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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  September 20, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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at 05:00am we've got rebecca with the forecast and the weekend outlook. i think we're probably going to like that whether or traffic hopefully it's like it's like. >>hopefully it'll stay friday. usually get a bridge if there's no hot spot and nothing awful all right. we'll get a break during friday morning commute so kind to school what about the huge break it as a fun, this morning. let's take a look at the weather is going to be nice and it's really clear out snowfall. and it's going to be very warm today. guys a lot of 80's replacing those 70's that we saw yesterday. >>so it is going to be a toasty afternoon on tap for you and like i was mentioning clear skies out there very a similar start. that's what we saw yesterday look at this nice postcard dark picture, the golden gate bridge right now because the early hour. but it is a perfect shot, no fog in your way no cloud cover whatsoever temperature wise we're very similar to yesterday it's going to be little bit chilly getting out
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of the house this morning so you're going to want that jacket or sweater, 50's even some low 60's on the board that these temperatures definitely going to climb as we get into the afternoon. at's all thanks to this. warming trend that kicks off today around the bay area. and it's really set to spike as says soon as we get into saturday and sunday even more so a breakdown know your entire forecast coming up in just a bit robin, thank you rebecca traffic is moving well so far into san francisco. >>we're off to a quiet start. no delays to worry about a great trip across upper deck and smooth sailing on the skyway as well so come on in to san francisco now while we're at 9 minutes off to fremont street, here's 92 a little busy but not that only 14 minutes to the peninsula and the richmond sandra fell bridge wide open here at the toll plaza minutes from the pay gates to one o one james start starting out around. >>happening now police in the south they're looking for the gunman who fired shots on the san jose state university campus bullets hit the mlk library and. parking garages,
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well kron 4 sarah stinson is in san jose with the latest sara. >>and live here in front of the mlk library that's where the shots were fired. we know that a window of the library was damaged. but no one was injured fortunately could have been of critics scene but police were just here for the library they left they're still investigating this and looking for the person responsible. take a look at some video that we have of the scene last night when this all developed around 7 o'clock they sent out an alert to students at san jose state saying shots fired. mlk library, you're san fernando and 4th streets. university police and san jose police. on scene and they still are investigating it. they told students stay away from the area because clearly they didn't have the shooter, so they want make sure that in cases person we're going to. shoot. i want to make sure students were safe staying away from the air. you can see in the video. students were
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told this definitely a scary situation for everyone. obviously when you hear shots fired on campus. people take it seriously in a statement, the university said no one was injured in the shooting, but that there is some property damage. the san jose police department is now conducting an investigation, but still no one has been arrested no suspects have been identified and that's why they're still here on scene still investigating it and looking for. they're also probably looking at some of the video in the area, we'll keep this co date about to develop. live in san jose sarah stinson kron. >>ok thank you sarah in a separate incident a 17 year-old year-old san jose university student was arrested for making threats on social media. fit homestead high school in cupertino where the teenager went to school notified sunnyvale authorities and when they got there. the student was armed with a
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loaded semiautomatic handgun. ammunition and a knife police do believe that he was acting alone the student was a band member of the university and has been suspended. >>is very disturbing to serving because we're concerned about student even that student and we want to make sure that they're okay but we primary responsibility to make sure that the universe is a safe place for all of our students to learn the for faculty and staff to work. >>authorities found other guns and reloading equipment at the student's home in sunnyvale is still unclear when the threat was made or what exactly was threatened. >>happening today, hundreds of nurses will be on strike at 2 hospitals in the east bay and the nurses are we. >>working under they say unfair labor practices kron four's will tran is live in san leandro with the story i will. >>good morning daria the
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strike will happen in a little less than 2 hours from now will begin at 7 o'clock this morning and last until 7 o'clock saturday morning and you can see the hospital right behind me there are 2 hospitals. specifically this one family and her hospital that's where we are and then the other hospital is alameda hospital and you can see their people inside the lobby at this time usually and we have not heard from the hospital as far as this issue, but usually they got a notice and they will probably bring in replacement nurses. so if you have an appointment you should be ok. the nurses august after says will show up but instead of going inside there will be hitting the picket lines claiming that management is being unfair that they're not bargaining in good faith that they've been working for the past 9 months without a contract and instead of trying to reach a deal. according to the nurses union their boss is actually have already taken away many benefits that are decades old. the hospital
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disputes that so take a look at your screen here is the statement from the hospital that we got in the overnight hours. they say we understand that our nurses are valuable members of our care team. and are critical to delivering quality care for those needing our services despite the planned a labor activity we believe that the bargaining table is the best place to reach a mutually beneficial agreement so you can see the lights are on at this time. the hospital does not plan to shut down during the strike and the nurses after the walk the picket lines with a full day saturday morning at 7 o'clock many of them usually they work with other unions of this is typical practice after the finish the strike is 7 o'clock tomorrow on saturday morning, they'll head into work, this is you this is obviously to send a message to their bosses and to send a message to the public that they need the public's support in all of this again working without a contract since december of 2018. >>all right. we'll see if this can get resolved. thank you
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will 5 or 6 is the time. >>may 3 new lawsuits filed against city of a lay how accusing the police department of racial profiling. >>you're interviewing with the map. europeans. that's fun. >>cell phone video and officer there is david mclaughlin. he's pushes and a us marine veteran adrian burrell at the time, i'm burrell was on his front porch. videotaping a vallejo police officer holding his cousin at gunpoint since then burrell has moved out of a lay whole because he says the officer is back on patrol. >>to know that these guys petroleum the neighborhood that i live in and if you choose to pull me over that is my where you see and what can happen light and just to put myself or even anybody who's right and with me in that position is light. >>i want to do that. the leon police department issued this statement to kron 4 saying they cannot comment on pending
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litigation but they're confident, the fact face litigation process will determine the truth in these cases. >>in the east bay oakland police now looking for a 19 year-old has been missing since early may jonathon band the has been was last seen on back on may 3rd his 1998 silver honda accord was found on the san mateo bridge. the very next day but jonathan's brother gave an emotional plea yesterday for his safe return home. the family is offering a reward of $2500 for any information leading to jonathan's whereabouts. now take a look at this surveillance video from the richmond gas station see that person running they're off in the distance. he's running after a lyft driver and then
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shooting at that car hitting it repeatedly. it that the man was seen running this is the man marcus dean officers say he got in a lift last thursday put a gun on the back of the driver's head and then orders him. too taken to the gas station and make a stop there now while the suspect was inside getting food the lyft driver got away. dean is in jail right now suspicion of kidnapping and attempted murder. >>is it full speed now. >>and so the hope mean and that means that you won't see any delays this morning and you can't blame the fog as you can see in this live shot. it's clear. and now you can't blame any runway construction because they finish the work less. that runway is all done it took a couple of weeks they got it done about a week early. so now we should have to stop this morning to ndds of cancelhappening daily 10 since in here the pictures tweeted out by sfo.
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>>so proud so have. nothing like fresh pavement and new striping. hundreds of vaping-related illnesses are reported across the country. and san francisco, a is reacting now to president trump's claim that needles from the homeless are winding up in the ocean. plus come a canadian prime minister justin trudeau apologizing. after wearing. and after pictures surfaced of him wearing brownface. and i'm tracking 50's 60's for now. >>all but 80's we're going to see a lot of them across the board. i'll have a complete forecast coming up. i'm tracking your commute this morning, it's looking good. so far the drive into san francisco. >>a minor weight off and on in some of the cash la
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>>and we're getting a look at the forecast which is going to be nice today in pretty toasty is i mean it's going to start the temperatures are only going to raise next couple of days. some spots 80's that we're going to even around our base and communities near 90 in some spots and one. >>so get ready for though one up because it's a big difference of what we saw yesterday right out the door right now visibility great to look at this nice clear shot we look up to a similar situation yesterday morning and the cerise the camera overlooking berkeley and you could see straight to the bay because no father cloud cover in your way so far this morning. but yes, the warming trend is uh officially going to kick off today around the bay area and it's going to bring toasty temperatures into the afternoon with a whole lot of sunshine to enjoy and it's going to continue to clash, i'm over the next couple of days so just be aware if you do have any outdoor plans over the next few days and into the weekend just be a real careful out there because it is going
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to get quite hot in some spots, 74 degrees that's what we're expecting if you're going to be in downtown san francisco for the higa today 75 in the mission district with a lot of sunshine if you're headed to the coast or to beaches today. it's going to be per perfect beach weather look at that low 70's. half moon bay are coming in at 73 elgar not a 72. and a whole lot of sunshine there it's going to be completely clear acosta later on this afternoon. we're looking at to upper 70's for millbrae the 81 degrees for the high in burlingame today and look at this 80's across the board down the peninsula 82 in redwood city 85 you're going to be in woodside today and then your south isn't completely covered in 80's as well 82 in milpitas today for the high 83 in downtown san jose. further inland 84 for livermore they signed a areas, we're looking at 80 in hayward 78 in union city, downtown oakland you're going to get 78 today but look at that near 90 degrees once we get further inland through conquered woman creek. both coming in high of 87 for the afternoon. and the
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80's that continue the upper 80's as a matter of fact to fairfield and through pittsburgh today. sonoma you're going to be at 87 87 as well and then the north bay, the 80's continue from nevado into petaluma. the degrees at 79 today stinson beach have a nice 69 with a lot of sun to enjoy but yes you can see how the temperatures continue to rise over the next couple of days and then really spiking as we get towards of the middle of next week we're going to see a possibly a lot of low 90's, especially for in the valley location so just make sure they use a sunscreen and stay hydrated for the next 7 days, robin. >>all right, thank you. rebecca traffic looks pretty good so far on the 70 oh bridge. it's a little crowded, but it's not bad and it's a great time to just get on out there now before we have more lking in at g over to th 14 minutes, that's good to make it over to highway one oh one and into san mateo we're checking the bay bridge traffi of those
5:17 am
cash lanes and fast track lanes but it's a great time to use it. it is not backed up through the maze yet 10 minutes here from the bottom of the maze over to fremont street want to take you out to livermore because we have some early slowing there's a crash right here 5.80 westbound it is a bill that may still be blocking so you're backed up to vasco but clear the scene the rest of your trip continuing west and up to the dublin interchange looks pretty good you just have this little hiccup in your commute that's putting you at 60 minutes and growing from vasco out to dublin to leave a little early because it is slowing down but highway for looks great. so the 6 80 south the nimitz and one on one 27 minutes from san jose to menlo park james. all right. thank you rob. >>the san francisco da's office is working right now with college students and faculty to try and prevent sexual-assault on campus. a seminar was held yesterday at the city college of san francisco in their gold is to reach out to new students and staff who may not be from ths area. >>you know in san francisco,
5:18 am
we only have one hospital that does rape kits for survivors in that san francisco general many of our students are not from san francisco. they don't know or city system our hospitals and so this gives them a lot of information about where they can go in who they can reach out to him. >>organizers say about half of all sexual-assault happened during the first 4 months of any school year. >>officials in san francisco to president trump threatening the city over the homeless crisis com for says he'd has the details. >>used drug needles flowing into the pacific ocean by way of san francisco's board trade sources. that's what president donald trump says is happening in connection to the city's ongoing homeless crisis that the president called it tremendous pollution and warned that the us environmental protection agency will be giving san francisco, a notice for being what he says in total violation the spokesperson for the san francisco public utilities commission kerry being we're very proud of a
5:19 am
system that does a great job. >>separating outsell its organic or otherwise, including needles and there are multiple lines of defense before we reach today in years. >>san francisco has 2 water treatment facility. the largest it's here at the south east water treatment patrol plant here that the 3 million gallons of water is processed every day. she talked about how this is to prevent. >>primary treatment it captures did and so it's and separates thscem harges no debris leaves the city says it is likely that any drug needles would be collected in the city's 23,000 catch basins before reaching the 2 water treatment plants. >>as what the epa says. >>we're very comfortable. keeping our doors at the the
5:20 am
>>san francisco mayor london breed his the president's got it as another swipe at the city's homeless population. ultimately. >>how about starting with a 1000 section 8 vouchers to like it. >>this reaction from raiders quarterback derek carr as the team gets ready for 7 weeklong road trip. and here's a quick live look outside the golden gate bridge this morning where looking at nice clear conditions look at that crystal clear and i notice there's another cruise ship in town to another group of people who've arrived just in time it was a a. he right back to the hollywood minute.
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morning news, i'm rebecca strong in for john trimble this morning, we're looking at clear conditions for your friday, a nice way to kick off a as we're getting into the weekend and that this is a nice clear shot of a san francisco, it's just our south of market street camera and you can see no clouds or fog like normally that we see but we've had definitely been nice and clear of the last couple of days. temperatures going to be pretty warm in some spots 74 expected in downtown today open your expected at a high of 78 degrees and then 83 in downtown san jose. i'll have a complete. forecast coming up in just a bit robin. thank you rebecca back to the bay bridge not much of a change for your drive into san francisco, it's still light. >>still quiet just a minor back up and that's really off and on it's been a great trip o heading out of livermore there's a crash right here 5 of the west. it is a bill atwoi reported looks like we have several vehicles and a big rig, so with one lane blocked. it is indeed back to be on vasco that's going to put you
5:25 am
at 18 minutes and growing to make it from bass co up to the dublin interchange so get out there early we'll check more slow spots coming up. target states. >>thanks a lot of time 25 a big story, the city of fremont has now banned the sale of all all flavored tobacco this comes as has more than 5 800 illnesses are now linked to vaping and being investigated nationwide. so far 38 states have been impacted including california. we've seen 81 cases and 2 deaths linked to vacate the thing with no single vaping product or ingredient linked though to the illnesses. cause is >>chemical get heated up a really high temperatures depending on what chemicals are in their those chemicals themselves can have a chemical reaction. so the scientists are saying the truth is that we don't really know exactly what people are inhaling just by looking at at the product itself you actually have to do you have to have to do testing of the air assault just been
5:26 am
here to see what chemicals have been produced from that. so we're just at the meeting were really at the to understand to understand this. >>so no sooner did just because it doesn't smell of that as bad turns out it could be deadlier right than smoking investigation to see just exactly what is making people get sick or worse has been launched by the cdc and the fda. and we can't say it enough. and suppose it is the first day the first morning that we're seeing clear sky eyes and no delays because of runway work is do
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babybel: bye bye, bland. babybel: helloooo, delicious. vo: rich, creamy, 100% real cheese. vo: with mini babybel, snack time is saved. babybel: saved it! >>traffic for you on a friday morning, good news i think all around so far yes. one little problem won 5.80 so it's low out of livermore i'll tell you why coming up. >>ok and warmer today you know
5:30 am
lauer. >>you guys were going to really feel a difference because we saw a lot of 70's low to mid 70's, you know it's the super bass and communities, they're going to be 80's today. so get used to the toasty temperatures on the way to the bay area it's only going to continue to climb as we get into of the weekend. it's going to be absolutely beautiful and we're starting off nice and clear. this shot is so our north a camera and timber on i want to show you this i know it's a little dark but i want to show you just how clear it is out there because we can make out the golden gate bridge towers there in the background normally it's completely sucked in by the faa and the clouds not today though temperatures outside right now we're looking in the 50's to low 60's. it's going to feel very similar to yesterday morning. but this afternoon is not going to feel anywhere close to what we felt yesterday afternoon it's going to be a lot warmer around the bay area, a warming trend kicks off today and then really start to spike into the weekend so just keep that in mind try limit your outdoor activity during the peak hours. i'll have a full breakdown though just how warm or going to get in your neighborhood. coming up in
5:31 am
just a s etty good across the golden gate. we're checking in on one oh one and so far it's holding up well. >>at 19 minutes novato to san francisco, so nice and smooth here in both directions don't you wish all burdis look like that, here's the bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco. and yes we already have a crowd. yes, it's back to be on the 80 over crossing so be prepared for some break tapping coming in and then here's the crash that i mentioned 5 of west that isabel and livermore that's why you're backed up the on vasco but it's good news for those of you getting on the freeway after the scene because it's wide open up ahead and this crash is holding everybody back so 22 minutes because of that vasco to the dublin interchange james darya. >>thank you very much rob and happening now tensions are running high on the san jose state university campus after a gunman fired shots on campus last night. >>the bullets hit the mlk nd th kron 4 sarah stinson is live in san jose with more sara.
5:32 am
>>that's right and i'm live in front of the mlk library here at san jose state and we know that at least one window was shattered in damage from those shots that were fired up last night. take a look at this video police are still looking for the suspect who put fired the shots last night they put out an alert to students around 7 o'clock telling them to stay away from the area which is a san fernando and 4th street university police in san jose police responded you can see them on campus in the video. they came out here and try to look to see who is was responsible interviewing students trying to gather any and all information to figure out who did this know of as i said video shows a library window to be shattered shot also hit the parking lot here. so i'm definitely a concern because obviously students could have been hit, but who is responsible for that that is the question this morning. that's why the investigation continues at this hour, we're
5:33 am
still waiting for a response from the university and from san jose police. but in a statement from the was injured. shooting it did cause some property damage. but they're still trying to figure out how this all happened so stay tuned really hope to get an update within the next hour from the university and from police to see where they're at with their investigation. free on live san jose sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>very good. thank you sarah, 5 33 in the east bay freemont police are calling unprovoked attacks on 2 women. >>hate crime. police arrested 29 year-old trevor dick's for an attack that happened yesterday morning on fremont boulevard and and black hole road. police say that he threw a rock get a woman it hit her in the face and then he walked away and he admitted to the police that he targeted her because of her ethnicity. he was also charged with attacking another woman in that same area. in san pablo
5:34 am
police arrested a man accused of sexually abusing a 3 year-old girl 65 year-old huard ah dole was arrested at his home in san pablo the police say that the 3 year-old told a family member about the sexual-abuse guardado has been charged with 2 felonies including sexual-abuse of a minor currently being held without bail. >>a new development now in the deadly boat fire that killed 34 people in southern a crew member who was injured in that fire is now suing the boat owner. and the company that chartered the boat. ryan sims filed a lawsuit claiming the conception dive boat was not seaworthy and operated in an unsafe manner. his attorney says sims was trapped and had to jump to the lower deck which caused him to break his leg in 3 places. a lot of the victims in that fire. we're from the bay area. and he's been face of several theft charges after police found guns and stolen items inside a car in danville and we have
5:35 am
pictures of some of those guns they confiscated take a look police say they tracked down 26 year-old arba sullivan after getting a report of a stolen car and when officers searched that car. that's when they found backpacks stolen mail and burglary tools. >>north a vacaville police are looking for 2 men and who withdrew thousands of dollars from atm comes in vacaville, and fairfield last month. apparently they clone somebody else's bank card with the information they got from the skimming device and that's how they were able to do it, but you know with the video cameras in their photos. they take great there the tmc can get a good look at these 2 guys. a major hit great for the trump administration in court. a federal judge has halted a california law aimed at forcing the president to release his tax returns. the trump campaign has sued over the law that requires candidates to release their tax returns to appear on the 2020 primary ballot. governor newsome sign the law in july
5:36 am
lawyers for trump and the republicans argue it violates the constitution by adding an additional requirement to run for president. they also say a federal law requiring president says quote financial information supersedes state law. >>canadian prime minister justin trudeau is apologizing again after more images of him wearing black face have surfaced so this video shows him wearing dark makeup in the early 1990's, it's one of 3 instances dating back decades. the other was reported earlier this week. the picture shows trudeau at a party at a private school where he worked as a teacher back in 2001 his neck and hands were also darkened. trudeau also admitted to wearing black face at a high you being definitive about this because recent pictures that came out i had not remembered. and i think the question is how can you not remember that. does i i a.
5:37 am
understand how hurtful this is to people who live with discrimination every single day. all of this happened just days after justin trudeau announced his reelection campaign will see how it handles the storm. >>tiny homes are making a big difference for struggling veterans in the bay area. the juul record.
5:38 am
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>>and we're back with more news now in the north bay santa rosa's installation of tiny homes is helping homeless veterans become better established in their community. so the homes are located on what's called veterans village. they measure, i'm only about 250 square feet in total the vouchers from hud and other agencies are helpful with this and all of the residents pay no more then a 3rd of their income on rent. >>absolutely love it that this is more than i need right now.
5:41 am
i've lived in a lot smaller 16 months ago i was literally a living over play with threats. so now this is just you know blessing. >>that's pretty credible each home cost about $190,000 to build all funded by a construction company that's owned by an iraq war veteran. here's a quick live look outside at 5.41 will take a brief break look back mourn a minute the bay bridge toll plaza camera shows traffic backed up here. fairly heavily actually on a friday morning, we'll find out from robin if this is anything more than usual. on a friday and of course rebecca has your weekend forecast coming up in weekend forecast coming up in just a minute. my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon, plus fries and a drink try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo.
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detergent alone can't. lysol. what it takes to protect. ® ♪ ♪ the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time. ♪ ♪ >>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, the time is 5.44. thank you for waking up with us and happy the friday checking in on the san mateo bridge that drive from hayward to the peninsula. it's definitely crowd and already we have the westbound side here on the flat section that slow from the tolls to the high rise. it does get better
5:45 am
after the high rise and into foster city are also checking the bay bridge traffic 80 west and we have a full house it's already stretching the on west grand so 9 minutes that's a great average. it does improve on the suspension, it is not going to improve behind the toll plaza oakland side always the heaviest especially on fridays we're checking livermore because we have this crash that's been lingering for a while now 5 of the west and isabel we have several cars, couple of big rigs involved here. they need large heavy-duty tow trucks for the big race before they can cleared. this is causing a backup through livermore be on vasco almost to the altamont now so not good news, getting on the freeway livermore but at after the crash if you get on out stir livermore after isabel it's going to be wide open you're like what slow traffic. what are you talking about everybody stuck right here so keep that in mind heavy out of the ultimate through livermore because of that trouble spot that bumps you up to 26 minutes to make it over to the dublin interchange 4 looks good. so does one oh one 12 minutes
5:46 am
from morgan hill to the guadalupe parkway in san jose. rebecca. >>all right. thank you robin taking a live look outside right now this is our eye a camera in a san francisco just south of market you could see clear conditions right now across all the skies and really we're seeing it across the entire bay area very similar start us what we saw yesterday. temperature wise right now currently we're in the 50's and the 60's that things are going to warm up into this afternoon, thanks to that warming trend. the kicks off today around the bay area. here's a breakdown of neighborhood by neighborhood. you're going to be in downtown san francisco. i have 74 expected under lot of sunshine. the mission district topping out at 75. and it's going to be a gorgeous day at the coast and very clear in some afternoon i might add gennady are at 72 high of 73 in half moon bay and then we're going to see more 70's across the peninsula, bruno and some millbrae upper 70's there. 81 degrees and burlingame this afternoon 80's continue you can see through foster city, san carlos redwood city all in the low
5:47 am
80's, but what side nice and warm. 85 degrees for the afternoon high. and then the south bay, no matter where you're going to be at said this afternoon. definitely seeing a wide spread of 80's across the entire board and then those 80's continue and says some of our inland valley locations like dublin pleasanton livermore our bayside communities of low 80's, upper 70's in union city expected later today and then we're going to see 75 in berkeley. a high of 78 in oakland. but then look at that near 90 degrees once we get further inland to concord and walnut creek. both coming in at 87 vacaville in fairfield pittsburgh, upper 80's, a young cone sonoma upper 80's there as well for going to be heading to wine country a high of 84 expected in napa the north bay looks like this the 80's continue and then we're going to see mill valley right at 80 degree stinson beach of course a little bit cooler at 69 with a whole lot of sunshine. 70 around the bay forecast warmer into the
5:48 am
weekend is this trend continues and then we're going to see some hot temperatures next week, especially inland, we're going to see the possibility of low 90's james. >>all right. thank you very much rebecca. now sunbury football, the 40 niners are getting ready for their first home game of the season this sunday, the niners are going to be hosting the pittsburgh steelers. backup quarterback. mason rudolph, a stepping in for 2 time super bowl winner ben roethlisberger bank of big ben is out for the season is an elbow injury. the niners are hoping to win and stay undefeated through 3 games. sunday's game starts at one 25 in the afternoon. and while the 49 ers are home this weekend the raiders will have to get used to life on the road for the next 7 weeks. sunday's game in minnesota marks the first of 5 straight games away for oakland, it's a stretch that includes a trip to london. where they'll face the bears. we'll also have a bye week after that london game. the raiders next game at the coliseum isn't until november 30. jon gruden says it's unrealistic. this should
5:49 am
have happened in pro football. >>it makes these things or whatever, but this is the cards are dealt we don't plan any there no that would be nice they all get all road rational accounts to we'll play on some fields, have some fun with it, but we'll miss our fans but made a nation as you guys know they travel everywhere so hopefully we can take over a couple stadiums. >>over their 7 weeklong road trip the raiders will get to play in oakland for 3 weeks straight that will be in november. >>5.49 coming up in the next hour you may want to hold off on updating your iphone software there's a flaw in the system that may expose your stored contacts. >>what more details on that comi lowe's knows you'll do it right,
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child care options run out. lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't. guaranteed monthly income for life. >>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>well the horror sequel it
5:53 am
chapter 2 hangs on to the top spot at the box office after some tough competition. we have david daniel with a look at the upcoming weekend movies. >>rambo last blood could have a slight edge in the weekend box office battle. so that's just a low returns for a 5th film as the action hero. analysts estimated to learn anywhere from 17 to million. the high end of that range could give it the weekend crown over it chapter 2. >>the king and queen of coming down. >>british aristocrats outgun rambo anticipation is high for down abbey which leads to the big screen after 6 seasons on television box office watchers expect a debut of 16 to million. but online ticket service fandango reports the period drama as the weekend's highest advance ticket sales. to the exploration space there' pitt, the space thriller has the best reviews of the weekend's new movies slightly
5:54 am
edging down abby and the experts look for to blast off with 18 to million, not great for a film that cost more than 80 million to make that enough to make him a contender for the weekend title in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>trouble for former oakland wide receiver antonio brown, nike has just dropped its endorsement deal with brown. the company says that antonio that quote antonio brown is not a nike athlete. last week brown was accused of rape in sexual-assault he denies those allegations one of his accusers has met with the nfl already its investigators. time that probe, we'll wrap up. >>coming up in the next hour students and teachers are concerned after a shooting on the campus of san jose state university. and nurses in the east bay are upset. they're striking for what they say is unfair labor practices.
5:55 am
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>>lots to get to today in the 06:00am hour we've got to get you up to the quick leonceltic >>ok all those delays and cancellations have gone away. to a story this morning first morning that we see and it's clear out there to know exactly no weather related issues. that's for sure this morning so it is going to be warm today, though you guys temperatures definitely on the rise, a warming trend set to hit the bay area today and get into the weekend and bring us
5:59 am
even higher our temperatures for saturday and sunday. but yes, at least it's clear out visibilities great look at this nice shot of the golden gate bridge. we saw similar situation yesterday morning as well so yeah it's going to be i strive you're heading into work or to school later on today because it is so clear and so gorgeous out we're definitely seeing it to cool just like yesterday morning and board even 49 degrees though still in napa right now so a long sleeves are needed but to appeal that off into the afternoon believe me because temperatures definitely going to get warmer again. we're seeing this so warm up that starts today and it's going to continue to climb temperature wise as we get into saturday and sunday so just try to limit outdoor activity few can during those peak hours. i will break down just how warm or hot, it's going to get your neighborhood. coming up in just a bit robin. all right. thank you rebecca over to the bay bridge we're checking the drive into san francisco and we have a full house cash lanes. >>fast track lanes all stacked up for now you're back up stretches to west grand. it's
6:00 am
holding their normally on fridays it will hold at west grand or the bottom of the maze unless something major happens to cause a to back up through the maze so you're getting a little break here at 10 minutes off to fremont street. here's a crescent and working for about an hour this happened shortly before 5 o'clock 5 of the west at isabel avenue in livermore we have several cars and critics involved in this to you the way through livermore to greenville if you get on the freeway after the


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