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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  September 20, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>>it is 6 now sent a number of customers in the bay area could be without power on monday and esday due to hot and windy weather conditions. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm ken wayne theresa stasi up for pam moore shot officer, not certain at this point but the company just wants to make sure that you're prepared just in case kron four's dan kerman has more. >>friday afternoon weather in santa rosa was hot, but not too windy. but on its weather awareness website, pacific gas and electric is alerting customers it's raised level for a potential public safety power shutoff ince owns 3, 4, which covers the 9 county bay area. >>it's a pg meteorologists are closely monitoring weather conditions. and we did find that there is some high and gusty weather that could potentially be moving into the sierra foot hills and the north bay and so we did bump up the level of the potential
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p s p s to elevated before shut off happens the alert level which is now elevated or yellow. >>we'll need to move to brown the watch level and then the purple the warning level. but if a shut off is imminent. pg e says it will notify impacted residents. 48 hours in advance. >>you need to do you need to do to keep us safe my home almost burned down and my neighbors burned around me and. you know if there was any chance the wires were involved. and the say thing may be to shut it off and be prepared. >>many people we spoke with in santa rosa support the shut off and they're ready about a generator. >>and i've actually have a electrician coming out tomorrow that generator, it so say i have prepared some. >>the santa rosa fire department is also monitoring the situation and has plans in place should the weather take a turn. >>this was to elevate a red flag warning work some sort of critical fire weather. then
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yes, locally here about the city santa rosa as well as fire departments the county would increase their staffing. we do things differently to make sure that we're better prepared for the fire potential like that. >>again the area pg is focusing on is the north bay monday and tuesday right now no shut off plan but if it becomes imminent pg e will start contacting those residents impacted 48 hours in advance. the key thing for residents to do is to make sure pg e has updated contact information. so they can be reached in santa rosa dan kerman kron 4 news. >>more than 20,000 people were without power this morning after a construction crew. underground power line. around 8 near pier, 17 power was out in several neighborhoods, including mission bay potrero south of market, don patch china basin and valley at least at least 1800 people are still without power. a state. >>right now as we get first look at the weekend weather
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forecast and it's a little breezy out there. lawrence we've been talking about the genie taking steps you know make sure that there's no fire danger. but we don't know what to the genie looks at when they. coming up with their criteria do it he actually try to contact them and try to find out exactly what the parameters >>really to the urgency worries start to turn a people's power. so far i haven't heard anything back but we we do know that the fire conditions are going to be elevated we are looking at some offshore winds we're seeing those developing for the weekend to but they're not strong offshore that's going to change on monday. we've got a weak area of low pressure that's going to sweep to the state on sunday behind that area of low pressure. high pressure starts to build in the contrast with that is going to start to kick up the winds and those winds will be dry and offshore and that's what we're worried about especially this time of year you get the humidity down between 10 and about 20% you got temperatures running in the 90's and you know wind gusting maybe to 2030 miles per hour certainly in the fire were to get started in those kind of conditions it rapidly
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spread wherever that would start now that looks like it will be the case as we get into the latter part of the weekend into monday and tuesday. that's what expect some of strongest offshore winds to develop that we've got fire weather watch already been issued in the central valley here and parts of the bay area on the county parts of napa county lake county we're watching for the possibility, the fire conditions developing there as we get into monday and tuesday. still a little bit out there in the forecast but certainly this is that time of year where we can definitely see some of those fires. thank you lawrence cross country today, hundreds of thousands of people participated in climate action protests. in the number of cities, including san francisco. many of the protesters for young people of some from grade school up into high school kron four's charles clifford was there in the city and has details. well here in san francisco on friday, 10's of thousands of people marched in the youth. >>climate strike. asked dianne feinstein's office along
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market over by genie and then went to the ice headquarters and then ended up. at justin herman plaza now there were mostly young people teenagers participating in today'e march. i talked to one young lady from berkeley who says that we can no longer delay acting on climate change that now is the time, i'm here because. >>we're out of time for climate change. and we need real chi mak. >>and finally even though friday's protest is coming to an end we have heard there could be additional climate strikes a scheduled for next week possibly on wednesday here in san francisco. but for now along the embarcadero charles clifford kron 4 news. >>well he left oakland a few weeks ago, but he hasn't left headlines now he's back in the unemployment line. >>kron 4 sports reporter jason dumas here was more just seems to never and i mean what 11 days with patriots game is this nice stuff you can't make a right which makes is so
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bizarre. just when you thought you were done hearing about a be another chapter in the downward spiral begins earlier this afternoon. the new england patriots release the controversial right receiver. now we're left to wonder will he ever play another snap in the nfl again. this most recent move comes after brown contacted a woman who had accused him of sexual-misconduct he said the woman text messages that her lawyer called intimidating the techs included pictures of her children. he had only been a member of the patriots for 2 weeks. brown had made his debut for the patriots last sunday against the miami dolphins. he had 4 catches for 5056 yards and a touchdown pass back to you guys. >>for a woman accused of murdering her husband is now out of jail after a judge lowered her bail significantly. the victim was the principal at the pittsburgh education center. maureen kelly talked to one of his sons who is very upset by this decision.
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>>it's just like a big slap in the face. >>jonathan shots well as one of the victims 8 surviving children. he says he was upset win back in july a contra costa county judge reduced his stepmother's bail 95% which allowed her to walk free awaiting trial. according to pittsburgh police pull shots well and his wife. maria vs we're in an argument on march 16th, when officials believe she shot him in their pittsburgh home. they shared with their 3 sons aged 6, 1214 tre 45 year-old was on life support until he died 2 weeks later. he had been a pillar of the community paul was most recently the principle of the pittsburgh adult education center. >>for us it's very frustrating because it's i we won and the death sentence or anything i mean fortunately for her to spend in california but do think that there should are
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repercussions for people's actions. it's understandable that the family would be >>outrage even that's maria v this is defense attorney he believes that the judge reduced the bail based on evidence that he says supports his theory. it was an accidental shooting after the pair struggled over the gun. that included an autopsy photo that he says shows that schatz well was shot in the temple rather than the back of the head has put forward by police as well as evidence that the pair had both been drinking that night. the judge also viewed a videotape that police called a confession, but the defense attorney says is that most admission that beat us was involved in the shooting murray over and over says it all. >>i wouldn't have killed paul i love all i i want is for the rest of my life and always my husband and was crying hysterically fetus is back in court for her pull him an airy hearing. >>october 1st maureen kelly kron 4 news.
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>>the man was arrested on several charges including a hate crime after saying that the victims ethnicity was his motive in the unprovoked attack this happened in fremont police said this man trevor dick's hit a female customer in the face and also hit with a rock inside of a store and then just walked away happened on fremont boulevard near lake al road. police later discovered the dick's also assaulted a female employee at a second business in that area. today to the south bay now this just and police are releasing these pictures of a person of interest in a shooting at san jose state university last night. best gators say they don't know if this person is responsible only that he was seen in the area at the time of the shooting. the gunfire did end up hitting the mlk library on campus and the university parking garage. meanwhile, kron 4 sarah stinson visited the campus to talk to students about the incident. she met one student who says he was in the library when a bullet shattered shattered the glass right near him.
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>>as police continue to look for the shooter who opened fire here in san jose states mlk spoke to one student. >>and they see a bullet hole in the glass of right above my head. they see glass all over my stuff all of my all over my all of that carpet all over me. >>so air crew nurse as he was in complete shock, one it. 150% shot. >>you you kind of lose all sense of anything. >>a terrifying situation thursday night when a person shot multiple rounds into san jose state's library. and the city garage fortunately, no one was injured. >>that you can still see the bullet holes in both buildings, students walking to class stopped by to take a look scene a bullet holes right here on my campus right been going for years is just. >>traumatizing because it's supposed to be a safe campus for me. >>university police and san
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jose police responded to shots fired just before 6 30 at night. an alert went out to students just after 7 reporting the shooting in telling students to say out of the area near fernando and 4th streets. >>after my cause i was afraid to go home and everything is the city just us making sure that was home safe. i live across the street allen on 7 and it's a yeah. >>we're pretty scathing police are still investigating there are security cameras in front of the library. so while officers review the footage to help anyone who saw anything suspicious will come forward. with mass shootings occurring frequently across our country students say something needs to change i believe for it. >>gun control now because this is too close to home. we've always talked about it and its side and then it's just so different and it hit so different, it's like a completely different ball game and it's actually you that's get shot out the i'm just so thankful that what i did to her. >>plus is continue business as usual here in the san jose state campus in the line. to
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talk to us about. >>wealthy democratic donor now facing federal charges for his alleged role in overdoses at his home will hear from victims families ahead. if the senate doesn't act fast funding for historical black colleges and universities will expire at the end of the month. >>we'll have the latest. >>happening today, authorities in nevada weather getting ready for the storm area 51 event millions of people expected to attend. what started as a joke
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a facebook page to storm area 51 resulted in several extraterrestrial events. >>in a vat this thing got a lot bigger than anyone expected reporter murphy live for us in rachel nevada was more on one of the alien themed festivals its goinon out there rachel im even necessary. >>rachel's about 140 miles outside of las vegas, the population live it's been 60 but look at this right now we're at estimating there's about 3,000 people here people who want to get a glimpse of area, 51 and hopefully not storm it. >>tying saucers are invading
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rachel nevada we just thought hey let's have a fun time. take a flight ran rv commode area, 51 have a good time see what happens. camping out for alien stock 3 day festival. we drove. >>pretty much through the night we slept for an hour or 2 so is a total of. 15 hours to get here. >>the little alien plan to the event after this storm area 51 facebook page went viral although its creators said initially it was a joke and i hear and see to see the party see people get tackle taken out. >>it's entertainment. i don't want be last of the banks. >>law enforcement first responders and several agencies are on standby to try to make sure no one ross is a boundary for the mysterious military base oh man i would love to be inside the >>you know they're probably just going to say great news, some like technology. we have a covered so. totally going to serve we're going be later. really really but i'm not actually going to over the
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boundary because i don't want to go to jail. >>we've learned there have been several groups that have gotten pretty close to the gates at area, 51 law enforcement telling them to back a lake they did also there's another festival about 40 miles down the road in high going in that i think we just saw someone run by so this is the thing here you guys this run, it's happening all the okay i'm going to send it back to you live tv. >>thank you very much for nasa, the wrath of tropical depression, imelda has making its way from houston announced in northern texas, arkansas and louisiana. a little storm is weakening. texas officials learned of another death from the storm's torrential rains that caused some major flooding camila bernal joins us from high. >>it's texas where a section of an interstate is now shut down indefinitely after at least one bar. well it struck a bridge. >>authorities telling us that 9 barges broke loose here on
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this bridge. find me on the scene just into river and i 10 crews have been here throughout the day but they're not going to be able to come the the assessment until the water recedes they say they're going to need time to really figure out if the the bridge will remain. >>roads turned into rivers. texas rescue crews and the us coast guard saving lives conducting more than 400 high water rescues. police say one man died at a hospital after being rescued from his submerged car. >>according to witnesses for some on it. >>how are the current dripping 9 barges away from thei moorings at least one striking a bridge along an interstate
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and another carrying an unknown hazardous substance. and for many there was no time left to salvage belongings. the danger of trying to escape is ever present. forcing this group to sleep in an attic overnight. waiting to be rescued and finally stepping foot on dry land. >>he was kind of a chick did.
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>>county texas and it was frightening when that rain would come in oh, yeah, that's not the only one of tropical storm allison back in 2001 produced a similar effect over 40 inches of rain and that's what we're counting now from the storm system meldao never hurricane but dangerous enough that just stalled out look at that you can see it's not moving anywhere and that ridge of high pressure the north just kept it from moving in so just dump copious amounts of rainfall in the houston galveston area now they're dealing with the flooding. in fact many of those rivers are still going to rise the tributaries still filling up with water. flood warnings continue from houston all the way to the border, there as we're going to see the rain continue to run. fall as a bee is even dissipate now looks like we're going to see those rivers rise flooding through monday early sunday, maybe and tuesday of next week before all the water drained right back out into the gulf that being said we've got another serious storm system this one lorraine a look where it's at right now kabul. you see the storm system rotating their sustained winds of 85 miles
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per hour. and watch and it's a really interesting track. it is taken in or a bright over land right along baja, so if you're traveling the baja this weekend be very very careful likely is that storm falls apart, you're still likely going to see some flash flooding all along that area. so certainly a dangerous storm to deal with moving over land. outside we go we've got a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. how about that just gorgeous evening tonight. and it's going to be a gorgeous start the weekend to temperatures jump today. how about that these numbers popping up a good 9 degrees in san francisco 67 degrees warmer elsewhere around the bay area. and numbers now had a well above average 79 topping out in san francisco today, 82 in oakland 84. in san jose to 5 degrees in livermore 87 degrees in concord and 87 in santa rosa, you know what it's going to be warmer. i think tomorrow so be prepared for that as high pressure sits overhead we've got that offshore wind developing tonight and that is going to be a beautiful sunshine all the way the coastlines of the beach areas spectacular numbers in the 70's probably coast side in
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spots. it is 70 degrees right now in pacifica 79 in san jose 68 in half moon bay 74 beautiful into san francisco just a great evening to get outside enjoy the last friday evening of summer 82 degrees and 80 in the napa valley 77 degrees in petaluma ins. we look toward tomorrow afternoon. a whole lot of sunshine coming our way enjoy it. that's right beautiful all the way the coast 70's co-signed 80's in the bay, some hot 90's in the valleys. democratic donor ed buck is now facing some serious criminal charges are grant. >>it's trying to smooth with more of it how the charges even came about. >>that's can extremely serious for the family of one of the men who died in buck's apartment says that this guy preyed on black men who are and prosecutors allege that the 65 year-old solicited men in exchange for drugs and money prosecutors say, but provided large doses of methamphetamine that resulted in the fatal overdoses of 2 men who were booh found dead
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in his west hollywood home over an 18 month period in recent years, one man. actually recently survived after overdosing his federal rayment bucks so you see him here came just a day after he was arrested on state charges including administering. methamphetamine and operating a drug house out of his apartment. he's facing multiple charges, including felony battery, administering math and maintaining a drug house, buck is now in federal custody, charged with providing math that led to a man's death. the federal laws offering tougher sentencing. the family of come elmore had this toay. >>we had so many naysayers tell us that we would never see this day and but will never be arrested and this is just a small step towards victory for my brother for timothy d. >>police say the man who survived an overdose just last week gave investigators the break they needed to charge him with the previous overdoses. police said that man again who survived was able to escape buck's home
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after he had a lot of math the fled to a nearby gas station and called 911. but again a prominent democratic donor will be back in court october 11th, his bail has been set at million will keep you posted their theresa ken back to you. thank you very much. you'll find >>and listen from both the mom. the student. >>up next police have released surveillance video of that synagogue shooting near san diego. also in here part of a 911 call the suspect made after that shooting. cooper! did you eat all of your treats? ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone
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6 months, 6 push-ups. ready,up.. down. down. uh-uh. that's one.
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up. that's two. inhale. down. get down. get down. >>surveillance video showing the moment a gunman rushed into a southern california synagogue last spring was played in court for surveillance video was from april 27th that show suspect john t ernest on the grounds of the shabaab of how a synagogue and inside the building one person was killed and 3 others were injured, including an 8 year-old girl, the 19 year-old could be seen smirking and flashing hand signs, adam servers in the courtroom, 911 call. but the suspect made has also been released. take a listen.
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>>the suspect is facing dozens of criminal charges, including hate crime charges. many of those charges would make him eligible for the death penalty. a manifesto that bore his name was posted online just before the synagogue shooting, expressed anti semitic and white nationalist sentiments along with admiration for the man who opened fire at 2 mosques in new zealand. >>out of te race details on why coming up. if you like drinking tap water health officials are now warning against it will have details on why ahead. >>and next up at 6.30 nurses in the bay area. yeah, they're protesting work on cracks in conditions we spoke with a group of nurses who says time for hospitals to take that. >>and some are coming to an end this the last we
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