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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  September 10, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>>now it's 6 it's day 4 of construction on a major runway at sfo that means hundreds more delays and cancellations thanks for joining us tonight, i'm ken wayne and i'm katharine hayden and for pam moore. >>the construclot of passengers how long the airlines have known about this and why they were warned ahead of time kron four's noel biello joins us live with some insight on that. noel. >>it says that they made the announcement about this project. they say that's when the airlines were notified about it now. bit of an issue
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several 100 passengers when it comes to all of this snow. the airport says that they put out notifications on their website about a week before they started construction and then in the days leading up to it they continue to post on their social media accounts to try and let passengers know but somehow even with all of that a lot of passengers didn't get the notice until it was much too late today as far as numbers go up there have been more than 300 delays at sfo and there have been more than 100 cancellations airport officials say these numbers about what we can expect over the next several weeks as they continue this construction, i've seen delays on the boards anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours arriving flights are definitely seeing the most delays and that's because the runway that's under construction runway to a left it's primarily used for landing aircraft officials say
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they're just now building a new base altogether. passengers i spoke with say they're doing what they can to get to where they need to be but they were wishing for a little more notice. >>that it was calm and i don't know for how long. we made our reservation about 6 weeks ago. i would assume the airlines on them. >>and the airlines did know and and some of these cancellations the numbers of cancellations does include those the airlines made ahead of time in advance because they knew all of this was going on. but of course they are continuing to make ones as this construction continues now some passengers are helping her excuse me some airlines are helping
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passengers by waving their change fees. i know that united and delta have both announced that they have some programs going on that they're allowing them to do a one time. change. her flight it is that they want to get out of you can also contact your airline and see if you can maybe get booked on a flight in or out of a different bay area airport, i know a lot of people we're considering doing. all of this is going to continue through friday sept amber 27th at the very least soak afternoon. folks just really needs to be in contact with their airline. if they want to make and the changes live at sfo kron 4 news. so i'll thank you. >>president trump is pushing for a crack down on homeless encampments according to white house spokesperson, the president has a team that will develop policy policies to deal with the homeless crisis in california saying certain cities have caused an increase in poverty leading to public health risks. a white house official has confirmed that a
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team is in california right now saying they're gathering facts and learning more about the crisis it's not clear yet. how tough to crack down on the homeless camps of might me. we will continue to monitor this story happening now people in fremont are voicing their opinions about a proposed homeless shelter. the city council is holding a meeting right now at city hall. there are 2 possible locations one in the parking lot of city hall on capitol avenue. the other on dakota road next to reagan nursery. we'll have a live report from that meeting tonight on kron 4 news at 8. >>and time for a check on weather as we take a live look at sfo just talking about how fall and the drama and the delays there. all right chief meteorologist lawrence college here is looks like they're says some clouds possible falling on top of saint bruno there see that you see some of the winds whipping up outside, but look at the runway there to that big x yeah, no landing there and that's the problem that's causing all the delays major delays at sfo. the
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flights a 215 minutes over 3 hour delays there at sfo. no delays being reported at oakland or san jose, but the winds they are the store this afternoon really beginning to whip around parts of the bay area to 25 miles per hour 28 there at sfo 16 in the mill valley get the idea that strong onshore breeze kicking up behind a dying cold front that brought with it some more thunderstorms across the sierra nevada some leftover moisture there you see some a lightning strikes a developing across this year moving toward the reno area right now temperatures outside of that 64 degrees in san francisco. but on the breezy side 71 in oakland 72 degrees in san jose 71 in livermore 78 in concord and 81 degrees warm still in santa rosa tomorrow morning. go to wake up maybe a couple of patches of coastal fog early on i think mostly clear inside the bay in the valleys by the middle the day we're going to start to see some warmer temperatures are near 80 degrees and some warmer spots in the minute. a lot of 70's inside the bay and 60's along the coastline. then in
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the afternoon we start to crank up the numbers as high pressure takes over 90's beginning to show up in some of the interior valleys specially in the east bay, some 70's 80's around the bay. look at along the we start to talk about some of those warmer 60's up toward the beaches so yeah we're going to see a big change in the weather pattern starting tomorrow. it said that on shore breeze receive more of an offshore breeze developing and that's typically what we see at this time of year. that's what we have some of our nice weather of the year. i think we'll see some hot temperatures as we head into thursday and friday. looking ahead guys back to you. >>thank you. lawrence, a pilot program offering safe parking to the homeless is undergoing some scrutiny by city leaders in san jose as kron rob fladeboe reports motel, vouchers might be offered to families with children, staying at one of 3 sites side of concern for their safety. >>driving last horrible was street across from the 7 trees community center. he's in an area that has been played often on my crime and gang issues in recent years. the
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location is just not a good fit for homeless families with children, jose mayor sam liccardo finance clear that we need to move the families that are there 7 trees and a motel rooms that's much safer place for them to be. >>and much better for the families and and frankly. this was the wrong model for that problem opened in november at 7 trees and also at roosevelt and southside community centers. >>the safe parking lots are available from 07:00pm to 07:00am point out the crime problems predate the safe parking program despite worries about the 7 trees side safe parking works says the mayor that is working for me the singles and couples that we have for example, roosevelt. >>and in west side where we know this providing a safer spite for folks. just need somewhere to stay we hope that was some supportive services. hopefully the help in getting jobs again back on their feet folks are able to move to
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something much more permanent. >>it's not clear how many homeless people are living in our v's and other vehicles in parking on city streets, somewhat puzzling is the fact that all 3 of the safe parking sites have so far been under utilized. the city council though is considering a recommendation from staff to expand the city's motel voucher program to include eligible families who have been spending nights at 7 trees in the near term or moving the families out of this location in the motel rooms, they'll be better off ere. and will continue operating this location i believe until we can find another location. >>in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>on the man facing charges of child sec's us all pleaded not guilty in court today, randolph haldeman was first arrested in july. the suspect was andrea arrested in august after more victims came forward, the 59 year-old used to work as a photographer for a local swim team. he's now facing charges involving at least 20 children. and police
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say they believe there could be even more victims. the victims ages ranged from 6 to 16 all human remains in custody on $5 million bail. fremont police say they're seeing a rise in burglaries targeting specific vehicles they posted these pictures of break ins over the weekend. one vehicles parked in the driveway. the other at mission peak. police say they're seeing burglary and vandalism incidents involving suvs with privacy screens cents to cover that conceals the cargo area in the back. police say most cases there's no reported loss of property, but the damage cost to the vehicles are significant. >>while the oakland raiders were inside the coliseum monday night winning on the field first responders were outside the stadium. they were trying to save a football fan from dying in the parking lot kron four's haaziq madyun talk to an oakland officer who played a key role in saving that man's life. it's a story you'll see only on kron 4. >>so now you just push no s
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those times for a minute and just keep going to that person, it's a >>oakland police officer daniel motives is help revive a bed suffering from a medical emergency here in the parking lot of the oakland coliseum during monday night's raiders game i was assigned as a vice of officer. >>we patrol around the lot and make sure everyone is safe and there are a lot of raider fans out home opener. a lot of people tell you a big crowd out. >>he says it was around 05:30pm when the call came over the radio of an adult male in need of assistance, he picks it up from there. >>when i arrived on scene. i saw i said are doing cpr on this settlement i was down on the ground. at that point a check for polls had no polls there clinically dead at that moment officer mullen says for the next 15 minutes, a group of first responders continued taking turns applying cpr until miraculously. >>the victi paul's return.
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he says it was the result of a joint effort to save a man's life. >>because of chest compressions and because of the quick cpr by bystanders and quick cpr bias in the quick response from actually the paramedic units. that this point is still alive the 5 year oakland police veteran also happens to be one of the lead instructor is a first aid at opd that is one of the reasons why says he's thankful. he was nearby when this medical emergency occurred. >>the mare out people and. every opportunity to do that. i take every single one of them in oakland has made you kron 4 news. >>bay area business owner says he was attacked and by a homeless person and it's not the first time now is seeking of closing up a shot. also lawmakers on capitol hill, they work to pass a bill to increase background checks on gun buyers but some argue will do a lot. >>to keep guns out of t wrong hands and we continue our series on getting ready
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for the next big earthquake up next we'll show you how easy it is to make sure your home wake safe. this is the nimble chevy trax.
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the versatile chevy equinox. the stylish all-new chevy blazer. and the roomy chevy traverse with seating for up to eight. the chevy family of suvs. no matter what you're looking for in an suv, chevy's got you covered. get zero percent financing for sixty months plus seven hundred and fifty dollars on most 2019 equinox models. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >>do you know if your home is earthquake ready if it was built before 1980 it might be susceptible to major damage when the big one hits. >>kron four's michelle kingston she talked with an earthquake. retrofitting expert about what you need to do to keep your home safe. >>and i i do want to worry
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about it anymore. >>john but you know, he's oakland hills home was built in 1950 i didn't want to blame myself for being say cheap. >>and not doing the right thing. if later an earthquake hit. and the damage would have been maybe in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. >>earlier this year he hired tay when to read trusted his home so when the earthquake to happen. >>there's a big chance that the lakes could fold and house to collapse. >>his hope to keep his home from falling off its concrete foundation during an earthquake. >>all the old equipment in the old bolts. the materials and the size of the bulls. >>insufficient tay when is underneath that you know he's home in the crawl space showing us how we retrofitted this 2500 square foot ranch, making the home safer and hopefully eliminating major damage should an earthquake happened. >>these type the homes are usually the most susceptible to earthquake damage because
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of the heavy weight on top and a very fragile small wall that's holding it up when says holmes on hills like action nellie's and once built before 1980 or won't he retrofits the most. >>it's because of the anchor bolts. use. income boats in 1980 were non calvin eyes. >>so they resting now homes built on slabs are built. >>after 1980 normally don't require retrofit when says if you're in an older home are fearful of possible earthquake damage to check out the state's brace in bold program which reimburses you for straightening your home up to $3,000. in oakland, michelle kingston and for news. >>be sure to join us this saturday at 07:00pm for a one hour special on surviving the big one everything you need to know from understanding how early warning systems work to deciding what to put in your quake hit that saturday at 07:00pm.
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>>and time for another check the weather we're looking live at the embarcadero and checking the wind out there with the flag, the palm trees and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >>you know i love about this time of year we get to that nice fall weather little cool in the morning and then get those nice warm afternoons and we're going to see that pattern i think setting up very nicely as we look in the next couple days as high pressure takes over. we're going to see those offshore winds. also like the halloween candy to be is the show up to a love that as well hey we've got the mostly clear skies looking out over san francisco right now toward alcatraz the sea breezes blow right now that on shore wind but that's going to change more offshore winds expected temperatures today. hey you know what they took a hit that's because we saw that nice cold front moved through so 5 degrees cooler to san francisco and much of the bay area dropped as that front moved by number say still not bad 67 degrees in san francisco, 73 for a high in oakland 77 degrees in san jose 76 10 degrees below average in livermore 83 degrees in concord 85. in santa rosa.
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well we do have kind of an active pattern now developing in the pacific look at that that's a very impressive cold front up in the gulf of alaska we've been seeing some of these over the last couple of weeks we could be headed to an early fall. we'll have to wait and see but already see the thunderstorms popping up over the sierra nevada, no rain in the forecast for us just yet, but that may soon change starry skies so for most of the bay area tonight just patchy coastal fog and then tomorrow are often running with mostly sunny skies and warmer weather and he waved is on the way as see those temperatures soaring, i think 90's maybe some triple digits as we get into thursday and friday winds may have been gusty around the bay area this afternoon. i think by tomorrow they begin to calm down. and then just a gentle breeze by tomorrow afternoon. but boy the big story will be that big h that's off the coastline that is going to be settling in over the bay area the next few days cranking up the temperatures should be a nice warm one tomorrow and even hotter on thursday and friday. thank you lawrence, a half unveiled several new products
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today, the cupertino-based tech company showed off the newest generation of iphone ipad and apple watch kron 4 grant lodes joins us now with. >>more on what's soon to hit the store shelves and how much it'll cost grant. >>take as is a pretty exciting day, especially if you're in tech can one of these gadgets apple showed off today is the new iphone 11 the new phone features, a new dual camera system upgraded hardware which apple says is the fastest chip ever in a smartphone and maybe most importantly it boasts an all-day battery life you'll also get higher quality video on the 11 were able to record in cinematic settings apple also introduced an updated version of the apple watch which allows the display to always stay on and a new 7th generation ipad which features a larger screen. a new ad that apple introduced today is the very much talked about apple tv app. now earlier today on kron on we talked to senior
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editor ensure he talked about the new app in the competition other streaming services could face. >>then they got their tv service which is kind of competing with netflix it's not called apple tv plus it's 4.99. a month as well, and it has television shows from steve carell and jennifer aniston and jason momoa and oprah and they say that if you buy a tablet or computer from them. any time now you'll get a free year of their tv service to try it out so they're really pushing this i think it's going to be really interesting to see whether apple can find a hit on their hands. a lot of tech companies have tried to get into hollywood, microsoft very famously tried netflix is so the question is can apple do it and look at the camp going really think that a lot of money they can fund some really cool stuff. >>a lot of money they're getting more money if you're getting the apple tv. it's 4.99. a month is ian said it will be available on 1st as for what you have to shell out if you want the
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latest phones. well. the new gadgets here the iphone 11 you it will set you back 699 if you get the one of the base models there the iphone 11 the iphone 11 pro 9 99, and the pro. says nearly 1100 bucks all of the phones are available for preorder starting this friday will go on sale september 20th can catherine back to you all right grant thank you very much coming up tonight at 6.45 a teen diagnosed with a. >>sudden and severe long illness is alive to tell her story but according to health officials. >>6 others across the country are not. >>and california lawmakers approve a bill that kept rising rent prices, what that means for landlords and tenants across the state.
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>>california lawmakers are one step closer to capping rent increases across the state capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the key legislative hurdle that the bill cleared today. >>but this bill is different the state senate tuesday approved ab 1482. it's a measure that aims to tackle california's housing affordability problems at really a crisis for disaster in california. the measure would cap rent increases at 5% plus inflation for 15 years it
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would also require landlords to prove just cause before evicting a tenant. >>the senate took a major step and standing up for millions of californians who are struggling. the of californians who are vulnerable. 2 a rent increase that could push them out on the street with a 25 to 10 vote republicans rejected the bill they say discourages housing development and harm smaller landlords say be 1482 also create major housing market instability. >>which will only perpetuate our state's housing crisis even more the cap would not apply to housing built within the last 15 years and single family homes not owned by corporations or trusts governor newsom thank the senate for passing the bill tuesday. he's already indicated, he'll sign the bill has until friday to get final approval from the assembly before it makes it to the governor's desk, reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>business owner says he was attacked and by a homeless person and it's not the first time.
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>>also open my bill is and the writers but there's a new football team you can send chair for we'll have details on the oakland panthers and how much land she is involved. congress back in session lawmakers say they're focused on preventing mass shootings. >>congress remains divided. i have details coming up.
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>>breaking news tonight out of the sports world former
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oakland raider antonio brown is being accused of sexually assaulting his former trainer that's according to a federal lawsuit filed in florida today. the claim alleges said brown sexually assaulting a woman on 3 separate occasions. the lawsuit claims brown quote preyed on the victim's kindness at one point forcibly raped the woman according to tmz brown's lawyer has released a statement denying the allegations and part of the statement brown's lawyer suggests the allegations are a quote money grab but brown's lawyer did admit there was a consensual relationship. >>was holding on to money to us it is head and he bit my arm. >>that's a shopkeeper in san francisco uh south of market says that he was bitten for the second time in 4 months by a homeless person kron four's maureen kelly a talk to the victim who says that crime and violence are increasing in his area to such an extent. he's considering shutting down.
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>>the teeth marks and bruises on the 67 year-old arm would have been much worse had he not been wearing long sleeves when he tried to subdue a man who allegedly pushed his sister she come out from behind the register at harvest urban market to inject the homeless man for the second time that day police arrested 29 year-old adam ashe brock for aggravated assault and battery shopkeeper gillis to song a says he was bitten once before while trying to stop a shoplifter back in june and this surveillance video from last week shows a clerk, running after an alleged shoplifter who dis only a says pepper sprayed his employee to some of has taken pictures of encampments near his business and says his back door will soon need to be replaced because it's busted out after being urinated on so many times he says he often finds people selling and doing drugs inside his restroom sun every half hour to an hour. >>


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