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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 10, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> that it's in miami is a big deal. >> then the palins divorces. >> todd, i got so annoyed. >> plus a meryl moment. why the oscar winning has a thing for band aides and why renee zellweger lost it in our interview. >> we should leave it at that. >> then blake shelton and garth brooks only "e.t." is there for their new music individuvideo. >> he's a sinker. i want you to find me one person on the planet out hustling jennifer lopez. >> impossible. >> new movie, a wedding, she changed her outfit 100 times. >> that's exhausting. >> she may be a step away from playing the super bowl. >> she would crush it. rachel has latest on
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jennifer in new york. it has been a crazy 24 hours for jlo. >> tell me about it brooke. >> yeah, we've thought about the super now and that it's in miami and is a big deal, but they make their own decisions. >> a source tells e.t. jlo's at the top of the nfl's list to headline the 2020 super bowl halftime show in miami. it's nowhere near a done deal. the 50-year-old has been in the talks for a while with the nfl. there are many factors, those could include money and collaboration. it's a perfect fit for the "hustlers" star who spends a lot of time in the city where fiance a-rod grew up. >> when you think about wedding plans and jennifer is your partner, you do a lot of nodding. >> a-rod dropped some wedding details. >> one clue. >> one clue.
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>> one wedding clue. >> lean in. >> it's going to be a long flight. >> one thing we know for sure is jlo's wedding dress will be amazing. she put on a one-woman fashion show in new york over the last 24 hours. dress. >> are you guys ready? >> but our favorite look of all might be this all pink number she wore when she surprised a group of tourists on a bus and did a little q&a session. >> the priority is always emmy and max and now alex and the girls, they come first. >> she treated them to an early screening of her new movies "hustlers" before heading out to dinner with a-rod. >> i wish i would have been on that double decker bus. >> normally rachel i would be there next to jlo. that's how we roll. i had to work today. thanks a lot.
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from new york to an co range where todd palin has filed for divorce. were their signs this marriage was in trouble? >> todd and i, we are each other's best friends. >> she's tough. she is very tough. >> he's the first dude, man. >> that was then now there's incompatability of temperament as todd finds it impossible to live together as husband and wife. why the complex wording? that is alaska's version of irreconcilable differences. >> todd tried to keep it a secret by using initials. >> people are looking for it to figure it out. lara wasser, celebrity divorce
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attorney advises her clients to use their first name. this was sarah and todd's last public outing, attending billy graham's funeral in march of 2008. >> what is at stake? the couple's home in alaska is part of the couple's fortune. sarah works as a political commentator. >> todd this is so much better than the shot against the wall. the background is great. it's been a great thing that todd has been by my side. >> we have spent a lot of times with the palins. if it means splitting up, be happy.
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>> let's move to meryl streep. she graced her way to the toronto film festival where it seems she missed out on a "big little lies" reunion. so leave it to keltie knight to break the news to her. >> so much going on at t.i.f.f. running into co-stars left and right i'm sure. >> i missed nicole. i heard she was here. >> nicole was in toronto premier her drama "the gold finch" and over the weekend she reunited with shailene woodley who's promoting "endings beginnings," but sadly that was before wicked grandma meryl arrived. >> yeah, she better text you. >> she better. [ buzzing ] >> see, i got a band-aid on my thing. >> let's hold it right there. is three-time oscar winner and hollywood icon meryl streep holding together her phone with a band-aid? >> someone get meryl streep a new cell phone please. >> actually meryl is joining the growing number of people who have begun taping over their camera lens as a hacking precaution.
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meryl got the idea from facebo founder mark zuckerberg. >> i saw he had a hand aid and i thought i'm getting a band-aid. >> meryl hit the festival to promote her new film "the laundromat." >> so they drowned joe and 20 other innocent people and someone is making money from it? >> she plays a widow who uncovers a very shady insurance scam. >> when you see shadiness going on, do you call it out or do you keep it locked away? >> when you're old and mean you don't give a flying fudgeiolli. it's easier to speak up. meanwhile, it's easy to scream for bradley. >> bradley, can we get a wave? >> no one expected cooper to hit t.i.f.f. with the "joker" cast. last year he starred, directed and had this iconic red carpet veil moment with gaga for "a star is born," but this year he's a producer on "joker" starring joaquin phoenix.
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speak of of batman is chris stan bale going to bat for r-patz? >> all the best to him. i think he's an absolutely fantastic actor. wonderful choice for batman. >> bale's promoting his car racing biopic with matt damon. >> christian and i both let the stunt drivers do their job. >> you know, it's funny, the factors always get out and i go i did my own stunts, but like the older i get, the more i'm like nah i didn't do that at all. >> the fan frenzy for brie larson, michael b. jordan and jamie foxx. >> their film "just mercy" is getting early oscar buzz. jamie and brie have statuettes. michael, you can could be next. >> what do you make of the buzz? >> it's incredible. >> not this buzz, the award buzz. >> oh, i mean, i'm thinking about today. i try not to think about that stuff too much. also getting early oscar buzz renee zellweger in the bio
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pic "judy." >> i love her. i love what she wore, the sound of her voice, all of it. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow >> that's actually renee singing. it took two hours in the make up chair to transform her into judy with a wig, contact lenses and prosthetic. there was a slight issue with the nose. >> surprise. >> tell me about the kissing scenes when you would leave a little bit of yourself on him. >> we should just leave it at that. >> she had this prosthetic nose. when we had more intimate moments i would find pieces of nose on my face. >> no! >> yes. >> i had no idea. i did not know until this kissing scene and i look at him with horror. it would weep, the glue and the
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thing and the chemicals or something. some would sneak out and be like -- >> movie making. so glamorous. >> glamorous, but yeah the reviews have been so great for renee. billboard said her transformation has been nothing short of astonishing. somethi someone all about the glamour, kim k. >> you have to roll with it and find tips that make you feel confident. >> why she'll have you cutting up your underwear. then only we're there for kelly ripa and ryan
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minutes away dua
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her one-legged short so that you can wear a dress with a high slit and get support everywhere else. >> i've learned so much about women in this job. some of it excited -- >> some not so much. >> makes you a better husband. rachel is outside the set of kelly and ryan trying to dance her way into the record book. >> well, not me, kevin. i left my tutu at home. but this attempt is definitely en pointe. there were more than 300 dancers on a new york city street all trying to set a new guinness world record for the most ballet dances en pointe at the same time. >> are we ready to break the record? >> all: yeah! >> en pointe is standing on your tippy toes. the twist, kelly put on toe shoes and was also going for the record. kelly's no ballet newbie. here she is rehearsing for "the nutcracker" back in 2012. but check out her feet, no toe shoes.
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>> i try to practice some form of ballet like three or four times a week. i love it. >> this was your first instagram. >> that's true. my very first instagram post. 3 years old. guys this was in the 1900s. i was telling the kids i haven't been en pointe since 1986. >> three, two, one, go. >> kelly and the crowd had to stay on their toes for one minute. the old record was 245 dancers. and when the final second ticked off -- >> today we had 306. it's a new world record. >> are your feet in utter agony right now? >> no. my feet died years ago. so fortunately for me i am dead from the ankles down. >> but what about ryan? >> ballet will change your life and you should take a class. >> i agree and it would almost be 6 feet tall. >> it will give you a posture that will make you feel 6 feel tall.
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of course the record breaking week continues tomorrow with rocky the dog trying to attempt a double dutch style skip by a dog in a minute. the record to beat 128. kevin, how many do you think you could do? >> seven if i stretch. >> we might need an balance. party. say i do rd books to the again. then -- >> i'm announcing it right now. >> blake and garth breaking news on "e.t." >> someone is going to get electro cuted. >> nobody will die. >> closed captioning provided by --
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face buried in your phone. stop! look up. look both ways. let's start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. ♪ garth brooks and blake shelton performing their hit duet "dive bar" live in boise, idaho over the summer. we were there. garth first broke the news of their collaboration on "e.t." and only we were on set as they shot the music video. ♪ gonna spend the weekend in the deep end ♪
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>> "dive bar" shoot day three, last day, all under water. this is gonna be stupid fun. >> garth, was this your idea? >> hell, yeah. >> they didn't tell me they were doing an underwater video. >> like an onion you peel it slowly. >> and then you just drop it on him. >> it's like get him on first and then -- >> shark bait. i'm shark bait. >> are you a diver, blake? >> absolutely. >> he's a sinker. they're going to work great. >> yeah, garth's got jokes. but he's also the boss, pulling double duty directing. his entire band was lowered into an olympic-size swimming pool to perform 10.5 feet down. >> i think it will be a low enough voltage that nobody will die, but it will definwake you up and get you ready for the >> because i got the final edit. because i'm going to look taller than blake in the final edit. i'm like three feet shorter than him. i'm like god dang it. how's that happened? >> my ego makes me appear taller
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than i really am. >> "dive bar" is garth and blake's first duet. "e.t." was there the first time they performed live, and, well, garth was feeling a little upstaged by blake. >> they never got as loud as it did when you came out of the hole which pissed me off. man, they were loud. >> they were cheering for me to get out of the actual hole. that's what it was. >> please get out. make it. >> i think i can. i think i can. >> i finally know what it's like to have a hit. i've been doing reality television all this time. i didn't know i could do this too. >> would you turn your chair around if i was on your show? >> if i knew it was you, i wouldn't. >> will you guys do another -- will you meet up again and will you play the song again anywhere any time? >> i hope so. >> i'll tell you what, we're nominated cma. you wanna do it on the cmas? >> i'm going to be there. i'll actually be therenyways. so iwoasuld say >> we'll look that down. you guys doing "dive bar." >> yeah, i announced i would be proud to do it. deal?o much fun. did blake moon walk? >> i think he did. he's got skills.
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the music individual quo out soon. now to miley cyrus who's new reality romance just got even hotter. that's up first in tonight's know and tell. ♪ >> miley, top unbuttoned down to there. faux fur hat and a velvet duster. that's all it took to get girlfriend caitlyn carter drooling. she commented on miley's post, dear god. >> the pair celebrated caitlyn's birthday last week. ♪ happy birthday dear caitlyn >> caitlyn seems to have fully moved on from ex brody jenner. >> you and i are beyond happy, yes or no? >> yes. >> on last night's season finale of "the hills" which was shot in december, caitlyn explained why they never got legally married. >> we had a lot of, like, financial things that we needed to work out. >> but a couple who is getting around to saying i do, again justin and hailey. justin was just spotted at an l.a. dance studio only a few weeks away from his wedding. in fact, this is the fifth time we've seen bieber drop in.
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four times by himself and once with hailey. their first dance is going to be epic.♪ a source tells us biebwin's wedding is at the end of the month at the montage palmetto bluff in south carolina. the ceremony will be both, quote, private and over the top. the source adds justin is in a very good place and although the couple is already legally married they want to celebrate their love and unity in front of the peop they love. but here something, mila kunis isn't loving so much the stache ashton's been sporting since their pal adele's birthday party in may. mila said it was a '70's bash but she was wrong. >> the theme for the party is 1930's new years. i look like burt reynolds from "boogie nights" or like his high school self who can't grow a moustache. so now i'm just keeping the stache. it's a spite stache. it's to pay back mila for the mistake on the decade.
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>> en hollywood couples need a hand with love. now "e.t." is here to help you find it, make it and keep it hot. >> my name is matthew hussey and i give advice. >> every thursday make a date to watch "e.t." >> this guy is changing lives. coming up we're taking a ride with dua lipa. is she making music moves with miley? >> plus which famous ryan's first name is actually matthew? is it seacrest, phillippe or gosling? you know what a
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lot of things going on and the football. >>will say a sports period. we are kind of feel weak. we lose we're losing a lot. what i can is a. there's opportunity gives us something to rally around. one thing i know about and as we promised. so. there
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was opportunity to continue to keep it going. most importantly i just want now say thank you for the opportunity.
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travel consideration provided by -- in our "e.t." birthdays which famous ryan's first name is actually matthew? that is ryan phillippe who turns 45. ryan is his middle name. >> do you know dua lipa's real name? that's a trick question because dua lipa is her real name. she is one of music's hottest young stars and she invited only our rachel smith to ride along to her big event in new york city. >> check it out.
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sigh you tomorrow. >> hi, "e.t." you guys need a ride to the party. ♪ i got new rules i count 'em >> grammys best new artist has new music on the way and since again is her inspiration and dua recently performed with miley, well i had to ask -- >> will there be maybe a miley cyrus collaboration or gwen stefani? >> la la la la la la. >> i mean i'm just saying. >> no. we really can't talk about this right now. ♪ one kiss is all it takes >> dua is the face of ysl's new fragrance libra but the campaign had a little trouble taking flight thanks to this massive eagle. >> we had to do the shot a couple times because i definitely got hit in the face with a wing. it was all worth it. with a wing. it was all worth it. ♪ i look it's on. you need the ross fall fashion event has all the looks for way less... your new outfit... whoa! ...can just keep getting better. yes! oh, yeah, you're getting that. or you can find that one dress... - yes! - yesss. ...that's perfect for you... "check me out," at a price that makes you say... check this out! that's yes for less.
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>>a controversial vote tonight on the first homeless navigation center in the city of fremont thanks for joining us and age, i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine hainan in for pam moore, the city council is deciding between the city hall parking lot. >>and aside off dakota road in the northern part of the city kron four's michelle kingston she is live in fremont where hundreds of people showed up to make their voices heard some of them behind you michelle what's happening.


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