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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 12, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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confessional. >> i was spiraling down a path of real self-destruction. >> a secret miscarriage, a drug relapse and cheating allegations against ashton. >> i don't think he has any room to talk. then, begging for freedom. felicity huffman's last minute plea to avoid prison. plus, the situation is a new man. his new look after leaving lockup. and kevin hart out of the hospital, but why he can't go home. then meghan markle. why she's trading her royally expensive looking for fashion minute can afford. and "e.t.'s" carrie underwood exclusive. what she'll never do in concert. >> i don't know if i would get out of the room alive. with, anybody. i do not think you can get more raw, real, or naked than demi moore does in her new confessional, revealing things we never ever new. >> her road has been filled with unbelievable trauma.
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for the first time ever, demi is revealing the depths of her alcohol, cocaine and prescription drug abuse, which came to a head during a terrifying 2012 overdose. >> okay, we just need an ambulance here. >> demi told "the new york times" she had been partying with oldest daughter rumer. she suffered a seizure after smoking synthetic cannabis and inhaling nitrous oxide. >> she smoked, um, something. she seems to be having convulsions of some sort. >> demi says, quote, i had no career, no relationship, my life was clearly unraveling. and demi says her organs were slowly shutting down. in her new memoir "inside out," demi says her relapse happened after a devastating event in her relationship with ashton kutcher. she was six months pregnant with a baby girl they would have named chaplin ray, when she suffered a miscarriage. demi blamed herself for the loss and turned to alcohol and vicodin as a way to cope. this was before learning kutcher
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had cheated on her, and they separated in 2011. >> i'll 19. i just turned 19. >> "e.t." first met demi in 1982 just after landing one of her acting gigs on "general hospital." >> it's so new and so different, and i can't even tell you how new and different it is. >> her childhood was tumultuous to say the least. she reveal she was raped at 15 years old and told "harpers bazaar" she once saved her own mother from an overdose. quote, the next thing i remember is using my fingers, the small fingers of a child, to dig the pills my mother had tried to swallow out of her mouth. my childhood was over. her memoir will be released on september 24th. rumer told us she read it and it is powerful. >> i'm so incredibly proud of her. it's so beautiful, and she shows such courage and vulnerability. i'm really excited for people to get to know that side of her.
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>> there are so many more revelations. it is powerful. it is heart wrenching. >> it really is. let's turn to felicity huffman and what could be her final hours of freedom. the desperate housewife will find out tomorrow morning if she is headed to prison. a source tells "e.t." felicity is very emotional and, quote, preparing for whatever the sentence will be tomorrow. felicity arrived in boston yesterday and got some good news probation officials are taking her side. the court documents say that since there's no victim or any actual or intended loss in her role in the college admissions scandal, the judge should consider giving her no time in prison. felicity herself is hoping for probation, but prosecutors want her to serve one month. but if felicity does go to the big house, what could she expect? >> don't do nothing stupid, do you hear me? >> think less "orange is the new black" and more camp cupcake, where martha stewart served five months for lying about a stock sale. >> the facility that she's in won't have any bars.
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>> john doc fuller is the author of "a day in prison" and breaks down a typical day in minimum security. >> when she wakes up in the morning, she'll make her bed, which is mandatory. she'll go to breakfast with the rest of the women and then she'll go to her job assignment -- sweeping the floors or doing the laundry at the laundry room. >> makeup is forbidden. visitors are generally allowed five days a week. after lunch, more work, down time, and then dinner. lights out at 11:00. so while felicity finds out tomorrow if she'll go to prison, look who just got out -- the situation. check out those guns and this before and after. "e.t." was there as "jersey shore" star michael sorrentino was released this morning around 8:00 a.m. that's him in the back of a black suv. he was serving an eight-month sentence for tax evasion. mike took a lot of heat for his pre-prison stress eating. >> mike's stuffing his face. he ordered room service. we're going to eat in a minute. >> his reality co-stars visited him in prison and told us mike had a lot of time to hit the
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gym. >> he looks good. he's getting his situation back. >> working out? >> he eats well, he goes to the gym twice a day, he gets a haircut twice a week. >> eight hours of sleep. he looks refreshed. >> the 37-year-old posted this "free" gif and a pic with wife lauren and golden retriever. >> got any plans for tomorrow? >> hanging out. lots of quality time. >> by the way, "e.t." will have mike's first post prison interview. it will air on september 24th. let's move on to an important update on kevin hart. we've got exclusive new reporting on what could be his difficult road ahead. >> how's kevin doing? >> just taking it one day at a time. >> new video of kevin's wife eniko on a coffee run this morning. "e.t." learned kevin was released from the hospital after
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ten days and is now in a rehabilitation facility getting physical therapy. >> do you reckon he'll recover quick? >> yeah, he'll be back in track in no time. >> while eniko remains hopeful, according to our source, kevin has a long road ahead. remember, the 40-year-old is truly lucky to be alive. hart's labor day weekend car crash sent him and two others tumbling 30 feet down an enbankment. kevin broke his back in three places and per a source had to be heavily sedated following emergency back surgery to keep him out of pain. >> doctor neil ghodadra -- not treating kevin -- explains how being a gym rat could help hart recover. >> kevin's a fit guy. he's always in the gym. could heal faster. >> "e.t.'s" learned kev could stay in the live-in physical rehab facility for a week or more. >> he's still looking at six weeks of recovery and pain. >> it's a good thing he was in incredible shape. >> help the recovery. >> yes.
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let's move on to meghan markle. her charity clothing line is officially on sale, with the duchess herself making a royal appearance at the launch. >> hi, everyone. >> heg hahn arrived wearing a look inspired by this almost $3,000 suit. the shirt costs $154. the pants 138. the smart works capsule collection is made of five pieces that average people can buy on the smart works website. and for every outfit purchased, a free one is donated to a woman in need who is joining the work force. >> you'll know when you put on that blazer or that shirt, that some other woman on the other side of this country is wearing that piece because you made that purchase. >> the tote is already sold out online. >> i went to see it. i touched it. i can report that the leather is butter soft. if you look at the pieces they're very meghan. the white misha nonoo shirt,
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well, very similar to the shirt she wore to the invictus games. >> topping's meghan's look today, princess diana's favorite gold and butterfly earrings. one of diana's favorites. >> perhaps she feels that they're her lucky earrings. >> they're not part of the collection. i looked. >> you tried to get a bag too, right? >> in both colors. out of stock. >> our crazy night out with the movie, music and daytime star. >> plus, what's the one thing brad pitt won't leave home without?
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coming up on "e.t." we are kicking
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look at brad pitt turning heads in japan, promoting "ad astra." but the bigger story is what's on his head. can we talk about what's on his head? a page boy cap. check it out -- this is at least the eighth time we've seen him sporting the look this summer. could be growing out. an in between thing.
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it makes him feel comfortable. you know who else has a go-to item? keke palmer, but it has nothing to do with fashion. as keltie knight found out when she joined the morning show host and star of "hustlers" on her big night out. >> key keke! are you ready? >> we brought keke a burger and fries, 'cause her rule is she's got to eat before every red carpet. something else you might not know? the 26-year-old's a real life hustler. she steals scenes in the movie. >> these are my sisters. >> she's a singer. >> "twerk and flirt" is one of the records, but there's so many more that i'm dropping as well. >> and she co-hosts "gma3: strahan, sara and keke." >> i was teaching them how to pole dance, and that was killing me. >> who do you think is a better pole dancer? >> in terms of athleticism, it's michael. in terms of i would rather watch? >> yes! >> sarah. >> and did we mention she just applied to culinary school?
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>> might be a little chef keke in a minute. >> we were with the triple threat exclusively as she prepped for the "hustlers" premiere in toronto. and that sexy cavalli gown? it was mom-approved. i want no wardrobe malfunctions tonight, mom. >> well, you know, she has her publicist. they got it. mom's taking a break tonight. >> cheers. to hustling. >> to hustling. all right, let's go drink fast. >> come on, we're late. >> we made it. how are you feeling? >> i am very anxious in, like, the good way. >> all right, good luck. i'll see you in like two minutes. >> i did the turn, i gave them the front, but, you know, i really worked that back, and i feel good. i got to wait. in about 15 minutes i'll look on getty and see what happens. >> okay. >> we know what happened, keke. getty got the shot and you looked stunning as always. >> amazing. i've known her since she was 13. >> she's been hustling a long
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time. only we got hang out with carrie underwood before her soldout show in los angeles. >> carrie gives a crash course. >> never fails. somebody says, that's my favorite and i'm like ugh. >> and it's thurs-date. celebs have questions and we have answers. >> matthew, can we set up weekly meetings? closed captioning provided by --
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hey, everybody. i'm here in the heart of hollywood, the brand new sirius xm studios. this is so amazing. and i'm going to get a first look with a very special guest. is that carrie underwood? it's a big week for your fellow "idol" alum kelly clarkson. she has a new show. she's getting randy, paula, and simon all back together. if she asked you to do an "ido"" reunion, would you? >> an "idol" reunion? that's pretty incredible. yeah, as long as they -- if they don't judge me, i'm down. ♪ >> no judgement here, just a lot of respect for this working mom of two who's headlining a soldout show at staples center tonight. >> i remember being excited, and then i'd get this rush of, i'm going to do this with a baby. okay. >> the 36-year-old singer is midway through her "cry pretty tour 360" but took some time out to chat with sirius xm host jenny mccarthy where she revealed another stress in her life -- choosing which songs to
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sing. >> i feel like there's a couple that i don't know if i'd get out of the room alive if i didn't perform them -- "jesus take the wheel." and "before he cheats." it never fails -- there's always somebody at a meet-and-greet before the show starts that's like, oh my gosh, that song's my favorite. i'm sorry. i feel bad. it's like i'm letting that one person down tonight. by the way, carrie's song "before he cheats" sounds like something this guy can help folks with. >> we're kickin goff our new relationship series, "thurs-date with matthew hussey." welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> we've got a lot of questions, but let's start with what brought you here in the first place. >> my name's matthew hussy, and i give advice and stuff. if you really like someone don't be thirsty. give it a minute. >> the 32-year-old relationship and dating expert has been called the real life "hitch." >> listen to what she is saying >> your love life, the whole equation is time. i've been doing this for ten years now.
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>> he's a "new york times" best-selling author. his videos have more than 300 million views on youtube, and he hosts sold-out seminars around the world. matthew's even worked with eva longoria on a dating show. and yeah, she's a fan. >> he's british, so that helps. because anytime he delivers hard news when he has the accent, it just feels not as harsh. [ laughs ] >> are you sick of texting? the big thing i get asked about a lot right now is ghosting. you know, why do people go on a date with you and then they just don't contact you afterwards? if that was on a graph, the amount of times i've heard about ghosting, it has spiked to the point where my facebook wall is the largest missing persons page in the world. and also how do you get out of these text-only relationships, where it's not going anywhere? you're literally you're in a texting relationship with someone you don't really know. which is why i say people's standards have to go up for what they expect from their love life, so i'm just as happy for the breakups i create as i am
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for the relationships i create. >> profound. amen. >> i'm so excited about this segment because i want all the women out there who keep talking to us about advice. >> the men need to listen as well. come on. >> we have celebrity questions for you. willen to this. >> what do i do if want to be the one to communicate my feelings, but my partner is the one that shuts down and doesn't want to talk. >> great question. >> people are different in relationships. they handle things differently. when our partner doesn't talk and we want them to, first don't make it about the identity, make it about their behavior. the it's you at your core are wrong, then the ego comes into it. you have to get the ego's out of the equation. i know how kind you are, how
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much you love me, how much you care. it's not about you being wrong. thes about meaning something to me. >> tiffany haddish had a lot of questions. here's one. >> how does a successful woman date a man and not intimidate him. >> she's not only successful, he's hilarious. that's two typical male things that guys rely on that they have taken away from them in that scenario. look, we are all people. i always think the more we have achieved the more we have to go into a date not with our trophies in our hand but who we are as a person. when we invite someone into a house, don't show them the trophy candidate. show them the photos. then get curious about them. you're already impressive. tell me about you. what's interesting about you? and show that you can be impressed by that person. that's what it comes down to. man or woman, we want to impress them. there's that instinct that says, i might not live up to this.
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they could have anyone. why would they choose me. >> we have to show someone. i'm uniquely attracted to you because you have amazing traits. >> i think this is a great one. it's from hannah brown. she really could use your date advice. >> matthew, can we set up weekly meetings to figure out what's off with my picker? because there's obviously something wrong. >> she always seems to make bad choices, or it feels like it. >> people say there's something wrong with my picker. it's not about who you pick, it's who you stick with. everyone can make a baddic the. we can go on a date with someone who has a cute smile, seems attractive, we like their energy and get on a date and see red flags it will problem is tn't t picker, we ignore the red flags. they are rude to the waiter, flakey, consistently show up late.
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we are going get our heartbroken by someone who wasn't right in the first place. relationships end the way they began. i challenge anyone out there watching this right now, think of someone you broke up with, i bet something you broke up with them on was something you could have seen in week two, but you ignored. >> denial. >> get out early. >> you'll find the right one quicker if you get rid of the wrong one sooner. >> matthew, we could be here all night long. but tell us what advice you will be giving us next week. >> it will be about creating the perfect online dating profile. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which oscar winner once worked at a fast food restaurant? >> is it sandra bullock, jennifer hudson or jennifer lawrence? the answer i kron-4 news at eight: man.. shot and killed by officers... file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the walnut creek police
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department. why they say he did not have to die.a live report.. coming up. plus, the top ten democratic presidential candidates, hit the debate stage in houston.our political roundtable weighs in. and if you thought today was hot, wait until tomorrow. our chief meteorologist tells us when we will finally get some relief. i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. come try my really big chicken two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box.
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set, tomorrow. and tonight, "e.t." birthday, which oscar winner once worked at a fast food restaurant? jennifer hudson who turned 38 today. >> then a little show called "american idol" came along for her. next wednesday only we are inside central perk for a full half hour celebration of "friends." >> take care, everybody. >> it's the one where "e.t." celebrates "friends" turning 25. >> no. 25 years? ♪ >> we've got bloopers and secrets from the set. >> i remember being infatuated with jennifer aniston. >> i don't want get in trouble with courtenny, but she does have soft lips. >> could there ever be a reboot? >> we
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neighbors rallied outside walnut creek's city hall to speak out against this deadly police involved shooting of a 23 year old man. good evening i'm ken wayne.(pam) and i'm pam moore. the shooting happened back on june 2nd... the protest comes hours after the family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit.... against the city of walnut creek and five police officers... after the fatal shooting. kron 4's gayle ong was there .. she joins us live from walnut creek.gayle. kron 4 creek gayle ong kron 4 news.


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