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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 25, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>for people in the north bay tonight, our has officially restored more than 12 hours after pg e cut the lights off because of high fire the risk. thank you for joining us tonight at 8, 9, pam moore and i'm ken wayne about a 1000 homes and businesses in napa and sonoma counties spent much of the day in the da evening, the lights and the air conditioner started coming back on kron four's went to calistoga to talk to people who are affected there. >>the lights might be back on and the store is open now, but this arco gas station was a pretty good point of
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frustration for a lot of folks coming through the west side of calistoga and they dealt with the hot temperatures and the power being shut off. >>i didn't know he was going to be isn't is low. >>the last time i looked it 89 in my house, car is cooler that my house sweat dripping down their backs and frustration on their faces. >>usual customers of this calistoga are go on foothill blvd we're pleased to find the doors locked and pumps not working wednesday, heavy fill up on gas and have a little respite in my car. get gas was of reason barbara and her papa live across the way in a mobile home park. >>the came around right all the bells told us it was going to be off. i just feel bad for the people that don't that really need on neighbors and couwas you know i really wanted to sit in front of the bridge but then everything would now so. >>a significant number path
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through smart a public safety police fired into wellness checks, a cooling in charging center was set up at the fairgrounds near by but folks like lori bakker. >>set up their own. pg e crews could be seen driving up and down foothill boulevard as they work to inspect lines and return power to the area th gh dealing with more th 12 hours of no powers inconvenient folks like laurie say it's much better than the alternative. a lot of people. >>are feeling about it i would say, but i would rather have the power shut off and go for a firestorm again. >>last call calistoga was the first city to be hit with one of these public safety power shutoff mayor chris canning said wednesday. he's just glad the entire city was affected this time around. callisto and noel below kron well let's take a live look outside on what was a very had a to a very warm night looking
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out over the san francisco bay area. it's always a beautiful >>well in the words of our producer it is glorious and he said be sure to use or glorious and it is korea's but it's war memorial very warm out there still want a hot day and the numerous records coming down around the bay area, this is some kind of the way of settling in little the records that were set today remember yesterday we just had one today. well we had at least 6 out there as we head a record of 94 degrees in san francisco. it's hard to get that near the coastline but with 94 degrees and only the door 100 overall once in the last 120 least 10 times but idea of temperatures all around 99 to redwood city 92 in half moon bay that is very impressive right along the coastline, 98 in oakland 99 in san jose 96 as temperatures go international airport but all these numbers or something else a 100 to one degrees today inside the bay in hayward that's impressive. a 105 that was the hottest in santa rosa 103 in the bottle and 99 degrees in play also hot where
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everyone today even along the coastline inside they were usually don't feel in a very warm out there right now. it's still 85 degrees downtown san francisco. 87 in redwood city 82 in san jose 81 in santa rosa, but you notice right along the coast, little bit of a breeze now 63 degrees in half moon bay. all right the forecast as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. the huge change in the weather that sea breeze really going to kick in so instead of 90's in triple digits tomorrow maybe some upper 80's, the warmer spots inland and look at san francisco today we had 94 tomorsow 20 degrees cooler at least at 74 degrees. you think that's cool way to return on the next day. these temperatures going to be much cooler that look in san francisco. it's going to be as much just 30 the next couple of will only be in the 70's, the warmer spots in guys back to you like ours you can track the weather in your neighborhood anytime with kron 4 app there you'll find full forecast interactive radar. >>and you can get weather alerts sent straight your
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device. download the kron 4 app tonight, breaking news, san francisco firefighters are mopping up after a 2 alarm fire broke out just after 6 o'clock tonight. this is on thorton street in the bayview district you can see the big flames shooting out of the roof here, we're told a portion of that roof collapsed forcing crews to evacuate the building. in all 3 homes suffered damage from this fire. there are no reports of any injuries and no word yet on what started that fire. on the peninsula, a man wanted for a homicide in new york city is now behind bars after he was arrested in san mateo police say he was involved in a car. >>a lorry on tuesday and a shopping plaza that's known for break ins. kron four's michelle kingston is live at the san mateo police department tonight with more on this michelle. well it's an interesting case because all. >>all of the men involved are from new york city police are unsure why they're here and are still investigating. >>we're suspects that were lawyering in the parking lot extended period of time. actor
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vehicle into the park into a parking stall was just pretty typical it's it's great for a typical tax. burglary suspects. >>san mateo police say the marina plaza shopping center is an auto burglary hotspot in the city officers say they were patrolling the area on tuesday afternoon in spotted suspects checking car door handles and rummaging through car. they moved in and stop the suspects arresting these 3 men all new york city residents. just in the already has also wanted for napa county robbery and steven marinas is wanted in an east coast homicide and why pd posted this tweet with this photo over the summer they tell kron 4 marinas is wanted for a june 8th murder in new york city after a man was shot in the head and killed the suspects were all booked into jail and in possession of an and reported stolen vehicle fraudulent documents and auto burglary tools.
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>>yes, i'm can break into your car and steal something within 5 seconds and. >>a a u probably aren't even in the door yet and they've already stolen your purse wallet and so it is so important to make sure that your car's empty that. >>and nothing is visible. >>now police say this plaza that was targeted it is because it's so close to the freeway that's why it's such a hot spot. they say no matter where you park to make sure nothing in your car. >>is visible live in san mateo tonight, michelle kingston kron 4 news. thank you michelle, there's new information tonight on this shooting at san jose state university police have now charged young man with attempted murder a grant lotus has read the charging document and has the very latest for us grant as several felony charges 10 bullets allegedly were fired that. so police bull round and at the library on campus last week, but they say. appears to be trying to
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appears to have been trying to hit someone 21 year-old joseph. the sense who you see here has been charged with several crimes among them attempted murder and assault with a firearm investigators say last thursday right around dinner time he used a semiautomatic handgun in fired 10 shots at the martin luther king junior libre police say asensio who santa clara resident, almost hit a san jose state freshman who was in that library that set forth in san fernando streets in san jose, several bullets hit the library a nearby parking garage. nobody was injured in this thing police search trying to figure out a motive and they say they don't know if he was trying to hit anyone in particular will keep you posted on this case, pam and ken back to you grant thank you. >>top the cigarette maker jewel is changing the leadership amid the vaping crisis the san francisco based company announced today, ceo
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kevin burns will be replaced by casey cross way too worked with tobacco company altria dual also said that it will stop all television print and digital ad and sand stop some of its lobbying efforts as well. this is happening is there's been an outbreak of lung injuries associated with a thing. the cdc has so far reported 530 cases of lung injury and 11 deaths. >>and now another bay area county plans to ban all vaping products kron four's justine waltman walks us through santa clara county's decision to stop vape sales. >>they they being products in santa clara county is one step closer to reality has been ordered up the borders act in the board said we want this done. supervisor dave cortez he tells me the ban is a no-brainer to him that should have started sooner. the ordinance would prohibit all vaping products in the county of santa clara. and some people are not on board very >>i just find it interesting ge cigarette tobacco products. a
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minority problem with vaping. we're so quick to abandon why don't we take the same type of action. >>la decision, the board of supervisors to use information from a recent california student tobacco survey, which showed one in 3 santa clara county youth. limiting the sales was not going to work according to court se wayne. >>people's individual liberties with the fact that this is so harmful that you might as well be you know spray pesticides on kids are are hurting them in some other way so we consider to be that serious in why requires drastic action. >>county would joint san francisco and livermore which of mortar koreans on the sales of east cigarettes and flavored tobacco. the board will vote on the issue on november 5th. in santa clara county. justine waltman kron 4 news. image control for president trump after the
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house officially launches an impeachment inquiry. >>why he's calling the whistleblower complaint a hoax. >>the mayor of dayton heads to washington to urge lawmakers to pass some kind of meaningful gun control measure. trevor shirley i've got that story coming up ahead. paris demanding something be done to fix a playground it's a place to play.
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and children are being told to watch their steps on the playground at the local elementary school parents are now calling on the school district to make the playground safer. students kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >>at that area right there that's just. >>these 2 parents are putting out what they say are hazardous potholes cracks and uneven pavement on the children's playground here at franklin elementary school in oakland, just take a look at this video so really it's an ongoing problem, you know a scratch is bruises could. >>marian should id is describing some of the injuries. she says she found out her 8 year-old son after the school called her about him being heard on the playground. >>told me i have to be collapsed because he was bleeding so bad i had to be makes a minister ahsan says another problem the rubber padding underneath the play structure is no longer providing cushion when kids fall on the ground we have kindergartners here up to 5th grade.
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>>so those young kids really need the protection. both parents say the problem has gotten progressively worse in the last 3 years and that's why they say they contacted kron 4. >>because they say they're frustrated with the oakland unified school district's response. >>they be saying that they already have is somebody take a look at the playground, a great man. and they home been nothing is getting done. >>i would like the playground structure to not only have appropriate guidance but to replaced as you can see by the 285 signatures on this change dot org petition to renovate franklins elementary playground. >>these 2 parents are not alone officials at the oakland unified school district sent kron 4 this statement which reads quote the district's building and grounds death has visited franklin elementary school and examine the pavement problems on the playground. all of our students need a clean safe and nurturing environment in which to play and grow and with that in mind our staff will be working to fix it starting
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domorrow thursday september 26 the pavement will be patched up and the students will be able to play on it in the coming days, unquote. in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>why are the strike on an abandoned part of mare island and this time going to extreme lengths to steal the cables, according to police and sparking a fire in the process. the company which manages electricity in that area says the crook's use a power saw to cut down to utility poles and steal the copper wire inside the vallejo police department is investigating the after cutting the polls was clearly intentional. >>and it's it's it's not our. we're finally said this time it was done in a way to start the fire though. >>that fire spread to 10 acres before the fire crews managed to finally put it out the suspects involved in this are still on the loose tonight. >>our 4 zone forecast no need to bundle up dress in layers any of that stuff you can walk around in the city in a t
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shirt, it's nice to think we should just all step outside community should out there they're being downtown san francisco in these temperatures still in the 80's outside, but yeah it has been a hot day. now we've got mostly clear skies. the sea breeze beginning to kick in just a little bit along the coastline. and we'll see more of that on the way check out the numbers right now this is what i'm talking about how about 81 still the pacific along the coastline, you are cooling down now and a half moon bay at 63 still 84 in san francisco, you're looking at 87 degrees right now in redwood city, anywhere inside the bay just beautiful if you can get out there right now and enjoy the starlight 81 degrees in berkeley 89 in concord it is 88 degrees in tehran 82 in a bottle 81 degrees in santa rosa 77 in petaluma but we're going to notice some changes the sea breeze has returned right now it's just a gentle breeze to 9 miles per hour to san francisco and 12 an sfo but we're going to watch those winds ramp up as we head throughout the day tomorrow that fog is going to really
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fill along the coastline. so big changes coming our way mostly clear skies for tonight a couple of patches of fog likely to form right out toward the beaches and then mostly sunny and cooler for tomorrow big time cooldown numbers coming down a good 10 maybe 15 degrees maybe even 20 degrees along the coastline. high pressure moves offshore winds. those are coming to an end now in lact going to see that ridge begin the weekend then. now we're going to see a i suddenly surges some low clouds and some fog and that's a nice cooling breeze as we get that southwesterly wind ucf augie in a cool us down big time overnight tonight. we'll see those clouds begin to build and you'll see along the coastline. stay mostly clear inland but throughout the day this could be one of those days where i think that fog really feels along the coastline and there you go searching right to the golden gate as we get into tomorrow evening the even coolly a further over the next couple days. numbers down tomorrow still 80's well inland 70's, 80's around the bay and 60's along the coastline much cooler more clouds even slight chance of showers over the weekend. thank you lawrence, we have brand new video showing the moments before a
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former nba player was shot and killed police say they hope the surveillance video will help them catch the gunman involved. >>grant lotus is back with this story and update force grant a andre and best well fans know the name you see him here he just finished his second season with what's known as the big 3 that ice cubes 3 on 3 league for players who. but the pastor and days but dallas police say the 37 year-old was gunned down in an armed robbery attempt and we have new surveillance video. they captures an image range rover parked in the driveway of a home you see him there see 2 guys walk up one of them points a gun at him police say there were some sort of scuffle and then the video shows and it take off running and one of the guys then opens fire. hitting and that you'll see it play out he was pronounced dead at the hospital. he was a star playing for bob knight at texas tech in the early 2 thousands before and it's nba career they see the the suspect or they see and they
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take off running and then you see the suspect in the frame. start shooting. recently emmett joined ice cube's 3 on 3 league were the shooting guard was an mvp candidate police tonight trying to find those 2 men, ken pam back to you thank you grant. the mayor of a city hit hard by recent gun violence is pleading with congress to do more to stop mass shootings, dayton mayor nan whaley. >>is pushing congress to pass an assault weapons ban, but opponents are pushing back just as hard washington correspondent trevor shirley reports debate over guns continues with no signs of reaching a resolution. >>and the thing i remember most clearly is the smell of bleach. a street sweeper was being used to try to clean the road and men in hazmat suits were scrubbing the sidewalks. >>dayton mayor nan whaley spared no grisly detail as she told the house judiciary committee about the aftermath of her city's august mass shooting the shooting occurred nearly 2 months ago. but our sidewalks are still stained
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wally was in washington to urge lawmakers to pass some kind of gun control measure, including an assault weapons ban, but it would make a great difference, so there won't be cities like dayton that of experience this kind of but opponents on the committee like ohio republican jim jordan. it's an assault weapons ban isn't the answer in that would unfairly target legal gun owners. what this legislation will do is make it more difficult. >>for a law abiding people like you to protect themselves. >>still others like maryland representative jamie raskin say something meaningful must happen soon. >>these are our people. these are american citizens are being sure. >>not down yesterday morning house speaker nancy pelosi had this to say the president called me this morning about geun-hye she said etting close >>but with the white house now dealing with the impeachment inquiry. it's not clear whether that solution is still close. reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley.
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>>a presidential candidate makes a campaign swings for the bay area, what fully and castro has to say about the impeachment inquiry launched against president trump. take to curb rampant drug use and san francisco residents weigh san francisco residents weigh in on what they want done. ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there.
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so just start small... start saving. right from the chase mobile®l app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. >>residents of some neighborhoods in san francisco complain of feeling under siege because of bladen wide open drug use and drug
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dealing. >>it's an issue we will be bringing up with the 4 main candidates who are running to be san francisco's new district attorney during a debate that we're hosting this coming friday. kron four's maureen kelly gives us an in-depth look at the problem. >>drug users have turned places like alleys and transit hub core doors into shooting galleries people walking on the streets can see people injecting drugs in broad daylight uses a lot of dirty needles. >>a lot of foreigners smoke in department public health estimates there are nearly 25,000 addicts in this city who inject drugs and they're dangerous debris can be found under foot in many places you can walking on the street and truly in any neighborhood it's kind of like permeated all over the city. >>and you'll see a used needle and that's so dangerous. my constituents of fed up they're furious. the residents, the small businesses they feel like they're under siege. many of our businesses are closing because they're just everyday people outside selling and using drugs in front of there
8:26 pm
business. i mean this is unacceptable situation. >>supervisor matt haney represents district 6 which includes the tenderloin and the south of market where open air drug trafficking is rampant in some spots we have drugs deadly drugs that are being doubt openly with impunity 24 hours a day this week his ordinance to create a street level drug dealing pass course. >>passed unanimously what we've seen is that a strategy of just relying on law enforcement and just arresting low level guys on the street is not enough. wednesday city hall staffers got a lesson in how to save someone from an opioid overdose by using our can last year the nonprofit doe project gave out 30,000 doses of the lifesaving opioid blocker saving nearly 1700 lives during still 259 people died d's last year which is nearly 4 times the number of homicides and
8:27 pm
fatal car crashes combined. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>and the san francisco district attorney debate will be held right here in our studios catherine hainan is our moderator. it will air at 3 o'clock this friday on our kron on app. >>he's calling the whistleblower complaint against him another witch hunt and a health alert in southern california after someone with measles travel through >>details coming up. >>and if it was hot near neighborhood well we've got some relief
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>>4 zone forecast with a view that never get sole would never take it for granted. it's a nice shot of the golden gate bridge is beautiful and our chief meteorologist is standing to tell us what's ahead something very different. >>yeah we're talking about a big cool little after a nasty going talk about here but. like a breath of fresh air to write it's going to be nice to finally get the cooler weather that ocean breeze is going to be kicking in and the temperatures are are going to drop to much more comfortable levels as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. >>up toward the golden gate bridge, no fog there just yet. but boy 24 hour from now i think we'll see that filled with fog as we're going return that sea breeze and temperatures tomorrow, 74 degrees much more comfortable in the san francisco 81 in oakland and warm and 86 degrees in san jose watch the winds though overnight
8:31 pm
tonight, here's the forecast you're already seeing the sea breeze now that onshore breeze and then watch begins to pick up as we head through the day tomorrow we start to see the yellows and a deeper colors making their way all the way into the delta and that means that strong sea breeze even reach of many of the valley so see a significant cool down tomorrow and even cooler as we get the weekend you probably need a jacket that's so cool. it's going to be some 70's in the san francisco. i think these temperatures pop in the morning and then cool down by the afternoon as the fall kind of feels along the coastline. same with the koestler as you probably can see these numbers run up to about 11 o'clock or so and then they're really going to start to drop off in the afternoon as that sea breeze really begins to pick up and those temperatures going to start to cool down. 82 degrees in redwood city to about 80 of woodside you see a lot of 80's in the south of the air quality is much better, no spare the air for tomorrow, no triple digit heat for tomorrow, either in fact not even 90's you'll be the 80's the warmer spots i think inland tomorrow and then out along the coastline. we keep the cooler the patchy fog 61 at stinson beach about 80 in petaluma 78 in santa rosa next couple days those temperatures really coming down a slight
8:32 pm
chance of showers over the weekend. thank you laura see whistleblower who filed a complaint against president trump is now tentatively agreed to testify before congress. president trump is slamming the allegations against and that. >>happen in his first news conference since the house democrat inquiry against him. binion has the latest. >>folks is all a big hoax president trump slamming the formal impeachment inquiry against him all of these people focusing on the witch hunt also slamming the person who filed the complaint is the so-called whistleblower that one that didn't have any first class. first grade or. tear information from what i understand the complaint about the president's communications with ukraine has been hand delivered to fit chance to see classified report the house passing a resolution calling on the trump administration to release the complaint.
8:33 pm
>>421 to 0 lawmakers on both sides of the political fence who had a chance to digest the complaint called it disturbing republican senator ben sasse saying off camera quote there's obviously some very troubling things here i found the allegations are deeply disturbing. i also found them. >>very credible i can understand why the inspector general found them, credible. >>president trump insists he did nothing wrong during his phone call with ukraine's president i fully support transparency on the so-called whistleblower information. i'm reid binion reporting democratic presidential candidate in california senator kamala harris now breaking her silence on the impeachment inquiry. >>late today she tweeted donald trump continues to put his personal interests above our national interests, his actions are disloyal to america unpatriotic and potentially illegal. he must be impeached. >>the impeachment inquiry into
8:34 pm
president trump is not slowing the flow of lawsuits, california is filing against the federal government and its policies today, california attorney general. the airbus added another lawsuit this one to stop the trump administration weaken the the endangered species act. the administration wants to put plays a rule in place that would make it easier for animals to be taken off of the endangered species list. the new policy would blanket protections for animals added to the list has threatened. >>now is the time to strengthen our planet's bio diversity, not to destroy it. but instead of choosing to protect the species, the trump administration had decided to backslide on longstanding regulatory protections, implementing the endangered species act. >>today's lawsuit follows a similar one several environmental groups filed last month. some of the new regulations are slated to be in taking effect tomorrow 17 states are now suing to block
8:35 pm
trump administration rules which weaken the endangered species act. >>back here in the bay area democratic presidential candidate julian castro believes the president should be impeached. he made those comments while making a campaign stop today in oakland. we also discussed police brutality and homelessness kron four's dan kerman reports during a campaign stop in oakland wednesday, democratic presidential candidate julian castro weighed in on the impeachment investigation that's been launched against the president of the summary the transcript that was released today shows very clearly that president trump abused the power of his office to try and get his political opponent investigated by a foreign government in conjunction with the department of justice here. >>that is a gross abuse of power. he should be impeached. castro was in oakland at the invitation of city councilman noel among his stops. the transit village at the fruitvale bart station worry also saw the memorial to oscar grant. the unarmed black man shot and killed by a bart
8:36 pm
police officer castor said it's become clear the color of your skin too often dictates your treatment by police what neighborhood you're from. how much money you have or don't have and that you're treated the same by police to a national used for standard. >>like the militarized our belief. and investing in community room. too often exist between we used to park it's in certain neighborhoods and communities and a verse of mind the ranks of our >>later castro toward the homeless encampment adjacent to the home depot in east oakland. he says there's an urgency for affordable housing in the encampment is an example of why we can no longer wait to invest in permanent housing. >>i look forward present to being productive partner with state and local governments as
8:37 pm
well as nonprofits and the private sector to create more housing in this country dan kerman kron 4 news. >>and that's the busiest time for wineries are going to take you to the russian river we'll see how this year's wine grapes are looking club and it's not too early to start thinking about traveling for the high days pence right when the experts say is the best time to book a flight. the race for san francisco da it is particularly interesting right now. >>there's no incumbent it is wide open first time that's happened in a century. there are visionary candidates with very strong opinions. the strong opinions. the debate is this friday at welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour. hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! skyride. mini golf. relax! relax! relax! you take this man to be your husband? i do. married.
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no time for basketball. pool. carnival. choose fun. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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>>warning a potential measles exposure for people who read the los angeles international airport a few days ago the los angeles county public health department says a person infected with the virus. travel there laid on september the 21th potentially exposing those who are not fully protected from measles authorities anybody who was at terminal 5 at l a x, the monitor themselves for possible symptoms. another health matter of importance every year in the united states about 700 women die from pregnancy-related complications. one leading causes preeclampsia which affects an estimated 5 to 8% of all pregnancies, some doctors are hoping an older therapy as prescribed more often to prevent it. >>meredith wood explains.
8:41 pm
>>for years women were discouraged from using aspirin during pregnancy but to well new organizations, the american college be due ions and the us preventive services task force are recommending low dose aspirin therapy for pregnant women at risk of preeclampsia preeclampsia is a sense spike in a mother's blood pressure it can damage organs and the both baby and mother at risk doctor carl smith has been recommended to patients a low-dose aspirin therapy for the past few years the chairman of the university of nebraska's department of obstetrics and gynecology says the therapy poses no significant risk to mother or baby unless the mother is allergic to aspirin or similar drugs smith says the key is for pregnant women to begin the low-dose aspirin between 1216 weeks of pregnancy, he also says low-dose aspirin can prevent blood clotting and those at riskld talk to their doctor about ways to prevent complications. i'm meredith wood.
8:42 pm
>>next today, small grapes and big flavors a tour of one of the premier pain on was growing regions on earth and it's right in our own backyard. that's in tonight's applying tape and ahead in sports we had alameda as the raiders press club the indianapolis colts in trying
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>>has reached a tentative deal with a coalition of unions representing more than 80,000 workers. if ratified by
8:45 pm
nationwide strike which is set to begin october 14th. officials say the four-year deal includes 3% raises each year in california, oregon and washington. the 2 sides also agreed to a list of jobs that cannot be outsourced or subcontracted for the 4 years of the deal and preserves the existing retirement benefits marte released new time lapse video of the major tracked rebuilding project that's happening near the lafayette bar station. crews have been working around the clock replacing almost 50 year-old tracks work will resume this weekend which means a free bridge will shuttle passengers between the orinda and the wannacry stations also 2 left lanes of highway 24 in that area will be closed this weekend to allow space for construction equipment. bart says drivers should expect delays. >>well you may not be ready to think about it but the holiday season is fast approaching and some experts say now is the time to book your air travel last year 54 million people travel over the thanksgiving
8:46 pm
holiday. 112 million went out town for christmas and new year's and aaa is expecting just as many if not more holiday travelers this year. sunday tuesday and wednesday before thanksgiving are the busiest. the best days to get thebest deals on air travel between september the 25th and october the 27th. the average price is about $525 over thanksgiving time. >>he certainly could probably get a better price closer and but you run the risk of limited inventory maybe not the right time she lot of the best seats. >>triple a also suggest getting a travel agent to help find the best holiday flight deals and to get travel insurance, we know about that big collapse of that large company not to love few days ago, so you want to protect your investment just in case. well, here's something you don't have to lose loved leave. the state to experience the crush time in wine country is one of the favorite times of year for life and in this edition of find tales we head to the russian river valley.
8:47 pm
>>the plane is still in the shop waiting for a new propeller and we can fly to healdsburg or santa rosa airports. >>so are hitting the road to one of the most famous speech on the war areas on >>sonoma counties, russian river valley first stop the small winery outside of sebastopol called carter graft. this is exactly what we're looking for these nice tight little teeny clusters these little t various you've got good skin to jews ratio and that style alan baker and his wife serena lori are living there wind making a dream with their own small vineyard. it's off the beaten path where you can watch and listen and hear almost nothing part of this year's grapes are looking pretty good flavors coming from the skins not not the juice so you that's why want anchorage tend to be teeny like this because you get more skin and more. >>we're character out of out of the out of the grave into the wind. and if you come.
8:48 pm
>>serena puts out her tasty goodies including homegrown all of oil all of this is found in their tasting room in downtown healdsburg way. the harvest were crushed as winemakers call it is the busiest time of year. >>we're starting to pick at 02:00am we're done with picked by 7 we're on the crash pad and then i have to be at that he threw by noon to get things open. >>our next stop is at one of the premier wineries in all of russian river gary farrell recently named one of the top 100 wineries by wine and spirits young interns from italy and australia are helping move the grapes from the bins to the press. >>it's a highly synchronized dance moving grades from bind a barrel within hours. >>my name is teresa heredia and the winemaker for gary for a winery. >>farrell and the russian river are especially known for peeing on the war. gary farrow grows its own grapes but also
8:49 pm
purchases some from other vineyards including rocchi only just 5 miles a west side road along the russian river. john rocchi only is continuing the family wine legacy started by his grandfather. my 35th year of actual making wine. and start to get the hang of some of the vines are especially thick and gnarled these were planted 60 years ago and they're still producing. tom also says this year's grapes are better than usual. watch earn a or all the bright and beautiful so i'm very happy with this year. >>the >>wrote only family story is best heard on the patio a place to stretch out and enjoy the views and see step by step. and up in your glass. it's kind of hot weather nothing better than a nice chilled glass so i'm out looking at the venue now is relax just watching you guys have all time. >>quick note on the dogs,
8:50 pm
ahead if you're going bring your dog because some places depends where you can take your animal you had mango mango is enjoying a. >>3 weeks into the nfl season opposing narratives with the bay area teams on the 40 niners get to enjoy an unblemished to start the raiders are trying to stop this year from slipping away just a month then the silver and black practice in alameda. the team's last few days in the bay area before leaving for indianapolis this weekend and then it's straight to london for their meeting with the bears. a rough couple of weeks for the raiders part of it is because of an offense that's failed to get into a rhythm 24 points combined in the last 2 weeks. 3 interceptions derek carr sacked, 7 times and all of a sudden oakland is on the verge of a 3 game losing streak discovery. offensive identity. >>our communications me better on the road. when it's noisy are nonverbal communication was definitely some other go 8. and it may just trying do too much. make sure i stay
8:51 pm
with brown not trying to do too much. but the size that will be art. i don't i don't overreact. one or 2 games to be though some good things i'm not going to sit here. say that we're finished product get we've gone through a lot of change. >>the first 3 weeks and we played 2 really good teams. actually 3 really and the fences. >>staying in the afc west, a significant news that impacts a division chargers running back melvin gordon is reportedly ending his holdout will be returning to the team this week as one of the league's top rushers he has been away from the bolts for the entire offseason because of a contract dispute and despite not landing a new deal. he will be rejoining of regular season as the a's and rays could be going back and forth on which team is hosting the wild-card game tampa one tonight, which means they are now tied with oakland for the top wild-card spot.
8:52 pm
>>the a's have lost back-to-back games but trying to rebound, wrapping up a two-game say in anaheim at last check score knotted up at one in the 6th. full highlights later on. finally steph curry showing once again how much of a brilliant all around athlete. he is the warriors superstar teeing off with phil mickelson in the safeway open pro am at silverado she curry's just smooth swing. excellent contact lefty gave him some high praise as saying curry was hitting it deep very accurate, staying on the fairway most of the day and warriors media day we'll be here before you know in just a couple of days basketball season, nearly upon i got keep a i'm glad you're here. >>and for his heroics on
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>>and california mail carrier is being called a hero tonight for saving a 20 month old child from being hit by a car the little boy ran out onto a busy street in orange jail near sacramento. and the mailman blocked traffic in both directions to keep the toddler out of harm's way percent your low has the story. >>and the rend and has deliver mail on this busy street in orange jail for 22 years on most days, it's business as usual. and though the truck. sort the mail. and still the mailbox but as andy was driving up and down central avenue one september something popped into the road that didn't belong there so i delivering a row.
8:56 pm
>>and when stepping happen to notice something we're like it had running between 2 cars and he knew something wasn't right or and the fact nothing i've ever seen before like that runs 3. so i looked up again as >>to without even thinking he says he rushed over with his mail truck blocking oncoming traffic with his vehicle so the toddler would get hit or throw it was like there's somebody was there that i was there take action to do something for something that could have happened. obviously but nothing did the child's grandfather, running over to scoop up his grandson before any cars got to clear roads thinking andy for risking his own life to save a child. and this week the us postal service is honoring him for being what the community is calling a neighborhood hero. unnecessary my opinion i think anybody would have done it might. >>what i did. >>that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at otis and the king of the officer here with kron 4 news at night thanks very
8:57 pm
much next said 9 san francisco supervisor matt haney declaring a public health crisis after the number of fentanyl overdoses continues to climb now city staff is now preparing to address the issue and what they want everyone else to know about the life saving medication, our cash. >>plus organizers for a popular pumpkin patch say they're pushing to beef up security for this year's event will have details in a live report coming >>and it will soon start to feel a lot like fall it says our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow he's talking about a big cool down headed our way. >>keep it here kron
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>>and even members of the board of supervisors should always narcan on them. >>the san francisco board of supervisors and staffers are now said to be better prepared to treat drug overdoses today, they learned how to use narc and to help save lives. good evening, everybody thanks for being with us tonight at 9 i'm lotus and i you would kiss the streaming comes the day after supervisor matt haney introduced a resolution. >>declaring a public health


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