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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  September 10, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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victim who says that crime and violence are increasing in his area to such an extent. he's considering shutting down. >>the teeth marks and bruises on the 67 year-old arm would have been much worse had he not been wearing long sleeves when he tried to subdue a man who allegedly pushed his sister she come out from behind the register at harvest urban market to inject the homeless man for the second time that day police arrested 29 year-old adam ashe brock for aggravated assault and battery shopkeeper gillis to song a says he was bitten once before while trying to stop a shoplifter back in june and this surveillance video from last week shows a clerk, running after an alleged shoplifter who dis only a says pepper sprayed his employee to some of has taken pictures of encampments near his business and says his back door will soon need to be replaced because it's busted out after being urinated on so many times he says he often finds people selling and doing drugs inside his restroom sun every half hour to an hour. >>we have some kind of incident they should be
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facilities where people can do drugs there's needles everywhere people have threatened me with a needle. >>he lives around the corner on ministry says the neighborhood has really gone downhill in recent years with so much drug abuse on the streets. police. >>can't really do much. we call all the time and it feels like our voices not being heard. >>fair breeze. deputy communication director responded in part by saying everyone deserves to feel safe where they live and work in the status quo on some of our streets is unacceptable and pointed to efforts the mayor is making to expand conservatorship laws reform the mental health system and increased police foot patrols. it to sony a has had problems with homelessness that ended up negatively affecting last ye his market street location. 28
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years in business because of similar problems. >>and now after this latest incident the small business owner is considering closing his south of market location as well because he says the crime. his neighborhood, this driving business away maureen kelly kron 4 news. ok let's get a check of the weather around the bay area on this tuesday evening from time for the 4 zone forecast and large kind of talk about a late summer. >>and he a kind a last gasp of summer right this is that time of warmest month of the year in san francisco and much of the bay area's we get those offshore winds low right now mostly clear outside. we got a sea breeze out there couple patches of fog along the coastline, not much but when the coming days receive that fog disappear a lot of sunshine coming our way warm weather probably some 70's out toward the coastline right now lower than 59 degrees in pacifica 63 in half moon bay jump over they'll. yes, 70 degrees in redwood city 72. in san jose 71 cocker right now
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72 berkeley, 65 downtown san francisco 70 in nevado 67 degrees in san anselmo right now still warm 81 degrees in santa rosa. tonight we're going to some a mostly clear skies inland tomorrow, lots of sunshine and just some patchy fog in the morning but then mostly sunny skies in the afternoon everywhere you go in fact we're looking at some nice 80's as you make your way into san jose some 70's in oakland and close to 70 degrees in san francisco. 8 years or long-range forecast model wanted to show this to you right now one system kind of fall apart moved to california still some leftover showers across the northern sierra nevada but then get very active little is next cold front bearing down on the pacific northwest going to bring them some rain while we see high pressure build overhead we're going to get those offshore winds and beautiful weather that staying around right through friday. they're going to be another cold front to the north and more rain on the way on as we head into sunday and eventually the system begins to drag down toward the bay area and will bring with it some more clouds and more showers in far northern california, some coolget into s
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now and then we're going to see some much warmer weather in fact after that system moves through as we look toward the middle of next week. you get the sense of this next big dome of high pressure building in that is going to be rolling in the bay area look at starting to see an offshore wind as we get into thursday and friday and the following week so this is that the time of year where we get some of those a beautiful warm days and cool nights. and i think that's how it play out is going to be a hot side even tomorrow likely going to see some 90's beginning to show up and some of the interior valleys. you'll see plenty of sunshine and 90's even triple digits getting hot on thursday and friday. still hot inland on saturday cooling down big time on sunday. a lawrence today house members took of a series of gun control measures it's a first step toward action taken on capitol hill since this summer's mass shooting supporters are pushing for expanded background checks also for red flag laws. >>washington dc correspondent bree jackson has details with congress back from summer session democrats say their
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first order of business is to help protect lives. we will make >>the issue of gun safety remains front and center senate minority leader chuck schumer is calling for a vote on bills, including a tour eat which would expand background checks. >>the house already approved the measure but it stalled in the senate. congresswoman veronica escobar says supporters aren't giving up. >>just because one chamber chooses not to govern, doesn't mean that we are going to acquiesce another bipartisan bill up for consideration would expand background checks to all commercial sales. >>but some lawmakers say passing more laws focused on background checks, whoa keep guns out of the wrong hands. so are you suggesting we ought to pass a law just to pretend like we're doing something. >>but what actually not. positive impact on saving lives, texas senator john cornyn says new laws alone won't prevent crime. he says he supports further discussions on legislative solutions what can. >>and what should we do to try to stop. incidents like these
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in the future. but virginia senator mark warner urges lawmakers to take action 93% of americans agree that we ought to put in place universal background checks in addition to examining background checks. lawmakers say they're weighing red flag laws as another option to help keep guns away from dangerous people in washington bree jackson. >>coming up another day of drama on capitol hill says president trump announced on twitter that he had fired. it's national security adviser john bolton plus oakland's may be losing the raiders but there's a new football team you can soon cheer on on details on the oakland panthers and the involvement of marshawn lynch.
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tonight, an abrupt departure from the trump administration president trump says john bolton is out as national security adviser. >>after reports of deep divisions between the national security team and the rest of the administration. karen caifa reports. >>well john bolton, the firing came via twitter as president trump announced today he informed his national security adviser, his services are no longer needed at the white house. but in a surreal moment, 12 minutes later bowl and deede was offered to resign last night and president trump
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said let's talk tomorrow. bolton was seen by cnn cameras outside the west wing this morning. >>after sources said he got into a bitter disagreement with trump the night before the alternative was the white house and you would have been happy with that either they argued over the president's decision to host taliban leaders at camp david. >>a meeting trump later canceled. john bolton's. >>priorities and policies just don't line up with the president's push back to inviting the taliban on us soil and allegedly telling reporters about his feelings after. >>may have been the last straw all with one source telling cnn the leaking is what got him to ran. recent weeks bolton, it found himself isolated from the president i stealth by the chief of staff for them and barely speaking to the secretary of state. >>there were many times ambassador bolton, i disagree that's to be sure bolton was scheduled to be at this afternoon's briefing alongside mike pompeo in state in the
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nation, the president's view of the iraq war and ambassador bolton's was very different but after the president's tweet a white house official said is no longer in the building. >>i like conflict i like having 2 people with different points of view trump once claimed he'd like to chaos in the west wing with multiple opinions. >>but he grew irritated by bolton's hardline positions in recent weeks, i actually temper john which is pretty amazing. >>coming up next health officials in the us continued to warn the public about the cigarette use this after a 6 her son died today. and if you're streaming us on the news continues during the commercial break you can go to kron on dot tv to see what kron on dot tv to see what you're missing the ross fall fashion event has all the looks for way less... check this out! that's yes for less. get the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at the ross fall fashion event. on now.
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>>for your house tonight, another death from lung disease related to vaping was announced today this time in kansas and this now brings the number of us deaths to 6. >>authorities all over the country are issuing warnings on the cigarette use camila bernal has the story. >>for more than 2 years piper johnson vaped regularly but everything changed when a visitor urging care revealed a sudden and severe lung illness all the stuff that i've been doing like past 2 years that i thought was completely harmless has silently been killing me johnson is alive to tell her story but according to health officials 6 others around the country are not tragically e cigarettes are comprised of chemicals. >>that are being inhaled into
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the they've always had chemicals in them. but we do not yet know what is causing this outbreak and the diseases that have been reported as part of this epidemic there are at least 450 cases of severe lung disease potentially linked to vaping some of these cases are still under investigation. it's really important that people. understand that these are unregulated the new products on the market and there's a lot that we just don't know about them yet. the deaths were reported in kansas california, illinois, indiana, minnesota and oregon. officials in other states also raising concerns vaping is not cool shira smoking is not cool. i have personally seen the use of e cigarettes among my adolescent patients skyrocket johnson says for her. it wasn't worth it and is thankful for an early diagnosis and treatment i try and you know educate other people because i don't want the same thing that happened that i'm camila bernal reporting. for the first time in nearly a decade, the number
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of uninsured americans has last year and that's an increase of 1.9 million. the first time it's gone up in the us anywhere since 2009. the impact comes as fewer people are being covered by medicaid. the report also found that more children are uninsured in 2018. for your money, the credit bureau company equifax is making it harder for you to get a $125 pay out after its 2017 data breach people trying to get compensated now they have to verify either claim they have to provide the name of the credit monitoring service they have in place when they filed it and the service must remain in place for at least 6 months after the filing. the deadline to do all of that is october 15th, otherwise the claim will be denied in july the ftc ordered equifax to pay $700 milonthe ha millions of people have already requested the cash payout.
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>>the median us household income stayed flat in 2018 the census bureau released data today, showing income remained essentially the same at $63,200 last year despite a strong jobs report, employers added almost 2.7 million jobs last year that's up from 2.2 million in 2017. unemployment was also near a 50 year low for several months last year, boeing is now dealing with another setback, the company announced today that its triple 7 x plane failed a safety test. the test involved a bending the wings of the boeing 7, 7, 7, plane while it was parked, boeing said the wings were bent to a level far beyond anything expected in commercial service but during the test part of the fuselage the pressurized boeing also faces more serious problems with the 7.37 max, which has 4500 unfilled orders about 400 of the already deliver jets have been grounded since mid-march after 2 fatal
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crashes that killed 346 people. >>after being closed for years a fire station in lafayette is back open with a very different look the new station is on loss arab astride nerve, upper happy valley road. it was closed for years because of budget cuts it is no longer a portable building like it used to be it's been completely a reconstructed fire officials say they'll be able to respond to calls faster now that they are right back in the neighborhood. very high risk for us it's in the high fire hazard severity zone designated by cal fire. there's a the large urban interface issue there for us in the summertime has the potential to lose many homes and a wild land fire. and so for us that's a strategic location to put fire apparatus to hopefully keep fire small when they occur. >>the fire station will be staffed 24 7 were allow firefighters to better assist nearby cities. well after
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losing 2 professional sports teams, the city of oakland is set to gain a new pro team was an nfl legend. >>making it happen. >>conference charles clifford has the details. >>well here in oakland on tuesday, the indoor football league announced that they will be bringing a new team to the oakland arena team is called the open panthers in a press conference on tuesday morning. the team also introduced marshawn lynch who has been brought in as a partner. the president of the league was also here they talked about how they want try to fill the gap is being left behind by the oakland raiders leaving along with the warriors moving to san francisco. >>this opportunity gives us something to rally around there's a as a community. >>family friendly entertainment, a affordable price for the family to enjoy that's what we pride ourselves on here at the indoor leag >>now the next step for the panthers is to build that he may have hired bay area coach kurt brian as their head coach will also hold 5 trials over the coming months, including one here in oakland, the season begins next march, there will be a total of 14
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games, 7 home games, 7 away games and if the team does well there's also a postseason for now in oakland charles clifford kron 4 news. >>antonio brown drama, the raiders came out and played really well and their season opening win last night mark and jason will set you up for bay area sports night was some raiders time coming up. and it's mostly clear outside now the winds they are whipping out there how long will it stick around talk about that.
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>>a lot to talk about in the sports world tonight, mostly involve and the writers yeah mark on for jason dumas joins now from the set of bay area sports night. >>thank you very much getting ready for bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on on the radar start the year want to know where the win against the denver broncos jason you're at the coliseum last night what is your biggest take away from the opening victory for the silver and black. my biggest take away was that this team outside of antonio brown does in fact have other weapons and it's funny because. >>they were trying to tell us this all offseason and all may get hay is not just antonio brown show and his show last night yet josh jacobs run. williams over a 100 yards through the air. obviously still very early in the season, want to get ahead yourself. but that was great
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building block. start on in build on as we go into this season, especially on the offensive line looked impressive. josh jacobs is out their time williams is stepping in now you mentioned a brown now we want to mention that. earlier this evening, a lawsuit filed against now former raiders receiver antonio brown for sexual-assault. >>so we'll be discussing that on the show as well as very disturbing allegations. tune in for bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on so back to you getting catherine all right guys we'll see in a few minutes. thank you. >>and a lawrence as a last check on the weather. >>yeah, and you weather looking good around the bay area now settling in on a nice evening, the winds have been kicking up outside that has been the story that strong on shore breeze all those winds. coming right behind that cold front so today temperatures running below the average of many spots the winds 13 lot mor really kind of feeling the effects of the winds outside this evening. but i think overnight tonight, those winds begin to calm down. yeah we've
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got a pretty nice day ahead tomorrow now the air quality is looking very good all the way from the coastline to the north bay, the east bay and also the south bay is it looks like a little begin to suffer little bit i think as we get into thursday and friday that storm high pressure really kind of settles in and that will start to trap some of the but look at thes numbers outside by tomorrow afternoon. we're talking about 91 degrees in concord and hot 91 in livermore 87 degrees and santa rose 84 degrees in the napa valley 84 in san jose 80 degrees and hayward about 79 in fremont 83 in redwood city, 69 degrees in san francisco, about 66 degrees in half moon bay, it's going to be interesting tomorrow. i think they'll still be a little bit of a sea breeze but will most those temperatures warming up and then as we get into a thursday and friday all those winds start to come out of the north and that normally win is that women as it sinks in that air approaches into thursday and friday. we could be tal heating up in the 70's even co side so
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get ready got some of the beautiful fall weather coming our way in fact those temperatures getting hot in spots i think as we get into the next few days as the temperatures showing in the 90's the hot spots and then tomorrow that will be just the beginning much warmer weather expected. as we look to 3rd a day that's where expect some of those offshore wind you see the temperatures are the coastline up in the 70's there and the probably the peak of the heat is going to friday that's when those temperatures really settle in high-pressure be at its strongest and the temperatures may be some triple digits in some of the valley just the 80's 90's even inside the bay and 70's along the coastline saturday still looks nice. but that ridge will start to weaken somewhat and then that allow for some cooler air to come in attack, a cold front going to drop in the bay area will bring some rain up in the pacific northwest, maybe some showers in far northern california. there's even a hand one model want to bring a chance a couple raindrops into the bay area on monday real and that would be something i don't think that's going to happen just yet, but temperatures going to be much cooler as we head in towards sunday and monday. but i'll tell you what
6:57 pm
the patter really looks like it's shifting this year early maybe we're going to get into an early fall, maybe an early rainsy's is still little bit early to tell but i mean i see that kick on that really knock down the fire and we talk about this but the b word as we get closer to autumn that beautiful afternoon light and that's come good to see that as thanks >>and if you're watching us on the new kron on app ap a full hour of local sports coverage coming
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the jeffrey epstein tapes. the never-before-heard cassette recording, made moments after this model met the disgraced tycoon. >> i just came out of the hotel from meeting jeffrey. i hate men. then cheerleader on trial. dad takes the stand. >> she would never hurt another living being, let alone a baby. >> and. donald duck on line 1? >> oh, no? am i in trouble? >> how dprapped pa -- grandpa turned the tables on the annoying telemarketer. >> and reme


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