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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 10, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ britney spears spiraling. why her dad called an emergency court hearing? then college scam moms. loirry loughlin tried to hide and felicity huffman enlists her friends to help her. why jlo wants to use her stripper moves at a real nightclub. >> what am i doing with my life right now? >> then tom hanks, the nicest guy in hollywood no more? >> mynemesis. the new season of "entertainment tonight" starts now. >> doo doo doo. welcome everyone. look who is back together again. brooke anderson with me to kick off season 39.
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>> let's do it. our crew is covering the globe with eye-popping fashion from new york. >> "a" list interviews at the toronto film festival. >> and a royal movie premiere in london. >> i was in court today as britney spears life was thrown into chaos again. >> will you be taking over for j jamie? >> brittany's dad is out. jodi montgomery is in. she will take control over brittany's $59 million bank account. another twist brittany's psychiatrist has died. the news broke today. >> success can be very isolating. >> questions were raised over 47-year-old timothy benson's medical treatment. the judge ordered a review.
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attorney tamar arminak represents amanda bynes conservators. >> i don't think brittany is going to be able to get this handled. >> the mother of two, who recently dyed her hair dark shared a video wearing two different short dresses, one black, the other yellow. then she compared herself to a bumblebee. she also posted this quote "all the good ones are a little crazy" and captioned it by asking "how good am i?" >> i don't necessarily think it helps her case. this is definitely unusual. >> the lawyers in the brittany case spent most of their time in the hall ways behind me. it will be a different story on friday when felicity huffman is sentenced. >> are you ready to go to jail? >> felicity has asked the courts for probation over prison time.
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in felicity's letter she said their 18-year-old daughter didn't know they paid $15,000 so she could get a better s.a.t. score. she said when my daughter looked at me and asked why didn't you think i could do it on my own? i didn't have an answer. macy said she has nightmares from the fbi agents waking them up guns drawn. eva longoria penned a letter. she told "e.t." felicity has her full support. >> she has a heart bigger than the sun. that's the woman i choose to support and love. >> meanwhile the next federal court hearing for lori loughlin and her husband mossimo jean nully is october 2nd.
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this weekend she may have just prayed for positive outcome. >> lori, are you ready to take a plea agreement now? >> are you ready to take a plea bargain? >> lori was spotted leaving church sunday while exercising her right to remain silent to the paparazzi. saturday she left her yoga practice in l.a. solo while using her color coordinated mat as a paparazzi shield. earlier today her approach was to ignore. >> all your fans are supportive of you. >> there has been a lot of speculation about how this is affecting lori's marriage. meanwhile another famous marriage has ended. todd palin has filed for divorce from sarah. moving on to kevin hart. eight days after kevin hart's horrifying car crash we have an update.
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this is from tiffany haddish. >> he's okay. he's doing fine. he's doing fine. as far as i know from the last i hear we're gonna be starring in movies together. he'll be back up and at 'em. he's already walking. he's good. he's good. he's good. his back is gonna hurt. >> kevin had three fractures in his spine and underwent back surgery last weekend. tiffany haddish is nothing but hopeful and even told us how kevin made fun of her after she hurt her knee and had to wear a brace. >> he was making fun of me talking about, tv, you ain't gonna get no man. ain't no man gonna want you with no brace on your leg. you need to go get the surgery and i said i don't have time to get surgery. i'm gonna let my body do what it do and heal itself and look i'm rocking high heels and i'm walking. i might walk with a limp, but call me a pimp. >> tiffany wore those heels at the harper's bazaar icons party in new york where she warned kevin she'll be turning the table the next time she sees him. >> when you get back moving good, kevin, i'm coming for you. i'm coming for your back, your >> keep him laugng he has quite a recovery ahead of him. you can do this, kevin. let's move to jlo's fashion tour deforce in toronto. keltie joining us from the star-packed toronto film festival.
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you saw all that magic up close. >> i did, brooke.ow how much we. but it's her lack of clothing in "hustlers" that's all the talk of toronto. >> when we filmed the scene, i was terrified. i was prepared. i knew exactly what i was doing and as i walked to the stage, you know, in dental floss, literally wearing nothing. >> there's a string up my back. >> i said to myself, oh, my god. what am i doing with my life right now? >> "hustlers" danced its way into the laps of critics at t.i.f.f. early reviews say it's money. >> this is where an oscar race begins and people are already thinking about you for these things. >> i know. nobody even likes to say it. maybe we don't want to jinx it. >> the "hustlers" ladies got a real surprise when tom hanks crashed their "variety" photo shoot. >> the only thing i've heard about the movie is that it could use a little tom hanks in it. >> tom is actually in town for "a beautiful day in the neighborhood," his highly-anticipated turn as the beloved mr. rodgers.
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>> mr. rodgers doesn't want anything except for people to understand themselves in a world a little better. >> he led the crowd in a rendition of the theme song. ♪ it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor ♪ >> but tom's favorite theme song? >> we did a ranking of the celebs who sang the e.t. theme song the most -- >> doo doo doo doo doo doo. where am i in the standings? >> you're number two. >> who's first? >> bruce willis. >> curse him. my nemesis. >> we used to have lyrics to it. we made up bad lyrics, maybe you've seen them around the office. >> yeah. ♪ here's the folks in showbiz doo doo doo doo ♪ ♪ we're gonna give them some diz doo doo doo doo ♪ from the e.t. ereme comes the bride? uh, not so fast. scarlet johanson's just too busy to plan her wedding to colin jost. >>wio w." two more films on the docket for
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the rest of the year. how on earth are we getting a wedding? >> i don't know. can you help me out? >> i alrea i'll see you there. >> the couple got engaged in may after two years of dating, but scarjo was solo in toronto for her two movie premiers in one day, "marriage story" ironically about a couple going through a divorce and "jojo rabbit." >> what does it feel like to be the queen of t.i.f.f.? >> yeah. i think i spent a lot of time like being primped and prodded and paraded and everything else that begins with p. >> my p word for scarlet, perfection. another fun moment on the f. carp happened with the new batman robert pattinson or r-patz as his fans know him. are we doing r-bats or are we doing battinson?
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>> oh, god. i don't know. >> now robert was here for his upcoming drama "the light house." meanwhile nischelle is in his hometown of london for the return of "downton abbey. nischelle, we are so excited for this. >> this is something downton fans like us have been waiting four long years for. so i was ready for all the tea to be spilled at their big movie premiere. >> did you get to keep anything from set? >> nothing. i have found out laura stole a hand bag. >> i took this little purse. >> i hear laura is bit of a thief. >> the hand bag. next time she's be the girl. i'll be like that's what i want and she can take it for me. >> the film isn't even out yet, but the cast is already on board to shoot a sequel. they have a lot of celeb fans. >> who is the most famous downton fan?
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>> michelle obama. >>ice. >> it is my favorite. it's a surprise to me. >> mick jagger came over to us once and told us he loved the show. >> the film picks up a few years after the series ended. tonight we have big news from alan leech. >> congratulations. they're having a baby. >> yes. >> do you know what it is? >> yes. >> you're not telling. >> we do know. >> is one good? >> i want four. jess' response can't be broadcast on tell vacation. >> this movie is a love letter to all fans. that 1,900 style is on point. >
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new york fashion week. one of my favorite things is in full swing. rachel smith is on top of the world in manhattan. you can see it all from there. >> the view up here is spectacular and also on and off the runway where gigi hadid slayed every outfit, but she did get upstaged at one show by her boyfriend tyler c. >> sitting front row with sis bella at the "tommy x zendaya" show. the super model didn't go public with her bachelorette boyfriend. oh, but tyler made sure cameras saw him proudly posing outside. >> we got up with priyanka where she told us she's ready for kids with hubby nick.
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>> you said both homes and babies are on your to-do list. how many homes? how many babies? >> babies, as many as god would give us. so as many as i can and the same thing with homes. >> best thing that happened in the last month was you photo shopping yourself into that photo. >> i think that was entertaining myself. i was sick that day which is why i couldn't go to the vmas. when they won, just seeing his face i felt like, ugh, i felt like i let him down at that point because i should have been there. >> it's your first official credit as priyanka chopra jonas. are you used to it? >> clearly not. >> get ready for this, britney the bride. we asked her boyfriend when is he proposing.
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>> you can't beat that. >> then a few face on "the talk." sharon osborne revealing her face lift. plus lizzo's confession. and the "e.t." birthdays are back. >> i have always wanted to be on the birthday list for "e.t." now it's 20 years later. can you stop. >> closed captioning provided by -- >> now robert was here for his upcoming drama "the light
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>r y you look upcoming drama "the light >r y you loo ref r >> fip >> fi>> five s >r y you loo ref r >> fip >> fi>> five tthe knifp the knife sha"t. itr it's juit's just w told "e.t." this. r>> i'm goinp >> i'm > >> refresher. r >> in>> in >> int>>.
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>> howr >> in >> in ap >> when you come to mr you'you'll gep you'll gy>>s and her boyfriend. you'you'll gep you'll gy>>s and her boyfriend. p he has strugglhe hah f >> a lot of people didn't know that you actually had sort of a health transformation and a weight loss journey. >> i gained a lot of weight after high school. i gained about 100 pounds. i went up to a completely different lifestyle. i was ea pizza, oreos, chips, everything you see in the fridge. they called me the garbage disposal, my family members. >> how does it make you feel now looking back and remembering that guy? >> at the time you don't realize what you look like. at the time i was lying to myself constantly. i was wearing bigger shirts, wearing shirts to the pool, being covered all the time and ook back at it, i'm like, wow, that guy is a completely different person. >> sam's highest weight? 290 pounds. after a year of strict diet and work outs, the 6'2", 25-year-old dropped 100 pounds. he's now britney's work out partner at times and her personal chef. >> he's probably like the best chef in the world. >> of course you can't skip e . it's the best pleasure in the world. so you have to eat cheat meals here and there. pizza and all that stuff.
1:52 am
>> britney, she gets a lot of slack for her looks and body. >> how do you help her as a trainer? >> the funny thing is she inspires me when it comes to that. if she's with her busy schedule with all of her fame and could do that, then i can do that. no problem. >> sam told us he and brit have talked marriage, but the first thing on his to-do list? establishing his career in acting. >> tell the e.t. cameras who you want to co-star with. >> i love the rock. dwayne johnson. now he's a superstar and plays every role out there. >> and a nice guy. >> and a nice guy. >> no pressure sam, but he just got married. so it's time for you if you want to be like the rock. >> well, trust me, if we do ever get married everybody's going to know. actually you might be the first one to know. you never know. >> he is such a nice guy. so incredibly humble. sam, you better believe i'm holding you to bringing that news on the wedding to me first. someone else getting a lot of love, rolls deep. when it comes to relationships
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lizzo is 100% that single. ♪ i put the sing in single abo your love life. >> i'm asking. >> my dms are more poppin' than my [ bleep ] i'll tell you that much. this guy tried to holler at me at the bar last night. i wasn't feeling it. you can't just be like you ordering all those drink by yourself? i'll help you carry those drinks. >> do you know who i am? >> no, but it's not even that at this point because no one tried to holler at me before all this [ bleep ]. so if you're trying to holler at me now i don't trust it. ♪ and that's the sound of me not calling you back ♪ >> there's gotta be something real about you or you gotta be fine as well. no shade to the guy last night. ya, didn't meet any of those. i might just have to marry myself again. that's another music video. >> and speaking of love -- "e.t." is gonna help you find it, keep it, and make it hot.
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with the help of this guy and our new relationship series. >> every thu we have talked to a lot of celebrities. they have a ton of questions for this guy. >> both single and married. >> yes. >> you should date your spouse. >> keep it spicy. >> coming up, only we're with the brady six as they take over new york. >> and the "e.t." birthdays are back. here is the big question which oscar nominee made her film here is the big question which oscar nominee made her film debut in 1994's i wanted more that's why i've got the power of 1 2 3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy. with trelegy and the power of 1 2 3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works 3 ways to open airways,
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oh, how about some smucker's natural? yess. first ingredient, real strawberries. (wind blowing) mommy'me ♪ ♪ travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." >> i've been doing reality television all this time. i didn't know. >> bralake shelton and garth broo brooks. >> are you a divinediver? he's a sinker. >> and the "e.t." birthday, it's michelle williams who turns 39. we are on that set with michelle when she was 13 years old.
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>> i didn't think i would be in a movie where thethat's neat. >> a few yearscreek." tonight the brady's are back on tv. rachel smith joined them in new york. take care everybody. the classic series used this real house for the outside. the brady 6 and hgtv have made it match on the inside. >> you guys were really involved in the process. >> yes. you should see that one with a sledge hammer. >> they'll take us from demolition to debut in just four episodes. >> has it been difficult to keep things under wraps? >> he blows stuff all the time. >> apparently not for me. >> he can't keep a to see every walking in this house now and seeing their joy.
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