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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  September 16, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>in national democrats in congress say they're frustrated is that a president trump is ling on the issue of background checks for gun purchases our washington correspondent alexandra le monde reports that senate republicans. >>won't take action because they don't know what the president will support. >>gun controconties to be a top issue for democratic lawmakers after a string of mass shootings over the summer, but ultimately the decision will come down to president trump who questioned in a tweet whether the universal background check bill is really quote a ploy to take your guns away democratic leaders have been working to force a vote in the us senate on the universal background check bill that was passed by the house house earlier this year. and they hope that
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increasing pressure publicly they'll get the president on board senator chuck schumer said he and house speaker nancy pelosi made the case for hr 8 on a call with the president the bill would require background checks for private online gun sales and at trade shows the effectiveness of gun safety measures will be severely compromised. >>if we allow the loopholes in our background check system. >>to remain intact polls show the majority of americans including republicans support requiring background checks for all gun sales immediately following the mass shootings in dayton and el paso president trump said he supported a tougher background check law. but a call from the nra seemed to change his mind. >>the president can provide the kind of leadership on this issue that his party has lacked for decades. he can break the vice grip, the nra is held on congressional republicans on sunday the president told democratic leaders he's not ready to support the house bill.
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>>the wants congress to work on a different bill that both democrats and republicans can support in washington. alexandra leigh mount. >>lawmakers are considering using an app for gun background checks, a senate source familiar with the idea says the app would allow private sellers to connect to the criminal background check system. as it stands now there's no federally mandated background check for private sales. most of the options being considered involved beefing up background checks. there's also been talk of applying bigger penalties of someone buys a gun for someone else. >>and there are more voices joining the call for an end to gun violence in america kron four's rob fladeboe reports from stanford university where doctors and students. join forces to speak out about what they say is nothing less the public health crisis. >>there are very real weapons of mass destruction before our very eyes. firearms. >>the d after a surge in stephanie cho is among the
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stand for doctors and medical students who announced monday that they are taking a stand against what they say is a firearms epidemic in america because the once they get hurt often are not the bad guys often family members and children. so if people choose to keep a gun in the home, then they should learn about how to keep it safely banners like this one were unfurled at more than 40 locations across the country monday. as prominent physicians and medical students and other health care providers joined forces to create what's being called safe scrums addressing the firearms epidemic can change symposium on gun violence doctor come all jones emphasized that mass shootings represent a small fraction of gun violence in america we want to me even days. >>lives at loss gun each year, more suicides site also is the
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tension that they really choir. >>the doctors and students are supporting specific legislation and other measures designed to promote responsible gun ownership and restrictions on assault rifles and other weapons of new orleans. >>it means modeling responsible behavior around guns it means better government infrastructure so that we can identify and keep guns out of the hands of individuals who may use guns to harm themselves or others. means keeping weapons of mass destruction like assault rifles from being brought into our communities. this is an issue that transcends political allegiance. no matter where on the political spectrum we can all agree that we want to reduce the amount of unnecessary suffering in the united states due to gun violence stanford university rob fladeboe kron 4 let's get a check. >>weather. >>around the bay area on this monday afternoon time now for our 4 zone forecast with chief
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meteorologist lawrence karnow who has been busy at work with all this weather. >>yeah and then i see that rain making return the bay area but by the middle of the day in the afternoon that a move down out looks really a nice day outside that's where we sit right now beautiful evening on tap around the bay area little fall feel to of course fall just a week officially way now as we got the changes coming our way we felt that today the numbers outside that we've got 69 degrees in santa rosa this hour still 70 degrees, pleasant in the napa valley 68. and hey we're 71 degrees in san jose and 64 degrees. in half moon bay, but yeah things have been a change in and tomorrow we'll see that again you'll see another nice day around the bay area, plenty of sunshine in the san jose yup in the 70's they will find some 70's in oakland and some 60 sunny nice into san francisco in the afternoon ttle eezy along the coastline. here's the long-range forecast and usually don't see the va ciic getting this active this early in the season. but here we go, here's a cold front that moved through today started to fall apart a moving on out behind that we've got another system develop in the gulf of alaska and here comes rolling in a by tomorrow
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evening. already start to bring some rain and pacific northwest may be in in the clip far northern california and then it starts to sag to the south it's going to fall apart as it begins to move in our area which is pretty typical. but certainly there should be enough moisture left behind. i'm not unheard of to see a couple scattered showers popping up as we head in toward. wednesday, especially north of the golden gate bridge behind that a big dome of high pressure starts to build in here you go we start talking offshore winds and beautiful weather then another cold front dropping in close to the bay area's we get into the weekend so changes are coming our way it looks like we're going to see some much cooler air begin to drop into the bay area too and that means those overnight lows going to get chilly in spots, 40's for overnight lows in the north bay. tonight and into early tomorrow morning 50's elsewhere in parts of the east bay, but by day tomorrow should be a nice day. we've got some 60's and some 70's in the san francisco, 59 and cooler pacific a 61 in daly city 65 millbrae and san bruno 70 degrees, nice in foster city, 73 in woodside 76 degrees in mount view. the south a look at that mild temperatures numbers mainly in
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the 70's as you head to the east bay mainly in the 70's to although we may sweet and low 80's in the cocker 73 degrees in berkeley 78 in last 79 in benicia and about 63 degrees at stinson beach. thank you lawrence. restaurants are suddenly closed their doors near oracle park, even with chase center opening nearby sports fans looking for a spotty are very happy about this. plus 10's of thousands of auto workers strike. >>as tense negotiations between general motors continue we have that stor cooper!
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 6 10's of thousands of general motors workers are on strike as union employees walked out at dozens of gm facility. it is the largest work stoppage by any unit against american companies since the last strike at gm in 2007. >>kron 4 grant lodes joins us now in the studio with the very latest grant kj are the 2 sides do not appear to be close and here we go the united auto workers union started its strike against gm last night walking out of dozens of gm factories. >>and facilities across 9 states, including detroit michigan where gm's headquarters is this was the scene in detroit where employees marched and chanted outside of the assembly plant, 700 workers from this plan joined the nearly 50,000 auto workers protesting gm. the united automobile workers
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union is negotiating a new contract with the automaker but the u a w claims gm has only agreed to about 2% of the union's contract proposal. the union says gm is putting profits ahead of its people, many of whom whether the company struggles in 2008 2009. the bankruptcy and the government bailout. we're tracking because we want to be treated fairly. >>this ad is very important to me i am of our generation, you motors employee i have 2 sisters, they work here at detroit hamtramck with me as 5 here and his uncle before him. 3 generations, i have children and my children have children i want this place to still be around. >>for its part gm says it has made an offer that would boost worker pay and make a $7 billion investment in preserving thousands of jobs. in addition to offering a quote solution for 2 plants slated for closure. workers say they plan to picket in
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shifts all day every day until the strike ends. union officials say there's no telling how long. the strike could last will keep you posted can share back to you thank you grant. >>before hospital's going the extra mile to make sure babies in the intensive care unit. get all the love they need.
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>>sudden closure of 3 big restaurants here oracle park is upsetting some fans and local residents to places all along king street have been
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open for years and how lot of fun memories for some giants fans kron four's dan thorn spoke with fans after the giants game sunday who. >>we're saddened to see the closure signs on the front doors. >>giants fans having to walk past some of their favorite pre or post game spots for bites in beer. pete's tavern and its sister restaurant pedro's cantina have shuttered their doors. >>i'm in a miss beets and pedro they legendary places, 2010 2012 2014 giants won the world series. that's where we were. >>adam swig says he has great memories of celebrating giants victories at the dual spots. he said to see that the 2 places so close to oracle park we're unable to remain open. >>it's too bad, it's too bad hopefully someone takes it over and brings something special for fans in friends family to enjoy. >>a sign on the front door a full restaurant, thanks people for supporting them over the last 12 years they suggest going a nearby momoa's or mission rock resort near the new chase center. street from
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pete and pedro's pizza place um e cheese also close their doors. there was no goodbye note on the east coast style pizza joint. just an empty storefront. it has san francisco gets more expensive people are expecting to see more of these kinds of closures despite location. reporting in san francisco, dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>more than 2000 cats who are up for adoption over the weekend at the alameda county fairgrounds organizers call it america's largest pet adoption event people from across the bay area came to the alameda
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county fair grounds to find a new pet to take home. the event also included classes and workshops for new pet owners. many animal rescue groups say this is their most successful adoption event. >>we had. >>40 dog serious today, we've got 36. like 18 or 19 and we've got that out. >>26 different adoption shelters and rescues for all on hand at the pet fair. not every newborn gets to go home straight from the hospital right away those babies who need extra care also need some extra love of alley children's hospital in fresno is making sure that happens with their volunteer color program, kiersten mitchell explains. >>it's donna garcia's favorite day of her week. hand washing. she's ready to meet any this is and he was born early
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weighing just 2 and a half pounds per boe is about as big as she is the neck, you is her home for now until she put on enough weight to head home in u all that growing can be stressful for the little ones that's why the hospital relies on volunteer colors like donna to provide some comfort to you by mice turn. research shows human touch can have remarkable healing and developmental benefits i think with the breathing in my heart beat i think sometimes it comes in down, especially helpful in the nick, you when parents can't be there 24 7 nobody plans on being in the nicu that's what they always say this is an nobody's birth plan amy's mother shannon tell haney lives nearby and checks in on her baby daily, but feels for the parents with busy lives who aren't so fortunate that's why donna's there i know that somebody could be holding her she's upset and that makes heart happy because he don't want your baby crying in a crib
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when donna is she's needing blankets for the babies, the caring nurses appear in the queue, i just. >>i can't speak their praises enough they. i might even cry they are very caring and very dedicated to what they do. >>her grandchildren may be hundreds of miles away. it's just nice to the able to you know do this press it lowers my blood pressure but has a color, it feels like they're right there. >>what a great story there will athlete turned activist colin kaepernick is now part of an emmy winning campaign. the nike ad he was and one an emmy for outstanding commercial of the 2019 creative art. emmy awards. the commercial called dream crazy features kapur neck and other sports icons like lebron james and serena williams they're all part of nike's 30th anniversary commemorative dorian of its just do it
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campaign. nike released the ad and september 2018 days before the start of the nfl season. cabinet made headlines when he began kneeling and the national anthem before games as a protest for injustice. and the 49 ers win on the road. >>and i'm usually are early season storm brought as much as half an inch of rain to parts of the bay area could we see some more rain and we'll talk about that next and kron four's now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet. >>here's what you missed. >>county oakland, san francisco and los part. the weather's perfect...
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>>welcome back will lots to talk about in the sports world tonight take as take the second with mark and rance he was going on with bay area sports night. >>every go are all ready to go on bay area sports night 7 o'clock. talking wrapping up the nfl weekend first question though grant of the 49 ers for real.
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>>the 40 niners to be the past what 3, 4 seasons, yes, there absolutely for real. the bengals a good team know yeah but did they barely beat them, no, i smacked the field and they bloom out like they should and they've shown us crop below has shown us in particular. this is a formidable team in the nfl and if you're going to be a good team. you have. >>tough to beat the bad teams are race, not keep it close it also be breaking down the win also be talking about joe staley's injury was the team going to be doing next and also look at raiders chiefs. >>how that game completely changed in just one quarter bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on and so back to you get in j r i would be the 2nd quarter. >>all right, thank you very much mark. well in take a live look outside. whether beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge tonight. let's check in with with a lawrence karnow got some great weather
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of the bay area now started out pretty well lou, this cold front. >>early season storm system rolling through the bay area usually don't see anything like that to about the 3rd week in october so maybe just a sign. beginning to a good wet season, and we can only hope so more thunderstorms continuing across the northern sierra nevada there behind that we have the snow up the sierra nevada as well reports even a funnel cloud in the central valley, so it has been an active weather day unusually active for this time of year tomorrow morning we wake up low. we've got some partly cloudy skies to begin with double patches of fog right along the immediate coastline overnight lows going to be a little chilly. i think we're going to see some overnight lows dipping down in the 40's and some of the north bay valleys and by day we've got to see the sunshine and here we go we'll see some very nice temperatures little mild for this time of year in spots still warm in london by noon time you get some plan some near 70 degree temperatures inside the bay and 70's in the valleys 60's along the coastline will be a little breezy little cooler out toward the coastline in the afternoon. but just the lot of sunshine in the bay and 70's their highs up in the 80's. i think the warmer spots. well
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inland so, yeah looks like a nice day for tomorrow, you're planning out your day tomorrow should be a dry day a fall feel to indeed as we're growing closer and closer now just a week away before fall actually officially begins 70's inside the bay about 72 degrees in redwood city, 70 in fremont 76 degrees in san jose about 79 degrees in livermore 82 degrees in concord and 66 deees and sepsis along the coastline. maybe couple patches of fog and some sunshine and police sunshine away from the coast. you see some 70's and some 80's in places like napa and also santa rosa, so looking out over the next couple days here we go got a lot of sunshine coming our way and looks like a nice day tomorrow. but then things change we've got a cold front this one a weaker system than the one that just went through today but certainly bringing with it. a chance we could see a couple of scattered light showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge. and then the system kind of just fall apart, a you know today we had like a half an inch of rain some the wet spots that's impressive to see this time of year i don't think we'll see this. this was just going to be much more spotty but still impressive
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that we're talking about the chance of rain in this last full week of summer. i think we get a lot of part of the week we go the other direction high pressure starts to build in. we're going to see some of those offshore winds kicking in on friday and saturday i think this one a little more blustery than the previous events will see those 80's and 90's but i think we'll see fire dangers elevated as we get toward latter part of this next week which is pretty typical this time of year doesn't look like a real huge fire danger event but looks like it'll be a little more gusty fire danger even wall we're seeing snow in the sierra and that amazing and that's as we transition in fall. for sure all right thank you. and thank you for joining us, we'll see it tonight at 8 o'clock.
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