and so real he told prosecutors he felt responsible because the people who died were in his house soon they were his friends. i don't hate him. >>i know he's not i know he's not a killer. i know he didn't want any of this to happen. you know, but he has to be held accountable for. >>his negligence outside the courthouse. the family members of some of the victims of the fire pull the free max harris stickers off the late polls upset by some of his supporters. his aunt says friends and family have been in the courtroom throughout the trial. some traveling from the northwest in the east coast max's family has been president this entire time. >>as have maybe up to a dozen of friends and his his family and within the art art
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community so we have been there with him and stand really strongly with each day each day that max your son joe we're ignoring the root of the problem. >>and what could have prevented this awful horrible tragedy. about the hung
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jury for defendant erica he served as the master tenet of the ghost ship warehouse and since the in a has defended
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himself saying that he's been made a scapegoat for what happened four's michelle kingston has been covering all aspects of this case. tonight she takes us through a timeline about him and his actions leading up to the fire. >>derick almena says there were more than 20 pianos 30 your guns statues from india and bali decorations and musical instruments in in the ghost ship warehouse space he moved his wife and 3 children into back in 2013 the 10,000 square foot warehouse in the fruitvale neighborhood in oakland became their new home, all main and his wife micah advertise the building on craigslist for potential renters as a hybrid museum sunken pirate ship a shingled funhouse a 24 hour creation space over time derek on may 9 others transform the warehouse into a place for artists to not just work but to live previous tenant say up to 25 people lived inside paying a couple $100 a month to rent
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out a studio or a rv trailer. well some describe it as safe in beautiful others called it unsafe in a death trap a terrifying fire hazard in a jailhouse interview with kron 4 in 2017 a man has said is least gave him the right to build a rooms in the warehouse and to have people over he said with the owner's consent, he built residences in the landlord wou c every month to check gun, but he was doing all may know called the warehouse a safe space and a place where everyone contributed to the community inside he said contractors came by to make sure construction was being done correctly he said since the beginning of the go ship in 2013. he had a relationship with police officers and firefighters, several of them came inside and told him how great the warehouse looked in told him he was doing a great job, but in ministry children were removed from the go ship.
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alameda county child protective services sent the children to their grandparents home for 6 months twice a man and his wife or drug tested eventually the children were brought back to the warehouse amanda moved his family to a hotel on the night of december second 2016, wanting his kids to have a good night sleep. and not be disturbed by the electronic music party set to take place hours after arriving at the hotel. all may know was notified that the warehouse was on fire one of the people who lived there had died and dozens more were trapped on the second floor. >>ok, i'm a father of 3 children. i would never want this to happen. and i wish i could have been there to ve your children to been there to guide them out of that. but it wasn't a horrible place that there really wonderful place with amazing artists in the jailhouse interview will manage says he takes a more. >>responsibility for the fire and wishes he was there to have saved people, 36 party
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goers were unable to get out alive in another tenant next harris described as the creative director of the warehouse were charged with involuntary manslaughter for the people who died during the party they've been locked up in protective custody in the santa rita jail since their arrests months after the deadly fire. >>all may know who is defensive in came off frustrated and angry during his interview with kron 4 of course, i'm being scapegoated almena is accused of illegally converting the go ship into an artist live workspace the ghost ship warehouse trial began in the spring of this year. and prosecutors argued almena and harris were criminally negligent by filling the warehouse with flammable materials in failing to install safety equipment. >>if you're going to hold me responsible than i want to fire department the police the landlord's my my my kids school teachers that that had parties in my space that new are living there andncame hang on one of the school teachers.
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husband was a fireman. and he's like green space passes also migrations the common e he doesn't know. >>in that's in the fire code. >>the cause of the fire is undetermined it all man as attorney tony serra argues the fire was started by arsonists we very strongly believe this was arson fires of fire. >>they don't know how sorry it happened and people got trapped now let's talk that we know i want to talk about that how people got trapped. you know like who is the cause of that it wasn't me. those are staircases we brought morgan's of every day keep wanted to talk about this fire that that's 30 save people if i didn't put that staircase in there would have en no way out a brother of one of the victims of the fire man and harris are guilty. >>they created the environment, the man is the environment they invited others into that environment, they took money for others to both live in that environment and it ends. the environment
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and that's that's what it comes down to for us, but some witnesses don't believe should be held responsible this morning. >>when a young witness started crying on the stand because he saw his good friends charged in his criminal case al manar has worn a suit to court every day of the trial. he sits quiet often writing during testimony and rarely if ever making eye contact with the jurors he tells kron 4 what keeps him going is his love for his children. his honor and knowing what he did to the ghost ship warehouse was beautiful. >>and tonight we are remembering the 36 victims who lost their lives on the go ship fire in oakland, each person came from different parts of the world from new york to finland to alameda but they all shared a collective passion for their art. as we wrap up tonight at 6 o'clock, here's a look at that 36 people who lost their lives in the oakland warehouse fire. on
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the night of december second 2016.
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>>that side on this thursday evening and see how clear it is as folks are heading westbound headed toward the bay bridge boy it's a nice time to travel to there's no traffic there was awful earlier today for skies and clear freeway lawrence out it too early to start talking about the weekend. >>early start talking about the you know what hey we've got some big changes for the weekend that he kind of felt a little bit of that is a temperatures. >>started to cool down around the bay area's high pressure kind of scrutiny story a little low this kind of sweeping in and out of brought that on shore flow outside just a couple of patches of fog you see him right there but not much a temperatures. yeah, they took a hit today
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that onshore breeze kicked in and that cold temperatures down as much as 11 degrees cooler in fairfield in livermore around much of the bay area we saw some cooler temperatures to so today. yeah, the highs, a 67 degrees in san francisco, 73 for a high in oakland remember just yesterday we were talking about some mid 90's in spots, inland, not even close today, 83 in livermore 87 degrees for a high in concord 82 degrees in santa rosa. and only 76 degrees in san jose. so these numbers running a little bit below the average now i think tomorrow maybe we're warming up just a tad on friday about 70 degrees at the mission 68 in the marine along the coastline will find little sunshine up some patchy fog numbers in the mid 60's there for the most part inside the bay 60 degrees of bernie game should be beautiful 67. in millbrae 75 degrees in redwood city about 77 in mount view the south bay looking good tomorrow afternoon 70's and some low 80's, a very much feeling like fall across parts of the bay area. some 80's as you head inland tomorrow, maybe about mid 80's into pleasanton about 88 and live more that will be one of the
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warmer spots and we're looking about 86 degrees in danville about 87 a walnut creek 88 in concord and about 70 degrees in san leandro 73 in oakland, the 76 degrees in richmond. looks like those temperatures warm up the just nicely in right to the delta about 81 in pittsford tomorrow, blame about 79 in the napa valley along the coastline was we some sunshine by the afternoon 66 at stinson beach about 72 degrees in the couple days here we go looking toward that weekend and ken is right where get ready for it looks like it's going to be a good one too as we're going to see a cool down we've got another low that's going to drop in the bay area. temperatures well below >>thank y
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now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello everybody, and thanks for joining us. president trump today remains defiant. he says hurricane dorian was about to impact alabama. despite specific comments to the contrary from the national weather service. and that weather map that he showed off that had that hand drawn extension of the storm, has proven to be quite the fodder for the late night comics. >> oh, he did it. >> i have to wonder if his high school report card was legitimate. >> the qst


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