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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  September 19, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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environmental citation to san francisco, the city knew someone slipped as mayor the warning which the president says comes from pollution caused by homelessness coming just a day after the trump administration rejected governor newsom's request for more federal housing vouchers. the rejection piling on to more problems between the 2 especially when it comes to the environment, california leaders announced earlier this week they will sue the trump administration after it pulled california's waiver that gives the state the power to set vehicle emissions standards governor newsome was asked about his jekyll and hyde relationship with the president i just don't wake up the clinch specially every morning. i don't. >>i want to work with the president want to work with emerging declarations debris removal on disaster recovery. want to work with them on resiliency broadly defined i want to work with them on getting rid of flavored. i want to work with them on a myriad issues getting prescription drugs down. his alleged commitment to infrastructure. but in the absence of that we're going to push back newsome hinted he's making an announcement friday relating to california's vehicle emissions past.
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>>packed with for companies who picked california standards over the federal government's reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>tonight at 5.30 kron 4 is always tracking local stori, here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now most are these bay tonight where police have made 2 arrests in a case involving $20,000 of merchandise allegedly purchased fraudulent lead police say they world in 2. fraud in progress at nordstrom they arrested a deal pozzo and one has been those on theft and fraud charges as well as having involvement in organized crime rate. investigators say at the time of the arrests. the 2 are in possession of her a $20,000 worth of merchandise. and east bay man is facing several charges after police found him not only with the stolen car but other stolen items danville police were alerted to a stolen car nearby. >>they contests after the 26 year-old driver and when they searched the car. they found other stolen items, including backpack acts mail and personal identifying information belonging to
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locals. they also located burglary tools to air soft weapons and a bb gun arma sullivan now facing charges including possession of a stolen car and identity theft. and in the south bay homes and to be evacuated in saratoga after a construction crew hit a natural gas line this happened about 11 30 this morning in the area of sonny bill rhoden spring blossom court. firefighters, the sheriff's department and the genie responded. >>north bay police arrested 2 people connected to a series of home burglaries sandra fell investigators say they sell 14 home break ins from june to august rare for that part of the county the crimes typically happened in the morning hours and the suspects would enter the backyard of a home usually before getting inside through a window or door. they typically to the jewelry electronics detectives say witnesses help them leads which eventually led to the arrest of 2.19 year-old men from richmond. >>it is a growing crisis or a
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community in many cities and counties here in the bay area are trying up different ideas to to to tackle kron four's maureen kelly went to sonoma county to check out. >>a village of tiny homes constructed to house homeless veterans. >>after being homeless for several years, jeff lawrence now has a permanent al be it tiny home to call his own measuring only 250 square feet, it's a small space for that whole navy vet, but as someone who came here with only the clothes on his back lawrence as it suits him just find the love it. yeah absolutely love it that his home is what's part of a veterans village made up of 14 tiny homes located on county land in santa rosa, each took a $190,000 a piece to build by a construction company owned by an iraq war vet, all the residents have vouchers from hud and veterans administration supportive housing. so they pay no more than a 3rd of their low income on rent. lawrence is now a
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peer support specialist here after getting help with his ptsd and meth addiction which is how he ended up homeless. after a divorce, this is more than i need right now. >>i've lived in a lot smaller 16 months ago i was literally a living on the river play with threats. so to have this is just you know blessing. >>sonoma county supervisor surely zain says it took a lot of political will to get this village built but helping house homeless veterans is a cause close to her heart. her father was a marine who fought in world war 2. so i have my father's a metals in my office it just smacks of so much injustice people give up their lives and are willing to risk their lives. >>when they go into military service. so the they need that support. obligated to tip them that support. >>i talked to one woman who just moved here to the village in april she shares her home with her husband, a vietnam
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war veteran, she says it's nice and cozy for the 2 of them and a lot better then living on the street. i love this place you know, and all these each and every one them in the women to don't forget the women they on but for our country but they're like my brothers and sisters and i would give this to the world. >>the village of tiny homes, making a big difference in the lives of the veterans. now off the streets. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>well the tropics really hopping right now we take you now to the atlantic we've been watching umberto and still a very powerful storm system look at bermuda as the system moves by bringing some very heavy rain gusty winds and just gigantic swells along the coastline. we're not done there just yet we've got another storm system this jerry that is just beginning to develop now you can see right here wind in around that look like much as a tightly wound hurricane but sustained winds now though make it at least a category one now it's going to slowly work its way.
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toward a antigua and barbuda over the next 24 hours right now sustained winds of 90 miles per hour is moving at a pretty good clip. a west northwest at 17 miles per hour. watch latest forecast track as it moves a little bit closer through saturday and sunday mainly skirting just to the east of many of the islands but guess what there's bermuda again as we get into next week it is going to be a fly by again near bermuda certainly could cause more problems we've got to keep our eyes on that one as it looks like another storm system headed their way we've got nice clear skies out around the bay area right now get ready for some gorgeous weather ahead. some a beautiful summer whether may can return now as high pressure building in numbers tomorrow in the 70's in the san francisco. let's get some 80's and oakland about mid 80's and warm into san jose. high pressure really building in you see that big dome sitting over california. start get those offshore winds going to and that will crank up the heat that's going to get interesting. we've got a weak system dropping in on sunday. maybe bring some rain for northern california to fall apart before it gets here, but will bring some clouds help to cool down the temperatures and
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then we start to heat back up again. the fact we've got ridge building in as we head toward the middle of next week and then behind that the possibility, some unsettled weather. i think as we get toward late next week friday and next weekend well could get very interesting around the bay area that being said we've got some nice weather for tomorrow, let's enjoy gorgeous near the coastline to 67. in the sunset, 16, i'm a daly city 71 album out of 69 in half moon bay upper 70's in the bill bray degrees in the san carlos beautiful 80's in the south bay and then you look at that summer's near 90 degrees and some of the east bay valleys about 88 want a creek 84 degrees in a red 83 in flail as you make way back toward the coastline gorgeous out toward the beaches, even nicer on saturday, we cool down a bit on sunday. the first day of fall we start to warm back up. >>it is set to spend millions of dollars to research marijuana what it's hoping to learn about the popular plant. >>as you may be doing that can
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cause you to age and it might just be the next big thing the word. >>before its new phones come out. the juul record.
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting ks to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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>>be the next big thing at least apple seems to think so the companies trying to trademark ofie that's the slow motion selfie feature on the iphone 11 apple applied for us trademark to potentially give the company
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control over the word that means that apple likely thinks this is going to become the new social media craze. the application costs 400 bucks apple's going to be able to afford that potentially a bargain if slofie becomes the next selfie. >>the government spending $3 million to find out as marijuana can relieve pain but none of the money is going to be used to to study the part of the plant gets people high. 9 research grants are for work on cbd the trendy ingredient that showing up in cosmetics and food, hundreds of other less familiar compounds in marijuana as well the effort is aimed at helping researchers catch up on understanding the potential benefits of marijuana. more than 30 states already allow it to use for a range of medical problems. >>uncovers her son's journal inside she finds threats
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>>year-old boys behind bars in washington state after police say his mom found a journal. >>allison snell spoke with police a school district leaders about what had happened and what the school is doing to protect the students. it's very detailed way wrote it i mean because there's there's times obviously the date was established of 4.20. >>of 2020 the anniversary of the columbine massacre. >>this is the day a 17 year-old senior was planning
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on attacking his school when we we have to treat everything like it's the worst case scenario. the boy's mom called police after she read threats in the journal about her and her boyfriend when police ran through the boys manifesto they found graphic details and plans they say are too disturbing to share fire. >>specific farms. he wanted to use and the mention of explosives a. >>and locations they didn't find any fire. evidence in his bedroom getting information how to develop things police anol dd hotrict leaders agree the moms phone call could have saved lives one of the hardest things that come out of her parents to do is to report a child like this the perintendent of college place, public schools. school shootings are preventable the simple philosophy is see something say something college place high school will have ex. >>police and mental health professionals for students and staff, a safe place today. it will be a safe place tomorrow. it is unfortunate that this
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situation happened here police say the time to start asking questions is now. >>how many times we've heard about incidents happen to them after the fact we start to learn these things. >>police are still investigating that 17 year-old has been booked into the juvenile justice center on charges of felony harassment and threats to bomb orange or property. the gun maker colt is suspending production of rifles for the civilian market, including the popular a r 15. >>cult officials say that they are not her an ugly ending production. but they believe there is already an adequate supply of a sporting rifles on the market. the company ceos as they remain committed to the second amendment and that they're adapting to consumer demand. a national gun control debate is focused on access to ar fifteen's another assault-style rifles because of their use in mass shootings. >>more trouble for new england patriots wide receiver antonio brown nike has dropped the former raider canceling its endorsement deal with brown the company made the
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announcement today saying quote antonio brown is not a nike athlete. last week brown was accused of rape and sexual-assault the wide receiver denies the allegations one of his accusers has met with nfl investigators this week. but there is no timetable for when that probe will be finished. >>it's san embarcadero beautiful day out there today, yeah and get ready for. trend chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here and don't begin to fall just yet though we've got summer and coming back big time i think the next few days tomorrow going to be just a gorgeous day, but saturday it's going to be even nicer than that. >>outside right now we've got mostly clear skies. it is going to stay clear all night long tonight going to get outside check out the stars this could be a great night to do it as we're going to see those skies stayed clear all the way the coastline. high pressure now building in overhead, it's going to be sticking around for at least the next couple of days. and that is really going to make for some warmer temperatures in fact today we saw these
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numbers warm up quite a as much as 5 degrees warmer in some parts of the valleys here and that's going to be the trend i think the temperatures jump again by tomorrow afternoon. today we checked with a high of 71 degree just slightly above the average in san francisco, 76 in oakland 78 degrees in san jose back in the 80's in livermore 81 degrees in concord and 81 degrees in santa rosa. so yeah we're get things going in the right direction but certainly starting to feel the effects of the changing pattern, a snow showers up across the higher sierra nevada, even a couple lightning strikes up there again nothing's going to settle down over the weekend. if you plan to travel in that direction. temperatures you've got some 70's inside the bay right now beautiful 73 in san mateo 76 in redwood city 74 degrees right now for friends in fremont 78 to live more 69 in san francisco still 66 degrees in pacifica 73. in san anselmo so nice evening outside little breezy in spots i think as we head into the next couple days really kind of in the sweet spot of the week is that ridge of high pressure just kind of takes over so we start to talk about more of those offshore winds
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and that will clear out your sky zone think we have to worry about any clouds for tomorrow and no clouds or saturday 2 and see warm temperatures right out along the coastline that being said numbers tomorrow going to be great if you want to get outside and enjoy a lunch boy we beautiful friday to do that 80's inside the bay find some 60's 70's near the coastline and operate is almost 90 degrees. inland. the next few days changes coming our way we heat things up cooling down some partly cloudy skies on sunday fall begins with a warming trend. thank you lord. >>as for your help tonight, you know we of her back. but experts say that there. fbbott's that you might be doing that can make you appear the loader. >>and today's health minute mandy gaither reports. >>stopping wrinkles starts at night. the first thing you should do to prevent aging sleep on your back. >>stomach sleepers inside sleepers in the middle of the night on the pillow you're getting actually pulling of your skin over time to form wrinkles prematurely northside hospital burnett's doctor barbara joy jones also says night time is the right time
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to nurture your eyes. >>part of that putting down the cell phone so they aren't strained any further and under your eyes is that in a on your entire body and so you want to make sure that you put a good eye cream and moisturize underneath. >>and if you enjoy a hot shower bath. >>jones says it could be aging you in the shower, you actually deplete your skin of its moisture and water and so when you're taking showers make sure that they are lukewarm to warm stress will age you more than anything jones says find ways to lessen stress before bed which brings up the next point getting a good night's sleep when you don't get enough sleep. the blood vessels actually become leaky and so therefore you show it on your face in the form of under eye circles and swelling and dark circles and backs changing bad habits now can help bring good health in the future for today's health minute. i'm mandy gaither. delta passengers feel a dr
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details. >>asked the oxygen masks dropped from the top of the plane. >>delta flight 2353 passenger harris to austin snapped these pictures during what he described as panic on board initially or is every sort. repeatedly. we talked to skin via face time as he waited to board another flight on southwest to finally get him to fort lauderdale in a statement sent to abc action news by delta we're told other passengers were bused to fort lauderdale to get them to their destination faster still
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to describe the issue as a quote cabin pressurization irregularity the flightaware map shows where it happened just off our coast. and a quick turn back towards tampa. but eventually the captain came over the intercom. safe on solid ground in tampa to austin is grateful to be alive. 60 to 90 seconds for. >>says that plane was grounded and is now being evaluated by maintenance. let's hope so that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 thanks for being with us this hour, we'll see you back here tonight for kron 4 news at 9 in prime time right now ken wayne and theresa stasi over here with the news at 6.
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>>thank you very much. what coming up next. we have a lot of news to get to including vaping a car controversial proposition in san francisco. she will have a live report.
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>>it's 6 new numbers show illnesses tied to vaping in
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the united states now too. 800 that's a 150 more than reported. just one week ago and the cause of the illness. i exactly not now. >>thanks for joining us tonight, theresa stasi lynn can wait here the centers for disease control say these cases are being investigated in 38 different states kron four's dan kerman live for us in the newsroom tonight with more dan medical experts say these vaping products are not yet regulated by the fda we simply don't know enough about their long-term or. >>short-term health effects more study is needed but in the meantime they're warning that illnesses are increasing and as you mentioned they say that there are now more than 5 100 cases of people with lung of the disease they believe are tied to these vaping devices. they are also telling us that just a week ago there were a 150 less. we're also seeing a variety of deaths 2 of which are in california. california alone has 81 cases as well so still plenty to be concerned about at this point
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health experts as i said sounding a warning. >>being homeless for several years, jeff lawrence now has a permanent albeit tiny home to call his own measuring only 250 square feet, it's a small space for that whole navy vebut with only the clothes on his back lawrence as it suits him just find the love it. yeah absolutely love it at his home is what's part of a veterans village made up of 14 tiny homes, located on county land in santa rosa, each took a $190,000 a piece to build by a construct. >>obviously that is the wrong piece that we're talking about anyway. the centers for disease control gave an update today about this again they said 530 cases that's an increase of a 150 cases. there is not tied to any specific product or to specific ingredients at this point. but they are warning that especially for young people. they


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