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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 8, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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is britney spears finally free? ♪ toxic >> why her dad wants to step down as her caretaker. >> and -- how you doing. >> inside brittany's private life only on "e.t." do you see future. then. >> he's not coherent. kevin ha about plus brad pitt getting sober after his painful flit with angeli and >> and demi lovato gets cellu-lit. her em buttering no photo shop bikini body. and >> oprah is making a big announcement. only on "e.t." 2020 is the yea.
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let's this thing. ♪ >> this is "entertainment >> hello everyone from new york. we have the latest on some of this week's latest headlines including spears drama. >> yeah, it's disturbing new terms with brittany her father accused of physically abusing her olden son and fall out could effect who looks after the kids and >> on tuesday a restraining order after he allegedly shook 13-year-old ♪ ♪ i call the at shots >> it's unclear her dad jamie does and his duties include controlling who she's allowed to see. he hires 24/7 care takers, hires security, and if britney needs a doctor or a mental evaluation, he can make that happen.
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now jamie wants to relinquish those duties -- minus the money part, to this woman, who has been to hand over to this woman, jodi britney's, quote, care manager over the past year. jodi's bio says she's a "dedicated guardian of clients with diminished capacities and special needs adults." "e.t." has obtained the petition filed by jamie this morning saying he's stepping down for personal health reasons. the 67-year-old has been suffering from major health issues, including a hospitalization late last year. ♪ i want to scream and shout ♪ f rough relationship her fans got #freebritney trending in may, and in just 12 days, a judge may decide if britney is fit to take care of herself without the help of a conservator. >> i think it's clear britney doesn't want this anymore. rres. she says this would be an ideal time for britney's mom lynne to step in. but -- >> what jamie spears has done with this filing is effectively cut her off at the pass and
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suggested that the courts find a professional fiduciariry someone better >> remember, lynne stepped in 2007. >> that was the most horrible time because i felt so helpless. >> just before all this new drama went down, i got exclusive insight into brittney world the man called her other half, her boyfriend, this is his first tv interviewed and we hit everything. kids, dating, even putting a ring >> you guys have been together almost three years, is she the one. do you see marriage in the future? >> i mean, absolutely. this is something every couple should do at point of a relationship. ationships with the kids. >> absolutely amazing. yeah. yeah. we went to disneyland. everything'sgreat. >> what's going on inside her
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private life. they don't live together though mansion just outside of l.a. i every morning this man. >> you the new manager. sam's couple is hound by the paparazzi. most of the time sam's holding the camera. >> you and britt working out together. uh-huh. >> my personal favorite is curl >> she's the director. i'm actor. >> i love that. who decides we're going to post this. we're just going to work out. >> she's the woman. she needs to do that stuff. >> the couple first met in 2016 party music >> what was it like when you got
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the call you're going to be brittney's love interest in the music video. >> that was actually the second. first was work from home. ♪ >> and now britney spears, princess of pop calling me wanting me to play love interest i said let me give it a shot. >> did you have to audition? >> direct book hon yie. >> direct book and my friend sent the pictures and she picked i want this guy. >> what a trip, five months later you get another call not eat sushi. >> absolutely. we talked about what you like eat. here and there. text next thing just like a normal ♪
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>> next up he wants a career in acting and britney is all for it. >> yesterday i did an audition and she helped with it. so she's great. >> what kind of roles are you called for. i imagine the next generation of the rock. >> that's exactly what we're going for. absolutely. i'm getting called to disney. kids shows. and kids movies all the time. >> oh, but sam's major movie role isn't disney it's an indy rom com. >> i play omar a professional lawyer, i won't spoil too much, but at the end of the movie i have a really interesting scene. >> do you kill someone? >> no. >> is it a sex scene? no it's >> no i would not. >> no? >> no. >> and the collective grown
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rolls through universe. we have serious news after comedian kevin hart's horrific car crash, i was on the scene and he's lucky to be alive. >> that is kevin's muscle car staggering 30 feet down after rolled and flipped to the embankle 12:45 a.m. the 40-year-old actor and comedian fractured his spine in three places. >> how's kevin doing. >> he's great. >> the accident hasn't been great for kevin's wife eniko. >> he's going to pull through. fine. how's his spirituals. h. he's >> this is kevin posing with the now totals 1970 barracuda it was a 40th birthday present for himself.
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>> the couple was trapped inside and emergency workers had to cut off the roof of the car to get themout. >> why did it take kevin soar long to go to the hospital. according to police reports accident happened 12:45 and eniko called 911 an hour later. >> he was in a car accident earlier tonight. yes, earlier . i don't know what he's not coherent at all. >> did he get treatment originally when he was injured? did he go to the hospital? >> no. no, no. no treatment at all. we're he can't -- he can't move. >> we're told kevin has a long recovery ahead. >> and of course we wish you a speedy recovery, kevin, from all of us at "entertainment we are following more news new york city. there's a lot going on. >> yeah and it's what topped this weekend and tell. ♪ what's wrong with being
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>> demi says she's "tired of instagrammed this pic in a leopard print bikini to her 73.7 million followers, writing, this is my biggest fear. a photo of me in a bikini unedited. and guess what? it's cellu-lit. ♪ baby i'm sorry not sorry >> the 27-year-old singer also admitted that these other pics from her bora bora vacation in may were photoshopped. quote, i hate that i did that but it's the truth. she recently celebrated one year sober and brad pitt is opening about his recovering, talking about attending twelve step meetings after his 2016 split with angelina jolie, saying he went to na meetings with men only and nobody sold his story really freeing to expose the ugly sides yourself. now the college admissions scandal, the actress who might have
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claiming she and husband have been fighting behind the scenes and their daughter is afraid their 21 year marriage is headed for divorce but our source says that if found guilty they face up to. our source says quote they've been standing by each other's side since the beginning of all this and will do so until it's successfully friday, fell isity huffman will pay $15,000 fway lower than the what charges could carry. >> we did this because we thought we were helping you. >> only "e.t." got first look at the college admission scandal premiering october there's obvious similarities, paying big buts for children to
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cheat on the sat. and a rich mom accused of paying half million dollars to get her daughter on a prestigious university athletic team. on the way,why kelly clarkson is forced to change monday's premier talk show. >> then. >> i'm going to hit the road. >> oprah on tour and how you can meet her. >> and we're on the scenes. >> bless my partner's heart. he deals with a lot. >> then taking you to the scenes of justin heartily new movie. >> then taking you to the scenes of justin heartily new movie. >> he's with every meal, there's a dish. but what happens to all that grease? it flows into your dishwasher, gumming up its performance. add finish dishwasher cleaner with your detergent to help dissolve this grease so you're ready for your next meal.
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orilissa was proven to reduce 3 common types of endometriosis pain, painful periods, pelvic pain in between periods, and pain with sex. don't use orilissa if you are or may be pregnant, have osteoporosis, severe liver disease, or are taking drugs like cyclosporine or gemfibrozil. it may cause abnormal liver tests. orilissa may change your periods, making it hard to know if you are pregnant. it does not prevent pregnancy. use birth control that does not contain hormones. orilissa may cause suicidal thoughts or actions. it may also cause bone loss. ask your gynecologist if orilissa is right for you. orilissa. made for endo pain. >> this is amazing! >> awesome. crazy. we're going nut zbrz zb yeah. we'll we went crazy in the inside of the home that now match what's you saw on on monday you will see four part series of the very brady
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renovation. >> what does this night mean you.mean to you. to get here to the finish line? frz >> it means a lot of love. bob and florence and annie who aren't here but who are with me for sure in spirit. >> it's a very brady event. what can i say? >> and what a change this brady house underwent. ♪ when it's time to change you got to rearrange ♪ >> earlier this summer, "e.t." had the exclusive first look of the final reveal, but when "a very brady renovation" premieres on monday, hgtv takes viewers back to demolition day. ♪ everybody's smiling sunshine day ♪ >> we're just making it open like it was in the brady house. the process is amazing. it's just so -- >> the four-part series shot 9,000 hours of footage. the team added 2,000 square feet to the footprint of the home in just 130 days. >> one, two, three -- >> all: brady!
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>> question of the age right >> airbnb so people can live like bradys. >> i think they're going to hang it's too good to just like sell. >> i do think it makes for a great set, so you can cook out of alice's kitchen. >> i am dying to know -- i heard this, that everyone's house prices have gone up in the neighborhood. >> the most special part of all of it was being able to catch up and be together and work together. it's been a real gift. >> i cannot wait to see the series while they gear up for that the week after abc is kicking off season 28 of "dancing with the stars" we have more on that new york. i'm so excited abc may be forme ratings, we were there as hannah b got ball room
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>> it's surreal. i'm so excited. this is really fun. to think about my life a year ago >> we saw some dance moves but not enough. that's not in my dance. unfortunately. now hannah's fon dancing her way from heart break to the trophy and night one her partner will finally be revealdo a secret or ending of "the bachelorette" a secret. >> oh, keeping the ending of "the bachelorette" a secret especially how he ended. >> are we going to see some of your expressive moments. bless s he has to deal with >> ah. >> for a long time your anthem h
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♪ what's your anthem now moving forward. i'm still jamming still still feeling "truth hurts" a little bit because i'm 100% dat. ♪ who is your biggest competition the show? >> james. >> james is going to be great. >> i watched dawson's creek with my baby sitter when i wasn't supposed so i love james. >> up next how justin hartly spent his break from this is us. wait until you see who showed up in the star studded premier. i >> and meet the stripper consultants help
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>> are you in? >> oh, yes, indeed, we are all hustler. trust me, she and her costars are putting it all out there. >> i think we could get this for your consideration campaign going. ♪ >> yes girl! >> it's just a fun, sexy, kind >> world. >> i like to think of is kind of a robinhood-esque journey where they're stealing from the rich to give. >> -- to themselves. i love abo director made there were women of all shapes and sizes and that's what i love about it. it's really
7:21 pm
♪ the ensemble, singer's music has become anthem for body acceptance. a really cool movi deal, everyone's talking about this damn movie and i'm just happy to have the small part i have. in the movie j. lo's character teaches how to use a pole. i can't do that. >> you can do that. you're going to do that. >> and behind the scenes learned how to master from the film's official consultant jack the stripper. i love how k how can i make this more authentic. we know she was up there having confident. >> you knowrom the bronx right. they didn't much help. cardi knew how to move, didn't need to teach her anything.
7:22 pm
>> you can't do it at home. no. you can't do it at home. >> y'all listen to cardi don't try those stripper moves at home unless you've been trained it could be disastrous. talk about strippers, remember justin hartly, we were invited again. >> there will be not as much dancing there's still a fire element. which is interesting. remember. >> i'll be right back. >> when in doubt, put it out. >> he's a true, real life hunky beef cake and admittingly i'm intimidate bid him. >> there's some in this love triangle making things a little complicated.
7:23 pm
>> she plays the voice. haven't what's up rose. hope i meet you some day. >> i heard you say call kate. >> no, i did not. >> this is kate hang up the phone. >> hello. >> it's about putting your phones away and talking to people again. >> you ready to go. >> yeah let's go. >> would you mind not bringing your phone. >> this is adam's first lead role in a major fill. leave it to his it dad to bring him back to earth. >> i told him about the movie he goes that's awesome whulz the star. i go i'm the star, dad. he goes, no, but whose the main guy. go, i'm the mainguy, dad. he goes, jesus. >> dad's just trying to keep him humble. now to the actor who ultimater this famous line. i'll
7:24 pm
>> from the terminator. it's bd is continuing $1.8 billion terminator franchise with the new upcoming installment, dark face. i can see you're very up >> what did it take to make you come back? >> 27 years. >> linda and arnold are together on screen for the first time since terminator two, judgment it's also james cameron first return since directing the 1991. he's producing this one and the terminator is finally going back to r-rated roots. >> the definition of pg-13 as i understood it is we only get to say the [ bleep ] word once by the end of week one i was like a hundred times. this is never going to work. >> and you can't do sarah connor without literally and figuratively. >> it was disconcerting to go,
7:25 pm
okay, first thing people are going to do is go, aw, she got old, she doesn't look the same but like, i've moved so far past that. the 62-year-old actress trained for a year to get in shape and linda wanted to honor the kick butt character. lot oe hours in the afternoon would work with my ex-israely commando. >> action. of course "e.t." was on set as he shot one of the big action scenes. this is what "e.t." an terminator they're the movie industry will get to know a new dimension what it means to be successful at the box office. >> he was right made more move the most expensive film in
7:26 pm
history with a reported $102 million >> you see the money that is spent,s not wasted. good. worth it. >> terminator two break out star furlong showed up with aka punky brewster and arnold's date then-wifeshriver. >> right now looking forward to our second baby. >> it's great. >> the premier is a whose who of early 90s hollywood. and everybody loved it. >> everybody incredible. >> arnold's my hero. >> exenough to make actors nervous. hasta la viesta, baby >> coming up >> eddie murphy's snl return 35
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years and what former cast members say. and we head to the street with dog the bounty hunter, his search for a new side kick. >> i'm going to make her famous. >> closed captioning provided by --
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and impaired judgment or motor skills. it was time to make a change. that's why i asked my doctor about adding rexulti. feel better about facing the world. pay $0 for your first rexulti prescription. details at here's this week's top five stories. number five. charlotte's first day of school making a grand entrance. charl skipping will. through school gate. sparkly unicorn attached to her school bag. what struck me as i was watching them go into the school was just how normal they seem. >> number four, bieber's bomb shell talking depression, drugs and anger issues on instagram this week, writing, i was 18 with no skills and millions of dollars and access to whatever i wanted and at 19 started doing
7:31 pm
pretty heavy drugs. ♪ i'm addicted number three, sobriety and aa starting attending meetings after his split in 016 to angelina jolie. and nobody sold his story to the tabloid. quote, it was really freeing to expose the ugly sides yourself. number two. britney's ex, versus her dad, sources claiming her father engage in conduct physical in abuse to 13-year-old preston and told the visiting the home outs of l.a. no comment from jamie carey spear. after kevin hart crash. >> he was in a car accident
7:32 pm
earlier tonight. yes earlier t. i don't know what happened. he's not coherent at all. >> did he get treatment originally when he was injured. did he go to the hospitality? >> no. no, no, no treatment at all. we're just here. he can't -- he can't move. >> kevin was taken to a near by hospitality. the terrifying accident happened early last sunday at 12:45 and sources say kevin fractured his spine in three places with a long road of recovery ahead and released from the hospital soon. latest on >> also in the news, leslie jones after quitting snl. season 45 kicks off this month without the fan favorite and this week posted a fun montage along with lengthy post thanking everybody from the cast to her fans. love her hashtag i'm not dead just graduating. going to miss
7:33 pm
greatest night of television, eddie murphy will return to host snl 35 years later. >> eddie murphy. [ cheers and applause ] what we eddie's like stevie ♪ >> gumby. >> and buckwheat. ♪ >> eddie was just 19 years old when he joined snl which at the time was tanking in the ratings, he made it buzz-worthy again and became a super ♪ in his first "e.t." interview a 20-year-old said many of the characters were inspired by his childhood. i've been doing impn since i was a little guy before was imitating people on the television. >> i kept telling the producer i
7:34 pm
write own stuff. people say those writers gave murphy good stuff but didn't give me credit but i put my foot down this year. >> in 2014 instead of a bit he made a heart felt speech. >> i'm really happy so many people valued the stuff i did 35 years ago on this show. makes me really happy. >> today the 58-year-old is dad. he's also making "coming to america two" he and arsenhall aa african prince. >> takes us to queens at once. >> i can't wait. >> someone else we're happy to see in action. dog the reality star just ten weeks after losing his wife beth to cancer they hit hollywood ong all of the love from the fans. >> all right. ladies.
7:35 pm
>> you got $20 i'll talk to you. who's your favorite personality? >> you. >> yay. >> he called it dog walking. i chance to meet his but it's just to promote show. while loving to take selfie with well-wishers it's clear late wife beth chapman is not far from his thoughts. i am so lon. i walked in the closet and it smelled i still in my dreams, i see her, i'm with her. >> you still have on your wedding ring. >> never did i know when she put it often my finger what it would mean to me. >> beth passed away after a long battle with throat cancer that spread to her lung. it's all documented on the couple new series dog most wanted airing wednesday on wgn america. battling cancer on th
7:36 pm
>> i would stand back and watch behind the camera thinking, dear god, i would not do this. >> if i'm going to die i'm going to die in my boots. >> while he misses that, dog's not ruling out dating some day. >> i walk by all these girls. dog's got a new girlfriend, not yet, i don't, not saying i'm not going to have one, i will. i'm not going to get married as >> did you and beth ever talk about that. >> both of i told one the other day i was kind of looking at. i said listen to me, there will giving google eyes you better know that right now. she stopped. because there's not. but you know, whoever i'm dating i'm going to make them famous so here they come. >> straight ahead. oprah's big announcement only on "e.t." come spend the day with >> then we're on set for the kelly clarkson show before monday's premier why she swapped
7:37 pm
a famous guest at the last minute. plus blake shelton wha going on the scenes with gwen after
7:38 pm
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7:45 pm
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song! >> "entertainment tonight." that's what people want. >> hard to think of "entertainment tonight" without -- ♪ >> i love it. >> come on, since i was a little ♪ >> "entertainment tonight." it's the bible of show business. >> i'm so excited about the new season and fun for our hollywood friends to let's move on to major announcement from oprah, "e.t." breaking the news exclusively, she's going on the road, here's the details from lady o herself. >> 2020 the year. let's get well together. yep oprah w secrets on living your best life and headlining first national tour in five years. >> obviously i can't have everybody on my front porch butr we're calling it 2020 vision, your >> the reported $2.6 billion woman is teaming up with ww, weight watchers re-imagined for nine city wellness tour kicking
7:49 pm
off next year, tickets $70-300 what does it get you, she will interview with celebrity game changer at each stop and you get health conscious boxed lunch. >> come share the day with me as i share lessons about my own wellness journey. oh, i've had my share of life's ups and downs. >> i'm with you. health and wealllwellness for meanwhile monday's debut and we learned there was a last-minute scramble involving her very first celebrity guest. >> y'all are freaking out. give it up for dwayne johnson h short to fill in with his hurt pal kevin hart while he was in the hospitality recovering from his car crash last sunday. it airs next monday.
7:50 pm
earlier kelly invited me to her new set and told me all about her recent advice for taylor swift. did you see what you di. it's all because you suggested it. no it is not. that woman is the smartest business woman i've ever seen in this industry. we actually ran into each other recent and i told him, i got that idea from reeba, wanted her collection after so many years and it was all over the place and couldn't get it so she just rerecorded them. that's where i got that idea because reeba did that. >> we were on the set finally of the kelly clarkson show is this what you envisioned as a little girl, one day i'll have a talk show. it's a dream i didn't kn had, turned out to be such a dream job, you know i love talking, but it is different being on the other side. >> and her kids be back stage while their mom is working. do kids to come hang out, play, kick it. >> i literally just showed my
7:51 pm
kids five minutes ago their little area we're about to make, i carved out piece of my room with a barn door whatever, setting ittum for them. >>cy hear every day you are going to sing a song. >> yes. >> the audience can ask you and you will sing a song. >> yes what's the all-time favorite clarkson song. >> oh, it's i'm that vain. ♪ >> oh, whatever miss inladependt stays let's talk about blake shelton. when next season kicks off we will get gwen and blake show. can't wait. but is shelton really ready to her with adam gone it's weird, scary, it's literally shocking
7:52 pm
>> i love your voice. >> but i'll take this. >> way over -- -- get away fro >> i want him to know he can still kiss [ bleep ] wherever he is right now. >> with adam gone, gwenyth sparking fire. >> you want to fight. >> i'm going to pay for this later. i get to be here with mt friend and kelly. i feel pretty lucky right now. >> blaky returns for his record 17th season and this time a secret weapon with country pal darius rucker. >> darius rucker is the perfect choice for, i would say, anything i mean i have been drinking. >> darius literally has proven that he decides whatever it is conquers if. crack rearview is the number
7:53 pm
eight selling album all ♪ i only want to be with you country and have all these number it's just sickening to me. >> darius may have number one blake but you still have the sexiest right. we'll >> right now kira knightly plays the real-life whistle blower that exposed government secrets before the invasion of iraq. >> you're a spy. >> someone has betrayed their government and their country. now historic event that we're still sort of living through. t the real life. >> i was asking questions and thought this is the first tim
7:54 pm
so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. the ross fall fashion event has all the looks for way less... your new outfit... whoa! ...can just keep getting better. yes! oh, yeah, you're getting that. - yes! - yesss. ...that's perfect for you... ...or that jacket that says, "check me out," at a price that makes you say... check this out! that's yes for less. get the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off
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weekend, lessee jones 52. thomas 48. pink 40. now. which david is related to a famous explorer? that is david arquette who is
7:57 pm
celebrating 48 this weekend. happy birthday david. monday on "e.t." tom, j. lo, nicole, globe trotting from london to toronto. >> that's the way to go. >> plus kardashian expanding her $50 million empire. >> and then. >> we need to know all about your love life. >> monday on "e.t.." >> we are almost out of time but for all the late-breaking hollywood new goes to that's it for me in new york take it away michel. >> i got it. we're going to leave you with a good one. miss taylor swift and her video for lovers has rackwake racked 0 million youtube views and became taylor's sixth number one. enjoy the rest of this video and the rest of your weekend, everybody, ♪
7:58 pm
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>>now a new development in the case of the boat fire that killed 34 people in southern california this week. authorities served search warrants on the company that owned the scuba diving boat that caught fire. thank you for joining us tonight at 8 i'm j r stone and i'm justine waltman multiple agencies searched the company's offices and remaining votes today. >>kron force not a hernia joins us now in the studio with what officials are focusing in on now as they try to find a cause to this deadly fire. >>that's right just jr the fbi and the atf are among the agencies involved in the search in the search warrant was served after 9 this morning while it may seem like a big deal. the truth aquatics


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