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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 25, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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is dead wrong. then -- >> hi, mom. >> hi, mom. >> hi. >> only we're with kianne new reeves and his sister, spilling "matrix 4" secrets. plus, prince harry's lookalike son. ar archie's nickname revealed. >> been looking to break the internet. plus, tonight's big tv premiere. >> and we're got some very special guests on our set. >> that's right. they're kissing a lot. >> and the masked singer is back tonight. who is underneath there? >> hmm. demi dropped her bombshell, now the men are sounding off. welcome to nikki bella and artem. you guys are very, very sweet. have you been following this demi story? >> so, i have a little bit on social media and i don't know --
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>> what? >> that's what i took from the story. >> there is so much being alleged here. it is wild. and now the men in her life are breaking their silence. >> ashton sure seemed to be throwing a bit of shade at demi. he tweeted, quote, i was about to push the button on a really snarky tweet, then, i saw my son, daughter and wife and i deleted it. >> i was addicted to him is the best way i can put it. >> demi accuses ashton of cheating, introducing threesomes and encouraging her to drink despite 20 years of sobriety. but demi told ellen ashton was not blindsided by the book. >> you have talked to ashton, before this came out? >> yes. >> in the memoir, she made this surprising confession about john crier. >> john lost his virginity to me while we were making that movie. >> apparently nobody fact-checked that with john. the 54 denied it, i'm sure she was totally justified making this assumption based on my
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skill level. i had actually lost my virginity in high school. >> anyway. >> hey, demi. >> she did not comment as she left a book signing last night in manhattan. >> what do you think about john crier dispelling the virginity claim? >> "e.t." was on the set of "no small affair" in 1984. >> what do you think about working with demi moore? >> she's great.gorgeous, too. it's fun to work with. >> demi and john's paths crossed again 27 years later. >> flash forward, ashton kutcher joins "two and a half men." >> awkward. >> when you say it like that, it sounds ridiculous. >> it was an amazing sort of first relationship for me, because she's wonderful. i imagine at that time the pressure on her was -- was great. >> sure, i think you always feel pressure. it's not a pressure that i mind. >> well, last night, we got a huge keanu reeves exclusive,
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where he made us all fall in love with him all over again. let me tell you guys, he is the world's best big brother. and he got us even more hyped to re-enter the matrix. so, you know you broke the internet with the news that "the matrix" is happening again. have you read a script? >> i have, yeah. >> oh. >> very ambitious. as it should be. >> i know kung fu. >> neo is back. dana says she is, too, and is also obsessed with keanu. >> what makes him the best? >> pretty much everything. >> mind having a pop culture renaissan renaissance? he's just how you would expect him to be. humble. >> you know we're all excited. you are being very low key about it. we're all geeked about this. aren't you geeked about this?am. >> that's his sister, karina, miller. >> hi, mom! >> my. >> she gets the obsession with her famous big bro, who was
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singing her praises for her new movie. >> such a wonderful film, and so, it's great. it's a really -- >> and it's my red carpet. >> keanu supported earl acting, producing and directing career since day one. >> the talent was evident. the talent was so evident. >> yeah. i went to an all girls private school and the first time i was in a play, he came to see, and someone ran downstairs and said, your brother is here and i think they've hurt hem. >> her new movie is about brothers helping each other in troubled times. so, who is more likely to bail the other one out of trouble? >> i would probably bail you out of jail. >> i would get caught. but if you did it, you wouldn't get caught. >> use you as a distraction. >> right. >> oh, they were so much fun. nikki, between you and your sister, which one would get the other out of trouble?
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>> bre would have to get me out of trouble. >> troublemaker. i know. okay, guys, can we take a moment to ooh and ahh over baby archie? >> so cute. >> harry and meghan's baby boy sure stole the spotlight. a side-by-side of archie and dad harry. it's clear they're twinning and both are gingers. >> does he have as much hair as harry had? those cheeks, the happy demeanor. and the cutest thing of all is meghan's nickname for archie. bubba. >> what's the 4-month-old like? he's so cute, and his proud parents couldn't help but gush. >> and old soul. >> i think he knows exactly what's going on. >> for the royal meeting where archie met desmond t utu. he had on $18 overalls from h
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and m. >> meghan turned up for her first solo engagement of the tour. she was wearing a black jumpsuit. i was there. she was meeting mothers and invited the other mothers to sit down with her. she said if archie was there, he'd be really crabby that he doesn't down there on the mat playing with the toys. >> meanwhile, in new york, oprah's speaking out about working with prince harry on their upcoming mental health docu-series. >> he's very engaged and listening into lots of thoughts on everything we're doing. lot s of con item tear. >> but our favorite moment? >> what does oprah have rider? >> freshomoe and avocados in the room. but i'm going to stop that. you know why? because you can't get a decent tomato. let's go to more with our exclusive interview withentino.
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he's talking about his re-entry into the world with brooke. >> what's in your probation? random drug tests? >> yes. >> handing over financial records? >> yes. >> 500 hours of community service? >> yes. i don't think there will be an issue. >> what does it feel like to be a free man? >> oh, my god. to be a free man is -- to be honest with you, it's awesome. it's fantastic. >> did you ever feel like you were hanging by a thread? >> no. i just felt that everything in my life had prepared me for this journey. >> when you got depressed, how did it feel and how did you tackle it? >> i was very regimened. i stayed in my intermittent fasting, it's not easy. >> mike confessed he got extra servings of vegetables because he was friends with the staff. he worked out three times a day and lost 36 pounds. mike could talk on the phone for 300 minutes a month and he was allowed email. >> every single day, i would look forward to getting email
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from pauly d or snookie. really made the time fly by. >> mike's most grateful for the support of his new wife, lauren. >> congratulations. you may kiss your bride. >> they tied the knot two and a half months before he entered prison. you talk about wanting to start a family. tell me about that. what are your plans? >> well, we're hoping that it will happen sooner than later. >> we've been practicing. >> we're working on it, yeah. >> yeah. just killing it in the game right now. >> there you go. it's a gun show. always with mike, yes. oh, yeah, he loves the cameras. and he's already back to taping "jersey shore" but says, keeping it simples. >> the basics, which is fitness, family, fun and don't forget the finances, because you don't want to end up back in prison. >> there you go. the four fs have replaced gtl. well, it is a family situation for angelina jolie on the set of the maleficent sequel. >> my kids have grown up and
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they're on the set. >> only we're behind the scenes with angie and shilo. then, "modern family" tears before tonight's final season premiere. >> i'm going to be crying. >> we've gone through a lot. >> plus -- >> i would love to see some of the other characters from the original jurassic park movies. >> chris pratt gets his wish.
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mcdreamy's new medical role. patrick dempsey heading up a fund-raiser this weekend in ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express.
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♪ she's just very playful. >> playful? yeah, but look, i never expected to see the mistress of evil playing ping-pong, that's for sure. and look closely here. that is 13-year-old shiloh holding mommy's train on-set during this behind the scenes peek. look, guys, there is huge news today abjure rout jurassic park. are you fans of the original? >> yes. >> yes. >> i love that so much. >> the og gang is finally coming back to life. >> nay are. >> jurassic world 3. anything you want to see happen? >> i would love to see some of the other characters from the original jurassic park movies make their way -- >> laura dern? >> come on. >> well, chris, we got news for
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you. >> that would be so amazing. >> i will be coming back to join everybody for jury rassic world. >> you crazy [ bleep ] -- >> see you in 2021. >> laura dern, jeff goldbloom and sam neil are all signed on to return as their original characters. it's true, and "e.t." can totally take a little credit for this one, right? >> could we see you? >> what are the chances we can get you back in the franchise? >> will you see you in any jurassic park movie? >> would you be down? >> down? if i was any further down, i'd be in china. >> chris posted today, get ready for the biggest, baddest and best movie of the franchise. >> i met chris recently at a restaurant. we ran into each other's arms and hucked each other like we were family. >> that is so cool. >> because we're both in the same movie. >> we basically made this happen, maybe we can get laura to return as renata from "big little lies." >> talk to me.
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>> oh, my god, oh, my god. >> laura dern is a national treasure. did you know that spielberg actually broke his own box office record with jurassic park? >> yeah, passed e.t. as the biggest movie ever at the time. >> sure did. here's what i want to know. when are you getting married? you see what i did there? we're going to put nikki and artem on the spot. get on back here. plus -- ♪ does this look familiar? why she's back in her vacation ferrari. and the twist on tonight's "survivor" premiere. >> minds are going to be blown. >> and -- >> a "celebrity family feud" take takes a turn. what sent the "black-ish" family spiraling. closed captioning provided by --
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my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, deal talk! comes with fries and a drink. all for just the change in your couch. what... mr. wigglesworth? i thought we lost you. kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. are you -- >> macho. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is all going on "entertainment tonight." >> blake shelton throws a temper tantrum. >> we didn't want to disappoint you. thanks for the name check, by the way. it was a huge night for tv last night with "the voice", "this is us" and gina's return on "ncis." but tonight, "the masked singer" is back with us, including the
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fox. this has to be a clue. this whole outfit. are you an actor? are you on another show on fox? >> hmm. >> you are disguised as a super hero. that means were in a super hero movie? >> i have no idea who you are. but i feel like you may be a tv star. >> okay. >> and i know that you brought a little gift for us. you brought some candy, right? all right, give it up. >> but is the candy a clue? is it candy girl? >> are you bobby brown? >> are you christina aguilera? in the meantime, get ready for more all-star came owes starting with a "national lampoon" reunion on "the goldbergs." ♪ holiday road >> hey! go around! >> she's flirting with you, murray. >> how lucky were we that we got the divine miss brinkley here to make a came owe on the show. >> i'm the lucky one. >> oh, please. >> it's just like in the movie. but when you see it in real jt wildly reckless. >> we are so here for this epic
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'80s flashback. and 65-year-old christie looks practically the same as he did in the 1983 movie. >> that little movie has withstood the test of time. and it's just because it's so hilarious. >> rusty, anthony michael hall, says the episode has a few easterings referencing his other '80s films. >> they've been so kind to do homages to "weird science" and "16 candles." >> my character, he's kind of a nerdier guy and anthony michael hall, he played all these different characters. he became, just, like, this cool, big dude, like, there's hope that i can become this cool dude. >> what was the name of that? >> you know what, i had no idea that were zebras in arizona. >> zebras are the piranhas on the sand. >> but here's what making us a little sad. the final season of "modern family" premieres tonight, bringing 11 years of the sitcom to a close. >> i'm going to be crying the whole season.
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>> come on in, guys. >> and "survivor" is ready. "island of the idols" premieres tonight, with lots of new twists, including bringing back two past winners to shake things up. >> you can never master it, but we can make your game better. >> and these two know a thing or two about reality competition scholes. nikki and artem are here. time for me to get a grill. it's over a year now? >> no -- >> no, it hasn't. >> it will be a year of dating in december. >> but the way he looks at you -- get yourself a man that looks at you the way artem looks at nikki. is my thought. >> oh, look at me. >> it's so cute. >> i feel like i have a hot flash right now. >> so, where are y'all at now? are you living together? >> well, kind of, right? i mean -- >> ah -- >> he hasn't told his mom yet. >> no, no, i haven't told my mom yet. >> parents asked about babies but notar't know how you do it marriage first and not babies.
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>> have you hard the marriage conversation? >> no, no. >> no. >> okay. you're not living together. okay, do you want to do it now on "entertainment tonight"? >> we can do it right here. >> that's a lot on the relationship to-do list. i like it, take it slow. >> thank you. >> she's a national treasure, she's been through a lot. take whatever time you need. >> thank you. >> let's talk about "dancing with the stars." i was heartbroken. you were one of the faves. so beloved and the show. how did you find out you weren't coming back for this season? >> we usually get a phone call. it's like, hey, congratulations. last time, it was a phone call saying, hey, unfortunately we couldn't pair you up with anybody, so -- it's tough, but i wish best of luck to the show. i hope it's a good season and great ratings and ask me back, maybe i'll be back, who knows. >> yeah. what do you think of the new elimination change, where the two go down and the judges -- >> i like it. i like it. >> yeah. and we would have lasted longer. carrie ann would have saved us.
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you guys dated. >> oh, the tea being served at "entertainment tonight." oh, my gosh. you're right, i forgot about that. wow, put him on the spot when he's already nervous. >> i love it. >> you have officiallyef "total" >> look at that. how are you handling it and how did you prepare him for this? >> i told him, like, you have to pretend like the cameras aren't there and you have to be you, like, you have such an amazing personality? >> you told me that? >> i pepped you up. >> i'm just kidding. >> and little known fact, you're heading over to the uk to break a world record. >> yes. >> did you tell everyone? >> i'm so proud of you, artem. >> yes, artem. we're so proud of you. tell us about it and do the move. >> oh, please do -- >> i have to do the move now? >> do it right now. >> ready. >> five, six, seven, eight. >> wow. he's still got it.
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>> thank you. >> nischelle turner over there starting to bow. >> you're going to do the most of those in 30 seconds and be in the guinness book of world records? >> i already am. 79 in 30 seconds. >> defend it. >> yeah. >> so, we are not done with you yet. when we come back, it's a couple celebration in our "e.t." birthdays. >> and sneak peek at sunday's "celebrity family those issues. but what did we see we saw a worldwide strike and at the u n we saw pictures of this a young woman talking to the world. >>you'll come to us young people. the juul record.
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travel consideration provided by -- ♪ celebrating an "e.t." birthday, michael douse lag is 75 and wife catherine zeta-jones turned 50. yeah, they were actually born on the same day and they told us how they really feel about that. >> it was really cute in the beginning but after 20, you know, 20 years, it's like -- >> it's enough now. >> can i are have my own day? do i really need to think about
7:58 pm
all year what i'm going to get you on my birthday? >> it's okay to share. it's all right. >> nikki, listen, i remember your family was on "family feud" and you beat team mma. >> heck yes, that's right. bre and i teamed up to win the big money. >> sunday on abc, the cast of "black-ish" takes on "the goldbergs" and all hell breaks loose. >> if it's not there, you're still alive. you can't discuss it. >> did they just cheat? >> they did it, they did it. i think they did it. >> they are correct and i think we deserve an "x." >> ladies and gentlemen, this has never happened in the history of "family feud." >> you know what? that was -- bre and iway. >> that move. don't play.>> have a good night. thank y'all for coming. >> oh, thank you. >> well, there you go. >> this is how we exit.
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>> we'll see you tomorrow. good-bye.
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>>for people in the north bay tonight, our has officially restored more than 12 hours after pg e cut the lights off because of high fire the risk. thank you for joining us tonight at 8, 9, pam moore and i'm ken wayne about a 1000 homes and businesses in napa and sonoma counties spent much of the day in the da evening, the lights and the air conditioner started coming back on kron four's went to calistoga to talk to people who are affected there. >>the lights might be back on and the store is open now, but this arco gas station was a pretty good point of


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