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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 6, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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♪ why her dad wants to step down as her caretaker. then -- ♪ what's wrong with being confident ♪ >> and demi lovato gets cellu-lit plus, meghan markle takes a mom break, how she nisnuck back into the united states. and what these brady ares doing with the newly renovated house. and jessica biel gets freaky on a friday. this is "entertainment tonight." welcome, everyone. let's get right into it. there's a major new development in the britney spears's crazy family dramatic. >> remember, her father was just accused of physically abusing her oldest son. and now, he wants out of taking care of britney.
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♪ ♪ i call the shots >> actually, brit, no you don't. jamie does -- control who she's allowed to 24/7 caretakers. hires security. and if britney needs a doctor or a mental evaluation, he can make that happen. he also has 100% control over britney's $59 million bank account. those duties -- minus the money part -- are what dad jamie wants to hand over to this woman -- jodi montgomery, who's been britney's, quote, care manager over the past year. jodi's bio says she's a "dedicated guardian of clients with diminished capacities and special needs adults." "e.t." has obtained the petition jamie filed this morning. saying he's stepping down for "personal health reasons." the 67-year-old has been suffering from major health issues, including a hospitalization late last year. the timing of this is interesting. on tuesday, kevin federline got a restraining order against jamie, after he allegedly broke
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a door and shook 13-year-old sean preston. for a long time britney's had a rough relationship with her dad. her fans got #freebritney trending in may. and in just 12 days, a judge may decide if britney is fit to take care of herself without the help of a conservatorship. >> she says this would be an ideal time for britney's mom lynne to step in. >> she suggested to the court that the court signed a professional fiduciary is better than a parent. >> remember, lynne stepped in when britney was hospitalized in 2007. >> that was the most horrible time because i felt so helpless. >> how's britney handling all this? judging by her instagram -- yeah, she's good. >> let's keep in mind that
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there's a lot of money at stake. according to "forbes" britney earned $30 million in 2018, $34 million in 2017. >> this is the definition of family drama. let's move on to demi lovato because she just gave us the word of the year and i love it -- cellu-lit. ♪ what's wrong with being what's wrong with being confident ♪ >> demi says she's "tired of being ashamed" of her body, and instagrammed this pic in a leopard print bikini to her 73.7 million followers, writing, "this is my biggest fear. a photo of me in a bikini unedited. and guess what, it's cellu-lit." ♪ baby i'm sorry not sorry ♪ >> the 27-year-old singer also admitted that these other pics from her bora bora vacation in may were photoshopped. quote, i hate that i did that but it's the truth. demi's always been super open with "e.t." about her struggle with body image and eating disorders. >> when i was going through puberty and i had all of a sudden these curves on my body and i remember thinking, oh, my
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god, what do i do with this, you know what i mean, and that is when my eating disorder really started. >> when i feel lonely, my heart feels hungry and then i end up bingin binging. ♪ i'm so sorry i'm not sober anymore ♪ >> this summer demi celebrated one year of sobriety after a frightening overdose. the singer also says it's great to be acting again and not feeling the pressure of "strenuous workouts." demi will appear in the final season of "will & grace," and she signed on to will ferrell's netflix project "eurovision." he gave her a birthday cake last month. and demi seemed to address that when she wrote that she's happy not to deprive herself of, quote, real birthday cake rather than opting for watermelon and whipped cream with candles because i was terrified of real cake. >> whatever my body is right now is what it is. love it or hate it, i'm still going to love it. >> we're at this point many this
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country where we have to applaud somebody for being real. come on, y'all. now to royal role model meghan markle, who just made a surprise trip stateside to cheer on her good pal serena williams. the big question -- just how did meghan sneak into new york this morning? she traveled, wait for it, commercial. the duchess reportedly boarded the flight around 7:00 a.m. london time with just her security team. we know in the past members of the royal family have been driven directly to the gate and boarding first making it easy to travel unseen. the duchess traveled solo, her firstime from the 4-month-old archie. meghan wanted to be there to support serena at the u.s. open tomorrow. if serena wins, she'll tie the record for 24 grand slam singles titles. not sure if these besties will have time to celebrate, though, meghan's "due back in london after the tournament."
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>> such a great girl. she's incredibly nice. i couldn't be happy for her. >> what's tbehind the line that they turned down the queen? they see the royal grandmum all the time and they're busy planning their trip to africa in two weeks. the royal family's first official tour and we're told meghan and harry hope to include archie in the public portion of the tour." let's move on to our dr. phil exclusive. his life bam marger a reached o dr. phil, it's another "e.t." exclusive. >> people have image of bam
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being this wild and crazy guy. >> how much of his old lifestyle is he's still living -- >> it's part of who he is. >> you don't listen, you don't follow rules. >> yelling at her. that's purely abusive. >> an intention confrontation between bam and his wife. good reason the father of almost 2-year-old phoenix personally begged dr. phil for help. >> did you get to a point where you knew you were drinking too much. >> yeah. >> tell me about your little boy. >> i've known him for almost two years? >> so you'd die for him? >> yeah, big time. >> the question is, will you live for him? >> he went into detox. >> he checked himself out to get a dr. phil tattoo on his neck. i mean, come on. >> i got to pay my respects to dr. phil. >> usually there are six or seven relapses before somebody finally gets traction when they are dealing with this kind of disease and so, is this the time that bam will turn it around?
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i don't know. >> since their first meeting four weeks ago, bam has been in three different treatment centers, but dr. phil is hopeful for the 39-year-old's sobriety. so many celebs reach out to you looking for help. >> you have no idea. if people had any idea the people that i do that with in hollywood, they would be stunned and they won't ever know. >> the episode airs monday. big shout-out to dr. phil, his 3,000th episode airs this month. let's talk about awards season. wait until you see nicole kidman's new look. >> that's an interesting way to start. >> old age makeup and wigs, we're on the set of nicole's new movie. >> "e.t." trisha yearwood. >> we're roadtripping with the country star. and j.lo takes a tumble as she learns to strip. that's coming up next.
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minutes away on "e.t." -- hitting the road with trisha yearwood leaving garth brooks
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still learning not to spin too fast. how do i let myself slide down the pole. >> jennifer lopez revealing the hard eer landing for her new moe "hustlers cht" hopefully, j.lo's landing will be a lot softer here at the toronto international film festival. we're waiting for the next group of celebrities to come. everyone is in town this weekend. jessica biel got supermodel glam ahead of tonight's premiere of her disturbing new mystery. >> what do you want from me? >> in "limetown," based on a hit podcast of the same name, jess plays a journalist uncovering how more than 300 people disappeared from a neuroscience research community. >> if you keep telling this story, everyone you love will die. >> as she did with "the sinner," jessica's also executive-producing this sies and hubby justin is all-in posting, "my baby go!" >> very much harder to be a
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producer than i think just to be an actor. also landing in toronto, jamie foxx and co-star michael b. jordan to premiere "just mercy." >> tell me everything that happened. >> michael plays lawyer to jamie, wrongly accused of murder, trying to overturn his death row sentence. >> say you going to fight for me that means a lot. another big film premiering this weekend, nicole kidman's coming-of-age drama "the goldfinch," and we have your first look behind the scenes. using old age makeup and some wigs, the oscar winner has another makeunder starring alongside ansel elgort, who as a young boy witnesses his mom die in a terrorist attack. enter his estranged father, luke wilson. >> buddy, long time no see. >> hi, i'm xandra with an "x." >> that's sarah paulson, as luke's girlfriend. she was a huge fan of the pulitzer prize-winning novel that inspired the movie. >> i actually said out louin bed when i was reading it, "if they ever make a movie of this i want to play xandra."
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so much of his life was early adulthood trying to figure out who he is and i think i could just relate to it. >> can't wait to chat with sarah and nicole. i screened this movie this morning, it's gorgeous. speaking of major big stars, angelina jolie shut this carpet two years ago but now it seemed she moved to the dark side. >> don't ruin my morning. >> angie on maleficent 2 and the brady brunch house is fixed and ready. did you see it on airbnb? ♪ closed captioning provided by --
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♪ welcome back to "e.t.," everybody. angelina jolie is gearing up for not one but two epic disney films -- "maleficent: mistress of evil" and "eternals" where angelina will hit superhero status but as i found out, not "cool mom" status.
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>> playing a superhero, puffs you up a little bit? makes you feel a little more empowered? >> it does but it's a little -- you know what it is, though? you get the outfit on and you're feeling really like, you know, and then you see your kids and you're like, you know, and the way they look at you like, what are you doing? you know. then you get nicely brought back down to earth, like you are so weird, mom. >> we can totally see angie playing the role of thena -- an immortal with superhuman strength and speed, who's nearly impossible to kill. but "eternals" is also giving us a "game of thrones'" reunion with richard madden and kit harington. >> next time i see you, you'll be all in black. >> it was always my cor. >> thrilled to work with kit again, thrilled to work with gemma chan and angelina jolie and the whole cast and outstanding bunch of actors. >> richard will be the face of the franchise as ikaris, while kit was cast as the black knight. kind of fitting since he has the whole brooding, sword-wielding thing down. >> i didn't know kit was in the film. >> you didn't? >> no, neither did the -- no, no. >> did you just find that out today?
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>> yeah, on stage. >> the "eternals'" origin story takes place even before the first captain america film. it hits theaters november 2020. >> in the meantime, we'll see angie back on the big screen next month for "maleficent: mistress of evil." >> phillip asked me to marry him. >> no. >> i wasn't really asking. >> nor was i. >> what's really nice -- i remember the first time i met angelina, when i was 14, i was so nervous and to see how our relationship has grown from that is really neat. >> i love her. she's -- i feel very, very close to her. >> we go home now? the movie hits theaters on october 18th hold on, i want to show you something real quick. watch that's nischelle losing her md when she walked into the renovated brady home. we have been part of this journey to re-create "the brady bunch" house from the very beginning, and last night i celebrated with the cast at their big premiere.
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>> what does this night mean to you? to get here, to the finish line. >> it means a lot of love. yeah, just, you know, feeling bob and florence and annie who aren't here but who are with me for sure in spirit. >> it's a very brady event, what can i say? >> and what a change this brady house underwent. ♪ when it's time to change it's time to rearrange ♪ >> earlier this summer, "e.t." had the exclusive first look of the final reveal, but when "a very brady renovation" premieres on monday, hgtv takes viewers back to demolition day. ♪ everybody's smiling sunshine day ♪ >> we're just maki it open like it was on the brady house, the process is amazing. it's just so -- >> the four-part series shot 9,000 hours of footage. the team added 2,000 square feet to the footprint of the home in just 130 days. >> one, two, three -- >> all: brady! >> but one huge question remains -- what happens to the house now?
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>> question of the age right now. airbnb so people can live like bradys. >> i think they're going to hang on to it. it's too good to just like sell. >> i do think it makes for a great set, so you can cook out of alice's kitchen. >> i am dying to know i heard this, that everyone's house prices have gone up in the neighborhood. >> the most special part of all of it was being able to be together, and work together has been a real gift. >> it hits the airs on monday on hgtv. trisha yearwood has a new album. she noticed with a signage. >> and i just want to fix this really quick because it says trish yarwood and i think it's because there's too many letters in my name but i'm just going to go in here and let you guys fix this a little bit, looks kind of weird, so maybe i'll just sign it that way people know it's me, that'll work out. that looks good.
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>> she bounced into target. trisha has been all promoting her new album. she allowed "e.t." to ride along as she surprised >> hey, "e.t.," it's trisha yearwood. thanks for coming on this road trip with me. we're on the plane. we're in new york heading to monticello, georgia, to get on a bus -- planes, trains and automobiles. feels good. we started off in my hometown of monticello, georgia, which was a night that turned into 12 hours of saying hello to everybody we knew. >> all: we love you trisha! >> we joined trisha on her thre-eday road trip, getting the word out about "every girl," her first country album in 12 years. ♪ every girl in this town is somebody's daughter ♪ >> i think you know how we always say how life gets in the way but for me it took 12 years because i was raising children. i was then going on the road with my husband for almost four years. i was doing a cooking show and time just passes and i looked up one day and thought i need to do this.
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>> of course "doing this" means time apart from garth. >> when you're in a relationship with someone who's the biggest selling single artist in the history of country music. it's also important to do things on your own. >> what happened behind the scenes of trisha's tour? >> i think i made one fried bologna sandwich. on the road, caterers usually cook out of my cookbook. >> trisha worked as a tour guide 33 years ago at country music museum. >> it's an anthem. >> country girl at heart. coming up -- the stars coming to kick off season 39 at "e.t.." team is not
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going soft folks this is a littleisconcerting. >>5 nba finals does to you. let me. >>shutting down tomorrow that could lead to some serious delays plus high winds increasing the fire danger across the bay area over the weekend. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow shows us what we
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♪ ♪ of course, i know the theme song! >> "entertainment tonight." that's what people want. >> hard to think of "entertainment tonight" without -- ♪ >> i love it. >> come on, since i was a little kid. ♪ >> it was attem"entertainment tonight." it's the bible of showbiz. that's right. season 39 kicks off monday. bigger, better. we have some great surprises for you. >> yes, 39 never looked so good. we're hitting the ground running, everybody. check et out. >> see you monday. monday on "e.t." -- tom, j.lo, nicole. we're globe trotting with the stars from london to toronto. >> that's the way to go out. >> plus, our kim ckardashian's exclusive. expanding her empire and more
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babies. >> i do even numbers. >> then, forget the juice, lizzo is spilling the tea on how to date her. >> we need to know about your date life? >> which one? monday on "e.t.." it's on. the ross fall fashion event has all the looks for way less... your new outfit... ...can just keep getting better. yes! oh, yeah, you're getting that. or you can find that one dress... - yes! - yesss. ...that's perfect for you... ...or that jacket that says, "check me out," at a price that makes you say... check this out! that's yes for less. get the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at the ross fall fashion event. on now.
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>>tonight the attorney speaks out on the not guilty verdict for max harris and the ghost ship warehouse fire trial good evening, everybody i'm palmore and i'm grant lotus in tonight for ken wayne today was max harris's first full day as a free man since his arrest. more than 2 and a half years ago and today kron four's michelle kingston sat down one on one with one of his attorneys tyler smith. michelle is hno


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