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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  September 25, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, it is wednesday 9/25/2019 i'm robin winston thank you for waking up with us as usual. but we need to check in on the forecast because yesterday. we had a lot going on so we have john stable standing by with a look at what we can expect it was hot. special advisories, red flag war earnings for the air alerts are we dealing with out again today. >>yeah we're looking at yet another day with multiple advisories have been good news is today temperatures due back off just a couple least we have that comfort and really hot though, and it's still going to be definitely one of those days that crews arrived very closely the situation in
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the north in the east bay as far as fire danger is concerned now stepping outside this morning you're off to a really solid start it's another jacket free kind of long as you're outside for just a few minutes. berkeley looking at a san francisco, it's crystal clear out there really solid start to the day with comfortable temperatures now into the afternoon not going to stay so comfortable, you can see here on the map excessive heat advisories do continue today through 07:00pm and essentially the same spots as yesterday all through the south bay peninsula east bay and north bay as well most of us watching definitely affected by those as far as red flag warnings we eased off or east bay foothill areas just above oakland berkeley down through the san leandro hills just about fremont too. that's good news to see that red flag warnings have expired in these areas, but they still do remain up in the north bay for napa sonoma in marine county is just north of the golden gate. so these are the areas that cruiser watching
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really closely today as they could provide the most winds as well still some very low humidity to now i mention that a little bit cooler than yesterday. temperatures this morning though are pretty much in just the same at 60's and 70's. a good chance to step outside for your morning hours maybe get a nice little jog in after the sun comes up would recommend it necessarily right now for oakland and hayward it's actually a little bit warmer than yesterday conquered you're in that same boat along with san jose. each 5, 6, or 7 degrees warmer. but at the same 0.24 hours ago now into the afternoon. we're still holding on to triple digits for inland areas so we're still in the midst of the heat don't get me wrong, but we're not quite as hot as yesterday by its a of the bay were in the low 90's well by the coast. we're talking some upper 70's so a noticeable difference for coastal areas. i'm talking some big changes in your forecast as soon as tomorrow still to come. robin, thank you john now, let's check in on.
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>>on traffic want to get peek at the commute around the bay area this morning, starting off with a t your drive into san francisco, it's looking good. it's nice and smooth and quiet. no problems through the maze a smooth trip across the upper deck in trouble free through downtown san francisco. let's head over to 92 we're taking a peek at the p% san mateo bridge. it's pretty on the hayward side at least coming from a t and i don't see any big trouble spots want to get to the peninsula so a very quick 13 minutes to make that connection from the nimitz to the bay shore trouble free up the richmond sandra fell bridge, now's a great time to get on out there and use it now. 8 minutes one lonely car rolling through the tolls no problems in the north bay and we're taking a peek at traffic tracker looking at more numbers and they look good we're in the green for highway 4 westbound it's 14 minutes antioch to concord 6.80 looks great rolling south beach a code to danville no issues for the nimitz no problems for one oh one. it's a quick 26 minute trip from san jose heading to menlo park. our top story that we're following for you this morning
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more than 48,000 pg e customers in northern california are waking up without power. now that includes about 1400 customers in napa and sonoma counties, the shut offs are part of an effort to prevent wildfires and of course extreme fire danger weather. kron four's j r stone has more. >>it's a big change in our lives because my wife and i are not young anymore and you can't deal with those things very easily. >>santa rosa's paul roth is referring to the fires that have plagued california and his neighborhood. fires that took his daughters santa rosa home and his car in 2017. now more warnings about fire dangers in his area. well it. >>it makes me have second thoughts about how safe this area really is. with the world every the involved in a second fire in this area. >>out of the 65 homes in ross neighborhood. his was one of 6 the didn't burn down. he was near the fountain growth parkway and says the winds are
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not as bad as they were. that is good news. >>we've had some winds of about maybe. 20 miles you know next about the highs and i if it was windy and hot cannot be really concerned. being affected on our car burns up in the fire. so we don't have any any transportation because of the forecasted conditions. >>pg e will shut off power to more than 1400 customers in napa and sonoma counties. it's likely that ross electricity will stay on. but he is closely watching things. >>mark tomorrow should be the end of it. >>officials expect power to be out for some time. >>edn is trying to restore power within the 12 hour mark and we are hoping that that is the case for them however we've been messaging and we're at asking the community to be prepared for an extended lows of power. we're hoping that folks in those areas are ready to. spent most of the day
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without power. >>now here in sonoma county more than 700 customers will lose electricity. those customers are located off of border creek road. in the mark west community. in santa rosa j r stone kron 4 news. >>another big story that we're following for you this morning. speaker of the house nancy pelosi is launching an official appeal to an inquiry into president trump. this comes after a whistleblower complaint claiming that president trump incur and she cranes president to investigate former vice president biden and his son kron four's taylor sacking has the latest. the house is now launching an official impeachment inquiry into president trump. >>the actions of the trump presidency revealed. this article fat the president's betrayal of his of office. the kumail of our national security and the trial of the integrity of our elections. therefore today announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry.
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speaker of the house nancy pelosi. >>made the announcement after details of a whistleblower report surfaced claiming president trump pressed ukraine's president in a july phone call to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son. president trump called the move a witch hunt on twitter saying such an important day the united nations so much work and so much success and the democrats purposely had to ruin and demean it with more breaking news, witch hunt and garbage. so bad for our country mihority of california also fired back. what she said today. >>made no difference of what's been going on. it's no different than what matters been trying to do. before politics. >>california's rnc national committeewoman harmeet dhillon weighed in saying it's a mistake for democrats well i think nancy pelosi has made a big political mistake, not to mention a mistake for the
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integrity of the body that she presides over because the allegations against the president do not amount to any type of an impeachable offense, however, pelosi says today trump has violated the constitution now democrats say the whistleblowers full complaint must be turned over to congress this week this thursday, the acting dni will appear before the house intelligence committee at that time he must turn over the whistleblower's full complaint to the committee. he will have to choose whether to break the law or honor his responsibility to the constitution president trump says he'll release the full transcript of that call on wednesday. now the whistleblower want to talk to the house intelligence committee and that could happen as soon as this week in the newsroom. taylor bus aqi kron 4 news. well former vice president joe biden is calling on president donald trump to cooperate with congress. >>biden urged trump to provide all the facts congress needs including a copy of a formal complaint made by a whistleblower.
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>>this isn't a democratic issue. a republican issue. it is a national issue. it is a security issue. for this administration stop stonewalling. including a copy the formal complaint made by the whistleblower. >>well trump has acknowledged that phone call and said that he did discuss biden but denied doing anything improper. analyst tom diehl a car and laura foot they spoke about the announcement of an impeachment inquiry on president trump specifically whether the american public will support impeaching the president here's some of that conversation. >>ok so speaker pelosi obviously banking on much of the country some supporting this effort. any thoughts on how she and other democrats will set about trying to do that. i mean i think that no one can accuse her of being an careful i think she is taking
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her responsibilities extremely seriously and to the people who one of the democratic party too reacts to the insanity that we see coming out of the trump ipadministration and the republican party. i think that her measured take that she is having that all of the. everyone's going continue with their very steady investigations of this particularly around the whistleblower complaints, we have a system. we're whistleblower complaints are supposed to get to commissions they will hopefully get access to this. i think we're going to see whether the trump administration is going to respect the rule of law they've made every effort to ignore more the rule of law previously. hopefully they're going to respect that congress is now unified and taking step after step to reveal what they've done. tom passenger americans disagree with that point of view that's why 59 just spent 41 they're against this sort of thing. her speech
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there today was filled with out right all statements, including that he was it shall be turned over actually there's a condition prior to the shao there had to be a finding of urgency which originally was not made. so for her to come on tv and make it sound like someone was breaking the laws outright false i think you know what's really interesting is that. >>you know this is very orwellian and this is the party told you to reject with the evidence of your eyes and ears, everyone can see that the trump administration is besieged by scandal everyone can see that people are leaving the administration last don't agree with that statistic fact one poll in general most polls find him at 39 to 39% there and and so right now he's not a popular president. and i also think that we can't be making these decisions based on popularity. we actually have to have a system of government where the congress looks at the evidence
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there is a reason we have these checks and balances that nancy pelosi spoke about. and of course we'll have more on this developing news during chronic. >>and inside the area politics with host catherine hainan the politics show airs every saturday and sunday that starts at 11 oh 05:00am of course that's on kron on the bay area's only 20 for our commercial free streaming service. a story that you'll see only on kron 4. how they mother says this registered sex-offender 8 on her 12 year-old daughter. also after the break we're checking in on weather and traffic, here's a live look at 92, it's nice and quiet on the san mateo bridge traffic is looking good so far from the east bay over to the peninsula and your weather is shaping up nicely it's going to be hot again today, not as hot as yesterday john trimble has a look at your forecast. and welcome back
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to the kron 4 morning news a
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timeout for 15 our big story again today, the heat and the red flag. >>warnings so let's check in with meteorologist ron trimble who has a look at what we can expect today gun shop that's exactly right much like yesterday robin we're back to those red flag warnings those. >>spare the air visor ease and the heat advisories to catch a few triple digits still in play. despite the fact that today not quite as hot as yesterday was were again off to a very clear start your look across the bay right now is showing a san francisco skyline looking nice and clear ntw yesterday we hit a record daytime high at sfo beating the former record which is 93 degrees up to 94. concord a nap as i mentioned you saw those triple digits now downtown san francisco. also checked in at 90 degrees yesterday, san jose and oakland. also in the 90's yesterday and we can expect some hot weather again today why much of this map is still lit up in peach which is those a heat advisories all across the bay from north to south
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peninsula to the east bay most of us watching this morning definitely affected by heat that will be dangerous yet again now few less red flag warnings on the map you're still looking at him all across the north bay but are red flag warnings in the east bay hills have expired winds and humidity is still going to be a problem for north bay area's with humidity, falling very low. it slows 15% into the afternoon for some of our north bay area's this isn't quite as low yesterday but very comparable and wind speed still going to be breezy for north bay area's. not quite as much of a factor for east bay area's which is one of the reasons that red flag warnings have expired for the hillsides above oakland, san leandro fremont areas such as that daytime highs still hot today, though you see mission district financial district still well into the 90's 80's for sunset and golden gate park while we will be looking at 70's and 80's remaining right up and down the coastline. most of us will still remain in the 90's for your daytime highs today,
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that's what you're going to see across most of the bay area redwood city in mountain view each at 94 for today's daytime highs with the south bay. checking in with mid to upper 90's, san jose, a 97 today well over into livermore and pleasanton temperatures falling just below the triple digit mark but still very close and comfortably close really while the creek danville in concord in some places just a little bit warmer than yesterday. this is one of our spots in the bay that you are actually looking at temperatures bumping chests a little bit walnut creek noticeably doing so. oakland berkeley and richmond in the low 90's today, north bay still seeing a lot of triple digits here benicia fairfield vacaville yacht bill and sonoma among those spots in the triple digits today but tripledirosa down to petaluma some 70's though mixed in at san and the sense of beach and point rays today for your nice beach escapes if that is a option that you do i have a chance to go and pursue today.
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now tomorrow is going to be a lot cooler that may be an understatement from the triple digits for inland areas today maxing out in the 80's tomorrow, and that's really just the start by friday saturday and sunday. our max inland temperatures look at that. our only in the 70's by saturday and sunday you may be throwing that sweater and that light jacket back on so a swift change of pace just around the corner and some nice relief from all this heat, robin all right. thank you john that morning commute is off to a fantastic start it is very quiet. >>just getting a little crowded in some of the cash lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza but it's a great time to come on and get on out there with the early birds while it's nice and quiet. 8 minutes for the drive off to fremont street. here's 92 and it's busy already the trip across the 70 oh bridge right along the flat section. it's getting crowded, but overall it's a nice trip we're holding at 12 minutes to make it over to the peninsula. we're checking in on and the golden gate one oh one looks good here both sides, nice and smooth. so 18 minutes rolling south nevado to the toll plaza and we're
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taking a peek traffic tracker shows us more drive times and freeways and they look good so far and the east bay, shore freeways, looking good 14 minutes from crockett down to oakland 24 wide open walnut creek through the caldecott no problems or 5.80 no issues for the nimitz 10 minutes from to 38 to downtown oakland. and over to the east right now where a mother is sharing her concerns after a registered sex-offender tried to kidnap her 12 year-old daughter in pleasanton kron four's michelle kingston has more. he wanted to follow or. >>home. she said no and she raced home on a bike as fast as she could. >>12 year-old pleasanton girl is hiding her identity to protect her daughter but wants other parents to know about this man who allegedly approached her daughter creekside pa. >>nobody is prepared. >>he knows exactly the right things to say 44 year-old
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munir hassan is a registered sex-offender he said down at the bench where this woman's daughter was doing homework with a friend. >>the mother says that man convinced her 12 year-old daughter to leave the park he bought her candy she gave him her cellphone number and then she went home and told her mom what happened. >>and the more so uncomfortable and and realize that there's just no. the he hasn't done this so many times before. >>the next day his son something young girl that had next. >>what's up with my cool girl. yes, this is matthew not his name. your number one fan and then as a kiss he face emerging. i'm sure that you've been thinking about me probably as much as i've been thinking about you. i look forward to seeing you round 4 keep it game tight and then the next tax the text in a all caps as do not respond to
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things. >>shortly after the text was received police arrested sure p to their kids to make >>keeping open lines of communication with your kids making sure that when you talk to them about anything. >>you're open you're honest in pleasanton michelle kingston kron 4 news. a live look outside before we go we're checking in on the golden gate looking good so far the hollywood minute is coming up after the break stay with us.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, thanks for staying with us after giving fans a sneak peak during this year's emmys netflix has released the full trailer for its much anticipated movie el camino a breaking bad movie with all that and more here's david daniel with the hollywood minute.
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>>aaron paul returns as jesse pinkman in the first trailer for el camino a breaking bad movie which begins moments after the tv series finale ended breaking bad creator vince gilligan directs the film which debuts on netflix october 11th. >>what facts are going to choose has a golden globe awards at home and this january, the hollywood foreign press association is giving him an even bigger honors hanks will receive the 2020 settle b demille award which goes to someone has made a lasting impact on the film industry will be honored at the 77th annual golden globes, january 5th in beverly hills. the violence in the upcoming warner brothers movie joker
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has brought a response from a row. >>a colorado where 12 people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a 2012 screening of the dark knight rises is 5 family members and friends of victims wrote to warner brothers asking the studio too join us in our fight to build safer communities with fewer guns. in a statement, warner brothers called gun violence, a critical issue adding the joker is not an endorsement of real world violence of any kind in hollywood. i'm david daniel. >>before we go a little peek outside checking in on the bay bridge traffic stacking up in the cash lanes and and your weather forecast. john trimble has that he says it's going to be another hot day we're dealing with red flag warnings and yesterday we set some records so we'll s ♪ sup. wh- whacha doing? i'm watching food. try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash.
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try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. ♪ ♪ try my $3 steak and parm loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. >>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and thanks for stayingw


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