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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  September 11, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>>now it's 6 divers have found the body of the final missing victim who died in the boat fire off the southern california coast. the victim is one of 34 people who died at sea last week near santa cruz island off of santa barbara, 5 of the conception's 6 crew members survived after a number of temps a made to try to save the others who are trapped below deck. and a criminal investigation of that fire is under way. >>also today an urgent warning warning from the us coast guard in the wake of that deadly boat fire tragedy in southern california, the coast guard is asking boat owners and operators to take action to reduce the risk of fire.
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thank you for joining us, i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne while the cause of that labor day fire has not been determined officials are issuing safety recommendations tied. >>to batteries the coast guard just issue these recommendations to try to reduce fire hazards and the coast guard says these recommendations should be put in place immediately. they're asking the owners and operators of vessels to consider limiting unsupervised charging of lithium ion batteries and extensive use of power strips and extension cords. earlier we talked to a former coast guard investigator who weighed in on these recommendations. >>we've known for awhile that. >>when they are being recharged do pose a potential fire hazard. so that is that that's a natural love. the use of extension cords and a particular surge protectors. especially on ships. he's a
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problematic and it is definitely a a source of fire. >>the bullet and also calls for crews to review emergency duties, the coast guard is among several agencies now investigating that labor day fire where as we mentioned 34 people lost their lives, many of them from the bay area and northern california. com has yet to be determined. tonight reaction to news that president trump and is pushing for a crack down on homeless encampments the white house confirms a fact-finding team was in los angeles yesterday on four's maureen kelly talked with san francisco's mayor and some local homeless advocates. >>the president has been outspoken when it comes to california's homeless crisis here are some of his comments from. >>a rally in august the conditions in nancy pelosi's once great city of san francisco are deplorable. then deplorable now is admintratiohas sent a team to los angeles to get a firsthand look at the problem.
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>>a white house spokesperson saying in part like many americans. the president has taken notice of the homelessness crisis, particularly in cities and states where the liberal policies of over-regulation excessive taxation and poor public service delivery are combining to dramatically increase poverty and public health risks then pointing out that the president signed an executive order in june to confront regulatory barriers to affordable housing which they say is a leading cause of homelessness homeless advocates have long said that the epidemic started during the reagan administration when the federal housing budget was slashed by nearly 80%, san francisco's mayor hopes that the president's interest translates into more federal dollars going towards getting people housed. >>i welcome any new investments around affordable housing to help us address what we know is a real crisis. >>wednesday afternoon the wooden structures of a homeless encampment were dismantled in east oakland, them to the bar tracks fires
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at this location has shut down the tracks at least one occasion the homeless advocates tell me that only one arrest. >>this encampment it is getting shelter from the city along with her newborn baby. the rest will be given. which will be directed right here on this spot. >>the structures were cleared away by city crews, a former a homeless man and he says he plans to run as a candidate to be oakland's mayor in 2022. is wary of what help coming from this administration might look like. >>yes, we do need help but they're going allow us. grant money that's fine as mars conditional where they set the standards now because they don't have any idea what is going on out here senator dianne feinstein agrees that sweeping people off the streets is not a solution. she's calling on the administration to endorse her homeless this bill which would direct million a year. >>into supportive housing. maureen kelly kron 4 news.
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>>the san francisco board of supervisors passed a plan establishing a place for people living in their cars to stay overnight is located at a parking lot near the balboa bart station on san jose avenue. there will be a long-term parking lot for up to 33 cars on san jose avenue. the space will offer bathrooms showers a place to do laundry and even a kitchen at eating space. a lot will be there until construction begins on an affordable housing complex on that very lot next year. >>aping has been the center of attention recently after a number of illnesses and even deaths today, big announcement by the trump administration aimed at trying to stop teens from vaping mandy gaither has more. >>after officials say a 6th person has died from lung disease related to vaping. >>is on it trump administration is taking a step to combat the epidemic we can allow people to get sick and we can have our youth. the show affected. under a new
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enforcement policy expected in the coming weeks all flavored e cigarettes other than tobacco flavor will have to be removed from the shelves the products would remain off the market unless the1 become approved by the fda. >>manufacturers of tobacco flavored e cigarettes would have until may 2020 to file for approval by the fda says alex a czar the us secretary of health and human services what we've seen. >>is the data shows the kids are getting access to these products in spite of our best efforts at enforcement retail enforcement. >>earlier this week, the fda issued letters to leading e cigarette maker juul labs morning. the company about illegally marketing its product as a safer alternative to cigarettes a jewel spokesperson says we are reviewing the letters and will fully cooperate the e cigarette mpany has maintained its products are intended to convert adult smokers to what it described in the past as a less harmful alternative. i made the gator
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reporting. >>there are at least 450 possible cases of severe lung disease across 33 states sets according to the ces for disease control and prevention that could be linked to vaping it also includes 6 deaths. >>the state supreme court has refused to block death penalty cases from continuing this even though governor newsome has set a moratorium on executions. the court rejected arguments that jurors can not realistically gauge the seriousness of imposing a death sentence if they think it's not going to happen. back in march the governor halted executions for as long as he stays in office. the death penalty remains on the books in california and courts have been proceeding on that assumption that executions may one day resume. attorneys say it is unfair to expect juries to consider hypothetical sentences, nonetheless, the state will continue death penalty trials. >>time for a live look outside its postcard picture, perfect weather out there and here's why you players a shaken on
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our 4 zone forecast with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow yeah, a lot of people tell you this in the nicest time of the year in the bay area high pressure building in we start to see those offshore winds in the fog. it just goes away and that's what we're seeing now is that ridge builds in going to see some nice north northeasterly winds. it is going to get hot in spots as early as tomorrow afternoon, some of these temperatures already getting near a 100 degrees in some of the valleys but what's really need as long the coastline read on and get all the heat. you see temperatures there right at the water's edge may be in the 70's. forecast highs for tomorrow afternoon, 71 degrees and just gorgeous in half moon bay, 78 downtown san francisco, 95 in hot in the bottle 98 and cocker 98 in livermore about 93 in san jose. this bill is going to be heat wave. so the hot temperatures continuing into friday as well in fact, maybe even a little bit warmer. we might even see some triple digits in the warmest interior valleys but again, the numbers soaring easily in the 70's upper 70's in the san
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francisco 70's right along the water's edge. if that offshore wind a strong enough we could actually see a couple of 80's that's latest back to you guys. thank you. lawrence said sfo delays and cancellations continue as the airport works to make repairs on one of its key runways kron four's charles clifford to would say earlier today. here's a live picture of the airport to show you what's going on. there are at least 252 delays and 71 cancellations and believe it or not that's actually a slight improvement from yesterday. for the first time we're getting up close look at 3 pairs a word have some pictures of that we may show you a little later on of them actually digging up the runways but you can see that little x at the bottom of the screen. there. just above the waving trees that means that runway is closed you can see the planes taxi in the background. >>all of this is to replace the 1900 foot section of runway to 8 left and workers are replacing the base where and ernie's that runway other is tonight santa clara county
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approved a fund of $600,000 toward to rape crisis center providers in the county. the prosal passed on consent and a move that will increase support for sexual-assault survivors who need quick access to services after an assault that $600,000 will come from the county's general fund contingency reserve with 503,000 of that going to the y w c a a $97,000 going to community solutions. county supervisors said this will help with staffing needs at both of those centers. internal strife or the richmond police department led to some big changes in leadership there now. >>last night all and brown submitted his resignation as chief to the interim city manager and today. forcefully to go all talked with the woman selected to replace him about how she intends to move the department forward. >>all when brown is out and besa french's in as interim chief of the richmond police department brown was appointed chief back in 2016 and spent
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35 years with the department but he had lost the confidence of his staff, a vote held by the richmond police officers association over labor day weekend revealed 86% of the department's rank and file officers, disapproved of brown's leadership. tuesday ring the city council meeting interim city manager steven falk announce brown had submitted his resignation and that moving forward french would leave the department to not push >>my son for. that not my intention to during my tenure which runs through january. >>despite the difficult circumstances surrounding her promotion. frank says she believes she can improve the police department's murao and i'm good at communicating. >>what my vision as and communicating what i would like to see moving forward and i think the communication part, especially between you know the rank and file a management is key and that's how we're going to all get on the same page the move in the same direction the richmond
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police officers association is also optimistic this change in leadership is for the best. >>the organizations president believes the deparent can do better in recruiting and retaining good officers and also fix the disconnect between management and officers at the end of the day though some of these issues me out of >>she frowns responsibility specifically but management starts early years of sorts of the time in the issues that are in his management team. >>they fall back on and french is the first woman in the department to serve as interim chief in richmond felipe took all kron 4 news. >>new details emerging about the woman who accused and i felt player. antonio brown of rape details ahead. >>a deaf woman who was refused service at a south bay jack in the box is now speaking out about the employee. and what happened here. plus a suspect caught on camera stealing the wallet of an elderly woman rodeo...
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so you can... retire better. >>early warning systems are an important part of keeping people safe even if it's just seconds before an earthquake hit mexico and japan and already have earthquake warning systems in place but an early warning system here in the us has been in the works for more than 30 years. well for charles clifford shows us where things stand with the system being launched in the bay area. >>right now if a major earthquake were to strike the bay area the public would receive no warning but that could be changing. the us
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geological survey and its partners, including the berkeley seismology lab had been working for years to develop shake alert. an earthquake early warning system that could one day send alerts to people cell phones. berkeley seismologist angela chong explains how the system works. >>so early warning is not prediction. we're not telling that an earthquake is going to happen we need in tn earthquake has started and that you're about to feel shake. so it's an earthquake happened further south on the hayward fault. now what happens is we detect the earthquake using our sensors with an estimate where it is and how big it is and from then we can create an alert to say how far we predict the shaking to go. >>but right now shake alert is operating in a very limited capacity only researchers and a handful of agencies have access to the system even so the recent ridgecrest earthquakes in southern california gave seismologist like joan, a chance to see how the sensor network an alert would work during a big quake. >>so we've learned some things that are them some of limitations and now we're
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trying to figure out adapt and how to improve them so that we can do a better job in the future. >>now at this point it's unclear when shake alert will be available to the general public. there's still a lot of work that needs to be done they also need to secure funding to not only build up the sensor network but keep the system running indefinitely they also need to finish work on algorithms and software that make it all happen. the one day soon we may all be able to receive alerts on our phones. when an earthquake is about to hit in berkeley charles clifford kron 4 news. >>be sure to join us this saturday at 07:00pm for a one hour special on surviving the big one everything you need to know from what to do in the event of a tsunami that could be triggered by an earthquake to deciding. what put your earthquake hit. again that's saturday night at 7. >>let's take a look look outside looking out along san francisco's embarcadero and uh it's really unclear love no clouds in the sky clear skies and a little breeze you can see the flag and the trees moving in and time to put away the sweater.
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>>yeah, i think leave it inside and get out the iced tea, a cold drink and temperature legs up and watch out over the bay having some gorgeous weather in places that we haven't usually cnn this time of year we get that sunshine going here you go you got a mostly clear skies all the way the coastline right now and and we'll see a couple of patches of fog maybe along the immediate beaches but that is about it temperatures today. they really jumped up quite a bit in fact, 12 degrees warmer. they just 24 hours ago in livermore 8 degrees warmer in san jose. and that's the trend. these numbers go up again whole lot by tomorrow afternoon so above the average even in san francisco checking in a 76 degrees 83. and warm in oakland 85 degrees today in san jose 88 little bit above the average in livermore 89 in concord and 86 degrees in santa rosa. outside right now working on a very very nice evening and or these numbers over the next couple of nights, it's going to be beautiful evening just and kind of hang out your backyard and enjoy the nice warm weather even some 60's along the coastline now still 74 degrees in san francisco, 76 in oakland 77 berkeley, 86
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degrees warm in caucus, 70 degrees in santa someone 77 right now in petaluma but we've got some chans coming our way offshore winds are going to be developing overnight tonight and tomorrow that is going to make for some sunny and hot weather around the bay area tomorrow, you're well into the 90's i think even 90's inside the bay and stay warm. all the way to the coastline because we get the weekend it's going to stay hot on saturday and then much cooler air is going to move in on sunday by next week we're starting to talk about the chance. couple of raindrops right here comes the ridge now building in off the pacific. it is going to crank up that heat outside very typical of this time of year this will get those nice warm days and kind of the who lives outside we'll see that developing that the air quality. yeah, it's going to suffer quite a bit spare the air for tomorrow. we'll see a lot of that haze building up especially in the east and the south a moderate amounts in the parts of the north bay temperatures san jose, sunny and hot you move into the 90's about san francisco beautiful day up in the 70's and plenty of sunshine all day long and oakland looking good sunny and
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very very warm temperatures easily well into the 80's but look at all these numbers break down tomorrow, 93san jose 89 in redwood city 89 in hayward 90 degrees and lay on about 98 and hot if you like that in concord. thank you. new video of a crime time is leaving many of the people who see it out raised it involves 2 female suspects. >>stealing an elderly woman's wallet, while she was grocery shopping in a quiet east bay neighborhood tonight. police are asking for help to try to four's haaziq madyun has the story. >>elderly woman, the targeted by a pair of female thieves, thispolar wallet grocery cart it was captured on surveillance video. >>yeah she reached right into the top part of her car. >>if they're not used to this kind of stuff here. >>it happened monday around 06:30pm at the safeway grocery store and law that creates ross more neighborhood in the
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video you see one female suspect lurking behind the victim while the other female suspect that the end of the aisle appears to be a lookout. like that is. >>pretty or to say looks kind of like you know. that kind of sketchy some safely shoppers told me they were disgusted after seeing that video. >>you know that i cause no harm to anybody shouldn't-have to deal with something like that people here more kind of they have got used to seeing. safe i'm certain none of us expect don't think people care anymore whether it's seen your community your. it's just terrible. the world that we're living in today really really sad. >>any time we have the victim. there's obviously our age but especially when the victim is one of our senior. our community very very troubling that we are trying to put pictures and video out on all of our social media platforms as well as speaking with the media to try and get their photos and video out it hopes that the public identify him. >>and while the creek has it made you kron 4 news.
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>>a dui suspect is in jail for an accident in san francisco yesterday that sent a 12 year-old boy to the hospital with serious injuries. police say the boy was crossing the street at leavenworth and golden gate avenue yesterday just before 5 o'clock when he was hit 29 year-old rojas at first the child's injuries were life threening but today officials say his condition is better. rojas faces charges including driving under the influence of drugs driving without a license and failure to yield to a pedestrian. >>coming up tonight at 6.45 a woman and her son had to flee the bahamas during hurricane dorian. now she's describing that escape and why she's calling an american man for a hero. >>on the governor's desk that could have a major effect on workers all across the state. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids.
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>>if it can issue with huge implications governor gavin newsom must now decide whether or not to sign a bill that could have a major effect on workers across the state legislature passed a b 5 today which redefines many independent contractors as employees and the gig economy could take a big hit kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>the assembly gave final legislative approval to 85 with a 61 to 16 vote. this measure could shake up a
6:26 pm
number of industries across california. >>if the only thing that distinguishes whether somebody has rights whether somebody is going to get some kind of retirement securing social security health care workers compensation is the fact that you hire them through an hour. assembly member of the renegade relieve the bill she authored is now on the governor's desk in an attempt to protect workers from misclassification ab 5 redefines independent contractors as employees extends wage and benefit protections to those working for big companies like uber lyft and nor dash what's force us to do not just us in california, but it's forced the nation to take a look at what the few that what the future of work. >>it's going to look like assembly republicans pushed back in wednesday's vote saying the measure does not equally protect workers and could be dangerous to california's economy. we are playing. a political russian roulette. with their lives their livelihood. ride share company lyft warns riders
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could see higher costs and longer wait times uber's chief legal officer says his company is disappointed will be at the >>or a compromise agreement and or spy that that he's be though she >>but some state democratic leaders say what the companies have offered is not enough. >>alternatives even touching to us or laughable. >>this could all set up a battle at the ballot box with uber lyft and doordash ready to put up $90 million for a 2020 proposition. reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>and today leaders and people all across the country the memory of those who lost their life it was on 9.11. >>plus a teen is hoping for answers. after an accident causes her to lose her memory every 2 hours next at 6.30 jack in the box releasing a statement after one of its employees refused service to a woman to his death. >>details coming up. and we are getting ready for a he way but can we actually see a couple rain drops in the next 7 days talk about that coming
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>>now. >>this video has gone viral. it's a heated dispute between a woman who is death and a drive-thru serve a south bay fast food restaurant. the woman claims she was refused service and is pursuing a discrimination claim agains


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