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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 16, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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hunter hospitalized. his heart emergency. >> i'm under supervision for from my whole team. then christie brinkley shatters her arm and her dancing dream. how producers scrambled. smiling after sentencing. why felicity huffman's prison stay could feel like a vacation. >> plus roseanne's confession. >> i wanted to see what it was like. we're with single celine. is she ready to date again? >> do this song. a da da da da da ♪ less than three months after losing his wife to cancel dwayne is dealing with a health crisis. >> here's what we know. "e.t." learned dog is currently hospitalized in colorado after suffering a terrifying heart scare over the weekend. doctors are currently conducting tests to determine if he
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suffered a heart attack. we know he was admitted to the hospital after feeling a pain in his chest. dog's reps say he is resting comfortably. no doubt he's been coping with a broken heart since his wife beth chapman died from cancer. i sat down with him two weeks ago. it was clear the loss was taking a huge emotional toll. >> i am so lonely. >> you still have on your wedding ring. >> never did i know when she put it on my finger what it would mean to me. >> her cancer battle is being documented on their reality show. >> i didn't know my hair was going to fall out. the night before chemo i had my hair braided. >> dog's hospitalization will not affect his show. >> how are you doing? >> i'm under supervision from my
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whole team. the kids, where is dad? it hurts worse when you're all alone. >> we're sendi our best to my man dog. the premier of dog's show was the highest rated premier on wgn in two years. >> prayers to him man. speaking of highly rated shows "dancing with the stars" premiers tonight. christie is out but daughter sailor is in after mom got hurt on camera. >> a shattered right arm, a crushing disappointment. >> that's the moment it happened. during a rehearsal thursday night christi tripped over her partner's heel and slipped. what followed? a surgery to insert a metal plate and screws into her right arm. we were supposed to interview christi friday, but were told she had a, quote, schedule
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change. >> i'm guessing i'm not going to be around that long. >> 21-year-old model sailor got the call from her mom as her flight to l.a. was about to take off. she was planning to be in the audience for the premiere, not on the floor. >> i freaked out. i was like i don't know if i can do this. i'm so scared. she cries every five minutes at the fact i'm doing this, that i'm taking over. >> that's sailor in the same blue outfit her mom was fitted for. yes, they wear the same size. she had just three days to learn the dance her mom had been working on for two weeks. >> it's so surreal. >> when it comes to sailor's partners, the pros have been kept under wraps. all signs point to the mirror ball champ val. that's him outside her trailer yesterday. as for the other celebs who have been putting in work for weeks they're feeling it. >> my feet are destroyed. like they are disgusting. they stink so bad. >> i had like a knot in my calf. boo hoo. >> my feet are swollen. >> oh, i definitely have blisters on my feet. it's called battle scars.
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>> i had one tiny blister on the top of the tiny toe of my left foot. it caused me a ton of agony. >> hopefully that tiny little blister won't slow him down. >> is it weird that he's dealing with a blister while you're doing a show with a broken foot? >> broken foot. by the way james is the favorite to win the entire show. i'm feeling that too. from the ballroom to the big house. felicity huffman is going to prison and we know how the desperate housewife is spending her final days of freedom. felicity has just 39 days to report to prison and she's making the most of it. yesterday she and her daughter sophia volunteered at a teen center and on saturday the actress was snapped out with her husband, actor william h. macy, running errands in l.a. if felicity seemed upbeat, well, it could be that she's learning more about the prison where she's hoping to serve her 14-day sentence. the dublin, california all female facility has been nicknamed club fed and "forbes"
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once called it one of america's ten cushiest prisons. why? it's pretty relaxed. there are no bars and inmates can watch tv until 11:45 p.m. on the weekends. they can also check out and use hair care items like blow dryers and curling irons. there's a sun bathing deck for weekends. famous former inmates include patty hearst and hollywood madam heidi fleiss. >> you have the right to remain silent. >> the former desperate housewife was sentenced friday in boston and we hear it's having a major impact on the other high profile defendant in the admissions scandal, lori loughlin. the 55-year-old actress turned down a plea deal and a source tells "e.t." she's now incredibly panicked and, quote, has nightmares about what's to come and has been living with constant anxiety. >> lori's case dealt with $500,000. felicity huffman's was only $15,000. in the eyes of the court that
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matter. >> legal expert rachel stockman says it mi too late for lori to cut a deal with prosecutors. >> unless that means jail time, i don't think prosecutors will agree to it. >> olivia jade was spotted with her boyfriend friday night outside a west hollywood hot spot. station this is brad. how do you hear me. >> welcome to the international space station. >> how cool is that? leave it to brad to put nick on the hot spot. >> who is more believable clooney or pitt? >> you were absolutely. >> it's like he had to say that. either way gravity george and brad look good in a space suit. brad is in the nation's capitol
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for his latest film. let's talk fall tv. season two of "the conners" returns next week. roseanne barr is coping to one plastic surgery she had. >> i did have one procedure where i got the fat sucked out of my stomach and put in my butt because i just wanted to see what it would be like to have some shape of my butt. >> roseanne's big confession, she wanted a back side like a kardashian. the comedian who was killed off on her own show for posting a racist tweet also tells the "daily mail's" jesse palmer she still hasn't forgiven her former co-star sara gilbert for calling her behavior abhorrent. >> have you talked to her since? >> no. >> it's been a matter of adjustment and life goes on. >> it was a big change for us. >> lauren zima learned next week's season of the show will
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only briefly talk about the loss. >> we're told the second season premiere of "the conners" will only briefly address the loss. >> it won't be as much as last year because i think of the natural process of brief would be -- >> seasonal. >> seasonal. >> i have season two grief. in more tv news james corden and his double emmy win, beating beyonce. >> i love beyonce. ♪ beat rise up >> i hope she's not too disappointed. she's welcome to help me in traffic any day of the week. >> corden's carpool karaoke special shut out queen b.'s homecoming in the variety category. at next sunday's prime time awards james could also win for "the late late show" where he spoke out against bill maher's shocking comments. >> fat shaming doesn't need to end. it needs to make a comeback. >> fat shaming never went anywhere. ask any fat person. we are reminded of it all the time. i feel like i probably know a little more about what it's like to be overweight than perhaps some other people do. >> james explained he's not trying to start a feud with the "real time" host. >> i have nothing but respect for bill maher. i think he's terrific. what bill maher does on his show, he sort of sees something
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he disagrees with and he talks about it. that's all we did. >> come on hotties. >> backstage crazy exgirlfriend's rachel bloom wasn't holding back either revealing right after her win she's pregnant with a baby girl. >> you did not plan on sharing that news today. >> it was like 50/50. i'm at the three-month mark. this makes me so happy and this makes me happy. >> red carpet fashion? a lot of basic black except for olivia munn, angela bassett and lisa kudrow, nearly twinning with nph. "this is us" nominee sterling k. brown kept cool in shades after a rigorous time shooting "the marvelous mrs. maisel." >> it's the closest thing to doing live theater on camera. it was a blast. i loved it. >> the marvelous mrs. maisel will return december 6th on amazon. we'll catch up with the cast at the emmys. when i say me, our entire red carpet steam which includes sharon osbourne. >> i love that so much.
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from squad goals to mega mansion goals. just one family lives here. the big star who built this giant estate that's the size of a mall. then he's dating who? the tv star we caught this property brother cuddling with. plus our one minutes away priyanka has a special birthday message for hubby nick
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minutes away priyanka has a special birthday message for face buried in your phone. stop! look up. look both ways.
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let's start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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face buried in your phone. stop! look up. look both ways. let's start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. ♪ now that is a hilltop palace worthy of thor. chris hemsworth and his wife have completed their renovations on their $20 million mansion. five bedrooms, ten bathrooms, saw in a, gym and roof top infinity pool. that is gorgeous. $20 million is a crazy amount of money to drop on a house. seth curry has dropped even
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more. seth is giving back in a big way here on the links in san francisco. the last time we talked, cannon wasn't here. >> i know. >> he has been begging me for like a year now. >> you just want more babies? are you like i want a boy? >> i definitely want a boy. >> i like to think that conversation may have sparked something. maybe he was conceived that night. we talked about it. >> we did. >> we talked about it. a couple months later it was like surprise. >> he's running around, coming into his own as a little young fella. >> steph and aiesha have help their older daughter riley. >> she's all about cannon. >> steph's kids are a big reason behind what he's doing today, their foundation, eat, learn play. >> this is about setting kids up to success.
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trying to create safe places to play. >> they partnered with workday for this event. >> we understand it takes a village. >> is steph's village going to get bigger? >> you can never say we're done unless you do something to fix that. right now we are very happy and content with our family. >> if they change their minds, there's plenty of room for more in their brand new $31 million home. >> this is home. we're enjoying it. >> can i come stay in the guest house? >> we got you. >> look, steph, i'll baby-sit. i'll do anything. steph didn't bring his three kids with him today. i'm sure he's missing those babies. you know who else will be missing their kids? celine dion. candid confessions from celine before she kicks off her new tour. is she bringing a new man on the road? >> it's the first time ever.
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plus taylor swift's tv gig. and it's our very brady exclusive. >> who is the least tech savvy. >> their family fails then and now. >> she can't turn on the computer. closed captioning provided by --
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come try my really big chicken two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box.
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two breaded chicken patties plus fries and a drink for $4.99. three patties for $5.99. or even four for just $6.99. four patties? well, tickle my elbow! no thank you. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. ♪ i don't know who this is. >> hey, taylor. >> hi, guys. >> she's made for that.
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>> a lot of people don't realize that i raised taylor swift in the country music world. >> yes. >> she knows it. >> sounds like taylor is going to have to do something extra special for team blake. she'll reclaim her mentor status on "the voice." she did this make on season seven. meanwhile there's no mistaking celine dion's voice. only "e.t." was invited to talk to celine. >> what song gets you dancing with your boys? ♪ i'm dancing on my own ♪ on the wings of your love >> so good. don't get me started. >> oh, good. get started. ♪ i'm flying on my own >> any time celine breaks out into song, we're all in. ♪ i'm a single lady
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♪ i'm a single lady >> it was truly special to hang out with this single lady near where she grew up. >> how do you feel about being back home? >> it's always great. >> it's in here native canada where she launches her courage world tour on wednesday night. but it might get lonely. her three sons will be staying home in vegas. >> you have said that they won't be coming on the road with you. >> that's the first time. >> the first time? >> ever. >> how difficult will it be for you to be away from them? no more than two weeks though you've said. >> well, if i just think about me, it will be very difficult. what would be best for them, they would be home, go to school, play, have a good time. ♪ i couldn't get much higher >> now 51 years old this hot mama is having fun with fashion and living it up. ♪ when you call on me >> she's got a new album coming out in november and there's a new guy in her life. pepe munoz who is 17 years younger. >> we met and we bonded as best friends. we were laughing constantly. we had to be like children.
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pay attention. calm down. >> immediate bond? >> immediate bond. >> but pepe's not her boyfriend. he's a combination of a friend, confidant, stylist and choreographer. >> do you think you'll ever get to the point when you want to date again? you want to find another love that way? >> i don't know which way, but it won't be that way because pepe is gay. >> not pepe. i'm just saying. >> okay. i just want to set the record straight. with all love and respect that i do have for him -- >> no. he's your best friend. ♪ near, far, wherever you are >> but like her most famous song says, her heart will go on. >> am i going to love again? am i gonna have a partner in my life? well, stay tuned and, if i do, i will definitely share it and it would be a pleasure to share it.
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it's a chapter that's -- it's something that's closed. it's not something that's dead. >> i hear you celine. she was like pepe is my friend. we got it. can we talk about a very brady renovation? last week's debut was the highest rated season premiere in hgtv history. not shocked by that at all. >> but what did shock us? the budding new romance between one of its stars, "property brothers" jonathan scott and "new girl" zooey deschanel. a source tells "e.t." zooey and jonathan have only been on a few dates but they are having a lot of fun together, the news comes just one week after zooey announced her split from her husband of four years. the 39-year-old mom of two met the 41-year-old scott while shooting an upcoming carpool karoake segment with their siblings. our source says they started out as friends, but then realized they liked each other. jonathan shot that carpool karoake two months after he
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finished the "very brady renovation." our rachel smith got together with the cast for a fun game. >> okay. so it's gonna be a modern day brady game. so we're gonna give you some modern day concepts and you're gonna tell me which brady sibling is most likely to do this modern day concept. >> okay. >> all right. who's the most likely to have if most facebook friends? >> marcia, marcia, marcia. >> she lives for facebook. are you kidding? >> so what brady sibling is most likely to be the most active on twitter. >> it's a tie. >> greg's gonna be famous. >> who is the least tech savvy? >> cindy. >> she still can't turn on a computer. >> that would be really neat. >> tonight on a "very brady renovation" they're working on the office. >> we had the chance to recreate
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this iconic moment in the office between mike and carol. come on now. >> so good. >> coming up nick jonas turns 27 today. 2nd half. this morning tightening up for it with one of back off with. when we eliminate the mistakes. i didn't see them back off at all feel like that was doing the same place. i mean if you look at the film they really score too big. you know touchdowns off miscommunication maybe you really look at the film there's other than a few plays when a you know beat us. what was man coverage a you know on a so once a conservative when take nothing away from
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travel consideration provides provided by -- celebrating an "e.t."
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birthday today nick jonas turns 27. here's the thing, we got someone very close to nick's heart to send him a special birthday message. his wife priyanka chopra. >> in front of the whole word it's been a wonderful year for you. i hope it's only bigger and better. >> they're so in love. she told me more homes and more babies on the way. this is a big year fror frien for friends. we're bringing you our entire show from inside central perk. >> here's a sneak peek. >> it's the one where "e.t." celebrates friends turning 25. >> no. >> da da da da da. >> we have bloopers and secrets from the set. >> i remember being in fashifat with jennifer aniston. >> courtney does have soft lips. >> could there ever be a reboot? >> it is a big deal. >> i knew it!
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>>supposed to be a healthy alternative cigarettes right. well, it turns out it's a killer. >>breaking news tonight. vaping has now led to the death of a 7th person in the united states since the second death in california linked to vaping good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm j r stone and for pam moore now the cdc is activated. its emergency operations center in response to the cigarette use grant lodes joins us now with more on where this latest death has taken place craft jr can seems like a full blown crisis in the cdc's taking drastic action. this latest death connected


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