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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 24, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>now a night that breaking news tonight, the genie announcing more than 48,000 people throughout northern california will be losing electricity tonight in a preemptive power shut down to try to prevent wildfires. it was scorching hot of course today, the humidity is low the winds are expected to kick up overnight. this is a map showing the counties where customers power will be affected. thanks for being with us tonight at 9 everybody. i'm grant lotus. >>and i vicki liviakis said thanks for joining us tonight at 9 most of those affected are in the sierra foothills, but some customers in napa and sonoma counties also lose their electricity. our first year stone following the story for us he joins us now live
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from sonoma county chair you just talk with emergency crews there. what are they tell you. >>well vicki they say that overnight in napa and sonoma counties more than 14 100 households will lose electricity. i talk with those officials within the hour or so about this. this is what they had to say. >>years impact that are going to be mark west and porter creek road near the border in but it's our jupiter's the king. the dean is trying to restart power within the 12 hour mark and we are hoping that that is the case for them however we've been messaging and we're at in asking the community to be prepared for an extended those of power and we're hoping that folks in those areas are ready to. >>been. >>today i was in one of the founder of neighborhoods in santa rosa, a number of homes here were lost during the 2017
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fires, some of those homes een rebuilt and others are under construction. those that i talked with said the hot weather is concerning. but the worries don't come for them until they feel the wind that is what they vividly remember from those 2017 fires. i talked with one man who said out of the 65 homes in his neighborhood. he was lucky to have one of 6 homes that was saved. he talked about the when concerns that he had. >>it was windy and hot cannot be really concerned. i mean the fact that on our car burns up in the fire. so we don't have any any transportation they have to depend on youngest order to and by shoes take us to war. appointments with eyes are in and just and so forth. >>and back out here live in santa rosa. it is 80 degrees right now and that is much
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hotter than it was even last night at this time, those winds expected to pick up in the overnight hours now as to the area in sonoma county that will lose electricity. it is off of border, creek road. in the market west community and again like you heard her say there. they will lose electricity between the hours of 2, 04:00am in preparation for those 06:00am winds rolling in more on this story tonight at 10 o'clock reporting live in santa rosa j r stone kron 4 news. >>better to be safe than sorry, thanks jr. across the bay area, here's a look at some of today's highs. 96 napa. 90 in san francisco. i mean that it is real case really up there livermore 98 and won 3 up in santa rosa hot day all the way around can. >>i joining now meteorologist lawrence karnow you're hoping
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for actual fall weather here pretty soon to put an end to this danger, yeah and it will it will i think we've but we've got another day i think tomorrow maybe even a little bit hotter, and you've got those winds that will with again now most of those real gusty winds are coming over the tops of mountains about a 1000 feet and above down below not much in the way of the win, but you felt the heat but that offshore wind yeah, it's in place right now kind of a classic offshore flow are going to see that for least another day and then it's going to switch direction. so all us and these winds that are blowing from the northeast. our son lee going to come on shore from the west and that will bring more moisture off the ocean waters and begin to cool down those temperatures. those winds though will continue tonight in fact tonight, maybe a bit windier especially across the north bay mountains and that really is the main concern you get up in the northern appa and sonoma counties calistoga in the napa area. you're likely going to see some strong gusty wind right above the in those mountain tops and that is a main concern for fire danger. here's the forecast with some of those winds as we take you through the night tonight. you notice a down below many the
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communities, many of the urban areas just a gentle breeze, but you get over the mountains. you see all the colors up there look at the yellows and the oranges and almost a red well the some winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. some of those winds could gust to 40 miles per hour across some of down in the urban areas, it's calm in san francisco. it's call in hayward it's common a sandra fell and even santa rosa. forecast a call by 5 in the morning. now those winds will likely continue to about the middle of the day. and you can still see more of an offshore wind, but they'll begin to decrease as we head toward the afternoon and then all of a sudden you see the color show up along the coastline that's a return of the much needed sea breeze and that's what's going to cool down the temperatures before tomorrow, another heat advisory is in effect for a good part of the bay area again you get inside the not used to those hot 90's and we're going to see those once again for tomorrow so you've got family got friends, you got to some elderly maybe some children make sure you give them a call make sure they're ok it is going to be another hot day all around the bay area, here's a look at the forecast and temperatures for tomorrow afternoon, we're back to 90 degrees. downtown san francisco, 93 in oakland about
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95 in san jose triple digits, inland. but watch what happens as we get into thursday, you start seeing that sea breeze everything changes that is going to cool down these temperatures you're probably almost 20 degrees cooler to san francisco and yeah we'll be done with the hot 90's and the triple digits by thursday guys back to you like that thank you lawrence you can track the weather in your neighborhood anytime with kron 4 app. >>there you'll find full forecast interactive radar you can get weather alerts straight to your device. download the kron 4 app today. speaker of the house nancy pelosi says the house is launching an official impeachment inquiry into president trump this bold move today comes after news of a whistleblower complaint allegedly claiming president trump encouraged ukraine's president. >>to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son as the us was withholding big money from ukraine until that investigation took place kron four's tailored the sacking joins us live with more on this impeachment inquiry. taylor.
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>>well we've heard about the possibility of impeachment for months and months now, but speaker of the house nancy pelosi has always been very cautious making such a move making such an announcement the entire time. she says it was that call with ukraine's president. she reached her tipping point adding that mister trump seriously violated the constitution. >>the house is now launching an official impeachment inquiry into president trump. the actions of the trump presidency reveals fat and the president's betrayal of his of office the kumail of our national security and the trial of the integrity of our elections therefore today. i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry. speaker of the house nancy pelosi. >>made the announcement after details of a whistleblower reports surfaced claiming president trump pressed ukraine's president in a july phone call to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son president trump called the move a witch hunt on twitter saying suchan
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important day the united nations so much work and so much success and the democrats of california. also fired back. what she said today. >>made no difference of what's been going on it's no different than what matters been trying to do. it's time to put the public before politics california's rnc national committeewoman harmeet dhillon weighed in saying it's a mistake for democrats well i think nancy pelosi has made a big political mistake, not to mention a mistake for the integrity of the body that she presides over. >>because the allegations against the president do not amount >>type of an impeachable offense, however, pelosi says today trump has violated the constitution now democrats say the whistleblowers full complaint must be turned over to congress this week this
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thursday, the acting dni will appear before the house intelligence committee at that time he must turn over the whistleblowers full complaint to the committee. he will have to choose whether to break the law or honor his responsibility to the constitution. president trump says he'll release the full transcript of his call with ukrainian president tomorrow. now the whistleblower wants to talk to the house intelligence committee and that could happen as early as this week back to you. >>thank you taylor, lot of people want to see that official complaint from the whistleblower meanwhile, former vice lresident joe biden is calling on president trump to cooperate with congress by urging trump to provide all of the facts that congress needs including a copy of that formal complaint made by the whistleblower the president he's facing intense criticism after a person familiar with the matter said that president trump rest the ukrainian president to investigate biden's son hunter during that july phone call. >>this is a democratic issue. a republican issue. it is a
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natiissue. for this administration stop stonewalling. including a copy of a formal complaint made by the whistleblower. investigate the conduct of this press. >>there is no official evidence of wrongdoing by either joe or hunter biden and over the weekend the president acknowledged the phone call and said he did discuss biden but he denied doing anything improper. again he tweeted out that he is willing to release a full transcript of the call and we are expecting that to be released tomorrow. >>presidential candidate kamala harris also reacted to house speaker nancy pelosi's announcement tonight. she his power obstructed justice and violated his oath of office he puts his political interest over our national interests. i agree with speaker pelosi, no one is above the law he must
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be impeached. and oakland mayor libby shaft responded on twitter thanking. speaker pelosi saying for love of country and democracy he must be impeached and we will continue following the impeachment issue. meanwhile other news now. >>a registered sex-offender is still behind bars tonight after allegedly approaching 2.12 year-old girls. in pleasanton the mom of one of those girls is speaking exclusively to kron four's michelle kingston tonight, she says the man. >>bought her daughter candy has to follow her home moment sent her a text that helped the cops track him down. >>he wanted to follow her home, she said no and she raced home on a bike as fast as she could. >>the 12 year-old pleasanton girl is hiding her identity to protect her daughter but wants other parents to know about this man who allegedly approached her daughter at creekside park. >>nobody is or kind of slick. her son. he was.
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>>he knows exactly the right things to say 44 year-old munir hassan is a registered sex-offender he said down at the bench where this woman's daughter was doing homework with a friend. the mother says that man convinced her 12 year-old daughter to leave the park he bought her candy. >>she gave him her cellphone number and then she went home and told her mom what happened. >>and the more she said the more. i got so uncomfortable realize that there's just no way. the he hasn't done so many times before. >>the next day his son something young girl that had. >>what's up with my cool girl. yes, this is matthew tonight his name. your number one fan and then there's a kiss he face emerging. i'm sure that you've been thinking about me probably as much as i've been thinking about you. i look forward to seeing you round 4 keep it game tight and then the next text the text in a all caps as do not respond to
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things. >>shortly after the text which son he's in jail in his victim's mother wants to make sure parents know how to talk to their kids to make sure this doesn't happen to them. it's about. >>keeping open lines of communication with your kids making sure that when you talk to them about anything. >>you're open you're honest in pleasanton michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>new at 9 tonight in san bruno 3 men were arrested after trying to check into a hotel using other people's identities, it happened at a marriott hotel near the san francisco international airport police say the men use names and other personal information of other people to reserve a hotel room and obtain services 36 year-old samuel picasso junior 28 year-old jose rodriguez and 33 year-old ricardo garcia are all booked into the san mateo county jail on charges related to fraud.
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>>meanwhile person has been hit and killed by a caltrain in san jose that was just after 6 o'clock tonight on the tracks between the capital and blossom hill stations officials with the transit districts say nearly 350 people were on the train. no one was injured, 13 people have been killed this year on count train tracks. >>tonight, san jose police are investigating a suspicious death this after a man and 2 other suspects, allegedly rob someone of a scooter early this morning. police responded to a report of a robbery about 04:00am on south king road. the victim said 3 suspects stole his scooter. when officers arrived on scene they found one suspect who was lying on the ground officers handcuffed him that realized he was unresponsive. emergency personnel took him to the hospital where police say he died a short time later a group of teenagers has been arrested after police say they tried to steal a woman's car inside a bart parking garage. >>police say a replica gun was used during the incident. says
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he shows us where it happened. >>a woman walking to her car in an enclosed parking structure when suddenly 6 juveniles target her for a carjacking. happened monday around 11:47am here on the first floor inside the macarthur bart parking garage in oakland. according to bart police at least one of the teens got inside of the vehicle but could not get it started the teenage suspects ultimately gave up on the carjacking and made their way into the macarthur bart station where they boarded a richmond about trade at that time police are on the lookout for the suspect the train was held at the station until both bart police at oakland police arrived search the train and detained the 6 juveniles police would end up arresting 5 of them 4 boys and one girl ages ranging from 14 to 17 years old while searching the traifoake or ot police investigators are injured during the crime by checking to see if the
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attempted carjacking was captured on any bart surveillance cameras at the bart station in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>this week right for will be hosting a debate between the 4 main candidates, running for the job of being san francisco's next district attorney will be focusing on some of the biggest issues the city is facing kron four's maureen kelly takes a look at what some would argue, san francisco's biggest heartache homelessness. >>well long sleeves kind of shocking. i mean i've lived in san francisco for about 40 years now. and i don't recollect ever being quite so bad. >>people who live and work in san francisco find themselves confronting the grim reality of homelessness every day ever. >>if you look people camped out and it's just truly heartbreaking the numbers confirm the ever growing scope of the problem. >>we learned earlier this year that the population of an housed city dwellers has increased 17% since 2017. when you look at those living on the streets in vehicles and in
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temporary shelters. but when you also count those in hospitals jails and rehab centers. it's closer to a 30% spike the mayor's office says they have made inroads adding hundreds of new shelter beds with the goal of hitting a 1000 new beds by the end of the year putting more cops on foot patrol and working on reforming the mental health system. but despite spending hundreds of millions every year to try and solve the crisis. it remains stubbornly pervasive for some it's merely an unpleasant reality is city living to do countdown. >>they sometimes asked for money and if you say no. >>they get but others say the erratic behavior they're seen on the street is eroding their feelings of security at loan as woman. yeah i am. >>they just do people can be taken i get
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to that point we're definitely going to outside the city many of come up with solutions to try to combat the homeless crisis. >>so far san franciscans are still waiting for one to stick. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>and the san francisco de a debate that's going to be held right here in our studios is our moderator. it will air at 3 o'clock this friday on our kron on app. >>today supervisor matt haney introduced a resolution declaring a public health crisis because of the rampant street drug use in rapidly increasing opioid overdose deaths in the city haney's resolution cites alarming statistics. the reveal drug overdoses in san francisco claimed the lives of 259 people just last year. he says fentanyl is the leading cause of overdose deaths in the city fennell overdose deaths increased. 150% last year. the santa clara county board of supervisors unanimously approved banning the sale of e cigarettes to people under the
9:19 pm
age of 21 in unincorporated areas of santa clara county. officials say today's vote was a response to the rapidly growing use of e cigarettes or vaping among teenagers and the negative health effects that come with nicotine. the next vote on the ordinance will be on tuesday november 5th. also in santa clara county health officials are urging people to get their flu vaccination. >>this after 2 people one adult and one child have died from the illness. according to health officials one was an adult over the age of 65nwho apparently had underlying health problems that contributed to the death. the other was a child under the age of 18 who may have contracted the flu abroad and brought it back to santa clara county. now the public health department is taking this opportunity remind everyone to be ready for the flu season. >>there are other ways to prevent the flu. and those include really basic things like washing your as often as possible, staying away from people that are sick. and it's also really important if you
9:20 pm
are ill to do what you can do not to spread your infection and that includes stay home from work, stay home from school. >>last of flu season the county saw 27 cases of severe flu, resulting in 8 deaths. >>opponents of california's new vaccine laws are set to start collecting signatures for a statewide ballot initiative. the group wants voters to decide whether a law governor newsom recently signed should go into effect kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>secretary of state alex by this week cleared opponents of sb to 76 and sb 7.14 to start collecting signatures for a statewide ballot initiative against those vaccine bills. the group wants voters to weigh in on whether those measures should become law the bills allow for a statewide crackdown of schools and doctors with higher numbers of childhood vaccine exemptions in order to qualify for the 20 20 ballot. the secretary of state says the group will need to collect 623,212 signatures
9:21 pm
from registered voters that figure is 5% of the total votes governor gavin newsome not in the 2018 election now this campaign against california's new vaccine last comes after intense protests at the state capitol after governor newsom signed the bills leaders of the campaign were not available for comment tuesday. the governor defending his decision to sign at a recent press conference and i'm. back then i listened. >>to my administration i listen to folks all sides of this debate and i supported. nation built because i felt that it can be implemented in an effective manner. >>the secretary of state's office says he group has until december 9th together and submit the signatures reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>more controversy for antonio brown you remember the former patriot in oakland raiders he's being accused of trashing a condominium in miami will play the surveillance video that shows what went down. plus why nissan is recalling 2 of its best sellers and how
9:22 pm
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>>for your money tonight love him or loathe him with the president says matters and president trump's tweets about the federal reserve are said to be having a quote significant effect on market treet, a lot according to a new working study his actions are prompting investors to bet that the fed and will lower
9:25 pm
interest rate as a trump has repeatedly demanded on twitter the fed is supposed to be independent from politics. just last week he accused the fed of having no guts. no sense, no vision. this as the fed had just cut rates for the second time this year, the sun is issuing a recall that includes 2 of its best sellers the rogue suv and the ultimo sedan. >>it says the defect with the backup camera allows drivers to adjust the rearview image until it's no longer visible. the problem affects more than a million vehicles made on or after may first 2018. the company says it's working on an update to the system's software to fix that problem for more info on the recall you can head to our website kron >>nation's fourth-largest wireless carrier could be in big trouble with the fcc. the agency says sprint may have wrongfully made millions of dollars in subsidies. it was an eligible for the wireless carrier claimed monthly credits for as many as 885,000 customers under the
9:26 pm
government's lifeline program which makes a cell phone and internet service more affordable for low income americans. according to the fcc sprint was ineligible to claim those funds because it failed to report that the customers were not actually using the subsidize service. >>up next what school officials are doing after neo-nazi and white supremacist flyers are found the u c davis. plus why attorney general. this era is announcing a new legal action against the trump administration's. and the winds are blowing offshore again get ready for some more heat and a major cool down coming we'll talk about it welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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>>check of the 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside right now at the embarcadero in san francisco. >>yet reached 90 degrees in the city today, it's even care warm out there tonight and went out for just a breath of fresh air yeah, how hot going to be tomorrow another hot one i think maybe a little bit hotter tomorrow and of course the big concern. >>all those offshore winds we're seeing that tonight developing not down the urban areas not seeing that in the san francisco, but that big ridge of high pressure building over head. so you that very dry air. those offshore winds of that air sinks it dries out and it heats up in a hurry and that's why we're seeing those toasty temperatures even into san francisco and along the coastline that offshore wind in place now that's all going switch gears as we get into thursday but for tomorrow again we've got a red flag warnings in place east bay
9:30 pm
got mount diablo and of course the north bay, the major concern expecting some of the strongest in the north bay, northern snowmen or the napa county watching very very closely. all these winds really mainly above about a 1000 feet so many urban areas are not feeling that alright that being said watch what happened to see the winds down below not so bad that you are see some the color begin to show up in some of the north bay mountains as we take into the night on our forecast model that starts to turn in some orange, even some red late tonight into early tomorrow morning about 05:00am or so i think that will be the peak of the wind. he's even into a downtown calistoga about 20 mile an hour gusts out there as well but over the mountain tops maybe 30 maybe 40 mile an hour winds. so that's the major concerns of those winds in the east bay, but look at the urban areas not much in the way of when it all stays fairly calm at the lower levels still breezy through the middle of the day tomorrow but the red flag warnings come down and then watch what happens as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. all of a sudden the winds which is and then you see the color showed up along the coastline. the good news is that's the
9:31 pm
sea breeze kicking in that sea breeze will carry with a more moisture of course that nice ocean air will cool down the bay area over the next couple days. it will be the end of the fire danger but tonight still scary night out their fire danger is running very very high. >>some local cities are opening cooling centers this week and the north bay that the family community center in santa rosa. that will be open from 11:00am to 07:00pm tomorrow and the petaluma community center will be open from 11 in the morning until 8 at night tomorrow. >>morrow california attorney general heavy of this era is expected to announce a new legal action against the trump administration that's a related to the environment. this comes after the administration took aim at poor air quality in here in california, killing the state that it risks losing federal highway funds unless it addresses the problem in a letter to the california air resources board the epa describes the state's air quality is the worst in the country. it says 34 million people live in areas that do not meet national air quality
9:32 pm
standards that twice the number of people in vulnerable areas compared to any other state. the feds are now calling on the state to address plans aimed at reducing poor air quality. the move is the latest battle. the trump administration is picked with california over its environmental policies. it is noteworthy the last week the trump administration revoke california's authority to set its own emissions standards. >>more controversy for antonio brown harry us today roll on into court. his agent drew rosenhaus his attorney next to him. the former patriots player appeared in miami court today over a million condominium battle is accused of causing damage. this is the surveillance video you see items there being thrown into the pool from above. they're saying he threw furniture at that beach property that he was renting in early 2018. the landlord company filed suit last year with the september
9:33 pm
17 deposition deadline. they brown failed to make this month. brown was recently released of course from the patriots after he was accused of sexual-assault and sexual-misconduct the miami deposition is completely separate from those allegations and his lawyers making sure that's clear. >>it's a public filing were we're looking for we turn the security deposit the forecast and any further damages they also had not returned rent that was paid out. >>an attorney for brown's landlord said brown agreed to pay in exchange for not being charged. the lawsuit was filed after he refused to pay they say la county board of supervisors unanimously voted its intent to approve a ban of flavored tobacco products, including menthol. owners and a support vaping and e cigarettes his aides to quitting smoking groups from both sides of to shout each other down in front of the administration
9:34 pm
building there. those against the ban which would apply only to retailers in unincorporated areas the county they carried signs reading i vape i vote well many proponents wore black t-shirts, identifying themselves as united families and parents. >>the companies and the timing adults but they're using favor is that right kids and then admitting to an a jury. kerry seems like they don't care what it can do to their bodies and how affects their lives or their brains in the future, the real issue is how are they getting it. >>once you stop how they're getting it doesn't matter what flavor it is there still flavored alcohol out there. where we take that off the show. >>the vaping ordinance needs to come back to the board for a second reading as early as next week in. we take effect 30 days after that second vote. >>school officials at u c davis are responding tonight after neo-nazi and white supremacist flyers were found on campus this week. university spokesperson says that one fire was found on a notice board in an
9:35 pm
administration building and another was spotted in the match. building for long you want a lot in one rather spoke to students to get some reaction. >>you see davis getting ready for classes to begin tomorrow. the flyers found on bulletin boards that the administration building at rec hall as well as the math, france building may have been place for maximum effect i'm surprised to hear about that math student matthew corbelli never saw the flyers that were quickly taken down the university says they came from the american identity movement who's propaganda objects to diversity and inclusiveness. perhaps wars. it is a rebranding of the identity europa movement which state stand from the charlottesville white supremacist rally. some say such extreme views can find a home among the 30,000 students here i mean especially is like songs like. >>the communities that they've been around like like it or >>some say it's merely a numbers game i bet that with
9:36 pm
the university as big as ours that there could be many people that come here in my have. >>some synonymous ideas. hope i hope not. >>university chancellor gary may released a statement saying we are second that any person or group would invest in a time of such cowardly acts of hate and intimidation. they have no place here. we encourage our community to stand against anti semitism and racism. there's been a campaign in recent years to recruit younger people into groups like the american identity movement flooding campuses with players often posted by non-students there are some students who feel that those views are so extreme that they can't be bothered with them. >>the most students are pretty busy with classes were dealing with real life issues we got bigger issues, let's talk about the crisis and it is more than the fire zone. >>isaac boyd says he's had to deal with racist graffiti on his life written in public places. he says students here are now dealing with day to day issues being a college student doing to commemorate are really i'm just i got up it was
9:37 pm
>>after allegedly takes over a couple smart home the warning they're sending to other people who use that attack. >>and ahead in sports even during the bye week the 40 niners can stay away from the office we will check in with the undefeated niners right
9:38 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:39 pm
weeks the 40 niners have shown
9:40 pm
great progress to be one of a 2 remaining undefeated teams. the only drawback through it all. >>is the schedule as the bye week is already here here is the scene at santa clara this morning, a light practice for the team. no days off the niners have been impressive during this 3 know start top 5 in the league in total yards per game. 7 take a ways by the defense however, one glaring flaw you know that will be addressed protecting the football, 5 turnovers alone this past sunday. we won't see that team again until october 7th monday night against the browns players locked in on making sure they don't lose any of their momentum during the early break. >>this is all about. and don't survive we you know just. relies same time we still have a goal and that's to get to the big game you know we all have the mentality that we want to get to most are not
9:41 pm
great and we just can't let that let that guy down i know these guys you need to know they have to do do the pair for the monday night against cleveland. >>over the raiders a tough loss for an already thin linebackers you did mark kelly placed on injured reserve today with an ankle injuries, suffering the loss of minnesota. what's worse is he was the only back or to get her does font as perfect and nick morrow also dealing with injuries as of now their status for sunday against the cold is unclear, but the team may explore outside options. finally won a thrilling few weeks it's been for warriors legend al attles he was inducted into the hall of fame earlier this month today, the warriors unveiled the court named in his honor at the team's new state of the art training facility, a fitting tribute as he has been with the franchise for nearly 60 years as a player. coach executive and team and faster coming up on kron 4 sports attended the giants open the final homestand of the bruce bocce era highlights from oracle park and also the a's hold on to the top wild-card spot. more news after the
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>>killer this a couple in milwaukee think someone has outsmarted. they're smart home system and for good reason the couple says hackers took control of the thermostat and indoor camera on their google nest system is ashley sears reports for us tonight, then things got really scary. >>supposed to make me feel safe and i didn't feel safe. a place of comfort that turned
9:45 pm
creepy tuesday and my heart was just racing, i was. >>i felt so violated at that point samantha westmoreland return from work to a blazing hot home. >>the thermostat turned all the way up to 90 degrees. she thought it was a glitch setting it back to room temperature off not realizing then it was only the beginning of a roller coaster 24 hours. gives me the chills just talking about it the thermostat continued to go up and a voice begin speaking from a camera in the kitchen, then plain vulgar music. g she husband change their password. but the problems persisted eventually contacting their internet carrier and changing their network. i d. >>they believe someone hacked into their wi fi and then their nest if someone hacks into your wife i. >>they should be able to have access to that huh.
9:46 pm
>>nest devices without some kind of wall that they have to get over a couple is upset their $700 system. >>was a gateway into their home hopefully someone hears this and this. awakens them are. alerts them to this is happening and who orleans one others to be aware hackers are outsmarting the smart home people need to be educated and. >>know that this is real and this is happening and it is super scary. >>yes, super creepy to google which owns the next system says the system itself was not breached the company says that the couple likely used to compromise path last word which can be avoided by switching to a 2 factor verification so there you go. >>tension being given to thermostats these days as we take a live look outside that spectacular picture overlooking san francisco, sales force tower bay bridge
9:47 pm
and the lights some people going to be without lights overnight without power. napa and sonoma counties and other northern california counties because of danger of dead red flag here that are out of pg turn off of a power tonight 2 o'clock expect to have my 5 or 6 o'clock in the evening again. >>providing we don't have any fires right looks like the fire conditions are going to be issue again for tonight. we've got the red flag warnings up and you can see i'm not only in the north bay but around a. parts the east bay to the east bay hills you can see some gusty winds and also in the mount diablo area but really the strongest are going to be a focus toward the north bay, northern sonoma county into the napa county area you see some strong gusting winds up in lake county across to mount hawks most those above a 1000 feet or so down below you may not feel that but you can see those gusty winds certainly maybe 30 maybe 40 mile an hour gusts. late tonight early tomorrow morning and then those start to back off a little bit that being said also the temperatures going to be a big story for the rest the bay area tomorrow is going to be hot again. he thought it
9:48 pm
was hot today tomorrow, maybe a little bit hotter by the afternoon. again lot of 90 shoprite inside the bay air-quality is also going to suffer spare the air for tomorrow, poor air quality expected in the east bay and the south bay you'll see that haze developing outside and the big dome of high pressure overnight lows are going to stay very very mild mainly in the 60's you see all the yellow out their 60's. then you start to see a little temperatures for on those maybe in the 70's over some of the mountain tops so staying very warm overnight tonight and then we're off and running with warm temperatures mauled how about 81 golden gate park about 90 in san francisco 78 in the sunset 77 in daly city 79 in half moon bay. inside the bay. you've got plenty of 80's and 90's on the way so be prepared. tomorrow out there an on the hot temperatures kick in triple digit showed up in the east bay tomorrow 94 in hayward but 89 degrees castro valley 93 in oakland, a 102 in con
9:49 pm
pittsburgh, 100 in antioch along the coastline, how about almost 80 degrees. it's tis of thee should be just a gorgeous day if headed that way a 100 degrees in hot in petaluma and 93 degrees in the bottle. next couple days. no big change in the weather the sea breeze will kick in dropping those temperatures 20 plus degrees around parts of bexar but thursday, much cooler weather expected through the weekend. thanks lawrence for your help tonight another man has died from a vaping-related illness that makes. >>9 people so far the cdc reports that as of september 17th. there were 530 confirmed and probable cases of lung injuries related to the cigarettes says not marrow explains now there is a blunt warning now from lawmakers and the cdc. >>stop vaping. >>and joining the movement of who has parents against vaping e cigarettes and saying enough is enough for kids should not be the guinea pigs through the johnson speaking today in front of a house subcommittee on the dangers of vaping the cdc warns just don't do it.
9:50 pm
recent death sparking strong words from lawmakers to when a product is released onto the market without safety testing or clinical trials. >>this is what we fear the long-term health effects remain unknown, but that didn't stop lawmakers from sending a scathing letter to the fda about jewel a major brand of the cigarettes warning the fda, the company appears to be violating its regulations by claiming its product is safer than cigarettes jewel is expected to respond next week. earlier this month, the president of american vaping association defending the use of flavored products and pushing back on an all out ban on vaping there is absolutely some inappropriate marketing in this industry. >>and when you can actually have regulations not prohibition you can control flavor names you can control but the fact is they can't ignore all too often in this debate, fruit flavors are the most popular flavor among adults and most importantly the most-used flavor among adults who have quit smoking what they think, but that explanation doesn't do enough for really johnson, a parent
9:51 pm
who seen the harmful effects of e cigarettes. >>if this was romaine lettuce the shelves will be empty. we desperately need our legislators to help us by banning the flavors that have drawn in use like my daughter, including meant and that the men fall. >>in washington, i'm not here romero americans are doing a better job of cutting out carbs and sugar but there's still plenty of work to do according to a new report card on the american diet consumption of highly processed foods with added sugars dropped 3% since 1999. researchers analyzed the eating habits of 44,000 adults between the years of 99 in 2016 and they believe these positive trends reflect increased public awareness. the health risks that are associated with added sugars and lo green consumption, but they say that people are still eating too much of what's not healthy of the typical americans daily calories nearly half come from refined grains starchy vegetables and added sugars and worse intake of saturated fat that exceeds 10% they say this is due to high consumption of meat,
9:52 pm
especially red and processed meats which are strongly linked to heart disease and cancer. happened to singer lenny kravitz is and the last is apparently they have gone missing how he's getting the public to help but get them bacl when we come back. the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with
9:53 pm
misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits.
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9:55 pm
shark tank judge kevin o'leary's wife, linda was driving a boat last month, an ontario when it crash asked into another vehicle. 2 people on board that boat died and 3 more were injured. linda o'leary is charged with careless operation of a vessel and the driver of the other boat was charged with failing to exhibit a navigation white well underway. the maximum penalty for o'leary's charges 18 months in prison or a $1 million fine. >>hanks decorated career is earned him a coveted award for lifetime achievement will be honored with the cecil b demille award at the golden globes in january hank starred in big films like big castaway forrest gump. many others recently portraying the iconic mister rogers in the new film a beautiful day in the neighborhood. the word is given each year to someone who's made a lasting impact in the entertainment world. these bay native certainly fits the bill passed recipients include oprah winfrey robin williams denzel washington meryl streep in audrey hepburn, lot of
9:56 pm
talent there. >>lenny kravitz outsourcing his search for a missing pair of soot. says the singer and actor took to social media. offers for help he tweeted about his shades which he says would missing. after a weekend performance at the shrine theater in la kravitz as if they belong to a family member and are sentimental he even set up a special e-mail for fans who want to let love rule and make sure the glasses don't fly away forever. in classic social media fashion a twitter account spoofing all thing quickly spring up. it responded to kravitz's original tweet saying i'm not lost buddy. i just need me some time. >>and a mental, i hope people hope to get some back. set that shade on him. 2 did that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour. ken wayne is here the kron 4 news at 10. >>they can grant thank you very much next to 10 breaking
9:57 pm
news announces where it will shut off the power due to increased fire risk that includes 2 counties in the north bay where hot dry and windy conditions have officials there on high alert we're live in santa rosa with what people can expect overnight. plus reactions are pouring in tonight after the house announces it will launch an impeachment inquiry into president trump a live report from the nation's capital is coming up, don't go away are 3 of kron 4 news in primetime
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>>breaking news tonight at 10 more than 48,000 customers in northern california will lose their power tonight, thanks for joining us. i'm can wait and i'm grant lotus in tonight for pam moore pga any announcing the shut off says it tries to prevent wildfires. this is the new normal in california and here's a map showing which parts of the north bay will be losing power. p g says it will shut off power to about 1000 customers on the west side of calistoga to the napa county line and north of lake berryessa the announcement comes after another scorching hot day today with low humidity and the winds are expected to kick up overnight kron four's share stones following the story joins us live in sonoma county jr i just talked with emergency crews there what are they saying. what can those crews te


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