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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 13, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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>>cannot believe 08:30am pretty bold. how they kicked it and i mean it took him a long time, but you think wow anyone can do this. >>now at 10 a family in the east bay gets quite the scare when a pair of masked criminals. kick in the front door of their home. the shocking burglary attempt was caught on their home surveillance camera good evening, everybody i'm paying more and i'm ken wayne, the families now trying to get the word out to friends and neighbors kron four's dan thorn live for us tonight in pleasanton and he spoke with them and. >>joins us now with more on the story dan. can a homeowner tells me this was not a great way to start her wednesday morning, however she is thankful that nothing was stolen from her home. >>but she says this whole thing was scary because things like this don't happen in her quiet neighborhood. and she's hoping that these guys are caught very soon. kicking and
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smashing into the front door of the pleasanton home. a pair of masked criminals trying their best to get in. once the door finally this way they hightail it out of there i had no idea what was going on. andrea like it soon learned exactly wha was going on. home surveillance video captured this burglary attempt around 8 30 wednesday morning like it was getting ready for work while her 9 year-old son was playing downstairs. she soon started hearing the dogs groundlings and a strange but loud commotion growing in intensity. >>things are getting louder and it was like someone was trying to get in the front doors and there was banging then it was almost like the whole half of the house shock. >>likely thinking no one was home he's would be burglars were trying to break in and once they burst through. they were spooked by like it's yelling i think i scared them and that they ran out very quickly and got in our car.
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>>and sped away and then she bolted for the front door trying to see what type of car and who it was and unfortunately you know damage was diane wood was left splintered and little metal pieces holding the doors together were scattered on the floor things were damaged but nothing was taken the is not soon to be forgotten. thankfully, we caught it all on camera right. >>pleasanton police are handling this investigation. the woman tells me that she wanted to share this video to alert others about this type of crime and she says there's a silver lining in all this that her home is now better prepared. and that she's hoping this will encourage other people to better prepare their homes as well, reporting live in pleasanton dan thorn kron 4 news dan thank you. >>let's take a look at the current temperatures across bay area. we know it was hot today and wing 90's in san francisco. that's a hot day and right now even in the 70's
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at 10 o'clock at night. >>this really won tonight our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with details have big common we're starting to see a little change along the coastline and that's the very strong ridge of high pressure takes a while for that to break down, but outside right now we've got nice clear looking toward the golden gate bridge boca right anita underneath the golden gate right now and then nice sight out there you got nice clear skies. no fog to speak about that will likely change is we're going to see a little cloud cover developing i think overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning. something else to check out tonight. look at the moon rising over the bay area the harvest moon. that's the closest full moon to the a 2 equinox which takes place on the 23th, it's also a micromoon minutes at us for this extent away from the earth make it look about 14% smaller, but still spectacular if you want to check it out boy just a nice evengtemperatur now get closer to them than 9 hou 69 in cooling off though you can see
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the sea breeze now have an effect on the coastline 59 b lot of 70's and oakland hayward also spots inland still 80 degrees already in concord 81 in pittsburgh, 64 degrees in nevada 73. still in santa some on 72 degrees in napa so a very very nice a late summer evening in well we had a spectacular day these temperatures no records to be found, but it was hot 94 degrees at 24 degrees above the average into san francisco, the record on this day was actually 99 set back in 1971 95 degrees in oakland 96 in san jose 100 in livermore and concord in 99 degrees in santa rosa, but all around the bay area. a scorching temperatures places, you're just not used to it, yes certainly we get the 90's in the triple digits in the valleys but boy inside the bay don't see that often that's what you get with that kind of weather pattern with that offshore flow tend to get things cooking inside the bay along the coastline. outside
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right now a mostly clear skies out there little patchy fog likely to form i think along the coastline tonight as we're seeing a return of the sea breeze as a ridge of high pressure breaks down we'll see more of that on the way to but look at that almost ill more of a northerly component in parts of the north bay right now the offshore wind just as want to give it up and that would give up as we head in toward tomorrow and the temperatures going to be noticeably cooler in fact we're talking about 90's for highs in san francisco today by tomorrow probably some mid 60's, so a big change almost a 30 degree drop in temperatures into san francisco. cooler there and then much cooler into sunday in fact we'll watch the temperatures really take a nosedive into sunday and monday we start talking about a chance of rain air quality the i it's going to suffer a little bit again a spare the air day for tomorrow. but yet we are going to see some changes coming our way i probably saturday going to be the nicest of the 2 days ahead by sunday you really know see temperatures really by unusual bright talk about the 3rd week in october so that the unusual to see, but we're going to keep track of thank you are has more from you
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later list check in now with gayle ong she's been in san francisco all evening and you're out there talking to people who are trying to cool off in san francisco, which is something we don't have to worry about very >>people are out and about you've got a short sleeve shirt on at 10 o'clock at night and the city. there's no fog there's no wind looks nice. >>yeah ken and pam people are still out walking along the embarcadero in shorts and t-shirts earlier though it was a scorcher and people headed to the coast. >>it's the scene that many san francison't take for granted and you couldn't ask for a better day billion to any daily this out here. >>the new many times and it's been very cold chilly by the water in baker beach. >>baker beach was the place to be to beat the heat. >>jump in the water, you know geti really in there making sure that you nice and cool great coming air perfect weather. you know clear skies get to see you know golden gate bridge, attracting people
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from all over the sizzling bay area i get out of the house. >>we both work from home. so this is a perfect day to get out of the house and some coming year straight from their flight were enjoying san francisco for all the way from florida. so this is beautiful weather for us. >>my friends are saying that it's often very foggy. it's not fog it off today, so it's just gorgeous. friday's 94 degree day has people working out their cooling strategies staying in the shade staying hydrated, protecting your head from the sunshine too with this and that. >>and he's okay shays deadly down here in san francisco. it's a beautiful day. >>yeah with a lot of people i spoke with it was enjoying the weather in san francisco. but as. and you see behind me people. the night out. as lawrence mentioned we could expect a cooling trend this
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weekend. so there is some relief if there is some people who thought it was unbearable. we're live in san francisco gayle, ong kron 4 news all right gail enjoy the rest of the evening out there state lawmakers were back to work in sacramento on this final night of the legislative session and the senate chamber was evacuated for several hours tonight after a woman threw red liquid from the public gallery on to several senators below. >>lawmakers had just finished a boat when a woman tossed the unknown liquid and shouted quote that's for the dead babies unquote chp clear the room immediately to investigate then just before 00:09pm tonight, lawmakers reconvene in a committee room, the incident comes as hundreds of protesters converged on the state capitol to demonstrate this week. late tonight, several lawmakers took to calif tweeted. >>violence in any form cannot and should not be tolerated during the process of democracy. the senate republican caucus condemns
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violent an unacceptable behavior that took place at the state capitol regardless of differences of opinion there's no place for this in our america. >>also today state lawmakers approved a 3 year ban on using facial recognition software with police body cameras that bill now goes to governor gavin newsome who has until october the 13th to decide whether to sign it into law. if he does that ban goes into effect in january. the bill encountered some opposition though from law enforcement groups, the california state sheriffs association said it is generally concerned about how that bill takes crime fighting tools off of the table a 26 year-old homeless man is accused of raping a 75 year-old woman in sebastopol. >>who police say was incapable of giving consent the woman and family members reported the assault last thursday but could not identify the attacker. well today. police say they found her so who's man vive are outside the woman's home. officers say the
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man admitted to the crime and says he had come to see the woman again. the suspect is now in the sonoma county jail on $450,000 bail. >>a 53 year-old uber driver will serve 8 years in state prison for sexually assaulting a drunk passenger back in 2017. prosecutors say the victim was trying to get home from san francisco to lafaye kind young drove the victim to an unknown location in lafayette and then to an unknown location in oakland, where he sexually assaulted her young was arrested at his home in modesto he took a plea deal that called for him to get that 8 year prison term and these 2 people already facing theft charges are back in jail tonight. the san mateo county sheriff's office says rudy rivera and mercy folger from a pacifica and they immediately restarted their alleged retail theft operation as soon as they were released from bail. investigators arrested them again yesterday in daly city
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after detectives say they found $20,000 worth of stolen merchandise in their car, including laptops hi and cameras and purses detectives also arrested a 3rd suspect this woman daniel rivera also of pacifica felicity huffman became. >>the first parent to be sentenced in the college admissions cheating scandal today. and she could be spending time in jail right here in the bay area huffman had previously pleaded guilty to participating in this scheme to get he into college kelly smoot has more on what happened in court today. >>in a boston courtroom friday actress felicity huffman was sentenced to 14 days in prison. she was also sentenced to serve one year probation perform 250 hours of community service and pay a $30,000 fine in a statement. tuchman said quote i accept the court's decision today without reservation. i have always been prepared to accept whatever punishment judge tell wani imposed. i broke the law.
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i have admitted that and i pleaded guilty to this crime there are no excuses or justifications for my actions, huffman pleaded guilty in may to conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud, the former desperate housewives star admitted that she paid $15,000 for a proctor to boost her oldest daughter's s a t scores more than 50 people including parents coaches and test administrator were charged in operation varsity blues the largest college admissions cheating scheme ever prosecuted, according to the department of justice we have charged 3 people who organized the scams seat here a c t exam administrators. >>one exam proctor. one college administrator. 9 coaches at elite schools. and 33 parents who paid enormous sums to guarantee their children's admission to certain schools through the use of bribes and shake academic and athletic credentials. >>huffman is the first parent to be sentenced in the college admissions scandal. she is
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scheduled to report to prison on october 25th. i'm kelly smoot reporting. >>felicity huffman's attorney asked the judge if huffman could serve her time at the federal correctional institution in dublin. huffman doesn't live in the bay area which leads to the question of why would she want to serve her time here kron four's michelle kingston spoke to a criminal defense lawyer today to find out. >>it's not like orange is the new black, it's it's pretty cushy out there and as i said that that it's his cushy as in jail was which isn't. which is horrible. it's not the ritz carlton but criminal defense lawyer paula canny says the federal. >>correctional institution in dublin is about as good as it gets when it comes to present felicity huffman's attorney requested she spent or 14 days at this facility. it's a minimum security prison with non by. >>candy says the pop and serves her time here she will wear a jail uniform and don't have much privacy but she will
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be locked to herself or her entire stay and she'll have acts to attract. >>you have fresh air you can see bird trees and have a fair amount of movement. during that time she'll be able to have visitors. attorneys can come and visit her. but 14 days. i'm sure she's not going to like it, but compared to martha stewart's couple years that's pretty light. candy says inmates live in a dorm and must eat their meals when they're served. she says patty hearst benson. >>but her prison sentence at this facility as did heidi fleiss. >>it's not a traditional super lock down supermax jail facility ultimately the federal bureau of prisons will decide where huffman. >>serves her sentence in dublin, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>rock'n'roll singer songwriter any money has died. he's best known for his hit songs, 2 tickets to paradise
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and take me home tonight money spent 2 years as a new york city police officer before moving to the bay area to pursue a music career. he sold 30 million records during his decades long career. when he died this morning of comp of cancer at the age of 70 he leaves behind a wife and 5 children. >>developing story out of ohio tonight a place that is meant to save lives is now a murder says. >>police say a man drove a pickup truck through the emergency room doors today killing one person grant lotus is here now to tell us what's going on with this investigation police fear he did it intentionally which is worst case scenario any time pedal situations or any kind of accident at least that's what the sheriff's department in ohio is thinking tonight. investigators say the driver his 45 year-old raman leading decker a baltimore enduring the questioning detectives say they learned more about what happened right before the
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crash. >>he was treated earlier today here the hospital psychological evaluation. against medical advice. he left. im out here in short time after that. >>this is the scene investigators say the truck was pretty much sitting inside the entrance. they say the front of the hospital does not have any kind of barrier that would have prevented a crash like this. the crash injured another person along with the pickup truck driver, the incident shut down the emergency room because of structural damage to its patients had to be taken to a different hospital in another city ken pam now back to you thank you grant in national news tonight children with cancer and other grave diseases could be kicked out of the u s. >>because of their immigration status, some say without the medical care they are currently receiving here in the us they will die. >>this after the trump administration told those
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exemption for from deportation for seriously ill patients source says democrats in congress had demanded answers on this from the trump administration by the close of business today. under the threat of subpoena. tom foreman reports. >>i don't want to die, i don't want to die. >>one after another they are pleading with congress immigrants in the united states for medical care who now fear being forced to go home. >>this not a issue in humanities can eat you in our lives depend on it for the issue is a change to a program that has allowed some undocumented immigrant families to stay in the us for treatment of serious medical issues. >>applications about a 1000 a year were previously handled by us citizenship and immigration services but now immigration and customs enforcement ice is in charge and civil rights advocates say many of those immigrants have been told they must depart or
10:18 pm
be deported. jonathan sanchez is just 16 and was suffocating from cystic fibrosis he believes if he has to leave his doctors in boston and go back to honduras. >>it will be illegal homicide because in countries doesn't exist any type of treatment to inform families via a letter that their status in this country is at risk is not only. is harmful to these children's health immigration advocates immediately sued but even that legal challenges being complicated by the ministry of it all time. >>baffled i've never seen a situation like this before, at a hearing congressional democrats asked who ordered this change when where why and will anyone get medical deferrals now we're not able to respond to that today. and h >>who advise you to do this. >>immigration officials repeatedly said because of the lawsuit they would not answer
10:19 pm
except maybe in writing maybe in the future. >>was this a policy there was a result crest for many high ranking political appointee at the white house council i'm not able to discuss the the the reasons for any. any change so all serena video from spain knows is this. >>she's 14 has a rare heart defect that has already put her through 5 surgeries and her future remains wildly uncertain. >>i do think they need to come to d c to fight for my life. and he sought to had to go. to the term for that. >>meantime a reporter's a cnn reached out to the head of citizenship and immigration services who again said that they had little or nothing to say because of the lawsuit but one immigration official did say quote whether a very limited version of deferred action will continue is still under review.
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>>in these pay 2 homeless men were killed in berkeley last night after getting hit by an amtrak train. the alameda county coroner's office has not released their names but people familiar with a homeless camp nears berkeley's aquatic park say both men have been living there and had just been evicted caltrans has been clearing camps on his properties in that area. >>a councilwoman in a san jose wants the city to ban the cigarettes and flavored tobacco products not approved by the fda magdalena caress co sent a memo to the council today asking for ordinances that will limit local tobacco sales in their schools and other youth sensitive areas and for the city to ban tobacco retailers from selling products to people under the age of 21. this call comes as federal health officials report 6 deaths and hundreds of illnesses across the nation. possibly linked to the cigarettes. san jose police deputy chief johnny williams is getting a new job pending background checks. he will be
10:21 pm
appointed chief lay whole police department the former delay whole chief stepped down earlier amid controversy over police shootings and allegations that unconstitutional policing in a statement the late rosa city manager said williams is a quote solid professional with a stellar reputation who was the broad accolades from our interview panels. i am excited to have chief williams and our leadership team. >>in that deadly dive boat fire off the coast of santa barbara what investigators have found that could send the boat's captain and crew to jail. plus the woman who bore ever changed chinese food in america i talked with chang about her income. >>life and career in the bay area as she gets ready to turn 100 years young and the opioid warning hitting the bay area, addiction from the south bay and if you are streaming us on kron on the news
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right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. >>warning tonight about fenton now health officials in the south bay are seen a sharp uptick from that deadly drugs as kron four's from pliable tells us fentanyl is showing up there all over santa clara county disguised as pills. >>why we're here is because a number of young people are dying and they don't need to santa clara county deputy da bryan bucklew sounding the alarm about a rash of recent overdoses seizures and death link to the highly toxic chemical fentanyl which is
10:25 pm
turning up in a range of fake pills across the county what we're seeing is an influx of counterfeit pills. that are designed to look like the regular pharmaceutical brands that are in fact fake. >>they contain nothing of active ingredients of the traditional brand these drugs unfortunately are killing a lot of young people in santa clara county. >>9 deaths so far for a loan in august, including 2 teenagers law enforcement have seized large numbers of fake a 30 milligram percocet pills containing fentanyl rather than oxycodone they look just like the real thing, they're blue or green with an m inside the square stamped on one side and a 30 on the other side. >>consumers take them thinking that they're going to certain a fact that they'll get a high in a certain way, but what they don't know is that the pill is in fact poison and will kill them. >>fentanyl is 80 to a 100 times more powerful than morphine and exposure to even a tiny amount can cause overdose and death. and it's not just fake per cassette
10:26 pm
fentanyl is also turning up in cheap easy to find counterfeit xanax and other pills all potentially lethal says bucklew we're seeing it in powder cocaine we're seeing in methamphetamine we're seeing it in ecstasy were seen here when we're seeing it by itself, it is all over the place a san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>happen inside the deliberation room a week after a jury delivered the go ship verdict. an alternate juror breaks his silence plus a popular river that you should avoid this weekend because of an e coli contamination. and we've got wave coming to an end a chance some rain had a forecast all all the way to the beginning the ross fall fashion event
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at ross. yes for less. >>usual temperatures are sticking around the bay area even at 10 30 at night look at that 80 degrees and conquered 81 in fremont that's pretty warm for this late at night sure is lawrence is standing by to let us know that there is a change coming. yeah, big change in the temperatures even i think by tomorrow maybe 30 degrees cooler in the san francisco. so that is a huge change from what we've seen we've had the offshore winds. those offshore winds really cranking up the temperature still clear skies all around the bay area we may begin to see him to fog developing out along the coastline. overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. but there's not going to be much and that is going to be gone again still going to stay hot inland. but yeah,
10:30 pm
these numbers very comfortably cut some 70's 80's around the bey, some 80's inland and even a san francisco still a very comfortable 68 just an isolated summer evening. go outside and walk around enjoy the beautiful weather feels like sacramento outside almost well we've got some changes coming our way and look at this we had a cold front that actually moved through the pacific northwest yesterday and another one on the way in here it comes watches long-range molly see bringing some rain up in that direction here and the last one that moved through actually fell apart rub right across the top of ridge of high pressure that bridge just too strong. this next we're going to be different story a watches it begins to drop down a little further and you can see by sunday afternoon. we see the increasing cloud to see the rain begin to move in the far northern california. this can help to drop the temperature big time and then as we get to monday how about this latest model run, bring some significant rain across the bay area, northern california seen the rain and you can kind of sleet snow mix across the higher elevations of the sierra nevada, some to be prepared for we'll see more that on the way and that kind of pushes through maybe a 3rd
10:31 pm
of an inch of rain and some parts that they are in the north bay, another front moves in come wednesday that falls apart another one on the way for thursday look at the pacific northwest, where they're just getting pounded and we're not even into fall yet so here we go you're long range forecast taking all all the way to the end of summer the beginning of fall cooling down this weekend much cooler temperatures chance of showers on monday into the next weekend, those temperatures staying warm fall begins with warm sunshine. are as big story. we're following here on kron 4 federal investigators identified a violation of. >>coast guard regulations that could trigger criminal charges in that deadly dive-boat five-minute fire off the channel islands and southern california killed for the 3m people on labor day and more than half of them were from the bay area. >>kron 4 grant lodes joins us now here in the studio years, the latest on this developing story. >>and no doubt a tragedy here you wonder what prosecutors will ultimately decide to do as it relates to this criminal investigation which is under way they're looking into
10:32 pm
whether or not the captain and or crew were negligent which cause 34 people on board to lose their lives still trying to determined that the national transportation safety board said this week that all crew members on the boat conception were asleep when the fire started off the coast of santa barbara earlier this month, the boat was required to have a crew member on roving patrol, while passengers slept. experts say not having a lookout could be enough to bring criminal charges. the law carries penalties of up to 10 years in prison. >>i'm pleased to report. the salvage operations have so far been successful. inception has been raised to the surface. and it is being prepared. 2 on long. it will then be transported to undisclosed secure location.
10:33 pm
>>it has since been transported the burned out wreckage of the boat where 34 people died has been taken to a naval base in southern further you see the barge this video being taken to the port white mia in that's about 60 miles northwest of la that's the naval base, the coast guard is not confirming though the exact location they've only said that authorities have taken the boat to a place that is a secure area has multiple agencies are still invastigating what caused that deadly fire. that investigation led by the ntsb is expected to take at least a year, ken pam now back to you. >>all right, thank you grant pg e is reach an $11 billion settlement was 2 of 3 insurance companies over the 2017 wine country fires and last november's camp fire. the settlement is a turning point for the company is a dab against chapter 11 bankruptcy. the tentative settlement will cover 85% of the insurance claims from those fires. one
10:34 pm
group not benefiting from the settlements are the victims who are uninsured or under-insured lawyers and lobbyists rejected pg e's offer of billion earlier this week saying that amount was inadequate. and if you leave or a great place to cool off this weekend do not go into the american river this is according to local officials who say the river contains high levels of e coli bacteria. this week he call i was found along the lower stretch of the american where as you can see homeless camps lined the banks of the river. residents walk their dogs swimmers sometimes dip into the water there especially in the summer 13 out of 15 samples taken at a beach since june exceeded state and federal standards local officials have started a study testing dna of the bacteria to try to determine where it's coming from. >>and alternate juror in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial is a sharing what happened in the deliberation room. he tells us he had a
10:35 pm
close relationship with the 3 members of the jury who were removed for alleged misconduct. course has it made you and has the story. >>we are digging deeper into the experience of go ship trial alternate juror number 17 millard billings, it has been several days since he and his fellow jurors acquitted, max harris and deadlocked on the charges against co-defendant derick almena both were facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the people who died in the warehouse while attending a music give it back december second 20 16 in our phone conversation, billings reflects that he was surprised that he was called to the courthouse to take the place of juror number 4 who was among 3 jurors removed for alleged misconduct after 10 days of deliberating.
10:36 pm
>>no communication with them as i didn't really know exactly what they had done castro valley took his role as an alternate juror very seriously and says he and the other 2 alternates were prepared to begin deliberating a new >>i think the jury that remained out ordinary i think they devastated because not only were they shocked that they knew they had again. >>when it came to do domino the jury split their votes in favor of guilt. 2 for not guilty one of the no vote was from a female juror who he says simply refused to change her mind she was holding back never. however he was one of the 10 who did arrive at a guilty verdict but in a. >>to guilt a privilege for one reason, the least police said
10:37 pm
all of these things you can do the real and here. >>derek domino returns to court on october 4 to learn if he will have to face a new jury should the alameda county district attorney choose to retry the case again has it made kron 4 news. >>no one wants to see the size of the roads looking like this filled with trash and contra costa county. some properties on county roads been targeted by illegal dumpers for decades but as kron four's fully juggle 't have to stand for it anymore. >>costs to $50,000 grant awarded to a property owner by state waste management agency calendar cycle. this is a big deal for us helps reimburse the cost to remove 50 years worth of illegally dumped trash off reservoir street, a grant process is always a little bit but it's worth it
10:38 pm
since receiving the grant over the span of the year on this 11 acre piece of land alone. the contra costa resource conservation district says 110 cubic yards of construction debris. one and a half tons of household waste and 220,000 pounds overall of illegally dumped trash has been removed this week alone a 108 tires were hauled away talk concrete other construction to bring it was insane ranchers and farmers can apply for the grant 3 times a year through the conservation district applications are currently being accepted through november. they've also helped us perhaps helps. >>the installation of the funds from the property to keep it. offer the street side down into the land. >>contra costa county fully all kron 4 news. >>heads up for everybody going to the elton john perform and said chase center caltrain will run an extra trained to help get you home caltrans
10:39 pm
says it weekend schedule but wi operate one special southbound train which we'll leave san francisco station at midnight. elton john is before a center tonight and tomorrow night, the doors open at 07:00pm and a reminder san francisco's famous cable cars are out of service for 10 days the shutdown is so workers can replacing gearboxes transportation officials say the work continues a project to fix those cars that actually started 2 years ago. bus shuttles are running the place of the cable car route. action by a us marine has some parents upset and stockton reporters at bureau shows as video that captured the marine tackling 2 teenagers. >>fight in stockton comes to an and. it's wednesday to help with military recruitment toward 2 students throwing punches, tackling the pair to the ground. how the plant. >>it was it was upsetting to
10:40 pm
see that someone would do that i just i just think it was unnecessary force. >>incident now at the center of a stockton unified school district investigation has left some. >>extremely well bill obviously and from the from impact that you see it took down these 2 kids and. no no. you know no second body just to come down on her. that's not ok with many saying there are better ways to break up the conflict. >>the adult should never they hands on that they're trained to deal with situations >>other parents say the marines actions were justified. but because he stopped the problem and help stop the fight for pleading for her. we've been disappointed kids are vinson is going to stop the us marine corps identifying the children 18 year-old. military
10:41 pm
spokesperson tells fox 40 they're out of the marines are responding to what appeared to be a dangerous situation. but noted his actions could have been improved. >>the usmc says the marine has been reassigned to office duties and will no longer. >>around students. he put himself in a position that he shouldn't. that was bridge of your low reporting the military also says the marine received counseling meantime the school did not tell anyone about the outside of the families of those students who are involved. >>well coming up. >>royalties this elliot ang arrive san francisco decades ago and for ever change in amer
10:42 pm
we'll meet this amazing son terry. >>coming up in sports warriors guard shaun livingston announced his retirement after 15 seasons in the nba. we'll 15 seasons in the nba. we'll have that and more comin this is the nimble chevy trax. the versatile chevy equinox. the stylish all-new chevy blazer. and the roomy chevy traverse with seating for up to eight. the chevy family of suvs. no matter what you're looking for in an suv, chevy's got you covered. get zero percent financing for sixty months plus seven hundred and fifty dollars on most 2019 equinox models. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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>>cecilia chang is considered a revolutionary in the food world she brought the flavors in food of mandarin china to the us flavors that show up on the menus of her son's restaurant, pf change
10:45 pm
>>alice waters cecilia chang for chinese cuisine in america with julia child 4 french cuisine. i recently spent time learning about this amazing woman who was just days away from being 100 years young. >>trying locate most important thing pretty far. just lot of gets that century of living. and cecilia chang is still in charge and the pitch and this is michael k. and some push needed to. this petite woman stands tall in the food industry, the big names who are her friends all acknowledge she changed chinese food in america. >>cecilia is like colaneri royalty, everybody reveres her
10:46 pm
and modi a with the james beard awards committee is a dear friend chinese food back then was kind of klopp the americanized. >>just saw what a huge gap and how. chinese cuisine she is excellent with asian and non-asian. >>when she arrived in san francisco from china in the 1950's she was going to help friends open a restaurant but they mailed the leading her to do it on her own i was the best buy. i was still holds. our c one answer macon reservation. ever since. >>after years of hard work the mandarin with his iconic red door opened on polk street. it was not an easy start cantonese cooking dominated the us generally with its lighter flavors rice chop suey and egg foo yung, the mandarin style oil and more weak points noodles and. largely unknown then to america.
10:47 pm
>>people felt it's not going to work she's in a field, but he. and she succeeded. >>the mandarin on polk street eventually took ofe and then and even got the your move chang relocated to gear a deli square and later added mandarin beverly hills, the stars came in droves. i feel proud. not just so full. the coach earn. 2 american 3 star michelin chef corey lee. >>she had a lot 3 she in it was found. she persevered through all that. that's really testament to >>in the war. job when the shooting us. >>one of 12 children living through japan's war with china communism and constant political turmoil challenges dominated their life. through it all she got a college education. >>we got married and then in the us changed her life and
10:48 pm
touched. >>so many others. >>and you just put must a frying pan and she's also so who is mature so many people. >>turning 100 she dines out with friends regularly keeps her own schedule does everything in moderation while enjoying every moment. >>so syria's one 100th birthday is next wednesday mayor samara cisco will honor her life's work with the commendation. >>we have some breaking news to tell you about right now brainto our newsroom of a car fire. this is a rather large car fire on the bay bridge. it's on the lower deck of course that's the n, leaving sa francisco heading toward
10:49 pm
oakland look like an suv or maybe a van according to kron four's gayle ong 4 lanes on the bridge, the lower deck of the bridge are closed right now as firefighters worked to put out the flames. there is a long a backup see all the smoke coming from the side of the lower deck of the bay bridge. according some of the traffic maps we're looking at even some of the upper deck and westbound lanes are being affected. people are being urged to take alternate routes. so far the good news is no reports of injuries, but again you can see the back up here and this is starting to affect traffic across the whole south of market area in san francisco looking at traffic maps a all of the streets leading
10:50 pm
>>got some lawyers news ash on livingston. >>lead the team in scoring rebounding but he was a key cause you need you need those pieces that take a team to team and he was one of the guys who fans really remember for years to come and i think back of the dynasty you know that carried reminder at. yeah, you house ahead. guys like livingston guys like a good allah and it's been a heck of a career for sean, but he's hanging up the seekers in a lengthy instagram post today. let me son was heartfelt reflective and thankful after his 15th season in the nba, the 3 time nba finals champ with all those titles of course coming during his 5 year tenure with the dubs drafted right out of high school. he's known for coming back from that gruesome knee injury that almost forced
10:51 pm
doctors to amputate his leg that of course didn't happen he was able to re have reinvent himself and became a really reliable score. an expert pastor. and in valuable team leader during the dubs dynasty the beloved warrior certainly will be. now to some baseball the giants have lost 6 of their last 10 and only took one out of 4 from the pittsburgh pirates hosting the marlins tonight. miami manager former manager of the dodgers. donnie baseball, don mattingly shaking hands, okay time with bruce bocce top of the 6 though score tyler shaken out there his counterpart bt threw 6 shutout innings allowing just 3 hits striking out 5 next frame. stephen vogt that 3rd buster posey chops one just out of the reach of the 3rd baseman vote come on home giants take the lead. the top of the night, same score sean
10:52 pm
anderson. that will do it giant shut out the marlins won nothing your final bruce bocce records when number 1900 and 97 to texas a is trying to win 4 straight. they are taking on the rangers top of the 3rd is down 4, 3, chris davis. that is just rain crushes what they call him. 2 homers tonight for him that was a three-run shot, he's got 22 on the year. and we're top i hear in the 6th. when little sammy sosa has combat toss and bunny hop out of the box for ramon lori he's back from an injured shin a three-run shot there. oakland, winds it for teen tonight, i talk a little football now raiders cent and to take on may be one of the hardest tests of the year the kansas city chiefs and the chiefs have a patrick mahomes and if
10:53 pm
you're that raiders defensive coordinator paul gunther you know kansas city in oakland this week will be a tall order. it is set to take on the bengals in cincinnati, the 9 or stay back east after their game in tampa. last week that in left to deal with the travel and the time change you see the raiders a really good day practicing hopefully they continued their practice habits on to the football field their car not going where the red jersey, a for the big. this week. we will see as mention the 9 years kept it on the east coast, the youngstown where a lot of the niners. brass as ties, including the team's owner jed york in the
10:54 pm
debartolo family. there's ground below. again the niners taking on the bengals. so this weekend we want to mention a local high school football game that and did not too long ago. number third-ranked they lasalle defeats the number 4th ranked fulsome bulldogs 42 to i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow?
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>>hey if you're looking for some fun to do this weekend. is going to be a good one lot of sunshine how about this the rolex big boat yacht racing. it will be a little cooler as we head into sunday though some clouds on the way but all those beautiful boats from around the world cupertino the electric vehicle rally and show lots of sunshine. there. how about the little saigon move festival. lot of good food there don't forget this was area therapy and an option that's unpleasant 10 kids go
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
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it's parked itself over the entire county. expect rain and high winds over the next 24 hours. meteorologist 2: gusts of up to 80 mph have downed trees and power lines... meteorologist 3: the national weather service has issued a tornado warning until 10:00 p.m... meteorologist 4: this tornado touched down at 12:31... dispatcher: dispatch confirming a csi unit has arrived at the trailer park where we have a report of a dead body. over. (loud knocking) mdpd. hello? i'll check the hall. (thunder rumbling) meteorologist 5: three tornados have touched down in the last hour.


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