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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  September 12, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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(grant) scorching temperatures... inland today as a heat wave good evenin i'm grant lodes. (justine) and i'm justine waldman. vicki has the night off. officials all around the bay area are warning people of the hot weather. and to limit any outdoor activity. so we sent chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to the deck of our studios to find out how hot it really feels. lawrence... how
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hot is it? (justine) in your neighborhood... and
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get alerts when breaking news happens. with the kron-4 mobile app. download it today. (grant) developing news tonight... the n-t-s-b's preliminary report on that dive boat... that sank off the coast of santa baraba labor day... says the boat did not have a crewmember on roving overnight watch. this is new video as the dive boat "conception" was raised from the sea floor today. the conception boat was required to have a crew member awake at all times. the report says a sleeping crewmember was awakened by a noise, got up to investigate, and saw a fire on the boat. that crewmember alerted the rest of the crew.... and the captain radioed a distress message. 34 people ended up dying in the incident. five crew members who survived the fire told investigators they made multiple attempts to save the people trapped below deck. investigations by the fbi, coast guard and u-s attorneys office in los angeles are expected to take at least a
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year to complete. (justine) a former n-f-l defensive back and bay area native... terrell roberts was killed in his grandmother's backyard in el sobrante. and, tonight, while richmond police continue their search for the killer... kron four's philippe djegal speaks with a member of roberts' family... struggling to come to terms with this terrible loss. the weather's perfect...
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killed in his grandmother's backyard in el sobrante. and, tonight, while richmond police continue their search er. kron four's philippe djegal speaks with a member of roberts' family... struggling to come to terms with this terrible loss. (philippe)
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(grant) the trial of a bay area real estate heiress has been delayed. tiffany li previously posted 35- million dollars bail after being charged with the 20-16 murder of her children's father--- 27-year-old keith green. san mateo county superior court judge did not give a reason for the delay-- but opening statements are now set for next tuesday. li's family-- who made millions on chinese constriction-- helped her post the bail that allowed her to stay in her hillsborough mansion pending trial. li and her boyfriend, kaveh bayat, are charged with the murder of green. bayat remains jailed on 35-million dollars bail. green's body was found along a dirt road nearly two weeks after he had been last seen meeting with li to discuss custody of their children. (grant/on cam) an a-t-m machine has been discovered along the side highway 101 south of gilroy. it turns out the machine was stolen - during reguar
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business hours - from the children's discovery museum in san jose(double box)rob fladeboe joins us now live from san jose with details aboutthis brazen crime. rob? (rob is live)
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(justine) in national news tonight... lawmakers are taking a step towards potential impeachment proceedings against president trump. the house judiciary committee voted today on the ground rules for an investigation. earlier this summer the committee argued in court -- a full house vote was not needed to start a formal impeachment inquiry. there are some mixed messages though...
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while some committee members are calling their work an actual impeachment investigation, others are refraining from labeling it that way. that includes house speaker nancy pelosi. "i am not, thank you all very much..." (she starts to walk away)... "we are on our path. where it takes us is where we will follow the facts. that's what it is. why don't we spend some time going over to see mitch mcconnell and asking him why he doesn't want to save lives? why he will let every day go by where at least 100 people, large number of them children or teenagers die from gun violence? why is it that you're hung up on a word over here when lives are at stake over there?" (justine) the judiciary committee is expected to expand the scope of its investigation this fall to include whether foreign payments to trump businesses violated the constitution. (grant) these ten democratic presidential hopefuls are taking the debate stage in houston tonight. and the focus for many voters continues to be electability. (justine) recent polls show former vice president joe biden continuing to lead the field, with senator elizabeth
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warren close behind. kron 4's camila bernal reports. for many
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(justine) stay with us for full coverage of the debate. watch tonight at 8:30 as "inside bay area politics" host catherine heenan will be joined by a roundtable of political analysts who will break down tonight's debate. again that's at 8:30 right here on kron4. (justine) a social gathering of people on a balcony ends on the ground at a condominium complex in the south bay. kron4's haaziq
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madyun spoke to a downstairs neighbor who says she feels lucky to be alive. a one story
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(grant) happening now... repair work. but today we got some good news-- the repair project is said to be ahead of schedule. so far today there has been 331 delays and 87 cancellations. today officials said the
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repair work is going better than expected.... with workers are running about 48-hours ahead of schedule.... meaning it could be completed by september 25th. airport officials recommend travelers check for delays before heading to the airport. they also say flights before 9-am each day... are more likely to be on time. (grant) tourists are going to be disappointed when san francisco shuts down its cable car system temporarily. starting tomorrow... the famous cable cars will be out of service for ten days so the gear boxes can be replaced. bus shuttles will be put in place for the cable car routes. transportation officials say the work is part of a project to fix the cars that began two years ago. the system has been clanking along since the 18-90s. (justine) families of those who died in the second 7-37 max 8 crash are continuing to push for major changes before the plane is allowed to fly again.(grant)
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as kron 4's washington, d.c. correspondent trevor shirley reportsthose families are demanding action, so no one else has to experience this kind of tragedy. (nats crying)six months (anchor) taking a live look
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outside-- alameda beach.. (anchor) time now to
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check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence (justine) still ahead...
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they're not going away. anti-vaxxers continue their demonstrations outside the governor's office day and night. their next move --- getting the new law repealed. (grant) a popular winery is facing a lot of criticism tonight. why the owners said they would not host the wedding of a same sex couple. wedding of a same sex couple. face buried in your phone. stop! look up. look both ways. let's start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together.
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go safely, california.
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face buried in your phone. stop! look up. look both ways. let's start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. (grant) a same sex couple in northern california is speaking out tonight after a winery refused to let them hold their wedding at their facilities. (justine) the winery said it was because of the owner's religious beliefs. kay recede has the story. (nats ahhhhh)dezanea (des-
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(grant) that was kay recede reporting. the winery has gotten a lot of backlash online with some people even calling for a boycott. (grant) next at 5:30... controversial former judge arron persky is fired from yet another job. why he was recently removed from a school district. (justine) bay area cities and president trump are actually agreeing on something. how the vaping epidemic could bring the two together. (grant) plus we're tracking a heat wave all around the bay area. chief
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meteorologist lawrence karnow breaks down your forecast for tomorrow and the weekend.
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(justine) our top story tonight at 5:30... a heat wave is hitting the bay area... you can see how hot the temperatures still are at this hour. (grant)


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