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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  September 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>the violence associated with what's going on. >>san francisco business owner says he was bitten by a homeless person for the second time in a matter of 4 months this is at his shop put in the south of market neighborhood. good evening, everybody thanks for being with us tonight, i'm grant lotus. >>and i'm j r stone in for vicki liviakis the victim who says homelessness and drug addiction in the area are fueling an increase in violence and crime and is now considering closing down we'll have more on that story in just a moment, but another big story tonight, hundreds of delays and cancellations
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continue to impact people's travel plans. in and out of almost 300 flights have been delayed at sfo so far today. >>103 flights cancel this is all because the airport is making those runway repairs and those repairs are expected to happen until the end of this month kron four's charles clifford was at the airport this afternoon and has this report. >>well here at sfo on tuesday. it was another day of cancellations and delays and this of course is all due to a major runway repair project that was started this past weekend on saturday. the delays and cancellations have been in the hundreds every day since then now this work is expected to continue until the 27th and of course of these delays and cancellations are not limited to sfo. this also trickles down to airports around the country. on tuesday afternoon we spoke to a man who flew in from says he knew these delays were coming. >>3 hours. but you know there's morning on an earlier fight which actually got me in. emails a week in advance.
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>>airport says there will be no relief from these delays and cancellations until the runway repair work is completed that will be up by friday september 27th. sfo charles clifford kron 4 news. >>all right in the weather is always a factor it seems at sfo and certainly they're watching the forecast closely these days, especially yes certainly i was a chuck story out there look nice. but the question is will it be nice later on because that could impact travel later on as well chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us. >>with that side of the story yeah already troubles solo getting in s f o you get some weather is some low cloud deck certainly that could cause some delays i want to look at this you'll see this ax right out there in the middle the runway. that's where only this close that means don't land here and that's the problem they've shut down the runway there so everything is getting backed up outside the winds will be kicking and you've got some patchy fog whether or not
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causing the problem to live a look at these delays 215 minutes over 3 hour delays. they reported at sfo so be prepared than that as they continue to see him work on that a runway and delays will continue until they fix it. the winds have been whipping around today we're talking a little bit about this yesterday but now, although some 30 mile an hour gust at sfo to 15 in san francisco, but everywhere you see that breeze very strong blowing outside now to the north. we had a cold front moved through maybe i'm a little bit of moisture and look at all the thunderstorms popping up over the sierra nevada and then or so things start to get a little more active as we transition now from late summer getting ready for fall the temperatures outside not bad the cooler than normal 65 degrees in san francisco right now 72 in oakland, it is 74 degrees in san jose and only 74 right now in livermore managed to sneak up to 80 degrees in concord 84 right now in santa rosa, but we've got a big time heat up on the horizon that also very typical this time of year. some these
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temperatures make it 100 degrees we'll talk more about that and a few minutes as hot. thank you happening tonight, 2 major events in san francisco that will almost certainly cause lots of congestion on the roads this >>live look at traffic in the area c the reds and the oranges of the slowest speeds that giants tonight are playing the pirates at oracle park and the dave matthews band is performing at chase center. this is the first time. the crowds will be at both venues since chase officially open last week. giants first pitch 00:45pm tonight. the end the show starts at 8 o'clock if you want to take public transportation. an event ticket to chase center will actually get you a free ride on muni so that is a good alternative. other news now president trump is pushing for a crackdown on homeless encampments according to a white house spokesperson. the president has a team that will develop policies to deal with the homeless crisis in california saying certain cities have caused an increase in poverty leading to public
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health risks. the white house official has confirmed that a team is in the state right now saying they're gathering facts in learning more about the crisis. it's not clear yet how tough to crack down on homeless camps would be. but we will of course be monitoring this story for you. and happening tonight people of fremont well the chance to voice their opinions about a proposed homeless shelter. the city council will discuss the issue at a meeting tonight. they are 2 possible locations. they're considering one is in the parking lot of city hall on capitol avenue and the other is on to kowtow road near reagan nursery, tonight's meeting at city hall starts at 5.30. we'll have a live report from that meeting tonight on cross 4 news at 8. elsewhere in the south bay, a pilot program that provides safe parking for homeless people is coming under scrutiny as kron four's rob fladeboe explains now live from san jose. >>one of 3 safe parking sites may have to be shut down prop.
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>>and to you know the city of san jose is convinced it's a relatively new a safe parking program is working just fine with one exception. turns out that this particular lot here behind me here outside of the a 7 trees community center because of a crime in the area there's a school neighbors had been complaining. well it not a good fit for homeless families with children so there's some action happening there and then that this particular last days may be numbered. here's more. the life moves safe parking lot here at cars driving last are below street across from the 7 trees community center. >>he's in an area that has been played often on black crime and gang issues in recent years. the location is just not a good fit for homeless families with children jose mayor sam liccardo and it's clear that we need to move the families that are there 7 trees in the motel rooms that's much safer place for them to be and much better for the families and and frankly. this was the wrong model for that problem
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opened in november at 7 trees and also and roosevelt and southside community centers. >>the safe parking lots are available from 07:00pm to 07:00am point out the crime problems predate the safe parking program despite worries about the 7 trees side, safe parking works says the mayor. >>it is working for me the singles and couples that we have for example, roosevelt. in west side. where we know thus providing a safer spite for folks. just need somewhere to stay and we hope that was some supportive services. hopefully the help in getting jobs in a back on their feet folks are able to move to something much more permanent. >>it's not clear how many homeless people are living in our v's and other vehicles in parking on city streets, somewhat puzzling is the fact that all 3 of the safe parking sites have so far been under utilized. the city council though is considering a recommendation from staff to
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expand the city's motel voter program to include eligible families who have been spending nights at 7 trees in the near term or moving the families out of this location in the motel rooms, they'll be better off there. and will continue operating this location i believe until we can find another location. >>the mayor says that a couple of a new sites are under consideration to replace 7 trees. he also says that motel vouchers for homeless families with children should be available within a matter of days live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>thanks so much rob developing news tonight. divers resumed the search for the last missing victim who died in the deadly boat fire off the coast of santa barbara. the search had been halted the last few days because of high winds but it resumed today, the santa barbara county sheriff's department says crews have also restarted salvage operations to raise the boat out of the water, 35 people
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died in that fire. and many of them were from the bay area, a 34 people actually die that's a correction there preliminary examinations indicate the victims died of smoke inhalation before they were burned. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. but officials have launched a criminal investigation. >>back to the story we told you about at the top of the hour, san francisco business owner who says he's been bitten by a homeless person now for the second time in the span of 4 months this is at the shop, he owns in the south of market neighborhood. yeah, the shop owner says he might close his doors for good kron four's maureen kelly has details. >>the teeth marks and bruises on the 67 year-old arm would have been much worse had he not been wearing long sleeves when he tried to subdue a man who allegedly pushed his sister she come out from behind the register at harvest urban market to inject the homeless man for the second time that day. >>and i was holding onto him
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and he twisted his head and he bit my arm. >>the police arrested 29 year-old adam ashe brock for aggravated assault and battery shopkeeper gillis to song a says he was bitten once before while trying to stop a shoplifter back in june to some of has taken pictures of encampments near his business. it says his back door will soon need to be replaced because it's rusted out after being urinated on so many times and they create a lot of garbage. >>this piece is on the sidewalk people is on our back door. it's a public health you sense, the public health department is warning to keep everything nice but you walk outside the door and it's just. it's like to play all over again. it's you really really bad. >>he says he often finds people selling and doing drugs inside his restroom sun every half hour to hour. we have some kind of incident
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>>they should be facilities where people can do drugs there's needles everywhere people have threatened me with a needle. >>they're breeze deputy communications director responded in part by saying everyone deserves to feel safe where they live and work in the status quo on some of our streets is unacceptable and pointed to efforts the mayor is making to expand conservatorship laws reform the mental health system, an increased police foot patrols. >>this is not the first time it to sony a has had problems with homelessness that ended up negatively affecting his business. last year he closed his market street location. 28 years in business because of similar problems. >>and now after this latest incident the small business owner is considering closing his south of market location as well because he says the crime in his neighborhood. it's driving business where kelly kron 4 news. >>the bill to protect people who are renting in california passes a major her. rage is
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rent hikes. yet another vaping death related vaping-related death is announced the warning from health officials across the country saying this is more proof of the deadly effects it has on users and after the break apple's big event was today in cupertino the new products announced and how soon you might be able to get your hands on the latest get your hands on the latest face buried in your phone. stop! look up. look both ways. let's start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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face buried in your phone. stop! look up. look both ways. let's start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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>>apple tim cook comes out to a roaring applause you saw right there is the company shows off its latest round of products and services. the big product event happening today. headquarters in cupertino so let's get to it first apple tv plus the streaming service will cost just $5 a month. a price 0.1 analyst called showstopper like netflix apple has been dishing out billions for original programs featuring stars like oprah jennifer aniston a wreath there are reese witherspoon then there's the iphone 11 the most expensive models the iphone 11 pro and iphone 11 pro maks will now have 3 cameras on the back including a new wider and the one they start at $1000. but the cheaper model, the iphone 11 will start at $700. it now gets to lenses instead of one. and the apple watch series 5
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was unveiled at features and always on the watch face many competing watches already have that the company also unveiled apple arcade a video game subscription that will cost $5 a month for more information on what was revealed today. you can head over to kron 4 dot com. >>fremont police say they're seeing a rise in burglaries targeting specific kinds of cars they posted these pictures, a break ins over the weekend one person was parked in the driveway. the other admission peak. police say they're seeing burglary and vandalism incidents involving suvs that have privacy screens that's the cover the conceals the cargo area in the back. police say in most cases there is no reported loss of property, but the damage costs sar significant. overlooking downtown san francisco clear skies beautiful shot right
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classic september day here in the bay on although i guess it would be even more classic lawrence karnow if it was and the city that's come and we're going to make that drive emergency and talk about temperatures in the 80's in san francisco writings yeah joined this was you come on >>was something for everybody we're going to see the temperatures heating up outside as high pressure takes over we start to see some of those offshore wind right now that onshore wind is blowing and it's howling a bit toward the coastline. some winds almost 30 miles per hour if you're approached the coast, but this what we're seeing right now on the doppler you can see boy very active in far northern california look at all the storms up in the northern part you see near susan bill or right around the reno air and lightning strikes popping up very active afternoon as we cold front kind of moving through the bay area leaving behind some of that moisture now we've got some of those thunderstorms popping up into the afternoon hours temperatures outside right now 74 degrees in san jose. it is still 74 degrees a very mild for this time of year in livermore 80 in concord 66 degrees in san francisco 75 and timber on 70 the napa valley and 75 degrees
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in the bottle as we head through the night tonight we're going to see mostly starry skies maybe couple patches of coastal fog and that will be in the mostly sunny skies tomorrow we're off and running with some warmer temperatures. and yet he waves on the way i think we'll see some of the temperatures flirting with a triple digits as we get into friday. alright weaves they've been whipping around the bay area now but watch what happens overnight tonight begin to calm down you see that around the bay area tomorrow afternoon just a gentle breeze late in the day and then we'll start to see those winds shift direction becoming more of a northerly wind that is going to be that offshore wind as we get into thursday and friday right now we've got low pressure that is start to kick eastward. we've got another system off the coastline. that's not going to get here this big dome of high pressure going to be building in the next couple days. what a start to see some of offshore winds not quite yet tomorrow. but it will start warming up tomorrow so we're going to be things up looks like these temperatures going to be soa afternoon then well it looks like a whole lot ofunshine even along the coastal area so tonight, maybe just a smidgen of fog along the coast as we head through the day tomorrow.
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a lot of sunshine coming our way all day long and i think some nice weather even out toward the beaches becoming mostly sunny. and not as windy around the bay area numbers looking like this how this high soaring tomorrow 80's 90's even tomorrow inland 70's 80's beautiful inside the bay. it was 70 degrees downtown san francisco. thank you comedian on capitol hill today have. >>and his focus in a very serious issue certainly for millions of americans sauce and then hodge appeared before the house financial services committee to highlight the problem of student loan debt, it's a issue that some lawmakers in hearing push back on congress, some of them blaming the legislative branch for creating a complicated repayment system. but hodges passionate about the issue saying it's a struggle that has even prompted some people to reach out to their favorite celebrities begging for financial help. >>people are making more money in college is objective leave way more expensive. you see what's happened. we put up a
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pay wall to the middle class. and if there's one thing americans don't deserve more of its pay was. >>student loan debt is an issue that will play heavily in the 2020 presidential election. several democratic candidates have already proposed forgiveness plans, 45 million americans have student loan debt. totaling one trillion. california lawmakers are one step closer now to catch being rent increases across the state. >>kron four's capitol bureau. ashley zavala explains the key legislative hurdle. it clear today. >>but this bill is different the state senate tuesday approved ab 1482. it's a measure that aims to tackle california's housing affordability problems at really a crisis for face of disaster in california. the measure would cap rent increases at 5% plus inflation for 15 years it would also require landlords to prove just cause before evicting a tenant. >>the senate took a major step standing up for millions of
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californians who are struggling. was a california who are vulnerable. 2 a rent increase that could push them out on the street with a 25 to 10 vote republicans rejected the bill they say discourages housing development and harm smaller landlords say be 1482 also create major housing market instability. >>which will only perpetuate our state's housing crisis even more the cap would not apply to housing built within the last 15 years and single family homes not owned by corporations or trusts governor newsom thank the senate for passing the bill tuesday. he's already indicated, he'll sign the bill has until friday to get final approval from the assembly before it makes it to the governor's desk, reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>good news if you are planning on taking bar this weekend, no more closures will explain. republicans have yet to repeal and replace obamacare now one of them is trying to
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>>for the first time in nearly a decade, the number of uninsured americans has gone up. the census bureau reported tuesday, some 27 and a half million people were uninsured last year that's an increase of 1.9 million people it's the first time that's happened in the us since 2009. lawmakers back from recess are hitting the ground running in washington. and what comes to health care yet. one
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congressman has a plan to fix flaws in today's health insurance system. >>without starting from scratch. justin turner reports. >>it's much better than. >>obamacare don't let president trump for you america after the trump administration and republicans in congress failed to repeal and replace the affordable care act. most members of the party moved on to other areas of health care reform. but arkansas congressman westerman is taking another crack at overhauling obama care people want the choice they want value for what they're paying for that's why we call it the fair care act westerman told a crowd at the american enterprise institute tuesday that it's possible to cover more people at a lower cost and cover those with preexisting conditions his proposal would expand the obamacare exchanges where people buy private health insurance they ideas to grow the individual marketplace and make it. white that marketplace was originally intended to do. >>to help lower the cost of premiums west germans legislation would set aside funding from insurers and the government to cover the costs
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of high-risk individuals it would also give states the option to hold open enrollment periods less frequently to walk in lower premiums for longer periods of time we can take the good ideas. get bipartisan support and if we want the best for health care in our country the we have to take westerman will soon file an update to his legislation but admits it's not likely congress will make any moves on health care until after the 2020 elections. in washington, i'm just eaten or. kron four's a streaming live local news 24 hours a day with no commercials. the new service is called kron on get caught up on the latest breaking news and weather any time of day. >>download the app to start watching now. the used to swim team photographer on the peninsula is behind bars. what he pleaded in court today after least 20 kids say he sexually assaulted that. >>a woman is hospitalized after using skin cream tainted with mercury. the warning signs you need to look out for. >>and a teenager diagnosed
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with a sudden and severe lung illnesses alive to tell her story but according to health officials, 6 others around the country. the
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>>it's important to understand that this is at this point it needs to be thought of as an injury to the longs by caused by something in the vaping. >>it is not an infection. it does not respond to antibiotics. >>is very severe.
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>>health officials are continuing to warn people to stop using e cigarettes after reports of injuries and deaths, 3 texas teens were hospitalized after vaping last month. they were treated for serious lung illnesses and in kansas another death from lung disease related to vaping was announced today that snow brings the total number of deaths to 6 prompting authorities around the country to put out warnings about the cigarette use camila bernal reports. >>for more than 2 years piper johnson vaped regularly but everything changed when a visitor urging care revealed a sudden and severe lung illness all the stuff that i've been doing like the past 2 years that i thought was completely harmless has. >>silently been killing me johnson is alive to tell her story but according to health officials 6 others around the country are not. >>tragically e cigarettes are comprised of chemicals that are being inhaled into the boys have chemicals


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