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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 24, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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tonight -- >> still got a situation guys. >> exclusive, the jersey shore's post prison interview. his wild first night of freedom. >> i wanted a naked pizza party. >> plus his dramatic weight loss rivaled by another star. jessica simpson says she lost 100 pounds. then new bombshells from demi moore getting extremely detailed about the cheating she says destroyed her marriage to ashton. >> he admitted it right away. >> then we grilled bachelor nation tyler c. >> i'm getting grilled over here. the new characters joining
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"this is us" and a new character is back on ncis. welcome, everyone. the sitch is finally free. i sat down with mike the situation sorrentino here in new york for his first interview since leaving prison. the "jersey shore" star finally got to celebrate his 37th birthday after missing it behind bars. he's doing a lot of celebrating as he promises to never take his freedom for granted. >> your first meal out of prison? >> i wanted to have a naked pizza party. >> did that happen? >> yes, that did happen the first night what we did -- that happened. we had some unbelievable sex. >> so the new mike -- >> yes. >> what's up? we free. we free. >> how many pounds lighter. >> oh, i lost 36 pounds in prison. >> 36 pounds? >> yeah, 36. you are a lot thinner than the last time i saw you. >> i worked out between two to three times per day.
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as well as intermittent fasting. >> so how did you keep yourself busy? >> i would read books. i read the bible. i love to read magazines. i would email and speak to my wife once a day. >> people will hear about you were able to work out. you were able to read. you were able to do things and work on yourself. people might think this sounds like a spa or a wellness program more than prison. >> well, you know, people are not gonna know about prison unless you have went to prison. i have been in prison for eight months and you are not sleeping in a comfortable bed. you're not eating good food for eight months. you're away from your loved withins for eight months. so you're sharing a bathroom with over 100 savages for eight months. >> just take me to jail. >> that's mike in january live streaming his arrival to the medium security prison camp to serve his eight-month sentence for tax fraud. he married lauren just before he >> how did you maintain your marriage during the eight-month prison sentence? >> i would go visit him every week. >> once a week. >> are those conjugal visits? >> no. >> i wish.
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>> no, there were none there. >> what kind of transition has it been since he's been home with you? >> yeah, i've had a little bit of ptsd i think. so the first day we came home, you know, i'm used to being alone. so when he was in the shower, i actually went in there and like opened the shower door to see if he was still in there because i was just not used to him being there. >> the sitch credits lauren for helping him reach a milestone. he's coming up on four years clean and sober. >> recovery was way harder than prison and i believe my recovery over the past couple years has prepared me for this journey to go through, you know, prison. >> and so the g in gtl, you kept up with that? >> yeah. right now it's also like gym, tan laser. i'll get a nice laser treatment too. >> rest assured mike's time in prison hasn't hurt his popularity. fans scrambled to take selfies with the reality star when we stepped outside our new york offices. >> we are definitely thinking about writing a book right now. me and mrs. situation are going to have our own little situation soon.
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maybe another tv show or two might come out soon. >> as for a side hustle? sounds like the sitch is ready to tackle motivational speaking. >> i used to tell myself that you've been assigned this mountain to show others that it can be moved. you have a job or responsibility to become better or bitter and i chose to be better. >> he really is in a great head space. mike said he would go 16 to 19 hours a day without eating. you can watch our entire conversation at he said he got other prisons to get their extra salad and veges. >> that's a great plan. >> it's commitment. >> great interview, brooke. good job. let's turn to demi moore. she is opening up about her troubles with ashton kutcher. his cheating and their struggle to have a baby. >> i found myself engaged to my soul mate and expecting his child at 42. it was a girl.
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we named her chaplin ray. i loved my newest baby girl. almost six months into my pregnancy we went to the doctor's office. he did his usual ultrasound, but this time there was no heart beat. that deadly silence of chaplin's little heart. >> demi drank so much she almost drowned in a hot tub during her 45th birthday party. she was also taking up to 12 pills of the opoid vicodin and her marriage was falling apart. >> ashton was furious. he did not offer me any reinforcement or compassion. you made your bed, now you have to lie in it. >> demi says what followed was ashton's infidelity. >> ashton had slept with a 21-year-old in our home while i was out of town. >> that story broke in september 2010, the same day they attended a clinton global initiative for sex trafficking. >> i put on a brave face and we gave our presentation.
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>> we're really excited to be here today. >> standing next to my husband of five years who had just cheated on me with a girl about the age of my oldest daughter. >> then in 2011 moments before hitting the carpet for her tv movie she told diane sawyer about receiving a phone alert. ashton kutcher caught cheating. >> he admitted it right away. my response was are you [ bleep ] kidding me. >> ashton has not commented on demi's claims in the book. believe it or not, she is grateful to ashton. quote, whatever pain we went through together enabled both of us to grow into the people we are today. let's move on to of all things "the bachelor." lauren zima with the fan favorite who fell into the arms of a super model. sounds like a show. hey lauren. >> yeah, nischelle. i am with the man, the myth, the bachelor nation legend mr. tyler c. and, tyler, i have some questions. >> i bet you do. >> we saw some very public photos of you and gigi hadid. >> yeah. >> so where are you guys at right now?
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she's good people. she's an amazing person and we're just keeping it friendly. >> yeah, we're not buying the whole just frids >> you went to gigi's grandmother's funeral with her which was beautiful. so it seems like you really care about her. >> yeah. she's an amazing person. we have a great time together. >> i did want you to be the bachelor. was that ever offered to you? >> yeah. it was something we talked about but my heart wasn't in it and my dad was very sick again and i was very nervous and scared. >> how's your dad? >> he's doing much better now. >> so you turned down "the bachelor" kind of for where you were at. was it also because you were dating other people? >> yeah. i mean, i was -- you shouldn't go on the show if you have a girlfriend. a girlfriend. a girlfriend. >> we'll just leave that there. so what's next for the 26-year-old? well, he's gonna keep modelling and working in construction, his true passion. and, yes, he plans to watch his buddy pilot pete as the bachelor. >> how often do you think planes will be incorporated into his dates? >> i think it will be almost every other episode talking about planes. >> funny tyler should say that. peter's season just started
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filming and there he is at an airport for a group date looking all top gun. >> the winner of this gets to be his co-pilot. >> the woman are wearing flight suits and going through some intense training on the tarmac. spinning, running, putting on life vests, fighting against giant fans. maybe we should all stay single. thanks. >> sticking to "the bachelor" familiar it was a good night for hannah b. in the ballroom. right keltie? >> that's right. "dancing with the stars," i'm calling you the highest score of the night, hannah. >> whoo! i like it. >> i like that name. i like that name a lot. >> so good and that wasn't the only exciting thing that happened on the dance floor tonight. >> colton was here and chris harrison was here. >> i made direct eye contact with chrisar >> who's your front runner right now? >> no listening. maybe the front runner might be james van der beek, but it also might be hannah. >> look it, you're in between your two front runners. hannah's right here and james is there. >> it's a battle to the end.
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>> the competition isn't the only thing heating up the dance floor. those sexy dance moves are getting some people in trouble. >> you apologized to your dad. >> my dad is in alabama very surprised right now. love you, dad. >> my dad had texted me after we finished the dance and i walked away. i went and looked at my phone and my dad said i'm gonna need to talking to gleb about this skirt situation. >> oh, my god. she asked me for it. she's single now. she's like why don't you rip up my skirt 'cause i want all the guys dming tonight. >> it's nothing i'm used to, being that close to him and having to be all serious you know. >> have you been able to catch eyes with the boyfriend yet and has he, like, caught eyes with you yet? >> yes. he's a very understanding young man and i appreciate that. >> i am such a sexy man, but i'm not you know -- >> yeah. this is unattainable. >> next is movie night. we could see a good burger routine from kyle and a varsity blues routine from james van der
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beek. fingers crossed. meghan busts a move, but why she's not wearing her wedding ring. >> we're trying to power through. then jessica simpson's major slim down. how she lost 100 pounds. and charlize on her new
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minutes away on "e.t." hannah b.'s got a lot to celebrate, the dancing front runner on her the juul record.
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look at that tiny little waist. jessica simpson sharing that she has lost 100 pounds since giving birth to birdie mae six months ago. jess said she had gotten up to 240 pounds and, quote, so proud to feel like myself again. even when it felt impossible, i chose to work harder. also looking amazing meghan markle, just four months after giving birth. why was she just spotted without her wedding ring? our royal expert katie nicholl has all the answers with the royals in south africa. meghan replaced her $200,000 engagement ring with this small
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turquoise ring and a plain gold band. the reason? >> she's made a deliberate choice not to wear the ring. it's because of the work the couple is doing. they're meeting the people of south africa. it's all part of meghan's drive to be more understated. she doesn't want to be seen as flashy. >> the duchess is also going low key with her fashion. this morning it was a denim jacket and skinny jeans. then she wore a head scarf and a belted olive green dress while visiting the mosque. and this evening meghan recycled, rewearing this striped dress she wore last year in australia, just after it was announced that she was pregnant. >> cape town, her first visit. i love this place and again meeting the people, the energy, the fun, again the positivity, the optimism. >> while talking to kids on the beach, meghan gushed he's the best dad. harry looked in her eyes and said she's the best mum. >> i was there on the beach in c cape town.
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they were holding hands. he and meg shanhan shared a kis something we're not used to see. >> they're not a couple we weren't used to seeing, but they are now. meanwhile charlize is single and ready to mingle, but what happened to her arm. plus the ncis return and the new characters joining "this is us." >> scripts are laying around everywhere. >> would you like to see them? >> you're damn right. give me the script. >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ do do do do do do ♪ do do do do ♪ do do do do do do do do >> he pretended to play the recorder and everything. that was cute. that was "emergence" stars donald faison and allison tolman. thank you for the tune, guys. make sure to catch the series premiere tonight on abc. look, it's already shaping up to be a fierce fall tv season and with the return of "this is us," well, get ready to see a whole other layer to the pearson family. >> okay. who is the baby mama? i need to know. >> okay, yeah, well, you know what, you could know and actually fun fact about the hartley household. the scripts are laying around everywhere and yet you have this
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sort of -- you have the discipline not to read any of them. >> i don't like to see it. >> she doesn't like spoilers. >> well, here's a spoiler. there are ten new characters joining the show this season and tonight, grab your tissues, it's a deep dive into the early days of rebecca and jack's relationship. >> hey, can i see you tomorrow? >> yes. oh, shoot. i'm supposed to have dinner with my parents and their friends tomorrow. >> there are emotional trying moments in the show. everybody's like oh god i cried, but you're happy about crying. >> our favorite dysfunctional family, the conners, are also back. >> i'm pretty sure it's mom that raised us. >> no. if we're going to be honest, the tv did. >> you're juggling a lot. a couple of guys. how will that work out for her? >> well, it seems like a set-up for not working out well, right? >> another conner in the world. what we don't have in quality we make up in volume. >> tonight's premiere delivers a brand new baby, but we've got the gender reveal twinkie right here.
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>> it's a red twinkie. >> it's a hot pink twinkie. >> it's a girl. it's a girl. >> expect an engagement when "black-ish" returns tonight, but first it's the series premiere of its prequel "mixed-ish." >> you're saying being mixed makes us weirdos. >> and get this, mariah carey sings the theme song, along with her twins roc and roe. >> i'm like mariah carey, mariah carey? i flipped out. >> i fainted. like not literally, but i fainted. >> request get ready, after six years cody is back on ncis. >> hello gibbs. >> i remember walking into the set fully mike and everything and then everyone was standing from the crew. they just started clapping. i looked around and went whoo
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hoo. i'm home. >> you're in danger. >> just make the story line as complex as you can. >> cody left citing personal reasons. she also reported it was the way her character was being written. i said until someone can really writing something fantastic. a lot of things were taken out of context. >> the big thing is could there be a reunion. these two have stayed close off camera. >> we speak regularly. whatever he knows he's not sharing. i'm hoping at a certain point he has a little window. i don't think he's opposed to it. maybe it's a scheduling thing. i this it has to happen at a certain point. >> cody make that happen. the fans would go nuts.
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now to charlize theron's arm injury. >> what happened to your sister? >> i tore a ligament off my thumb and all sorts of things happened. >> doing something amazing and magical. >> what about this movie magic? her chopped new doo for the follow up to the "fate of the furious." >> somebody called it a bob today and i felt like they were just trying to make me feel better and i said, no, it's fine. it's a bowl cut. we're owning it and confident in it. >> next month you'll see this version of charlize playing morticia addams opposite oscar issac as gomez in the animated film "the addams family." >> charlize is proud this movie
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which celebrates different families. >> what they've always stood for is, yes, we're weird. we're different and we don't look like everyone else or everybody else out there. i just think it's so timely to tell that story and to be able to be part of that with two small children. it's really nice. >> whew, hot in here. >> charlize just wrapped "bombshell." she's playing former fox news anchor megyn kelly alongside nicole kidman and margot robbie. >> they're just the coolest chicks. do you know them? oh, get ready for it. >> we met an hour ago. >> oh, really? are you serious? >> yeah. >> you guys just met and then you've been doing press all day together. so obviously it's going well. >> not going so well. >> i have to ask you about your bowl cut one more time. >> i'm out of here. >> then i asked oscar about his hair and how good it looked so that he didn't get his feelings hurt. on to tonight's "e.t.'s" birthday. it's all about hannah b. and what she told us about her not
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so typical b-day celebration. that's next. e of many republicans saying it. rush to judgment they
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should have waited at least to see. >>and what the 2 witnesses are about to say this week. maybe there's something there there. but the fact i think look they at the drop of a hat. they say the i word and they've lost credibility for that over the last 2 years and that's the problem facing them today. >>i would say that the hat is not being dropped very quickly we have seen months and months of build up to this moment and to your point they've been you know it was at the democrats were talking about an issue
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tomorrow on "e.t." only we're behind the scenes with angelina jolie. >> my kids have grown up. they're on the set. >> her family affair on the set. plus we're catching up with keanu reeves. >> if you're going to do something, you hope people like it. why you won't want to miss the "masked singer" return. bachelorette turned dancer hannah brown, it's her birthday today. we caught up with her and she tells us how she plans to celebrate. good night, everybody. >> probably doing a little bit of dancing. >> a working birthday. >> absolutely. i used to say i feel like 18, but now i feel like 20. >> you can't legally drink in your mind. >> i shouldn't be allowed. >> will we celebrate your birthday on "dancing with the stars"? >> i hope
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>>actions of the trump presidency revealed fat and the president's betrayal of his of office, the kumail of our national security and the trial of the integrity of our elections. >>house speaker nancy pelosi says the house is launching an official impeachment inquiry into president trump. good evening, i'm ken why i'm theresa stasi in for pam moore, the bold move. >>and lengthy process comes after news of a whistleblower report claiming that president trump encouraged ukraine's president to investigate former president biden and his son hunter. and for his taylor but psaki joins us live now now with more taylor.


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