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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  September 26, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>other my grandmother i would want is somebody saw something love that makes it a place that they would step in. >>if i attack in the east bay, an elderly woman is attacked and dragged after a man runs up and snatches her purse that suspect then used the information from her purse to find out where she lives. good evening, everybody thanks for being with us i'm grant lotus. >>and i'm vicki liviakis this violent encounter is unsettling residents in the quiet east bay town of alameda. our first as made spoke to police who say they need the community's help to solve this case. >>an elderly woman is recovering tonight after being the victim of a violent purse snatching the parking lot of
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this raw store in the south shore shopping center in alameda alameda police looted haas mugger ot. the victim who 73 years old is walking with her relatives to her car. >>and at that point a person runs out grabs her purse. and does turns into really big violent struggle where she's dragged for a little bit and the person then subsequently gets away it happened around 07:30pm wednesday police have a limited description of the bill purse snatching suspect who was last seen driving out of this parking lot. >>in a newer model light american-made today. investigators say the suspect apparently found the victim's personal information inside her purse it headed straight to the victim's home in oakland, while she was still in alameda the victim was still at the scene waiting for alameda police want the suspects. >>who had her purse and had all her driver's license in keys. trapped and attempted enter inside the house and there was some type a struggle
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or incident inside the house and not away before police arrived. >>back in alameda some people were surprised to learn that an elderly woman would be the target of such violent purse snatching in this quiet town. >>scary because that's not something you hear arafat in alameda. >>that makes you feel back actually see it could mother or grandmother, some ideas so if that were my mother my grandmother i would want is somebody saul, something love that makes it a place that they would step in and so really step up and contact police will absolutely police are asking for the community's help in identifying the purse snatching suspect. >>if you have any information out be the police would like to hear from you. in alameda haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>happening now santa clara police are asking for your help finding the suspect on your screen there a 91 year-old man says it. he was visiting his wife's grave at the mission city memorial park cemetery. but he was suddenly hit and the back of the head with a rock could happen on saturday police are calling
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the attack on provoke am ruthless and say that the suspect rob the man before he took off on a mountain bike. police described the suspect as a latino male between 35 and 50 years old about 6 feet tall you're being asked to contact police if you happen to have any information about this incident. >>it's a disgrace to our country. it's another which on here we go again. it's a terrible thing for our country. they can't do any work their frozen the democratic goes the election they know it that's why they're doing it. >>president trump reacting this morning to the public release of that whistleblower's complaint against him. >>can this happen just before the acting director of national intelligence testified before about how the handled on for years washington correspondent alexandra le mon has details. >>and in that hearing the political divide was apparent democrats say president trump is not above the law and the complaint should have been handed over to congress
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immediately while republicans say this is just another political attack against president trump. a whistleblower complaint says president trump asked ukraine to interfere in the 2020 presidential election and to get dirt on joe biden while at the same time the president was withholding us military aid to ukraine. >>i'm not partisan. and i am not political. >>acting director of national intelligence joseph maguire said it's unprecedented to have such a complaint against the president. adam schiff represents california and is the chairman of the house intelligence committee. >>you went to the subject of the complaint. for advice first about whether you should provide the complaint. the congress. it did appear that it has executive privilege. >>mcguire said while the complaint didn't initially go to congress it was sent to the fbi for further investigation, utah congressman chris stewart defended mcguire, i will say to my colleagues in here i think you're not. >>if you think you're going to convince the american people
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that your cause is just by attacking this man. >>mcguire told lawmakers he does not know who the whistleblower is that he is working with the inspector general's office to protect that whistleblower which is required by law. >>i believe that the whistleblower and the inspector general have acted in good faith throughout california congressman devin nunez says the complaint hasn't been completely verify. >>one of the quotes are going to use from you is you saying that this was a credible. a complaint that will be used and spawn as you're saying that it was true. >>mcguire also told lawmakers that the whistleblower will be allowed to testify before congress, although that may be up to the whistleblower reporting in washington. alexandra leigh mount. >>meanwhile, the president came out today in basically called the whistleblower a spy and speaking about the report itself. the president said quote there should be a way of stopping it. maybe legally through the courts.
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>>battle between california and the trump administration is heating up again this with the threatening letter now from the epa over homelessness our first dan kerman is live in san francisco with more dan. >>we know this all began during the president's visit was on air force one as he was heading back. last week where he was talking about needles making their way into storm drains and polluting the water well now they have wrapped that up a little bit with a threatening letter from the head of the epa. one week after president trump's visit to the bay area where he alleged that needles and other waste was flowing into storm drains and out to the ocean environmental protection agency administrator andrew wheeler has sent this letter to the governor saying the state was violating the clean water act and threatening if california does not step up to its delegated responsibilities. the epa will be forced to take action. in the letter wheeler says the epa is concerned about the potential water quality impacts from untreated human
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waste entering nearby waters. he goes on to say san francisco, los angeles and the state does not appear to be acting with urgency to mitigate the risks to human health and the environment that may result from the homelessness crisis. >>it's absurd and it's appalling that the trump epa would try to weaponize the clean water act to go after a homeless issues in california these are serious issues. there's no basis or good policy reason to try to blame. california's water quality challenges on homelessness they're simply just not a connection between those 2 states the natural resources. defense council was quick to slam the epa is linked. >>between water contamination and the homeless. the trump administration itself is the largest threat to america's waterways and their policies boat rolling back protections under the federal clean water
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act rolling back in force months rolling back safe, drinking water issues. that's where the real focus should be. >>governor newsome also weighed in tweeting and overarching theme coming out of the white house. trump persistently weaponizing our government to attack political opponents. the director of national intelligence, the d o j the epa, all being used to attack those that stand in his way. this is about retaliation, nothing more. >>now the trump administration has made threats to san francisco and los angeles before we have waited for some follow through on that so far this is the most follow through we've gotten which is this threatening letter from the epa. we'll have to see if there is a nother stone that is and unturned. li francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>happening now in the east bay nonprofit is scrambling to restock its fleet of bicycles
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after the u haul truck that was storing the bikes was stolen outside an elementary school in alameda. it's got for sweet ago reports, it's the kids who are now paying the price. >>at 3 o'clock tuesday afternoon. the oakland-based nonprofit cycles of change park to 15 foot u haul box truck on 8th street outside maya lin elementary school in alameda, when the group returned to it at 8 o'clock wednesday morning. it was gone i didn't we. >>i was very much and just believe 50 bikes 150 helmets and other equipment were inside the truck. >>all used by cycles of change to teach school kids bike safety. now lessons at milan elementary and other schools registered with the nonprofits drive your bike program, our own we had locked all the doors and. >>club on the the steering wheel had put a you lock on the back. >>and part of that or and yet alameda police say the thieves did not leave any evidence behind no broken glass and
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investigators confirmed the truck was not only not sure this point if this was random or was targeted because of the bicycles unfortunately the truck is not equipped with gps technology so its location can't be tracked we are checking a different flea markets, different locations in case. the bicycles were these people were trying to sell them resale value. >>of these bikes, i just don't understand that it's i don't think this is a profitable profitable >>whoever took that that's because the bikes were all used and donated to the organization in the past still the city of alameda has started a collection drive to help restock the diminished fleet. you can drop donations off at the oakland by curry the oakland public library main branch for maya lin elementary in alameda felipe gaulle. >>kron 4 news. >>california continues his crusade against vaping kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how officials from across the state are taking action as the number of vaping-related
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deaths rises. >>california is now taking a close look at the latest threats related to vaping this week the state department of health issued an advisory urging californians to stop vaping no matter the substance or the source after the cdc reported 12 deaths and more than 800 vaping-related injuries across the country. the state is now aiding the investigation into the vaping materials making people sick. going see right. state senator jerry hill blames the vaping popularity on flavored tobacco products. he says next legislative session. he will reintroduce a measure that would ban flavored tobacco sales. search. >>people on the the to close stores online. lounges very and so putting pressure on certain people legislature's
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uh huh going forward senator hill says this year's proposal will include an urgency clause meaning as soon as governor newsom signs it the bill will go into effect. >>he says it all goes smoothly flavored tobacco sales in california could be banned as early as late january. >>she is special interests and the money out of this equation sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>take their scooters all over san francisco now get ready to be blown away how many 1000 more coming in what people we talked to think about that. >>a quick many petty can turn into a life altering experience. how one woman contracted a flesh eating bacteria and why her hand and arm likely never be the same. >>and is currently the wild wild west. you know bar people hopping over the gate well, the agency wants its money so changes are coming will show you the new larger gates that are supposed to reduce fare
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evaders i'm meteorologist mark on speaking to blow away the winds have picked up the temperatures. why coming down big time and is going to ["white rabbit" by jefferson airplane] ♪ one pill makes you larger ♪ and one pill makes you smaller ♪ ♪ and the ones that mother gives you ♪ ♪ don't do anything at all ♪ remember what the dormouse said ♪ welcome aboard. ♪ feed your head the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections.
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say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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>>the story tonight, bart board of directors says decided on these new fare gates to try to prevent fare. evaders the agency continues to lose a lot of money every year because of that problem kron four's charles clifford reports. >>on thursday, the bart board
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settled on a new design for gates that will hopefully deter fare evaders they have chosen a swing style gated that has tall you can see through it hopefully will stop people from jumping over the gate. this design beat out 2 other designs, including a turnstile design and a roll-up design. here at south san francisco on thursday we talked to several riders who feel the new design could be effective. >>i think in making a little bit more difficult to to jump over with the with the was on that on the site it's not like this for. what's your way through a urges you to hands and a lot easier. >>i give it a try idea because. they do it here but they don't there. >>as forceful as they're in the city. the day had nerve they just do it in the city and they just keep going. i think was stopped the field too. >>and then then they would be better because the night i'm paying i don't feel like i'm the only one pay and they
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should be paying 2 and finally the entire price for putting these new gates and the entire birth system is about a million. >>in south san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news for aaa gas prices in parts of the bay area are more than $4 a gallon you probably noticed the sky rocketing up prices. >>are due partly to problems of for california refineries including one in the bay area. the valero benicia refinery new federal report says a shortage of these refineries are causing the rise in the gas prices. here's a look at the current prices and the bay area, san jose $3 and $0.88 for a gallon of regular. 3 pennies more in oakland and san francisco's always the most expensive $3.99 per gallon speaking. >>4,000 more electric scooters are coming to san francisco new permit. >>so being issued to new the scooter companies to operate in the city. our first sarah stinson has details.
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>>no issues with the weather though today if you don't like that sweltering. because today was a welcome cooldown yeah finally a dipping down into the less than triple yesterday 94 degrees downtown san francisco. i mean that's incredible the wind shifts direction today. yeah, we're looking to be in the 70 so yeah things really really of changed quite a bit around the bay area, the fog has moved back in along the coastline live look right now i see a lot of haze in the air. that's a little moisture coming off the ocean water so big change in the weather and not only today but the next few days. you may be a need to grab a jacket is going to be so cool in some parts of the bay area temperatures right now you still got 70's 80's inside the bay 66 now in half moon bay, 80 degrees still warm in livermore still some warm temperatures and some of the valleys but boy far cry from just 24 hours ago these
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temperatures tumbling, a good 10 even 20 degrees from yesterday's highs. still 75 degrees. a nice evening in the napa valley, but you notice, the clouds gather along the coastline and more that on the way little that swirl off the coast you see right here is we've got that suddenly surge of fog we've been talking about does move right in and is going to fill in tonight in fact fillon so much show in deep and so much so think we're talking about some drizzle around the bay area the coastline but maybe inside the bay as well so that's something watch out for throughout the night, the sea breeze. of course is low and look at all around how about that 50 miles per hour. the was southwest, a mill valley. we have 13 miles per hour lael 20 in concord 12 an apology but you really see that on shore breeze kicking in that is going to help to cool down the temperatures of course get rid of fire danger time increasing clouds on the way patchy drizzle likely to develop late tonight early tomorrow morning. and then we start out with cloudy skies in the morning tomorrow. i think we'll start to clear out most places by the middle of the day and then as we head toward the weekend much cooler weather as an area of low pressure kind of moves on him.
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winds yet they are the big story members yesterday we're talking about those northeasterly those offshore winds. it is all on shore now and that will continue throughout the night tonight only to ramp up again as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. it's going to be another breezy day all around the bay area see the spots and yellows and some orange. some of those winds 2030 miles per hour. low pressure kick it out of town we've gotten a lot of begins to drop in that low is going to settle in. it looks like right for the weekend that is going to a kind of wrap up the cooler air bring some drizzle on shore here, there's a slight chance we could be talking about a couple of scattered light showers around the bay area mainly over the mountain top something to watch for as we head through the weekend and into early next week. all right we're going to see the clouds continuing to roll on shore overnight tonight. they're going to stretch and not of the bay, but look at that surging all the way into the central valley that is a significant push a low clouds and fog and then as we get toward the afternoon that begins to break up a bit but when the temperatures on a friday, a much different than just a day ago highs tomorrow
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in the 70's inland the a lot of 60's inside the bay and cool 60's little windy out toward the coast. all right lawrence. if you use a popular food delivery service. doordash says millions of customers have been affected by a massive data breach details you need to know and after the break we'll hear from the woman who nearly died after a visit to a nail salon. >>first time in over 100 years george gas tone has decided that he's not going to seek another term. race for san francisco district. 4 challengers step forward. >>justice system in san francisco is broken. to shake up the system, san francisco should be safe for everybody to bring order. we've got to hurt her enforce the law. ways in which the system is broken personally. the san francisco.
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>>one is going public tonight after a trip to the nail salon turned into total nightmare. she says she developed this flesh eating bacteria after her thumb was cut at the salon in tennessee. >>doctors told her that she could lose her arm or even her life and we have to warn you that some of the pictures we're about to show you may be hard to look at elizabeth kubel report. >>this is what jane shark
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keeps in her personal nailwcat one she now takes with her when she gets her nails done after she says a february trip to a local some on left her with a serious was totally shocked that. >>you could walk into a nail salon and and have this happen to be her official diagnosis flesh eating bacteria. >>it all started just 2 hours after leaving the nail bar james says her thumb started throbbing and she developed flulike symptoms. she got it checked out and her nurse practitioner made sure to keep in touch. something jane credits with saving her life i went home with a shot of some pain medicine and frost slipped. >>and i really credit her in her care. >>for waking me. 2. see how i was feeling or i would have slipped through. the night and
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the doctors said if i hadn't gotten to the emergency room point idea that. i wouldn't be here. >>multiple surgeries later jane is now missing a chunk of her some what happened earlier this year still feels like a blur but she's got a daily reminder of what she went through. and one she says serves as a learning experience for both salon sand visitors. there are >>many girls and god of. go to full long to get manicures and pedicures and they haven't d a what can happen to them often times the the day because there cannot feel everything with my arm. >>and the i'm reminded of that horrible tom. i'm very grateful that i lived through it when doubt. >>cautionary tale there that was elizabeth kubel reporting
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for us. the nail salon has not commented on the incident. the state officials say they did not find any health violations the jazz e mails. >>nexus 5 an arson arrest in connection to several fires in the south bay. now police are trying to figure out why the suspect from missouri was in the bay area in the first place still feels like summer but there's a warning to get
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>>ted 5.30 some people think there but knowing some people think there awesome inconvenient but we have 4,000 more those electric scooters that are coming to the city, you know seems like they're everywhere >>a new permits are being issued east companies to operate in the city crime for sarah stinson has the details. >>soon see more scooters like this one on the streets of san francisco. now that 4 additional com unease have gotten. and most of them tell me it's a good idea. >>especially with the way that people move around the city, there is a a lack of scooters in certain areas so i think as long as it's regulated properly and you know. the more scooters the it sit with you know it's as long as people are careful right and that. >>as you can see i'm obviously having a fun time on the scooter it's a great way to get from point a to b. one agrees that there should be more of them. >>i think


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