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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  September 11, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>now time president trump wants to ban flavored east cigarettes as federal health officials try to learn more about the recent outbreak of a long concerns are mounting over at least 450 cases. vaping-related long illness nationwide. there have been 6 confirmed deaths so far including one here in california good evening. i'm ken why. >>and i'm justine waltman grant and that people have the night off today and while the trump administration wants to
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force companies to stop selling flavored vape products, several cities and counties here in the bay area are we have similar bans in place. we'll start in marine county we're starting in 2020 specialty tobacco stores will be prohibited from selling flavored tobacco products including vaping liquids. santa clara county already has a ban on flavored tobacco contra costa county bans it within 1000 feet of a school. they're also bans on flavored tobacco and also oakland, san leandro berkeley, half moon bay, los gatos palo alto and in the east bay to bay area cities are now moving forward too bad east cigarettes richmond and livermore in liver, voters will decide whether to ban cigarettes in an election coming up in march. both cities drafted legislation after what san francisco approved in june which would put a moratorium on sales of flavored tobacco until the fda approves the cigarettes. the bay area chapter of the american heart association praised president trump's announcement today. >>products without nicotine
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and flavorings will be. >>in response to the president's remarks today jewel the san francisco based ease cigarette company said in the statement we strongly agree with the need for aggressive category wide action on flavored products. we will fully comply with the fire. the american vaping association the president there has criticized the ban by the trump administration saying in a statement it would quote remove life changing options from the market. >>the other big story. we're tracking tonight us coast guard issued an urgent warning charging of lithium ion
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batteries and extensive use of power strips and extension cords. the bulletin also calls for crews to review emergency among several agencies investigating the labor day fire. a cause of that fire has yet to be determined. tonight reaction to news that president trump is pushing for a crack down on homeless encampments the white house confirming that a fact-finding team was in los angeles yesterday. kron four's maureen kelly talked with san francisco's mayor and some local homeless advocates. >>the president has been outspoken when it comes to california's homeless crisis here are some of his comments. >>a rally in august the conditions in nancy pelosi's once great city of san francisco are deplorable. then deplorable now is administration has sent a team to los angeles to get a firsthand look at the problem. >>a white house spokesperson saying in part like many americans. the president has taken notice of the homelessness crisis, particularly in cities and
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states where the liberal policies of over-regulation excessive taxation and poor public service delivery are combining to dramatically increase poverty and public health risks then pointing out that the president signed an executive order in june to confront regulatory barriers to affordable housing which they say is a leading cause of homelessness homeless advocates have long said that the epidemic started during the reagan administration when the federal housing budget was slashed by nearly 80%, san francisco's mayor hopes that the president's interest translates into more federal dollars g towards getting people housed. >>i welcome any new investments around affordable housing to help us address what we know is a real crisis and. whatever help to really invest in affordable housing so that people have safe affordable places to call home is important. >>wednesday afternoon, the wooden structures of a homeless encampment were dismantled in east oakland, them to the bar tracks fires
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at this location has shut down the tracks at least one occasion the homeless advocates tell me that only one arrest. >>this encampment it is getting shelter from the city along with her newborn baby. the rest will be given to which will be directed righ here on this spot, those advocates who help fundraise for those 10 say they are wary of whatever health trump might end up offering. >>i think he means get rid of everybody, you know see them on the road. it's so that we don't have so we don't read them. >>senator dianne feinstein agrees that sweeping people off th streets is not a solution. she's calling on the administration to endorse her homeless this bill which would direct million a year into supportive housing. maureen kelly kron 4 news. on top of tower showing us that gorgeous golden gate bridge and all the. >>mountains there in marine county it's about to get hot. for the rest of the week if you consider a 100 which most of us do you're talking about
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close to a 100 degrees. yeah we could see some triple digit heat around the bay area this heat wave. you know pretty typical this time of year we get these fall, he waved to kind of quick hitters we get those dry offshore winds and that really gets a temperatures warming up not only in the valleys but even along the coastline. i think the next couple days, boy banner beach weather. if you plan to head in that direction in fact look at the forecast temperatures as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. while soaring to near triple digit heat in concord 98 in livermore 93 in santa rosa. you're looking at a lot of 80's inside the bay even 90's in the santa clara valley along the coastline, beautiful 70's right out the water's edge. now gets even a little bit hotter. i think as we get into friday and that's going to be the kind of a tricky day. i think we're going to see near triple digit, maybe even triple digit heat in some of the valleys. but if you get an offshore wind that strong enough right now we've got san francisco pegged in the 70's. we could see that spike up in the middle 80's at that offshore wind is just strong enough so certainly some oppressive heat coming for the next few days. i think folks
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after this is don't be wondering when we're going to cool down we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. the discriminating me. now a hearing impaired woman is pursuing legal at action against a fat food chain for discrimination cell phone video of this recent encounter between a woman and a server at a jack in the box restaurant has now gone viral. >>kron four's talk to the woman and has more on the story is live now. in campbell also has the restaurant's response. >>that's justino reeve a jensen tells me that she has successfully ordered food the drive up here at this jack in the box on several occasions in the past asked, but back on august 31th she says not only was she denied service, but the person working the drive-thru that they allegedly mocked her and made fun of her disability. there's more.
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>>now. in the video shows you have a campbell who is hearing impaired trying to order a to drive through window sure to in the box on hamilton avenue. birth jessen had bypassed to drive through speakers. >>and placed her order in person at the second window. >>number 8 i say. >>daft. or you can print that. jensen says her son tried to order for her but the server grew angry and mocked her by feigning sign language. >>that we use they got loose.
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>>and the oversight. >>angry and hurt gentian refused to leave without her order she says made the and we're still. you really don't want to i want to first. >>more child. i can. hey that's >>the discriminating me. >>a statement from jack in the box reads in part we do not tolerate the mistreatment of any customers and expect employees to follow all training procedures be
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respectful courteous and accommodating to all guests. a jensen tells me that the manager here apologized to her jack in the box says that the clerk adding the drive-thru into that day has been fired. >>but genson says she's going to pursue a discrimination lawsuit nonetheless live here in campbell rob fladeboe kron 4 news rob. thank you. >>it's a video of a crime that is leaving some viewers in a state of outrage involves 2 female suspects stealing an elderly woman's wallet. while she was grocery shopping in a quiet east bay neighborhood tonight police are asking for your help to try to identify the 2 suspects kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. it held early woman, the targeted. >>by a pair of female thieves, this polar wallet grocery cart it was captured on surveillance video. >>yeah she reached right into the top part of her car.
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>>if you're not used to this kind of stuff here. >>it happened monday around 06:30pm at the safeway grocery store and law that creates ross more neighborhood in the video you see one female suspect lurking behind the victim while the other female suspect that the end of the aisle appears to be a lookout. like that is. >>pretty or to say looks kind of like you know. that kind of sketchy some safely shoppers told me they were disgusted after seeing that video. >>you know that i cause no harm to anybody shouldn't have to deal with something like that people here more kind of i have got used to seeing. it's a fun so none of us expect don't think people care anymore whether it's seen your community your. it's just terrible. the world that we're living in today it really it really is sad. >>while the greek police investigators say they have limited descriptions of the 2 female suspects other than what you see here. if you think you recognize these 2 women while that creek police
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would like to hear from you. and while that creek haaziq kron 4 news. >>up to this despite a moratorium on executions in california criminals can still be sentenced to death. why the state's high court is allowing those trials to go forward. >>today marks 18 years since the 9.11 terror attacks, thousands of americans lost their lives and we will show you how the country is honoring them today plus antonio brown wears a patriots jersey for the first time during practice today, but it might not last long the lates
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>>antonio brown practice with new england today a day after his former trainer accused him of sexual-assault. >>reza turning an agent say that brown did not rape taylor and that the 2 had a consensual relationship. jason carroll reports. >>we know more >>embattled new england patriots wide receiver antonio brown showed up for practice today, his future with the patriots uncertain after allegations he sexually assaulted and rate his former trainer. >>yeah, i mean done with that. >>according to a civil lawsuit filed tuesday in federal court. brown's former trainer brittany taylor alleges he sexually assaulted her first in 2017 when she says he exposed himself to her and
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then forcibly kissed her then weeks later, she alleges brown masturbated behind her while she watched a video at his home, the suit goes on to say that in 2018 brown pinned her down on a bed and as she struggled he lifted her dress and told her you know you want this miss taylor pleaded with them shouting, no and stop but brown refused and proceeded with great violence to penetrator the next day according to the suit. taylor tried to confront brown. he replied you make me feel like a real rapist. taylor releasing a statement saying in part speaking out removes the shame that i fell for the past year and places it on the person responsible for my rape. i will cooperate with the nfl and any other agencies today brown's agent denied the charges saying his client will be cleared. >>and tony on have been unfortunately anticipating. this possibility. >>brown's attorneys saying the
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2 had a consensual relationship, adding brown will pursue all a legal remedies, not only clear his name but to also protect other professional athletes against lawsuit coming at a tumultuous time for brown just days ago the patriots signed brown hours after the oakland raiders dropped in amid weeks of public drama between brown and raiders management bella check refusing to say if his new wide receiver would play sunday. we're taking on >>just like well as to >>that was jason carroll, reporting taylor and her lawyer are expected to meet with nfl officials next week. the state supreme court has refused to block death penalty cases from continuing that's despite governor newsom's moratorium on executions. the core arguments the jurors cannot realistically gauge the seriousness of imposing a death sentence. if they think that it's not going to happen. back in march the governor halted executions for as long as he stays in office. but the
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death penalty remains on the books and courts have been proceeding on the assumption that executions may resume one day. the supreme court is now allowing a nationwide enforcement of the new trump administration rule restricting asylum protections. the justices ordered late today or of their work overrules a lower court ruling blocking the policy in some states the rule is meant to deny asylum and the us to anyone who passes through another country first without seeking asylum there. inter strive for the richmond police department has led to a big change in leadership there last night all when brown submitted his resignation as the. >>chief of police to the interim city manager today kron forcefully juggles spoke with the woman chosen to replace him and how she intends to move the department for work. >>i don't agree with the way the last chief left the agency and so it's a little bittersweet that these are not the circumstances in which i would like to take over police department but. >>i'm up for the challenge is
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same office new role besa friends celebrated to interim ief of the richmond police department my interim city manager steve involved has been told in the police car this after fo confirmed at tuesday's council meeting that all when brown had submitted his resignation as chief hours earlier in the first thing you must engine for 35 years. >>in a city where the time. >>indeed to brown was appointed chief in 2016, but it appeared his days were numbered after a vote held by the richmond police officers association over labor day weekend revealed 86% of the department's rank and file officers, disapproved of brown's leadership how he. >>that is management team. this inside the police department the new very well with officers and sergeants. >>president of the peel away bent aereo says change was
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necessary. he thinks brown for his service, he also pledges his support of french's promotion. now the first woman to ever hold this position in the city itself is a significant. >>when you consider the fact that the kkk march down and on avenue a 100 years ago. right over there so forces there's a significanceo number already had a conversation with them. police officers association president. >>and we both committed to each other that we're willing to sit down and talk about what the issues are and work toward 2 resolutions. frank says she will focus on improving communication within the department and making the city more competitive in recruiting and retaining good officers. >>the interim city manager says he intends to delay the official recruitment process for a permanent chief until next year in richmond and all kron 4 news. >>for a look at the 4 zone forecast for the live view of downtown san francisco stretching across the bay to the east bay hills. now let's check our weather with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. that been like a
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desert e that that's what you know going to feel nice along the coastline. that's where we haven't seen much the but we're going to warm numbers up right up to the water's edge outside right now beautiful out over the bay i'm looking toward right now back is towards san francisco as well lays out there this time. there's any that will be the haze and the amount of building up in the atmosphere. tomorrow in the following days will see high pressure overhead so not going to see a lot of mix in the atmosphere spend your day for tomorrow but this is interesting we've got a really been a significant storm system up in the midst of a northwest right now not going to factor in the bay area where the most that energy to run right over the top of the ridge there likely get some more rain up towards seattle maybe in the portland eventually some of the energy begins to work its way down toward the bay area but not tell next week in the meantime though the winds not as strong as yesterday remember we had some 20 even 30 mile an hour gusts along the coastline yesterday at this time still
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22 at sfo 13 right now in oakland is 16 in sonoma temperatures though hey they have really warmed up says 24 hours ago 81 degrees right now in san jose it is 82. in fremont 88 right now in concord 77 in oakland, 77 berkeley, 74 degrees in san francisco. and still hot 93 in fairfield so high pressure taken over that will keep skies mostly clear tonight. if we do see the patchy fog and all it's going to be a thin layer it's going to be dance and it could be right along the coast line tomorrow sunny not going warm to the coastline. hot saturday for the weekend then we start to cool things down i think as we get into sunday big change coming our way but this big dome of high pressure that will be building in for least the next couple of days. get ready for some serious he 70's out of the coast. they are and still ahead in the years since 9.11 the federal government is investing billions of dollars in improving security at airports. >>but tonight, lawmakers are questioning if it's still enough to keep passengers safe.
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>>hundreds of delays and dozens of cancellations at sfo and tonight we're getting it up close look at the work that's causing.
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>>now hundreds of delays and cancellations continue to affect people's travel plans in and out of sfo. 256 flights have been delayed at sfo just so far today, 71 flights have been canceled. that's slightly better than yesterday's numbers. this is all because of the airport making those big runway repairs and those
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repairs are expected to happen until the end of the month. kron four's charles clifford was at the airport this afternoon has an update for us. >>has a poll on wednesday, the airport continues to suffer from cancellations and flight deys and for the first time we're getting an up close look at what's causing the problem. last weekend at the airport began a major repair project on runway to a laugh that's one of the main runways used for landing aircraft here at the airport they are digging into a 1900 foot section of the runway. the basically the foundation underneath asphalt runway. and also this work is intermittently other runways so at any given time at the airport is early down by 2 runways and that is translating into delays for travelers. between 30 minutes and up to 2 hours possibly even 3 hours in some cases now this work i will continue until the 27th of february so these a flight delays are also expected to continue the airport has done what they can
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try to mitigate the problem working with airlines to preemptively canceled flights but it is inevitable that there will be continuing delays as long as this repair work in 10 years the for now at sfo charles clifford. >>next 5.30 president trump says he woke her same thing and that doctor stanton glantz from ucsf joins us here in studio to talk about the health effects of vaping as more illnesses and deaths for being reported. >>another bills on the governor's desk, we'll tell you about the legislation that would get new protections to ride share drivers and after the break we will show you how the nation honor the lives lost in the september 11 uh-oh, looks like someone's
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>>the nation today remembering the lives lost in the september 11th attacks the bells marking the moment of impact in the north tower. the president and the first lady spending the 18th anniversary with victims and families of those who were killed meanwhile, a number of other memorials also taking place around the country today kron four's camila bernal. >>has details. >>in the nation's capital september 11 ceremonies beginning with a moment of silence. president donald trump then heading to the pentagon


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