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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  September 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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after president trump made his first visit to the bay area while in office you see him here getting off air force one. some folks were delighted to see him come to the bay but other showed up to protest the commander in chief as he attended a fundraiser in portola valley good evening, everybody, i'm grant lotus and i'm the king of iraq as president trump was no given a warm welcome. >>by barry republicans who are asked to contribute to the president reelection campaign but along the way as we hear now from a car for us rob fladeboe there were signs of protest on the ground and high overhead. rob what can you
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tell us. >>came and went here today. >>for democracy about a 150 people lined a stretch of alpine road here in portola valley where they held signs called the passing traffic and we're not shy about expressing their reasons for me here. >>i'm here because i'm really unhappy about the way trump has systematically. broken down and destroy everything my entire generation has worked for all our lives. add the now familiar baby trump inflatable effigy was launched from russ
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audi field. >>the blues handler said there was no way the president could have missed it. he is bothered by this. when we flew calexico. >>they actually reroute the motorcade to avoid. this because i'm trump needs to knows to him. his childish policies are hurting people. >>then about 1140 or so led by a black or motive doesn't police motorcycles. the president's motorcade whizzed by in route to the nearby last rank ocean road home, sun microsystems co-founder scott mcnealy who hosted the fundraiser attendees were bused in and they too came in for some sharp words from the anti trump gathering along the way this is about. >>saying no you're not welcome here. hopefully. sending a message to. it's not about just it's
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>>and the president's motorcade on the return trip ash this is same location here just before 3 o'clock this afternoon she arrived around 1140 and he departs 3 o'clock it's been all about 3 hours here. we tried to get to in touch with some of the attendees some of the republicans attending a fundraiser here but they were bused in from the location of palo alto and we were allowed no farther than the intersection of alpine and lost rankles road. but we are told those attendees were asked to write checks from a 1002. a $100,000. live here in portola valley rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>a lot of money thank you robin, even though the president did not come to san francisco. protestors still wanted their voices heard in the city and if not their voices heard this thing scene a chicken trump if you will was on display near the ferry building today, there was a sign saying the president was
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too chicken to say where he was visiting in the bay that's because the location of his fundraiser was not revealed to the public. >>also in town today doctor ben carson he's the secretary of the department of housing and urban development plus rights got for sweet eagle reports now oured a rehabilitated public housing project in san francisco and discuss ways to address the homeless crisis. >>greeted by protesters upset over slashed funds for public housing us housing and urban. secretary ben carson, makes an hour long pit stop in san francisco's potrero hill community. one of 5 properties revamped with funds from the city's hope us half an initiative, combining hunt, vouchers with public and private dollars to redevelop rundown public housing complexes and increase affordable housing units that percent san francisco that came up with idea in spite of the federal government. so for
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them to take credit. that's actually been working against all all the great solutions and homeless. >>says it has awarded san francisco million since 2016 to address homelessness and affordable housing. mayor london breed says that's not enough. carson says he sees the federal government's role more as a facilitator and just throwing more money at the problem is not we have to be much more analytical than that and understand. >>whether the driving causes and what can we do about person believes local governments can do more to solve the homelessness crisis and create more affordable housing. >>by relaxing regulations take a look. >>it did density requirements their height requirements, some of the overlapping environmental in june. you know here in california as you kn theres been. for solar panels, you know there all of
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these are nice things maybe. how that integrates into the bigger picture its impeding the ability to create affordable housing. then we need to look at maybe some different ways of doing things. the mayor offered to meet his secretary carson about housing, but that he did not connect. >>in san francisco kron 4 news. >>and coming up at 00:30am tonight tom del beccaro joins us live in studio as the former chair of the california republican party tom will give us his take on the president's visit france. >>developing news tonight an officer is recovering after suffering an injury over the weekend trying to stop sideshows in oakland, one person has been arrested and as kron four's haaziq madyun reports now police have an ongoing effort they're trying to stop the sideshows in oakland and beyond.
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>>this is police body-worn camera video of an illegal sideshows sunday just after 05:00pm at 55th avenue at foothill in oakland. a short distance from where the oakland police officer was injured by a suspect during legal side show of force meant in that area. >>this is an injury that was in his his facial area so this could have been. extremely damaging if not. >>career indeed while the officer is recovering oakland police are vowing to continue mandatory staffing to deter illegal side chills as the summer comes to it is we have not stopped our enforcement continues this last april we started a very aggressive approach to illegal sideshow. >>this all began when the bus and the large truck were set on fire. >>officials say since illegal side shows have decreased, however the attraction for huge crowds and tires burning out that never really gone for good as evident by several
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side shows this past sunday, we saw between 8090 cars and we had several 100 spectators this week in oakland police will. >>set up detours at several popular sideshow locations like here at 42th avenue under the 8.80 freeway overpass particular location, 42nd in 8. will be closed off or going to the church traffic around locations throughout the city. the message don't come to oakland for legal sideshow or ultimately all end up in jail. >>being up in jail is what happened to the suspect to injure the officer in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>as we turn our attention to the 4 zone forecast sideshows have been a problem on the golden gate bridge has has. i layer of fog but it looks like right now you just have a thin little wispy finger coming up top on the south tower there and some kind of rope that today going there as check
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>>to meteorologist lawree karnow what what does that look and her hang on the deed is you know it's kind state so far we're in right here at the end of summer and the counter saying yeah still summertime but it sure is acting whole lot like fall already in the atmosphere check out the next storm system just off the coastline begin to make its way in the pacific northwest bring some showers in that direction some rain begin to move in the far northern california how about that another cold front moving on in right now bring some moderate amounts of rain in the crescent city and also the rico. we'll watch that storm system slowly sliding down toward the bay area overnight tonight. it is going to fall apart a bit before get your i think holding together enough that we're talking about some throughout the day tomorrow right now scan your skies that we're dry on the doppler radar right now, but by tomorrow morning certainly a chance of showers that could affect your commute early on tomorrow morning, mostly clear skies out there right now and that's the way it's going to stay for at least the next couple of hours and those clouds will begin to gather and thicken up as we head throughout the night tonight and then a chance of rain developing in
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the north bay overnight temperatures outside right now still pretty comfortable 66 degrees in san francisco, 73 in oakland 75 in san jose you're going to 76 very nice and a little more right now 79 in concord a warm 76 in the santa rosa watch the models here you'll notice that cold from that's starting to drop down here comes rolling in toward the bay area by early tomorrow morning about 5 o'clock in the morning, yet you may hear the pitter patter of little rain parts of the north bay. you can see it's not holding together all that well but1enough so that we may see a few more scattered showers as we head to the middle the day and then by the afternoon things wind down a kind of like the last storm system that went through yesterday we get back some sunshine. late in the day but get ready keep that umbrella handy, some more rain coming your way. good advice. thank you. lawrence p genie will stand trial in a civil case in san francisco superior court in connecti to the second deadliest wildfire in california. a judge has set a january 7th date for a trial and claims against the utility
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by a small group of sonoma county residents who armed in the tubbs fire in 2017. that fire burned through sonoma and napa counties, 22 people were killed really decimated parts of santa rosa. cal fire says the tubbs fire was caused by a private electrical system in calistoga. 18 plaintiffs claimed that pg me should be held liable. the trial of a bay area real estate heiress has been delayed again. tiffany lee is charged with the 2016 murder of her children's father, 27 year-old keith green. her trial is scheduled to start today, but the judge pushed back to next monday. this comes after the san mateo county district attorney's office announced it is revoking a plea deal with olivier adela after finding out that he contacted defense witnesses adele is accused of dumping green's body in sonoma county lead previously posted a $35 million bail. her boyfriend at the time covered
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by ad is also charged with greens murder. he remains in jail. coming up with the opioid crisis seemingly getting worse evy day. >>what president trump inow saying and the legal battle that's unfolding. >>and ugly and uncomfortable scene in a restaurant after a man suffering from a brutal disease is not given the drink. he wants. >>and what would you do if a mountain lion came into your home, what
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tonight on the peninsula. out one was spotted in millbrae last night. it happened in the area of haas and away and it rocky lane. witnesses say that the cooper ran into a wooded hillside after someone spotted it near the intersection other sightings have been recently reported in san francisco and near the junction of highway 92 and interstate 2.80 and take a look at this while encounter in the foothills of the sierra nevada mountain lion breaks into a home and the owner traps in the bathroom. rob malcolm shows us what happened next. >>i've been around for about 23 years never use to see this happen. and then but in the last 4 years or so we've had. about one a year where lion actually goes into somebody's house captain 100 foy said this unusual but not unheard of normally when you leave the door open the cap comes in just not a cab like this is newsnight. and ally and
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somehow interacted and then the lion got scared and tried to run away. >>not knowing exaly where to go it ran into a hallway and end up in a bathroom. >>last night his juvenile mountain lion made its way into this home on oak haven lane in sonora this picture now as neighbors and to arm the county talking to the size of his paws were terrified life when i looked at it really zoomed in on the pause it was terrifying thinks pretty comfortable saying that once a lion gets stuck inside your house, it's going to be pretty stressed out. >>out of options account decided to take well a cat nap on the bathroom floor, and no one was about to wake it up if you find yourself in between the lion in a avenue of escape from that line and yes that can be very dangerous situation so why here and why this house they are pure car or as they not like there's there's really just about anything. lions eat meat and they are. if there is up at the house sandra gregory lives next door 2 months ago we
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actually had. >>and to mount lines on our property by a fire ticket drawn the county sheriff's deputies and wildlife officers considered using tranquilizers but instead they use old-fashioned common sense. they closed the bathroom door. >>broke the window out and then banged on the door the scare the land into jumping out the window which at that and then ultimately around. >>that was rob malcolm reporting for us tonight, fish and wildlife doesn't really consider mountain lion sightings near public safety concern unless of course the animal is acting aggressively. >>research tonight, a man who was suspected of killing his one year-old son in santa rosa has died. 29 year-old patrick o'neill was taken off life support last night his 13 month-old son has now been identified as liam savoy o'neill on saturday officers found the man unconscious next to his son little liam was pronounced dead at the scene police believe the boy died from somehow coming into contact with fentanyl saying
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they found signs of recent drug use next to where the child was found. officers say there were no signs of physical violence. but they believe o'neill's actions caused the boy's death. and purdue pharma the maker of toxic hot and is in bankruptcy court today. yeah it is hoping that declaring bankruptcy will help settle all the lawsuits that it's facing. >>in connection with the opioid epidemic, not mural has the latest. >>the opioid crisis spans every corner of the country catching the attention of the president. >>the opioid epidemic last year we saw the first nationwide decline in drug over does and it was a very big decline more than 2000 state local and native american governments have filed lawsuits against purdue pharma the manufacturer about the cotton and other opioid companies. >>purdue pharma which denies any wrongdoing is now in bankruptcy court. its plato set aside billion to address
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the crisis releasing a statement saying the deal will provide billions of dollars in critical resources to communities across the country trying to cope with the opioid crisis. we will continue to work wi state attorneys general and other plaintiffs representatives to finalize and implement this agreement as quickly as possible, but some states like pennsylvania, new york bound not to drop their lawsuits despite the bankruptcy proceedings. >>you're not going to frighten us you're not going to intimidate us you're not going to out moyer we're going to make sure that justice is done. and these drug companies are not going to get away with murder in washington, not romero kron 4 news back here in the bay area, let's go take a live look outside right now from our sutro camera looking downtown san francisco, a beautiful day today in the. >>they little bit cool maybe the start but it warmed up it was pleasant to all this large cargo back with us now. we saw the rain monday morning. wednesday morning as tomorrow morning, yes, the possibility
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more of the same here we go again in the last week of summer who is the expect this maybe toward the 3rd, maybe 4th week of october but here we go. >>we've got a chance of more rain on the way in this one could affect the commute a little bit tomorrow morning. outside right now uh yeah nice out over the bay of got a little like app out there as you've got the onshore breeze, blowing just a bit but otherwise things are looking good cold front. yes start to make its way already in far northern california see the showers there the 7 northwest. they will get pounded by a series of storms and today, no exception look all that rain moving through turning more towards scattered showers you see the speckle clouds out there right now and more on the way the bay area looking dry right now, but i think by tomorrow morning. that's likely going to change some of the showers moving in that's not going to be huge storm system was certainly enough to get the ground what maybe make things a little bit slick out there on the roads for the commute 74 degrees right now in redwood city is 64 just over the hill in pacifica 72 in san mateo 74 in dublin, 71 in berkeley right now 66 degrees in san francisco, 73 in the bottom increasing clouds tonight with a chance of showers developing to the
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north chance of showers tomorrow with some partial afternoon clearing and then the sunshine is going to return as we head into the latter part of week with a much warmer temperatures alright forecast, rainfall amounts of the system not to be huge remember the last one we had as much a half an inch of rain this we're not going to be as impressive. so just lighter amounts, maybe 1300's of an inch in the santa rosa, lesser amounts as you head for the south. maybe a quarter of an inch across some of the north bay mountains but yes certainly enough to get things a little wet out there and of course of the first rains of the year make things very slick out there on the road. a look at those showers moving through as we head in toward tomorrow morning by the afternoon. we clear out with some sunshine and then we've got a whole lot of sunshine maybe some 90's coming your way we'll talk about that in a few minutes. thanks more still ahead president trump continues his california visit. what people who love trump had to say as he was landing in mountain view this morning. >>and after the break a man is denied alcohol at a restaurant because a server mistook symptoms of
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>>the bizarre story here. there's video of a woman yelling at a restaurant manager it has gone viral. this woman was really angry because the staff thought her husband was drunk and was refusing to serve him alcohol, yeah. >>but he apparently suffers from male asked and the restaurant in philadelphia says that she overreacted matt petrillo has the story.
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>>dan >>hare has a lot of new in his life lately he's newly married the wedding happened back may. he and his wife recently bought their first house here homes burned and just last month the 26 year-old was diagnosed with a last every day is a new challenge for him and his wife brianna and just to get dressed. >>you know just to brush his teeth walk up and down the steps is literally a struggle for and so when harry and his friends went to las margarita syrian homes berg friday night. grab a few drinks instead, he was denied service. the waiter thought heres slurs were from him being drunk even though dan didn't have any drinks that night. >>made me room words. >>friends backed him up and told the waiter about his condition. so the staff asked to see proof but dan didn't have any on him. that's when
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dance wife was caught and came to the restaurant with a binder of medical papers she was recorded shouting at the manager describing dense condition. eventually left the iprestaurant they were aggressive last murdering his owner thinks the hairs reaction was over the top, she adds her stop only tonight serving hair alcohol to protect the restaurant. >>anything happens we die aboard i we apologize if we heard him in any way like feelings wise week was you know if it was that he he really has this disease. i mean i feel being still hair doesn't plan on coming back. >>and that was matt petrillo reporting the hair say they want the restaurant to better train the staff there. >>but the owner of that restaurant who we heard from that woman says she hopes that the hairs. kerry proof of a less with them in the future.
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>>next to 5.30 this state is facing a major housing crisis and now the governor is calling on the president to help we will tell you what he's asking for. >>and we're covering the president's visit to the bay area today, former california republican party chair. tom caro is live in studio with us we'll get his reaction as this is the first time the president has b
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♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. back to our top story tonight, president trump visits the bay area for the first time as
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president. >>and he is now in la for the next leg of his california visit air force one here touching down at moffett field this morning, the president giving a wave going down the steps as kron four's charles clifford reports. >>some local trump supporters were there to greet him. >>well here in mountain view on tuesday, the president of the united states arrived in the bay area writing of course on air force one this is his first trip to our region as president. >>air force one landed just after 11 in the morning, the president exited the plane by himself you then say hello to some supporters and gave a fist bump to a group of people who had gathered nearby the president then entered his limo the motorcade left moffett field headed for a fund-raiser in los altos know chance to talk to several trump supporters who say even though they didn't get to personally meet the president they were more than happy to make the trip a great script see him here in california where i mean the support everybody sports all the states and it gets out here and and help out californians a little bit i got invited to this and i could not say now


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