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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 19, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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if we were for everyone, we'd be for no one. with dodge power dollars, more power means more cash allowance. purchase now and get $10 per horsepower. that's $7,970 on the srt challenger hellcat redeye. >>now 10 of campus community on alert tonight, san jose police investigates shots fired into the mlk junior library at san jose state university. good evening. i'm can wait and i'm grant lotus in for pam moore tonight, the shooting near the lested the sa state university student. >>who they say made threats on social media kron four's gayle, ong. it's at san jose state tonight with more on the arrest. gayle what are we learning about the student.
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>>well what we know is that it was a tip from the students former high school that led to his arrest and when campus police found him yesterday afternoon he was armed. this is a semiautomatic handgun ammunition in i found wednesday when san jose university police arrested a 17 year-old student on campus police say the gun was loaded and the teenager is accused of making threats on social media it's pretty surprising and it's kind of scary that it doesn't like really surprising anymore that. >>this all >>nowadays in schools. but it set the alarm because it hits home i go. >>patrick day the university's vice president of student affairs says the student was a band member and has been interim suspended this is very disturbing. >>to the survey because we're concerned about any student even that student and we want to make sure that they're okay but we primary responsibility to make sure that the universe is a safe place for all of our students to learn the for faculty and staff to work
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police believe he acted alone and was taken into custody without incident. >>authorities found morgan and reloading equipment at his home in sunnyvale another handgun, i'm an air soft rifle and some ammunition and other items sunnyvale department of public safety is leading the investigation. it's really a reminder that the concept of if you see something say something it were told they were notified about the threatening social media post by staff at homestead high school in cupertino where the teenager went to school to have somebody step forward notify school officials and then to also immediately be in contact with the just a great core dated effort and it really goes to show that it does make a difference and it can you know violence from happening in our community. >>we're told that the 17 year-old was taken to juvenile hall and police are looking into how he got the weapons reporting live in san jose
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gayle ong kron 4 news. >>thanks killed police are also looking for the person who fired shots at the martin luther king junior library on that same campus, san jose state we just found out the parking garage was also hit with gunfire happened just before ck tonight. south 4th streets. university officials say nobody was hurt. but at least one window was shattered right now police are still in that area investigating. authorities are urging people to avoid that location. >>3 new lawsuits filed against the city of tonight alleging racial profiling excessive force and unlawful arrest said these lawsuits involve young african-americans who according to their attorney were wrongfully arrested and assaulted by vallejo police department kron four's michelle kingston reports. vide just one of people now the police department. >>you're interfering with the
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map. us marine veteran ding his gunpoint one says that officer david mcloughlin attacked him. because he says the law plus is back on the controls. >>to know that these guys patrolling the neighborhood that i live if you choose to pull me over that is my worry easing. >>dolan thurston also filed a lawsuit against the boil police department when she says she was driving home from work when officers pulled her accusing her of stealing her own car and she was thrown to the ground and arrested. >>they just i mean it was a bit paddy full of. they don't believe officers unmarked car. it just was the very. it was scary. >>and in april tiana jenkins says she was pulled over by the police officers while driving with a few of her girlfriends.
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>>i put your hand out the window, the 19 year-old says the officers were holding their guns. >>she couldn't find her license and was dragged out of her car thrown to the ground taste it. >>so you guys think game you guys laugh about think is the joke is not a joke on our behalf we are and they were upset frankly i discussed it. >>city of a live police department it's simple excessive force. there's something that's become our ages it's become a very systematic problem, is something that needs to change. >>the vallejo police department said kron 4 statement saying they cannot comment on pending litigation but are confident the fact face litigation process will determine the truth in these cases in vallejo michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>oakland police are looking for a 19 year-old who's been missing since early may police say jonathan banda bollea was last seen on may 3rd. as 1998 silver honda accord was found
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on the san mateo bridge. the next day at a news conference today, the teens family said it's saying hopeful for jonathan but it's been tough.
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the family is offering a reward of $2500 for any information that could lead to the teens whereabouts tonight in the east bay man faces several theft charges after police found him not only with a stolen car. >>but they say other stolen items to danville police say they tracked down 26 year-old arbus sullivan after getting a report of a stolen car nearby when officers searched the car they say they found other stolen things like backpack acts mail and other documents with personal information. they say they also found a burglary tools. 2 air soft weapons and a bb gun. vacaville police are asking for the public's help tonight to try to find these 2 guys police say they withdrew thousands of dollars from atm locations in vacaville and fairfield last month. officers think they cloned somebody else's bank card with information obtained from the skimming device. if you
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recognize either of them you're asked to call vacaville police. take a look at this video shows a man running after a lyft car after police say he kidnapped the driver even fires a handgun at the car striking that vehicle repeatedly. >>police say the man seen running is this man marcus dean officers say he got on a lift last thursday put a gun to the back of the driver's head and ordered the driver to stop at a gas station while the suspect was inside apparently getting a snack. the lyft driver took off. dean is in jail on suspicion of kidnapping and attempted murder. there are now more than 500 illnesses possibly linked to vaping that's a 150 more than the number reported just a week ago the cdc says the cases are being investigated in 38 states now but as kron four's dan kerman reports. >>the cause of the illnesses specifically is still unclear. while they being has been assumed to be safer than smoking cigarettes that doesn't necessarily mean safe and in fact the centers for
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disease control reports in just the last week. they have reports of 530 people who have experienced long injuries associated with the cigarettes or vaping products that's an increase of a 150 cases in just a week. they've also been 7 deaths so far 38 states have been impacted including california which is seen 81 cases and 2 deaths. >>when these chemicals get heated up a really high temperatures depending on what chemicals are in their those chemicals themselves can have a chemical reaction. so the scientists are saying the truth is that we don't really know exactly what people are inhaling just by looking at at the product itself you actually have to do you have to have to do testing of the air assault just been here to see what chemicals have been produced from that. so we're just at the meeting were really at the to understand to understand this. >>the cdc reports no single vaping product or ingredient has been linked to the illnesses. the most patients report using thc the substance was in ghana bus or both thc
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and nicotine. >>we're also discovering that the way people you with the with the way people vape is different from the way the cigarettes people may be getting consuming maybe actually inhaling more may be consuming larger amount of nicotine. and then you and then you have these other chemicals that are that are in the baby air so they can be causing problems that information in one. >>in addition to the centers for disease control the food and drug administration's office of criminal investigations has launched a pair a little inquiry focusing on the supply chain and exactly what's making people sick. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>the major runway at sfo is finally back open this is a live look at the airport right now notice something missing on her set big exit was flashing at the bottom of your screen for the past 2 weeks. it's gone. >>it's gone during the day you can see a bunch of orange cones as well runway to aid left to reopen just about one hour ago. most importantly as
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a week ahead of schedule, the airport tweeted out these pictures earlier today as crews put the finishing touches on the runway. has now been repaired. >>happy campers out there at sfo your time he's just tonight yet or they reopened it. 2 hour delay 2 hour delays. i mean it has been brutal sometime like much as 4 hours. and we're just checking were wondering what would happen. hey we've got some good news check this out out of for right now. yeah you can see that nice clear skies, no fog to worry about and guess what hey we have been able to say that a long time no delays other cell phone all right now below no delays at any of the airports around you notice that the big x that had been out there on that runway mark and that it was closed is long gone now too so hopefully things go smoothly and i think weather wise should be some great weather to fly and that it's up over the next couple days anywhere around the bay area looking good temperatures starting to heat up outside in fact today we saw those numbers bump up for maybe 5 degrees in some parts of the
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bay area from 24 hours ago. and we brought us back to just above the average actually in the san francisco, 71, 76 in oakland 78 today in san jose 80 degrees in livermore 81 in concord in 81 degrees in santa rosa. but these numbers are going way up still a couple lingering showers over the sierra nevada as that low that brought us some rainfall move eastward. even a couple of snowflakes popping up over the mountain tops to couple lightning strikes as well, but that is going to head out of town high pressure really settling in not only here but around the state to for the weekends of the got plans for this last weekend of summer hey go to it whether is going to be looking great 50's along the coastline right now you've got 64 degrees in san mateo 65 in redwood city 66 degrees in oakland and hayward at this hour 69 still very comfortable into san francisco, 69 in concord and 62 degrees in vallejo so working on some nice numbers down hey it's going to be a great night plenty of sunshine all day long you'll notice some warmer temperatures in the afternoon even along the coastline. some of these numbers going to get
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cozy as will see some numbers pushing up in low 70's. i think by tomorrow afternoon that big dome of high pressure building in just in time for this last weekend of summer. those offshore winds going to be more of a factor, especially overnight friday night into saturday morning i think that's why we'll see the peak of the heat as we head into saturday but tomorrow it's going to be great beautiful weather out there even around the state are looking at age in the central valley. 70's in the monterey bay, 76 and beautiful of santa barbara 78 degrees in san diego on 82. in los angeles looks like those highs tomorrow in topeka about 3 5 o'clock in the afternoon in san jose we're going to see a plenty of sunshine in the san francisco plan on most temperatures moving up in the 70's and in oakland you've got sunny skies all all day long sneaking up into the 80's right between about 2 3 o'clock in the afternoon. so so beautiful weather to be have for all that all around the bay area these numbers looking very very nice a lot 80's inside the bay getting close to 90's inland. and then you've got the 60's 70's at the coast. and it's going to get a little bit warmer. hardly we're going in the last
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week in the summer but here we go next we're going to get very interesting. we're starting to look at the possibility of maybe some more rain coming our way we'll have that of coming up the totality but start thanks >>other news now tonight as california is cannabis industry continues to grow businesses across the state for hiring new employees to help grow. process cell and even regulate marijuana reporter olivia de janeiro headed out to a cannabis job fair today to find out where the industry is heading. >>that's was his golf course in california since california legalized recreational marijuana and 2018 the industry has grown exponentially and as cannabis in california involves so are the people working with it now the stories you see uniforms very professional articulate people very knowledgeabhe skilled people. those are hard to come by. that's why the california employment development department hosted a cannabis job there today to attract a new employees to the
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newest a booming business in the state you more information on this mystery of business, you know like warehouse open a dispensary all tyson like that but dispensaries and cannabis production companies weren't the only ones with booths at the hiring event government agencies and nonprofit organizations were also they're looking for staff to help to build the free market to support to this new industry so the government is going. how do we really normal isis it doesn't acknowledge that people are still scared of it organizations like the sacramento cannabis industry association are doing just that offering job training and education specifically tailored to california's marijuana industry and the greater hole that's what's going to love it. the community is very knowledgeable professional people speaking about cannabis and officials say the best time to break into the business is right now it's a great time and time is running out very quickly january 2018 hit it became legal statewide the rush was on but the dust is all over the place 2020
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industries are they going to launch a much higher. and east sacramento, olivia de janeiro. the sacramento cannabis industry association is placed about a 100 employees in dispensary since they began their training program in april they focus on community education and employee development to help try to elevate california's cannabis industry. >>to higher standards. the san francisco district attorney's office is working with college students and faculty to try to prevent sexually assaults on campuses the da's office and the victim service division held a seminar today at city college of san francisco. the event was for faculty and staff who may be working with sexual-assault victims. organizers say their goal is to reach out to new students and staff who may not be from the area. >>you know in san francisco, we only have one hospital that does rape kits for survivors in that san francisco general many of our students are not from san frrncisco. they don't know or city system our hospitals and so this gives
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them a lot of information about where they can go in who they can reach out to him. >>organizers say about how half of all sexual-assault happening during the first 4 months of any school year. president trump's taking aim at california and the bay area this time over the homeless crisis he said yesterday the problem is sending use needles into the bay in the city crowd forces he could you talk to officials today at the san francisco, public utilities commission. they say the president's claim is extreme. >>used drug needles flowing into the pacific ocean by way of san francisco's board trade sources. that's what president donald trump says is happening in connection to the city's ongoing homeless crisis that the president called did tremendous pollution and more that the us environmental protection agency will be giving san francisco, a notice for being what he says in total violation the spokesperson for the san francisco public utilities commission kerry being we're very proud of a system that
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does a great job. >>separating out so it's organic or otherwise, including needles and and there are multiple lines of defense before we reach day and yours. >>san francisco has 2 water treatment facilities, the largest is here at the south east water treatment patrol plant here that the 3 million gallons of water is processed every day. she talked about how this is to prevent. >>and so it's and separates them discharges no debris leaves the city says it is more likely that any drug needles would be collected in the city's 23,000 catch basins before reaching the 2 water we' comfortable. >>keeping our doors open to the epa
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>>san francisco mayor london breed his the president's got as another swipe at the city's homeless population. ultimately. now starting with a 1000 section 8 vouchers to like it. governor gavin newsom is staying quiet tonight about the president's claim about san francisco. this is yet another issue for the governor and the president. >>added to the long list many of their. fierce is disagreement center on the environment, the trump administration just pulled california's waiver that gives the state power to set vehicle emissions standards, california leaders announced earlier this week they'll be suing the trump administration because of that governor newsome hinted he's making an announcement tomorrow relating to california's vehicle emissions pack with 4 companies who picks california
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standards over the federal government as part of a pledge s office examined tate's more than. >>a 130 proposals for cutting edge fire management. as reporter lonnie wong tells us the effort jump-starts the creation of new technologies. these are going to stools a real time intelligence which gives. >>not only are boots on the ground but also notifications to the public to know silva is one of 2 companies selected for an innovation contract. the fire management company is getting nearly $400,000 to develop a system map a fire speed and direction. the system digest whether topography and feel low data real time model where that fire is and where it's going to go and really the benefit is to the public obviously for emergency notification but for incident commanders to make operational decisions. the second contract goes to defense giant northrop grumman it has technology expertise in aerial reconnaissance
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satellite systems an advanced communications. it's one million contract, we'll use aerial monitors to pinpoint when and where a so this detection could be quicker than somebody calling 911 cal fire already uses northrop grumman dispatch systems it would dovetail with its new detection technology. seconds count and while and fires, not only for response, but also for evacuations. 2 systems will be field tested in the coming months in 4 counties, including nap and you counties that saw the most destructive and deadly wildfires if the so-called proof of contract trials are successful. there will be rushed into service for the entire state in time for next year's fire season. it's time we need this it's there and we want to wasting any time or money the 2 companies must show that their systems work by the end of december. >>if not the state will look at other technologies that might be more promising. in sacramento. >>lonnie wong. >>still to come a new crime
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opportunity how walmart's promotion aimed to recycle car t community ome parents on in crisis. how tiny homes are making a big difference for struggling veterans in the bay area great story there and we have a mom on a mission why this california mom is pushing for a new playground for her son and other children like him.
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>>they're in lodi is pushing
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for a new playground. she says her 4 year-old son and other children like him need a place of their own reporter christy on a mission. this mom who's >>image jewel was terrible pozzi in a court of visual impairment loves to swing in flight. his mother dead in van dyke's says because im it is in a wheelchair. the really come to the park since he can't use most of the playground equipment. he wants to. >>do all the things that all of the other kids to right now that's not an option for him it or other kids with special needs so they indict is launching an effort to bring an all inclusive partalo die, he's a child to deserve the park that he can play in. >>we want to go down the slide time the city will soon begin replacing a playground equipment here at english oaks parks. >>and installing exercise equipment here at back clean card. undergoing a total rebuild here at cannes became part 2 if there are.
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>>funds to rebuild all of these parts for typical kids and there's enough funds to build one park. one park for special needs kids this city confirms to fox 40 that a wheelchair-accessible swing will be included in katy teen parks redesigned to indict says hold a new swing, it's appreciated it isn't enough >>just one flame. >>and there are so many handicapped kids in lodi that would absolutely love to go on swings and slides in with months of played together and have liked now fully inclusive part that we can act. >>then die tells fox 40 the community of families of special needs feels ignored our kids are just as important every other child we're not asking for anything extremely just one part our kids can play or enjoy >>in lodi christine roads. >>prime minister apologizes again after 2 new pictures show him in black face what he's now saying about the possibility of even more
10:27 pm
pictures plus tropical depression. imelda days triggering life threatening flooding across southeast texas. why the dangers still far from over. >>and we will take a closer look melda plus we're talking about a heat wave in the bay area and maybe some more rain your tenant and is coming up next. on roku today.
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>>much of southeast texas is under water tonight, tropical depression, imelda dumped heavy rain in the houston area
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this has been going on for days, shutting down highways forcing hundreds of high water rescues imelda is now responsible for 2 deaths in that state some amazing pictures there as much as 40 inches of rain could fall in the region that was devastated by hurricane harvey just 2 years ago. >>camilla burnout reports from texas. >>there's been a lot of water that has falling on this city. the amount of water. >>rising flood waters taking over streets and communities in texas several of the freeways i 10 both east and west of downtown. >>i 45 north of downtown. actually flooding closed. >>officials warning people to shelter in place driving into water is now worth price. your current certainly not worth your life it in common. >>and we may not to come back to you. >>high water rescue crews are making their way through flooded neighborhoods, pulling people trapped in their homes and vehicles to want to be love with that can you. free would texas resident walker didn't have time to evacuate.
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now he and many others are dealing with the fact that everything they have is under water, get but walker is thankful for more than material possessions. >>in >>with texas. i'm camila bernal reporting. >>turning now to the weather nor is karl is tracking the situation in texas with that stormy weather yeah, you know it was sometimes you don't think of these storms even though as a tropical storm that a tropical depression. we don't think of it is on was not a hurricane is not a big deal, but if it stalls out. it's a problem that's what happened the elder ran into a ridge of high pressure just to the north and so really stall look at that rain over the 2436 hours now we've seen tremendous amounts of rain some places almost 2 feet of rain and flood warnings are now up to houston and it's going to continue for a long time right into the weekend in fact you can see these rivers running above flood stage expected to crest as we get
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into a this weekend. so maybe sunday they continue to see flooding even though the rain will be long gone by then the flooding will continue along many of the tributaries may the rivers there westwego we've got to high pressure in control and it is settling in just in time for your friday and look at that so that the clear slot that set off shore wind beginning to develop in california and around all the states are going to see sunshine and warmer temperatures that continues on saturday as well that will be the kind of peak of the heat and then look up to the north we've gotten to yet another cold front begin to drop it will bring some rain up in the pacific northwest. maybe clipping far northern california if you're headed up toward to recover crescent city. the reading be prepared to myron areraindrop there but looks like it is going to fall apart as it passes through on sunday. leave behind some clouds and behind that they were yet another ridge building and we're talking about some more he toward the middle of the week and then late next week possibly friday in the following weekend. we could be looking at a chance more rain drops that some to keep watching out for in the long range forecast here you
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go, here's your tenant and we're going to be heating up the next couple days cooling down a bit on sunday fall begins on monday we warm things up once again slight chance of showers by next friday. thanking arts in the east bay freemont police arrested a man for an unprovoked attack on 2 women involves a rock here. authorities are calling a hate crime. >>happened just after 10 this morning on freeman boulevard and blake how road police say this is the attacker 29 year-old trevor dick's they say he used a rock to go after a woman and he hit her in the face before walking away. police say they believe the same man also attacked another woman. dick's now faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon. the new development tonight in that deadly boat fire that killed 34 people off the coast of santa barbara, a crew member injured in the fire is now suing the at owner and the company that chartered the vessel. ryan sims filed a lawsuit in ventura county superior court saying the conception dive boat was not seaworthy and operated in an
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unsafe manner. his attorney says sims was trapped and had to jump to the lower deck when the fire started which caused him to break his leg in 3 places. mill valley council member jessica jackson is resigning next month, she's moving to washington dc for new job jackson was first elected to city council in 2013. >>and is currently serving her second term. mayor jim wickham said jackson was an outstanding advocate in the community and the city will mr. very thoughtful and fall for it and effective and respectful leadership as he put it. canadian prime minister justin trudeau's apologizing again about controversial pictures 3 images, including this one surfaced recently of the liberal leader wearing brown or black face. he now says he's wary of being definitive about y times he's worn brown or black face. you being definitive about this
10:35 pm
because recent pictures that came out i had not remembered. and i think the question is how can you not remember that. does i i a. understand how hurtful this is to people who live with discrimination every single day. trudeau's liberal party reelection campaign is trying to deal with the fallout his conservative rivals of criticized him for the incidents, canadians head to the polls in just a month. september national baby safety month and wal-mart is using the opportunity to collect old car seats almost long. >>people can trade in the car seat that their child has outgrown for a $30 walmart gift card but as for when the shot excel explains the event is attracting criminals. >>it is a lot of vandalism over here it's getting kind of bad, especially people are going around stealing cars, the warnings are out from north highlands neighborhood
10:36 pm
watch groups warning parents that are breaking into cars and stealing child car seats thieves are turning those stolen car seat into wal-mart for $30 gift cards. >>the company's program except in car seats ends september 30th for $30 in anything to get money nowadays, but sadly this isn't using law. enforcement officers say people should remember the basics on safety making it difficult for thieves to get away with the crime law. >>they're caught 4 year-old kay lonny knows that well in order to keep her car seat secure. >>easy to walk away and forget to you know click the alarm so sometimes just a little reminders like that or setting something in your house may be a sticking out by the door this as you lock your car. >>can can be a huge in something like this and >>will be this family had security cameras installed on their home. we've actually write somebody breaking into one of the cars and seen on camera withkher and she had left her kids in the back that was about 00:30am in the morning and they actually just
10:37 pm
opened her door her son was in the back rob all her belongings hand there's always this option you need to bring in. >>side, you know if you don't have an alarm anything on your car. justify that you have a safe in the morning you know in north highlands roee to shatter ix. >>national news now the inspector general of the us intelligence community is sounding an alarm. michael atkinson says the acting director of national intelligence is keeping him from executing his duties and responsibilities the acting dni the white house and the justice department blocked atkinson from sharing with congress details of a er complaint. alex marquardt reports. >>it's a deadlock over an unseen potentially explosive complaint by a member of the intelligence community about the president that in communications between a foreign leader and president trump he according to the washington post had made that leader a promise what he
10:38 pm
allegedly promised is unknown as is who the foreign leader was but it was enough of a blockbuster claim for the intelligence community inspector general to feel forced to go to congress claiming the whistleblower complaint is being blocked by the white house the department of justice and the office of director of national intelligence because they believe it's not an intelligence matter in a letter to the house intelligence committee is specter general writes that the complaint, not only falls within the dni has jurisdiction but relates to one of the most significant and important of the dni responsibilities to american people that whole purpose is being frustrated here because the director of national intelligence has made the unprecedented decision not to share the complaint with the lawyer for acting director of national intelligence, joseph maguire argues the complaint here involves confidential and potentially privileged matters relating to the interest of other stakeholders within the
10:39 pm
executive branch. sources tell cnn it was the white house and the department of justice that told mcguire that he doesn't have jurisdiction. today when the i g spoke to the house intelligence committee, he didn't provide any details about the whistleblower's complaint hamstrung the chairman said by someone trying to manipulate the system. we can't get an answer because the department of justice and the director of national intelligence will not authorize the i g to tell us. >>and the inspector general is doing his very best to be very careful that he fall the law. >>the complaint was filed on august 12 just days before then director of national intelligence dan coats as well as his deputy sue gordon were pushed out by the president on august 15th. it was also after the president had communicated with a number of world leaders in the previous weeks, including the president of ukraine the prime minister of israel the dictator of north korea the emir of qatar and the president of russia
10:40 pm
vladimir putin. homelessness is a growing crisis in many cities and counties here in the bay area. >>as you know are trying different ideas to try to tackle a kid is a tall order kron four's maureen kelly though at the sonoma county to check out a village of tiny homes that are being used for homeless veterans. >>after being homeless for several years, jeff lawrence now has a permanent albeit tiny home to call his own measuring only 250 square feet, it's a small space for that whole navy vet, but as someone who came here with only the clothes on his back lawrence as it suits him just find the love it. yeah absolutely love it at his home is what's part of a veterans village made up of 14 tiny homes, located on county land in santa rosa, each took a $190,000 a piece to build by a construction company owned by an iraq war vet, all the residents have vouchers from hud and veterans administration supportive housing. so they pay no more
10:41 pm
than a 3rd of their low income on rent. lawrence is now a peer support specialist here after getting help with his ptsd and meth addiction which is how he ended up homeless after a divorce, this is more than i need right now. >>i've lived in a lot smaller 16 months ago i was literally a living over play with threats so to have this is just you know blessing. >>sonoma county supervisor surely zain says it took a lot of political will to get this village built but helping house homeless veterans is a cause close to her heart. her father was a marine who fought in world war 2. so i have my father's metals in my office it just smacks of so much injustice people give up their lives and are willing to risk their lives. c>when they go into military service. so the they need that support. nation othat support. >>i talked to one woman who
10:42 pm
just moved here to the village in april she shares her home with her husband, a vietnam war veteran, she says it's nice and cozy for the 2 of them and a lot better then living on the street. i love this place you know in all these guys each and every one of them in the women to don't forget the women they on but for a country but they're like my brothers and sisters and i would give this to the world. >>the village of tiny homes, making a big difference in the lives of veterans now off the streets. maureen kelly kron 4 news. and abandoned no more. >>ahead in flying tales how several animals from the central valley gathered in the bay area to find new homes and sports 49 ers getting closer to their home opener sunday against the steelers. now they're preparing for the second straight year for pittsburgh, making his. e chevy silverado,
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with the world's first invisible trailer. invisible trailer? hop in. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views- including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible. wow. that's pretty sweet. that's cool. where'd the trailer go? or, get a total value of ninety seven sixty on this silverado all star without optional tech package or enhanced invisible view.
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >>one of the biggest pet fares in the country wrapped up in the bay area over the weekend the 9th annual bay area pet fair connects hundreds of pets in need with local families and i flew some of those pets from the central valley in this edition of fine tales we show you how these animals got a second chance at life. >>saving unwanted dogs and cats.
10:46 pm
>>brenda hill is talking about these 2 dogs in particular rosebud and peggy 8 years least deserve >>the 2 dogs are joining 9 hands on a journey to the bay area where there's a far greater chance of them being adopted so we have this central valley transfer coalition. and along with 2 other shelters in the bay area. an amazing relationship.
10:47 pm
>>even rosebud and peggy seem content. >>in about an hour we're back on the ground at the livermore airport animals are set down on red carpet next to the plane. taste of a royal welcome they're about to receive. >>pet food express has sponsored the bay area pet care for the last 9 years it attracted a 100,000 visitors this year. and this is the first time stray pets have been flown in for the event. >>i was standing in the boat when now they were being brought over on the van for flight board is excited the fact that animal in need of lone oak street actually for this and i want to say animals that were brought up on the plane can work probably adopted within an hour. >>even little rosebud and peggy found new homes. more animals from fresno were driven in. >>like this weekend they went home empty. they just said that this week it amounted to
10:48 pm
month's worth of adoptions of their shelter. these are usually animals that were designed along. >>of the 2000 pets at work for adoption at the alameda county fairgrounds last weekend 1603 of them found new homes by the end of the weekend a couple more a couple 100 more adoptions are still being processed so almost every animal is up for adoption got home. that's a ton of. >>i mean 1600 and always amazes me how. i guess generous you would say that the bay area's in terms of adopting you know you go to central valley get them the brain here wolf to find homes
10:49 pm
>>to finnerty making it easy to it access all your favorite entertainment. >>i last weekend of summer is here that means a couple of things. >>playoff baseball is one and that's a big deal, especially for the a's just around the corner all right. we are now at that stage where we have fewer than 10 games left in the schedule year ago october plans are being finalized. the yankees are the latest team to clinch a division make the postseason they won tonight now the a's have the night off but right now. >>they're in a good spot to host a wild-card game have a 2 game advantage over the rays and indians. it will play 9 times against teams below 500 starting with the rangers tomorrow in the meantime, the giants looking for a sweep in boston madison bumgarner on the mound. the sox jumped on him early bottom of the second or the 3rd sox up 3, 1, 2, 1, for zander that's going pop up
10:50 pm
right field, they said 2 runs will come in to score. the red sox extend their lead to 4 to the 8 giants trying to make a run 2 on for kevin paul r who rips one down the 3rd base line goes to the wall. the throw from the cutoff man not in time johnny making a 2 run game. tonight high drama. last chance, 5, 4 boston big spot for evan longoria 4 bases loaded. brandon working it. if to chase for the final out boston wins, however giant still take 2 or 3. next. now the nfl didn't expect to see so many backup quarterback so early in the year, one plate tonight in jacksonville had no problems we'll get to him in a biabout the second stringer the niners will will see this sunday, the first of 8 home games at levi's features the pittsburgh steelers in an unfamiliar face will be running the steelers attack second year qb mason
10:51 pm
rudolph stepping in for 2 time super bowl winner ben roethlisberger's he's done for the season with an elbow injury richard sherman and prepping for a signal caller his first career start. >>you know he's going to he's going to do is go had to resort only is going to be able to you know so and if a quarterback he stored in a stable around so we have therefore what the court always given us in. he's been pretty consistent. they've had a certain style ben roethlisberger plan. >>and it just looks like on tape that he is capable of family all the stuff too so. that will be interesting to see what their personalities on offense. >>well the 40 niners open their home schedule this weekend the raiders about to get used to life on the road sunday's game in minnesota. marks the first of 5 5 straight games away from oakland. a stretch that includes a trip to london where they'll face the bears ei coliseum isn't until november, 3rd jon gruden says it's unrealistic mission ever happen in pro football, there's our cars take.
10:52 pm
>>who makes these things or whatever, but this is the cards we're dealt with we don't plan any there now that would be nice they all get off road rational that cost us. plan, some fields have some fun with it, but we'll miss our fans but nation as you guys know they travel everywhere so hopefully we can take over a couple stadiums. >>and finally thursday night football carter minshew the backup of the glorious mustache the jaguars host the titans hot start for the rookie qb had 2 touchdown passes in the 1st quarter he'd finished 20 of 30 for 200 plus yards. the defense did the rest sacked marcus mariota 9 times sacksonville us jaguars role 20 to 7. that is a look at sports more news after the
10:53 pm
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>>up next the news continues on our 24 7 streaming service called kron on on its commercial free theresa stasi, a standing by in our newsroom now with what we're working on for 11 o'clock teresa. a scratch. >>on 2 incidents involving guns on the campus of san jose state university police are looking for the person who shot out a window on on the library right over there on the campus this comes just one day at after an armed student was arrested after he allegedly made threats online plus a worker. that person is now filing a lawsuit against the company that charges a
10:56 pm
dive boat. we have an in-depth interview with an attorney about why the worker went to file such a lawsuit, those stories much more coming up on kron 4 and kron on back to you guys. >>i thank you to re serve by the way make sure you download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free. local news coverage for we're talking about friday guys and we're going to have some beautiful weather as we head in toward the weekend in fact. >>high pressure really settling in now clear skies all the way the golden gate bridge because they clear all night long and yet we're working on some warm temperatures tomorrow morning. we're up in the 50's and the 60's to begin the day a sunny start even along the coastline by the middle of a sunny and warm beautiful weather outside 60's and 70's by the afternoon were up near 90 degrees in the hot spots in lynn 80's inside the bay and you see 70's possibly out of some of the coastal areas now that trend will continue i think an even a little bit warmer as we get the weekend tomorrow. a check about 69 half moon bay, 72 downtown san francisco, 75. in mill valley, 81 degrees in
10:57 pm
hayward 79 in fremont 83 in san jose 89 degrees in livermore 83. in the napa valley, so you get the idea some beautiful weather ahead going to little bit hotter as we get into saturday. the last weekend of summer cooling down on sunday. there is a slight chance of showers late next week by about friday into the fall on weekends so enjoy these next 4 days all we have. at pier 1, the color of the moment is energetic ocher.
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diane: this is about a plane crash. a hammett gr-6 carrying 35 passengers and five crew. all 40 dead. many of their widows and widowers are here today. and all want to know one thing. why did this plane just drop from the sky? like kyle lidtke. he lost his wife and two daughters in this crash. now, the ceo of hammett aerospace would have him believe it's the pilot's fault, and not their plane. but we ask you to reject because this is a very simple case of... ...a flawed airplane design.


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