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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  September 9, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>>we're going back to school and said on james fletcher back to the grind for all of us, let's see what a weather and traffic have in store for the week ahead or at least the morning ahead on the traffic front back to being stuck in traffic which we love so much all >>a bridge toll plaza we already have a backup a long line of the cash lanes out there this morning want to get it. over the weekend we're it's going to go well we not all week, but hey we're off to a good start. so the next couple of it will still get a chance to enjoy the good weather, but it isn't going stick around it is actually going to be a really hot finish to the week just around the corner but focusing on today you still got a good forecast ahead of skies are nice and clear you do have just a little bit of fog hanging out at times across the bay really nothing more than just a few patches of fog that's not going to cause you any problems as you out there unfortunately wait in traffic
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and sounding like 50's and 60's for your current temperatures across the bay area right now cool enough for a light jacket most areas like san francisco and berkeley. >>where your temperatures are in those upper 50's to be kicking off the morning. now later on today more nice weather. i hope you had a chance to enjoy this weekend sounds like a lot of us did by 03:00pm today, comfortable conditions with 6070's and then just a few 80's inland, i'm talking that warm up that will greet us towards the end of the week still to come in your forecast robin. >>some slow traffic gritty right now at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a backup in the cash lanes on the left and right hand side of his early crowd at right now already stacking up to the 80 over crossing so the early birds are making their way into san francisco but not encountering any problems or crash ashes so 11 minutes off to fremont street just a quick peek into more freeways. they look good highway 4 at the limit 6.80 2 danville smooth. no problems for the nimitz or the bayshore will check more coming up
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target. >>thanks a lot rob and 5 a one and a big story that we're following a disturbing discovery near east bay school a second rope in the form of a noose was found tied to a fence near chabot elementary kron four's gayle ong has the details. >>it's a shocking image of possible news reportedly found at the baseball field next door to chabot elementary school in oakland, the rope was found friday tied to a fence on the batting cage, the baseball field is on city property. but the discovery comes 3 weeks after another rope was found tied on offense in front of the school but it turns out that was an intentional we are family come forward and and mention of their child came to them and said that they found the rope. >>the day before it was found hanging on the sense and tossed it. perry trying to get it over the fence to get back on the schoolyard out of the way in the second case at the baseball field, a little league coach told school officials of a possible cause. they know of a young people who actually climb on top of that that batting cage and hang out there and so they
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think that possibly was used as something to climb up and down from that point they could be climbing over the fence to get into the feels. >>and using that as like a way to but their foot in it down. >>mary ellen o key jima has a son who plays in the little league at the field, i don't know if it's intentional or not intentional or been that way in this day in age to find a news there are cameras on campus but none of them were pointing in the direction of where the ropes are found even the image of a possible news is something that that that brings up all kinds of very very hard emotions for a lot of people because it is such a symbol of the of the ugly history of united states. the fbi is involved. but determine neither case rises to the level of a hate crime. but the school is still heading the investigation we understand that there is some very hard feelings in the community right now and we want them to know that we're still taking very seriously looking for information looking for more leads from anybody who might have and we're told extra police officers will be patrolling chabot elementary
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school. >>the superintendent will visit the school on tuesday. reporting in oakland gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>breaking overnight, san francisco. one man is dead and a woman injured after a shooting in the city's crocker amazon neighborhood. it happened around 9 o'clock sunday night this was on the 300 block of brawl street. the victims were found in a parked car. the man died at the scene the woman was sent to the hospital with non life threatening. injuries. no arrests have been made. a man is critically injured and another has been arrested following a shooting in west oakland. it happened in the 1900 block of poplar street. police say both the victim and the gunman. our family members. >>a new development in the case of the boat fire that killed 34 people in southern california last week authorities serve search warrants on the company that owned the conception dive boat. more than half of the victims who died were from northern california including here in the bay area. the 34 people, the passengers likely died from smoke inhalation
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before they were burned because they were sleeping down below when the fire broke out. the search warrants are standard part of the process to determine when the whether any crimes were committed. investigators have been focusing on figuring out or the cause of the fire and also looking into how the crew was trained and what crewmembers were doing when the fire broke out coast guard records show the conception passed its 2 most recent inspections with no safety violations. on the peninsula half and a man is in jail accused of sexually assaulting a 15 year-old girl. matthew how is accused of assaulting the girl was she was walking her dog, more than a month ago this happened on the coast side trail. in half moon bay, the girls, a dent in the girl identified han as her attacker after reading that he was also a suspect in another case. >>in the east bay police at u c berkeley are looking for 2 people involved in an armed robbery that robbery happened last night near a popular lookout on grisly people of
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art. both the attackers, we're carrying guns, they approached the victims demanded their personal items. luckily, neither the victims is physically hurt. martinez junior high school needs new musical instruments after somebody broke into the school and stole their old instruments. the thieves took to saxophones 3 apple fires and a cello and school officials say this theft also affects the high school music program as well. >>she and i share of the issues we figure out what the high school kids need what a middle school kids are really specialized instruments it's not like. bunch of flutes and clarinets that you can easily hyder get it get get rid of just. >>and so crash and to know that somebody who lives and those a school in this place here came in took instruments. it could take 4 to 6 months to order. replacement instruments. >>and the oakland raiders are hosting the denver broncos
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tonight in there. last home opener that will see at the coliseum yeah but they will do it without star wide receiver antonio brown if you've been following the weekend headlines. >>you probably saw flash and what happened yeah well for school following it all he joins us now from rader headquarters. >>who is antonio brown. i don't think we've covered them. oh my goodness what a drama with the oakland raiders it was supposed to be their victory lap instead add drama all week leading up to antonio brown's release on saturday morning he woke up on saturday morning took to twitter and instagram and basically dared the raiders to let him go and the raiders obliged and then brown took to you too.
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>>and >>that was a brown celebrating he was on the phone with his grandmother and he said they release me. he was reportedly very upset after the raiders fined him $54,000 for not showing up to practice and then from friday to saturday they made the move to avoid the million guaranteed money so basically making him a week to week employee and he was very upset about that he was released and then jon gruden he showed up on saturday morning. hoping to prepare for the denver broncos it usually is a walk through on saturday morning with no reporters really there. instead you had an army of reporters asking jon gruden about antonio brown. >>we just have exhausted everything we tried every way possible to make it work and all i'm going to say you know
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it's disappointing and i wish antonio nothing but the best sorry we never got a chance to see in the silver and black very disappointing, i'm sorry but it's enough is enough. >>so antonio brown a few hours after that news conference he was picked up by bill ballot check in the new england patriots.e once again took to social media. no he has now warned the patriots uniform yet but thanks to photoshop very is where number 84. he didn't play last night against his old team the pittsburgh steelers. but he's eligible to play next week against the miami dolphins. he signed for million darya and james one with incentives. he will make a base salary if he meets all the incentives. $15 million and his signing bonus. i don't even know why he's celebrating his signing bonus was $29 million with the raiders instead his signing bonus was 9 million. i mean that's nothing to sneeze at but still
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when you lose $20 million like that the bottom line is the raiders are moving on to thinking about the broncos. what a summer for jon gruden rememb last year he takes so much he for trading khaleel mac right before the season. so a lot of sports finance they're saying who had a mort hummel to a summer with the raiders antonio brown. our john great. >>probably jumping at the idea of maybe getting and so the super bowl ring and tom brady's problem thanks very much. well. >>let's move on to the san francisco 49 there is kicking off their season with a win on the road against the tampa bay. buccaneers yes wasn't always pretty. >>and when it was the defense that shined in this game more than anything is just the 3rd quarter bucs quarterback. the james winston is intercepd we have richard sherman runs and back for 31 yards of pick-six there and then near the end of the 4th quarter the niners get another interception check this one out quick little scoop and into the end zone touchdown 49
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ers end up winning this one 31 to 17 jimmy g he didn't get off to the best start in the game for the with a touchdown though they also threw one interception the niners will play the bengals next sunday. it's 5.10 and still ahead on it. mountain lion spotted. >>in the bay area this time in san francisco will show you where and east bay mother has a warning for parents. she says that her teenage son got sick from vaping. and expect delays if you're planning to travel through sfo in the near future. how work on a runway could impact your travel and start the new week, a cool fog free morning with 50's and 60's more on your forecast ahead. >>and if you plan on heading into san francisco right now be prepared for a lot of great tapping at the bay bridge toll plaza you're already stacked up from west grand early back up. we'll check more bridges after the break.
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you are amazing. yes, you. you're a thunder therapist. and you choose rachael ray nutrish. recipes with real meat, poultry or fish as the #1 ingredient. that's amazing. nutrish. real recipes. real ingredients. real good. >>and we are back time now is 5.15 taking a quick look here at sfo this morning as we're looking at somehow not when the flood is there and that's what we have this morning so you know the drill it so i don't know it's about to get it to she runway at sfo is going to be close from other repairs and that's going to snow things even more the plan is to close one of the runways for nearly 3 weeks the airport says will probably be delays probably not they work with
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airlines try to minimize the problem as much as they can they decided to do work in september because they get fewer people use the airport that months is one of their lower volume months so if you're gonna have to pick one that would be the want i guess the work expected to be wrapped up on september 27 the way one might lie next. and know and they're right i'm not flying in september is going to be >>you're going i was thinking to myself oh nothing >>so >>the weather can only make it worse though so that's what we always hope for is no fog correct complicates exactly first ended one or the fog rolls in. see others probably going to be a few delays out there today, yeah, otherwise the weather is actually going to be really co-operative much like it was this weekend really comfortable weather ahead of us as we make our way through your monday. so if you got to get back to work this monday at least are doing so with some really nice weather berkeley is looking pretty clear this morning and we do have a touch of fog in a few spots but overall we're going
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to some this one up to be a pretty not foggy start to the day you do have those patches ride up and down the coastline streaming through the san bruno gap just a little bit overall though are east bay area's definitely on the clear side of things as we zoom out across the region, you do see why we're going to see such a cool a trend of weather the next couple of days. siri of low pressure right here in ascending dip in the jet stream is really more stout out i that really a hot inland air that sometimes builds up in our inland valleys replaced by this cool push of ocean cool there so it's going to result in really nice temperatures not just for coastal areas which do typically enjoy some pretty comfortable weather but also for inland areas so 60's and 70's will be felt along the coast and the bay with burlingame at 77 today, redwood city at 78 woodside still in the 80's to arrange of 70's and 80's from the south bay feel like the weather this weekend you're going to like today to we're sticking with that comfortable
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trend of numbers that are actually just below average for this time of year while the creek in concord each 84 for your highs while oakland berkeley and richmond in the low 70's, north bay 70's to 80's vacaville warmer spot of ours well nap at 80 degrees and delay how at 77 towards the coast to expect some times around point raise but also some sunshine mixed in there too at 64 for the high along the coast today and tomorrow we continue the cooler trend of weather winds day is our day of transition though temperatures will be on the rise and pretty swiftly boosting back into the 90's by thursday and friday of the weekend ahead. will be back to those normal temperatures that will be feel more like summer than the folic feel that we had at times this past weekend. so enjoy this cooler weather. well we got it, robin a little peek at the nimitz freeway we're checking out the drive on 8.80. >>just want to take a look at traffic pass passing the coliseum looks good right both directions, north and south nice and smooth between
5:19 am
downtown oakland and san leandro over to the san mateo bridge west's 92 busy busy busy we see all the tell like leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula but no big problems to worry about use it now 13 minutes to make it off to one o one, the bay bridge traffic, 80 west one of the heavier bridges right now or at least to our approach to the toll plaza is heavy it's already stacking up to west grand. but it does move well across the upper decks all 13 minutes and growing with no problems off to fremont street. here's a look at traffic tracker and some more drive times we're on time for the most part b e sure 60 minutes from crockett to oakland 24 looks great want to through the caldecott tunnel, no problems for the macarthur 13 minutes from to 38 to downtown oakland will check more freeways and drive times coming up much after that it gets in golden gate park in >>house cats in san francisco, mountain lions one was recently seen in golden gate park and now the parks and rec department has posted these
5:20 am
warning signs saying to be careful of this is along the west and another big cat was seen nearby lake murr said a couple of weeks ago, while the mother lines didn't act aggressively. neighbors and dog walkers say it never hurts to be cautious. >>it's a park, the city part i don't think that's a place for mountain lions we've walked in the park where we have to leave because there's a coyote following dogs. so it does mountain lions, there's definitely a concern now that we've hike than a yellowstone and yosemite before in places and it's always you know make lots of noise yet scare the animals away. >>of allies alike surely be along in the park, this is our land from their perspective. but you know we like to run into all the other things a if you like to hang out in golden gate park just be advice as you shouldn't. i'm probably walk alone, especially during dusk dawn and at night time with the cash that's our most active. in national news that are you searching for 4 crew members from a capsized cargo ship off the georgia coast, the carrier vessel caught fire and started leaning. yesterday
5:21 am
morning near brunswick, georgia, thick black smoke forced the crews to stop the rescue effort. the coast guard says 20 people were on board and they were rescued safely. but there are some now that are missing. >>37 million americans wonder every day where they're going to get their next meal. that's according to a new report from the department of agriculture. and that's the smallest percentage of americans considered food in secure. since the recession back in 2008 so some positive news on that front the report found that the hungriest americans were in african american and latino households, particularly in the south and rural communities. experts say some communities aren't seeing the benefits of the stronger economy and they're encouraging congress to continue funding federal housing and nutrition assistance programs. and national headlines president trump has canceled secret peace talks at camp david with taliban leaders and afghanistan's president. the officials were set to travel to the us saturday evening for peace talks to be held at camp david on sunday. but the
5:22 am
president said he canceled that meeting at the last minute after the taliban took credit for an attack that killed 12 people including a us soldi. a source familiar with details of the secret meeting said the plan was for trump to meet separately with the afghan president and then with the taliban's chief negotiator. poses a homeless shelter along the embarcadero and they could take a big step today towards. >>stopping that center from being built plus after the break senator kamala harris apologizes for something she did and her presidential campaign event over the week
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5:26 am
>>we do in the next one to diminish the mentally retarded action of >>well >>well senator harris tweeted after the event saying quote when my staff played the video from my town hall yesterday. it was upsetting i didn't hear the words, the man used in that moment. but if i had i would have stopped and corrected him, i'm sorry that word and others like it art acceptable ever. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, a nice pay mother as a warning for other parents she says that her son became sick after vaping will have the story when the kron 4 morning
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>>and thanks for joining us. so early monday morning,t's never easy and not about traffic so let's there is already there is indeed, especially on 80 a lot of folks are just rolling into san francisco so it's already packed at the bay bridge toll plaza ally a for
5:30 am
real today because much like this weekend which was very co-operative for any plans you had. >>we are going to continue this nice trend of weather this morning that we do have just a touch of fog streaming in through the golden gate you can see it there at the bottom of the screen. but overall. >>more so than ah, it's those clear skies that we're taking in this morning to start this brand new week and temperatures are cool enough to get a jacket ready to go as you're getting outside with some mid 50's in redwood livermore as well as on up into the north bay for napa well low 60's in vallejo and oakland and upper 50's showing up in san francisco this morning after a cool start to the day temperatures later on are going to peak in a nice comfortable range of 60's 70's and then a few 80's for the inland valleys, enjoy it too because we do have warmer weather just around the corner towards the weekend which all
5:31 am
talk more about your full forecast robin checking in on that long line of the bay bridge toll plaza cash lanes fast track lanes carpool lanes are all stacked up. >>ever since school started back in san francisco. we've had a long line early in the morning. and now it's kills all the way back to just about the bottom of the maze. so no crashes know stalls just some early morning commute traffic no hot spots though so that's a good 5.80 looks great livermore to dublin dublin to fremont for 6.80 south is right on time and to 37 looks good too few traveling from the nimitz over to the bay shore freeway 7 minutes to make your way from milpitas to sonny bill of course, we'll check more coming up in a bit darya thanks a lot of 5.31 a big story and east bay mother is warning others this morning about counterfeit vape. >>cartridge is she says her son got sick after using what she believes was a bogus thc vape an that he got at school com 4 dan thorn has the details. >>a concerned mother is warning other parents about dangerous counterfeit vape pens being sold at pittsburg
5:32 am
high school. she says in may her normally healthy son suddenly started acting strange and his grades were dropping. she was eventually called in for a meeting with teachers. >>and i realized when i was coming to this meeting that my son was when they invited him into room that he was high. our that he was intoxicated or something wasn't right with his face him a great. >>the 17 year-old told his mom he was using a thc vape pen he got at school. he then became paranoid and anxious. >>couldn't keep still moving back and forth a scene. i'm just feeling uneasy. she rushed him to a hospital where a drug test turned up nothing little did she know this was the beginning of 3 months of medical treatment for psychosis that we don't have a history of mental illness and and our family. he's never been diagnosed with adhd has never been hospitalized or medically treated for anything besides a sports physical. >>while looking through her son's phone she found sever pictures of kids selling vape pens in even a video of her son using one in a school
5:33 am
locker room, the designs look sketchy and even the bright coloring of some vape juice looked suspect all these sites if exotic. >>names that i never heard and this is nothing against the cannabis industry what i think is going on is that there's cash counterfeit cannabis that's going around in saturating contra costa county while undergoing treatment her son missed his high school graduation. >>however he later received his diploma. the first taping related death in california was announced on friday. meanwhile, the cdc has called for a moratorium on vaping while it investigates the deaths and hundreds of other vaping-related long illness is the woman says she wanted to take this time to let others know about counterfeit beeping products targeting kids and how long issues are not the only problem. >>we don't get a hold of this is it's becoming epidemic and and you can be like one of those parents and says oh it's noi going to happen to my kid, but it can very easily be your kid because i was one of those parents reporting in pittsburgh. dan thorn kron 4
5:34 am
news. >>well happening today, the group that does not want the city of san francisco to build a homeless center along the embarcadero will be in court and they're going to ask a judge to issue a restraining order to stop the city from constructing that center. a judge will hold a hearing this morning at 11 o'clock it will be superior court. the group is called safe embarcadero for all and it says that crime in the area has gone up since the city announced its plans to build that homeless center. they point to this high profile incident last month when a woman was attacked outside of her condo as one of the reasons for this restraining order. san francisco mayor london breed is a vocal supporter of that homeless navigation center and says it will move forward with construction. the cisco building are should say 100 sam systems, including marilyn debris came together for sold out homelessness fundraiser. it was an event saturday night titled project by project and it's the 10th annual event where nearly 40 top rated bay area, restaurants and popular
5:35 am
mixologists donated their talents on behalf of local nonprofits to help the homeless. there was also a silent auction. all the proceeds this year will combat homelessness in the asia, pacific islander community. >>5.34 the east bay opponents and supporters are going to have the ce to voice their opinions about building a homeless center in fremont the city council there hold a meeting tomorrow over the temporary homeless shelter. there are 2 possible locations for it one of the parking lot of city hall on capitol avenue and the other is on to kowtow road near the reagan nursery, the center would provide up to 6 months of housing for up to 45 homeless people. the meeting at city hall is set for 5 30 tomorrow night. failing is tomorrow in cupertino what will they think of next. we'll unveil likely they're thinking new iphones but they say don't expect anything 5 g yet or foldable don't expect basically much from what we saw last year, according to reports apple is probably going to show off 3
5:36 am
new. hi and iphones including the iphone 11 pro the 11 pro maks and the iphone 11. the apple watch and the ipad can also get an upgrade. we'll see. firefighters believe the city it is to blame for starting a house higher in petaluma the fire damaged the roof of the home in the 300 block of pleasant street. on saturday. the owner was able to get out of the 2 story home an her casket out the she told the firefighters that she had been cooking on the second story balcony and put the cigarette out on a low level rain gutter. >>and so i think that's what started it. she was taken to the hospital for heat related injuries. >>also in the north bay mill valley police are searching for a man who robbed a bank in got away on a mountain bike. it happened at the wells fargo on miller avenue. here's a picture of the robber of taken from surveillance cameras. police say the man show the teller a note demanding money and once he got that cash he
5:37 am
wrote off on a red mountain bike, they're still looking for him this morning. police meanwhile arrested an armed felon who they say was on the run after assaulting a woman. the victim called police to say that she'd been kidnapped and raped at gunpoint officers found a man who matched the description that arrested 41 year-old time l cole of oakland. san carlos police arrested 25 year-old dryland chan for inappropriate contact with a minor. police say chan met the female victim while the both worked at a tj maxx officers say touch and knew the victim was under 18, but engaged in sexually explicit conversations with her anyway even sending text messages with inappropriate pictures. >>big events at the chase center and. in san francisco will hear from people about their experiences at the new chase center and see it they ran into any roadblocks and some very a baseball news for you highlights from the a's win over the detroit tigers and a warning from a local activist group after cesar caught on camera stealing.
5:38 am
just basically making off with all their stuff in that budget truck. and thmorning temperatures are cool enough for your jacket to be ready to go as you're getting out the door. >>with some 50's 60's out there a really nice day ahead of us though i've got your breakdown on what to expect. >>and i'm tracking your commute it's already at a crawl into san francisco are checking out the bay bridge toll plaza, it's packed back from the bottom of the maze that was pretty quick will check more bridges after the break. >>the tools you need for surviving the big one saturday night at 7 on (sigh) (crunch) babybel: that snack just sounded boring. babybel: coming through. no photos, please.
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stomach:come on,eed me. she won't mind. she won't mind at all. >>richard? hey sheila growl-proof your mornings frosted mini wheats. one bowl and you're good till lunch. >>an lgbtq group is looking for help after their rental truck filled with valuables was stolenn san francisco take a look somebody just drove off with it. and this is just after they filled it with
5:42 am
all of their valuables a it's a 26 in indiana street where this happened the lgbtq group and just returned home from burning man when this happened. so there were tense in their clothing costume some art our work and most of it was just was personal things, a value to them that's a somebody else who's going to what to what was it right 5.42 and as we head to the break, let's take a live look right now at the san francisco or not airport. it's clear. it was really clear yesterday. so that's good one day at a time we'll see how today's going to we'll see how today's going to be in ♪ sup. wh- whacha doing? i'm watching food. try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. find something incredible ♪ from somewhere amazing. unique selection. unbelievable prices.
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chase. make more of what's yours®. >>and you know right in the soon after the hurricane it's been hurricane dorian ripped that island a part of that series of islands part to people who survive they're returning to neighborhoods that have been actually devastated you can see what they're driving back home to find in this video, 45 people we know been confirmed killed by this hurricane that death
5:46 am
toll is expected to rise because they haven't had a chance to go through all that debris and the rubble in fact that was hearing a report that a lot of the emergency crews are literally and it's kind of morbid to say, but they're going door to door stepping in smelling for the smell of you know what or something else pelley thing h they mark the home has checked and move on to the next one that's how fast. it's trying go through this because grand bahama its level this is what we're seeing all across the island you can remember that the high death toll 45 years and they do expected to get a hundreds, it's it's very initial they expected to really rise right. >>and it's been tough because even just getting a there has been such a chore to the >>starting to arrive to give people evacuating at the same time you have aid workers going in to try and repair and 70,000 people homeless right and that's system it's a mess it's going to store really fallen for a while yeah, they have a chance to recover at this point it's just really a you're hoping that those people definitely at least
5:47 am
have a chance to take together. you know it's good to see that dorian is no longer much of a thing anymore it's kind of made its way offshore now. and keep an eye on the tropics for sure, but i'm back here at home. we've got some of good. >>it's a nice to talk about that at least to look outside at some clear skies over san francisco. a san francisco looking good this morning as is the rest of the bay area, san jose looks great too and out towards the east bay skies also looking nice and clear so we are going to remain nice and clear throughout the course of your day today and a nice and cool to this low pressure system to our north that's offering up some rain for the pacific northwest isn't really doing that for us, but it is drawing in some nice cool air and helping to keep high pressure out of the region and that's going to keep our inland valleys just as our coastal areas actually pretty comfortable 60's and 70's for areas on the peninsula like san bruno millbrae and burlingame well
5:48 am
some 80's mixed in what you get away from the water would cite 83 morgan hill and los gatos he tried to 80 degrees east bay 70's and 80's for your daytime highs today hayward 73 while oakland at 72. concord in walnut creek, each 84 for today's daytime highs. the north bay and temperatures in the 70's to 80's with no 90's insight just yet. although we do have those later on in the forecast come the latter part of the week from daytime highs today and tomorrow that will be below average for this time of year winds day with big rises in temperatures thursday and friday will come along with the hottest of weather highs on average inland back into the 90's. robin. >>checking in on the richmond center fell still looking good for you just a minor wait leading up to the toll so it's picking up, but not bad at 7 minutes to the north bay from the east bay to san francisco much heavier at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic already stacked up from the bottom of the maze 11 minutes and growing off to fremont street, your drive times look good and they do not include hot spots even the dunbar done 14
5:49 am
minutes across the bay in over to the peninsula daria thanks a lot. robin 05:48am and at the chase center has begun. they the concerts with. >>friday night's metallica and services go symphony show and that front a lot of traffic. it's all putting this whole area to the test and how the flow works or doesn't so did it kron four's gayle takes a look. >>well people understand the concept of arriving early and many concertgoers we spoke with are actually from around the world, they took a ride share and public transportation uber. >>i actually took over down here because i'm here to see metallica we got street parking me 5, 6, blocks away we allocate. >>the fans of metallica say they're glad they're seeing the band's first ever show with the san francisco symphony shea center. >>that outcome big day. >>but warns anyone coming out this way to get a ride.
5:50 am
>>i would say does however you want to come down here but the best way would be to is your friends are over >>chase center even ward people on their website to plan ahead for traffic during rush hour construction and street closures they notified followers on twitter of the different options to get around this tweet reads right muni for free with your event ticket. another tweet says if you're walking or biking these are the routes for you you can valley you're by get the arena without a fight. about the music we came just for metallica that is our main purpose for the street. well many concertgoers encourage taking a ride share or public transportation to the venue for justin hunt of new york it's worth it for metallica he's been to more than 30 concerts. >>the show with the symphony's it's ing to be really cool when this album came out 20 years ago. it was one of my first metallic albums i never thought i'd have the opportunity to see them
5:51 am
perform live with the simply against the fact that they're doing it again. 2 decad later, just a dream come true. >>if you decide to drive chase center recommends prepaying for a parking spot as for the traffic we're just going to have to wait and see the real test when there's a giants game where at shea center gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>quick check of a perry baseball now the a's they were hosting the detroit tigers at the coliseum want to go to the 4th inning and pick up the action there with chris davis driving one deep to left center field that will get 2 runners to score. a's pitcher, sean they also gave up only a run and 2 hits over 7 innings worth of work he struck out 10 batters so that out for him. the a's win 3 to one they'll hold that they continue to hold the second wild-card spot. we do have a tough road a game against houston astro's which show starts today. so we'll see what they can do with that the giants meanwhile had a chance to sweep the dodgers in la, but just couldn't get the bats going.
5:52 am
>>in the end it was the dodgers a walk away with the win. they beat san francisco 5 to nothing down to be hosting the pittsburgh pirates tonight at 6.45. we'll take a quick break coming up next. >>we begin our weeklong series on surviving the next big earthquake. and we're going to start out looking at the bay area's most dangerous faults to are you living on one of the matter. the question that you need to know the answer to have that coming up in the next hour of the kron 00:04am morning news. ♪
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report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. hammer took 5th place crossing the finish line with million the lion king finished in the top 5 for the 8th straight weekend million gave in 4th place and a domestic total of 529 million the preteen comedy. good boys fell to 3rd place. >>electing million. after 2
5:56 am
weekends on top angel has fallen fell to second on ticket sales of million. it chapter to launch the fall movie season on a strong note debuting with $91 million second only to the 2017 original as the biggest september opening of all time in hollywood, i'm david daniel. up in the next hour of the kron 4 morning news a noose found near east bay elementary school and now the fbi is investigating. >>and expect delays if you plan on traveling for sfo in the near future, not for the fog but because of runway construction will have more on that and how will impact your travel plans. and the oakland raiders getting ready to start their final season at the coliseum but they'll be doing it without. antonio brown, if
5:57 am
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at the ross fall fashion event. folsom, it says iis a monday can be hard to put this morning. we got a win for the niners, yeah waking up celebrating that at the raiders play talk more about that in a minute. >>as for the roads though people are going to be try to push their way through i already this morning already there out there the bay bridge toll plaza is packed in a couple of minor problems in the east bay salt check 6.80. >>and higay for defense. that's right that's a drive. i need a blocker out there yeah. in. in a little cooler my neighborhood. but yesterday everywhere it was yeah it was cloudy so foggy all across the


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