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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 16, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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and i'm vicki liviakis thanks for joining us tonight at 9. >>santa rosa police say they discovered the drugs you're 29 year-old patrick o'neill was unconscious next to his son on saturday car first taylor sackey spoke with family friends today. and she joins us now live from santa rosa memorial hospital taylor. friends tell you the father was taken off life support today. >>that's right the same meal has bn unconscious ever since he overdosed on saturday and that his organs have been filling him ever since they say that the family went to the hospital today to say good-bye. now this comes just hours after the santa rosa police said that they would arrest o'neill for his son's death and that he would be booked. once he's cleared from the hospital. police say there were no signs of physical violence at o'neill's home but say his drug use caused the death of his 13 month-old son. he was also found unresponsive next to him on saturday. family friend sheen cratty says he was shocked when she heard the news, especially since he thought patrick was clean. he says o'neill loved
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his son liam and that his son liam was always happy and smiling while they were together. he says his friend would have never purposely harmed his son. it helps this is a warning to others to stay away from the deadly drug. >>i i really don't. show people that.
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>>now while we were with shane today he got that text that o'neill would be taken off life support. we'll hear more from him and another friend coming up at 10. reporting live in santa rosa taylor sackey kron 4 news. >>taylor. thank you and now to our other top story tonight, authorities say a central california resident has died from complications related to the use of e cigarettes. the announcement by the to larry county health official comes just hours after governor newsome issued an executive order to spend $20 million on raising awareness about the dangers. vaping nicotine and cannabis this makes 2 confirmed deaths into possible use of vaping kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala now explains the governor's plans. >>producing those products they sleep at night knowing what they're doing. >>this try to help for the next general and the generation. >>the governor gavin newsome taking aim at youth vaping and flavored tobacco products the
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governor monday announcing a million advertising campaign about the dangers of vaping nicotine and cannabis products the governor says his administration will also increase enforcement against counterfeit in the legal vaping products. the state is also set to consider increasing morning signage on product packaging newsome also asking officials to consider boosting taxes on the cigarettes to the extent taxes can be a deterrent. >>the to plea for kids that are more price sensitive. i think both advertising in taxes should be on the table. >>a spokesman with the cigarette giant juul labs responded monday saying the company is reviewing the governor's executive order. the company applauded the crackdown on counterfeit and illegal vaping products but officials with the american cancer society say newsome's actions. no go far enough we know that the use of flavors is what's driving this new epidemic in uptake of tobacco use we need to do is take the flavor. >>the back of politics cigarettes and cigarettes and cigars off the shelves. >>so governor newsom says he doesn't have the authority to
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impose a statewide ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products but he says the legislature does state senator jerry hill actually dropped his proposal to do just that after lawmakers tried to exempt who could industry from his measure. lawmakers say they have another bil >>legislative session. >>reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>prosecutors say a wisconsin man suspected of manufacturing vaping cartridges with the thc oil so to california last month to get the substance in bulk and then fill thousands of cartridge is a daily for sale. the information is in the criminal complaint filed today, 21 year old or other 20 year-old tyler huffhines is charged with maintaining a drug trafficking house and 3 counts of possession with intent to deliver thc the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. authorities in wisconsin arrested huffhines on september 5th, he's being held on a $500,000 cash bond. his brother jake up hines is charged with 3 felonies.
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>>murray county man has bailed out of jail tonight, but he is facing manslaughter charges after his 11 year-old son was thrown off his boat. and then his son was accidentally hit by that boat and killed. it happened yesterday near angel island kron four's michelle kingston reports. >>it's a tragedy and then all heartsick about this. >>think back to timber on from san francisco on sunday police say 57 year-old javier for real may have hit a swell in the raccoon straight near angel island, don is 33 foot target protector with his 2 sons on board. both sons were on the bow of the boat and went over the side and then were struck by the boat. police say barrios 27 year-old son suffered leg lacerations his 11 year-old son was killed. the rio was arrested
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than 2 hours after making the 911 call at his home on caribbean island in belvidere he was booked on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter with the vessel willful heart or injury to a child and operating a boat while under the influence on monday law enforcement officers were seen around his home but would not comment on it they were executing a search warrant. but rio was released from jail where he was being held on a million dollar bill. just before 5 monday evening. >>well, you know one of things no money wants to continue. the officers and then are. and that's what we did as painful as that sometimes. >>tipper on police marine county sheriff's office in the us coast guard are still investigating the incident but
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rio is part of one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in mexico. we're told he owns a number of restaurants and hotels there. >>we waited outside of his house tonight to see if we could speak to him when he was released from jail. but we never saw him in michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>the discovery of a woman is dead and several others are injured after a boating accident in the east bay. this is a picture of the victim 24 year-old kelly blake. she died after 2 boats crashed saturday night in the delta near ski beach. the cause of the crash is still unclear, but officials are warning other people to be vigilant while out on the water. no arrests have been made and officials say the people involved are cooperating with the investigation. >>a community is mourning the tragic death of the north bay teenager who died in a car crash of the weekend. although it's early in the investigation police say it appears speed was a major factor. our first has report. >>a grim photo bystanders
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observing first responders on the scene of a deadly vehicle accident. the victim behind the wheel, a young man just 16 years old it's terribly sad. it happened sunday around noon here on the 1100 block of simmons lane in the bottom as you can see the posted speed limit is 30 miles per hour. however, according to nevada police the preliminary investigation indicates the vehicle was traveling over the speed limit just prior to the vehicle leaving the roadway and crashing into a retaining wall and peter shops onshore words, something hit them. causes started of far police say witnesses help remove to 16 year-old male passengers were also in the vehicle both were taken to the hospital for their injuries can fortunately the driver was pronounced dead at the scene a close family friend tells me that he was a nice young man that was a good son to his mother just ices a vein ices. >>my speech put mom she says that he was also a product of the novato unified school
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district attending elementary middle and was currently in his junior year at sandler in high school where he played football and soccer body unified school district does a great job organizing what we call our crisis response team once we heard about the incident on sunday afternoon we started pull the team we have students on multiple campuses around the district there to support our. >>our students in any way they need support officials with the school district say they are in the planning stage for a memorial to honor the students memory in the meantime the location of the accident is where people from the community are gathering to reflect on the young life that was lost at potential. >>for the future, the parents, the friends. the community is going to feel this for a long time in haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>in the east bay then early morning accident and fuel spill along 6.80 near seville created this traffic nightmare happened about one 50 am when a big rig hit the median and jackknifed a second truck carrying fuel clipped that big
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rig and about 3800 gallons of gas spilled out on to the roadway. 2 other cars were involved fortunately, nobody seriously injured. but cleanup lasted for hours as crews had to mop up all that fuel. police are still investigating exactly what caused that crash. >>firefighters are concerned that an expose pg e gas main in briones regional park and present a significant safety hazard there that gas may and falls high fire hazard zone and there's roughly 40 feet of pipeline that's exposed in the sloped area with dense vegetation firefighters safe a major fire sparks debris could fall down hill and could impact that pipeline. firefighters also mentioned how accessible the pipeline is to the public. they say somebody could use the pipeline is a walkway and that extra 8 inches or so which. the pipe which could also
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create a fire threat pg e has responded in a statement asserting that the pipeline is quote safe and has been monitored and. of maintenance activity san jose investigators are looking into a fire at a business where they found a body hit happened yesterday. >>at a store on santa clara street police received reports of an armed person who was threatening to set the business on fire shortly after officials arrive smoke started coming out of that building. crews rushed in to put out the fire and then they found the body in the basement of the building. 4 firefighters were injured. a look at the weather this evening. this is a live look outside of san francisco, beautiful shot from our sutro cam. out there is the view from the clear night. >>wasn't the case last night and overnight chief meteologistawrence karnow joins us now got a taste of fall got some on the way how about that i mean they're really a significant storm
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system to come through for this time of year, i mean it's not even fall yet. and here we go we're talking about the rain around the bay area and yeah, pretty impressive amounts almost half an inch of rain castro valley, almost half an inch also in the milpitas livermore you're checking in with 1800's, 700's in the san francisco conquered 1100's, half moon bay, 1300's of an inch of rain and all around the bay area we have some of those showers on this morning and by the afternoon was back to some sunshine. so yes, certainly an impressive storm system moving to the bay area that one windingdown though we may not be done with the rain just yet but the storm system coming through mainly this morning bringing with it the rain behind that we have the thunderstorms and yet we're even seeing some snow up in the sierra nevada trying to well into the afternoon into the evening hours and things begin to settle down there across the high country but boy it's good to see that happening hopefully that's a sign of things to come always love a good snow season up there that's great for the water ship around the bay area we've got to sky's clear now now just a couple of patches of fog out along the coastline.
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and a beautiful shot out toward the golden gate bridge of course this is that time of year. we start to clear out that fog for the most part and bring in that sunshine but today we had a few rain drops a little surprise. i think to some folks around the bay area, 64 degrees right now in san jose 62 in livermore this hour to 64 in oakland, 57 degrees in half moon bay, 63 in san francisco, 63 also in san anselmo 61. in petaluma 64 degrees in saint alina and 63 for friends in cloverdale we are expecting mostly clear skies overnight and we may see a couple batches of coastal fog, plenty stars out there tomorrow should be sunny should be a mild a warm day around the bay area again temperatures to be running a little bit below the average but then as we get in the middle of the week here we go another chance. some storm clouds moving in our direction in fact you can see that next storm system moving in from the gulf of alaska. it's some rain off the coastline that look like it's going to be here tomorrow plan on some mild temperatures around the bay area tomorrow, lots of sunshine. then late in the day that storm starts moving far
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northern california and by wednesday. we're tracking a chance of some more rain drops all right lawrence and as we wait to see what out of action. thepwhite house and congress takes. >>on gun reform measures some stakeholders say that they're being shut out of the conversation as washington dc correspondent trevor shirley reports for us tonight. some are worried that pro gun special interest groups are having too much influence on the process. some gun violence prevention advocates say the white house is not listening to their concerns we've reached out to the white house many times since president trump was elected. >>but we haven't had calls back. chris brown is president of brady a major anti-gun violence advocacy group she says at no point have they been included in talks with the trump administration. >>which as you can imagine makes me a bit skeptical about the quality of any package will see from the white house so far the president has waffled on whether to expand background checks. we have.
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>>you may get background checks. >>opponents say the nra has too much influence over the gop and is steering the conversation away from seib gun reform, something the nra denies in a statement the nra said it will work with any elected official to address the root causes of violence without stripping law abiding americans of their rights. some lawmakers say the white house needs more diverse perspectives. >>i think it's important to hear all voices, especially those of constituents, those who have been fortunate be impacted by these kinds of shootings, gop leaders say they won't vote on anything that doesn't have the president's approval, but it's still unclear what exactly that approval will look like reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. doctors and medical students are adding their voices to the call for an end to gun violence in america rallies were held across the country today kron four's rob fladeboe reports from stanford.
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>>there are very real weapons of mass destruction before our very eyes. firearms. >>after a surge in stephanie cho is among the stand for doctors and medical students who announced monday that they are taking a stand against what they say is a firearms epidemic in america because the once they get hurt often are not the bad guys often family members and children. so if people choose to keep a gun in the home, then they should learn about how to keep it safely banners like this one were unfurled at more than 40 locations across the country monday. as prominent physicians and medical students and other health care providers joined forces to create what's being called safe scrums addressing the firearms epidemic. are on to the show symposium on gun violence doctor come all jones emphasized that mass shootings represent a small fraction of gun violence in america we want to even days.
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>>loss gun each year, more suicides site also the tension that they really choir. >>the doctors and students are supporting specific legislation and other measures designed to promote responsible gun ownership and restrictions on assault rifles and other weapons of new orleans. >>it means modeling responsible behavior around guns it means better government infrastructure so that we can identify and keep guns out of the hands of individuals who may use guns to harm themselves or others. means keeping weapons of mass destruction like assault rifles from being brought into our communities. >>stanford university rob fladeboe kron 4 news now to an update on a story we've been following all weekend long 43 year-old rebecca delay, leo is now facing charges after throwing which he says. >>is her blood at california
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lawmakers happened friday night as lawmakers were voting on the senate floor on possible regulations requiring vaccines for children is not clear if this particular act was a protest over that or protest over a separate issue. the liquid landed on about how half-dozen states senators eventually officers caught dileo in a capitol hallway where she admitted it was her menstrual blood. it certainly helped that show prosecution law for what she's done. is facing assault and vandalism charges for the attack. >>days before supreme court justice brett kavanaugh's confirmation. a democratic senator urged the fbi to reach out to a witness who said he had key information about misconduct by the nominee wall. he was at yale that's according to a letter obtained by our partners at cnn, the letter comes as the new york times reported over the weekend. a new claim of
9:19 pm
sexual-misconduct against kavanaugh cnn's jessica schneider reports. >>new revelations today in a letter obtaineand reviewed by cnn in a democratic senator chris coons urged the fbi to reach out to a witness about brett kavanaugh's alleged misconduct at you. the letter is dated october second 2018 4 days before kavanaugh was confirmed. writes he'd heard from several people who reportedly had key information but had trouble getting through to the fbi. specifically asked the fbi to follow up with the man who sources say was max stier a possible witness to the incident and a young college classmate of kavanaugh and ramirez with information relevant to ramirez is allegations an fbi investigation of played a key role in the confirmation hearings >>judge kavanaugh is shown to have lied to the committee. nominations over.
9:20 pm
>>we've been seeing republican senator jeff flake to call for a supplemental fbi background investigation before flake would vote kavanaugh out of committee but in a new book new york times reporters to the fbi did not investigate stiers alleged claim concerning another student, the newspaper later clarified saying that student declined to be interviewed her friends say she doesn't remember the incident, a aide tells cnn the fbi received the letter, but never heard back in a democratic senator tells cnn quote the broader point is that the fbi investigation was not thorough incredible. cnn previously reported the fbi interview 9 people in connection to claims by 2 other women against kavanaugh christine blasey ford and deborah now almost a year after justice kavanaugh was sworn in to the supreme court house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler is calling for renewed in korea neighborhood. >>looking into the adequacy the investigation. i want the
9:21 pm
pound which 1000 nations plan is to when the fbi director comes in for 6 right. >>well the president today and over the weekend defended justice kevin over twitter telling him to start suing people for libel and saying the justice department should come to his rescue. >>president trump defended kavanaugh on twitter over the weekend trump tweeting the capital should quote start suing people for libel and that the justice department should come to his rescue. >>the lawyers of one of 2 bay area teenagers being held in the slaying of an italian police officer have dropped her request for their client to be released. officer lawyers rather for gabriel natale your earth who's in custody for his alleged role in the fatal stabbing say they need time to study new evidence that emerged recently tell your thing and his friend finnegan lee elder were arrested in rome in july. prosecutors say elder stabbed the officer well that holly your scuffle with the officer's partner it happened during a meeting organized by the teens to get money and
9:22 pm
cocaine. both teens graduated from high school in mill valley. >>young people were allegedly the targets of racial harassment at a high school football game, how school officials are now responding. >>and the white house keeping a close watch on iran and iraq after an attack on saudi arabian oil fields over the we
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>>period of relatively low gas prices of philip will soon cost people more. experts say recent attacks on oil fields in saudi arabia. we'll leave consumers to have to pay more at the pump, oil prices rose above $60 a barrel following those attacks but americans aren't really expected to be heavily impacted gasbuddy to estimate the hype from about 10 to $0.25 a gallon during the next few weeks. >>and according to aaa the average price for a gallon of gas nationwide is $2.56 that is down nearly $0.8 from a month ago. the us has become less dependent on saudi arabian oil in fact in the 1st half of this year the us imported a less than. the amount of barrels each day from saudi arabia than it did 2 years ago. >>general mills is pulling some of its all-purpose flour off shelves because of e coli concerns this is the package. the company says consumers need to check. today company announced it was voluntarily recalling 5 pound bags of its gold medal unbleached
9:26 pm
all-purpose flour the recall only focuses on the flower with the use by date of september 6th 2020. according to general mills that flour could contain e coli. the bacteria was discovered during sampling of the product. there have not been any reports of illnesses connected to the recall. still general mills says anybody with the flour should throw it out. >>google's newest flagship phone is on its way the pixel for smartphone is likely to be unveiled at an october 15th made by google event i've already sent out press invitations the unveiling can't come a moment too soon the pixel for has been the subject of so many leaks that in june google had to go ahead and confirmed what it would look like the company's images show a phone with a large square camera bump on the back and no fingerprint reader it's going to features including motion-sensing technology and the ability to unlock the phone with the user's face the pixel 4 is also rumored to have a second camera a
9:27 pm
telephoto lens capable of zooming in on subjects it's expected to come in black white and coral. >>their london breed and the mayor of a tour new wing. the san francisco navigation center where 60 beds have been added for homeless people. how many more coming in what that means for people and hurricane humberto is expected to strengthen into a major hurricane as it inches closer
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>>san francisco mayor london breed tour de navigation center today that just added another 60 beds to help shelter the homeless for swearing kelly reports this comes on the eve of the us hud secretary ben carson's visit to the city as he seeks solutions to the homeless crisis. >>mayor london breed is taking a look at the newly added beds of the division circle navigation center which bumps up the facilities. cassidy so we can now sleep. a 186 people our goal is to make sure that as we you know move people off the streets that we have places for them to go. >>and that's what this place rther torture goal of or creating 1000 new shelter beds by the end of next year with these new beds, she's up to 346 added so far there's another 244 beds under construction, including the new 200 bed in park and arrow navigation center. >>taking shape. and another 200 beds in the pipeline.
9:31 pm
>>she toured the facility with mayor who's looking to open a 125 bed navigation center in his town next year it right now they're at >>they could buildings are living out in the marshlands they're living any place they can possibly pitch a tent or put up a tour. and that is absolutely no way for our residents to live. >>one of the center's current occupants poll forbes says he lost his job and his housing at the same time and can't pay rent on just his social security alone. >>i'm just very very grateful for. gatian to be here because it provided me with place right here at night you know off the streets. >>while talking with reporters the mayor learned that hud secretary ben carson has confirmed he is coming to the city tuesday. it's part of a fact-finding mission for the president looking for solutions to the growing homeless crisis their breed
9:32 pm
says she knows what she asked the feds for if given the opportunity to give me money we have >>a significant under investment. and affordable housing. in our state. and i think that has had a direct impact on homelessness. >>and she says well shelters like this one are important affordable housing is even more so and requires more investment from the federal government. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>the other big story. we're following tonight school officials from to southern california schools are now investigating reports of racial harassment and this comes after visiting high school football team says its fans players and cheerleaders were verbally abused. tina patel has the story. >>a high school football players were excited to play think i'm any friday night while they were trying to generate some offense on the field, their fans were playing defense in the stands fighting back against racial slurs. >>we're trying to figure out why fans are leaving early in the final later on that was happening and really heard this morning activists join
9:33 pm
coach smith outside tank many high school to talk about what happened alumni and perry. >>we're caught in work, multiple times. cheerleaders who went to the restroom. we're called dog. we're asked where were their leashes and we're told that they would be dog walked, we talked think i'm any student who admits there have been some racial issues at the school in the past, yes that he says he was surprised to hear about the comments made to the opposing team. he would go on to someone to say that and especially saying that adults set the kids as well. >>it's you what though would think the said to a teenager. >>both san clemente and lincoln high school principal say they are now investigating. activists hope that's just the first step to addressing this. but i speak. >>that we have to call out every big or little thing that happened around racism happens around by us because we don't call it out. it patch away they but they continue to happen. >>we can highs coach says there is a possibility their
9:34 pm
team may have to place and can many again so he wants to certainly see some changes so his players and his fans are protected. >>the university of wyoming apologized to 14 black former football players that were unjustly cut from the 1969 wyoming cowboys football team. the apology was issued by the wyoming athletics director, the 11 remaining living members of the black 14 as they're commonly known were honored during half-time at wyoming saturday game against idaho. the players were kicked off the football team for wearing armbands to protest the church of jesus christ of latter day saints decision not to allow black clergy. this was the first time anyone from the university of publicly apologize to the men for the incident. >>route to a. hurricane today. there is no direct threat to the us at least right now. it is expected to impact bermuda
9:35 pm
later this week, the former tropical storm. some people living there could see heavy rainfall is well as large swells and life threatening. >>and the shores check in now with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow any chance of this this could turn into a sizable hurricane yeah it's going to be a probably a major hurricane before all said and done the good news is it's moving out and open water so it doesn't look like it's going to be threat to the mainland united states was certainly in bermuda near in bermuda well get ready. we've got the tropics heating up again here we go we've got the storm system umberto continue to spend around the eye. a well-formed today you can see just off the coastline there spinning around. and could do a lot of damage if that were to come on shore but right now we don't see that happening got a high pressure out ahead of that system really backing away from the us just kind of a slow mover to the doppler radar some of that moisture member a doppler shoot now so should over the top of some of the storm but you see the eye here you can kind of see the
9:36 pm
well defined. i want see some of the rain band around and they're certainly seen some of the clouds as an occasional swells along the coastline. but that's the worst for the united states still here's the very latest track sustained winds of 90 miles per hour currently making a category one now, but it's going to move over some open waters and here we go started track over some of the waters and then we get to a 105 by tuesday and we start to see that strengthening the big n and then moved to possibly a category 3 and that is a very powerful hurricane but again moving away from the coastline and then all the sudden it's going to start to accelerate and be in the fall apart, becoming a category one by thursday and finally falling apart in the northern atlantic waters. thank you. it's clear we're going to tell you about the huge step towards helping millions of kids with peanut alleies. >>and coming up in sports. the niners are off to their best start in years, but they have serious
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>>and starting tonight with the 49 ers who are on often running to start the year however already have a to weather a significant injury kyle shanahan confirm the diagnosis today left tackle joe staley expected to be out 6 to 8 weeks with a broken leg. >>he says the team will evaluate some outside replacements but the plan for now is damp justin school step in after policing staley yesterday. now through all the team is to win over the first
9:40 pm
time since 2012 and they were especially impressive sunday in cincinnati 572 total yards of offense. more than 250 of which came from the ground game. jimmy garoppolo tossed 3 touchdowns in his first sharp outing since the acl injury shanahan evaluating the first 2 weeks of the year. >>we found a way to win a game. the first game which we haven't done too much around here and yes, it was a little bit different everything kind of just clicked in all 3 phases of those fun be a part of. but no by no means do i feel i never feel great that means well we to know i'm real tuff team this week got a number of injuries are going to deal with and make sbme adjustments this week because of but all is just start. >>and this week the 40 niners welcome the steelers to levi's worth noting ben roethlisberger he's out for the year turning over the raiders are run into a buzz saw guns, one of the best offensive attacks in the sport after taking a 10 zip lead in the 1st quarter patrick mahomes and mvp performance for long touchdown passes 278 yards. the second most in a
9:41 pm
single quarter. it 40 years ended up finishing with just under 4 50 through the air. the entire game changer that one frame jon gruden's assessment after watching the tapes. >>mahomes dropped a couple nimes in there that are spectdcular throws in the incredible coverage and you get to your hat to him sometimes but. collectively i thought the effort was good. we just can't make mistakes with 5 priest that penalties against the chiefs also not going to be a good team like that. with communication breakdowns and pre snap or. >>now it's on the road against the vikings coming up on kron 4 sports a 10 a's back in oakland trying to push their winning streak to 7
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>>every night we report on aspects of mental illness said addiction suicide ptsd even gun violence is blamed on mental illness in some cases. yes, so tonight, i'm going to take us to a local event it's called one mind raising nearly half a billion dollars so far to unlock mysteries of the mind even a rock superstar showed up to lend her voice. >>grammy winner sheryl crow in the wine country over the weekend at the music festival for brain health talking about own brain tumor and see you.
9:45 pm
tagline winery called one mine. >>in its 25th year the stag lin family raising nearly a half of them. >>billion dollars so far. >>brandon was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a actress glenn close talking about bipolar in her family and former congressman patrick kennedy himself struggling with the disease. >>we are now facing a crisis in this people dying of overdoses suicide in record numbers. >>the wind for the money poured to try and find cure for mental illness. the aim to treat the mind as the body. stigma. the mental illness and to get people. >>certainly a great cause
9:46 pm
there. move on to the weather and and the huge seemingly overnight. it's technically still summer i guess but here we have snow falling in the sea air this is video from squaw valley first snowfall of the season there squaw folks say they plan to open for the season on november. 15th. officially by the way begins xt monday. so we're getting there. yeah. >>you can imagine the resources losing their minds right and they are all all shooting the e-mails immediately with all the pictures up the today saying they were going to be opening soon of course, they'd love that they can open by a share when that be something they stayed open all the way to the 4th of july so that the good news for them the good news for all the skiers want to get up there do the law snow scan today though you have the showers move through and then it was back to sunshine in the afternoon and here we said skies mostly clear things have dried out around the bay area and well that's going to stay that way now but look at the
9:47 pm
gulf of alaska you've got another cold front developing up here this one, not as much energy is the one that just moved through, but that is going to start to slide in the pacific northwest are seeing that now and eventually in the california area and eventually the bay area by tomorrow will see some clouds moving in late in the day and then by wednesday we'll see chance showers i think tomorrow though for the most part looking good you've got a lot of 60's and sunday nights in the san francisco 70's in oakland, how it san jose you're going to see plenty of sunshine all day long. mid 70's, there so some very comfortable weather on long range forecast you can see that front making its way up across the pacific northwest and then by tomorrow evening started the clip far northern california or begin to see a few high clouds from that system and then drops in the bay area is going to start to fall apart as it comes through, but certainly chance of a few more scattered showers around the bay area on wednesday. and some of that cool air going to filter on through and then we go the other direction you get the sense. this big dome of high pressure off the watch right here starts to roll in a building across california bringing lots of sunshine and then another cold front comes
9:48 pm
in on wednesday, the last day of summer now get back to some sunshine by the following tuesday. so we've got some unsettled weather ahead looks like a temperatures so for overnight lows could be a little chilly in spots alright most going to be in the 40's and 50's by day tomorrow will find some sunshine and 71 of the mission 60 in the sunset about 67 degrees downtown san francisco, 59 degrees in pacifica 61. and daly city 66 degrees in millbrae 67 in burlingame 70 in san carlos, about 76 amount due a lot of 70's in the south bay and warm there. and we'll be in the upper 70's in many spots, a in the east bay by tomorrow afternoon, 7 or august 79 in walnut creek 77 in pittsburgh, 79 in benicia 72 degrees in sandra fell next couple days the showers a possibility on wednesday back to more sunshine much warmer weather headed toward next weekend. they florence, this past august was the second hottest on record that according to the national oceanic and
9:49 pm
atmospheric association. >>the agency has been tracking global temperatures for 140 years. it is august was 1.6 6 degrees above the average over the last century in fact the 5 warmest august have all happened since 2014 2016, was the hottest august ever. for your help tonight,t is a potentially life threatening. situation affecting about one in 50 children and now a huge step in helping those who are allergic to peanuts mandy gaither has more. >>for the first time a peanut allergy treatment has been given initial approval by the food and drug administration. the drug pow for zia is designed to lessen the severity of allergic reactions in people ages 4 to 17. >>were allergic to peanuts.
9:50 pm
>>doctor jill pole, a board certified allergist at the university of nebraska medical center says this truck it help those 17 and under who are accidentally exposed to a small amount of peanuts. while poll says this approval is exciting for patients. she says it will involve a lot of preparation by allergist something she's already working on. an advisory committee voted in favor for the treatment by the fda will% make its final approval by january. the agency frequently follows the lead of the advisory committee for today's health minute. i'm mandy gaither. >>updated 2019 medical guidelines suggest daily aspirin is too risky for most staff healthy people but a new study says that some people can actually benefit from it.
9:51 pm
the new guidelines indicate the daily aspirin can be a lifesaver for patients who have had a heart attack stroke open heart surgery, but for many patients, the blood thinning effect could cause a major bleeding event and has therefore been deemed not worth the risk despite the new guidelines, a new study published in the medical journal annals of internal medicine came to a different conclusion. it found that aspirin reduces the risk of heart issues for at risk patients and for some with no known risk of cardiovascular disease it concluded that the benefits of aspirin do outweigh the harms associated with the bleeding risk. the study authors are not arguing to change us guidelines on aspirin. colin kaepernick is now part of a
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>the wendy williams show will air through 2022 thanks to a 2 year contract renewal get a nationally syndicated talk show host says that she's excited to continue doing what she loved going to she says. because the news comes on the heels of a tumultuous year for the 55 year-old in january she took an extended leave of absence to do health issues and that her husband, kevin hunter left the show as executive producer. williams announced that they were divorcing after 22 years of marriage. the wendy williams show is now in its 11th season
9:55 pm
changes in the lineup for dancing with the stars this season christie brinkley is out her daughter is replacing her after christie fell and broke her arm during rehearsals the 65 year-old supermodel made the announcement and was able to joke about her injury show get better. now her daughter sailor brinkley we'll take over but all room duties. quarterback turned activist colin kaepernick is now part of an emmy-winning campaign the nike ad that he. >>i was in it won an emmy for outstanding commercial at the 2019 creative arts emmy awards. the commercial called dream crazy features kapur nick, another sp icons like lebron james and serena williams. they were all part of nike's 30th anniversary commemoration of it just do it campaign a nike released the ad in september 2018 days before the start of the nfl season kaepernick made headlines when he began kneeling during the national anthem before games as a protest for injustice. >>and that wraps up kron 4
9:56 pm
news at 9. they're our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour, ken wayne is here with kron 4 news at 10 they can grant thank you very my next to 10 o'clock a murder trial for a bay area air is has been delayed again the trial was supposed to begin tomorrow. >>after a judge rescheduled it from last week the reason for the second delay ahead plus the life of a 13 months baby was cut short after an apparent fentanyl overdose in the north bay who police say is responsible for this tragic loss and another job for the number of deaths linked to vaping this one in california action from governor gavin newsome to try to fight the epidemic don't go away our 3 of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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♪ three out of four people think this much horsepower is "excessive." three out of four people are wrong. if we were for everyone, we'd be for no one. with dodge power dollars, more power means more cash allowance. purchase now and get $10 per horsepower. that's $7,970 on the srt challenger hellcat redeye. >>now 10 another
10:00 pm
vaping-related death in california health officials confirmed this state's second death today and to larry county just south of fresno thanks for joining us. i'm can wait and i'm grant lotus in tonight for pam moore, the county's public health officer says the death was quote related to severe pulmonary injury. >>associated with vaping the latest death comes just hours after governor newsom announced an executive action against teenage vaping kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the governor's plans. producing those products they sleep at night. >>knowing what they're doing. this try to help the next general and the generation. >>the governor gavin newsome taking aim at youth vaping and flavored tobacco products the governor monday announcing a million advertising campaign about the dangers of vaping nicotine and cannabis products the governor says his administration will also increase enforcement against counterfeit and illegal vaping products. the state is


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