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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 11, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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go safely, california. >>the time you spend commuting to and from work is on the rise. thanks for joining us at 8 o'clock, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore, commuting is a way of life in the bay area but a new study shows we are traveling farther and longer and then most people in the country portobello is live in our newsroom tonight with more on the increasing number of super commuters noel. yeah, we don't have to tell you that your commute our long but this new study done by apartment list dot com is identifying a super commuter as someone who travels 90 minutes or more to work each day nationally, an
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average of 2.9% of workers are super computers but here between and contra costa counties alone more than 14% of workers are making that track. and thankfully we have enough public transit options to accommodate. >>commuting back and forth on the ferry from every single day fareed a bar. >>armed with backpacks and lunch pails laptops and headphones super commuters file on to the san francisco bay ferry and settle in for the ride home. >>live in the year in the tech industry, it's really rather limited in a year. >>even the system engineer michael tim be makes the track
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to san francisco 3 times a week. it says catching the ferry. it's pretty sustainable. >>it's about double the cost live in the city so even with. >>literally a driving so she's like get on the ferry when he duly tears, a love and her business partner evan moore is still the same way they're part of the 14% of super commuters who feel an hour on public transit beats sitting in bridge traffic in every i do not art. driving for 3 hours training a back and to you. though the 90 plus minutes of travel time might seem like a hassle with housing costs skyrocketing in the city. experts expect the number of super commuters to keep rising in the race.
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>>she's right there, according to apartment list dot com. some super commuters are traveling more than 75 miles to get to work here in downtown san francisco, pam and ken the only other region that rivals the bay area of course is new york and its surrounding counties and state back to you. thank you know l. >>well let's take a live look outside hopefully, nobody stuck in traffic right now looking out over the beautiful bay nice clear night it looks like history looks a little busy but kind of hard to tell. you know it's going to be busy running the beach. i think the next couple i mean why not we're talking about some of the nyces whether to go the beach at this time all year long high pressure now taken over county interesting though we've got a couple cold fronts there develop in the gulf of alaska. and you can see right there near the aleutian but we're going to see that ridge of high pressure just dominate our weather over the next 48 72 hours or so before things begin to change tomorrow going to be hot day plan on that looks like these temperatures going to be warm all the way to the coastline really that offshore wind going overnight
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tonight and tomorrow these temperatures probably get near triple digits in some spots inland for tomorrow. so here's a look at the forecast as we take you through tomorrow afternoon about 98 in cauca but look at downtown san francisco, 77 degrees. you're probably in the by oracle park little bit cooler right along the immediate coastline near the zoo, but still 70's in the half moon bay about 94 nevada about 93 in san jose. 89 in hayward about 88 in oakland. now you think that's hot just wait till friday that's right we're going to create these temperatures up even further triple digit heat probably in concord and in live more 90's into hayward in redwood city on friday, san francisco upper 70's may sneak into the low 80's. but big changes coming in the seven-day forecast maybe couple raindrops talk about that in a few minutes. by the next week but we have some very hot cigarettes come in flavors
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such as mango and strawberry now. >>well president trump wants to ban thousands of flavors of the cigarettes the president talked about the controversy surrounding vaping today. he announced a new enforcement proposal which would require the cigarette companies to take their flavored products off the market until the fda develop some guidelines for waltman has a look at the president's plan that is in some ways already in place in some bay area cities shout lot of them. >>actually and this comes during an outbreak of breathing problems tied to vaping officials are investigating 450 possible cases. >>in 33 states including california and 6 people have died. while the trump administration wants to force companies to stop selling flavored vape products, several cities and counties in the bay area already have similar bans in place santa clara county. already has a ban on flavored tobacco country costa county bans it within 1000 feet of a school marine county's ban starts in 2020. and they're also very bans on flavored tobacco in el serino oakland, san leandro
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berkeley, half moon bay, los gatos in palo alto in the east bay to bay area cities are now moving forward to ban and the cigarettes that's richmond and livermore in livermore voters will decide whether to ban the cigarettes in the election that's coming up in march. both cities drafted legislation after what san francisco approved in june which would put a moratorium and sales of flavored tobacco until the fda approves ease cigarettes. the bay area chapter of the american heart association praise the president's announcement from today. now the surprise white house announcement could remake the multibillion-dollar vaping industry jewel the san francisco based the cigarette company said in a statement you can see it here. we strongly agree with the need for aggressive. category wide action on flavored products. we will fully comply with the
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final fda policy, one effective and the fda has said it is studying the role of flavors in vaping products, including whether or not they help adult smokers. traditional cigarettes, the white house wants guidelines to remove all the flavors from the market, especially ones that kids like to use. pam and ken. >>all right justin. thank you tonight reaction to news that president trump is pushing for a crackdown on homeless encampment as a white house can far a fact-finding team was in los angeles about this yesterday kron four's maureen kelly talk with san francisco's mayor. >>and local homeless advocates about this development. >>the president has been outspoken when it comes to california's homeless crisis here are some of his comments from. >>a rally in august the conditions in nancy pelosi's once great city of san francisco are deplorable. then deplorable now is administration has sent a team to los angeles to get a firsthand look at the problem. >>a white house spokesperson saying in part like many
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americans. the president has taken notice of the homelessness crisis, particularly in cities and states where the liberal policies of over-regulation excessive taxation and poor public service delivery are combining to dramatically increase poverty and public health risks then pointing out that the president signed an executive order in june to confront regulatory barriers to affordable housing which they say is a leading cause of homelessness homeless advocates have long said that the epidemic started during the reagan administration when the federal housing budget was slashed by nearly 80%, san francisco's mayor hopes that the president's interest translates into more federal dollars going towards getting people housed. >>i welcome any new investments around affordable housing to help us address what we know is a real crisi and. whatever help to really invest in affordable housing so that people have safe affordable places to call home is important.
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>>wednesday afternoon, the wooden structures of a homeless encampment were dismantled in east oakland, them to the bar tracks fires at this location has shut down the tracks at least one occasion the homeless advocates tell me that only one arrest. >>this encampment it is getting shelter from the city along with her newborn baby. the rest will be given. which will be directed right here on this spot, those advocates who help fundraise for those 10 say they are wary of whatever help trump might end up offering. >>i think he means get rid of everybody, you know see them on the road. it's so that we don't have to so we don't agree. >>senator dianne feinstein agrees that sweeping people off the streets is not a solution. she's calling on the administration to endorse her homeless this bill which would direct million a year into supportive housing. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>the judge in the prop turner cases out of his new job as a high school tennis coach aaron persky was hired by lynbrook high school in san jose as the
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jv girls tennis coach. then a change dot org petition went out by students parents and alumni are urging the fremont union high school district to remove him claiming purse keys employment goes against lynne brookes values today the district released a statement saying persky was no longer an employee effective immediately. you may recall back in 2015 persky came under fire for sentencing stanford swimmer brock turner judah to just 6 months in jail after sexually assaulting a woman at a fraternity party, he was recalled by voters, the judge in 2018. >>the coast guard is announcing new safety recommendations in the wake of that fatal dive boat fire off a southern california coast that killed 34 people the coast guard is now stating the owners and operators a vessel should immediately reduce potential fire hazards and consider limiting unsupervised charging of lithium ion batteries and extensive use of power strips and extension cords. the bulletin also says
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vessel should review emergency duties with their crews. coast guard is among several agencies investigating the september second fire. the ntsb is expected to release its initial findings of the accident. tomorrow morning. another important bill on the governor's desk, we'll tell you about legislation giving new protections to ride share drivers but. >>not everybody is thrilled about it hundreds of delays dozens of cancellations at sfo and tonight we're getting an up close look at the work that is causing a headache for a lot of travel. next we continue our weeklong series on preparing for the next big one will take a look at when we could see an early morning earthquake systein the bay area and if you're streaming us on kron on the news continues during the commercial break. kron on dot tv to see what you're missing. >>tomorrow worse. end of the oakland hills.
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>>early warning systems are an important part of keeping people safe by alerting them to seconds before an earthquake hits mexico and japan already have earthquake warning systems but an early warning system here in the us has been in the works for more than 13 years. for charles clifford shows us where things stand now with the system be launched in the bay area. right now if a major earthquake were to strike the
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bay area the public would receive no warning but that could be changing. the us geological survey and its partners, including the berkeley seismology lab had been working for years to develop shake alert. an earthquake early warning system that could one day send alerts to people cell phones. berkeley seismologist angela chong explains how the system works. >>so quick early warning is not prediction. we're not telling that an earthquake is going to happen we're telling you that an earthquake has started and that you're about to feel shake. so it's an earthquake happened further south on the hayward fault. now what happens is we detect the earthquake using our sensors with an estimate where it is and how big it is and from then we can create an alert to say how far we predict the shaking to go. >>but right now shake alert is operating in a very limited capacity only researchers and a handful of agencies have access to the system. even so the recent ridgecrest earthquakes in southern california gave seismologist like joan, a chance to see how the sensor network an alert would work during a big quake. >>so we've learned some things
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that are them some of limitations and now we're trying to figure out adapt and how to improve and so that we can do a better job in the future. >>now at this point it's unclear when shake alert will be available to the general public there's still a lot of work that needs to be done they also need to secure funding to not only build up the sensor network but keep the system running indefinitely they also need to finish work on algorithms and software that make it all happen. the one day soon we may all be able to receive alerts on our phones when an earthquake is about to hit in berkeley charles clifford kron 4 news be sure to join us this saturday at 07:00pm for a one hour special on surviving the big one. >>everything you need to know from what to do in the event of a tsunami that triggered by an earthquake to deciding what to put in your earthquake hit. again that's saturday night at 7 here on kron 4. >>well let's take a live look out at sfo delays and cancellations continue at the airport tonight because of runway work this is a live lotk at sfo and you can see maybe you can see that lit up
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a little texas at the bottom of the screen. there anyway, that x marks the spot where the runway is under construction today marks day 5 of a 20 day construction project on that runway there are more than 250 flight delays today. >>and 70 cancellations at is a slight improvement though from yesterday and for the first time take a look at these pictures we're getting an up close look at the repair work on runway 2, 8, left. last saturday crews began tearing apart in 1900 foot section of the runway to replace the base layer underneath it the repairs are set to be done by friday. september 27th. now our 4 zone forecast our chief meteorologist standing by so how is it out there tonight looking good nice and clear around the bay area and we've got the change in the weather we see some that beautiful wall weather outside looks like. >>very nice out toward the sfo clear skies next. i was helping them at their treasure there but no they've got their only close there for some time to come and causing all kinds of problems out at sfo right now a 181 minute delays
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seaplane getting out there. but boy it is slow going there as long as they contigue to that rely construction, but. temperatures with the big story today i think even a bigg story by tomorrow afternoon, 7.12 degrees warmer around the bay area this trend is going to taste in the next few days numbers outside they have a 76 degrees beautiful day in san francisco 83 in oakland 85 in san jose 88 degrees in livermore 89 in concord in 86 degrees in santa rosa all these numbers running above average for this time of year starting to cool down coast side numbers there in the 50's couple patches of fog trying to form 70 degrees right now though in redwood city how about that inside the bay, 71 in hayward 72 in san jose right now, you're still looking at mid 70's in the dublin, 77 in concord 69 degrees in san francisco, 70 in berkeley and 71 degrees the napa valley so working on a nice late summer uh even we're going to see mostly clear skies tonight just a couple patches of dense fog right along the immediate coast sunny hot tomorrow though, and warm all the way to the ocean and then hot on saturday again
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but much cooler weather on the way with some clouds by sunday. here's that big dome of high pressure that's taken over that will bring lots of sunshine and those offshore winds the next couple of days. those numbers are really going to soar by tomorrow afternoon. i think we're in the upper 90's inland about 98 in livermore 77 degrees maybe in the 80's in the san francisco in about 94. in the bottle. thank you are. lawmakers debated for about an hour this morning on the assembly, flora, those opposed to ab 5. >>i say that gig economy companies such as uber and lyft we're built on the idea of independent contractors and flexible labor. >>but those in favor of the bill say the companies have exploited workers for far too long and it's time for them to pay up. bridget b or lower reports from sacramento. >>it's time to change the way. some businesses operate in california california leader
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is rewriting the rules of employment in a landmark building gave final approval by the state senate and assembly. >>if your team workers don't make us as middle class taxpayers subsidize your workers while you're buying million homes the los angeles assemblywoman lorena gonzalez authored the legislation known as ab 5 i that would turn hundreds of thousands of independent contractors, a gig economy companies like uber and lyft into employees but the job benefits and pay guarantees that come with that label. this is not just about these companies this is about the future not of work but of workers. not all lawmakers think the bill is a victory for the employee this isn't about protecting workers are misclassifying workers it's about controlling how and when people work assemblyman james gallagher spoke out against the bill on the assembly floor wednesday arguing it's going to negatively harm both workers and consumers. >>i think there's going to be less employment opportunities for people i predict that there will be many people who
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mo away from hiring workers from doing employment and going to more mechanization so i mean it's going to be bad for workers. >>a spokesperson for lived echoing those fears in a statement that reads in part quote. their state's political leadership missed an important opportunity to support the overwhelming majority of ride share drivers who want a thoughtful solution that balances bucks ability with an earnings standard and benefits. >>but supporters of the bill say the workers in the end will benefit by the new wage and benefit protections promised under ab >>we're all subject to supply and demand in that field. so it's always up to the company to decide how much flexibility they're going to be a. >>the bill passed the assembly by a 56 to 15 vote. it's now on its way to the governor's desk where he will have 30 days to sign it or veto. it he's already pledged his support for the legislation. >>meantime overlaid of hundreds more employees, the company confirmed to cnn
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business on tuesday about 435 positions 170 in the product team in 265 on the engineering team were eliminated. the news comes as the company faces pressure to clean up is finances following a lackluster wall street debut back in may. uber stock rose about 4% following the news but it is off about 25% from its initial pricing. >>a lady in washington dc in a flag. all over the pentagon. simple gestures honoring those who lost their lives. 18 years ago. take a look at how the bay area and people across the country came together remember september 11. >>now. video interaction between a deaf woman and a jack in the box worker in the
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south bay getting a lot of ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was--
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♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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refused service at a drive-thru because she is death and she's now pursuing a discrimination claim against jack in the box for dropped out talks with that woman today in campbell the find out what this is all about. >>now. video shows you have a
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campbell who is hearing impaired trying to orr a the drive-thru window sure to in the box on hamilton avenue. she is birth jessen had bypass to drive through speakers and placed her order in person at the second window. not one number 8 i say. i'm completely deaf. or you can print that. jensen says her son tried to order for her but the server grew angry and mocked her by feigning sign language that a that and the oversight. angry and hurt gentian refused to leave without her order. she
8:27 pm
says may december and we're still. so you really don't want to i want to first the more child. i can. now kay that's the discriminating me. a statement from jack in the box reads in part we do not tolerate the mistreatment of any customers. >>and expect employees to follow all training procedures be respectful courteous and accommodating to all guests in campbell rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>there are generations to
8:28 pm
come that will have no person memory of it and they are with us and they make decisions our country and our world that those decisions are informed by the lessons of this day. >>remembering 9.11 we take you to vigils and ceremonies across the nation today honoring those who lost their honoring those who lost their lives on this ...6, 7, 8 honoring those who lost their lives on this ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c. man 1: mine... man 1: ...caused liver damage. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. vo: whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure.
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>>and the nation remembering the lives lost a moment of silence marking the moment, the pentagon was struck during the 3 attacks that took place across our nation. 9/11/2001. the president and first lady spending this 18th anniversary with victims and families of victims of families of those killed in the nation's capital meanwhile, a number of other memorials took place across the country coming over now has the details. >>in the nation's capital september 11 ceremonies beginning with a moment of silence. president donald trump then heading to the pentagon speaking to survivors and the families of those who were killed there in 2001. >>this is your of personal and permanent loss. it's today
8:32 pm
that has replayed in your memory. that 1000 times over. >>the president also thanking first responders and those who risk their lives for our country we saw american perseverance. >>in the value, new york firefighters. police officers first responders military and everyday citizens. >>meanwhile, the vice president in pennsylvania honoring those who died on flight 93 in their final moments, the men and women flight 93. work together to defend freedom and in new york for the attacks first happened. thousands of names read out loud eugene. names that will always be honored and remembered my family loved to ice and the i'm camila bernal reporting.
8:33 pm
>>new york governor andrew cuomo presented the public service medal posthumously to n y p d detective luis alvarez you may remember alvarez was a 9.11 1st responder who fought. >>to make the 9.11 victim compensation fund. >>call also signed 6 new bills at the 7th annual 9.11 motorcycle ride and ceremony in new york city. the legislation delivers pension and health benefits to 9.11 1st responders volunteers and workers. one law helps in a number of ways, including making the sick leave process
8:34 pm
easier. another expands disability benefits to include certain public workers who helped with rescue recovery or cleanup operations governor cuomo also set up the september 11th remembrance day. >>which allows for a moment of silence in new york public schools. every september 11th. it's designed to encourage dialogue education and understanding. >>we want the young people today too. >>the law went into effect immediately so students were able to observe that moment of silence this morning. nearly 3,000 people died in new york at the pentagon and near
8:35 pm
shanksville pennsylvania. >>closer to home they're also tributes here around the bay area, including this ceremony in livermore law enforcement officials and community members let's proceed as college to honor the first responders who sprung into action to save lives. >>even as the smoke, the flames, the panic. the cries and the hatred surrounded the scenes in the seconds that followed these dreadful atrocities. humanity spring into action. running into the places where everyone else understandably sought to run out of. sailors airman marines coast guardsmen, police officers, firefighters doctors, nurses and paramedics descended upon the battlegrounds route with the actions of the demonic like legions of angels. >>the ceremony also paid respect to those who lost their lives on that day.
8:36 pm
>>and in san francisco, a remembers was held at all 47 fire stations. firefighters were the names of 300 43 firefighters who died they also lower the flags to half-staff mayor london breed also attended a ceremony at a fire station today to honor all of the first responders who lost their lives. and i do think it's important. sir ian understand. >>it is something we will continue to honor. will never forget because. those individuals that put themselves in harm's way really embody what the fire department values are all about.
8:37 pm
>>the fire chief went on to say whenever those names are read her heart goes out to all of the colleagues and families of those who lost their lives. >>we've got clear skies around the bay area big time. he wave headed our way we'll talk about that next. plus a suspect caught on camera boldly stealing the wallet of an elderly ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you're living with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a beat. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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>>this is video of the crime
8:40 pm
that is leading some viewers outraged involves 2 female suspects, stealing an elderly woman's wallet while she was grocery shopping in a quiet east bay neighborhood tonight police are asking for the community's help in identifying the 2 suspects kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >>elderly woman, the targeted by a pair of female thieves, this polar wallet grocery cart it was captured on surveillance video. >>yeah she reached right into the top part of her car. >>if they're not used to this kind of stuff here. >>it happened monday around 06:30pm at the safeway grocery store and law that creates ross more neighborhood in the video you see one female suspect lurking behind the victim while the other female suspect that the end of the aisle appears to be a lookout. like that is. >>pretty or to say looks kind of like you know. that kind of sketchy some safely shoppers told me they were disgusted after seeing that video.
8:41 pm
>>you know that i cause no harm to anybody shouldn't have to deal with shmething like that people here more kind of i have got used to seeing. safe and so none of us expect don't think people care anymore whether it's seen your community your. it's just terrible. the world that we're living in today it really it really is sad. >>while the greek police investigators say they have limited descriptions of the 2 female suspects other than what you see here. if you think you recognize these 2 women while that creek police would like to hear from you. and while that creek haaziq kron 4 news. >>hurricane decimated the bahamas. now the one thing separating the recovery efforts on that island in sports. the a's number one minor league prospects makes his major league debut will mark will tell you how he d
8:42 pm
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8:44 pm
>>this begins the long and painful road to recovery the disaster from dorian taking a very heavy toll and likely will do so for months to come reporter paula newton is on the ground there and has this firsthand look at the devastation. >>it's tough luck crucial to reach every corner and crevice of these battered islands. >>the touchdown in the now scarred great won a key on a mission with the united states agency for international development usaid they have to
8:45 pm
ask search and rescue from fairfax county virginia to help out. local residents give them some bearings no it's and they get an assessment incredibly no one has died here. >>that's how far from a truck over there. >>to help stop food in the church now a makeshift shelter. offer medical assessments. and then move on to a house to house search gathering intel for the bahamian government as they try and get a handle on the magnitude of what happened here. >>so what we've done is i've walked around the building of assess the building make sure that no is calling now nobody's a park, a clear. >>truce is dorian's cuts through these islands and keys were menacing the cat 5 storm passes in red and its last right through the coast. you can see great won a key just north of its path. the darker
8:46 pm
the dot the more structures destroyed or damaged. usaid says the first sweep of all the islands and keys is now nearly complete. >>lately it has been a lot of work in a sense a lot of buildings structures. and then from there kind of get a pulse on on that locals in on what they need. >>getting to isolated local residents has been a challenge because of money and means there's been an island divide. places like won a key are only now getting any kind of official help. >>he's been the wealthy patrons of the exclusive makers may golf club on the island. that have sent private helicopters and supplies even evacuating the injured and vulnerable residents say tom brady's star quarterback for the new england patriots posted that his family had been traveling to the abacos for many years, adding it was now our responsibility to help them. >>i'm not the biggest fan of makers may i have not been my fault them for 10 years in court because i don't want that golf course built but they have said that during
8:47 pm
this wee this is going to take a lot of money a lot of time a lot of dedication and i pretty much that of the meeting last night and right is it. >>usa will continue to help with recovery efforts taking its cue from the bahamian government, the juices some locals have lost everything and have no insurance. it was just too expensive in recent years. the cruelty of this storm did not distinguish between rich and poor already the recovery has. all right we want to take you now live to new york city, this is a live view of the skyline in lower manhattan you can see the. >>twin towers lights shining into the sky where the twin towers once stood and to the right the new freedom tower that has been built since 9.11 really a lovely way to memorialize those who lost their lives on 9.11. >>we come back here to the bay area our chief meteorologist standing by with a look at
8:48 pm
some warmer weather for us. yeah we're going to be a lot of everything in the next 7 days. we have the he with come in we've got he actually chance some rain which is pretty unusual for this time of year winding down now on summer but yeah there's going to be a chance of a couple raindrops had in our direction but the way that's coming first outside you can already start to feel the change high pressure building over head skies, nice and clear across most of the bay area see and if all that all of the just a smidge right along the immediate coast. now we're off and running tomorrow. we're in the upper 70's in the san francisco, upper 80's and oakland, then you're in the hot 90's already in san jose by tomorrow afternoon. but watch this this work, it's neat we've got a cold front up in the pacific northwest you see this one headed up in that direction bring some rain there fall apart before it gets here but right behind that we've got yet another system and guess what that was going to start to make its way in the pacific northwest as we get into the first part of the weekend and then we head into sunday that he is a drop in by monday. there's a slight chance we could be talking about a few scattered light showers maybe not much as far as measurable rain drops but there's a chance. some rain and some much cooler
8:49 pm
temperatures as we round out sunday and into monday but after that high pressure builds back in again we start talking offshore wind so yeah, there are some changes coming our way and it looks like it is going to be pretty toasty around the bay area at least for tomorrow you look at the 70's there 70's along the coastline of the sunset civica inside the baby got a lot of 80's begin to show up boy 86 degrees in foster city 89 ind palo alto 90 in santa clara. he's pay up near triple digits by tomorrow afternoon. 86 degrees in berkeley a nice hot temperatures right to the delta and stay hot and pretty warm bright toward the coast. >>and starting was a's baseball after consecutive nights were teams have one bad least 14 runs. we got back to a normal competitive game a's astro's in houston. first responders on or before the game on this 18th anniversary of 9.11 now to the game top of the 6 to all matt olson. what down the right-field line into
8:50 pm
the corner great piece of hitting match avenue marcus semien score for to oakland that. hey susilo sardo the a's top minor league prospect made his debut. gave up a home run, but retired 8 of the 9 batters, including his last to 7 excellent 3 innings of 5, 3, oakland, your final stretch giant pirates happening now at oracle highlights later on as bruce bocce moves closer to 2000 career wins moving over to the nfl the raiders opened the year with a victory. but failed to come away without some type of loss, here's a look at the silver and black at practice this afternoon as the team gets ready to host the kansas city chiefs on sunday, you see rookie running back josh jacobs unfortunately, another writer first-rounder may be done for the year the team confirmed today that safety jonathan abrams well under goes shoulder surgery. he's headed for injured reserve. he apparently suffered the injury in the 1st quarter of monday night's game but continue to play make big hits down the stretch. jon gruden and the major setback. they hope to
8:51 pm
get john back >>we'll keep him around here little learned the facts it. well consider this a red sure youm form but he made some big plays. they help us win football games, big part of. it for him to go out there. and to continue to play the city had to start in people's mother shoulder. and that right there shows you what kind of good that will come and us he's a grown man. it is a writer. >>and these these are 8 or which was speedy recovery now the 49 ers practice in youngstown will catch up with them tomorrow now. >>to the college ranks a very special guest on tonight's edition of bay area sports night, cal head football coach justin wilcox join the program with his golden bears. fresh off a huge win this past weekend and upset of 14 th-ranked washington on the road. the second year in a row, the bears have stunned the huskies they are currently tied for first in the pac 12 north. >>i think the first 2 weeks we've done a nice job of playing physical football. we haven't been the cleanest especially to start both games
8:52 pm
offensively we've been able to get some things going running the ball, especially in the 2nd half last week defensively a guys that are really nice job of buckling down in the red zone. but i think we can be a little better up front in some of the run fits and things like that but over i'm just really proud the guys have been competing. >>justin wilcox for joining the show that if you look at sports ken pam back to you. >>much mark a woman's desperate search to try to find a rescue group to take in little bell. we'll explain. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it.
8:53 pm
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>>rescued horses in need of additional help stanislaus county veterinarian say bell is recovering from a severe leg wound. kaye recede has the story. >>they'll is packing on the pounds on them and in short the 2 per with animal rescuer bobby car and in her corner. >>i'm fighting it just because she still got tons of life to live. and she deserves a car and says the mare's owner gave her up after he was unable to care for the animal mel's leg of now bandage currently recovering from a severe months old cuts. >>course is also underweight khan says within the last 24 hours bell has been through a lot on top of her injured leg. >>she had a bloodied nose and took some x-rays she has a. >>pretty nasty moon on and on our left hind leg bill is now receiving care from veterinarian craig >>it looks as you have to undergo surgery. but if the wound is left alone she could
8:56 pm
live out her days in a world of pain the end result would be a very very thick scar that could keep breaking open when gets to act on it now current says she is working to raise awareness and money for bills caught it by not meeting the quota for donations with the help of the public and everything. >>then i would have to euthanize her. it is as bill deserves to live out the rest of her life on a pastor. free from pain. i'm just the beginning. my job is to go get them and find a place for them and then make sure they're taken care of. >>that was kerosene reporting the veterinarian that they are working to get bell to in oakdale veterinarian that's up in the foothills said toward said the sierra that's so the horse can undergo that surgery soon and she's also working to find an animal rescue organization which specializes in horses in order to help them. >>wraps up kron 4 news at but our primetime coverage just getting started on this wednesday night justine waltman is here with kron 4 news at night. thank you so
8:57 pm
much next at 9 could your uber and lyft rates be on the rise lawmakers in sacramento pass a bill which could force rideshare companies. >>to reclassify its workers as employees. but not uber and lyft drivers are happy about this will tell you how it could impact your wallet. plus crews recovered the final body from the wreckage of that some can dive boat off the coast of southern california. now the coast guard is issuing a warning about charging electronic devices below deck that's on a live report coming up next. so keep it right here for kron 4 news at 9 starts right after this break.
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>>and sunny beautiful day across the bay as we take a live look outside right now over san francisco. where this evening, it's nice and cool out there, but hot weather is on the way thank you so much for joining us. i'm justine waldman and i and pam moore, vicki, a grant. often i joining us our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with well we can expect for the rest of this week, and you even say we might see some rain. yeah we've got a little bit of everything going on the first is going to be the heat we're going to really see those temperatures soaring. >>under high pressure that ridge really going to be building in over the next 24 hours so today we saw those temperatures jump quite a bit tomorrow, i think just downright hot in some parts the bay a,


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