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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  September 23, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>now at 5 the north bay is on a power or safety shutoff watch pg e says it will keep the power on tonight, but that could change in the coming days. windy conditions trigger a red flag warning for parts of the bay area thanks for joining us everybody at 5. i'm grant lotus. >>and i'm vicki liviakis well pg e decided against turning off the power for the north bay areas up in the sierra foothills, those will be shut off to the critical fire weather up there kron four's dan kerman joins us now live from sania rosa tonight to explain dan. >>well we can tell you is that
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the folks here in the north they were contacted by pg e yesterday saying the power could go off tonight but the weather conditions have changed to the point at least in the north bay in those 3 counties, sonoma and napa and lake where they are not going to shut off the power tonight, but that still could happen tomorrow night. at pg center is a service center extra trucks extra power poles and extra equipment fill the yard. >>in anticipation of the weather to come at this point though plans to shut off the power in sonoma and napa and lake counties monday night have been put on hold. >>so we're monitoring some adverse weather some high dry windy weather coming into the area. it is determined even other is a little bit of a fire is still there being a red flag warning day. it was not a heightened fire risk enough to warrant proactively shutting off the power not so lucky or 21,000 customers in the sierra foothills. >>they will see their power turned off monday night. but here in the bay area a power shut off watch remains in
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effect that means those 55,000 customers in the north bay could see their power shut off on tuesday night. >>takes to be safe and not have catastrophe like that in santa rosa's. >>i think worth it many who live or work in santa rosa are fine with that, especially after experiencing 27 teams tubbs fire. in fact for many, the main concern is not the power shut off. but the red flag warning that goes into effect monday night. >>when i hear the winds with bob because i remember the sounds last time and when the winds whipped up. i am sleeping on the couch instead of in the bedroom, i have all my clothes on and i'm watching what's happening that i really do. >>both cal fire and fire agencies in sonoma county. we'll have additional resources ready to go. >>they'll be additional resources available sonoma county. strike team which is 5 fire engines and a leader. an additional water tender initial dispatcher dispatch center this funding through
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callow yes there's going to be a second strike team which is 5 engines and a leader this paid for through sonoma county. and so will be through just local government that's likely arc our partners they'll be. 11 extra pieces of equipment on the road extra dispatchers and especially or next rover had available. >>getting back to that power shut off issue again those 3 north bay county's lake sonoma napa no shut off tonight, but the possibility of a shut off tomorrow night depending on the weather. now we can tell you specifically that what is most important to remember here is that once the power is shut off. it's not a matter of flipping a switch to get it back on what has to happen first is pg e has to do an inspection of every power line even if it's done by the air but they have to inspect every power line. that was shut off before they turn it back on that's why can take sometimes 24 hours or possibly up to 72 hours that's the latest
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reporting live from p g service center in santa rosa dan kerman kron 4 news has a long. >>time. thank you dan and we have team coverage tonight as you get that red flag warning is in effect for the next few days chief meteorologist lawrence car. >>it has a look at the warning in how hot it's going to get warrants. yeah, it's really a combination of factors now we're going to see the heat building in the bay area we are talking about fall. but yeah we're going to crank up the temperatures you've got those offshore winds maybe some of those gusty winds of 30 maybe 40 miles per hour as high pressure kind of sets itself up again, this is kind of a classic offshore scenario right now the low pressure drop in the south high pressure building in right off the pacific and then you get those winds cranking up and that hot dry heat and we've got red flag warnings going up in much of the bay area you can see the red flag warnings up to the east bay, especially the north bay i think napa and sonoma i think that you're going to see some of the strongest gusty winds. that's going to be interesting because i think most those winds are really going to be above the urban area, so above a 1000 feet or so that's where we're looking at the red flag warnings are posted down below you're not going to see a
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whole lot of the way of wind. but this is the forecast and wind gusts overnight tonight and into the next couple of days you can see the yellows and the orange begin to pick up this in calistoga atlas something or showing up there. some 20 maybe some 30 mile an hour gust. then it will calm down again throughout the day only to pick up again as we head in toward tuesday night and wednesday morning and i think a wednesday morning actually be the strongest a period of gusts and most of that will come in the north bay, the rest the bay area you can see calm down. way down below as you're going to the humidity also falling off quite a bit humidity levels expected down into the teens in some parts of the north bay, not as a a dry in parts of the east bay but still the at the gusty winds. you get those dry offshore winds and you get the hot weather certainly that will be concerned some of the temperatures go along with the skies. well we're talking about heat advisories up across the bay area and hot numbers everywhere you go or talk and 90's and some triple digits, maybe some 70's and 80's right out the coastline back to you. >>all right lawrence and
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during the red flag warning fire crews in milpitas they are working to put out a wildfire started on saturday as 6 a smaller fires burning south of the santa clara alameda county line just off calaveras road. officials say debris combined with the area's steep slopes is making it hard to put that fire out. so far the fire has burned 128 acres and is 70% contained. more than 300 fire crews are working to put that plays out. you can track the weather in your neighborhood anytime with the kron 4 app there you will find full forecast interactive radar and you can get to weather alert straight to your device. download the kron 4 app today grant another big story tonight construction on san francisco's controversial navigation center along the embarcadero. >>we'll continue after a judge denied an injunction to stop the homeless shelter from being built people against the navigation center said a recent spike in crime in the area was related to the ans will moforward now the
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mayor london breed tweeted about the announcement today said we are moving forward because we need more navigation centers tell people off the streets and connect them with services we need more navigation centers more treatment beds more permanent supportive housing and more affordable housing if we're going to address the homelessness crisis. the bay area real estate heir is accused of killing her children's father started today kron four's will tran spoke to tiffany lee's lawyers outside the courthouse in redwood city. >>tiffany li made her way to court after 3 years her court case will finally begin she was flanked by her attorneys she did not make any comments. she made national headlines after she and her family were able to come up with $65 million in bail after she was charged with murdering her ex-boyfriend along with her boyfriend. her boyfriend, he was not able to post million. so he's been sitting in jail all this time, tiffany li
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posted the bail she's been sitting at home for the past 3 years wearing an ankle monitor. but the fact is she made bail that was one of the most record breaking post of all time top 10. in us court history. we got a chance to track down both attorneys in the case the prosecutor and the defense attorney. here's what they had to say. in comments created the courts are. >>mister wagstaffe and agreed not to be every time the case with the press stuck with that. my co-counsel in a statement. >>the fact that she was able to make that bail didn't come as a surprise but still for talking one of the top 8 or 10 bales ever posted in the united states. that's one that does widen one's eyes. i'm glad that she stayed there were so many people predicted that she would flee and not face her day and i'm glad that she made the choice to be here today so that she can.
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asserted her innocence that's what the plan is but then minimum for us to be here so that we can have justice whatever that may be as a jury decides it. >>according to wag staff, he believes there should be no more delays in this case and that if all goes well it's to last about 2 months back to you. >>the fire will tran reporting for us there by the way in court today. lee's lawyer said, she's been wrongly accused of a crime that was committed by someone else. her defense attorneys say they'll argue the prosecutors but the wrong people on trial saying greene was killed in a foiled kidnapping plan we'll continue to follow this trial as it progresses. >>a driver has been arrested after driving the wrong way the entire span of the bay bridge. yeah. officers received calls about a tesla model 3 sedan driving eastbound. in the westbound lanes shortly before 3 o'clock this morning. chp says the driver went through the toll plaza on the northbound 8.80 a spike strip had to be used to stop that driver around 5th
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avenue in oakland, the driver is in custody now in the chp is investigating. a 4 year-old little boy who was injured in a crash in marin county last week has died that boy his 7 year-old sister and his mom were in a toyota 4 runner on highway one oh one when it crashed. police say the 39 year-old mother was speeding when she approached a curve at the center divider and then went down a hill on the side of the road. their car then caught fire. the witnesses were able to rescue the mom and her kids little boy passed away at ucsf benioff children's hospital in oakland on saturday. the 7 year-old girl and her mother are expected to recover. >>i t security experts in union city are trying to determine the cause of a virus infecting the city's government computers now computers at city hall of bin shut down which is impacting some city services as you can imagine our forces a tribune has the story. >>a computer virus discovered over the weekend here at the administrative offices in union city probst the shutting
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down of the city's computer servers. >>they came in one way infected the system and then we shut everything down as a precautionary measure union city spokesperson lawrence a guy and says although the city's i t department has determined that the virus is not connected to any ransom where it still poses a significant threat we've contacted federal and state cyber security officials 2 examine the data to understand the scope of the impact. so that's not something that we quite know yet in terms of whether people's. personal information that's in our system is exposed or not. >>the possibilif persal information being compromised by the virus is a major concern for this union city businesswoman. >>i'm i'm i'm little scared, you know. see what happens. >>she is among those who came here seeking a business permit and was turned away after learning that is one of the services impacted by the computer virus which also includes so thin if anybody
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communicate with city through their work emails. that's impacted. we can't permits and licenses at this time we're doing the forensics examination of our information because technically this is still a threat. it is important to note that union city emergency services, including police and fire dispatch are not impacted by the computer virus. >>in union city has a kron 4 news. >>2 bay area teams headed in different directions in the standings why the niners are flying high heading into the bye week. and what the raiders are blaming on their blowout loss in minnesota. >>and an east bay community on alert tonight after a man tries to get a girl into his car she was walking home from school a police are sharing about that man. >>and as this red flag warning starts so too does work at a local landslide that nearly killed a woman, the work
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>>happening w in the north bay crews have started work on removing debris from a large landslide to that struck sausalito earlier this year, our first charles clifford has details. >>well here in sausalito on monday, a contractor hired by the city has begun some preparation work to remove debris from 2 homes that were involved in a mudslide this past february. now crews have done a good job of clearing out sausalito boulevard near the top of the mudslide. but crescent avenue near the bottom still remains blocked. now as you might recall a home broke loose from sausalito
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boulevard and roll downhill and struck a second home there was a woman inside the first home fortunately was that she was ok but the debris from these 2 homes along with trees and cars. it's still sitting in the gulch now crews are doing some prep work today putting out fencing and also some berms and i getting the area ready and then next week starting on the 30th they hope to get in there with some heavy equipment and start physically removing. all of this debris that would be good news for neighbors along crescent is that road has been blocked since last february. now at this point it's unclear how long it will take to remove all of this debris. crews are hoping to finish the work before rain starts this winter. in sausalito charles clifford kron 4 news. >>happening tomorrow, the city of mountain view will once again discuss banning rv parking on public streets over the summer the city council decided not to enact the rv parking ban instead, the council asked staff to craft a new ordinance that will address and in force immediate health and safety concerns. now the new ordinance will be presented and considered at the city council meeting
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tomorrow night. both the aclu and the silicon valley law foundation claim it is unfair to ban rv dwellers if there is no alternative living situation. san francisco's famous cable cars are back. crews spent about 12 days replacing the cable cars gearboxes which helped the cars move a pill. transportation officials say the work is part of a project to fix the cars that started 2 years ago it has an estimated cost of about 6 million bucks the system has been around since the 8 teen 70's. our local nfl team, them mixed results yesterday for the 2 bay area squads cave really joins us now with details 9 years in a row. >>coming on which team you supported to there been a great or a pretty tough way to begin the week but i like to get my good news for so let's start with the niners, san francisco finally returned to levi stadium yesterday after starting the season on the road. for yesterday's return
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home against the steelers things though got it was sloppy start the 49 ers turned the ball over. really stepped up to keep san francisco in this game. and often scott going down the stretch jimmy garoppolo connected with dante pettis in the final minutes of the game for a touchdown. and the niners won 24 to 20. there are now 3 to start the season for the first time since 1998. >>is good but doesn't mean anything. >>then 5 uh no not made the playoffs before so. you know it doesn't mean much but especially we got here. and i know by we start off and after a loss to win one that way. get 2 good days here practice away for a little bit bring the guys and get a couple extra practices that are going on monday night gets a chance to heal of
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>>no rest for the raiders who kicked off the first of 5 straight games on the road yesterday and so far this field trip has not. the fish and performance from derek carr. oakland's defense had. answer for dalvin cook he rest for. they're looking to seriously regroup as they continue one of the toughest stretches on. all scheduled this season. >>doing everything we can in our team accl mated to the time zone change these fresh as possible yet be as prepared as possible and will continue to do that. we're young team. and i'm i'm not going to sugarcoated were young team that a lot of critical positions we're building our football team we play to the best teams in the league. the last 2 weeks everybody goes to
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minnesota this year's and other hands why can promise you that. outstanding outstanding football team. >>next up for the raiders is a trip to indianapolis and then they and all the way to london the following week after that 2 more games on the road. so it really isn't getting any easier. unfortunately. >>raiders are back at the coliseum till november that's right hard to believe yeah take a long time from now is that because of the scheduling except where they didn't know if they be play at the coliseum or somewhere else or could be attributed to that could just be bad luck on the part of nfl are all right. thank you. kate, thanks kate niners are feeling fine that's for sure as we take a live look outside. get a check on the 4 zone forecast. it was a pretty lovely weekend throughout the bay area. more of the same today yes to meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about yet here we get the fall and here we go i mean this is the time of year we get our hottest temperatures of the year and the has certainly fire danger is going to be high. but the weather boy it's going to be
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something else. >>these numbers over the next couple days how about tomorrow afternoon. >>you're a basking in 80's and 90's inside the bay. how about 70's mid 70's half moon bay tomorrow to get into the coastline going to be very nice in the san francisco, looking at 84 degrees that's a hot day in san francisco, and still some triple digits in the valleys now crank that over and we move into wednesday that looks like that will be the peak of the heat, triple digits in the valleys again you're talking 90's around much of the babies again in the san francisco and then temperatures getting near 80 degrees right along the coast are meant to get those offshore winds as that air sinks intends to warm up so that we get some of those real toasty temperatures right along the coastline that being said a heat advisory has been issued for tuesday and wednesday expecting a very hot around the bay and places along the coastline are easily we just don't see it. outside right now we've got clear skies is going to stay that way not much in the way of wind just yet just a breeze kinda right now but things are about to change high pressure now building in and you can scan us in the area of low
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pressure now spinning around now down to the south so really the pressure difference from that big ridge of high pressure is going to bring with it what looks like us a much warmer temperatures outside and we're going really crank up the numbers 72 degrees in san jose 82. in san mateo right now to 65 degrees and pacific unclear 76 degrees in san francisco, 90 in concord 89 degrees in 82 a san anselmo and 93 degrees in santa rosa tonight skies are going to stay clear there will be some gusty winds mainly over the mount ops above a 1000 feet may the valleys in urban areas down below you not to feel much in the way of wind sunny the coast tomorrow, warm temperatures too hot inland. and the hot weather continuing to the middle a week but then we get to some much cooler temperatures really go the other way entirely maybe we start talking about some rain by next weekend are. each and every day cross the border between california and mexico that is perfectly legal we're going to take you south for an up close look >>transporter lifestyle. plus
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a love story turns tragic when a man asked his girlfriend to marry him. what happened when he tried to propose under water. ["white rabbit" by jefferson airplane] ♪ one pill makes you larger ♪ and one pill makes you smaller ♪ ♪ and the ones that mother gives you ♪ ♪ don't do anything at all ♪ remember what the dormouse said ♪ welcome aboard. ♪ feed your head
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>>louisiana man drowned shortly after proposing to his girlfriend. tragic story, a it happened on the couple was vacationing in tanzania, where they they were staying in a cabin with a bedroom that was submerged in the ocean leicester do report.
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>>antwan share this video on facebook showing the last precious moments of her boyfriend steven levers like to read a resort in tanzania. took a dive under water with in a ziploc bag for the love of his life. one side of the no red i can't hold my breath long enough to tell you everything i love about you, but everything i love about you. i love more every day on the other side of the note weber asked and want to marry him, but then webber swam off in never surfaced on facebook antwan wrote you never emerge from those depths. so you never get to hear my answer. yes, yes, a million times yes i will marry you super creative. >>super bright intelligent. >>jared monson says he and steven were best friends for 23 years and he considered him family. >>he told me that i'm gonna marry this time the sweet home. it's an american last
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remaining. >>the love of music and dancing brought them together many moons ago monson says he broke down a few times at work friday. but most even would want to strong. >>that smile never stops. he's the kind of guy that when he walks into. he's going into its like the ripple makes you feel. very happy to be around him because he's just a beautiful very bright bright soul. >>stephenie can isis love stopped short before they were set to spend the rest of their lives together but their love linder and she said i will find you and mary you in the next life time in the next and the next and the next. i love you so much and i always will. >>that was lester do reporting for us tonight. the resort issued a statement confirming the death saying quote our sincerest apologies are condolences thoughts and prayers. our with his girlfriend families and friends impacted by this tragic accident. authorities are now investigating.
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