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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  September 9, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>the storm starting lineup out there but high pressure going to take care of us to wednesday and thursday going likely see those offshore winds. those seeking winds will send those temperatures maybe even near the coastline near the 70's as we get to thursday and friday and maybe near triple digit, heat in some of the valleys as we look toward next weekend things begin to change that ridge begins to break down a little bit and we'll see a few clouds begin to move into our skies here comes another cold front bringing more rain up in the pacific northwest, a few clouds in our direction but staying mainly dry. the showers may be getting the far northern california that's about it and then behind that we've got another ridge that wants to try and build and so
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this is kind of that transitional time of year where we see the weather kind of go up and down here is we're going to see some big changes coming our way. for tomorrow afternoon. we've got 60's in the san francisco 70's in oakland and also the san jose looking to some very nice weather around the state you're going to see about 80 degrees in fresno 78 in los angeles, a very comfortable in the central valley, 78 degrees in sacramento, 81 in reading of 65 degrees in the monterey bay overnight lows going to be mainly in the 50's little bite in the air some places in the north they may actually sneak into the 40's and then by day tomorrow we've got some very comfortable weather you've got breezy conditions in the san francisco, some 60's and some low 70's. a plan and windier conditions lot of part of the day some 2030 mile an hour gusts up to the beach tomorrow afternoon, 65 degrees breezy in san bruno 65 degrees in millbrae 68 in san carlos, 70 in redwood city going to be mild there and mild in the south bay, plenty of 70's feel like fall now outside as we've got this cold front kind of sweeping on through not going to leave much behind except. you're going to feel those winds kick up in the afternoon
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78 degrees in danville about 67 degrees in castro valley, 80 in walnut creek 74 in berkeley and 76 degrees in pittsburgh, 79 of the show and 78 degrees in the napa valley winds will be kicking up along the coastline and the temperatures inland, not bad 70's and a couple low 80's you make way into santa rosa. next today's all things begin to change. tomorrow the temperatures stay down a little bit warmer we'll see that warming trend beginning on wednesday, then by thursday and friday i think we're talking about that offshore wind the fire danger will on the increase as well, but the temperatures look at that some 90's maybe even some triple digits. inland finally cooling things down is another cold front to bring some more clouds and much cooler weather as we head in towards sunday guys back to you thank you lawrence, a temporary restraining order was denied to a group that does not want a homeless center built along san francisco's embarcadero. >>safe embarcadero for all is against the plan to build a 200 bed homeless navigation center along the waterfront between the ferry building in
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oracle park opponents worry about a spike in violent crime in that area. and they point to a high-profile incident last month that you see in this video where a woman was attacked outside her condominium, san francisco mayor london breed is a big supporter of the navigation center and she wants to move forward with construction. there was another hearing later this month. >>a disturbing discovery near an east bay school. a second rope in the form of a noose was found tied to a fence near chabot elementary school. now the fbi is involved in the investigation. the most recent rope was found tied to a fence on the batting cage. first case was apparently an accident. an apparent came forward saying their kid through the rope over the fence. but since another rope was found in a similar fashion. the fbi was brought in to investigate they determined there is not enough evidence to call this a hate crime. >>also in the east bay, a mother is warning others about
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counterfeit they've cartridge is the mother says her son became sick after using what she believes was a bogus vape she says the pens are being sold at pittsburg high school. she says back in may her normally healthy son suddenly started acting strange and his grades were dropping. the 17 year-old told his mother that he was using a thc vape pen that he got at school and he then became paranoid and anxious. she took him to the hospital where a drug test turned up nothing but the mother says this turned out to be the beginning of 3 months of medical treatment for psychosis. that we don't have a history of mental illness and and our family. >>he's never been diagnosed with adhd has never been hospitalized or medically treated for anything besides a sports physical what i think is going on is that there's cash counterfeit candidates. that's going around is saturating contra costa county. >>while undergoing treatment her son missed his high school graduation eventually he did receive his diploma. the first
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vaping-related death in california you may recall was announced last friday. >>i mean a more mountain lion spotted in the bay area this time near golden gate park. >>plus parents from across the state of california protest outside the state capitol. this is they plead with governor newsome to veto a vaccination bell. this is the nimble chevy trax.
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they are protests at the state capitol governor newsom signed the controversial vaccine bill sb to 76. this is the law that will crack down on doctors who give more than 5 childhood medical vaccine exemptions a year. >>capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explain. >>after governor gavin newsom signed sb to 76. the bill gives the department of public health the power to decide who can be exempt from childhood vaccines nearly blocking the hallway with signs taped to the governor's office monday protesters say that was to vaccinate should be between patients and doctors some republican lawmakers so cancer protesters showing their support for the group's this is even about vaccines anymore. this is about government stepping in where it doesn't belong. as long as
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the technical changes, wants to make it out the legislature, the demonstrations on every floor of the state capitol. called the lawmakers fast track. those technical changes between the assembly and senate monday. after protesters screamed to each chamber, forcing both to go into recess, some protesters considering this a civil rights movement democratic senators disturbed by the disruptions yes. >>and to say that this the new civil right he must i think it diminishes all this trouble. >>there's security remains tight around the building. chp officials say they made multiple arrests monday sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>well up next the mother of 6 goes the extra mile to feed the children in her community handing out over a 100 lunches a day. >>and if you are streaming us on kron on the news continues
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the weather's perfect... family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. >>welcome back to kron 4 news at 6 dozens of republican and democratic attorney generals are teaming up to investigate google and other major tech companies, they're looking into whether or not google is a monopoly and violating us antitrust laws. >>our washington correspondent alexander le mon was at the announcement and has the
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details. >>a group of 50 attorneys general is investigating whether google is an illegal monopoly. texas attorney general ken paxton is leading the investigation is a. >>dominate the buyer's side. the seller side. the auction site and even the video side with you too. >>south dakota's attorney general jason rounds berg says they'll start by looking at google's vertising practices in you know get that. >>person at the top of the surgery, you get the one pays the most they say that's especially important when people are searching for doctors or other critical services were talking potential looking search privacy and all of those different aspects utah's attorney general sean reyes says consumers may not understand they pay to use google. >>by giving up their personal information i don't think the average american understands how much google is involved in their lives notably missing from this investigation are the attorneys general of alabama and of california where google isaheadquartered.
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>>calls the bow with choice as google is not a monopoly in part because alternative search engines are just a click away now let's remember that the ftc just a couple of years ago looked into google on antitrust issues and found that there was no issue there in a statement google's svp of global affairs said in part we look forward to showing how we are ining in innovation providing services that people want and engaging in robust and fair competition. >>in washington alexandra leigh mountain. >>a lot of concern around golden gate park in san francisco after a mountain lion was recently seen there. the san francisco recreation and parks department posted warning signs after a mountain lion was spotted at the west into the park. a couple of weeks ago, another big cat was seen at nearby lake moore said 2 mountain lions to not act aggressively in either case. >>it's a park, the city part but i don't think that's a
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place for mom the lines we walk in the park where we have to leave because there's a coyote following so it does mountain lions that is definitely a concern now that we've hike than a yellowstone and yosemite before in places and it's always you know make lots of noise yet scare the animals away. >>officials recommend keeping your pets on a leash and avoid being in the park alone, particularly during dawn dusk and the nighttime hours when the big cats are most active. >>and these pay martinez junior high school needs new musical instruments after somebody broke into the school and stole their old instruments. the thieves took to saxophones 3 amplifiers and a cello school officials say this theft also affects the high school music program. she and i share of the issues we figure out what the high school kids need what a middle school kids are really specialized instruments it's not like. bunch of flutes and clarinets that you can easily hyder get it get get rid of this to us.
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>>and so crash and to know that somebody who lives and those a school in this place here came in took instruments. >>school officials say it could take 4 to 6 months to order replacement instruments. they are hopethat whoever took the instruments will have a heart and return them. one or st. louis woman is on a mission to feed kids in her community who live in poverty and who sometimes may go hungry kelly hoskins talks with this community champion about why she gives out hundreds of free lunches. >>anderson is a health care provider and mother 6 and has been feeding kids in her north singles neighborhood for 5 years and i was noticing how the kids they why was the whole greek. >>anderson says she has an open door policy on school days for kids in the community. they cannot 100 or before and after school and she has the most snack for breakfast and lunch as they get off the bus and they just take out one because they never know what i and in the
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bay. i switch it up sometime by getting special treats from a stash of babies, the bags are filled with goodies that many kids love to eat like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cookies fruit, vegetables juice next and a few surprises helping many kids in need and it makes me for how and i want to keep to go on my goal is to. i want to go to different neighborhoods and give out little makes this act of kindness so impressive. she makes about 100 bags a day and for so much love into the bags to make it possible. and 200 bags a day. sometimes have to do a little more for the key is this common action. the prize winning them over to get the also not lost a was an actual is now. >>about a 115 outsider homes at the sign that reads champs tears drops free snacks any time. >>the donations welcome inside her home across it's on the
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table where she prepares us next. anderson said she lives by a code by mother teresa. and i i alone can not change the world but i can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. and a go fund me campaign is a push and pale anderson's lunch program if you're interested in helping go to. >>go fund me dot com and search for champs tear drops. >>when brown is no longer greater, but the fallout and drama continues mark carbonneau say up for bay area sports night with some be talk coming up. and a weak cold front headed to the bay area, clouds out there right now could we see a couple rain drops tonight, we'll talk about that a few minutes. >>and cloud for now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you miss it. the ross fall fashion event
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and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. >>a lot to talk about in the sports world starting with the raiders. >>as mark carpenter kate rooney join us from the set of bayer a sports 9 you too. the clock is now ticking for this big raiders game hot.
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>>that's right. we are counting down the minutes to the big raiders game of flying solo tonight, but don't worry we still got a lot to talk about very big story what's happening with antonio brown now former raiders wide receiver who saw that these would be the images we see at the coliseum on game day or a jersey is being burned in the parking lot after a dramatic a controversial and ugly exit from his time in oakland and now he's playing for the new england patriots, but we'll be talking about how it all ended with antonio brown and also how these current raiders move forward filter out the distractions get ready for game one against the denver broncos and the show will also be talking about a big win for the san francisco, 49 ers had only 2 interceptions they're all of last season. yesterday in tampa 3 picks 2 of them taken back to the house floor, a nice season opening winds will be breaking it all down and in jr bay area sports night 7 o'clock. >>on kron on what we certainly
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look forward to it mark and pam we've been talking all about this antonio brown scenario, but we forget to rise this is the last season. >>is this a big deal for open the season, a mark a you know just one of will likely be 7 games left at the coliseum. >>that's right and that it's a shame that we're talking about that only now we should have been talking about that throughout the offseason but given the fact that so much has happened with antonio brown that was the dominant story line. but yes, just a handful of games left. for raider nation in oakland and hopefully the silver and black and looked really good tonight put out you know the final year in oakland, look really good. >>and mark we talk about this raiders football team and so many people saying well now that they don't have that big time receiver a guy who can bus one loose on any play. how are they going to fare against saw these other teams and tonight will probably be a real big test against vic fangio and his denver broncos squad. >>well that's the thing i
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don't think expectations were just very high with antonio brown on the team just because it is such a young squad are trying to infuse so much used in so many different young players it so it's a big question now is tyrell williams the guy replacing antonio brown he's the new number one but is he actually a number one receiver, but i think it also is a great opportunity for the young talent to be showcased on this team. josh jacobs, the running back out of alabama. he's the guy that they drafted in the first round one of 3 first-round picks for the raiders so he's going to be somebody to watch in this game. but yes, when the denver broncos von miller, bradley chubb. excellent defense so it's a big test for derek carr and the raiders thank you so much mark look forward to the show tonight on i'm looking at my watch right now 2025 minutes or so to >>wells is looking to thanks mark. >>well. yes i am i can't wait to all of that time now what a great night to have a monday
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night football in the bay area, the weather looking just spectacular outside is we've got a couple of clouds begin to move on through but the winds they've been picking up a little see some mid to high level clouds that's part of a weak cold front that is trying to push to the bay area for this evening. so that could make things a little bit interesting into early tomorrow ing. we may start with a few clouds in fact there's a slight chance we could see a couple light sprinkles overnight tonight is that we cold front moves on by temperatures by the middle the day tomorrow. you'll notice these numbers saying down 60's and some 70's by noon it feels winds kicking up especially into the afternoon again numbers are running in the 70's, the 80's maybe the warmer spots in london, 60's along the coastline, but the winds whipping lot of part of the day probably 2030 mile an hour gusts. right along the coastline. temperatures around the bay area tomorrow 69 degrees in fremont about 74 in san jose 72 in hayward 78 degrees in the napa valley 78 also in about a 68 degrees of mill valley, 67. in san francisco, 73 degrees in oakland and 72 degrees and hayward but here we go we are
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going to see some nice weather coming up. high pressure beginning to build in the temperatures starting to warm up on wednesday. and by thursday we're talking about an offshore wind summer he makes a return big time 90's maybe triple digit heat as we head into friday, even some 70's out along the coastline. as you see those nice offshore winds howling around the bay area then finally cooling down a lot of part of the weekend. but yet you're going up the game tonight enjoy it should be beautiful weather out there a little breezy game time temperatures upper 60's starting outside when it's perfect come all the slowly wore his silver and black. >>thank you th
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the epstein tapes. >> for the first time anywhere. >> started to touch my hips and my butt. >> what her epstein tapes reveal. >> i hate men. >> you sound frantic in this recording. >> and another big exclusive. her ten-year-old daughter is acd now mom speaks out. >> and first video of the ttle gin prison. she is in shackles. a jail cell for a step-year- old? >> bars on the windows here. a mattress that is only two inches thick. >>


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