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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  September 6, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we want to start the a check f we had an issue 80 which for a time blocked all lanes really can't believe how quickly they cleared this obviously they're still investigating the a pedestrian fatality, but at least the traffic is flowing that's right the traffic looks much much better at one point it was absolutely awful. >>we had all lanes close to 80 west after powell street in emeryville. >>there's a person running around on the freeway was struck and killed by a car. they cleared the scene about 20 minutes ago and so the traffic looks much better in emeryville keep in mind we had a crew ash in the backup involving a motorcyclist between university and gilman that was blocking the 2 left lanes so both incidents out of the way traffic is still slow looks a whole lot better now that they're no longer diverting you or have it close down. so expect to see some crowding here 80 west from albany through berkeley down to emeryville we're holding at 20 minutes and that's pretty
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good from crockett down to the maze at least it wasn't one of those incident that just lingered for hours and hours but the folks that you see here at the bay bridge toll plaza they are late because they were stuck behind the crash stuck in the backup on the e sure they're just now making it up to the bay bridge toll plaza so a full wait for the cash payers and fast trackers 13 minutes and growing off to fremont street. we'll take a peek at more purchase and more slow downs coming up in a bit. meanwhile, let's check >>what john tribal well, robin plenty of low clouds and fog hanging out across the bay this morning, this is above all of it though from the sutro tower cam showing a nice sunrise in the distance about those a puffy clouds pushing in on over the bay resulting in low visibility at times for areas like san francisco on the coastline most of us though are going to be seeing some skies clearing out even sooner than they did for the day yesterday and under some mostly sunny skies this afternoon. some really comfortable temperatures that you'll help we have a chance to step outside and enjoy as much as possible this friday,
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50's and 60's for your morning temperatures cool enough for a light jacket for those of you who may be stepping outside here just a few minutes by the time we work towards noon today our inland spots will be back into the low 70's. only peaking in the mid 80's by the afternoon ahead of us one of the coolest days of your forecast ahead. i'm talking more about what to expect this weekend still to come. james. very much john so breaking news from overnight. we heard or have heard that one person died in a fire at a mobile home. >>in the south bank christina tape cho has the details live from san jose. >>yeah, i'm here at west winds mobile home park. crews actually just left the scene cleaning up the mess of what used to be the home of one person who was caught in that fire who no longer is here. now san jose firefighters confirmed some details with us i want to go ahead and take give you a look at what it looked like as they were battling the blaze. they
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confirmed that this happened late last night early this morning. a fire broke out at a double wide mobile home. the one you see right here in this video, the flames so large the fire so big over 30 firefighters battled the blaze. the crews found one person inside of the mobile home who died from the incident neighbors tell us an elderly woman lived inside of the home in the think she's the one who lost her life. firefighters are still investigating how this fire started reporting live here in san jose christina teatro kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you christina. >>i'm kind of numb right now no verdicts whether he was
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guilty whether he was innocent whether he was acquitted because there wasn't enough evidence is ever going to change the fact that very bright starr on this universe lost her life that night. >>reaction to the verdict in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. one defendant is a free man this morning, the other could be facing a new trial. >>max harris was released from the santa rita jail in dublin shortly after the jury acquitted him of all charges after serving almost 2 years in jail, he walked out a free man, his attorney says the city of oakland did not tell enough of the truth on the stand. >>you can't let 36 people die in your community have fire marshals inspectors and firefighters and police and everybody involved in and try to blame it on to poor people. the couldn't afford attorneys, you know y the magnitude of this tragedy is indicative of a complete bureaucratic and systemic breakdown that was never acknowledged by a government official. and i doubt that the community is any safer. i mean
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look at how many buildings have gone up and fired is why we were in file. >>and this morning derick remains behind bars at the santa rita jail and that's where kron four's will tran is this morning. >>we'll where does it rub go next. >>we don't know yet but we will know october 4th al mina is in jail and for the duration of this past trial. he was shuttled back and forth and then he was taken here, but he could become a free man come october 4th that's when prosecutors and defense attorneys as well as amina we'll go before a judge at that time prosecutors will tell the judge whether or not they want to retry the case or drop it altogether if they drop it altogether that means el nino will be a free man and this case is over so they'll just have to make that decision from now until then to review what they did right what they did wrong in this previous case, the sea if they have enough moving forward if
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you talk to legal experts they believe because it came back tended to that looks good for prosecutors if they had to bet that prosecutors would do this second time in the meantime al mena and his attorneys they're looking for possibly bail. here's the attorney talking about i possibly being free even before october 4th. >>is getting very philosophic he understands you know never been through criminal process. really in jail. so you understand just more and he along with my shelf. you know what we want to do a bail motion will do want to an appropriate time. >>they don't expect you which is a the tribe must be in south. but i don't think we'll get bail we haven't gotten 8 on our show. you know applications and now they're going say oh well we spend too. you know more of a and of course is never going to run
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away is no risk at all. but we'll do a bail motion but said lee's been shown in santa rita which is a hellhole. >>the 49 year on the night he's been in santa rita for the past 2 years had he been convicted james and area he would have face up to 39 years in prison but because there's a mistrial everything is still up in the air. so we will know moving forward over the next 3 weeks or so what will happen whether or not we will do this all over again and keep in mind when we talked about this case. i remember being here the date it started guys that they were targeted talked about this trial being possibly 2 months. it ended up being 5 months back to you. >>and friends and family of the victims have been weighing in on the verdict kron four's dan thorn spoke to them about what they wanted from this trial and what comes next. >>friends and family of the ghost ship fire victims react to the verdicts handed down on thursday world for justice.
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david gregory says he's in shock and disbelief after max harris was acquitted and the jury was hung on derek elmen a gregory's 20 year-old daughter mikaela was one of 36 people killed in the fire nearly 3 years ago. the frustration was also felt by families of other victims in all honesty. >>the worst day of my life. it was on december 2nd. they can't get worse too. it's just a lot of suffering after that and we continue to suffer. >>judy hopps lost her 35 year-old son travis in the fire. she says neither harris's nor al man is suffering would bring her happiness, although she did
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want justice. >>nothing's going to make me happy really. to be honest. i wish it would have been over time. >>a friend of victim donna kellogg says she too was in pleased with the outcome but regardless the decisions were not going to bring back her friend. >>no verdicts whether he was guilty whether he was innocent whether he was acquitted because there wasn't enough evidence is ever going to change the fact that very bright star in this universe lost her life that night tragically horrific lee and unnecessarily in my opinion. >>reporting in san francisco. dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>as always we have continuing coverage of the latest and where this is going in the go ship trial verdict and what is next. we have reaction from the district attorney's office. we have reaction from the other lawyers, the defense attorneys and then we'll go over right there online all of the steps that could happen and now that we are still looking at maybe a new trial
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or what's going to happen with eric i'll maybe because of that hung jury go to kron 4 dot com for the details. >>well a cool cloudy morning. so far we're in the 50's and 60's for your current temperatures. i'm talking where we're headed next in your forecast. >>and i'm tracking your friday morning commute it's already packed out there, especially heading into san francisco, here's a live look at 80 west it's already stacked up from the bottom of the maze will check more bridges after the break. >>when the next big quake kids. will you be ready. more you'll increase your love from retro fit in your head, wall is what we're worried about the collapse to occur early warning system of quake has started you're about to get a quake preparedness kits sold all in one place that you're ready to go and the theory is most dangerous polls kron 4 is giving you the tools you need for surviving the big one.
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>>so we're back again following the very latest with hurricane dorian right now it's weakened to a category one storm as it continues its slow move up the east coast, it's currently passing by north carolina right now. and as you can see in the video it is left behind some nasty weather. a lot of destruction some flooding and look you can see houses. the tornado like yeah flooding in the downtown streets as well so that again this is going to be something that's going to be a guest here for the next few days ago, john taking a closer look this is expected to continue tracking what along the coast for how much longer for it a long time and i so it's going to collide with a cold front going to get a little extra moisture. >>breaking apart a little bit we'll start to see weakening further but guys the canadian national weather service has issued a hurricane is want to so slow that lingered so long that the street and you see that kind of veer off into the ocean and the do i say to wait it's it's tracking pretty steadily to the northeast. so
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it's a massachusetts, a has a tropical storm watch out. but yeah, this storm guys and still low form that is still tracking just off the carolinas. and yeah, the even up to canada. this is a puerto rico bahamas. the eastern united states and how even eastern canada that is looking at the impacts of the system right here. it is expected to make landfall. there to make landfall on the eastern provinces of canada. as either a tropical storm or a category one hurricane we'll see when we get there that will be later on into the weekend now as far as we go here locally at least we are nice and calm and conditions cooling down pretty significantly actually as we make our way from today into tomorrow and this is due to a big pattern change for us high pressure is getting thrust out of the area. first by yesterday's area of low pressure right now by this big dip in the jet stream that is helping to cool things off it's going to bring some nice ocean cool there and this morning which is already resulting in some of the fog that we're looking at in the cooler temperatures that we do
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have today daytime highs are going to be noticeably cooler than they were even yesterday which is cooler than the day before it 70's in millbrae and burlingame for your highs today with 70's mixed in with some low 80's for redwood city, san carlos in mountain view woodside still 85 south bay today seeing a big drop in temperatures sunnyvale at 80 degrees while santa clara, san jose and milpitas 82 east bay, a range of 70's to 80's what you're not seeing on your 4 zone forecast today are any 90's although we are close in the north bay we traded in 90 yesterday in vacaville with an 89 for your high today, the laos ticking in the 70's at 79. well 80's from santa rosa down through sandra fell. now from today into tomorrow temperatures will be even cooler yet with tomorrow our most fall-like today. temperatures barely in the low 80's inland low 70's by the day and with some breezy conditions that will have that brisk fall feel sunday temperatures start to rise in they'll continue to rise
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gradually. throughout the course of next week bringing back that summer like field after a weekend that does feel like a taste of fall. robin thank you john bay area bridges are busy check out all the brake lights here on westbound 92 do you have to use it. >>you're going to be sitting in traffic here from the toll plaza to the high i rise 15 minutes and growing to make it over to the peninsula. we are hot spot free. no major issues right now, but just some crowd at bridges even the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza is stacking up to but this is what we expect for this time of morning 12 minutes to make it from the pay gates to want to one it does get better across the span, it's only going to get heavier behind the toll plaza as you approach, same here the traffic here 80 wesson to san francisco, very crowded at the pay gates stacking up from the bottom of the maze and they keep in mind that some of these folks were stuck in reveal in berkeley and albany. on the east shore freeway it finally recover from those major crash ashes but they're a little late making it into
6:18 am
san francisco so still under 20 minutes after fremont street, which is really good. check out these freeways and drive times they look pretty normal for a friday, even the don't barn and 12 minutes from fremont to bayfront expressway and what i want is just fine from the peninsula to san francisco at 7 minutes from brisbane to the 80 split darya james thanks a lot. it's 18 investigators are looking into a deputy-involved shooting in san francisco where a dog was killed, you know the dog's owner was also injured in this exchange kron four's taylor sack explains what happened. >>i was actually in the neighborhood as this was all happening also asking what was going on i saw about a dozen patrol cars blocking off one stretch of polk street all deputies swarm into that broadway hotel later carrying in a stretcher. >>i keep waiting for the coroner's van to come this. i thought sunday had been murdered in. >>there. nobody was murdered so i don't know why this. it wasn't so much attention but there were a lot of. a lot of
6:19 am
people here san francisco, sheriff's deputies closed off polk street between broadway and pacific gas. >>in stormed into the broadway hotel around 11 30 thursday morning whole bunch of police arrived and piled out of their cars and ran inside and then more police came and more police ambulance fire trucks they closed off the street. and i don't know what was going on it was just crazy was crazy of commotion. lot of hustle and bustle. >>speed was probably closed off for a couple of hours the san francisco sheriff's office says. >>2 deputies were serving in no bail arrest warrant when the suspects dog became aggressive. they say a deputy fired their gun killing the dog and possibly injuring the suspect or a pet friendly communities. so whenever you hear something about a dog getting shot, you know it it just sort of the perks that years deputies say emergency crews took the suspect to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. they say investigators haven't cosuspects was from that there's
6:20 am
so much commotion. i i think it's because cop shot the dog and there is police shooting an also it's a dog. the sheriff's office says no deputies were heard during this altercation but neighbors do worry about what goes on inside that broadway hotel. >>they say that this isn't the first time that places cause trouble in the neighborhood in san francisco taylor sackey kron 4 news. >>also in the news this morning anti vaccination groups are calling on the justice department to launch a federal investigation into a controversial vaccine bill. so the bill aims to crack down on doctors who hand out vaccination exemptions to parents who don't want their kids to be vaccinated so the doctors going forward if they hand out more than 5 childhood vaccinations and parts per year. they're going to be investigated and schools with vaccination rates under 95% will also face extra scrutiny as well, a lawyer for advocates for physicians rights says that some local and state officials may have
6:21 am
broken privacy laws by attempting to pass around student immunization records in order to push this bill forward. >>the state of california just lost the ability to claim any valid reason where has these children's medical records and sure shooting they have lost the ability to claim that they can be trusted to honestly carry out that having it devolved into a campaign to unfairly target disable the medically compromised children. >>well the vaccine bill is now on wednesday. this is popped up at the capitol anti vaccination protesters chanting and holding signs outside the governor's office. one will take a quick break coming up how the federal government is helping bay area projects or hate helping the bay area protect waters around the san francisco bay. and expect a lot of traffic around the new chase center today we're going to have the first ever event at the arena happening we'll talk more about that.
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to not southern california have fired. now new evacuation orders have been issued for the people living in parts of marietta and the school district there is also closing today as firefighters try to contain that fire which at last check it burned more than 2000 acres only 10% contained right now, here's some of the pictures from above. investigators are still trying to figure out what started the fire in the first place. and the red bank fire that's burning it to him a county right now has burned 5,000 acres, it's 0% contained that fire is burning off hammer loop road and petty john road. that's just west of red bluff. there are mandatory evacuations right now for petty john road. and to a us f s boundary and for the red banks. their red bank oaks subdivision as well. one of the defendants in the ghost ship warehouse fire. he was looking at 39 years in prison.
6:26 am
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>>welcome back it's 6.29, we're looking at weather and traffic for real on a friday just weekend and like we've got john here to hopefully tell us about it. >>great forecast for saturday and sunday, you know really good forecast skies, perfect weather making our way into the weekend all those feel a little bit like fall come tomorrow, especially newark this morning above the clouds from sitter tower does show ample amount of low clouds pushing in across the bay, one of the reasons we are so cool in the days to come is that nice ocean cooled air that is streaming on in visibility falling below a mile at times in areas like san francisco and half moon bay right along the coastline. also watch for a few spots, a coastal drizzle at the coast today as it will remain foggy out the coast but our inland areas and even bayside areas are going to be a good dose of sunshine 50's
6:30 am
and 60's for your current temperatures across the bay area keep the jackets with as you're getting outside this morning later on today don't worry about him so much as our daytime highs will be quite comfortable in the mid 80's, inland, mid 70's by the bay in the 60's holding on out along the coast. more in your weekend forecast to come. robin. >>thank you john over to the bay bridge toll plaza checking in on 80 there was a report of a minor crash. here in the mix blocking the right lane. ith so much traffic but whatever's going on we don't need it or want right because it's already slow heading into san francisco. it looks pretty minor would know that there's a nocrash in the mix 15 minutes here to make it into fremont street, here's your foggy golden gates it may be a little hard to see here across the span don't forget the headlights and wipers 20 minutes novato to the tolls and the san mateo bridge a busy one lots of slow traffic from the toll plaza to the high rise or up to 18 minutes and growing from the east bay
6:31 am
to the peninsula darya james thanks a lot rob in the deliberations are over in the oakland ghost ship warehouse trial. the jury deciding that one man is not guilty and the other. >>is still in jail this morning there could be a retrial could make up their mind on the second person to 2 men of course both accused in the deadly warehouse fallen open. >>a fire in oakland that killed 36 people as back in 2016. the verdict was read yesterday and max harris is the one who was released from the santa rita jail in dublin after the jury acquitted him of all charges, he's served almost 2 years in jail but he's a free man this morning in his attorney says it was the city of oakland that failed to tell enough of the troops. >>you can't let 36 people die in your community have fire marshals inspectors and firefighters and police and everybody involved in and try to blame it on to poor people. the couldn't afford attorneys, you know you can't do that. the magnitude of this tragedy is indicative of a complete bureaucratic and systemic breakdown that was never acknowledged by a government official. and i doubt that the
6:32 am
community is any safer. i mean look at how many buildings have gone up and fired is why we were in trial. this morning in santa rita on the question is what will happen with him next we've got kron four's will tran joining us live in uh alum are in a dublin this morning with more on that will. >>he'll be in jail at least until october 4th but reportedly his attorneys are trying to seek bail before they head back before a judge because the prosecutors from now until then so they have about 3 weeks on their hands to decide what to do do they go for a second trial or do they drop it altogether and everybody moves on with their lives al manar he's been at the santa rita county jail for the past 2 years he was looking at 39 years in prison had he been convicted. but because there was a mistrial things are up in the air.
6:33 am
according to legal experts they believe however because the jurors came back with a 10 to 2 decision it was not right down the middle split. so that leans towards prosecutors according to them for a part too in this case. now we talked to his dict. he still no happy about it. >>they and i want to mention the prospect that it would have. but not by 2, not by 2. you that just the why you know all of from my the reasonable doubt. >>i'm painting i'm and moist. frustrated, god dammit we will win next time. >>so he's confident that they
6:34 am
will win if they go back at it he was hoping for a not guilty verdict to move on with their lives because there's a mistrial there's always that hanging over their heads and that's why nobody truly knows at this point well made us 49 years old he's been here for a couple of years. meanwhile, mad max terrorist 12. 12 hours ago, he left your james darya he actually left santa rita jail even before his attorneys arrives and they had to get him on the phone as far as those 2. before the trial began there were looking up to 6 years and 9 years in prison for a plea deal but then a judge looked at the plea deal and took it off the table and that's why we had that 5 month trial. back to you. thanks a lot. well. >>and that fire broke out on december second of 2016 people went to the ghost ship warehouse to enjoy some live music but then things quickly. >>turned to tragedy kron four's ken wayne breaks down the chaotic moments that
6:35 am
>>december second 2016 a friday night. dozens of people showed up for a dance party at an off the grid haven for oakland's creative community. >>suddenly and others. >>i just heard somebody the all out fire. fire extinguisher. >>with his clothes small during this resident trying to save a fellow tenants with a broken ankle but had to leave him behind. >>it was a window of mi 5 minutes between the fire happening. >>and you just didn't get out the nearest fire station was just a block away when the first engines arrived at 1130. there were no signs of life by floor had collapsed.
6:36 am
>>these young people were texting their families telling them that they love them or that they were going to die firefighters say they tried to enter the building but the dense smoke and debris on the floor made it unsafe. >>it took. >>a fire that survivable daylight revealed the devastation as investigators began the difficult job of searching for human remains. >>it was heartbreaking. >>36 bodies were identified in the ashes, the highest number of fire fatalities in the country in the last 13 years there are mourned by oakland's mayor a terrible tragedy as well as local artists there's nothing like this. it's just judy. and tragedy.
6:37 am
>>that was ken wayne reporting. they of course have continuing coverage of the ghost ship trial on our website at kron 4 dot com if you'd like you can hear from the district attorney's office that defense lawyers as they explain what's next for derrick elmen a it's all again on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>in the east bay, a 70 year-old woman is dead after she crashed her car into a semi truck in brentwood. it happened at the intersection of golfer road and the on ramp to highway 4. she was driving west on bow for road. the semi was traveling east when they crash she went to the hospital and that's where she died drugs and alcohol do not appear to have been a factor in the crash. one man is in custody after a police shooting that happened in vacaville nolan bell was wanted for theft and fraud charges police found him sitting in a car on shady glen road and during the encounter. police say an officer was
6:38 am
forced to open fire fire one shot. bell then led the police on a chase and got away. officers did kenna catch up with him when he checked himself into the hospital and napa his gunshot wound is not life threatening. >>health officials say a chemical is the key focus now in their investigation of vaping and severe lung illnesses. so new york health officials say they found extremely high levels of vitamin e in nearly all the cannabis containing vaping products that were analyzed and at least one of a product contain the chemical, 13 of the chemical has been linked to people who got sick and submitted that product for testing in the state of new york vitamin e is a commonly available nutritional supplement that's not known to be harmful when taken as a vitamin or applied to the skin. now they're investigating its health effects though when inhaled deep into the coming up after the break. metal has agreed to pay the family of stephon clark after he was killed by police last year. and then an american woman is behind bars
6:39 am
overseas after police say she tried to sneak a baby out of a particular country will explain it and keeping a close eye on your forecast for the weekend ahead we're off to a cool and cloudy start to this morning with 60's and 50's right now where we have next your forecast to come. >>and of course traffic is off to a slow start that's no surprise right. we're checking the san mateo bridge. you see it crawling here from hayward to the peninsula are averaging 20 minutes for now, we'll check more bridges after the break. >>when the next big quake kids. the more you prepare more increase your love kron four's giving you the tools you need for.
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>>we're looking at a little cool down this weekend. yeah. >>a little touch of fall yet again which is i did not all that bad after what has been a pretty hot past couple months, yeah, we're talking with a
6:43 am
tease for the next week of answer. all a shared our though you can still wear the right i think a lot of us will probably be able pull it off for a few more bucks to because we're still in for plenty of sun maybe not this morning though looking at sfo on a friday as you're flying out unfortunately there's a pretty good to lay out there. >>57 minutes right now and that's no big surprise was so much fog having pushed on into the day we do have a low clouds hanging out over san jose and that also of crystal clear picture over in the east bay so he cut quite the range from the fog to the low clouds to those clear skies out towards mount diablo in our inland valleys, skies will overall clear out all across the bay area just some fog hanging out at the coast into the afternoon. yesterday we really enjoyed the effects of that low pressure area dropping temperatures. today an even stronger dip in the jet stream settles in this is
6:44 am
going to help to result in a pro long drop in temperatures taking us through today tomorrow eventually on into sunday too with temperatures at times below average for this time of year so really enjoy the weather to look forward to 60's and 70's for san francisco as well as much of the rest of the peninsula today. you will be in the 80's for further south of the peninsula with low 80's in san carlos redwood city and mountain view while palo alto and foster city each at 78 south bay santa clara milpitas and san jose not bad at all at 82 degrees that comfortably warm weather after which is has been hot weather the past few days. 70's for hayward union city in fremont while mid 80's over in the tri valley and up to concord walnut creek and danville some upper 80's, san leandro in oakland in the mid 70's. north bay today waving goodbye to the 90's for at least a couple of days today is our first day out of the 90's for vacaville back to 89 staying at 79. well the votto 83 santa rosa right there with you. today into
6:45 am
tomorrow, those temperatures continuing to slide in tomorrow really has the most fall-like feel in this forecast with highs below average and even some breezy conditions and partly cloudy skies making for a brisk day. sunday temperatures begin to warm and by the end of this forecast feels like midsummer yet again. robert. >>all right. thank you john now we want to check in on your friday morning commute a lot of folks heading to work and some folks are all today so in some spots to get a break in and others not so much for checking out the bay bridge 80 west heading n and we do have a backup here at the pay gates said spills back to the bottom. the oakland maze not through it not yet just holding at the bottom this is normal. we're also recovering from an earlier accident richmond center fell bridge, not as hot heavy, but it is pretty crowded here at the tolls it's quiet. no major issues are hot spots, 13 minutes to the north bay and they were checking in on traffic tracker looking at san francisco, one oh one is fine 7 minutes from brisbane to 80
6:46 am
to 80 fine as well from daly city to downtown san francisco for drive times looking good. they're all pretty much on the rise just not bad. we don't have any major alert and the up to concord just under 30 minutes, 6.80 pacheco 2 danville nice and smooth and then from the south bay to the peninsula. 37 minutes and growing san jose to menlo park tapes. >>the city of sacramento has agreed to pay million to the sons of stephon clark, it's part of a the proposed settlement reached by the city in the family. 2 police officers shot and killed clark last year in his grandparents backyard. the family initially sought $20 million through a, federal civil rights lawsuit. the sacramento. the reporting that million will go toward attorneys fees and into a trust for clark's young sons. they will be able to access that money in about 20 years. in america and american woman is now facing human trafficking charges in the philippines after authorities say she tried to sneak a baby onto a plane by hiding it in
6:47 am
her carry on bag. the woman was identified as jennifer talbot and there she is on security images. investigators say she appeared to be traveling alone and only presented her personal passport when she passed or security. she took the baby out of her handbag while going through security and tried to board a delta flight but was then stopped by airport. officials at the gate and after being taken into custody, she told police that she was the baby's aunt. but then was unable to confirm that either she is now charged with violating the anti-human trafficking act. >>police in san mateo are looking for 3 people who robbed an apple store in happened at the hillsdale mall. 3 men and entered the store, their faces were covered and they got away with about 40 different products say then led police on a chase on highway one oh that one oh one and eventually. they got away. this morning. a new report predicts san francisco will see a record number of visitors. according to travel
6:48 am
experts, 26.2 million visitors to be exact by the end of the year. and though spend a lot of money in san francisco rising to about 9 and a half billion dollars spent by tourists by the end of 2019. $5 million has been awarded to help is san francisco protect the bay. the epa is granting the money for a project to protect san francisco, bay's watersheds and shorelines it aims to improve water quality by limiting contaminants from wastewater treatment plants with the money officials also plan to create more than a 150 acres of habitat for wildlife. >>a federal student loan forgiveness program turns out not to be so forgiving after all un report shows that 99% of requests for federal loan forgiveness were denied that means of the more than 53,000 people that applonly 661 were actually approved.
6:49 am
congress set aside million back in 2018 to expand the program, it's meant to help borrowers like teachers and social security workers. in essence earned back a rebate for that loan by doing public service. but so many are being turned down now because they have to first apply to a different forgiveness program, which both applicants lawmakers say makes the process way too confusing to be effective and they're now hoping to simplify it. here's a quick check of the big board this morning, a market update. it looks as though we are trading positive but not by much you can see the dow is only up about 34 points. we had jobs report come out today, but it wasn't quite as much. for the month for the last month that that well that people had to predict it so we're seeing serve of mile tepid trading session at least for the early hours, we'll see where the numbers go there during the day. coming up at 7 o'clock on the kron 00:04am morning news. we're going to look into new law being proposed that would make violence against a law enforcement officer, a federal crime.
6:50 am
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>>welcome back 6.52 getting close to 7 o'clock so many of you probably about to be stepping out the door if you are to expect anywhere from coastal fog such as you're seeing here from the north bay looking down at san francisco to some clear skies for inland valleys. now this afternoon temperatures are going to be quite comfortable 6070's and 80's that's cooler than yesterday with tomorrow being the coolest of days, feeling a bit like fall with some brisk coastal winds. the week ahead after that though does come along with temperatures on the rise again so to be feeling more like summer towards the end of next week, 50's and 60's for your current temperatures right now so if you are leaving the house don't forget the jackets. >>robin and make sure you leave early because there's a lot of heavy traffic on our bridges, especially the bay bridge heading into san francisco, here's a live. look and it's stacked up from the maze all connectors are solid. so from that point through the tolls up the incline at 15
6:54 am
minutes to san francisco. that fog really hugging the golden gate so much so that a chp is issued a special fog advisory so be careful here 21 minutes novato to san francisco james. >>all right. thank you very much robin to some bay area baseball now the oakland a's finished a three-game series against the anaheim angels with a sweep. let's go to 7 ending phase, we're down but the angels pitchers it. >>imploded and the a's tied it back up and then robbie grossman. the sense one deep to center field that one go that allowed 2 runners to score the a's ended up winning this one tend to 6. they're now holding on to the second wild-card spot the a's host, the detroit tigers tonight at 7 o'clock. the giants they were on the road in louis taking on the cardinals it was an ugly game. >>so the giants cardinals score 3 runs in the first inning and the never looked back. the giants just couldn't score. st. louis shut him out final in this one tended not that.
6:55 am
>>the giants will try to bounce back against the dodgers in la tonight, first pitch at 7 o'clock. >>happening today, the new chase center in san francisco hosts its first of that. here's video from the ribbon cutting earlier this week tonight's event is a concert with metallica and the san francisco symphony where do you get those scissors and this is his first big is the people that elton john and janet jackson are going to be performing here. later this month, it's a one billion stadium with 18,000 seats and there should be about 200 events per year there including of course warriors games, the worries have their first pre season game at the chase center against the lakers. on october 5th. >>the kron 4 morning news, a verdict reached in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. one defendant is free the other still behind bars will have reaction from the victims families and breaking overnight a mobile home fire leaves one dead in the south bay. we'll have details coming
6:56 am
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>>and thanks for joining us on a friday, always the best day of the and i'm james fletcher and uh it looks like we're going ok on the weather front traffic but we had a little bit of a scare earlier we we have major hot spot on the east shore freeway it's gone traffic has recovered, but the bridges are still packs all do a bridge to a cave a few. relief from the kind of feels like fall come tomorrow, you have a brisk cloud cover at times and our coolest temperatures of the forecast today already cooler than yesterday so today kind of your in between day between that summer heat that we had for your labor day and tomorrow which will be the coolest you are seeing a your
7:00 am
view from which is showing that cloud cover sitting right at top the bay in the distance, but also the sunshine that we have to expect later in the day as fog and low cloud cover does make its retreat to the shoreline where you can expect it to hang out for much of the day today before pushes back in again during the evening hours tonight. now 50's 60's is where temperatures are sitting right now not at all a bad start to the morning. pretty typical with the temperatures cool enough for your jacket and especially at the coast where we actually do have a little bit of coastal drizzle mixed in there along with that fog. temperatures later on today will be on the rise taking us to the 80's back inland today. no 90's inland, those that you're change from yesterday 70's for our bayside areas will 60's remain out the coast more on your forecast is stillyou john a peek at the bay bridge 80 west into san francisco, it's free slow the traffic air spills back to the bottom of the maze all connectors are stacked up. >>and that's going continue right up the incline heading


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